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SAE.SJSU@GMAIL.COM Writers and Editors: Ross Fraser, Matt Mohr, Dustin Decker, Robby Sampson, Morgan Crouch

An Spartan Racing newsletter for Sponsors, Faculty, Professionals, and Students

Volume 4 Issue 3

To celebrate San Jose State Upcoming Events: Nov 13 & 20 University’s homecoming the SCCA Autocross school held a special event by Oakland Coliseum Tower Hall called Fire on the Fountain. Spartan Racing was out in full Nov 18 Gunn High School Tour force with last year’s Hybrid car and Formula’s SR-3. Nearly 20 student organizations gathered, each with a craft or game for students to participate in. Ross Fraser found a simple design for a catapult, built only with a small piece of dowel and a bobby pin, that can fling a fruit loop 20 feet. The rest of the day was spent either getting hit or hitting others in the face with cereal. We were promised fire, and after dark we weren’t disappointed when the fire dancers came out. The day was a lot of fun but in end the real gain is that more and more people around the University are learning about Spartan Racing.

On October 9th Spartan Racing let SR-3 out of the stable and took her to Marina, CA to compete in an American Auto-X series event. Organizers were nice enough to let us set up a booth next to the registration trailer to display our car. In addition, entrants offered to give our program donations and in exchange we offered to work their track assignments for them. We were able to enjoy some racing while raising some money for our program. When given the opportunity to run SR-3 our drivers consistently proved that the car was one of the fastest on the course. By the end of the day we were less than 2 seconds off the pace of the fastest car. Overall, it was an awesome weekend. We enjoyed the hospitality of all the AAS organizers and competitors!

This month we packed up the crew and headed back to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for the last event of the 2011 race season; the Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV. This event is said to be the largest gathering of Porsche race cars and drivers in the world and after attending this event I can see why. There were hundreds of Porsches of all types and generations either for show or to race. It was amazing to see a field of 30 cars, all Porsches, but different models and years battling on the same track. I thought I would get tired of these German gems quickly but instead the event reignited a childhood love for these iconic sports cars. -Ross F.

In an effort to spread out love of education on November 18 th Spartan Racing will be giving a shop tour to students attending Gunn High School in Palo Alto, Ca. We will be showing off the vehicles and discussing our program. We always hope that visits like this encourage an interest of engineering or racing in these students.

During October the Formula Team spent hours on end working on the design of the various components that will make up our 2012 challenger, SR-4. The Powertrain Team has made major strides with the designs of both the intake system and the final drive system. The major components for the intake system have been designed and developed, including the new-for-2012 dual-stage intake runners. In addition, a new clutch-type differential has been purchased. The final major milestone for the Powertrain Team is that an engine has been sourced and is currently being purchased, which means testing of the oil and cooling systems can begin once it arrives. The Chassis Team is currently transitioning into the manufacturing phase. Metal for the frame, hubs, and chassis brackets will be arriving within a week thanks to a generous donation from Inland Metal Industries. Manufacturing of the welding jigs will begin this week so that when the tubing arrives back from being laser cut and bent, frame manufacturing can begin immediately after. The Composites Team is beginning testing layup techniques as well as various designs for structural floor panels to increase chassis rigidity. Preliminary sidepod designs have been completed and are only waiting on radiator sizing and placement, and exhaust muffler placement for the design to be finalized. By the next update, we will have begun frame manufacturing and will hopefully be well under way with powertrain development and testing.

Last year the Spartan Racing Formula Suspension Team realized the need to redesign the steering column for SR-4. The previous design used a U joint to make a downward bend which lead to sloppy steering and some instances of binding. The team came together and decided the most practical alternative is a small gearbox that will increase reliability while reducing friction and compliance in the steering system. With off-the-shelf boxes costing in excess of $400, and turnaround times as long as 3 months, we decided to design and manufacture our own gearbox that will cost and weigh less. This task would be impractical without the support of Pat Shue of Applied Industrial Technologies. Pat is helping us design this mechanism and is also supplying us with the bearings and miter gears that will be used in the gearbox. Shue and Applied Industrial Technologies have been long time team members of the Spartan Racing by supplying us with wheel bearings and other components since the team’s beginning in 2007. Thank you for your support.

The Spartan Racing Hybrid team started the year off with THREE members. After the first month devoted solely to recruiting new talent, we have several enthusiastic new members. Unfortunately, we have none that are devoted to design. We are currently attending Formula meetings and collaborating with them to get our team up to speed on designing key components of this year's vehicle.

We are making the grand announcement that we are going all electric. The new Spartan Racing Electric Team determined that the increased simplicity and reliability of a single propulsion method will help with our design restraints. Going electric also helps set us apart from our Formula counterpart and will surely teach us important lessons about designing the electric cars of the future. As you can see we are going through a big transition with resources running low. This next month will be pivotal to our success. Our next step is to tackle the rather long list of important decisions to make so we can get started on design. We recognize that this will likely be a hard year for our team, but we are up to the task.

Baja has completed the first tube bend for the 2012 vehicle. The main roll hoop, which is planned to be 6� above the tallest drivers head, has been bent. Baja has also began to purchase parts for the vehicle. A Yamaha locking differential was bought and is currently being incorporated in the design of the new gearbox. After these early purchases it become painfully obvious that funding is continuing to be one of the main concerns for the team so far this year. With even more parts and tools to buy, we will be focusing our efforts on gaining sponsorship, and repairing shop equipment. The CNC machine commonly known as Charlie is having its motors and controls replaced by Matt Mohr, Max Ratner, Stefan Herkevitz, and Dustin Decker. The next steps for Baja is to bend some more tubes and get started on frame construction, purchase even more parts and continue searching for support.

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Spartan Racing Newsletter November 2011  

Spartan Racing Newsletter November 2011

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