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Safiyah Seth Portfolio Sample

Retail: Small specialist store

FISH DELI DELI FISH Concealed strip-lighting creates a ‘floating’ effect, much like the warped gravity of the undersea environment, subtly connecting the product to its source.


detail section, 1:10

1. 3. 4. 5. 6.



8. 9. 10.


Detail Section Scale 1:10 1. Plasterboard suspended ceiling, matt white 2. Luceplan E06 metal halide spotlight 3. Fluorescent tube light, 38mm 4. 50x50 timber battens fixed to original wall 5. 9mm plywood 6. 140x40 SW frame 7. Wall finish: 3mm coating of grey tadelakt plaster applied to 12mm 'Wedi' board with mesh lathe. 8. Metal plaster-stop bead 9. Philips 1W Powercore range LED strip light 10.Grey 4mm tadelakt plaster applied to 4mm 'Wedi' board. 11.Corner plaster-stop bead

3. 12.

12.Floor finish: cement render with waterproof sealant, matte

Adaptive Re-Use Project: Centre for Urban Gardening


The personal project allowed me to explore an area of interest that I am passionate about. Informed by my research into urban gardening and urban sustainability as well as the city in which I was based at the time (Glasgow), I formulated a program that could be applied to an existing building in the city centre. Many of these functions can be seen from the street.

utilising the existing flat roof and glass structure for plant growing

public seating space

exhibition, talks and events’ space garden ‘void’ placed between the exhisting columns

a much needed garden centre for the inner city district

screenage; carl stahl x-tend net with green clip on solar lights, emulating microscopic images of the algae, volvox carteri Moss lettering, Anna Garforth

communal picninc table


450 wood-plastic composite screwed to pre-drilled metal underplate

760 450

6x60mm bent steel


The large communal picninc table instills a sense of community amongst both volunteers and visitors to the centre. One end of the table sits flush with the window, thus inviting people from the street to come in and explore.

Retail: Concept suitable for rollout

CONCEPT Concept: A strong grpaphic element denotes a brand identity that is playful and effortlessly stylish


Double volume walls with graphic print red vinyl tape

health care: waiting area


A soft white band wraps around the upper floor, safely enveloping the treatment rooms.






1. Solid Natural vertical bamboo flooring, The Bamboo flooring Company 2. Polished plaster P50 G2173, Armuralia 3. FF1 Chair, Fox & Freeze 4. ‘Top Pendant’ in white, Total 5. Veil Curtainin white, Woodnotes

Commercial: Office Design


Administrative headquarters for a music recording company

Concept: Communication The adjoining meeting rooms are the focal point of this office space. Clad in acoustic panelling, these rooms are reminiscent of a recording studio. The intersecting geometries are intended to symbolise the breaking of barriers and hence, improved communication.

Office meeting room




3070 2995

Ceiling finish


Topperfo Concealed Grid Acoustic Ceiling System, in white


Internal elevation: 1:100

Ceiling grid with acoustic ceiling

Timber frame to house glass sheeting, 50x50 SW Secondary suspended ceiling, plasterboard, matte white section A

Ceiling Plan 1:100

4000 200

50x50 SW frame with 600mm centres to house glass sheeting metal hangers for ceiling grid 3200 B


3070 12,5mm plasterboard, matt white continued up to position ‘A’. Glass sheet, 10mm, yellow

‘Topakustik’ wall and ceiling tiles pendant fluorescent light 1800mm from FFL to bottom of bulb

200mm stud wall Floor finish, Egger Floorline Modern, F274

Section A, nts

My Sample Portfolio  

Excerpts from projects done at the art school

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