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Now, you no longer have to worry about which switch controls which light. With the touch panel, all your switches can simply be administered with just a touch of a button. Night vision security cameras can project images from the camera onto touch-panels that control them. This system is just one of the many security features now available in home automation systems. Many home and business technology companies offer automated cameras that can allow you to monitor your home remotely. Many of these cameras can be connected to the internet so that you can view the images recorded – and, in some cases, even pan and tilt the cameras themselves. In homes that employ multi-zone climate control systems and automation systems you can administer heating or air conditioning in areas of the house that are unoccupied throughout the day, such as your kid’s rooms when they are at school. A centralized control system means never having to go from room to room again. Some systems offer two-way feedback on your control device, so you can see the status of lights, shades, heating/air-conditioning systems. Some systems even provide software applications that allow you to check the status of any device in your home and control it remotely with a web-enabled smart phone device.

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ith today’s economic forecast the way it is, you may think that spending money to upgrade your current lighting system would be a poor investment, oddly enough it is not. Your old system is putting a drain on your electric bill and costing your family more than you should be paying. Today the Home Lighting Control Alliance wants you to know that upgrading your light management systems can lead to considerable cost savings as well as reducing your imprint on the environment. These new automatic lighting systems take advantage of a few simple mot orized processes that allow you to save virtually 20% on your current lighting systems. They can also help extend the life of your light bulbs nearly four fold. This technology has four unique advantages that allow you to save money and keep up with the Smart Home revolution.

The first way automated lighting systems keep costs low is by controlling the amount of light produced by each of your light bulbs. With electronically controlled dimmers, this automated system provides you with the amount of light needed in each specific area of the home. Now you don’t have to turn on those bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night, you can keep the light levels low by using a dimmer and avoiding that annoying light-shock which prevents you from getting back to sleep. Along with dimming the lights these systems allow your lights to be controlled by feedback switches which recognize the amount of ambient light in the room and adjust accordingly. You will never again have to waste energy with your lights on all the way when there is enough ambient daylight to make up the difference. The larger the house the more convenient lighting

control can be. With the iPhone® you can control the lights in your home while you are at work or on vacation; with the touch panels you can control where and when the lights turn on in any room or even outside and need not to worry about the plethora of switches for each individual light. Now all of your switches can be seamlessly controlled through a simple single interface. Additionally current systems can control the window shades in your home. They can be set to retract fully in the morning so that homeowners can enjoy their view, or to roll down at the scheduled times throughout the day to block the sun. Automated shades and drapes can

protect your hardwood floors and fine carpets from damage due to heat and direct sunlight. They can also provide privacy, and make your home look occupied when you’re away. The best benefit of automated lighting systems is your ability to control them from anywhere by means of internet or cell-phone-based control systems. Now you don’t even have to get off the couch to lower the shades reducing glare or turning off the lights when running late for work. You can control this system via your cellular device and continue to save money on your electric bill.

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