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Be Safe At The Workplace - How To Protect Yourself From Falls Doesn't matter what kind of work you do, there is always the hazard that accidents happen, and when they do, they most commonly caught people off guard. The best thing to protect you from these accidents is to put a stop to them. Falls are one of the most frequent accidents that can happen in so many different types of workplaces. These are common on construction sites and other similar industry, which go heights during the work. Fall protection is a must which is to be practiced by the workers, those having workplaces have danger of causing fall accidents. Some corporations use safe work method statements to help the workers on how to go about their jobs without compromising their protection. The employers cannot risk the lives of their workers so every small step in avoiding falls can be very much supportive. Workers should be taught to take the vital precautions while working on heights and at the same time, the machines and equipments being used should be consistently checked to avoid having any loose cables, which can result to fall. Maintaining


environment neat and tidy is another safe work method statement, which can be very helpful in preventing falls at the workplace. All of the instruments, equipments, machineries should be kept clean and functioning, as it is required. Cleaning the area which workers pass through can also be of very best help. Spills or slippery areas can cause fall problems and should be prevented by each and every employee. Keeping the tools and equipments in the right places is also among this fall prevention steps. Safety harnesses should be kept clean and functional if the workplace requires the use of such equipment. There are also many other safe work method statements that emphasize on preventing other accidents such as electrical faults which leads to the electrocution or even set on fire. If there are signs, which says, beware of falling debris or other signs similar to that, workers should make sure that they follow

safe work method statement like wearing a intense hat while being in these dangerous locations. No matter how complex the safety rules of the company is, all workers should keep in mind that it is better to be safe than sorry. Lives will not be put into a compromising situation if both the contractor and the workers meet safety precautions and safety rules. Working safely is easy for those who are naturally alert and eager to make a workplace a safety place for them.

Be Safe At The Workplace - How To Protect Yourself From Falls