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letter from the editor Aside from the actual food, my favourite kind of cheese comes in the form of teen dramas. I admit, with zero irony, that Beverly Hills, 90210 is my favourite show. It provides the one thing I want most out of television: an escape. That’s what this magazine is about, too: transporting readers somewhere else. In this cheese-themed issue, we have stories from Greece, Georgia, the Okanagan, Whistler, and France; but we also have more existential trips, such as the one that dissects the allure of Guy Fieri, or another that explains why vegan cheese is now called Gary (seriously). Carolyn Nakagawa discusses identity as portrayed on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Pascale LaViolette paints a cheese still life, and Christine McAvoy documents drag queens and the things they hate. There are Hawkins Cheezies and porn posters, and even a custom cheese font. No matter how you slice it, within these pages, you’ll find your great escape. —sara harowitz, Editor in Chief


08 dispatches 21 block cheesy adventures around the world oil on canvas —Whitney Millar, Rebecca Slaven & Paloma Pacheco

10 12 14

manifestation of kitsch

—Pascale Laviolette

odyssey 22 the a man’s cheese filled journey —Nathaniel G. Moore

photographer Sara Cwynar —April Thompson

here 36 everything is sold by weight life as a cheese angel —Clara Cristofaro

cheese 38 ideal love crumbles in Amsterdam

how to wheel

pizza: a love affair

& dealing 26 wheeling a Canadian cheese rolling festival

the poetry of provolone —Kim Budziak

breakup 15 the saying goodbye to a favourite food

—Alice Clair

—Madeline Barber


—Ashleigh Hawrysh Haier

poetry —Joelle Barron

the martyrdom of Guy Fieri —Graeme Zirk

are other 54 there ways to live a list of cheese substitutes —Rachel Burns

56 tyropitas the story of a saint, a lost eye, and two cheese pies —James Gifford

puddles 41 not poetry

58 untitled ink and watercolour on paper

than cheese 42 more a bi-coastal love affair

fromage 59 monsieur cheese painter Mike Geno

—Selina Boan

take me to flavourtown

—Andrea Warner

—Mica Lemiski

something 24 cheese–or like it–please good good 40 our exploring vegan cheese everything

selections from a self-help manuscript —Chelsea Campbell

big cheese 52 the making peace with Celine Dion

—Adèle Barclay

—Marcus A.M. Hastings

—Alice Fleerackers

gets feta 16 itmy four years with cheese

breezy, 28 cheesy, beautiful

gary 44 meet vegan cheese gets a new name

60 unbreakable my problem with Kimmy Schmidt

in da funk 18 bring a hater’s guide to stinky cheese

partner 30 perfect a consideration of cheese pairing

to dust 45 dust gouache on paper

62 untitled photography

of edam 20 garden india ink on paper

desire 32 heavenly the cheesiest porn posters

— Ashley Linkletter

—Alison Sinkewicz

—Jenny Ritter

—Katie Stewart & Robyn Humphreys

—Jessica Johns

—Robin Bougie

—Kim Budziak

—Pamela Rounis

—Carolyn Nakagawa

—Brendan Meadows

& cheese 46 whine photography —Christine McAvoy

on the cover

on the back cover Photography by Lauren D. Zbarsky Photography Assistant Emma Phillips Art Direction by Pamela Rounis SAD Slices typeface by Kenneth Ormandy

Dark Moon by Mike Geno oil on wood Interview by Alice Fleerackers P.59

Kodak Ektar 100

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Cheese: Issue No. 23  

Cheese: Issue No. 23  


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