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Written by an experienced teacher and tutor, who is familiar with the needs of today’s kids.

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We are excited to tell you about our popular range of titles. We believe our books would be an invaluable addition to your education section. For more information, please contact the Guinea Pig Education team on (01932) 336554 or Tony at Global Book Marketing on (0208) 5335800.

Teach your Child

Key Stage 2 & 3

To Write Good English Series Creative Story Writing


ISBN: 9780955831508 RRP: £9.99

This book will teach the child to write imaginatively, by providing starting points that will trigger his or her imagination.

How does it work?

and write an amazing story, but, It explains to the child how to plan structure work in three more than this, it teaches how to settings, characters and plots full paragraphs, to build up believable of suspense and atmosphere.

Persuasive Writing, the second book in the series, will teach the child how to convince his or her reader to do something, or believe in a particular point of view - an essential skill at key stage 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum. This book, which introduces some lively topics for discussion, shows the child how to use emotive words and other techniques to challenge the reader, so he sympathises with the writer’s viewpoint.

Learning Persuasive Writing & Argument ISBN: 9780955831515 RRP: £9.99 Look Inside

Information Writing ISBN: 9780955831522 RRP: £9.99

Information Writing, the third book in the series, teaches the child to think about the purpose of his writing and who the reader (or audience) will be. Following the National Curriculum, it challenges the child to write to advise, inform, explain, describe and review. They will learn the skills needed to write letters, reports, biographies, leaflets and newspaper articles recognising the use of formal and informal English - or facts, opinions and bias.

Teach Your Child To Write Good English 3 BOOK BOX SET ISBN: 9780955831546 RRP: £25.00

“ Clear,

concise and fun.

“ thorough and

detailed guide. ”

I found these books absolutely excellent. My son has always been extremely reluctant to work and has great difficulty in thinking up ideas. These books stimulated his imagination and gave him confidence. The stories, articles, and poems, featured in these books really encouraged him to write down his own ideas, and he actually went up two levels in his school tests.

Teach your Child

Good Grammar and Punctuation

Key Stage 2 & 3

Improve your English ISBN: 9780955831553 RRP: ÂŁ12.99

An essential book for any child whose work is let down by poor spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

This essential guide concentrates on teaching the child to write English correctly, using perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. It provides a series of essential exercises with answers, so he or she can practise their skills and improve their vocabulary.

Capital letters; nouns; adjectives; adverbs; pronouns; prepositions; direct and indirect speech; colons and semi-colons; commas and apostrophes etc.

glish Grammar. En t ou ab ow kn to s ed ne ild ch ur yo Includes everything


Why labour teaching your child to read? This scheme is a fast, fun way to teach a child to learn to read, in only 8 books. Read the stories together and match the words. Follow the humorous adventures of Sam and his friends, as you build up a series of phonic sounds. You and your child will be on the road to fluency in as little as 6 months.

Buy this scheme if your child is... - 4 and ready to read - a reluctant reader of 7, 8, 9 + - if he or she has a Learning Difficulty - if English is a Second Language


Learn to read with

Learn to Read with Phonics • Pre-Reader Book 1 ISBN: 9780956115010 RRP: £5.99 • Pre-Reader Book 2 ISBN: 9780956115027 RRP: £5.99 • Beginner Reader Book 1 ISBN: 9780956115034 RRP: £5.99 • Beginner Reader Book 2

Each Fabulous Phonic Book introduces further phonic sounds until you reach fluency.

ISBN: 9780956115041 RRP: £5.99 • Beginner Reader Book 3 ISBN: 9780956115058 RRP: £5.99

Learning to read with Guinea Pig has never been so easy or so much fun!

• Beginner Reader Book 4 ISBN: 9780956115065 RRP: £5.99 • Beginner Reader Book 5 ISBN: 9780956115072 RRP: £5.99 • Beginner Reader Book 6 ISBN: 9780956115089 RRP: £5.99

• Pre-Reader Pack Books 1 & 2 ISBN: 9780955831577 RRP: £11.50

• Beginner Reader Pack Books 1 & 2 ISBN: 9780955831584 RRP: £11.50

• Beginner Reader Pack Books 3 & 4 ISBN: 9780955831591 RRP: £11.50

• Beginner Reader Pack Book 5 & 6 ISBN: 9780956115003 RRP: £11.50

• 8 Book Pack ISBN: 9780955831560 RRP: £46.50

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Levels 4-5

Levels 4

With Mathsland School, maths is fun, fun, fun. MathsLand School

Ages 9-12

ISBN: 9780956115096 RRP: £9.99

Check out the gang at MathsLand School. You can trust them to give kids a helping hand with maths basics. Lively cartoon characters, Felicity Factor and Max Multiple are just some of the kids on hand to help children with those areas, of the National Curriculum in maths they struggle with most. Answers are included.

New love the “you’ll humorous characters.”

book with “aa maths difference! ”


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