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Introducing the Osah range of waterproof backbacks by Terry Babich


A ReviewTerry Babich

As flyfisherfolk we looooove gadgetry and are guaranteed to carry far more goodies than are required to get the basic function of flyfishing done. So, we need place to put things, or maybe just to justify our need to hoard - you know, as outdoor enthusiast we need to be prepared for any eventuality, especially things like water in whatever form it presents itself. I suppose that goes without saying, hahaha.

This brings me to the product review for this edition. I investigated and used two of the water resistant bags available from OSAH (www.osah.co.za). If you check their web page out you will see they have a full range of products that will meet most of your outdoor and not just fishing needs.

Being a guide I always carry a dry bag of sorts in which I store the essential gadgets, the picture-don’t-lie camera or cell phone and the fishermen-don’t-lie electronic scale. Oh, the cell phone can of course also be used for emergencies too so this piece of equipment is essential to what I do.

I was given an OSAH Drypack Backpack 30 to smash around. I threw it in the water, floated it and swam with it - like all good fly fisher folk should (not) do. I put it through the mill a bit to see how it compares with similar bags that I have had in the past.

It was very noticeable that the 500d PVC was thicker than other bags I had tried before. As someone who might use the pack more than most that was a plus for me. It didn’t leak. There is a small zip pouch at the back for carrying easily accessible items. I

didn’t submerge that part of the pack but I didn’t notice any water getting into it either. The main water resistant part of the pack was generously splashed and put under water and there was no leakage there, so that held up well.

The bag has two padded section on the back for your back and shoulder comfort. I must say that I had no feeling of irritation or lethargy caused by using the bag while walking and it was very comfortable to use. As for the straps, well, it has more than any sane person knows what to do with. I suppose for long hiking this would add to the support. For flyfisherfolk who like a little extra and then some I am sure there are enough straps for everything you can think of. The designers of this pack have obviously thought of everything.

It has welded seams and this is much better than any glued seam. It has an IP66 rating which should allow for even high pressure water to be thrown at it without it failing. It should be more than adequate for any storm or even any rafting trips down the Orange River. This is an extremely valuable asset for my particular circumstance while fishing and I give it a big thumb up.

The other item I got to have a look at was the 8L messenger bag. This bag is more of a shoulder bag and it has easily accessibility. I think this would be an awesome bag for the trout angler fishing dams and the like. It has the same water resistant features as the backpack but is smaller and more assessable and is therefore quicker to dig into.

The OSAH 30l Waterproof Backpack being float and splash tested

I tested my theory by throwing a few extra reels, spools of line and a few good sized fly boxes at it to see if it would carry enough of the items that I would ordinarily carry while fishing a trout or bass dam. My verdict is that if you fill this bag up you’re carrying too much stuff. It has plenty of space and is ideal for the function that I would use it for. Oh, ok, the name says ‘messenger’ so take your laptop with then. I can see this bag accompanying me on a regular basis for boat and bank

fishing trips.

All-in-all these are great products with better durability than similar bags I have used in the past. The pricing is good for the quality of the product and the manufacturer has a good range of products to suit a variety of applications. Check out their web page www.osah.co.za or check them out on instagram @osabagsa.

Despite it's size the OSAH Messenger shoulder bag has the capacity to carry more than you need for a day on a bass or trout dam.

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OSAH DrypacksFeatures:

• P66 rated against ingress

• 500d PVC materials

• High frequency welded seams

• Wide mouth rolltop

• High quality clips

• Assorted colours


• Waterproof

• Dustproof

• Easy Access

• Durable

• Highly functional

OSAH is a company based in Ballito, KZN, and their products carry a twelve month conditional guarantee.

Want to have your product reviewed?

I have been asking suppliers to the flyfishing market for tackle or fishing related items for review. No-one seems to have anything they want me to check out! Maybe they’re afraid I will break it - fair enough, point taken. Hahahaha. If you have something that you think needs to be shown to the public and you are brave enough for an honest review about it then contact me at ofishallybabich@gmail.com and let’s make this a regular insert in the magazine!

Let's see what you have to offer and how it stands up to the BABICH destruction test . The SA market is a tough one and needs good quality products tested under local conditions. This is a good platform to use to present your goods to the market or make them aware of an already existing product.