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THE NIGHT SHIFT THE NIGHT SHIFT deals with a trio of hapless employees at a quiet gas station in Reykjavik City. They pass the time during the cold Icelandic winter nights avoiding work and terrorizing the few customers that pass by with their eccentric behaviour.

Status: Released 2007 Produced by: Sagafilm Running time: 12 x 30 min Genre: Comedy/Drama

THE NIGHT SHIFT OVERVIEW This 12 part series was a massive hit when it launched on Channel 2 in Iceland in September 2007, with fantastic ratings it became the must-see program of the season. The series takes place during night shifts at a quiet gas station in Reykjavik. The station manager, GEORG BJARNFREDARSON, is an archetypical, over-educated communist, holding an impressive number of University degrees, grabbing every chance to emphasize this fact. He lives by a strict set of rules of his own invention, mostly involving weird dietary regulations and anticapitalist propaganda. The fact that a man of his qualifications is working at a gas station has instilled an inordinate amount of bitterness in him. His underling is OLAFUR RAGNAR; A man-child, lost in his dreams of being a manager for a successful band, constantly chasing down anything that glitters and emulating faux pop culture coolness. He is a slacker and dreamer with no hope, but he means well. Into this environment comes DANIEL, a medical school dropout who is slowly severing all ties with his family. He’s lost and depressed and has no idea what he wants to do with his life. In an off kilter way THE NIGHT SHIFT deals with a hotbed of social issues, ranging from immigration and politics to women’s rights and fame through characters sprinting down a path of self destruction. At the 2007 Icelandic Film and Television Awards, THE NIGHT SHIFT received awards for ‘Best Television Show’ and ‘Most Popular Television Show’ of the year.

THE WRITING TEAM Ragnar Bragason: The director of the series (more info below). Jón Gnarr: A celebrated stand-up comic turned actor. Jón is one of the best loved comedians of his generation and has, through his role as Georg shown himself to be a formidable actor. Jón is the current Mayor of Reykjavík. Pétur Jóhann Sigfússon: Pétur shot to fame in 1999 when he was voted Iceland’s funniest stand-up. He has starred in 3 feature films and 5 television series. Jörundur Ragnarsson: An award winning actor with five feature films under his belt and a number of notable theatre roles. Jóhann Ævar Grímsson: One of Iceland’s most celebrated scriptwriter with 2 feature film and a number of TV show writing credits to his name. DIRECTOR Ragnar’s work has been nominated a record fifty times for the Icelandic Film and Television Awards with an impressive success rate when it comes to scooping the awards. Ragnar has directed 4 feature films and a number of TV-series. Ragnar is one of only a handful of Icelandic directors who’ve earned an international reputation with his outstanding work. PRODUCERS The production team behind HEIMSENDIR is the most prolific and awarded in the Icelandic Film and TV industry having delivered work such as the feature films Mr. Bjarnfredarson (Iceland’s 2nd highest grossing film to date) and Cold Trail as well as a string of the most successful TV series in Iceland like The Night, Day and Prison Shift series, Astridur, Court, Black Angels, The Press, The Girls and The Pig Soup. Executive Producers: Kjartan Thor Thordarson, Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson.

ABOUT SAGAFILM Sagafilm is the leading independent production company in Iceland with over 30 years of experience and as such the leader in professional production for TV, Commercials and Feature Films. Unsurpassed when it comes to quality and experience, people look to Sagafilm for their most important production needs.

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The Night Shift  

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