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“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.” ~ Jack Kerouac


Departure: 6th October – 16th October 2013

Day 1, 2 & 3 Selinda Explorers Camp

Day 4, 5, 6 & 7 Zarafa Camp

Day 8, 9 & 10 Duba Plains

Fly by light aircraft to Selinda Explorers Camp. It is poised in a remote, treasured location on the famous Selinda Spillway. As the lifeline of the Selinda Reserve, the Selinda Spillway is a crucial gathering point for the wildlife of this pristine 320,000-acre Reserve. The intention of Selinda Explorers Camp is to offer the same quality of wildlife experience, while allowing guests to explore outside of the vehicle, by foot and canoe. This classic camp, consisting of four customdesigned tents, transports us back to authentic safaris, but with a modern twist and hospitality.

Transfer by road to Zarafa Camp. The camp is located in the 320,000-acre Selinda Reserve is synonymous with exclusivity and perfection. The spirit behind Zarafa Camp comes from Colin Bell, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who together designed Zarafa to incorporate all the components of what they envisioned as the ‘perfect’ safari camp. It embodies authenticity, luxury and simplicity to create a camp that as been clearly considered, and thoughtfully planned to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. It is the culmination of years of safari experience.

Fly by light aircraft to Duba Plains Camp, located in the northern reaches of Botswana's famed Okavango Delta and just north of the Moremi Game Reserve, is a private 77,000acre reserve. Inaccessible for most of the year by any means other than aircraft, it is this remoteness that solidifies Duba Plains as the soul of ‘wild Africa’. Duba offers just 12 guests an idyllic all-round Okavango experience throughout the year, with vast, seasonally inundated floodplains, which are home to huge herds of buffalo being a highlight.

SELINDA EXPLORERS CAMP Subtly placed under the shade of the riverine forest, the camp is designed in the style of the early explorers both in philosophy and practice. Whiling away afternoons under the canopy of jackelberry and mangosteen trees, interspersed with walks and canoeing, make this a respite from the ‘daily grind’ of a traditional safari. Get out, stretch your legs and feel Africa’s pulse – this is the place for you. There are few places in northern Botswana as dynamic as the Selinda Reserve. The Selinda Reserve is centred on the famous Selinda Spillway, which flows through the concession from east to west linking the far reaches of the Okavango Delta in the south with the Linyanti systems in the east. It flows into the Zibadianja lagoon, then through the Savute channel and eventually ends at the Savute marsh. Therefore, it has all the advantages of both of those famous areas but with the tremendous advantage of exclusivity. It is a truly spectacular and unique landscape and you are in its core. The camp is ecologically sensitive with  100% solar power, grey water treatment, bore-hole water for drinking,  and activities that concentrate on getting back to nature: guided walking and canoeing a focus, but day and night game drives available exploring the eastern reaches of the Selinda Reserve.  It is wildlife hot spot, with huge herds of elephants and buffalo, lion, wild dog, sable and roan antelope all frequently spotted.

ZARAFA CAMP Zarafa Camp sits on an island in the floodplains of southern shores of the Zibadianja Lagoon, which is the source of the Savute Channel. Positioned in the extreme eastern side of the Selinda Reserve, its location is in prime wildlife territory. The beautiful design, ‘green’ construction and spectacular location makes it an immediate recipient of numerous accolades. Each of the camp’s four immense tented suites are raised up on wooden decking and shaded by a canopy of African ebony and Red ivory trees, each with uninterrupted views. Zarafa means "the beloved one" or "the lovely one" in Arabic. The name comes from a giraffe, which was presented to Charles X of France in 1826 by the Viceroy of Egypt. The giraffe was a sensation to all who saw her, and provided inspiration, Zarafa Camp lives up to the name, inspiring even the well traveled, and renewing the spirit of all who visit. On safari it is possible to see a tremendous diversity of species, from resident prides of lion to huge herds of elephant and packs of wild dog. It is also home to the ungulates, from the rare roan to the ubiquitous zebra. Nocturnal wildlife is prolific as well, and there are frequent sightings of aardwolf and civet. Exploration of this vast area defies imagination... by foot, 4x4 open game drive vehicle, and pontoon boat.

DUBA PLAINS CAMP Complemented by permanent channels and a number of larger wooded islands, wildlife diversity is guaranteed. This camp prides itself on the intimacy of ‘home’ with all the touches of personal service and superb safari experiences. Whether in summer, winter, spring or autumn, Duba Plains is a year round delight, offering large concentrations of plains game congregating on the open plains, while predators lurk in the denser forests on the edge preparing to launch into a hunt. The permanent waterways provide extraordinary bird watching and a steady supply of water for passing elephant herds. Red lechwe, the consummate Botswana wetland antelope, dash through the Delta waters by the hundreds. Hippo, crocodile, kudu, impala, mongoose, warthog and tsessebe dot the landscape. Even leopard is an increasingly common sighting despite the pressure from the ever-present Duba lions. The lions, renowned for their pursuits of the buffalo herds, are a formidable force. It’s a perfect recipe: the open plains’ nutritious grasses coupled with the Delta’s clean clear waters to create the perfect habitat for the buffalo. Where these herds abound, the lions are not far behind. Contrary to usual behavior, the Duba lions are most often active during the day hours and many of their famous buffalo hunts occur in broad daylight. The prides occur in extraordinary concentrations and in all combinations of ages and sexes - from young playful cubs to old, wise parents and relatives.

Dereck & Beverly Joubert

“As National Geographic Explorers we have the chance to live and work just about anywhere in the world and with my speciality being filming big cats, I chose Botswana’s northern ecosystems and in particular the land between the Okavango and the Linyanti rivers. I’d suggest mixing it up and focusing on leopards in the Selinda Camp and Zarafa areas where recently the wild dogs have been denning and hunting as well, then going to Duba Plains where we actually live and spend time with some of the largest lions that I’ve ever worked with anywhere in Africa. Our recent film, The Last Lions covers the early days of this island in the Okavango and its intense battles between lions and buffalo. This combination will give you the best chance in Africa of seeing real behaviour, predation and interactions, and doing it without sharing it with dozens of other people. Its a very intense and intimate experience.” ~ Dereck Joubert


COST: $18,205* per person sharing * Dependant on 6 guests travelling

COST INCLUDES •  Full board accommodation & the services of a professional guide throughout your stay •  Entrance fees to National Parks and Game Reserves •  All internal flights & transfers between the camps. •  All soft drinks and locally available alcoholic beverages except Premium Spirits, Connoisseur Wines & Champagne •  Flying Doctors Membership

If you would like to join this safari, please contact: Email : or Telephone : +254 714 948 085 If this safari interests you and you cannot make the dates of this particular trip but you can find a group of 4+ friends who would like to make the trip, please get in touch, and we will quote separately for you.

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