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The Elephant Expedition -  an intimate elephant photo safari -

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ITINERARY DAY 1 Transfer to Hogmead in the lush Langata suburb of Nairobi, where you will have a light lunch followed by spending the afternoon with the orphaned baby elephants at e David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. DAY 2, 3 & 4 Fly by private charter to Ithumba Camp where the two year old nursery elephants go for their final re-introduction into the wilds of Tsavo East National Park. You will spend these days visiting the elephants and exploring the unique wilderness of Tsavo East NP. DAY 5, 6 & 7 Private charter flight to Oldonyo Lodge in the Chyulu Hills. is area is famous for it’s large bull elephants as well as other wildlife. Enjoy exploring the area by foot or on horseback, relax in your cottage or have a day excursion to Amboseli National Park, and spend some time at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants learning about their research program. DAY 8, 9, 10 & 11 Fly by private charter to our private tented camp the Maasai Mara. Enjoy remarkable game viewing in one of the natural wonders of the world. e Mara is arguably the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle as well as having one of the highest predator population densities in the world. DAY 12 Return to Nairobi by private charter to connect with your international flight home.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust î “e David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a small, flexible charity, established in 1977 to honour the memory of a famous Naturalist, David Leslie William Sheldrick MBE, the founder Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, where he served from its inception in 1948 until his transfer to Nairobi in 1976 to head the Planning Unit of the newly created Wildlife Conservation & Management Department. David died 6 months later but his legacy of excellence and the systems he installed for the management of Tsavo and wildlife generally in Kenya, particularly in the sphere of wildlife husbandry and ethics, lives on. Daphne Sheldrick was the first person in the entire world to successfully hand rear newborn fully milk dependent African Elephant orphans, something that spanned 28 years of trial and error to achieve

ITHUMBA CAMP TSAVO EAST NATIONAL PARK Only a small area of this vast nature reserve, larger by far than Tsavo West, can be accessed by people. î “e remainder provides a remote animal wilderness. î “ere are many interesting aspects in the open areas of Tsavo East not least the spine of the Yatta Plateau, one of the world's longest lava flows. Ithumba is the Tsavo home of the elephant orphans of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ( Here the young orphans are slowly integrated into the wilds by their keepers over the course of their childhood. We have up close and personal interaction with these incredible characters when they come to their morning milk and mud bath in the Tsavo, as well as in the evenings at their night-time stockades.

OLDONYO LODGE CHYULU HILLS Ol Donyo Lodge lies in the foothills of the Chyulu Range. e Chyulu Hills are the youngest range of volcanic hills in Africa, the last volcanic activity having only happened about 600 years ago . It is situated halfway between Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks on a concession of 300,000 acres of communally owned Maasai land, known as Mbirikani Group Ranch, which is also part of the Amboseli eco-system. e open plains, rolling Chyulu Hills and snow capped peaks of Kilimanjaro invoke images of Africa as it was in the earlier part of the last century; abundant game and Maasai herdsmen living as nature determined they should in this unspoilt corner of Kenya. Ol Donyo Lodge in Maasai means ‘e Spotted Hills’, and is the name given by the Maasai to the Chyulu Range.

BIG LIFE FOUNDATION Big Life Foundation seeks to conserve and sustain the wildlife and the wild lands of the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of East Africa through innovative conservation strategies that address the greatest threats while - at the same time - satisfying the economic interests of the resident Maasai people in ways that improve the quality of life for the entire community. Big Life recognizes that sustainable conservation can only be achieved through a community-based collaborative approach, whether the goal is to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, greatly reduce the loss of wildlife to poaching, defeat the ivory trade, protect the great predators, or manage scarce and fragile natural resources. Big Life’s vision is to establish a successful holistic conservation model in Amboseli-Tsavo that can be replicated across the African continent.

AMBOSELI TRUST FOR ELEPHANTS e Amboseli Trust for Elephants aims to ensure the long-term conservation and welfare of Africa's elephants in the context of human needs and pressures through scientific research, training, community outreach, public awareness and advocacy. e elephants of Amboseli in Kenya are the some of the most celebrated wild elephants in the world. Since 1972, close observation by Cynthia Moss and her research team has led to intimate knowledge of these intelligent and complex animals In 1968, Cynthia Moss made the life-changing decision to move to Africa to study elephants in northern Tanzania. Four years later, teaming up with Harvey Croze, she found ideal conditions for studying elephants in Amboseli National Park, a protected area of 150 square miles in southern Kenya. us began what was to become the longest running African elephant field research project in the world. Her studies of more than 2,000 elephants (1,400 still living) in their natural habitat are the most comprehensive ever undertaken. Ensuring the survival of the elephant in today's Africa is an increasingly complex problem. e ivory trade – legal and illegal – and the tremendous increase in human population in Africa have taken a serious toll.

CARR-HARTLEY PRIVATE CAMP MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE e Maasai Mara is without question one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. e variety of species, and the sheer numbers provide an unending feast for one’s safari appetite. is is one of the most spectacular and most popular game reserves in Kenya. Incredible wildlife coupled with the stunning scenery of the Maasai Mara - open rolling savanna grasslands dissected by stream beds, and bushy hills, makes for a must-see feature of the Kenyan bush. e reserve borders Tanzania and the two countries share the vast Serengeti plains, with wildlife free to roam between Kenya and Tanzania in search of food. e concentration of game in the Mara during the mass migration is mind blowing, and this is one of the few areas where you are likely to see the big five - buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. Our luxury mobile camps are every bit as comfortable as can be whilst retaining the appeal and flexibility of being able to position the camp in any place we choose. Our Maasai Mara Camp is situated upon the shaded banks of a big lazy bend in the Sand River where a portion of the great migration crosses from the nearby Serengeti/Tanzanian border into Kenya.



If you would like to be part of this once in a life time journey please contact: •  Full board accommodation & a private charter transfers throughout your stay •  e services of a professional guide •  Entrance fees to National Parks and Game Reserves •  Intimate authentic experiences with the orphaned elephants •  All drinks and locally available alcoholic beverages except Premium Spirits, Connoisseur Wines & Champagne •  Flying Doctors Membership

Email : or Telephone : +254 714 948 085 If this safari interests you and you cannot make the dates of this particular trip but you can find a group of 4+ friends who would like to participate at another time, please get in touch, and we will quote separately for you.

The Elephant Expedition ND  

An intimate elephant photo safari

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