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Jessica Beebe is a photographer and stylist who specializes in fine and conceptual portraiture. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including; vintage fashion, cinema, advertising and literature, Jessica combines her background in the arts with technical expertise to create dramatic, narrative and at times humorous work. Her photographs have been described as "highly styled, yet relaxed, while being ever-aware of color and light and their overall effect."

Jessica Beebe

Portland, ME, USA


In the words of photographer Marc Baptiste: "Every job is like a first date: each one is different. I want people to look beautiful, confident and strong." Jessica's work has been published in books and magazines and featured on art and photography sites such as; Laughing Squid, Who Killed Bambi?, Lost in E Minor, Sasquatch Magazine, Filth Magazine, Art Photo Daily and others. In addition, her work has been shown in New York, Boston, Portland and other major cities across the United States. 1 / 2012

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