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What is Green?


Platters & Bowls


Cleaning ng Supplies Suppl s

Bamboo mboo Accesso Accessories es


Carryout arryout Items & Placemats P


Bamboo bo oo Tongs & Plates




Tak ke-Out k ut Contain Containers


Napkins, apkins, Dispens Dispensers


Tissue ue & Can L Liners


WHY GO GREEN? While reviewing this catalog, consider the many incentives today to use Green products: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Using renewable resources and generating less waste will create a stronger future by cutting production costs and eliminating clean-up costs. EFFICIENCY: Products are recyclable, require less energy to produce, and generate less waste. PUBLIC DEMAND: People are more informed and aware of wasteful products and practices. Businesses are expected to protect the environment. Television programs, national news, magazines, and other media regularly showcase Green themes. FOLLOWING LAWS: Green is becoming a requirement. Governments from the local to federal level are enacting more environmentally friendly laws. HEALTH: Eco-friendly products promote a clean environment by helping eliminate toxins that pollute air, water, and other natural resources.

What was Green? Perceptions of “green” or “environmentally-conscious” products have radically shifted. Historically, an “environmentally-conscious” product was more expensive, less efficient, and impractical for business functions. Now, Green products are designed to be cost-effective, efficient, and business-oriented as well as environmentally friendly. Protecting the environment is no longer underground. Natural resources are disappearing at an alarming rate; public opinion and awareness has greatly shifted in favor of protecting the environment. Corporations, cities, and even the federal government are requiring more eco-friendly procedures and products. Green has moved forward. What is Green today? While there is no standard definition of Green, a certified Green item generally means the product saves energy & resources, is biodegradable or recyclable, and manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques. Certified Green products are usually manufactured requiring less energy and less waste than similar products. How are these products Green? Products in this catalog have been certified by a third-party with strict guidelines on environmental practices or the products demonstrate a commitment to recycling, energy conservation, or waste reduction.



EcoFriendly: Product designed to be safe and cost-effective for the environment Recyclable: Product is made from recycled material or is recyclable Energy Star: Official Certification of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

s Hand e


Hands-Free: Eliminates potential of spreading germs, reflecting a clean environment


d Recycled Glass Platterss

» An ideal buffet piece made from recycled led glass » Raised rim provides a variety of uses

Don # 1S4208 1S4223 1S4224

Size 12" x 12" 10¾" x 3⅝" 17⅜" x 8⅜"

Shape Square Oblong Oblong

Qty 4/cs 1 ea 1 ea

Cap'y — 3 qt 33 oz 9 qt 17 oz

Qty 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea

d Beveled Glass Bowls

» Layered circular design and translucent color accentuate entrées, salads, sauces, and more » Perfect as stand-alone pieces or combine with a variety of risers to bring displays up and off the table » Made from recycled glass


A. B. C. D. E.

Don # 1S733 1S734 1S735 1S736 1S737

Desc Platter Large Sauce Bowl Medium Sauce Bowl Salad Bowl Small Sauce Bowl

Size 17½" 14" 10" 15½" —

Introducing the New Standard Light Bulb



In December 2007, the United States enacted a bill that will phase out traditional incandescent bulbs to favor more energy-efficient bulbs by 2012. CFLs last up to 8,000 hours versus the 500 - 2,000 hours of traditional bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs SLI Lighting Products P » Four times more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and use 1/4 of the wattage with no change in light levels » Energy saving spiral bulbs fit into existing incandescent sockets » Available in equivalent light outputs to 40, 60, 75, and 100 Watt incandescents Don # 7M44 7M45 7M46 7M47

Desc 40 Watt 60 Watt 75 Watt 100 Watt

Life 8000 Hours 8000 Hours 8000 Hours 8000 Hours

Qty 10/cs 10/cs 10/cs 10/cs

e.logical Cleaning Solutions NYCO Products » When you want environmentally conscious cleaning products » Non-combustible with no or minimal VOCs » Completely biodegradable ingredients » Reduced packaging— save energy on shipping and recycling » Helps achieve LEED* certification » Limited fragrance Don # 1J700 1J701 1J702 1J703 1J704

Desc Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner Multi-Purpose Oxygenated Cleaner Concentrated Glass Cleaner Bathroom Descaler

Qty 2-1gal/cs 2-1gal/cs 2-1gal/cs 2-1gal/cs 2-1gal/cs

*LEED certification stands for: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (from the US Green Building Council). This demonstrates an owner’s commitment to environment, stewartship, and social responsibilities.

CleanMax Pro-Series Vacuum



Taconyy Corporation » Superior, durable construction with metal components used throughout and a Clean Air System to protect the motor » Powerful, 10 AMP motor with thermal motor pro » Automatic height adjustment » On-board tools with 10' cleaning reach » Metal telescopic wand, 14" nozzle, four rubber w commercial cord » 1-year comprehensive warranty, 2-year motor w Don # 3J2100 3J2200 3J2201 3J2206 3J2202 3J2207

Desc Vacuum - Clean Max Vacuum Bag - Paper Vacuum Bag - HEPA HEPA Filter Vacuum Replacement Belt Replacement Filter

Clean Air Design

2 1


1. Dirt is pulled in and drawn through the vacuum bag. 2. Dirty air is forced through the filter. 3. Only filtered air passes through the fan and motor system and back into the room.

Qty 1 ea 12/pkg 6/pkg 1/pkg 2/pkg 1/pkg



Green Certified Hand Soaps Gojo ® » Biodegradable formula is proven effective and mild enough for general hand washing » Moisturizing foam produces a luxurious lather » Helps support a clean environment with responsible packagin ing and formula » Available in a variety of dispensing options Don # 1J1705 1J1703 1J1706 Don # 1J1890 1J1712 1J1895 1J1875 1J1879

Soap Desc Touch-Free TFX Green Certified CX Counter Mount Green Certified FMX-12 Green Certified Dispensers Desc White TFX Wall Mount Touch-Free SS Counter Mount Foam Faucet SS Touch-Free Counter Mount Black FMX Foam Soap Wall Mount Manual Gray Foam Soap Wall Mount Manual

Qty 2-1200 ml/css 2-150 1500 ml/cs 150 3-12500 m ml/cs cs Fits 1J1705 1J1703 1J1703 1J1706 1J1706

Qty t 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea


dSuper Stitch Wet Mops


Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for absorbency and strength Looped end, tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage 5" headband Made from 55% post-industrial recycled cotton and 18% PET plastic

Don # J627 J628 J629

Size Medium Large X-Large

Color Blue Blue Blue

Qty 6/cs 6/cs 6/cs

Wet Mops

» Our premium mop; 5" headband » Perfect for health care facilities » Top quality white cotton/rayon// synthetic blend is pre-laundered and pre-shrunk » Looped-end supplies long mop life » Made from 55% post-industrial recycled cotton and 18% PET plastic

Don # J656 J657 J658 J659

Size Small Medium Large X-Large

dDura-Pro Cotton Mops

Size e Small Medium Large

Balanced cotton/rayon synthetic blend absorbs twice as much liquid as cotton cut-end mops Looped-end lowers labor costs by improving worker performance Tailband eliminates tangling when laundering 1" headband » Made from 55% post-industrial recycled cotton and 18% PET plastic

Color White White White

Qty 6/cs 6/cs 6/cs

Don # J652 J653 J654

Size Medium Large X-Large

Color White White White


Millennium Mat » Polypropylene with a vinyl back; an ideal mat for outside entranceways » Superior molded tread aggressively wipes shoes clean of dirt and grime, trapping it in the base of the mat » Made of 100% rubber, 50% of which is post-industrial recycled material


Color Black Black


Guardian® Ecoguard™

Guardian® Clean Step Outdoor Scraper Mat

Size 3' x 5' 4' x 6'

Qty 6/cs 6/cs 6/cs



Don # R1039 R1040

Qty 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea

dSwinger Loop Mops

» 100% white cotton, 1" headband » 4-ply cut-end for general purpose cleaning » Made from 100% post-industrial recycled cotton

Don # J631 31 J633 J634

Color White White White White

Qty 1 ea 1 ea

Millennium Mat » Keep interior floors and the environment clean, safe, and healthy » Use with the Clean Step Outdoor mat (R1039, R1040) to prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and keep floors clean » Made from 99.9% post consumer recycled material; carpet is 100% post-consumer PET plastic bottles and all rubber backing is made from used tires Don # R1033 R1037

Size 3' x 5' 4' x 6'

Color Charcoal Charcoal

Qty 1 ea 1 ea

Responsible Cleaning Incorporating recycled PET plastics into new, usable goods can effectively diminish waste going into landfills while also conserving the raw natural resources that would otherwise be used for the same purpose. » There are currently 4 tons of PET wasted for every ton recycled—3.2 billion lbs. were wasted in 2002 » It takes 2000 years for PET to breakdown in landfills » Eight 16 ounce PET bottles can make 1 sq. ft, of polyester carpet, 1 x-large t-shirt, 2 baseball caps, or one large mophead



Bamboo Peppermill Olde Thompsonn » Attractive, classic design » Grinding fully adjustable from a coarse to fine grind » Solid bamboo top and body Don # K454 K455

Height 7½" 10"

Qty 1 ea 1 ea

EchoMop O'Dell » Environmentally-friendly with premium loop mop performance » 4-ply cotton/rayon/synthetic blend: 30% post-consumer and 67% postindustrial waste » Absorbs 4.1 times its weight in water and releases 22% upon wringing » Ecological-friendly bamboo handles are strong and durable—constructed of 65% bamboo and 35% reclaimed hardwood Don # J4800 J4801 J4802

Desc EchoMop EchoMop Mop Handle

Size Medium Large 60"

Mat'l Recycled PET Bottles Recycled PET Bottles Bamboo

Qty 1 ea 1 ea 1 ea

Bamboo Kitchen Towel Arden/Benhar » Fabric made from blended cotton and bamboo fibers » Comparably soft to other cotton and rayon towels » French fold; hemmed edges Don # L522 L523 L524

Size 26" x 16" 26" x 16" 26" x 16"

Color Onyx Sage Natural

Qty 6/pkg 6/pkg 6/pkg


Bamboo Tongs Front of the House » Grab everything from lettuce to tomatoes with earth-friendly bamboo tongs » Pair with other fine bamboo products such as trays and bowls

A. B. C. D. E.

Don # 1S6430 1S6431 1S6432 1S8330 1S8331

Desc Standard Narrow Wide Serving Tray Bowl

Size 12" 12" 12" 13" x 19" 10"

Qty 3/pkg 3/pkg 3/pkg 4/cs 4/cs

Bamboo A versatile, rapidly renewable resource

» Attractive, versatile pieces for serving or displaying pla Don # 1S6643 1S6644


Desc Cake Plates High Tray

Style 3 Piece Set Milano

Size 18" x 18", 15" x 15", 12" x 12" 17¾ ¾" x 8¼" x 1½" ¾

Qty ty 2/css 4/cs

Bamboo grows much faster than trees and can be harvested without killing the plant. Bamboo is ready to reap after three to five years and re-grows on its own. Trees take from 10 – 20 years to harvest and other trees must be planted to replace harvested trees. Bamboo fiber is flexible enough to blend with textiles and strong enough to substitute for wood. See the products on this page for bamboo’s range of versatility.

EcoCraft™ Don # 5P900 5P901 5P902 5P903 5P904 5P906 5P913 5P910 5P912 5P914

Bagcraftt » 100% recycled material, chlorine-free pulp » Fits every need for wrapping and serving sandwiches, pastries, and side items » Keeps packaging and environmental interests equally in focus

Desc Food Wrap Deli Paper Deli Wrap Deli Paper Basket Liner-Grease Resistant Basket Liner-Grease Resistant Window Bag w/Resealable Tabs Bun Pan Liner Sandwich Bag Bread Bag

Size 6" x 10¾" 8" x 10¾" 10" x 10¾" 12" x 10¾" 12" x 12" 15" x 16" 4¾" x 9½" 16⅜" x 24⅜" 6½" x 1" x 8" 4½" x 2½" x 28"

Qty 10M/cs 6M/cs 6M/cs 6M/cs 5M/cs 3M/cs 500/cs 1M/cs 2M/cs 1M/cs



Tote te


Wave ™

Encore Environmental Bags Command Packagingg » 100% recyclable bags made from non-toxic, minimum 25% post-consumer recycled led material » Bags are large and fleexible enough to be re-used after first use » Ask your Don Sales Rep Representative about customizing your bag »C Cost-effective and strong ng enough to exceed holding power of most bags Don n# Style P760 00 0 Plain Wave ve P7 0 P760 01 Plain Wave Wa P760 60 02 0 Plainn Tote T P76 7603 76 03 Pla Amer Plain meritote P7 P7604 Plain Ameritote All ba bags s are shown w with customization.

Size 16" x 18" x 9" 18" x 21" x 10" 228" x 20" x 10" 12"" x 19" x 9" 14" x 224" x 11"

Qty 500/cs 500/cs 250/cs 500/cs 250/cs



Clean & Green Disposables Classy Kid C » Biodegradable, waterproof material for the kids table » Adhesive strips hold products in place Don # P8990 P8991

Desc Child's Bib with Crumb Catcher Placemat

Size 9" x 6"

Mat'l Polyethylene

Qty 500/cs

14" x 18"

80% Chalk, 20% Plastic



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