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“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the conservation of the future.� Dian Fossey

DAY 1 MACHWEO, ARUSHA Arrive in Arusha and transfer to Machweo for the night. DAY 2, 3 & 4 GREYSTOKES, MAHALE Take a shared charter flight to Mahale Mountains National Park. Once there, transfer by boat to Greystoke Camp on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. You will spend the mornings chimp trekking in the forest & the afternoons at leisure – swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or taking a sundowner boat trip on the lake DAY 5 & 6 SABYINYO SILVERBACK LODGE Fly by private charter flight to Kigali where you will transfer to your helicopter flight to Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, just minutes away from the Parc National des Volcanes. The mornings are spent trekking for gorillas, after trekking you return to the lodge for lunch and spend the afternoon sightseeing. On the second day you will trek for gorillas in the morning and then return to the lodge and freshen up before taking a helicopter flight to Nyungwe Forest National Park. The helicopter ride gives you a spectacular perspective of the fabulous Rwandan countryside DAY 7, 8 & 9 NYUNGWE FOREST LODGE Nyungwe boasts 13 different primate species including chimpanzees, as well as a myriad of butterflies and several antelope species. Spend the mornings visiting various primate groups and the afternoons relaxing, walking or visiting the community projects in the area. On the final day you will transfer by road to Kigali to stay overnight at the Serena Hotel.

ITINERARY: DAY 10 KIGALI Morning sightseeing in Kigali, with an optional visit to the Genocide memorial. After lunch transfer to your schedule flight to take you to your international departure

MAHALE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK Set deep in the heart of the African interior, inaccessible by road and only 100km (60 miles) south of where Stanley uttered that immortal greeting “Doctor Livingstone, I presume”, is a scene reminiscent of an Indian Ocean island beach idyll. Silky white coves hem in the azure waters of Lake Tanganyika, overshadowed by a chain of wild, jungle-draped peaks towering almost 2km above the shore: the remote and mysterious Mahale Mountains. Mahale Mountains is home to some of Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees: a population of roughly 800 (only 60 individuals forming what is known as "M group"), habituated to human visitors by a Japanese research project founded in the 1960s. Tracking the chimps of Mahale is a magical experience. The guide's eyes pick out last night's nests - shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky. Scraps of half-eaten fruit and fresh dung become valuable clues, leading deeper into the forest. Butterflies flit in the dappled sunlight. Then suddenly you are in their midst: preening each other's glossy coats in concentrated huddles, squabbling noisily, or bounding into the trees to swing effortlessly between the vines.

Greystoke, MAHALE Greystoke Mahale sits on a pristine, white sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water of Lake Tanganyika, with the forested slopes of the 8000 ft Mahale Mountains rising behind. For many years our camp in Mahale was simple tents. So when we built Greystoke Mahale, while we wanted it to be as unique as its setting, it was important that it didn’t dominate its sensational natural surroundings. That's why they've tucked the rooms back into the forest line, so that your only view is of beach, and the lake beyond.  It’s also why we chose to make the rooms almost entirely from sustainable materials sourced here on Lake Tanganyika. Your days can start there, eating breakfast whilst waiting to hear news of the chimps and deciding what to do with your day. Evenings end with sundowners on the rocks of the headland, where drinks are served around the lamp-lit bar whilst the mountains,   rising behind  camp, disappear into the darkness. Greystoke affects us in a way that no other place does; we think it's because of its remoteness, and because of the mountains rising from the beach at our backs, the wide lake with its many different moods and the feeling that we are the only ones here.

SABYINYO SILVERBACK LODGE Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is situated on the edge of the Parc National des Volcans in North Western Rwanda, in an undulating area of 11 hectares with fabulous views towards the Parc National des Volcans, its 5 volcanoes (comprising part of the Virunga Volcano range) and distant lowland agricultural areas. The rainforests of the Virunga Volcanoes are the last refuge of the Mountain Gorilla. The Virungas span Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the Parc National des Volcans being the Rwandese element of this ecosystem. The lush slopes of the volcanoes provide an appropriately dramatic natural setting for what is perhaps the most poignant and thrilling wildlife experience to be had anywhere – to see the Mountain Gorilla in its natural habitat. Roughly half of the world’s wild population of Mountain Gorillas are resident on the Rwandan slopes of the Virungas. Five habituated families of gorillas are visited, and these families have from seven to over thirty-five individuals in each. The troop consists usually of a dominant male and up to five or more females and their young. It is basically a stable family with the young only leaving after they reach sexual maturity. Females join another group while young males remain solitary until they have an opportunity of forming their own troop.

NYUNGWE forest lodge This stunning new lodge is built to blend in with the surrounding environment is situated in a tea plantation on the edge of the Nyungwe closed canopy rain forest. The views of the mountainous forest are spectacular and one can hear the birds and primates calling from the forest below. The forest is home to 13 species of primates including chimpanzees, as well as hundreds of bird and butterfly species. Activities from the lodge include as follows: Chimpanzee trekking Black and White Colobus monkey trekking Grey – cheeked Mangabey Trekking Blue Monkey and Golden Monkey Trekking Kamiranzovu Swamp walk Kamiranzovu Waterfall walk Various guided Walking trails from 1 hours to 7 hours Bird watching walk Cultural area walk with lodge guide There are also several community projects in the area that may be of interest, and one can spend time visiting and learning about the local culture and their needs and day to day lifestyle

FINCH & CHIMPS SAFARI COST: from $17,415* per person sharing

COST INCLUDES •  Full board accommodation & private plane and helicopter charters or road transfers through out •  •  •  •  • 

The services of a professional guide for the entire safari Wine, beer and sodas at Greystokes & Sabyinyo Entrance fees to National Parks and Game Reserves Gorilla Permits for 2 days Gorilla Treking Flying Doctors Membership * Dependant on 6 guests travelling

If you would like to be part of this once in a life time journey please contact: Email : or Telephone : +254 714 948 085 If this safari interests you and you can’t make the dates of this particular trip but you can find a group of 4+ friends who would like to make the trip, please get in touch, and we will quote separately for you.

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An apetastic safari through Tanzania and Rwanda, visiting our cousins

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