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Samsung YP-U6 Simple Audio Player Aug 31, 2010

Together with Samsung YP-Q3 pocket-sized player, Samsung has also introduced a new music player, called the Samsung YP-U6. It is a simple audio player with ‘USB flash drive’ design that connects to computer directly through a plug, pulled out of the casing. The Samsung YP-U6 player has Fitness option, which allows user to calculate the calories burned during exercises, keep a diary of workouts and track their results. In addition, the Samsung YP-U6 has use voice function and provides SoundAlive. Samsung YP-U6 is equipped with FM radio, a small display, and up to 20 hours of battery life. It will be available in pink and black color options. The Samsung YP-U6 player will be shown at IFA 2010 event in Berlin (Germany).

Samsung YP-U6 Simple Audio Player