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Vernon Building Society Case Study

Secure Endpoint Devices with Full Disk Encryption

Customer Profile Vernon Building Society was founded in 1924 in Stockport, Cheshire. The Vernon Building Society is an independent, mutual building society. They aim to provide competitive mortgages, savings and investment products.

Business Challenge Vernon Building Society wanted to enhance the protection of their customer’s highly sensitive data by investing in a hard disk encryption solution that would safeguard their customer base. With this in mind Vernon Building Society wanted a solution that could maintain ultimate protection against third party exploitation of their customer’s details.

“Protect Drive was very simple to install and manage. It integrated seamlessly with the Windows environment with no performance hit; and was almost completely transparent to the end user.” Manmohan Purewal Vernon Building Society Assistant IT Manager

Solution Vernon Building Society approached P&C Communications Ltd to discuss any possible solutions to protect their assets and in conjunction with SafeNet they were able to provide full hard disk encryption in the form of SafeNet ProtectDrive for each of the laptops that were going to be taken out of the office. Vernon Building Society discovered ProtectDrive hard disk encryption through their relationship with P&C Communications; P&C had been responsible for providing the Vernon Building Society with a fully operational network for all of their communications. P&C Communications are also able to offer security and encryption solutions through their partnership with SafeNet; and this led to the recommendation of SafeNet ProtectDrive hard disk encryption product.

About SafeNet ProtectDrive ProtectDrive is a full-disk encryption solution that encrypts the entire hard drive of laptops, workstations and servers, as well as USB flash drives, to protect data in the case of the theft or loss of a hardware device. ProtectDrive protects organizations against potentially devastating data breaches, and enables them to meet both corporate governance and industry-specific compliance needs. ProtectDrive offers the strongest security; in fact it’s deployed by governments around the world to protect not only their national security but also the privacy of their citizens. ProtectDrive has received a 5* recommendation from SC Magazine.

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Vernon Building Society Case Study


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Customer Profile Solution CASe StuDy Vernon Building Society was founded in 1924 in Stockport, Cheshire. The Vernon Building Society is an i...