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Press brakes with an

e for electronic 150-200T



in sheet metal working

For many decades now, SAFAN has led the development and

led the first robotic press brake in Europe.

innovation in automated sheet-metal working. In 1980, SAFAN

In 2006, SAFAN introduced a pioneering new

introduced the first CNCK servo-hydraulic press brake, followed

concept: the intelligent press brake with inte-

by the patented servo-mechatronic press brake (SMK) in 1995,

grated robots, the SAFAN I-Brake.

the first hybrid guillotine shear in 1999 and the first fully electronic press brake in 2004, the SAFAN速 E-Brake. With capacities of up


to 200T and 4100 mm working length, the SAFAN E-Brake is the

solutions under the motto of 'the

advanced alternative to the conventional hydraulic press brake. With

working.' Official recognition could not be avoided. In 2006

SAFAN's Touch Screen controls, SAFAN is the first manufacturer

Safan won the Techni-Show Golden Innovation Award and

to have set a worldwide standard for the most efficient and simple

the Made in Holland Award with the SAFAN E-Brake 200T

Man-Machine Interface. In addition, SAFAN is one of the pioneers


in automated bending cells. In 1988, SAFAN had already instal-











in sheet-metal


SAFAN E-Brake 150 and 200 Ton SAFAN’s servo-electronic technology has been proving itself all over the world since 1995. The SAFAN EBrake concept constitutes a further improvement







technology, in


breaking performances. Customers are therefore full of praise, especially about the much shorter cycle times, more advantageous use of energy and substantially lower costs for maintenance in comparison with traditional hydraulic press brakes. Based on this extensive practical experience, SAFAN has effectively adapted the technology and construction to the segment involving weights up to 200 tons and work lengths up to 4 metres. In addition, a strong point of the construction is the level foundation.



Servo-electronic bending with an E for even bending Without crowning you obtain the most accurate and constant bending angle along the full working length of the machine. The unique, patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures a uniform and even distribution of forces. A balanced combination of powerful electro-motors, fixed and movable rollers and specially developed belts facilitate capacities of up to 200T. The flexible belts, which are only 3 mm thick and 100 mm wide, are reinforced with steel wires and coated with hard polyurethane. This advanced technology has been extensively tested in the demanding elevator industry. So reliable is the technology that SAFAN are able to offer a 5 year warranty on the mechanical drive system, when combined with an annual service contract. The special construction of the SAFAN E-Brake also contributes to the even absorption of large forces.

Roller drive with 4 servo motors

The O-frame acts as a single unit and deformation is kept to an absolute minimum. It is more stable, stronger and produces less deformation than a conventional C-frame.




Even distribution of forces


Up to 30% shorter cycle times The new SAFAN E-Brake is further optimised to take maximum advantage of the high acceleration and other favourable servo-motor characteristics. For this reason, our SAFAN E-Brake is very fast throug­hout the entire cycle.

SAFAN’s self-developed controls make use of a new

SAFAN E-Brake 150T 3100

generation of electronics and software. This results in

Conventional hydraulic press brake Cycle time 35 sec.

Cycle time 22 sec.

incredibly short reaction and stop times, through which bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec can be achieved.

Up to 50% energy saving

Cycle times are also far shorter than with conventional

The SAFAN E-Brake only uses energy when the

press brakes, partly through the fast backgauge.

top beam is actually moving. This can deliver

In comparison tests, the SAFAN E-Brake is shown to

an energy saving of up to 50% compared with

be up to 30% faster than a conventional press brake.

conventional hydraulic press brakes.

Cycle times for this product (see image below):

22 seconds! 25 60




Bending test product


Test product: 22 sec. cycle with SAFAN E-Brake!

SAFAN E-Brake 200T



Heavy duty backgauge with a large range The SAFAN E-Brake 150-3100 and the E-Brake 200-4100 are both equipped with a heavy-duty CNC controlled backgauge system fitted with recirculating ball screws and precision linear ball-bearing guides. The basic model comes complete with CNC controlled X axis.

The standard version of the backgauge has two

Optional equipment includes backgauge systems

hinging backgauge fingers that can be manually moved

equipped with CNC controlled R, Z1, Z2 and

along the bending line (Z axis) as well as adjusted in

X axes, or full 3D movement with X1, X2, Z1, Z2,

height (R axis). The stop fingers are provided with

R1, and R2 axes.

interchangeable pins. In optimum use, they permit a maximum backgauge range of 1100 mm.

Heavy-duty backgauge


3D backgauge

Standard backgauge stops

3D backgauge stops


Moveable and adjustable support arms SAFAN has developed a range of support arms of modular construction for both light and heavy-duty sheet-metal work. This makes it possible to rapidly set up the correct solution for each application. An optimum combination of ergonomics and efficiency.

All support arms can be used in combination with the

• Support arms movable across the front side of

light guard.The support arms are as standard equip-

the machine and pneumatically adjustable in height

ped with brushes. You can choose from the following

(programmable on the control)

possibilities: Optionally all support arms can be equipped with adjus• Support arms fixed to the machine

table front stops

• Support arms movable across the front side of the machine • Support arms movable across the front side of the machine and height adjustable with a handwheel

Movable support arms

Movable support arms adjustable in height



SAFAN E-Control, the new


in ergonomics

Since the introduction in 1995, the SAFAN E-controls have been the international standard for ease of operation. The Safan touch screen concept is therefore the most functional and intuitive ManMachine interface in the sheet-metal working industry. Safan has once again shifted the standards with the SAFAN E-Control as the latest generation touch screen controls.

Complete Touch Screen convenience

controls, which in turn regulates the various axis via

Web-based communication and support

The SAFAN E-Control is fully touch screen, whereby

a so-called CAN-BUS (Control Area Network). The

The controls are set-up for web-based communication

the only buttons visible on the 17” screen are those

system can be programmed quickly and accurately

such as online diagnoses and loading software updates

that are needed during operation. The controls simply

thanks to a ‘self-teaching’ database with data on

via the web. Machines can also be coupled to each

run on a PC under Microsoft Windows®, the software

materials, tools and previous, already corrected

other in a group and tooling databases can be shared.

was developed based on Framework.

bending. The SAFAN E-Control can be coupled to the

By monitoring and analysing your operating data

The unit is fitted with a 100 MB Ethernet UTP network

majority of off-line programming systems. The stand-

online, Safan will be in a position to optimise your pro-

connection as standard. The instructions are transmit-

ard SAFAN E-Control 1 controls work with numerical

duction process from a distance in the near future

ted to a central processor from the SAFAN E-Control

input and bending parameters display, however the user receives immediate graphic support in many areas.

SAFAN EC2 control

SAFAN EC1 running mode


SAFAN EC3 control

Summary of SAFAN press brake controls EC1 - EC2 - EC3

Control type


Off-line connections to

EC1 Numerical product data entry - 2D programming of products by means of Touch Screen and bend simulation with - numerical bending parameter Safan Easy 2D representation - usage of the actual database

- SAFAN EC or Easy 2D software - Delem Profile on Windows - Delem V-Bend - Autopol - SomaBend (Radan)

EC2 As EC1, but with graphical - 2D programming of products 2D and 3D representation and bend simulation with of the bending sequence Safan Easy 2D

- SAFAN EC or Easy 2D software - Delem Profile on Windows - Delem V-Bend - Autopol - SomaBend (Radan)

EC3 As EC2, but with graphical (no Safan Easy 2D) 2D and 3D programming and representation of the bending sequence

- SAFAN EC software - Delem Profile on Windows - Delem V-Bend - Autopol - SomaBend (Radan)



Off-line programming with Autopol for Windows

SAFAN E-control with keyboard



Bending with an E for efficient options Fast, simple and reliable angle measurement can be essential for your bending process. SAFAN has made


advancements in this area too. Two SAFAN E-Bend systems, electronically

linked to the SAFAN Touch Screen controls, increase your efficiency through exact sheet thickness or angle measurement.

1 SAFAN E-Bend S




The SAFAN E-Bend S sheet thickness measurement

This system consists of two pneumatic sensors on

system is mounted next to the backgauge finger. The

a rail, which can be programmed at every desirable

system measures the sheet thickness to an accuracy

position. Both sensors are in contact with the sheet

of Âą 0.01 mm. It can be precisely programmed when

during the bending cycle. Before the definitive angle

measurement should take place. Measurement takes

is bent, the spring-back of the sheet is measured.

just tenths of a second and the data in the control

Based on this, a correction is entered after which

system is immediately adjusted. The control system

the definitive angle is bent. The values measured can

database maintains all records of measurement and is

be used for other bends in which angle measurement

set out graphically.

is not possible due to the product’s geometry.


1 SAFAN E-Bend M



SAFAN bending aids With the Electrically or Hydraulically driven bending aids from SAFAN, you prevent angle deviation when bending thin sheets with large dimensions. The bending aid provides the operator with a simple and ergonomic means to remain within set angle tolerances.

It is often not easy for an operator to position large

bending aid. In most cases, it can be used by a single

sheets. Especially during the return movement of the

operator to position larger products. In brief, along

top beam, it is difficult work to keep everything in hand.

with accuracy, productivity is increased by the SAFAN

Instead of having a second operator provide assistance,

Bending Aid, the best partner for your operator.

Programming bending aid

it is frequently more efficient to install a SAFAN Machine type

1 SAFAN E-Mate plus bending aid

Max. sheet weight

• E-Mate plus bending aid

150 kg.

• Hydraulic bending aid

500 kg.

2 SAFAN hydraulic bending aid



Electronic evolution with an E for ecological and economical The








business, while at the same time making your business operations much more economic. The absence of hydraulics means that the problems associated with environmentally harmful and risky oil are a thing of the past.

There is no need to adjust the settings of pressure

is automatically directed from the SAFAN TS con-

relief valves – with the risk of mistakes and drift – and

trols. In addition, the SAFAN E-Brake has an

there are no filters to be checked and replaced. The


servo-electronic system is therefore far more relia-

The application of a spring return means

ble than the hydraulic one, because of the lack of oil,

that the top beam will always move

tanks, pumps, seals, valves and filters. And you will

upwards in the event of a failure.




never have trouble with a cold start up. Integrated safety Work fast without risk: SAFAN makes that a reality with the safety system integrated within the controls. It works with a safety light screen that

Integrated safety light guard Side view



Turn-key delivery of automated bending solutions In 1988, SAFAN had already installed the first robotic press brake in Europe. Safan is now an experienced specialist in the field of automated bending cells including the standard SAFAN R-Brake. The SAFAN integral solutions for your production process go much further than stand-alone solutions. The integral automation is not restricted to the bending cell alone, this also applies to other parts of the process such as punching and spot-welding, and the entire routing of sheet material around the bending cell. Flexible solutions and off-line software

cells. You have a choice between off-line or parametric

From advice & consultancy to manufacturing

and realises turnkey solutions for bending and cutting

You retain your flexibility with Safan in terms of new

programming. Naturally, you can contract out all pro-

Safan makes automation of sheet-metal working easier

systems with guaranteed cycle times. This fixes the

products or changes in your production process. You

gramming to Safan.

than you think. This starts with the convenience of a

costs per product. The return time of your invest-

are also flexible in relation to coupling with external

The Safan Robowave off-line programming is a guar-

single contact person for the entire project. Our con-

ment can be properly determined based on those set

systems and choosing your robot. The SAFAN E-Brake

antee for maximum efficiency of your bending cell All

sultants clearly present you with the entire range of

costs. With the help of a simulation model, you will

is perfectly suited to operate as a mid-point for every

movements can be programmed and simulated in

options, enabling you to make the best possible

get a reliable indication beforehand of your expected

automated bending cell. The SAFAN controls run under


choice for your production process. SAFAN develops

Return On Investment.



platform, adding a whole range of

options for links, networks, software packages and resolving downtime of the unmanned production process over the Internet. Safan can supply complete, fully tested programs for both new and existing robotic

Off-line programming



Tool adapters SAFAN E-Brake

SAFAN E-Brake energy consumption

is used only when the E-Brake has to actually

intervals - this will mean a further saving with

perform a movement. With a conventional

the SAFAN E-Brake up to 3000 kWh a year.

hydraulic press brake, the hydraulic pump

Adapter NSCL-basic


motor is running all the time. The graph Adapter NSCL-I +

below only covers the time while the press

Q = 650 mm Stroke = 300 mm

on account of sheet handling, conversion and

Q = 590 mm Stroke = 300 mm

On the SAFAN E-Brake, the main drive motor

Q = 690 mm Stroke = 300 mm




brake is actually in operation. During the OPERATOR SIDE

standby time - which can be as much as 90% 80.0

Adapter NSCL-II

Clamping table OB/S-3 60


Clamping table European

80.0 690

Kilo Watt

Adapter SAFAN

650 590


95.0 80.0 350

Adapter American


Clamping table OB/S-3-C



E-Brake Conventional


80.0 170.0 100.0


STANDARD Segmented European Adapter



OPTION Clamping table DD005 incl. ty

C in mm (Q = 650 or 690 mm.)



12.800 4350

3100 2885 2885



300 590




16.800 5350

4100 2885 2885


A in mm

Pressure force in kN

Q size in mm*


* Q - size: optional 650 of 690 mm


C in mm (Q = 590 mm.)


B in mm

300 590 100

Weight in kg

Motor Power in kW


Maximum stroke in mm



Return speed in mm/sec

Bending speed max. in mm/sec

Closing speed in mm/sec

Technical specifications SAFAN E-Brake 150 - 200T

(Subject to modifications)




















E-Brake 35 - 200T E-Brake B 20 - 100T

E-Brake 300T Dual Drive



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150-200T Press brakes with an e for electronicPressbrakeswithan e for electronic solutions under the motto of 'the e -volution in sheet-meta...


150-200T Press brakes with an e for electronicPressbrakeswithan e for electronic solutions under the motto of 'the e -volution in sheet-meta...