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THE FIRST TEN DAYS OF ZUL HIJJAH: ITS VIRTUES AND RECOMMENDED ACTIONS O Servants of Allah! Know that Allah? has favored this Ummah and has selected for you, special Hours, Days and Months for His Blessings, Forgiveness and Rewards. Allah? affirms: Lo! The number of months with Allah is twelve months by Allah's ordinance in the day that He created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred: that is the right religion…(9:36) The sacred month of Zul Hijjah is one of them. It is the month of the Hajj. Also, in it is the Most Blessed Ten Days. Allah? says: By the Dawn and the Ten Nights (meaning the first ten days of Zul Hijjah). (Al-Fajr:1-2) Furthermore, the most blessed single day, which is Yaumul Arafah is also among them (that is the ninth day). Jabir ibn Abdullahy relates that the Holy Prophetr said: The best day is the Day of Arafah. (Ibn Hibban) Abdullah ibn Abbasy relates that the Holy Prophetr said: What days are more loved by Allah for good actions than these days (meaning the first ten days of Zul Hijjah). They (the companions) asked: And not even Jihad in the cause of Allah? He said: Not even Jihad in the cause of Allah, except for a man who left with himself and possession and never returns from that (meaning the martyr). (Bukhari) Further, Abdullah ibn Umary relates that the Holy Prophetr said: What days are more greater and more loved by Allah ST for good actions than these ten days, so increase in reciting tahleel (? Ç ?Ç åáÇ ?); takbeer (ÑÜÜÜÜÜÈßà ? Ç) and

tahmeed (? ÏãÍáÇ) in them. (Ahmad) TEN RECOMMENDED ACTIONS FOR THESE TEN DAYS: (1) HAJJ AND UMRAH: these are the best actions.

(3) TAKBEER AND ZIKR: Allah? says: And remember the Name of Allah on these blessed days. (Al-Hajj:28) The scholars assert that Zikr during these days should be intensified, as the Hadith related by Ibn Umary indicates. Also Bukhari reports a Hadith in which Ibn Umary and Abu Hurairay will go out to the market during these Ten Days and make the Takbeer loudly and the people used to recite it also.The Taabieen did likewise and used to recite thus:

ÑÈßà ? Ç ÑÈßà ? Ç ÏãÍáÇ ? æ ÑÈßà ? Ç ÑÈßà ? Ç ? Ç ?Ç åáÇ ? So it is recommended to recite the Takbeer aloud in the markets, Masajid, houses and streets, however it should be done individually and not collectively. Any other Zikr that is known can also be recited, preferably:

ÑÜÈßà ? Çæ ¡ ? Ç ?Ç åáÇ ? æ ¡ ? ÏãÜÍáÇ æ ¡ ? Ç äÇÍÈÓ ¡ ? ÇÈ?Ç ÉæÞ? æ áæÍ ? æ.

(4) TAUBAH AND LEAVING OFF ALL TYPES OF DISOBEDIENCE AND SIN: Avoid all kinds of sins and give This is stated in several Ahadith, among which up evil deeds are the sayings of the Holy Prophetr : One which keep the Umrah to another Umrah is compensation for sinner far away everything (minor sins committed) between from the them and there is no other reward for an Forgiveness Accepted Hajj other than Jannah (paradise). and Mercy of Allah? . On the (2) FASTING: is among the actions that are most contrary, obeloved by Allah? especially on the Day of dience of Allah Arafah. Ibn Qatadahy relates that the Holy and righteous Prophetr said: Fasting on the Day of Arafah, actions bring is recorded by Allah as a compensation for all the servant sins committed one year before and one year c l o s e t o after. It is further stated in a Hadith al- Qudsi: Allah? . So Fasting is for Me and I alone will reward it, give up evil, since the fasting person has abandoned his make Taubah for all your sins and immerse desire, food and drink for My sake only. yourself in seeking the forgiveness of Allah?

(5) INCREASE ALL KINDS OF GOOD WORK: by engaging in all types of Ibaadah, such as: Salaah, Charity, recitation of AlQur'an, enjoining the right and preventing the wrong and Jihad in the Cause of Allah. All of these actions earn more rewards during these blessed days. (6) RECITE TAKBEER UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF TASHREEQ: It is recommended to recite the Takbeer anytime during the night and the day until Yaumul Arafah. However, from the Day of Arafah beginning from Salaatul- Fajr, recite the Takbeer after the Fard Salaah in Jama,ah until the fourth day after Eid ul Adha (Ayyaamut Tashreeq) until Salatul Asr. (7) OFFER THE SACRIFICE: On the Day of Nahr (Eid-ul-Adha) offer the Sacrifice in keeping with the Sunnah of our Father Ibraheemu and Prophet Muhammad r . It is reported that the Holy Prophetr offered two fat, horned rams as sacrifice. He slaughtered them, then he magnified Allah? The Sacrifice can also be offered until the Last Day of Tashreeq. (8) DO NOT CLIP THE HAIR AND NAILS: Those who intend to offer the sacrifice must not shave, cut or clip their hair nor clip the nails. Umm Salamay relates that the Holy Prophetr said: When you see the moon of Zul-Hijjah and you intend to offer the sacrifice then you should leave your hair and nails (don't shave, cut or clip). (Muslim) (9) OFFER THE EID SALAAH AND BE

PRESENT FOR THE KHUTBAH: Afterwards, remain steadfast in the obedience and remembrance of AllahU Also, do not become involved in any sin, such as: listening to music, viewing films, smoking, eating and drinking forbidden things, vain talk etc. ( 1 0 ) P R AY A N D H O P E F O R T H E ACCEPTANCE OF ALLAH: Seek the acceptance of AllahY for your good deeds, as our Father Ibraheemu sought the acceptance of Allah? Spend the rest of the time visiting relatives and spreading peace and unity among them.


May Allah? help all Muslims to be busy in the obedience of Allah; His remembrance and thanks; observing our obligatory duties and removing ourselves far away from sins and disobedience. ãßäã æ Çäã ? Ç áÈÞÊ

áíÈÓáÇ ÁÇæÓìáÇ ìÏÇå áÇ æ ÞÝæãáÇ ? Ç æ åÈÍÕæ åáÇ æ ÏãÍã ÇäíÈäìáÚ ? Ç ìáÕæ ãáÓæ

And those who strive in Our Cause, We shall surely guide them to Our Paths.

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ßíÈáãå ááÇ ßíÈá ßíÈáßáßíÑÔ? ßíÈá ßáãáÇæ ßáÉãÚäáÇæ ÏãÍáÇ äÅ ßáßíÑÔ? Narrated Abdullah bin Umary : The Talbiya of Allah's Messenger r was: Labbaik Allahumma labbaik, labbaik la sharika laka labbaik, innal-hamda wan-ni'mata laka wal-mulka la sharika laka (I respond to Your Call, O Allah, I respond to Your Call and i am obedient to Your Orders, You have no partner, I respond to Your Call, All the praises, thanks and blessings are for You, All the sovereignty is for You, And You have no partners with You) Sahih Al-Bukhari The book of Hajj

Dhul Zijjah  

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