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Troubleshooting 1. My cart does not accept the changes I made on the code? This is due to the previous session still active on the transaction. Sessions are about 15 minutes. Step 1: Clear your pc/system browsing history files. History, Temp files AND clear Cookies. Try again and it should work. If not go to step 2. Step 2: If your pc still does not respond due to the current session, tick the “remove item” box on the cart and update the cart. You might get a Validation error page. Just open the website again and do the purchase again. It should work fine. 2. My cart does not show my second and other items? Change the value of the EF_ITEM to match the amount of items you list in the cart. Example: If you have 3 items you want to add to you cart Item1= ef_item value 1 Item2= ef_item value 2 Item3= ef_item value 3 This will show all three your items in the cart. 3. I want to accept donations? How See Basic Form code for Donations above in page 6 4. I get a validation error: Your account cannot accept SCI payments? Only merchant accounts can receive SCI payments. Contact us to upgrade your account to merchant status or open a new merchant account online 5. Where can I get Help with site integration? Go online here and complete the form for Support to email you the code. Paste the code into your web html form and upload to server.

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