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Happy B-day Peggy! :D

Made For You On This Special Day ;)

The Book

• This special scrapbook is made & filled with messages and surprises from fans to show our love for you on this special day! I hope you enjoy this special book that I put together for you!

Thanks Peggy Dear Peggy, Your a HUGE inspiration to me & I Love you! Happy B-day and keep rocking on! To Peggy – Happy B-day I hope it will be special for you! Also Thank you for being amazing!

Peggy Birthday Wishes • Happy Birthday Peggy Sue! Your super awesome and I love your music!

• Peggy Have an awesome day! Take Care, Hugs! xox

7 things we LOVE about Peggy • • • • • • •

1) Your sweet 2) Your Kind 3) Your Special 4) Your different 5) Your Caring 6) Your Loving 7) Your simply WOW!

Peggy Words • • • • • • •

PeggyWorld PeggyLicious PeggyNess Peggstar PeggyFanatics PeggyManic PeggyAddiction

Message From Me!  • Dearest Peggy, • Your my role model, I look up to you & I don’t know what I would do without you! Your very special & unique, your different! I am so lucky to have you. You have taught me to pick myself up when I fall. You are my light in the darkness. Have an amazing day! • Saffy xox

Happy B-day Peggy Scrapbook! :D  

Fan Book for Peggy, full of love to wish Peggy Sue a happy b-day!

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