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Copywriting Secrets of the Masters:

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Brian Clark

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Storytelling for Entrepreneurs The key to truly connecting with anyone, online or off, is a good story. Stories are the foundation of good business, great romances, and inspirational living. The essence of a compelling story is an unwavering focus on the reader. Forget what you want, what's in it for them? It's an entrepreneur's job to tell people a story they want to hear. Here's an interesting story, courtesy of During eBay's rapid rise, the company nurtured a quaint rumor about its origins, claiming that founder Pierre Omidyar had created the site in 1995 so that his fiancee could trade Pez candy dispensers with other collectors. Alas, the Pez myth, it was later revealed, had been fabricated by eBay's public-relations director in 1997 to generate buzz about the site. It's up to you whether your story is a complete fabrication. I tend to lean aggressively toward complete honesty, delivered in a creative fashion. Ethics aside, these days people will call you out at the first opportunity. And it won't be pretty. No matter what, you must have a story that people want to hear, and then you've got to live that story. In that regard, eBay CEO Meg Whitman was often photographed with Pez collections and had more than 100 dispensers displayed in the lobby at eBay headquarters, despite the fact that the company origin was a fairy tale. Are you ready to become a storyteller?

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Copywriting Secrets of the Masters - Storytelling for Entrepreneurs - Brian Clark  

Copywriting Secrets of the Masters - Storytelling for Entrepreneurs - Brian Clark