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Samsung YP-Q3 Portable Media Player Aug 31, 2010

Samsung has introduced its new portable media player, called the Samsung YP-Q3. The pocketsized player is replacing the Samsung YP-Q2. It has an aluminum frame. The Samsung YP-Q3 player has a color TFT display (its size is not specified), voice recorder, FM tuner, an application for viewing text files, and a battery that provides up to 45 hours of music playback, up to 5 hours of video playback. Samsung YP-Q3 PMP is supported multimedia file formats include MP3, WMA and OGG (audio), as well as H.264, Xvid and WMV (video). The Samsung YP-Q3 player can also display pictures and photos. Its sound is boasts SoundAlive function, which provides 5.1-channel surround sound stereo. New Samsung YP-Q3 player will be present at IFA 2010 event.

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Samsung YP-Q3 Portable Media Player