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TITANMONEYEXPRESS SCI INTERFACE Introduction This manual will assist you to setup a Shopping Cart with Payment Gateway feature or just the Quick Pay without a Shopping Cart feature. Receiving payments from your website using TITANMONEYEXPRESS is very easy! All you need to do is create a standard HTML form that will post the following hidden fields to our secure SCI URL. The URL to post the SCI information is:

SCI Fields The following table describes the fields required (and a few optional fields as well) to be posted to our SCI interface to process the payment. MERCHANT_ACCOUNT


The merchant’s account number to which the payment is to be made. This is the email address on the account.



If this input field is present, the account number from which the payment will be made is fixed to this number and cannot be edited/changed by the customer. Use it if you must be paid from a certain account number. The email address of the person making the payment.



The name the merchant wishes to have displayed as the Payee on the payment form. An example field value is “High Tech Widgets, Inc.”. If not provided, your company name (if provided on your account) or your first name and last name will be shown. If provided, it shouldn't be longer than 100 characters.



A unique Product Name provided by you. Also the cart identifies each product with the unique name. The best way will be set a Product Name with name, model, and short description. After successful payment, the cart will return you this within an array. So, this should be unique for each product, and this shouldn't be longer than 100 characters.



The amount of payment required from the user in US Dollar. This is the unit price of a product. (For donation pages, you can put here the lowest amount you take for a donation. Any Donor than can increase the amount of the donation by increasing quantity).

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