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Social Security… Can You Still Bank on It? Thoughts from leading investment expert, Saen Higgins There is a legitimate cause for concern among baby boomers as they begin reaching retirement age. Saen Higgins Founder and President of Wealth Without Risk, points out that the health of America’s Social Security system is certainly alarming. “While there isn’t what I would call an immediate crisis, there is most certainly a long-term problem.” Stated Higgins in a recent interview. “It looks like the trust fund for Social Security will make up the difference between income and expenses for the next 25 years, but most experts believe that if nothing is done, the Social Security trust fund will run dry by about 2037.” Higgins continued. “It’s not the end of the free world, but it does set off some alarms.” Higgins warns us, pointing out that this advice is particularly important to Generation X’ers, to be proactive in our approach to planning for retirement. We have all heard from our various advisors the importance of diversifying our portfolio. But what does that really mean? “It means you need a mix of high risk/high yield investments and low risk/possibly lower yield investments.” Advises Higgins. What Saen Higgins and his business partner Tony Martinez teach their Wealth Without Risk clients is to add to that a low risk, HIGH yield investment by investing in tax lien certificates and tax lien deeds. Higgins believes, that individuals investing in tax lien certificates are creating a steady flow of income for themselves and are better prepared for a future without Social Security. “I simply don’t know of a safer place to put your money, now or any time in the future.” Higgins further stressed that “Investing in tax lien certificates is the only 100% guaranteed investment out there. At Wealth Without Risk, we have created a proven method for investing in tax lien certificates that insures you receive a 16-22% return on

your investment each and every time. When you invest in property tax liens you don’t need to stress out about what Washington decides to do with Social Security, or even what is happening in the stock market. Tax lien certificates and tax lien deeds pay out no matter what the DOW is doing. Period.” To learn more about protecting and securing your financial future through investing in property tax liens, please visit or call 1-800-882-0467. Wealth Without Risk has study material available, and a schedule of workshops to help you learn more. Saen Higgins has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, which includes working with investments, insurance, mortgages, taxes and financial planning. He has twenty years of experience investing in tax lien certificates and has written many educational articles for various financial websites as well as comprehensive training material for tax lien investing. If you’d like to learn more about Saen Higgins and/or investing in tax lien certificates or tax lien deeds, please visit


Social Security… Can You Still Bank on It? Thoughts from leading investment expert, Saen Higgins