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FlightCm African Commercial Aviation


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tion specialises in Blackhawk engine es for Beechcraft King Air Series and Cessna Caravan.

208 AVIATION Aircraft Maintenance

an approved Blackhawk Dealer and Installation Facility,




Engine Overhaul

The supply of new & second

Based at hangar number four,

hand Hartzell and McCauley

at Wonderboom Airport, Aero

variable pitch propellers, as

Engineering’s services include

fitted to piston & turbine engine

Aviation cc is a South African

the overhaul, maintenance,


privately-owned company that

service, and repair of Lycoming

strives to provide a broad range

and Continental aircraft piston

& Sensenich fixed pitch

of maintenance and inspection

engines and associated




HANGAR 59, WONDERBOOM AIRPORT PRETORIA. SOUTH AFRICA www.208aviation.co.za +27 83 744 3412

Established in 2007, 208

The supply of new McCauley

Propeller dynamic Balancing.

Now in our twelth year of

Aero Engineering and

operation, we have become a

Powerplant comprises of the


key player in aviation operations

following divisions:

The parts division specialises

on the African continent. Our

in the sourcing of all piston

speciality is the Cessna 208


engine, component, & propeller

Caravan, Beechcraft King Air

Overhaul of Lycoming &

parts, either from local

series, Quest Kodiak, Daher

Continental engines,

distributors or from overseas

TBM and Eclipse 500 aircraft

Carrying out shock-load

distributors & OEM.

maintenance and technical



Bench-testing of engines,

local & over-border operators,

Re-boring and honing of

and owners, of piston & turbine

earned a reputation for


engined aircraft, as well as local

providing superior quality and

Repair on starter clutch gears.

& over-border maintenance

Over the years, we have

workmanship. Doing things right

Their client base includes


is how we do business. We


consider it our responsibility to

The overhaul of all engine

1996 and was taken over in 2006

go above and beyond when it

components, including:

by partners Andre Labuschagne

comes to aviation safety and

McCauley, Hartzell, PCU

and Derek van der Westhuizen.

customer satisfaction.

5000 and Woodward Constant

They have seven qualified

speed units(CSU),

engineers and a loyal clientele.

208 Aviation is also an

The business was founded in

authorised Quest Kodiak and

TCM & Bendix Fuel systems,

Daher TBM Service Center

TCM, Romec, Fuel pumps,

as well as a very proud

Marvel Schebler carburettors,

Tel: 012-543-0948

BlackhawkÂŽ installation facility.

Garrett & HET turbo-

Email: aeroeng@iafrica.com



+27 83 744 3412 Email:

Overhaul & servicing of




Contact Ben Esterhuizen

Contact Andre Labuschagne on:



Helicopter operations, maintenance,

Interior and Exterior refurbishment

cargo and medical evacuations.

Adventure Air was established in November

AGA specialises in offshore and land based

2010 and operates from the purpose built; positive

helicopter operations, providing full flight

pressure aircraft painting facility fully refurbished

operations and maintenance support, carrying

to our exacting standards. Using our own process,

both passengers and cargo and medical

paint and quality experts together with state-of-


the-art electro-static equipment, Adventure Air

AGA operates from its facility at Cape Town

offers our customers a reliable and high-quality

Airport and has operated for UN WFP and is OGP


(Oil, Gas and Petroleum) Industry APPROVED,

Adventure Air offers the following services:

with its EC145 twin engined 2x pilot operations, as

Aircraft interior and exterior paint repair, Aircraft

well as being a member of SAOGA (South African

exterior complete strip and repaint, Aircraft exterior

Oil and Gas Alliance).

wash, Aircraft Valet and polish We also specialize in 49% building assistance on the VANS’RV range and MPI’s Adventure Air is now able to offer the aircraft industry a complete high-quality, top-class aircraft refurbishment and assembly service for small to medium-sized aircraft. In October 2019 Adventure Air and Zenair

AGA has over the years serviced a number of contracts in a number of African countries, (Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Sudan, Swaziland, Madagascar, DRC, Liberia), as well as in the Middle East and Afghanistan. AGA operates its own Helistop, in the Port of Cape Town, Customs and Immigration area, which is SACAA Approved for Day and Night VFR

signed an agreement to grant Adventure Air the

operations. This enables them to offer a full OPL

rights to have the only professional-build facility In

(Off Port Limits) service to the Shipping Industry

South Africa.

and Emergency Maritime Services (Search

In July 2020, Adventure Air was approved and

and Rescue and Medevac), with our industry

granted the Part 24 Type Approval in terms of the

partnerships in Cape Town and internationally.

South African Civil Aviation Regulations under

AGA’s experienced crews and personnel, supply

Category, Production Build (LSA) Under type, and

on deck landing, hoist and cargo slinging services,

model designation: Zenair CH STOL 750 / CH

including Ship Pilot Services, landing on oil rigs, oil

STOL 750 Cruzer and CH STOL 750 Super Duty.

and gas tankers, FPSO’s and bulk cargo carriers,

This Aircrafts type was developed and approved

while they are still sailing.

under the guidelines and requirements of SACAA

AGA provides Flight Operations through our

Regulation 24.02.10. We are also a Manufacturing

Aerios Global Aviation Part 127 and Part 138 AOC,

Organisation under part 148.

as well as Maintenance through our FliteTech AMO

Contact Lande Milne +27 012 543-3196 or email l.milne@venture-sa.co.za

at our Cape Town International Airport facility, in support of our AIRBUS type helicopters. Contact: e-mail: opsmanager@aeriosglobal.


co.za Cell: +27 76 420 9100 t : +27 21 934 9127

AEROCOLOUR Aerocolour cc. was founded in 2005 and has been based at Lanseria Airport, Hangar M5, South Africa ever since. We are a privately owned Aircraft Refurbishment facility in Southern Africa and have the confidence of a wide variety of Aviation Customers. Our hard-won reputation is built on excellent workmanship, after sales service and product support as well as personal customer relations, which have earned the confidence of manufacturers and customers alike. Our core business is made up of private and corporate general aviation aircraft owners as well as aviation service providers and sales companies to whom we provide aircraft refurbishment. We proudly provide the service that our clients have come to expect from Aerocolour cc. Aerocolour cc’s broad base of customers stretches throughout South Africa and Southern Africa, as well as UAE and certain Northern African countries. Aerocolour is a trusted service provider throughout the aviation industry for Respray of Complete Aircraft Exterior as well as panels / parts, touch up and repair of parts or specific areas on aircraft and various other refurbishment requirements. Please contact Alfred Maraun on 082 775 9720 for any queries and quotes.


to consider cockpit workload,

Avionics / Electrical /

client requirements, legislative

Instrumentation / Autopilots

requirements, over capitalisation

Aeronautical Aviation, based

and down time. We truly believe a

at Lanseria International Airport,

client must walk away after using

is an African leader in the

our services and feel he was sold

repair, installation and overhaul

the right goods, at the right price

of aircraft Instrumentation,

with high quality, good turn around

Avionics, Electrical, Autopilots

and exceptional service.

and accessories since 2005. We

Over and above this, who

provide superior, reliable, and

better for an aircraft owner to

cost effective services for a broad

deal with than a Pilot and Aircraft

spectrum of the aviation industry,

Owner. Clinton understands

including general/commercial/

the challenges in the cockpit,

corporate aviation, helicopter

regulatory requirements and

operations, and government and

certification issues so he can give

military customers.

informed advise accordingly. An

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding quality and service. Our company

upgrade is not something to take lightly. At Aeronautical Aviation, your

was built on integrity, honesty,

success and safety is our number

and excellence in every aspect of

one priority.

the services we have to offer. We

Company Contact details:

also believe in keeping the cost

Tel: 011 659 – 1033 / 083 459

reasonable, while maintaining

6279 Fax: 011 659 – 1035

exceptional quality that either

Physical Address: Hangar 202,

meets or exceeds Original

Gate 7, Lanseria International

Aircraft Manufacturer (OEM)

Airport. Email: Sales@



When Clinton Carroll started the company in 2005, he noticed

Website: www.aeronautical.co.za

a huge gap in the market when it came to the understanding of

Social Media: Twitter:

what a Pilot needs versus what is


economically viable. Most Avionics


shops try and sell high, where


as we at Aeronautical Aviation


take a different look, before the


client spends money. We need

LinkedIn: aeronautical-aviation


AERONAV ACADEMY Pilot Training Aeronav Academy is committed to providing top-level flight training utilising the most modern equipment available. This not only gives our clients an enjoyable training experience but also provides Aeronav the ability to conduct flight training in a manner that ensures that student pilots will be ready and well equipped to enter the aviation industry of the future. Aeronav Academy is proud to offer a dynamic

We are  situated  at  30B,  Build Aircraft Refurbishment, Aircraft Call   Des  on  011   827  7535  or   Maintenance or  Peter  on  081  775  2434  or   Aerospace Electroplating, SACAA AMO 506, For   all  your   ircraft   and  Allie has been operating at RandAAirport, Germiston since 1965 and has served the aircraft industry   AEROSPACE ELECTROPLATING

with distinction and produce high quality surface finished products. The company is owned by Mistral Aviation Services and run by Oliver Trollope and a highly

professional and qualified team of electroplaters.

fleet of aircraft, including Diamond DA20s, Cessna

Our highly qualified team are available to

182s and the Diamond DA42 Twinstar Multi-engine

advise you on the perfect solution to all your

trainer. The Academy’s latest acquisition is the

electroplating plating needs and solutions to

impressive Alsim ALX-65 flight simulator. The

perfectly re-finish your aircraft components to the

amazingly realistic graphics feel of the controls

manufacturer’s specifications.

and response make training in this flight simulator a truly first class experience. The school is based at Lanseria Airport. A controlled airspace provides students with an

Our processes are approved by SACAA, Denel, Airbus Europe, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and Allison Doil. We offer a wide range of services for aircraft

excellent grounding in procedures and gives them

owners and general industry, and through our

the experience needed to cope with operating in a

partnership with Mistral Aviation Services, we can

busy airline orientated environment. Whether you

offer engineering and NDT services.

choose to fly for pleasure or wish to make aviation your career, Aeronav can provide you with an approved course tailored to your needs. Tel No: + 27 11 701 3862


We look forward to the future with a range of innovative services to continue servicing the aircraft industry.

Email: info@aeronav.co.za

Tel: 011 827 7535

Website: www.aeronav.co.za

Email: petasus@mweb.co.za

AERO ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS (AES) AES is an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, AMO1011, established in October 2004 and AEROTRIC Electrical, Ignition, Instruments Aerotric (Pty) Ltd is based at Wonderboom Airport and has grown from strength to strength since opening their doors in May 2012. The Company prides itself on providing quality and reliable services such as overhauling, installing and repairing all electrical, ignition, instruments and avionics that is efficient and at an affordable rate. Aerotric is a small company with big heart that strives to maintain relationships with all customers. Consisting of seven staff members Aerotric maintains a policy of high standards and keeping up with the latest technology and trends in aircraft maintenance. Contact Aerotric on: Office Tel: +27 87 802 1347 Email: admin@aerotric.com or Richard@aerotric.com

operating initially from Lanseria airport. The company is growing strongly and has expanded to Cape Town International. AES prides itself on providing quality and reliable service on most aircraft, including electrical, instruments, avionics, compass systems and all aircraft components. AES can do your Ni-cad, Lead Acid main batteries, Emergency Batteries, ULB Batteries and ELT batteries at both Branches. AES has recently acquired the Agency for ACK ELT’s. AES can do your Inspections and defects away from base at affordable rates. AES states that the company is committed to the principles of honesty, excellence and dedication. All staff at AES are committed to provide its clientele with quality service time after time, because flying isn’t JUST flying! Contact: Erwin Erasmus (Cape Town) Cell: 082 494 3722 Email: erwin@aeroelectrical.co.za or Danie van Wyk (Lanseria) Cell: 083 269 8696 Email: danie@aeroelectrical.co.za Website: www.aeroelectrical.co.za




Flight Training

Pilot Training

AIFA is the AVIC International Flight Training Academy (Pty) Ltd AIFA is accredited with both the SACAA and

dream and a great passion for all things aviation

the CAAC (China) as a Part 141 Air Training

led to the founding of this company. Alpi Aviation is

Organisation. The School provides world-class

headed by avid aviation enthusiast, Dale de Klerk,

training from modern facilities on a modern fleet

who is an accomplished hangglider, microlight,

of aircraft, state-of-the-art aircraft simulators and

glider and fixed-wing pilot.

operates from three training bases in South Africa,

Dale has won several regional and national

namely George Airport in the Garden Route,

competitions, becoming world Rally Flying

Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo and Beaufort West

Champion in 2003. Dale also earned his

in the Great Karoo.

Springbok Flying colours in Rally and Precision

AIFA was formed after the acquisition of the

flying from 1995 through to 2004, and continues

former Cape Flying Services during April 2011.

to challenge his considerable aviation capabilities

AIFA is backed by AVIC-International, a large

in a wide range of aviation techniques, styles and

scale state-owned conglomerate with aviation


products and technology import and export as

ALPI Aviation SA was established after

its core business. Headquartered in Beijing,

the demand arose for an accredited training

With its total assets of up to RMB 24 billion and

organisation to cater for those who don’t want to

accumulated import and export volume of US $24

be, ‘just another pilot’. The intention was to build

billion thus far, AVIC-International ranks among the

an accredited Flight School, certified to CAA

first 20 of China’s top 500 enterprises for import

standards, using experienced instructors with an

and export. Test Flying Academy of South Africa

ethos of respect toward all their students.

(TFASA) is our other shareholder, a company with

At Alpi Aviation, we value the individuality of

long and successful business relationships with

each student, and we will do our utmost to hone

AVIC-International and COMAC in China.

their capabilities and enhance their passion.

AIFA combines the experience of world-class

No one is ‘just another student pilot’. It is with

instructors, the beauty of our surroundings,

this credo in mind that we invite you to personally

excellent South African weather and the passion

experience how our broad background of solid

for aviation of our personnel to afford our students

aviation experience and expertise can take your

a modern learning experience which will open

flying career to new heights.

doors to an exciting career in the aviation industry

Contact Alpi Aviation on:

anywhere in the world. Our commitment to

Tel: +27 82 556 3592

upholding a very high standard of aviation safety is

Email: dale@alpiaviation.co.za

one of the cornerstones of AIFA.

Website: www.alpiaviation.co.za

Contact: Oudtshoorn Base: Tel: +27 (44) 272 5547. George Base Tel: +27 (44) 876 9217


Not ‘just another’ flying academy. A childhood

AIRBUS Aircraft Sales, Maintenance, Training Airbus Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd has maintained a presence in South Africa since 1994 and is headquartered at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, South Africa. The Grand Central base is home to the company’s regional Helicopters and Defence & Space businesses. As a world-leading aerospace company, Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners, military transport and special mission’s aircraft, helicopters, rocket-launchers and satellites. It also provides a comprehensive array of aviation, space and geo-intelligence systems and solutions to government and civilian customers. Airbus Helicopters provides the most efficient civil and military helicopter solutions to Sub Sahara Africa customers who operate an inservice fleet of around 340 turbine helicopters, to serve, protect, save lives and safely transport passengers in highly demanding environments.    This arm of the business also supports customers from its branch in Nairobi. Airbus Defence and Space is responsible for sales and support of military transport aircraft in service with the SA Air Force and other armed forces in the SADC region.  It also supplies satellite images, geo-intelligence and space data solutions to government, research and commercial customers. Worldwide, including South Africa, Airbus employs a workforce of around 135,000 people. Contact:  contact.marketing.ahza@airbus.com Telephone: +27 (0) 11 266 2600 Fax: +27 (0) 11 266 2628 Web: www.airbushelicopters.co.za / www. airbus.com


AIRCRAFT ASSESSING COMPANY Maintenance, appraisals Aircraft Assessing Company (AAC) was registered in 2002 in response to a growing need from the regional (Continent of Africa) aviation industry for unbiased and professional evaluations of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. In satisfying the industry's needs, AAC’s client base has grown to include local, regional and international aircraft fleet owners, airlines, government agencies, corporations, Insurers, legal practioners, financial institutions, individual aircraft owners and other interested parties. All appraisals are carried out to international Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards by AAC’s owner and Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, Paul Leaker NSCA who is well experienced as an Appraiser of narrow body airliners, heavy lift helicopters and everything in between. Paul has carried out in excess of 3000 aircraft appraisals and is required by AAC’s governing body to undergo re-certification training and examination in the USA every 3-years. In addition to certified appraisals, AAC provides a broad range of technical and associated services to the industry which include pre, mid and post lease aircraft assessment, maintenance oversight, maintenance record and log book audits, post repair assessment, cost review, legal expert witness services and aircraft sales. Aircraft Assessing Company (Pty) Ltd remains the only company in Africa specialising in its chosen field. Contact Paul Leaker on: Cell: 083 310 8588 Tel: 011 659 1127 Email: paull@aacglobal.co.za Website: www.aacglobal.co.za


ALGOA FLYING CLUB Flight Training / Hire and Fly AIRCRAFT GENERAL SPARES Aircraft Maintenance Eric Erasmus, the owner and founder of Aircraft General Spares, gained his extensive experience in the industry as a parts store manager at PLACO. When the company closed in 2017 Eric bought the entire inventory and Aircraft General Spares (AGS) was born. AGS are conveniently situated at the main entrance to Rand Airport. In addition to stocking a large variety of off the shelf items, AGS also specialises in assisting clients with hard to find items which will be sourced and imported according to the client’s requirements. With their large variety of spares, AGS have a well-earned reputation for being the one stop for anything needed in the light aircraft industry. Their range of spares includes Alclad, tyres, tubes, hoses, 4130 tubing, rivets, O-rings, seals, engine parts, gaskets, bearings, glue, sealants, sick bags, funnels, ducting, air filters, oil filters, spark plugs, aircraft logbooks and a vast range of fasteners. AGS are also an official distributor of the full range of Aeroshell oil and grease products. AGS may be found at: Building B7: Rand Airport, Germiston. Call Eric on Tel: 067 154 2147. Email: eric@acgs.co.za or visit: www.acgs.co.za


We provide all forms of flying training and self-fly hire with the specific goal of making flying accessible to as many people as possible, within a friendly environment where members, students and their guests can relax after their flights. The Algoa Flying Club is a not for profit organisation of flying enthusiasts with the aims and objects of promoting flying and flying training in all its facets and to the highest standards. It’s the shared experience that helps to make the Algoa Flying Club the right place to earn your wings. We boast a fleet of Cessna 152’s, Cessna 172’s, a Cessna 172Rg, a Sling 2, a Piper Comanche, a Piper Seminole and a SACAA Accredited Elite Evolution S812 (FNPT 11) Simulator, which offers Multi Engine Piston based on the Beech Baron B58 and a Single Engine Piston based on the Cessna 172RG. Contact: Telephone +27 41 581 3274 Email info@algoafc.co.za



Aircraft Maintenance, Engine Overhaul


Aircraft Powerplant Company (APCO) was born in 2001 as a result of the management buyout of the PLACO Engines Division. Under the guidance Tony Rodrigues and Henk Joubert, both equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge, APCO has earned a reputation for excellence within the aviation community. APCO’s Team of highly qualified factory and locally trained technicians have developed full in-house capacity to perform all required maintenance and turn key repair services, including bench testing on both Lycoming and Continental Engines. In addition APCO have an in-house component division, engine hose shop, machine shop, aluminium welding shop and also offer cadmium engine plating. The newly introduced NTC engine shop specialise in the repair and overhaul of many brands of NTC engines including Gypsy, Lycoming and Superior Kit Engines to name but a few. As an optional extra they offer a balancing and porting service as well as many types of corrosion protective applications, ranging from polyurethane base paints to the more lavish and durable ceramic coatings. Hangar 5A, Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria North tonyrodrigues@mweb.co.za +27 82 558 9388 henkjoubert@mweb.co.za +27 83 258 5272

The Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd (Armscor) is the acquisition agency for the South African Department of Defence and other organs of State. Its primary mandate is to provide armed forces with state-of-the-art defence materiél required to provide safety and security for South Africa, its citizens and the continent. Through its Aero Systems Division, Armscor plays a key role in providing the South African Air Force (SAAF) with the necessary equipment and support required for mission readiness, which includes but not limited to conducting humanitarian operations in African countries. Armscor provides cost-effective and safe provision of aircraft product systems and logistic support that creates defence capability. Aero Systems capabilities offered at Armscor include: •

Contract and project management expertise

Providing maintenance and storage management

Holistic over view of the life cycle of equipment

Technical (systems and logistic engineering) expertise

Tel: +27 12 428 1911 Contact: info@armscor.co.za www.armscor.co.za Follow us:



ASTWOOD AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL Electrical and avionics workshop Astwood Aircraft Electrical has grown steadily since its opening as a one man business in 1996. The company is a fully accredited AMO with the SACAA, providing specialist services regarding most electrical/ignition components associated with light aircraft and helicopters up to small jets and turbine aircraft. Located on the south side of Grand Central Airport in a prefab building (close to the fuel bay), the owner Shaun Lombard-Chibnall and his team offer a personal and professional approach to the needs of aircraft owners and other AMOs needing electrical or ignition work. Shaun completed his training in Zimbabwe and has been a licenced AME since 1980. Based on his wealth of experience and knowledge, Astwood provides aircraft owners with the highest industry standards for repair, servicing and overhauling of alternators, starters, magnetos, motors, startergenerators and wiring. Shaun has kept the company small to offer a more personal service. We are proud to say that we have customers from all around South Africa and the SADC countries. The Astwood team has an efficient spares system in place, supplying clients local and overseas, and is the sole agent for B&C Specialty Products, a specialist company in light weight electrical systems for the professional and the home builder. We will go out of our way to help locate and provide spares and components. Astwood also offers their valued customers a travelling deal if the need arises – we will come to you. We are only a call away. Contact Astwood Aircraft Electrical on: Tel: +27 (0)11 315-9605 Cell: +27 (0)83 263-6413 Email: astwood@mweb.co.za


ASCEND AVIATION Aircraft Sales ‘Trustworthy Sales, Airworthy Excellence’ With 25 years of experience in aircraft sales Maartin Steenkamp established Ascend Aviation in early 2014. Aviation sales specialists must not only possess an exceptional understanding of their field and products, but also of the customers’ needs and experience in aviation. Acquiring an aircraft is an emotive as well as a practical decision. Maartin’s market knowledge and track record is greatly respected in the industry and Ascend Aviation’s customers can be assured that they are getting the most honest, independent, objective solutions to their present and future requirements. Ascend Aviation has assembled a team with the experience and abilities to streamline the entire process for buyers, from selection, budgeting and finance, through long-term performance and cost expectations, to ongoing advice and support, thereby making aircraft acquisition and ownership a rewarding and pleasing experience. Ascend Aviation believes personal attention, relationship building and integrity is key to service excellence, and provides a comprehensive range of services to the aviation industry: • Aircraft Sales • Acquisition mandates • Aircraft Valuations • Aircraft Management • Aircraft Finance • Aircraft Insurance • Aircraft Ferry including Importation and Exportation Contact Ascend Aviation on: Tel: +27 (0)11 064 5624 Email: sales@ascendaviation.co.za Website: www.ascendaviation.co.za



Airfield Information, Flight Planning &

Software Maintenance Tracking

Navigation The internet has opened the world, but for many of

Avdex currently renders two leading services: the maintenance tracking of aircraft and

us it is still preferable to talk to someone who has the

management of the administrative functions of

experience and knowledge of local conditions, right?

any AMO. Our products are user friendly and full

Well, AviationDirect has been around for over 20 years, and we are in the forefront of providing airfield

training and support are provided. With more than 25 years of experience in

and aeronautical information for Southern Africa within

the industry and staffed by committed aviation

our various products.

professionals, Avdex strives for nothing less than

We have the most comprehensive database of airfields for this part of the world, receiving first-hand

service excellence. AMP is an online aircraft maintenance tracking

information from active pilots and operators in the

service. It has a central aircraft maintenance


scheduling system, which means no schedule

Our exciting range of products for pilots flying in Southern Africa are designed to make the pilot’s task easier, safer and more comfortable. Added to that, we provide excellent customer support. Products that we are particularly well known and respected for

building required on the client’s side. AMP’s accurate usage tracking means less down time for the aircraft and more productivity for the AMO. AMP offers a variety of helpful features: • Full aircraft status reports based on live maintenance data • Work packs


• Tracking of component movement

• The Airfields Directory for Southern Africa and

• SBs, ADs and Manual Revisions tracked by

Africa, available in printed and electronic format • EasyPlan, the flight planning software for desktop/

Avdex and notified to client when the AMP Schedule is updated

laptop PC with Win OS, an easier way to do flight

• Tracking usage of an aircraft

planning, print out flight logs and maps

• Online recording of maintenance compliance

• EasyCockpit, Southern Africa’s most used in-

AMS is a feature rich AMO administration

flight navigation app for Apple or Android Mobile

programme, which takes care of the administrative

Devices, there to enhance situational awareness,

tasks, such as:

and, together with Easy-Weather overlays of radar, satellite and winds, to provide additional safety and peace of mind • Logbooks (electronic and printed) which have been devised according to SACAA requirements.

• Purchase orders, Inventory control and traceability • Labour and time sheet control • CAA and statutory reporting • Tracking cost of sales

Contact Andrea Antel on:

Contact Avdex on:

Tel: +27 11 465 2669 | Mobile: (0)72 340 9943

Tel: (011) 954-1536

Email: info@aviationdirect.co.za

Email: info@avdex.co.za

Website: www.aviationdirect.co.za

Website www.avdex.co.za



AVIATION REBUILDERS Aviation Rebuilders is an SACAA approved category B and X5 Aircraft Maintenance

Avtech Aircraft Services based at Wonderboom

Organisation, number AMO 188, based in the

National airport maintains Beechcraft, Piper,

Showroom right that the entrance to Rand Airport,

Cessna, Bellanca and Aerostar aircraft. With over

Germiston. Established in 1997, Aviation Rebuilders

28 years of operation, the family-owned business

is your competitive and reliable option when it comes

has a vast experience in aircraft maintenance

to of all your sheet metal, welding and flight control

and meets the highest standards, still under the

cable assembly requirements. No repair is too big or

guidance of Riekert, Sr.

too small for our enthusiastic team who are always

Avtech Aircraft Services component shop

keen and up for a challenge. Our highly experienced

specialises in the overhaul and repairs of

technicians provide excellent quality and turn-around

Continental fuel systems, carburettors and constant

times for your maintenance requirements.

speed units, which include Woodward, McCauley,

Our flight control cable assembly facility offers all

Hartzell & PCU5000. This division is run by Andre

standard MIL-SPEC cable and end fittings, ranging

Botha, AKA Proppie, who also has many years’

from 1/16” to 3/16”, with cables assembled per

experience in his field.

sample or specification. Our welding facility offers

The Avtech team have collectively over 170

weld repairs using TIG methods to aluminium alloys,

years of experience, between just four people.

carbon steel and corrosion and heat resistant steels.

Avtech is therefore a wise first stop for all your

The Aviation Rebuilders sheet metal facility boasts

general aircraft maintenance requirements.

an extensive range of tooling and equipment which

For more information contact PJR Stroh, Sr, on 082 555 2808 or PJR Stroh, Jr, on 082 749 9256. Visit them at Hangar 6 Wonderboom Airport. Email: avtech1208@gmail.com

enables us to offer an excellent repair service to keep your aircraft flying. Contact Aviation Rebuilders on: Tel: +27 (0)11 827-2491 Cell: +27 (0)82 872-4117 Email: lyn@aviationrebuilders.com



Tracking, flight following

Aircraft Maintenance AviSys Aviation Systems is an established Maintenance Organisation (AMO 1089) with SA CAA, and other African CAA accreditation to perform component maintenance and overhaul capabilities under its Category B rating. Currently, AviSys is equipped to cater for our clients’ needs as per the SA CAA Approved Capability List and Operational Specifications on the following: •

Aircraft Braking Systems repair and full overhaul capability with SA CAA Component

Release to Service (Authorised Release Certificate) on the following OEM Makes;

ABSC, Honeywell / Bendix, Goodrich and Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems.

Aircraft main and nose wheel assemblies for the above makes, to repair and overhaul.

Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul

Helicopter Servo Actuator Repair and Overhaul

Flexible Hose Build-up

Engine Fire Bottles HPT, Service, Fill and Recharge

AviSys Aviation Systems is committed to deliver service excellence and quality workmanship at market related prices, carried out with years of cumulative aviation experience in our field by means of dedicated hand-picked staff members. AviSys looks forward to establishing long and just

Designers and manufacturers of Iridium-based satellite tracking solutions since 2002. Our devices are used for a wide range of applications, including aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, birds, animals, personnel and bespoke applications. Our customers include governments, conservation organizations, aircraft charter companies, aviation schools and private pilots. Beegle aviation trackers are battery powered and fully automatic. They are placed on the dashboard and require no pilot input to turn on or off. Position update frequency is done automatically depending on the phase of flight so that an accurate trace of your flightpath is recorded. The battery lasts for approximately 40 flight hours before recharging is required. Ground personnel are kept up to date with realtime flight progress using our online tracking portal, and optionally via text message for take-off, landing and emergency events. This assists customers in effective trip planning, whilst providing an important safety function by drastically reducing the time to locate an aircraft, especially in remote areas without cellphone reception. Furthermore, our trackers can easily be moved from one aircraft to another as needed. www.beegletracker.com info@beegletracker.com +27 (0)21 438 1888

relationships with our client base, in order to meet our high standards of customer satisfaction. Hangar 17 Wonderboom Airport Email: dewald@avisys.co.za Phone: +27 (0) 83 442 5884 Fax: +27 (0) 86 618 6996 Website: www.avisys.co.za


BENVEROY A Division of Khubenker Energy (PTY) LTD– BIOBOR AFRICA Fuel Protection and Enhancement Benveroy a division of Khubenker Energy , a privately owned South African company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focuses on developing environmentally sustainable solutions for fuel consumption reduction, reduction of carbon footprint, and reduction of harmful exhaust gases. Benveroy offers a complete fuel enhancement product package and the related implementation of product injection blending and product dosing systems, for individual aviation companies, and airport infrastructure. This includes high level fuel quality management. Biobor JF ® became the first biocide tested and approved by FAA, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aircraft engine manufactures, for the treatment and prevention of microbial contamination in aviation fuels, and aircraft fuel tanks. Biobor JF ® is also the only biocide that not only fights microbial growth, but replaces lubricity lost in ultra-low sulphur fuels. After 50 years, Biobor JF ® continues to be the most recognized and recommended biocide for all hydrocarbon fuels, bio fuels, transmission and hydraulic fluids, etc. Other aviation products offered are Biobor EB, Lubribor, and Turboline. Benveroy’s company directors have combined more than 60 years of experience in the Engineering, Petrol-Chemical, and Aerospace Industries. Contact Benveroy for all BIOBOR family of fuel additives on: Tel: 011 482 3650 / 011 726 7162 ben@benveroy.com / 071 453 1517 vernon@benveroy.com / 079 524 1461


www.benveroy.com / www.khubenker.co.za

BLUE CHIP FLIGHT SCHOOL Flight Training Our Pilots Become Captains! Blue Chip Flight School has 25 years of experience, training professional and recreational pilots from over 30 countries. Situated at Wonderboom National Airport, we provide flight training from PPL to ATPL. Blue Chip has an accredited in-house examination centre, a modern fleet of aircraft as well as an SACAA approved FNPT II simulator. We offer a web based, paperless electronic booking, authosheet and student file system. Hour building is with a difference; we host fly-aways and cross country trips that provide unique opportunities to be exposed to unfamiliar environments, and our instructors are always close at hand for guidance. There is no substitute for a personal visit. Every day is open day at Blue Chip. Better still, talk to people in the aviation industry, former Blue Chip students are in sought after positions worldwide. Contact Blue Chip Flight School on: Tel: 012 543 3050 Email: admin@bluechip-avia.co.za Website: www.bluechipflightschool.co.za

BORDER AVIATION CLUB & FLIGHT SCHOOL Flight Training and Hire & Fly Border Aviation has been training pilots since the 1940’s. We offer diverse training, from Weight-shift microlights to Warbirds, historical aircraft and everything in between. We carry out Ab-Initio Training (PPL and NPL) , Commercial Pilot Training, Conversion to type training, Hour building for Commercial Students, Renewals, Short field landings & take offs, Instrument Flight (IF) Training and Hire & Fly. We now also offer Helicopter Training – PPL to CPL. What makes us unique is that our dedicated team of instructors work with each student on a one-onone basis, offering them tailored training specific to their needs. We also offer our Training out of three bases; Our East London Airport base allows for Instrument flight training (IF Training). Our Wings Park base is situated just outside East London and allows for Short field training. Our third base is at Queenstown Airfield which gives our students an opportunity to do Mountain flying. We welcome any aviation enthusiast from teenaged Ab-initio students to the casual weekend flyer to pursue their aviation passion. Border Aviation’s fleet consists of a Cessna 150, a modern glass-cockpit Sling 2, a Piper Archer 181, a Mooney M20, a Beechcraft Baron (BE58), a Savannah XL and a Helicopter. We are a non-profit organisation that truly believes that aviation is a career that brings a new adventure over every horizon. If you are interested

CUBBY AIRCRAFT Plane Sales Based in the picturesque village of Barrydale near Swellendam in the Western Cape, Cubby Aircraft manufacture an 80% scale copy of the Piper Super Cub, with a variety of engine choices. The latest development is the Cubby Renegade which may be flown solo from the front seat and is substantially larger than the basic Cubby. With modern materials and technology, the performance has been vastly improved. The purchase price is remarkably low and operational costs are kept to a minimum due to the use of automotive fuel as opposed to expensive and sometimes hard to find Avgas. The price is dependent on the choice of engine. The Cubby can be registered as a Light Sport aircraft or a non-type certified light aircraft. Undercarriage can be either tri-gear or a tail dragger configuration The Cubby is available in kit form, fast built and basic kit. It is also available as ready to fly or fully built, but without engine, radio and instruments. Jean Crous welcomes visitors at his factory on Route 62 and can be contacted on 072 671 6240.

or would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us on: Tel: +27 43 736 6181 Email: admin@borderaviation.co.za Website: www.borderaviation.co.za Find us on: Instagram & Facebook





Airport Support Equipment

SOUTH AFRICA A CAMO is an ICAO recognized organisation, mandated

C.W. Price and Company has been

in the European Union and other countries, for the purpose

involved in aviation and meteorological

of administrating the control of an aircraft’s airworthiness.

instruments for over 71 years. They also

We have emulated this structure into a business model that

import aircraft ground power units and

offers these services to owners in countries that have not

aircraft towing and push-back equipment.

yet mandated this into law. In many countries, the roll of airworthiness control is

Based in Midrand, C.W Price are the appointed agents for airport support

left to the owner / operator, who is reliant on maintenance

equipment from aircraft ground power to man

organisations to review and prescribe what has to be done.

portable rugged Redbox power packs for

There is no independent verification of the work scope or

aircraft starting.

the legality of the final documentation. Furthermore, the

They are also agents for Eagle All Wheel

cost control of a maintenance event is left up to the owner’s

Drive aircraft tow tugs for regional, corporate

employee’s who often have little experience in this field.

and military applications.

Many aircraft are enrolled on maintenance programmes

They are also importers of Precision

to assist with the control of cost but are not always used

Airmotive fuel injector parts and overhaul kits

to their fullest extent. Warrantees are seldom tracked and

along with some starter generator spares.

ongoing system issues that can ground an aircraft, are not properly addressed. Our team of experienced maintenance and

Weather stations stand alone for regional airports or their well established online VitalWeather system for remote or sms

operational personnel are able to provide operators with

monitoring of small airports is a specialty of

comprehensive support, irrespective of their geographical


location. We independently source the best products and

Contact Kelvin on:

service for your operation and control costs through our

Tel: 011-805-4720

fleet programs.

Email: cwp@cwprice.co.za

Whether you own an aircraft or are planning the purchase of a new or pre-owned aircraft, CAMOSA will review it’s specifications & inspect the records or perform a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection, giving you the opportunity to make informed choices. CAMOSA will simplify and manage your aircraft’s maintenance requirements and support the aircraft throughout its entire life, leaving you, as the operator, with full operational control. Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation – South Africa. 1275 Willem Botha Avenue, Eldoraigne, Pretoria, 0157 info@camosa.co.za +27 82 555 3555


Website: www.cwprice.co.za

DIEPKLOOF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE DIEPKLOOF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE D.M. AVIATION SPARES Aircraft Parts and Consumables D.M. Aviation Spares is situated on the north side of Lanseria, Unit 2, next to Century Avionics, Gate 5. The company stocks aircraft parts, aircraft consumables and general consumables. D.M. Aviation Spares was started in 2011 by Daniella Mawson who has been in aviation since 1980 and in the aircraft parts industry since 1990. She therefore has extensive knowledge of parts and their sourcing. D.M. Aviation Spares’ aim is to make life easier for the smaller AMOs at the airport by holding fast moving stock. Daniella goes out of her way to source parts that others say are not available. D.M. Aviation imports parts as well as sourcing hard to find aircraft components. They provide clients with the best prices and service possible. Furthermore, they are agents for Aircraft Spruce and others. For more information, contact Daniella Mawson on: Tel: 082 576 8853 Email: dmaviationspares@gmail.com

AMO, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE With 70 years of experience, Diepkloof Aircraft Maintenance (AMO SACAA 1398) are one of the leaders in aircraft maintenance as well as the preferred choice for many clients. Based at Diepkloof airfield, Malmesbury, Diepkloof Aircraft Maintenance is a South African Civil Aviation Authority approved AMO. It is your one-stop AMO facility that offers a wide range of services that include general aviation aircraft maintenance, Non-Type Certified maintenance as well as specialized services. General Aircraft Maintenance: •

All single engine Piper & Cessna & Beechcraft series

All Air Tractor, Thrush, Dromader, AG Cat, Piper Brave & Piper Pawnee

All Lycoming, Teledyne Continental engines

All Pratt & Whitney -Turbine & Radial engines.

Non-Type Certified (NTCA):

All NTCA Aircraft work - Homebuilt, Ultralights etc…

Specialist Services:

Hartzell & Mc Cauley Propellers

Licenced for complete rebuilds

Specialised Sheetmetal work

Fabric covering and interiors

Aircraft weighing


Propeller balance

Contact details: E-Mail: diepkloofamo@gmail.com Nick Kleinhans: +27 83 454 6366 Pieter v Aswegen: +27 82 784 7133


DYNAMIC PROPELLERS Propeller Specialists DJA AVIATION Aviation Insurance DJA Aviation was formed over 40 years ago by Dennis Jankelow and to this day remains South Africa’s foremost specialist aviation insurance

specialises in the overhauling, repair and maintenance of propellers for commercial and privately owned aircraft. With a staff compliment with a total of around

brokerage, offering the greatest concentration of

130 years propeller overhaul experience, Dynamic

aviation insurance experience and expertise on the

Propellers overhaul and maintain all Hartzell,

African continent and continuing to lead the market

McCauley, MT, Hoffmann, Sensenich and Hamilton

in the areas of product innovation and technical

propellers and is the only enterprise in South Africa


that provides comprehensive repair and maintenance

DJA Aviation creates aviation insurance programmes for its clients that are perfectly balanced in the critical areas of cost, coverage, service and security. In addition, DJA Aviation’s long-

services on Dowty and Whirlwind propellers. All of which is done to the highest standards as stipulated by the various propeller manufacturers. Dynamic Propellers’ repair services are

standing and close relationships with the insurers

performed both in-house in a state of the art aviation

who underwrite its products – locally, regionally and

engineering workshop, or in the field.

internationally – ensure that a DJA Aviation client is in the best possible hands when losses occur. DJA Aviation is an authorised Lloyd’s correspondent and has conducted aviation insurance

Highly skilled engineers will travel domestically or to neighbouring countries and abroad to cater for customers’ propeller requirements. Dynamic Propellers is an SACAA Authorised

business at Lloyd’s for more than 40 years, a

Service Centre, AMO 1150, and is the sole

relationship that is strengthened by regular visits to

McCauley Authorised Service Centre for the

the Lloyd’s market by DJA Aviation’s key personnel. DJA Aviation is an Authorised Financial Service

African continent. Contact Details:

Provider (FSP No 15808) and a proud member of the

Pero Visser

iCapital Group. DJA Aviation’s social responsibility

Tel: +27 79 492 0592

programme includes on-going support for the

Email: pero@dynamicpropeller.co.za

South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind. Contact DJA Aviation on: Tel: 0800FLYING (0800 359-464) Email: mail@dja-aviation.co.za Website: www.dja-aviation.co.za


Established in 2008, Dynamic Propellers

Andries Visser Tel: +27 82 445 4496 Email: andries@dynamicpropeller.co.za

EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT REFURBISHMENT Interior and Exterior refurbishment EMPEROR AVIATION AMO, Refurbishments, Rebuilds Emperor Aviation is a fully licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO NR 1226) based at Rand Airport, specialising in the maintenance of Bell and Robinson helicopters. We have a state of the art component overhaul shop and can assist you with any helicopter sales needs. We also specialise in helicopter refurbishments ranging from total refurbishment (interior and exterior) to helicopter rebuilds. Emperor Aviation is an approved Robinson Service Centre and also the official LORD Distributor for 206B and

“Quality is our Passion”, this is the mantra that we live by at Executive Aircraft Refurbishment. We are an Aircraft Interior and Exterior refurbishment facility, based at Lanseria International Airport, quality workmanship and service excellence, combined with knowledgeable staff has earned us the reputation of No.1 Aircraft Interior and Exterior refurbishment facility Complete aircraft exterior paint strip and resprays are done all under one roof, designing paint scheme lines, logo’s to customer specifications. We also offer a mobile touchup service to our customers ensuring their aircraft stays in mint condition. Our interior shop also specializes in complete interior refurbishments such as the refurbishment of overhead stowage bins and seating, Roof-liners,

206L TT-straps in Africa as well as an agent to

cockpit glare-shields, cabinets and galleys, wool

supply LORD replacement parts.

carpets, textile and non-textile floor covering,

If you’re looking at buying a new or used helicopter, Emperor Aviation can assist you to find the helicopter best suited to your needs. We carry out pre-purchase inspections all over

refurbishment of seats and foam building in varying modern styles. We manufacture interior window sunshields and aircraft exterior ground covers, EAR also re-web and re-certify aircraft safety belts. Executive Aircraft Refurbishment are the right

the world to ensure our customers has options of

choice for interior and exterior refurbishments of your

purchases not only in the African market but

aircraft from interior refurbishment to exterior spray

worldwide. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the helicopter industry, Paul, Jarrett, Trevor and their team of qualified engineers and admin staff look forward to welcoming you to the Emperor Aviation

painting, we do it all. Entrust your fleet to Executive Aircraft Refurbishment for a new fresh look and we promise to have your aircraft ready and serviceable when you need it.


Tel: +27 (0)10 900 4149 | Mobile: +27 (0)82 547

Contact Emperor Aviation on:

8379 Info@earefurbishment.com | Francois@

Tel: +27 11 824 5683


Email: reception@emperoraviation.co.za

Hangar 11 (interior shop) and 31(paint shop)

Website: www.emperoraviaiton.co.za

Lanseria International Airport South Africa, Gate 5, North Side


F. GOMES UPHOLSTERS Aircraft Upholstery F. Gomes Upholsters is a family based upholstery company. Established in 1979, the company specialises in aircraft, as well as motor vehicle, boat and furniture upholstery. F. Gomes Upholsters will refurbish your aircraft interior to look like new, giving it the class it deserves. They use only the best quality materials, and their craftsmanship is outstanding. Mr Gomes, the founder of F. Gomes Upholsters, has been in the upholstery business for close on 40 years and as such brings many years of experience and professionalism to the company. F. Gomes Upholsters provides an expert reupholstery and upholstery service that caters to any upholstery need. No job is ever too small or too large. F. Gomes Upholsters is based in Johannesburg. For exceptional craftsmanship at the best prices, contact F. Gomes Upholsters on: Tel: (011) 614 2471 Fax: (011) 614 9806 Email: gomesuph@netactive.co.za


PILOT FLIGHT TRAINING SERVICES Flight training FTS is a flight school that operates out of Grand Central Airport’s main terminal building. The company has an impressive fleet of over 10 aircraft which include Cessna 172s, Piper PA28s, Cessna 172RG and the PA-30 Piper Twin Comanche for advanced multi-engine training. These aircraft are all used for basic and advanced instruction. Flight Training Services offers a comprehensive, state of the art, training service starting from entry level Private Pilot Licence (PPL) through to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) licence. Browse through their site and have a look at the services on offer. For the forthcoming CPL & ATPL ground school contact FTS on: 011 805 9015 or Email: fly@fts. co.za to book your seat. For more information contact Amanda Pearce on: Tel: 011-805-9015/6 Email: amanda@fts.co.za Website: www.fts.co.za

International Flight Clearances Africa's aircraft handling and clearance company


INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT CLEARANCES GIB AVIATION INSURANCE Integrity, Intelligence, Energy at your Service Utilising the finest insurers worldwide, GIB arrange both simple and complex insurance and reinsurance solutions for General Aviation, Airline and Airport Owners, Operators, Maintenance Facilities, Manufacturers, and Financiers throughout Africa and beyond. GIB Aviation have always taken pride in the fact that they do not only serve all their customers insurance needs, but also develop close and long term relationships with them. This enables their highly skilled team to understand their unique and exact requirements and to tailor make insurance programmes by selecting the appropriate cover, provide accurate contractual advice and very importantly negotiate effective time sensitive claims settlement. GIB House 3 West Street, Houghton, Johannesburg +27 (11) 483 1212 aviation@gib.co.za

Aircraft Handling & Clearance/Permit Specialists International Flight Clearances are Lanseria based aviation consultants whose aim is to add 24 NEW ADDRESS value and ensure safety to international flights Unit 32, Falcon Lane, Lanseria


+27 11 701 2

anywhere in the world, while reducing flightops@flyifc Business Park, Lanseria Ext 26, the stress factor for bothJohannesburg, operators andGauteng passengers.

Website: www

They have immense experience in dealing with all types of flights, both regionally and internationally. They assist in cost efficient and safe route planning, whilst adding a personal touch. By being intimately acquainted with Africa in all her moods, and being familiar with the vagaries of every country, they have the expertise to plan with the detail necessary to bypass avoidable inconveniences, ensuring a trouble free trip for passengers. Contact International Flight Clearances on: Tel: +27 11 701 2330 or +27 76 983 1089 (24 hours) Email: flightops@flyifc.co.za Website: www.flyifc.co.za

www.gib.co.za FSP License No. 10406




Flight Training Facility

Executive Charters

Johannesburg Flying Academy established

KZN Aviation is an established BEE compliant

in 1984, are an SACAA approved Flight Training

multi-taskedaviation company, based at Virginia

Facility situated South of Johannesburg. Due

Airport in Durban North. We are licensed in terms of

to our unique location at Panorama airfield, no

the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the Air

time is wasted flying to and from the general

Service Regulations.

flying area or on the ground waiting for flight clearances. Johannesburg is an ideal location for flight

KZN Aviation own and operate both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, offering a range of services that include helicopter and fixed-wing VIP charter

training, owing to our year-round favourable

work, contract work, tourism flights, powerline and

flying conditions.

pipeline inspections, aerial photography, vehicle

JFA offer professional training by dedicated and qualified instructors for National Pilot Licence (NPL) Private Pilot Licence (PPL),

searches, traffic surveillance and patrols to name a few applications. KZN Aviation has a hand-picked team of

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Instructors

professional and dedicated staff who are available

rating, Night rating, Renewals, Conversions,

24/7 to offer assistance, advice and provide cost

Endorsements, in a relaxed, professional

effective quotations. We have vast experience in the


charter and contract market and have been actively

Training is carried out,7 days a week, on our

involved in aviation for decades.

modern fleet of 2-seater, Sling Aircraft and is

KZN Aviation pride themselves on ensuring that

tailored to your individual needs. The course

high quality services, tailor-made to meet customer

includes all required lectures, briefings and

requirements are provided efficiently and effectively

course materials.

without compromising safety. Our rigorous safety

Our accredited Exam centre ensures that exams can be written to suit your schedule.

standards are maintained by highly experienced flight crews and are constantly reinforced through the highest levels of professionalism and integrity

Contact us for more information.

displayed. Our crew receive recurrent training

Office: (+27) 064 756 6356

to ensure performance remains consistently

Email: info@jhbflying.co.za


Address: Panorama Airfield, Kromvlei road,

Contact KZN Aviation on:

Alberton, 1448

Tel: 031 564 6215 Email: mel@kznaviation.co.za Website: www.kznaviation.co.za


LEADING EDGE AVIATION Helicopter Firefighting and Heavy Lift Operations Leading Edge Aviation is an SACAA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO 261) based at Nelspruit Airfield in



Fixed Wing and Helicopter Purchases

Leading Edge Aviation (LEA) caters

Avionics Upgrades

to numerous fields including firefighting,

Engine Overhaul

external lift operations, wildlife conservation

Aircraft Rebuilds

and refurbishing and restoring of aircraft interiors and exteriors, including fitment of SACAA approved windows. Utilizing their UH-1H and UH-60 helicopters, LEA are perfectly positioned to meet your utility helicopter requirements. Whether you need supplies moved, wildlife relocated, natural disaster support, construction equipment lifted or fire suppression carried out, LEA are available to assist. With lifting capabilities up to 3000kg’s, we use the latest equipment and vast experience to meet our clients needs. In addition, LEA has the only SACAA approved painting booth in the Lowveld and carries out all painting using Boeing and Airbus approved products across the Cessna, Piper and Embraer and Beechcraft range. Our interior refurbishment division carries out the finest leather and upholstery work. All painting and leather work includes CRMAs for the applicable aircraft. Peter, Zeph, Sipho, Alfred and Lucas, along with the team, will ensure all your refurbishment

Merchant West is one of the largest privatelyowned financial institutions in South Africa. We provide alternative business funding outside of the commercial banks. As an agile business with an entrepreneurial approach, we pride ourselves in structuring flexible and innovative finance solutions that meet the industry requirements of our clients. Our financial solutions are operated as independent business units headed up by skilled and experienced executives who have surrounded themselves with industry experts. Merchant West has become a key partner in the Aviation industry in South Africa specializing in Aircraft finance including purchases, avionics upgrades as well as engine overhauls. We pride ourselves in our unique view of the industry, specialised support, knowledgeable staff and the products we offer. Contact: Shayne Wright shaynew@merchantwest.co.za +27(11)-305-9490 +27(71)-373-8825

expectations are met and exceeded. Feel free to contact Leading Edge Aviation with any queries: Tel: +27 13 7413654 Email: office@leaviation.co.za Website: www.leadingedgeaviation.co.za




Aircraft Maintenance

Robinson Dealer

Mistral Aviation was founded in 2002 with the aim of addressing the high cost of operating aircraft thousands of miles from the original equipment manufacturers. (OEM). Mistral continues to add to its capability and has just added Machining and NDT. Our experience has grown and we are about to embark on training of our staff to take up the challenge of new equipment.


Namagri Aviation is a privately-owned Namibian

company, based in Windhoek since 2008 Namagri Aviation are official dealers and service center appointed by Robinson Helicopters in Namibia. We provide clients with quality and experienced assistance with the purchase and maintenance of new and pre-owned helicopters. Our aviation department is divided in a helicopter and fixed wing. We sell new and second-hand helicopters. We deliver Aerial Works

Contact Details

services in the Agricultural sector and also offer

Telephone: (27) 81-755-2534

specialised equipped airplanes to clients for

Fax: (27) 11- 395 1291

application of de-bushing granules during rainy

E-Mail: Peter@mistral.co.za

season. Namagri De-Bushing Services was the

Website: www. mistral.co.za

1st legal entity in Namibia that attended to bush encroachment through aerial applications. At


Namagri you will find a group who are dedicated,

Safair Campus

passionate and committed to provide the best

Northern Perimeter Road,

service to our customers in making every aviation

OR Tambo International

dream take flight.

Bonaero Park


Kempton Park



+264 81 1286821

South Africa

alex@namagri.com +264 812166910 adri@namagri.com


PAMBELE FONT: ITC Avant Garde Gothic PAMBELE FONT COLOUR: 60% Black PANTONE: Cool Gray 9c


www.pambele.aero c = 90 m = 50 y=0 k=0 Pantone 285c

PAMBELE AVIATION Air Charter Pambele Aviation has its primary base of operations located at Grand Central Airport (Midrand). Pambele Aviation is a dependable air charter company operating throughout Southern Africa providing light aircraft transport services. We have been operating in the South African air charter market since 2006 and have fourteen years’ experience providing charter flights for the private and business sectors, transporting business leaders, tourists and VIP’s. The primary aircraft being operated are a Beechcraft King Air B200 and a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B. A number of light piston engine aircraft are available for smaller group sizes, or for those who are budget conscious. The passenger charter services are ideally suited for customers requiring access to remote, or poorly serviced destinations. A satellite base of operation is located at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport serving the Lowveld region of the country. Pambele Aviation holds license N892D and a Part 135 AOC. Email: fjoubert@pambele.aero OR lowveld@ pambele.aero

SABRE AIRCRAFT Plane Sales Sabre Aircraft are the exclusive importers of the Polish built full-composite Ekolot JK-05 and Topaz LSA high wing aircraft. To complement their stable Sabre Aircraft have also secured the distributorship for the low wing all-metal Direct Fly Alto TG which is expertly manufactured in the Czech Republic and available in either kit form or ‘ready to fly’. All aircraft are powered by the Rotax 912 series engines using a Ukrainian manufactured full composite ground or in-flight adjustable propeller from a company called NR Propellers for which Sabre Aircraft is the newly appointed South African agent. Although all these factory built aircraft are very well-appointed, customers have the flexibility to choose from several additional cost options to suit their specific needs and budget. Even with our constantly fluctuating exchange rate Sabre Aircraft is still able to offer real value in Rand terms against anything produced locally with comparable performance and/or specification levels. With an ever-increasing worldwide dealer footprint both Ekolot and Direct Fly continue to produce beautifully crafted LSA aircraft with spectacular performance, proven reliability and established aftersales support. We call it ‘affordable brilliance’.                       RICHARD STUBBS Tel: 27-11 467 3103/3193 083-655-0355 or email: richardstubbs@mweb.co.za or visit: www. aircraftafrica.co.za


SKYHAWK AVIATION Flight Training Skyhawk Aviation was established by Mike Gough (Airbus Training Captain and SA Flyer columnist) in 2008. Well established as the dominant operation in the flight training environment at Lanseria International Airport, Skyhawk Aviation offers all the resources required for the successful completion of all CAA licences and ratings. As a Designated Flight Examiner (DFE 1) as well as an Airbus Training Captain, Mike is able to assess student’s progress, and conduct final flight tests presenting realistic scenarios. We are also approved to conduct the full type rating for the Airbus 320, as well as proficiency checks and ATP revalidations. Aimed specifically at developing the professional pilot, we specialise in both the full turn-key contract clients as well as individuals starting out on the road to flying for a living. Part of our services include accommodation, transport and visa services. Skyhawk is associated with the Sakhikamva Foundation, and offers programs to high school learners to expose the kids to aviation and spark interest in maths and science through this medium. Come and see our Boeing 737 nose section kitted out as a classroom! If you need a reality check about the sometimes hard truth about becoming a career pilot, then you can’t go far wrong by dropping in at Hanger 30, Gate 5 at Lanseria. Send an email to Mike beforehand to get welcomed to the demanding, but infinitely rewarding world of Commercial Aviation. Contact Tracey Gough on: Tel: 011 701 2622 Cell: 072 484 7984 Email: mikegough@mweb.co.za


Website: www.skyhawk.co.za

TITANIUM AIR Aircraft Charter Training Titanium Air is a private, boutique-style Aircraft Charter, Training company based out of Lanseria Airport. Flying with a private charter company offers you complete privacy and luxury, while minimising your waiting time at the airport and have you flying within minutes of your arrival. Titanium Air has an unblemished safety record and their pilots have extensive knowledge and experience of all types of aircraft. Titanium Air caters to corporate and leisure travellers alike and specialises in bush and hunting lodge transfers where small aircraft are needed to land on and take-off from dirt runways. Titanium Air is dedicated to its clientele and makes every experience a memorable one, from first point of contact to the safe touch-down at your destination. www. titaniumair.co.za


STARLITE AVIATION GROUP Operations - Contract Work and Emergency Services/Helicopter, Aeroplane and Drone Pilot Training/Aircraft Sales/Local and International Charters/Aircraft Maintenance Starlite is a diverse, solution driven company, offering a wide range of aviation services and products. We have operated on 5 continents, in over 30 countries worldwide, in

Air cargo tanks TURTLE-PAC from Australia has developed a unique range of mini long range collapsible tanks for light aircraft. Turtle-Pac’s Commercial and military side of tanks include: •

and Air Cargo Tanks for fuel.

the most hostile and austere environments. Starlite has a

These include both in-fuselage

proven track record of successes and is a trusted, long term

and underslung for helicopters.

partner to corporates, the military and governments.

They make possible a doubling of


revenue runs for aircraft operators.

Starlite Aviation Operations

Bush Collapsible Diesel Tanks for

Hennie Pietersen: +27 82 822 5376 Contract and Emergency Services

trucks and off-road vehicle use. •

the oil and gas offshore industry

Fiona McCarthy: +27 82 552 3813

and naval use. This includes mine


recovery and helicopter flotation

Starlite Aviation Training Academy Helicopter, Aeroplane and Drone Pilot Training Helicopter and Aeroplane Aircraft Hire : Arme Birkholtz: +27 31 571 6600 corporate business, tourist travel, passenger train@starliteaviation.com and cargo transportation Jennifer de Lange: +27 82 977 1847 charters@starliteaviation.com Starlite Aero Sales Dealers in new and pre-owned aircraft Klara Fouché: +27 83 324 8530 klaraf@starliteaviation.com Starlite Maintenance Durban AMO 824 Third party Maintenance and Spares Emmanuel Mhungu: +27 82 402 7117 emmanuelm@starliteaviation.com

Turtle-Pac manufactures a large range of underwater airlift bags for


Starlite Charters

Flexible Marine Fuel Tanks for offshore small vessels and Super

Starlite Maintenance Johannesburg AMO 927 Helicopter and Fixed Wing

Collapsible Ferry Tanks for aircraft

bags. Turtle-Pac are tools that pay for themselves in a very short time in remote areas. Sizes range from 66 Gallon to 529 Gallons. All models collapse and fold up compactly. They are light weight to carry empty on the return flight. The products are unique and combine extremely ease use with lightweight yet tough construction. Delivery to South Africa is within 3 working days by DHL. Visit: http://www.turtlepac.com




Gyrocopter, Trojan

Pilot Supplies

Wagtail Aviation specialises in the designing and manufacturing of custom-made Gyrocopter

Wings ‘n Things is a specialist pilot supplies

to satisfy the end-user requirement. Gyro’s are

shop based at Lanseria and Grand Central

inexpensive to own and maintain, are stable, easy

airports, catering for all levels of aviation

to operate, has a short take-off and landing, and

enthusiasts and is the preferred supplier to many

can fly comfortably at very slow speeds.

aspiring and professional pilots.

Gyrocopter’s uses:

We are authorised dealers of some of the

Patrolling of livestock and farm observations

world’s premium aviation brands, including

Surveillance, including fire management

Jeppesen, David Clark, Bose, and ASA. We are

Aerial Agricultural application

also resellers of Pooley’s, Garmin, Icom, RAM

Support for anti-poaching operations

Mounts and many more local and international


aviation brands.

Aerial oversight

So, whether you are a professional or recreational pilot, student pilot, aviation enthusiast,

Our Trojan with its innovating engineering

looking for a gift for that someone special or just

makes rough terrain landing possible and

looking to spoil yourself, visit one of our shops at

is powered by 260HP Subaru EJ 25 Turbo

Lanseria or Grand Central, or shop online, for the

powerplant. With an empty weight of 420kg, she

widest range of aviation related products and gifts.

can carry a payload of 300kg. She has a cruising

Visit our website to see the full range of products

speed of 120-140km/h and a slow speed of

that we carry.

56km/h. All these features make the Trojan your “bakkie’ of the sky”, you will soon not understand how you ever got around without it. Contact: Braam Hechter Cell: +27 (84) 697 7703 E-mail: marketing@wagtail.co.za www: www.wagtail.co.za


Contact Wings ‘n Things on: Tel: +27 (11) 701 3209 Email: lanseria@wingsnthings.co.za or info@ wingsnthings.co.za Website: www.wingsnthings.co.za

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