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A Family is like the endings never

a book clear

but through the pages of the book

their love is always near... - Nicole M. O’N eil

December 2007 Singapore Stopover. Never mind the shops. Check out the food!

Family Reunion in Perth... a very special one.

Morning at Caversham Wildlife Park and camel ride at Yanchep

50 Golden Years Together... 4 January 2008

2009, Dad and Mum in Perth. Afternoon tea at the Swan Valley and breakfast at Zephyr, Dad’s favourite cafe.

Dad turns 80! Celebrating with a sticky chewy chocolate ice-cream cake!

August 2011, Chilling in Chicago before the wedding.

13 August 2011, Alyssa & Jeff tie the knot! What a time we all had...

Another great evening out at Kiku (love that place)!

Day out at Lake Michigan and chilling(literally) at OINK’s.

A dream comes true – first ever visit to New York!

15 June 2012, Mum turns 80! Lovely lunch with family and old friends.

Graduation & Proms

Family times – the best times!

December 2011, Aunty Gret’s visit and the holiday at Margaret River.

The family grows...

Flora of WA and Our Home

Remember me when f lowers b loom Early in the spring Remember me on sunny days In the fun that summer brings

Remember me in the fal l As you walk through the leaves of gold And in the wintertime - remember me In the stories that are told But most of al l remember Each day - right from the start I wil l be forever near For I live within your heart - Author unknown

In Loving Memory of Dad

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ADeb photobook v04