Färgekarta Vitt

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white DK: Af tryktekniske årsager kan nuance­ afvigelser forekomme.

NO: Av tryktekniske årsaker kan fargeavvik forekomme.

Akzo Nobel Deco A/S Holmbladsgade 70 2300 København S

Akzo Nobel Coatings AS Fløisbonnveien 6 Postboks 565, 1411 Kolbotn

Tel. 32 69 80 00 www.sadolin.dk

Tel. 66 81 94 00 www.sadolin.no

SE: Av trycktekniska skäl kan färgavvikelser förekomma.

FI: Värit tässä esitteessä ovat painettuja, joten värieroja saattaa esiintyä.

Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings AB 205 17 Malmö

Akzo Nobel Coatings Oy Valimotie 22 01510 Vantaa

Tel. 040-35 50 00 www.sadolin.se

P. 0108 419 500 www.sadolin.fi


SAP nr. 6083278

7 391306 170089

North Star SA1002

Floral White SA1003

Fresh Air SA1004*

Coast Light SA 1005

Stillness SA1006

Soft Presence SA1007

Mysterious Light SA1008

Creamy Pearl SA1009

Lofty Dream SA1010*

Captured Light SA1011

Raindrops SA1012

First Dawn SA1013

Dreamy SA1014

Whishes SA1015

Nova White SA1016

white Like foaming waves kissing shorelines, a stray cloud gently dancing high in a summer sky or an unbroken blanket of crisp snowfall glistening in the morning light, white is tranquil, joyous and pure.

*Not tintable in 0.5 liter

White Wing SA1001*

Naturally reflective, white can make a small and dark room seem much bigger and brighter. It can also add a sense of order to a space that is cluttered or heavily populated with furniture and accessories, as well as influence our ability to think clearly, positively and productively. White need not be totally neutral or cold either – combining it with such primary colours as red or yellow will make a room feel fresh, dynamic and welcoming.