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We specialize in fleet safety, wheel nut indicator, security wheel nuts, truck loose stud etc and also maker of fasteners such as wheel nut safety indicators, full-range of wheel safety nuts for multiple uses.


Know More about Safety Management issues Along with Trusted Wheels of Today In this over populated world, it is the duty of every individual to check for their own safety when they

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are out from their respective houses. As the numbers of vehicles are increasing with every passing day, therefore, it is time for you to take extra precautions while driving on the road. For that, you need to take special measures and look for the safety of your health as well as of others, to avoid accidents. Road safety has turned out into a major issue nowadays, and as per the norms of safety and health legislation, employers are solely responsible for ensuring safety of their respective staffs. You might just need the help of different information and tools to improve your fleet management

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services. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to choose appropriate and reliable products from branded companies, to avoid any sort of loopholes in the near future.


Wheels are the major components of any form of vehicles, and it is indeed the duty of every

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individual, to look for the best quality products to avoid dire consequences later. You must also


possess a sound knowledge on the entire fleet safety management, to avoid any kind of negativity in future. Taking classes and lessons from expert professionals can be a great choice, in this SAFETYTRIM WORLDWIDE LTD


▼ 2013 (2) When it comes to truck wheel studs, then you must choose the right set of wheels for your heavy trucks. It might turn out to be a little bit complicated if you do not have a clear idea about the differences. Whether you are planning for lightweight vehicles or heavy trucks, get a thorough knowledge about the kind of wheels you are planning to use. In case of heavy duty steel wheels, the materials used, can provide excellent durability along with a consistent composition. These are

▼ November (2) Know More about Safety Management issues Along wit... Safetytrim System is Helpful for Fleet Safety

tough and can easily withstand extensive conditions on the road.

the products are working properly or not. As these are low pressurized casting products, therefore; it


allows even more flexibility than others. A notable feature of this product is that it can resists rust

Safetytrim Worldwide

For the aluminum alloy cast wheels, it is vital to go for wheel checks at regular intervals to see if

with an ease, but not be a good choice when you are planning for a tough road. You also need to check for the wheel indicator, in case you want to have thorough knowledge

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about your wheel’s conditions. Consistent composition along with durability and longevity are some of the major features, which make steel wheels the most favorable choice among users.

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Best truck wheel studs for your vehicles  

If you are looking truck wheel studs, wheel checks and wheel indicator for vehicles. for more information about vehicles products so please...

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