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CyberGhost VPN presents the winner of the 500,000th user prize. Lukas M端ller from Berlin visits Ulm

8:32 AM Our winner Lukas M端ller arrives at Ulm Central Station.

8:32 AM One small step for Lukas, but one great step for the CyberGhost community ‌

9:17 AM He is welcomed at S.A.D. and receives his prize from project leader Klaus-Peter Dally (left) and CEO Thomas Herrmann (right).

9:18 AM Here we have our winner.

10:21 AM Company tour through the warehouse. This is where CyberGhost VPN is dispatched from, all over the world. Lukas M端ller (left), our warehouse manager (front) and project leader Klaus-Peter Dally (right).

10:23 AM The warehouse tour continues. Row 12, location 14b – this is where CyberGhost VPN is stored. Our winner (left) and project leader Klaus-Peter Dally (right).

10:37 AM Our winner can, of course, take a copy home with him. Lukas M端ller (left, wearing the white cap) and project leader Klaus-Peter Dally (right).

12:01 PM Delicious lunch with S.A.D. management team at an Italian restaurant. Right in the picture: our hungry winner Lukas Mßller with CEO Thomas Herrmann (also hungry‌).

12:18 PM The meal is superb. Company founder Erwin Simon (left), our winner (middle) and CEO Thomas Herrmann (right) enjoy a relaxing time (the ďŹ nance department is picking up the tab for the meal, in any case, hee-hee...).

12:48 PM Another lovely drop of wine to ďŹ nish o the meal. Our winner (left, who deliberately chose the most expensive wine) and CEO Thomas Herrmann (right, who has to grin and bear it).

2:52 Uhr Sightseeing in Ulm: the world’s highest church spire. Our winner in front of Ulm Cathedral. Height: 161.53 m. (The church spire that is, not our winner‌)

3:34 PM Sightseeing in Ulm: Our winner and the Ulm sparrow, one of the symbols of the city. (The sparrow that is, not our winner‌)

5:04 PM Sightseeing in Ulm continues. As the CyberGhost mascot is always wearing a hat, he makes an impromptu visit to the renowned “Ulm Hat Shop”. Unfortunately, the hat doesn’t suit his hairstyle…

5:05 PM Our hosts at S.A.D. quickly organize a solution so that the hat ďŹ ts his head and hairstyle ‌ There we go.

06:30 AM Next morning. Wake-up call and getting ready for the journey home.

06:31 AM So, here we have our winner.

07:27 AM Back at Ulm Central Station. Waiting for the 7.33 train, which is late again. Thank you for traveling with Deutsche Bahn ‌

5:52 PM The Inter-city train departs slightly late. Off our winner Lukas Müller goes, back to Berlin after an eventful day at CyberGhost head office. We would just like to say “so long” and thank you.

Did this really happen? Do you have some doubts about whether our picture story was true? You’re right. Lukas Müller is actually an actor who comes from Ulm and is really called Phillip Blom. As he is an actor, he can certainly do with the publicity. That’s why we’re happy to name him. We are, of course, not going to disclose the name of our real winner. After all, we are an anonymization service and, even in the case of a prize competition, we don’t make any exceptions to the rule that your privacy is well protected with us. Our real winner has actually already received his trip discreetly in the post.

We hope he really enjoys it.

CyberGhost VPN gets 500.000th user  

Anonymization service CyberGhost VPN reveals winner of the 500,000th user prize

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