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A trend report: New York city


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1: 5th avenue Renowned for its superior shopping, 5th Avenue really is royalty of retail environments. From the luminous and beautifully composed visual merchandising to the impeccable in store customer service, the street is an eclectic mix of high quality marketing with a regal ambiance. On the corner of 5th Avenue at 57th street elegantly stands Tiffany and Co’s flagship store, most famously known for featuring in the classic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ staring Audrey Hepburn. Tiffany’s talent for luxury and high quality jewellery is definitely communicated through their retail exterior with an intricately illustrated architectural design printed on top of the already polished granite surface. With the signature ‘Tiffany’s blue’ flag flying outside, it creates the brands ambience of elegance and style before you even step in the store. Inside the customer service fits perfectly with the luxury air. Smartly dressed doormen welcome you, creating the atmosphere of deluxe hotel. Workers accompany you to the various different floors, directing to you to comfortably around the vast space. The friendly conversing makes you feel appreciated as you wonder around the beautifully furnished store with opulent chandeliers much like lavish jewellery they sell. Brand’s also making an impression on 5th avenue would be the Hollister with an unusual and striking exterior. It’s simply not a store you can just walk past with its ‘stand out’ video walls streaming live footage of Huntington Beach, California. The mix of this with real water outside the store creates a 4d experience and brings California lifestyle to the busy streets of New York. This simulating installation brilliantly communicates the brand’s nonchalant surfer attitude. Hollister Co have spent millions kitting out their stores like this all around America, but being a shopping capital 5th avenue is a prime location. Bulgari also ‘wows’ on 5th avenue with a stunning and enormous lit up snake wrapping itself round the entire interior of the building. The opulent being is not only extremely eye-catching but also fits in with Bulgari’s style of lavish and substantial pieces made with heavy links and plentiful stones. Bulgari even sell ranges of Jewellery that incorporate the serpent, thus a fantastic example of how the product has become the marketing. Inside the store everything is highly polished and beautifully illuminated twinned with friendly and attentive customer service. This mix perfectly summarizes the luxury and opulence of Bulgari as a brand.

tech trend The future potential of technological advances could start a trend of more retail environments creating an experience through visual merchandising and display. Although 5th Avenue is home to high end flagship stores, perhaps the use of developing technology could see more stores being creative with VM in the future.


2: 3: chelsea market

Just off the New York highline in the Meatpacking district is the location of Chelsea market, renowned as one of the best indoor food courts in the world; It takes pride in independent bakeries and fresh, authentic ingredients. It is also home to a vast variety of shops, cafes and bookstores. The old raw brick architecture of the building mixed with the newer furnishing, which is attentive to the older theme, gives the Market a unique character. Its embraces the heritage of the old market but creates a friendly and welcoming location to tourists. The mixture of polished street art with whimsical light displays and wooden interior creates a vibe of tradition and quirkyness, but in a more refined way than Williamsburg.


2: williamsburg

A short span across the sea from Manhattan lies Williamsburg. This offbeat location offers an array of café’s, restaurants and vintage treasures. It is an influential scene for indie rock and the local art community, which can be seen from independent art spaces to the spectacular graffiti that paints the streets. The mall is a popular shopping destination and offers Vintage shops, boutiques, café’s and independent bookstores. The appearance of the mall fits in with the Williamsburg atmosphere, with mismatch and unfurnished interior and of course a vast span of graffiti. Visual merchandising wasn’t polished or industry led, but thrown together in an unconventional way that worked. A retro red headed mannequin, unusually sprawled across a graffiti covered scuffed table in alternative clothes, was about as sophisticated as VM got. The whole establishment gives a grungy anti commercial atmosphere, celebrating independance and originality. It’s understandable why it is a hotspot for vintage businesses and an artist scene, with many random flyers scatted and pasted to walls promoting indie bands and artist events.

sustainability trend With global trends of recyling and sustainability , there is a potential trend for retail spaces to be created by revamping old spaces. This is already noticable in the likes of Camden, another area with a large artistic scene. It creates an exciting and intriguing environment for the consumer.

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extrao exhibi

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk


An incredible exhibition at the Brooklyn museum dedicated to the French visionary Jean Paul Gaultier explores how Gautlier has shaped fashion in the past 35 years. The exhibition is beautifully composed and has a dramatic and theatrical atmosphere. Displaying his huge and cutting-edge body of work, one walks through a maze of rooms vividly evolving into different themes, intensely engaging the viewer. The exhibition includes a vast range of couture and ready to wear garments, and also displays iconic costumes from performance and film worn by such iconic stars as Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour. This multimedia exhibition is organized around seven themes, from the streets of Paris to the peak of his career as one of the most influential designers in fashion history. It includes garments, sketches and documentation of catwalk shows, performances on large visual displays. Photography and art from artists inspired or who have collabrated with Gaultier also make an appearance. It really is a vast and exciting space. A mannequin of the man himself greets you with incredible audiovisual projection Gaultier is sensationally brought to life. Lighting and interior is exceptional from padded blush pink quilted walls to dramatic low tinted lighting and a moving indoor catwalk, its an exhibition one simply must experience.

ordinary ition


tech trend The use of sensual visuals and technology within the exhibition was an innovative and exciting way of creating a narrative . More and more exhibitions are using technology to create an experience to portray the facts, although this took it to a whole other level. The future of technology shows great potential in the communication of information.

1. Dylans candy bar


A magical place that’s reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar really is a whimsical hot spot in New York city that must be visited. From its indoor interior and fantasy candy displays from its incredible and original candy products it really is like a fairytale all round. Greeted by ‘The stairway the candy heaven’ one takes a path by a magical illuminated staircase filled with real gummy sweets. Products are amazingly original, from giant gummy bears to colorful lollipops the size of your face. Just when you think it can’t become anymore like a dream Dylan’s also have their own Café selling creative and delicious desserts and beverages, kitting out with candy swirl bar stalls and gumball tables. Even if you don’t buy anything its simply a sensory and enchanted experience.

2. good enough to eat/ buy Some gorgeous visual merchandising in a bakery in downtown Manhattan. These incredible designer cake bags stand alone in selling the company.

1. 3. $$$$$

An incredible secret gem hidden amongst the vivid streets of China town, this practically empty restaurant was authenticity at is finest. It held amazing tales from across the globe with tourists sticking a dollar note on the wall with a message to mark their territory. The space was turned into an amazing and fulfilling space through years of visitor contribution, a technique that could show potential in future marketing techniques.

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wondrous whereabouts 4. how much is that doggy in the window? Top marketing from a pet shop who had crowds of people in the streets of New York surrounding their store in awe of their charming puppies in the window.

5. 5. Times square Times Square, perhaps the one of the most famous intersections in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations, is a commercial ocean. Illuminated brands densely populate every square meter. Electric, neon signs battle for the viewer’s attention. It is the king of digital advertising. Not only does an advert look more striking lit up on a great screen but also the square is one of the most visited places in the world, be you a tourist or a local on your way to work. An overwhelming and bright experience.

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