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Safety Flag Co. of America A Division of Vogue Industries, L.P. The Safety Flag Company of America was the first manufacturer of Fluorescent fabric safety products. Since 1953, we have moved ahead to perfect durability and strength and widen our selection. As a result, our products can weather wide temperature ranges. Our vests and belts are light-weight and comfortable — as secondary garments should be. And our true Fluorescent color offers maximum visibility. In fact, we offer the largest selection of styles and colors of quality items available at sensible prices. A business "Built on Service", Safety Flag Co. is always ready to service your needs. 3M and Scotchlite are trademarks of 3M.

Safety Vests Here at Safety Flag Co., we provide a variety of safety vests to suit your needs. Our ANSI compliant vests are available in several styles and made from high quality polyester. We also carry simpler vests for your general safety needs such as for jogging and biking. Available also are specialty vests with legends to choose from to fit your needs. Regardless of which type of safety vest you choose, they all provide high visibility for your safety

Safety Flags

Safety Flag Co. is a top quality supplier of safety flags. We carry several different types of flags that can serve multiple purposes. Marking flags are great for marking field areas while our vinyl solid

flags are used for roadways and mounting on vehicles and such. Mesh flags are also available which are more durable than vinyl and ideal for fast moving vehicles. Lastly, we also carry safety flags used for bikes, snow, and tractor activities.

Safety Apparel Safety Flag Co. provides top quality safety equipment, safety wear, and safety apparel. Our products in apparel include hats, shirts, jackets, gloves, belts and armbands. They are available in several colors and provide high visibility for your safety. Available are also back supports to support your lumbar for any heavy lifting needs.

Belts & Armbands Providing top quality safety equipment including safety belts, waist belts, and safety armbands available in three different fluorescent colors.

T-Shirts For those who prefer t-shirts, our safety t-shirts in a similar style as our vests. Our safety tshirts are made of quality material made to last.

Jackets (ANSI Compliant) Top quality heavy duty safety equipment jackets and safety sweaters that are ANSI compliant. Our jackets are available as a parka, reversible bomber, light weight jacket, and sweatshirt.


Here at Safety Flag Co., our highly visible and durable windsocks are made from made of fluorescent vinyl laminated fabric. They are used at airports, industrial sites, and for environmental applications such as oil fields and pipelines. Our windsock hardware frames are constructed of heavy duty wire with sleeve and set collars. They are zinc coated for weather protection and rotate freely with no maintenance required.

Signs & Stands At Safety Flag Co., high quality safety equipment includes safety signs and safety stands. Our safety signs come in the form of paddles, rollup signs, stands, and banners. Roll-up signs make it easy to take on the go. We carry the traditional yellow safety stand with the caution labeling as well as a variety of blank stands to mount your signs on.

Safety flag co of america  
Safety flag co of america