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Communication is hands down the best discovery credited to human beings, the ability to use a simple yet sophisticated system to get a message across is one of the best evidences of

human beings as a highly evolved life form. Signs are one of the most common and universal media used in modern society. These arbitrary symbols help individuals regardless of culture

or language understand certain notices and therefore react appropriately. Health and safety signs are quite common today, yet the weight of its importance is still a bit taken for granted.

Signs help identify potential safety hazards and serve as efficient early warning devices for various situations. Being informed as to which signs stand for specific things could pretty much

save one's life. Road safety alone is an area that is very dependent on signs and symbols. There are a lot of accidents that happen in road systems that could have easily been avoided if

proper attention was given to signs that litter the road sides. A huge amount of motoring related accidents have intentional and unintentional negligence of health and safety signs as

main reasons.

There are also a lot of work related accidents that could have been prevented by paying attention to signs and symbols. Too often a worker gets into a compromising situation just because

a signs was ignored. How often have you heard of an employee who encountered an injury because he or she was doing an ill advised activity at the wrong place and in the wrong time?

Take a simple no smoking sign for example, A person who smokes in a non smoking area can trigger a smoke alarm that can lead to panic that could lead to a stampede causing injuries and

damage to property. Too often a sign no matter how simple when ignored can lead to a situation that can get out of hand.

Education and a proper mindset are very important in using signs to prevent accidents. It is important that everyone is made knowledgeable and informed as to what a sign stands for and

why it is being used. Orientations can provide avenues for information dissemination to help people understand why a sign is in place and why it is important to obey that specific sign.

People should also be vigilant and aware of the signs, being ignorant of these devices is not an excuse beside the fact that too often one risks ones health when he or she decides not to pay


The importance of understanding and being aware of health and safety signs cannot be stressed enough. It should be a conscious effort for organizations involved to bridge the gap as far as

understanding different signs and symbols and encouraging people to follow the rules they stand for. People should also take it upon themselves to reach a certain level of awareness for

the simple reason of protecting themselves and their best interests. The phrase "knowledge is power", clichĂŠ as it may be, have profound implications that no one should be taking for

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Mandatory signs  
Mandatory signs  

Mandatory signs