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Samantha Advent Bowling Green State University Portfolio


Performing Arts Center



Rhythm, Juxtaposition, Iconic Arts Village, Connectivity, Sculpture, People Mover

Social Responsibility


Homeless Shelter, Bonds, Fusion Creates Change

Campus Planning

Arch Studio, Shaping Views, Interspatial Relationships

CMU Competition

Wall Structure, Battle, Struggle, Chaos

Bridge Competition 2009

Forces, Loads, Modeling

Paper Folding Exercize Datum, Color, Penetration

Le Corbusier Project Various

Interpretation, Solid & Void, Grid Manipulation

Selected Artwork & Photographs Human Form, Travel, Perspective

Rhythmic Synergy Senior Studio Performing Arts Center Havanna, Cuba The proposed performing arts center will be a celebration of the Cuban culture by capturing the essence of their characteristic style of dance. Salsa is typically performed by groups of two people and is comprised of a combination of synchronized, lively or fluid, motions with occasional dramatic moments. Due to the attention demanding quality of the performing arts, the proposed project will be located out on in the water as an iconic object building. positive and negative space intersection juxtaposition gateway

Louver Detail Materials Concrete Roof Slab Gunmetal Steel Mullions Brushed Aluminum Louver Single Glazed Glass Concrete Floor Slab Structural Framing Steel

Imposing Artistic Fusion

Senior Studio Urban Design Toledo, Ohio Uptown The senior design studio is divded into groups to analyze different sections of Toledo, Ohio. After researching and visiting the area, groups must collaborate to improve their assigned area and the city as a whole. Once an overall parti is established, individuals will work on a smaller more detailed piece of the group vision. The end result will be a collage city made up of different pieces strung together to create a stronger urban fabric.

Uptown Group Master Plan Propsal Group Members: Shawn Gilbert Michael Jones Wiley Roberts

Proposed Hardscape Focal Points Proposed Green Space The goal of the “Imposing Artistic Fusion� project is to establish a more connected fabric between the urban and the suburban sectors through providing opportunities to inspire and engage in a higher form of community. An association between the Toledo School of the Arts, and the Toledo Museum of Art has been created. This has been accomplished through a grid-responsive L-scheme providing contributions related to public realm, retail, and cultural spaces.


Unused Void Lots-63% Existing Building Footprints-37%

Artistic Focal Points

Uptown/Downtown Monroe Connection

Individual Master Plan Propsal

Site Plan

Establishing the Corner of Monroe & 14th

Monroe Street

Hybrid Spaces Create Change

East 9th Street

East 11th Street

South Wabash Avenue

South Michigan Avenue

Junior Studio Social Responsibility Chicago, Illinois Michigan Avenue

The goal of the proposed homeless assistance shelter design is to create a strong sense of community between the hemless, the shleter staff, and the surrounding community. Bonds are formed through careful planning of intertwining programs, much like the construction of bonds in the double helix of DNA structure. By fusing public programs with the homeless shelter programs like the of pairing two proteins, a

Yearly Noon Solar Angle

35° 35°

July Altitude 71.10° January Altitude 25.10°

relationship is created. The rooms are laid out so that visitors cannot access a public space without circulating through and interacting with the homeless programs in the shelter. The resulting structure is a means for a new life, where lower, middle and upper class come together to come up with a solution to society’s homeless problem thereby creating a better world.

Shaping Views Junior Studio Campus Planning Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Cranbrook The first part of the project is an exercize encouraging the exploration of built form within the landscape. Relationships between the two on the exisiting campus are documented and interpreted in model form. The second part builds upon the first by asking to develop a green school of architecture and design for the upper university using the knowledge of site gained from part one.

Envisioned is a design that adheres to the entire campus implemented by Eliel Saarinen, in which all buildings lie on a prearranged grid which creates interspatial relationships throughout the campus. The proposed studio’s location was determined by an interpretation of Saarinen’s grid. The main campus axis running through the Triton Pools is shifted 3 degrees to the right which compliments the already existing shift to the left. These mirrored axis lines forms an overall forced perspective view from the main entrance towards the portico. Inspired by the brick archway to the west of the pools, the concept of the proposed building is shaping views to control the visitor ’s visual attention towards predetermined focal points.




Concrete Masonry Unit Competition Junior Design/Build 1st Place Group Members: Brent Herzig, Marty Seese Bowling Green, Ohio Envisioned is a design that is significant to the proposed site’s (Bowling Green State University) history. In researching the university ’s motto “Roll Along,” it becoame evident that the phrase is taken from the fight song titled “Ay Ziggy Zoomba.” Upon further investigation of the origin of the song, it was discovered that the university adopted this South African Zulu war chant in 1946. The founders of the fight song inspired the design concept: a battle. This relates to BGSU’s various sports and the shared nickname for its teams, the “BG Warriors.” The structure depicts two opposing forces gaining momentum and marching into battle. The two sides circle around each other and engage in battle within the center of the structure. In this area, the visitor of this site is forced to

experience the struggle between the two forces. This design uses the concrete blocks to symbolize each opposing entity; in addition the victorious member contains reinforcement bars weaved within its stacked block pattern. The enclosed space is inundated with rebar wrapped in barbed wire stemming from the victorious wall and penetrates the weaker wall. These barbed rebar spears cause bricks to turn and fall from their original position in the defenseless wall which signifies its defeat.

Bridge Design Competition Junior Structural Design 1st Place Group Members: Brent Herzig, Marty Seese 0 0

Tension Compression

0 0





















Paper Folding Exercize

Sophomore Design Studio Students were each given their own design principle to explore through a paper folding exercize. The above datum technique is used as an organizer of space and can manifest as a line, plane or volume. Color is a factor that many architects forget about, however the primary colors which are the basis of all other colors were introduced within this project. These differently colored volumes penetrate the volume datum modled in the last iteration of the exercize.

Le Corbusier Project Sophomore Design Studio

Le Corbusier Original

Grid Axonometric

Abstracted Axonometric


Selected Artwork & Photographs

Undergraduate Portfolio  

Bachelor of Architecture Bowling Green State University 2007-2012

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