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Cutting Cathodes V2525 Cathode Shear

SafanDarley V-Shear V2525 Cathode Shear SafanDarley is a leading global producer of ‘stand-alone’ and completely automated processing lines in the field of cutting and processing cathodes. Cutting these rough and irregular shaped nickel, copper or cobalt plates with thicknesses up to 20 mm requires special technology. SafanDarley already produced its first cathode shear in 1986 and has been improving and innovating ever since. These improvements and innovations make the current generation SafanDarley V-shears unrivalled in productivity and customer specific efficiency. Practically unlimited in customer specific solutions Special mechanical hold downs to absorb irregularities in the material Hydraulic cylinders are placed outside the cutting area, this way no oil can come into contact with the material SafanDarley EasyControl controller with CNC-programming of cutting programs Fully automatic adjustment of cutting angle, gap and cutting length CNC-controlled pusher or CNC-controlled backgauge Safety regulations according to the European guidance for machinery Optional pneumatic sheet support system Optional twist free cutting thanks to the anti-twisting system

“Stand alone” cathode shear with extracting system

Cutting Cathodes Complete processing lines

SafanDarley Complete processing line A complete cathode processing line enables processing cathodes of different materials like nickel, cobalt or copper fully automatic into useable blocks, measuring 100, 50 or 25 mm. This is how it works: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The rough cathodes measuring approx. 1000x1000 mm are delivered in stacks The first two edges of the cathode are removed The last two edges of the cathode are removed The cathodes are cut into strips on a shear with an anti-twist system The strips are aligned and cut into blocks on a shear with a sheet support system The processed blocks are filled, weighted and transported in drums

Complete processing line

V-Shear Nickel Cathode Cuttingline UK  

V-Shear Nickel Cathode Cuttingline UK