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84 Leather fringed necklace provided by Egotistic Egotism. It is such a dope piece - we had to put it on the cover!

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Adrienne Gadling ART DIRECTOR Tiffany Hill BEAUTY EDITOR Jazmine Jade LA Editor Leigh Carter DC Editor Shahidah Abdul-Lateef Copy Editor Ralph Gadling CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS James L. Young | Saadia Me’Chel | Diamonde Williamson CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Egotistic Egotism CONTRIBUTING HAIR STYLISTS Shear Styl'z by Phree | Liz Yturria CONTRIBUTING MAKE-UP ARTISTS Sherilyn Merilyn CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kendle Rose | Nichole Nichols | Alexis Nelson Eboni Hudson | Kristen Henderson Trina Small | Leigh Carter | Shannan Young

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| editor's note

When people think of a bad-ass chick, they automatically think of leather, chains and whips...

Now don’t get me wrong, we badasses may appreciate these things from time to time, but we’re so much more than this. It’s a mindset. If you’re going to be Sadiddy you have to be willing to be a bad-ass. What exactly does that mean? Take the women that are featured in this issue. Patrice Yursick of Afrobella is a successful blogger who despite society’s standards of beauty have created a blog that uplifts and encourages the beauty within all of us. Tamara Knechtel and Danica Kombol were already successful entrepreneurs when they decided to partner up and create their social media agency Everywhere, now brands like Macy’s and Lexus rely on Everywhere to help them develop an online presence. And what about Elle Helmy who not only started her own online shoe boutique,, but she is also starting her own bad-ass movement for women who love to walk TALL. We also featured some Hollywood starlets in our Sadiddy 7 6 | Bad-ass issue

who are creating their own definition of power, style, and bad-ass. And let me not forget our wonderful staff of writers, photographers, and makeup artists who possess so much creativity, intelligence and style that they inspire me to become even more dope at what I do. You see, I wasn’t always this confident and cocky. It took a lot of courage to accept myself for who I am and truly stand up for what I believe in. I’ve had editors tell me that I’d never make it as a writer. I’ve had friends who were considered like sisters stab me in the back. But what has kept me going is the belief that my purpose on this planet goes beyond nay sayers and back stabbers. I was put here to show everyone who’s watching that through determination, faith, hard work, and a bad-ass attitude, you can accomplish anything your heart desires.

I hope you discover your purpose and understand that this world is yours to conquer. Besides you’re a bad-ass, who’s gonna tell you any different. Xoxo,

Adrienne Gadling Editor-in-Chief

Photography by The Artistry Firm


Old and new, these tracks will help you get into a bad-ass frame of mind.

Green lipstick... really???

IF YOU DON'T GIVE A DAMN THEN WE DON'T GIVE A ...! 212 - Azealia Banks Push It - Salt-N-Pepa Kiss - Prince Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy You Be Killen' Em - Fabolous Shake Ya Ass - Mystikal Me And My Girlfriend - 2Pac You Can't F*uck With Queen Bee - Lil' Kim Paper Planes - M.I.A. Video Phone - Beyoncé

  

We had to flip the script for the cover shot. If you know anything about complimentary colors (Art 101) then you'd know that green was the only way to go to compliment our model's blazing red hair and milky skin. We had a ton of fun during our Runaway Kid shoot. With a power team that included the hottest and upcoming talent, we tapped into our "gangsta" mode to pull off fierce stances, bold outfits and loud makeup. The biggest challenge of all was to stop having so much fun!

| creatively speaking




We carefully and strategically selected our "Sadiddy Green" to represent our brand because it reflects our attitude. On one hand, it's fresh, and represents growth and prosperity. On the other hand, it's known for being the color of envy and jealously. A Sadiddy chick will always find herself stuck in the middle of these two relations. Either way, you WILL notice her and she won't care about what your presumptions of her are. You're better off keeping your thoughts to yourself - and that's what inspired the art and creative direction of this issue. Peace.

Tiffany Hill Art Director

8 | Bad-ass issue


Name one 'bad-ass' thing you haven't done yet - but plan to... JAZMINE JADE Beauty Editor | The one "BAD" thing I haven't done but plan to do is spend an entire week in Paris during Fashion Week!

Sherilynn marilyn palmer Stylist | One "BAD" thing i haven't done but I'm going to do is to tour with Cirque du' Soleil, and become a House Hold Name, as Sherilynn Marilyn, the Visual Artist of Imstylynn. com! (Pg 104)

NICHOLE NICHOLS Writer / Blogger | I'm looking forward to doing some traveling. New Orleans will be first, and I'm definitely ready for the French Quarter and beignets! (Pg 94-95)

DIAMONDE Williamson Photographer | I am looking forward to living my dreams! I just graduated from college, so I am choosing to pursue the life I want which includes photography and all things fashion. (Pgs 22-29)

Saadia me'chel Photographer | One "BAD" thing I haven't done - but plan to do is backpack across Europe! (Pgs 82-91)

Are YOU Sadiddy?

We're always looking for creativity and talent to add to the magazine. Are you a writer, artist or photographer? Would you like to be a part of our team of contributors? Send an example of your work to: | 9

a “Bad-ass” elebration


The exclusive event, hosted at House of Adrene, featured beauty makeovers, a Spring fashion preview, cocktails, sweet treats, shopping, and giveaways! Attracting over 100 of Atlanta’s tastemakers, fashion stylists, and industry creatives, the evening began with an introduction by Adrienne and Tiffany, to a packed and eagerly anticipating crowd. Sharing their personal story as to why Sadiddy Magazine was created, the ladies explained their outlook on fashion, beauty, art and culture in a digital society. Unique giveaways occurred throughout the entire event and all attendees clamored with excitement to enter for a chance to win. An exhilarating Spring fashion preview also took place, coordinated by celebrity stylist and boutique owner, Adrene Ashford. She spoke candidly about her career and why she sees herself as a Sadiddy woman. She then demonstrated hip and chic selections that every Sadiddy woman should have in their wardrobe this Spring. Event patrons were also privy to special shopping discounts at the boutique throughout the evening.   The night ended in a heartfelt toast, with guests raising their Sadiddy-themed cocktails in the air. Adrienne and Tiffany thanked their family and loved ones, sponsors, supporters and event attendees for believing in them and continuing the Sadiddy movement.

10 | Bad-ass issue

On behalf of Sadiddy we would graciously like to thank our Vendors, Gift Bag and Raffle sponsors: House of Adrene The B3Vision Group Bar Savvy Candy Cake Company Jeffrey Morgan Photography Art of Jade Shear Styl'z by Phree ShandART Silky Wraps Aroma Soul Fly's Nest Carson Bryce Trading Co. Egotistic Egotism Five Below Beautiful Textures Curls Unleashed Love, Jasmine Michelle Rogowski for Scentsy Crabtree & Evelyn Photography by


KristenKai @lilykai @IAMSADIDDY congrats again on a wonderful event and fabulous magazine. VirtuousOne @VirtuousStyls @IAMSADIDDYyou ladies totally rock keep it up loves.. I am glad to see you ladies pressing forward.

Hello Gorgeous! Day dreaming and body waves

We see you! Even though we didn't catch your name, your submission is certainly worth sharing. We've officially deemed you "Mystery Mama". ;) Thank you for your support. Continue being fly and being Sadiddy!

Submit your pics!

Mattie James @Mattieologie I am still thinking about that @qreamofficial 'Bad-Ass' cocktail (with Godiva liquer) from @IAMSADIDDY party. DELISH! Care Bear Davis @BarbieBardot027 You know you had an amazing event when people are still talking about it tha day after. Go @IAMSADIDDY! ;) Qiana Nichol H @QianaNichol Just had my first issue of @IAMSADIDDY impressive display of high fashion now I can have my banana oatmeal. Kim Random @KimBerKray @IAMSADIDDY @extremeegotism thanks you guys, I never win anything! Dominique @OhCHICFancyHuh Yes! Ugh glad the day is over!

Kimberly Minor SO FREAKING FABULOUS!! Love it! And everyone of the Sadiddy team - congrats!

The Glam Thrifter GORGEOUS!!! Proud to be a part of this! Congrats! Crystal Esther Meza Angeles Oh yes!! Latico Leathers Thumbs up! 12 | Bad-ass issue

CocktailsNConvo @CocktailsNConvo We had a blast chatting with @IAMSADIDDY this AM.


Hit us up and let us know your thoughts!

/SadiddyMagazine @IAMSADIDDY

Got my own mind I wanna make my own decisions When it has to do with my life I wanna be the one in control. - Janet Jackson

14 | Bad-ass issue


| rock it right

Queen of the Jungle Bracelet $48,

EVERYTHING by Shahidah Abdul-Lateef of

Classy, Chic, Powerful and oh wait don’t forget sexy! Black accessories provide your colorful or demure outfit with a touch that no other color can provide.

16 | Bad-ass issue

Gone are the days in which black jewelry was for the punk rock, grunge at heart, we all have the power to live out loud and put our fists to the sky screaming “BLACK POWER!!�

Hinged Cage Ring $20.87,

Biker chainembellished leather shoulder bag by Jimmy Choo $1,795,

Mesh Gold Tipped Collar Necklace $26.09,

Curved Horn and Spike Drop Earrings $12.18

Rivera Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs $175,

| 17

| rock it right

Eye Candy:

NEONVS PASTELS Loud or light – pick one – but please don’t wear both at the same time! Depending on your mood you may want to rock neons when you’re feeling loud and dare we say, "stylishly obnoxious". But to tap into your inner girly spirit a buttery pastel may suffice. Wearing either color from head to toe produces an unforgettable look, but if you’d rather proceed with caution, start off by incorporating only one or two pieces into your wardrobe.

Groovy Girlie Neon Yellow Halter Dress $39

Reebok Hi Reign Sneaker (Island Blue) $54, 18 | Bad-ass issue

Stardust embossed iPad case by Marc by Marc Jacobs $58,

Maxi Skirt Pink $79,

Whichever side you choose, you can’t deny that these two contrasting color palettes will definitely make a delicious statement.

Top $39.99, Pastel Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses $20,

Earth Printed Dip Back Skirt $64

Swallow Bangle $17.40

Night Walk Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell $170 | 19

| rock it right

Just Get

Stoned Stoned Stoned by Shahidah Abdul-Lateef of

Zen Gold Buddah Ring by Andrew Hamilton Crawford $79.99,

20 | Bad-ass issue

Some rocks are worth flaunting. True, they may not come with a wedding dress and a registry, but glitzy and glamorous cocktail rings are definitely the cherry on top of the sundae for those ladies who want a standout look. Pair it with your favorite jeans and tee combination or that gorgeous little number that commands so much attention. So when waving hello, holding a glass of Merlot or gripping the steering wheel, not only will you look bad-ass, BUT you’ll feel like one too!

Kritty's Turtle Cocktail Ring - Silver Tone $104, Disney Couture Oversized Castle Cocktail Ring $70,

Pop Art Ring $72,

Enamel Toucan Ring $18,

| 21

Clothing from Goodwill of Georgia; Accessories provided by Stylist and Makeup Artist.

Lady In The


âˆŤ While the birds and the bees sing in the trees, a slight breeze ruffles underneath her skirt... Photography | Diamonde Williamson Makeup | Jazmine Jade Stylist | Adrienne Gadling Model | Pollylae

24 | Bad-ass issue

| 25

âˆŤ The temperature is rising under this hot sun. Someone please hose me down!


| sadiddy seven



Rita Ora "I’m a mixture of Gwen Stefani and Bianca Jagger."


Have you ever found yourself Googling these ladies? Don't worry, we have too!

t their street style, Whether it's to check ou or to check in on their love status, es

these ladies are setting their own rul

and we like


RIHANNA "I don’t do things for the response. Dressing is always so spontaneous. It always depends on the little bad-ass, daring touch that I like to put on my outfit."

30 | Bad-ass issue

ADELE "I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym."

Solange Knowles "The shoe is very important. I can't even f*ck with you if your shoe game is slacking."

Lana Del Ray "I don’t really have any gimmicks. I don’t actually do anything that’s strange. I don’t even wear weird things."

Joan Smalls "I've learned...That a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks."

Shala Monroque "I’ve always felt I could be brave with my clothes and I love experimenting with different styles."

| 31

Style Simplified Q&A with the FASHIONISTA NEXT DOOR

Q: I recently bought a pair of green legging-like pants. I am thinking of styling them with a chambray dress shirt but I do not own one yet. I dress modestly and like to cover my butt and thighs. How do you suggest I should wear the pants? Big thanks. A: This is a great question, and I think one that many women struggle with – how to wear BRIGHT, TIGHT, pants. The truth is anyone can pull of this look. As with all trends, it’s all in the styling! While I do like the look of a chambray dress, I find the dress over pants combo to be very tricky because the proportions have to be just right. On the other hand, a tunic offers great coverage for the thighs, hips, and derrière without overwhelming your lower half. A chambray tunic is a great option. For a crisp preppy look, try a belted oxford or tuxedo shirt. You can often find these styles of shirts in tunic lengths, or you could even borrow a nice, oversized, collared shirt from your honey to pull this look off!

32 | Bad-ass issue


Got a question? Visit and click on the Style Simplified icon to submit.

Q: I have to go to a graduation – its outside in North Carolina. Can you send me some suggestions? A: I generally approach weddings and graduations with one of three outfit options and all of them are dresses – a sheath, a maxi, or a classic A-line. The great thing about a dress is as long as you pick the right one; you’ll never have to worry about being over or underdressed! And, these classic silhouettes come in a variety of prints and fabrics, so you’ll always be able to find one that works for every occasion. For outdoor graduations in the day, try a sheath dress in an easy fabric like cotton or linen. Any color or print will do! Or, opt for a breezy maxi dress in chiffon or silk charmeuse – and remember, the right accessories take a maxi dress from day to night! It can easily be dressed up with strappy heels and a clutch, or dressed down with flat sandals and a cross body bag. Finally, there is the classic A-line (they don’t call it a classic for nothing). This style works in any fabric, color, or print.


Truley y r a n i d r o a Extr

Studio Couture

Located in one of Atlanta's hottest Buckhead locations, Studio Couture is a stylish boutique that caters to women with a taste for something distinctive and unique.

A gem on 22 Bennett Street, Studio Couture is smack in the center of one of Atlanta's arts districts. The boutique itself is stylishly decorated with bold designs on the walls, plenty of seating and a cool, loft feel. With an entire staff that is "easy-on-theeyes" your experience will kick-off on a good note as you're showed with compliments and attention. If you want to heighten your shopping experience, ask about the in-store shopping parties, where you'll be treated to personalized service that includes a VIP lounge area for you and your girlfriends while you sip wine, snack on treats and model couture clothes. A girl should spoil herself every now and then. Treat yourself to a day of VIP shopping, you'll leave there feeling like a superstar!

| 33

| Q&A

Jeannie mai

Flirty, Frugal & Fabulous


eannie Mai, who is on Style Network’s “How Do I Look” and “Fashion Mob”, is one of those ladies who will always keep it real. Whether that dress is unflattering to your shape or those jeans actually do make your butt look big, Jeannie will let you know. Instead of being malicious, she always offers advice from a loving place. This has a lot to do with her theory of “wearapy”, the belief that style and wardrobe can have an empowering and healing effect on a woman’s confidence and mood. Jeannie shared with us what she wears to feel confident and what influenced her career in fashion.

34 | Bad-ass issue

You started out as a makeup artist. How did you end up in fashion? Jeannie Mai: I traveled and did make up for Christina Aguilera and on tour with Pink and what I noticed at the time that there wasn’t really a market for stylists. Women’s bodies are very important to me. We’re more insecure about our bodies then we are about our faces. A smile lights up your face immediately. Well, wardrobe and fashion can make your body smile as well, so it’s important for me to start conveying the significance of what fashion can do.

What’s your main go-to outfit to feel confidant and sexy? Jeannie Mai: A maxi dress with a signature belt to show off your waistline. Every woman has a waistline and if you show that off it immediately shows off your figure, and I always have to have on a soft cardigan.

If you can describe your style in three words what would it be? Jeannie Mai: Confidant. Inviting. Powerful.

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs? Jeannie Mai: I love Net-a-Porter it’s fun and very informational, very quick witted and smart. I love The Frugalista, because I’m a frugalista myself and I love being able to shop smart.

Who are some of your favorite designers in fashion right now? Jeannie Mai: Jason Wu! I really love him because he works so hard to build a foundation of what he’s done today and he’s very focused on creating clothing for all types of women whether it’s someone who can afford a $10,000 dress to the $60 dress at Target. I really love conscious designers that think about all markets of women to be able to afford his fashion. I love any designer who gives back. We take so much from the earth already when we create clothing and materials that I really love designers who give back somehow to the earth. I really love Nicole Richie because she’s a great powerhouse that represents how women feel through her clothing which is comfortable and chic, which is great for her brand as a mom and a woman who has a lot to do.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

You always give out great style advice. What was some of the best style advice you ever received?

Jeannie Mai: I love because its smart shopping, it’s inexpensive. I love Target because I love what Target is doing for the average woman to be able to buy designer and afford it. I can’t get enough of Aldo. I can’t believe how great their shoes are. They’re so inexpensive and so new and fresh with their designs.

Jeannie Mai: Take what you want to feel inside and wear it on the outside, so if you want to feel strong and powerful you need to find colors that evoke strong and powerful. If you are feeling lazy and down you don’t want to show that on the outside. What you wear will absolutely transform how you feel within seconds.

Follow Jeannie Mai's style blog on:

| 35

| Q&A


Be Everywhere In Command & In Control by Trina Small of


f you ever wanted to push your brand into the world of social media, chances are you’ve heard of Danica Kombol (Left) and Tamara Knechtel (Right), the founders of Everywhere, an agency that helps companies identify and develop social media strategies. The unique partnership that these ladies have established has had a significant impact on their success, not to mention that they both share a love for fashion that has made them standout in the boardroom.

36 | Bad-ass issue


How does your personal style influence your business? Danica: I think in order to be successful you have to look successful. I also believe that when you’re coming up and you’re working in the corporate world they always tell you to dress for the job that you want and not for the job you have. I work in marketing and that’s my business, to market products for my clients but as a result I think everything about us needs to be marketable; the way I look, the way my offices look, the way my team present themselves, what my business cards look like. I would say I dress first for success and second comfort. Tamara: I love fashion but I appreciate individuality and I think personally and professionally that resonates for us.

What items will you not skimp on? What is worthy of breaking the bank for? Danica: I believe you have to have a good pocketbook. You have to have one good pocketbook so that way you can get the rest of your outfit from Target or Marshall’s and still look good. Tamara: Shoes I won’t skimp on, but it still has to be a classic style. Actually the one thing I won’t skimp on, and we’re both actually this way, is jewelry. I like a classic watch it’s such a statement as a piece of jewelry, but men’s watches.

Both of you ladies stay busy, so what is your daily beauty routine? Danica: I know your’s (speaking to Tamara). You spend more time on your hair and forget about makeup. I spend more time on makeup and forget about my hair. Tamara: That’s probably very true!

How did you start Everywhere? Danica: We started three years ago with the realization that a lot of big brands wanted to get into social media but there really wasn’t anyone telling them how to do it wisely. The big agencies really didn’t understand social [media] and we felt there was an opportunity and we took a risk and started the business. We hung up our shingle, we made business cards and the risk paid off because nearly immediately we had a division of Delta [Airlines] as one of our clients. Tamara: It was a risk but it was also faith and it was just knowing it was the right time and right place. It sort of evolved, where it started with one or two clients developing into long term relationships we begun working with in the first year. Danica: We started in the basement of my house. So when I say we hung up a shingle, we hung up a shingle in the basement of my house. We worked really hard and we kept really strict watch on every single spend. It was laptops in the middle of a table.

What do you think that people take for granted when starting a business? Tamara: I think that people think ‘if I start my own business I have that flexibility, I can be my own boss. I can do what I want to do’. I’m more obligated now than when I ran a large company with 1500 employees because they look at us if checks don’t clear. You’re not calling your HR department, it’s us. You got to understand the responsibility because it’s very different. Danica: I think the fear factor never goes away. I think when you are an entrepreneur you always feel a little scared. When you work for a big company there is always or there use to be security. Anybody that is considering being an entrepreneur should really think long and hard about how hard you have to work to get those checks. There’s no IT department, there’s no HR department, there’s no maintenance department. Our dishwasher broke yesterday. She and I are going to Lowe’s and shopping for a new dishwasher!

For more on Everywhere, visit the site at:

| 37


Dancing With Scissors

40 | Bad-ass issue

| sadiddy in the city


ZACPOSENSHOWCASE what Showcase: Fall 2012 Collection

where Neiman Marcus

Images by Trina Small of the

42 | Bad-ass issue



or most people, when they turn 21 they hit every bar in town, engaging in forgetful nights and regretful mornings. When fashion designer Zac Posen turned 21 he started his own brand. While many designers are focusing on dressing a woman down, the New York native who once interned for Nicole Miller and the late Alexander McQueen, is all about dressing that woman up!

Zac is known for his ultra-glamorous, red carpet worthy gowns and has attracted admirers like Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Katy Perry and P. Diddy (who invested in the designer’s company back in 2004). After spending a couple of seasons in Paris, Zac came back to New York Fashion Week, and for Fall 2012 the designer created a Japanese influenced collection with geisha prints, exquisite tapestry, and plenty of high drama. | 43

| sadiddy in the city

44 | Bad-ass issue


Fashion Renegade "I am about having a voice that inspires people to create and dream – so if people find that interesting then that’s great!” I've always been a fan of Zac. Seeing his gowns in person was breathtaking. | 45

| sadiddy in the city

46 | Bad-ass issue


“I went to Japan. I experienced amazing markets and amazing fabrics.” I'm growing in so many ways as a designer – In my studio every day, creatively in business, [and] how I work with my employees. I'm understanding how to represent American Glamour and believing even more in the power of dress." - Zac Posen | 47


| colorful conversations

Blame it on BeyoncĂŠ for introducing us to Sasha Fierce. Now every woman is getting in touch with her inner diva. We asked these Sadiddy models to share with us a part of their personality that helps drive their success and flaunt their alter ego.

Photography | Jeffrey Morgan Make-up | Jazmine Jade Hair | Shear Styl'z by Phree Styling | House of Adrene 48 | Bad-ass issue

"I have a business woman persona that is hardworking and doesn't take 'no' for an answer. She is fearless and goes after her dreams." - Mariama

| 49

| colorful conversations

Transformation Begins In the Mind Yes, the right makeup paired with the right outfit can change your image completely. You can certainly look the part of whatever persona you're going for, but if you can't get into the zone mentally, you won't be able to extrude the confidence it takes to pull off an alter-ego. You have to let your inhibitions go and dive into the role. 50 | Bad-ass issue

The Chameleon

"I have two personas, my main persona is very androgynous actually, most people can’t convey if I am in fact female or male. Being 'andro' has always been my most comfortable state. However, I can transform into an extremely feminine beauty when need be." - Jae

* Model's makeup done prior to shoot

| 51

ady Intrigue

| colorful conversations

"I have a different persona that I like to bring out here and there, don't we all? 'Sanatra' comes out when I'm in front of the camera. She is more mysterious than me and likes a certain degree of attention. She's intriguing, assertive, witty, and promulgates her femininity." - La'Rea

52 | Bad-ass issue

When Nobody Knows Your Name Take advantage of the opportunity to transform yourself in a room full of strangers. Be that powerhouse or even that sex kitten you have deep within you. What have you got to lose? | 53

Photography | Tiffany Hill Model | Stephanie Marshall

Home Alone He's out of town. you're into trouble.

Do Something with yourself There's nothing like the house all to yourself. You can walk around naked, sing as loud as you want to and mess up the bed. Sometimes you just have to let loose and enjoy yourself. Now, what you do in your free time is your own business...

Play around Aaahhh, to be a woman is a wonderful thing. You've got all the right curves, and by now you should know how to flaunt them. It's all about you. Pull out your makeup or play around in those where's that mirror? We knew you couldn't resist.

We wanted to capture the natural essence of our subject. No glitz and glamour. No extravagant makeup and hair - just raw and unrehearsed snapshots that are intimate and real. | 59

Stimulate your thoughts Take notes from the pros and practice your technique. When your man gets back home, he'll wonder who you've been talking to and where you've been hanging!

60 | Bad-ass issue










Closet cleanout By Kristen Henderson of:

Lily Kai Vintage

At Lily Kai Consulting we offer the Kloset "CURE". It’s our little remedy to bring healing to any closet.

Current- The most

important pieces in your closet should be current and timeless pieces.

Universal- In order to make the best of your wardrobe the majority of your pieces should fit multiple areas of your lifestyle.

Repurpose- Is there


here is this misconception that stylists are solely for the rich and famous but this is so untrue. Stylists and consultants should be accessible to everyone regardless of a budget. I have clients who have thrift store, Target, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus budgets but the key is learning how to balance it all to get the most bang for their buck. That is what a stylist should help a client do.

Through Lily Kai Consulting, I provide services that help both women and men understand the importance of their personal style. I help you transition your style through the ups and downs of life, the change in career, the pregnancies and all of the above. It’s never too late to redefine yourself, that’s what life is all about. I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago but my aesthetics, core and foundation is still the same. It’s about the transition. It’s not about trying to change you; it’s about bringing out your very best. You want to make a lasting impression.

Make sure to check out: 62 | Bad-ass issue

a way for you to salvage the pieces in the NO pile? Alterations allow you to revamp. Donating allows you to give back. Consignment allows you to get a return on your investment

Eliminate &

Replenish- Everything that is left has to have a purpose and if it doesn’t it’s time to eliminate. Lastly, if there are holes in your wardrobe after the clean out then you must replenish.

1. 2. 3.

Clean out your closet quarterly (i.e. Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall). By doing this often you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re not wearing. In addition, it’s less of a shock than waiting till the end of the year and you have piles and piles of clothing.

Never shop on the weekends! In my world it’s always the best time to shop, but shopping on the weekend puts a frown on my face. Take time during the week when the mall traffic is low, the sales associates are friendlier and when more sizes are available. Regardless of your size or budget the season’s current trend is at your fingertips. Some of my favorite places to shop the latest trends are Target and Zara, they never seem to disappoint. The prices are compatible with a range of budget levels and the quality and fit is great.

Let it go... I understand that it is difficult for people to part with things they have purchased or received, but here are my rules when determining if pieces should go in the unwanted pile:

If you haven’t worn it in a year If it hasn’t fit in the last 6 months It no longer OR never flattered your shape

"We tend to have positive and negative attachment to clothing... like the dress we wore on our first date with our now husband or the necklace the exboyfriend gave us. Letting go of clothes is like finally ending a relationship. Letting go brings relief! Here are my tips to redefining your closet and your signature style."

If your pieces no longer work with your lifestyle


If the pieces are no longer in trend and/or they aren’t classic enough to keep when the trend comes back around

Invest in necessary pieces. If you’re on a budget and you want to invest in a designer handbag for example you wouldn’t want to purchase the hot pink bag. Instead, get the camel or black and tie a hot pink scarf around the handle. Save the trendy colors and styles for lesser expensive bags. (Now if you have a Hermes budget that’s another thing!) By doing this it takes away the guilt when you haven’t carried it in 6 months. Invest in the pieces that you wear the majority of the time. If you’re on your feet all day you should invest in comfortable AND stylish shoes. It is possible for the two to go hand-in-hand. | 63

It's the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time.

- Talullah Bankhead


When is it ok to break the rules? Society has determined for many of us which paths, which avenues, and which decisions on this walk called life are determined to be. This gift of life has been given to us all with a blueprint on how to execute what plan has been predetermined before our existence. This is a huge responsibility to carry; therefore it must be done with wisdom and guidance. When one has been challenged to reject what has already been put into place, chaos will introduce itself and destroy ones principle purpose while on this earth. There are many who struggle with society’s list of rules that dictates what color is correct, which outfit is the one, which personality is acceptable, regardless of what effect this has on the emotional, mental, and physical state on one’s being. All these rules has added pressures that causes many to question, compromise, and deprogram what belief system that has been established since birth. It is encouraged that a review on morals and values become the center of attention. When your belief system does not line up with what society believes is the “golden rule”, it is more than okay to break the rules. Never compromise with the unethical demands of this world. Allowing rules that interfere with one reaching their purpose is unacceptable. Enforce what you know to be true and if it doesn’t fit dismiss. In other words BREAK THE RULES!!!!!

For more motivation from Alexis Nelson visit:

| 65

| beautiful people

Beauty Blogger


t’s refreshing and encouraging to meet Patrice Yursik, creator of the influential blog Afrobella. She’s warm, she’s engaging and she’s real. A rarity in the world of fashion and beauty blogging where everyone is in an imaginary race to be the next big phenomenon. The Trinidad native credits quitting her job and devoting herself full time to her blog as one of the important elements to her success and although she has a popular presence she explains that there are still some misconceptions to all the hard work she’s put in.

66 | Bad-ass issue

“It wasn’t my goal to build a brand when I started my blog. I just wanted to create something that was true to me, that was the expression of the heart. I was looking for this kind of reading material. I think people think that we [bloggers] get everything handed to us and you live this fabulous life where you go to events all the time and that it doesn’t require much work. That’s not true at all, it requires a lot of work to even be sent the products, to even be invited to the events you have to put in so many nights staying up late, sacrificing your social life, not going out, not having fun when all your friends are getting to do that because you want to produce the best work possible.” Patrice created her own lane and established her own voice, which obviously worked to her benefit, she’s been featured in Essence, Glamour, Ebony, and Vogue Italia. One of her defining career moments happened last year when she collaborated with M.A.C. cosmetics for their Bloggers Obsession collection. She created a bold purple lipglass called “All My Purple Life” which not only sold out in its first week, but sold out again when M.A.C. rereleased it for a second time. “I was looking for a reinforcement that I am plus size and I’m fabulous and my hair looks good and I’m worthy of your admiration and respect. I didn’t set out thinking I’m going to build a brand that is going to dominate the world and I’m going to work with M.A.C. I didn’t think any of that would be possible but I stayed very true to my voice and I always tried to think ‘What did I want to read. What am I looking for? What’s missing?’ And that really helped me”. Confidence is definitely one of the things you witness when logging onto Afrobella. Patrice embraces her curves, and her natural hair. It’s hard

to imagine that she wasn’t always the most confident.

“It wasn’t my goal to build a brand when I started my blog. I just wanted to create something that was true to me..." “It took me a long time to get here. Because when I was in high school I did not have this confidence even recently when I went home to Trinidad, I had friends comment on that like ‘Wow you don’t care what anybody thinks anymore’. I think it came to a point where there was almost like a switch that had to be flipped in my mind. If that even makes sense. Because I was absorbing so much of the negative perceptions about my body, especially in the Caribbean culture, they value skinny beautiful [women]. So there came a point where I had to stop comparing myself to everyone else, look in the mirror and get really real with myself and say ‘this is what you are working with, are you going to hate it forever or are you going to learn to love it’. And I had to learn how to love it. It’s all that I have”. With all her success Patrice is just getting started as far as making her mark in the world. She shared with us some of her goals and future projects.

“I really want to work with a company on more makeup. Look at how successful that M.A.C. lipglass was. It proves that people want stuff like this. I have a vision of a whole makeup line. There’s a very well known, well respected makeup artist who told me I should do it on my own. It’s a lot of work to do that because you have to think about distribution, packaging, there’s just so many things for one person. It’s hard. I think for me I want to do it on my own if I am approached by the right brand that respects my vision and works with me I would probably do it. I’m working on a book. I can’t talk about it too much because I don’t want to give too much away, but it is for little Afrobellas. It’s going to be for little girls who don’t have that confidence and need to hear those messages, like my niece is six years old and she’s getting told that she’s fat. She’s getting told that her hair is bad. That’s what I don’t want. I want to be there for her. So I really want to write a book for little kids to know yes I look different than everybody else, maybe I’m not from a family that has this, maybe my hair is hard to comb, but I’m still beautiful, I’m smart and I’m special”.

"So there came a point where I had to stop comparing myself to everyone else..." Check out Patrice's blog at:

| 67

| get gorgeous

BEAUTY TALK e n i m z a j with EDITOR'S PICK


I’m here to tell you how Dior’s Diorshow Heat CurlHeating Lash Curler improved my sex, I mean lash life. The appeal starts as a little girl batting her little lashes to get her way with daddy or mommy. Your eyes become a way of communicating. So our lashes must be sexy and curled! They make your face much more stunning. Sometimes you cannot achieve this look with your standard mascara. Not everyone is blessed with the handling skills and your lashes end up crunched or bent or worse looking like spider legs, you know what I’m talking about. Also, not everyone can or wants to apply false lashes daily or spend hundreds of dollars on lash growth serums. That’s where this crafty little tool comes in. You can stretch your lashes to the max by using this amazing heated lash curler. You can use the curler before mascara to prep them or you can use the curler after you apply mascara to even out the application perfectly. The curler has two settings and heats relatively fast so that you can be out the door in no time! The results of using this curler are pretty lashes that will be curled all day! At the friendly price of $25 you’ll be able to buy two. Come on ladies, one for the bathroom and one for the purse, you know the deal! Be ready to seduce everyone with one look in their direction. My husband still doesn’t know what hit him.

Diorshow Heat CurlHeating Lash Curler $25, 68 | Bad-ass issue

Stroke me with color

Square, stiletto, gel, or au natural – it doesn’t matter! Let your nails speak for themselves.

Tracy Reese For Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Fired Up $7.99,

Chanel Le Vernis in June $26,

Julep Nail Vernis in Lauren $14,

Ginger + Liz Colour Collection in Never A Dull Moment $12,

Deborah Lippmann Nail Laquer in On The Beach $16,

Orly Nail Laquer in Jealous Much $8.50,

| 69

| get gorgeous

Rainbow Bright

Sadiddy girls never kiss and tell, but with these colors she just might!

Sleek MakeUp True Colour lipstick in Mystic $6,

M.A.C. Cosmetics lipstick in Saint Germain $14.50, 70 | Bad-ass issue

Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Fuchsia Freeze $4.99,

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave $24,

The Best in

Drugstore Blushes! By Sihui Vice of

e.l.f. Essential Blush in Shy $2, Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Vivid Coral $9.99,

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush in Rose $12.95,

Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro 02 $7.99,

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Flushed $12.99, Illamasqua lipstick in Apocalips $24,

| 71

| beauty secrets

Makeup Artist



lexandra Butler’s presence is a breath of fresh air, not to mention watching her hook up a face is amazing in itself. She is the ultimate business woman working her magic on everyday women as well as in the Hollywood realm where she has worked as a makeup artist for CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”. Her talent, business suaveness, and sense of humor make her one of the goto makeup artists in Atlanta. While applying effortless looks on fashion blogger Breck Bennett (, we got Alexandra to dish on all things beauty. 72 | Bad-ass issue

So, how long have you been in makeup? Alexandra: Almost 3 years.

What are your favorite cosmetic lines?

Ok, now I know this isn’t a makeup question but your hair is always gorgeous! What are your staple hair products? Alexandra: So many different products! Regular products I use are Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner, Phytospecific Shampoo, Fantasia hair gel, and Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding.

Alexandra: It’s hard to name them all but I’d say of course M.A.C., NARS, Milani, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and Make Up For Ever.

What celebs do you want to work with in the future? What makeup trends do you absolutely love this season? Alexandra: I love winged eyeliner, it never goes out of style. I also love pops of color, a strong brow, and fresh dewy skin.

What makeup trends do you hate this season? Alexandra: I hate the concealer under the brow trend, it’s meant to shape not create an eyebrow. I can do without the frosty textured shadows, and the coral trend.

What is your favorite part of being a makeup artist? Alexandra: I love making people feel and look great. I like convincing people they can wear makeup and feel good.

Alexandra: That is such a good question! If I had to say one it’d be Kim Kardashian because she has her hand in some of everything!

What advice do you give to people who want become a makeup artist? Alexandra: You have to develop a plan and vision board and no matter what do not deviate from that plan. Gear the things you do every day to match your vision.

How hot is this damn picture?? I'm lovin the 'Love' necklace. This is such a gangsta issue!

Visit Alexandria online at: | 73

| beauty secrets Alexandra's

makeup must-haves!

Get The Look! 1. M.A.C. Mineralize Skin Finish Foundation $21,

2. Covergirls Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Black $6, 3. M.A.C. Cosmetics lipstick in Snob $14.50,

74 | Bad-ass issue

Get The Look! 1. Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection $5, 2. Urban Decay Eyeliner in Flipside $19, 3. OCC lip tar in Anime $14,

| 75

Behind Closed Doors


shoe whore










76 | Bad-ass issue

nyone who’s motto is “Go Tall or go The F@#k Home” will definitely grab your attention and that’s definitely what Elle Helmy does. She created, an online shoe boutique, for the lady who likes to talk shit and look good doing so.

"With a penchant for fancy footwear as far back as age 15, I used to save my lunch money to buy shoes. Everyone knew I was destined for a lifetime in stilettos," says Elle. A creative spirit, a non-complacent attitude and countless hours of research led to the cultivation of The Six Inch in 2010. "I wanted to give every girl enough sass on her feet to conquer the world." Since our curiosity always gets the best of us we had to ask the Dubai native just how much power the woman and the shoe actually has.


"If more women wore their f*ck me pumps in the kitchen –


making bacon and eggs – the divorce rate would go down. A LITTLE goes a long way. Some days all you need is your hair and your heels."

"Men have often said, the first thing they notice about a woman is her shoes. A classic black patent leather pump screams far more conservatively than a Neon Thigh High boot. Either way,

a sexy high heel is one way to walk in a room


and demand attention. Let your feet do the talking."

78 | Bad-ass issue

"Dubai is high-end fashion's best kept secret. Women are decked in opulence from head to toe. Most women from the Emirates wouldn't be caught dead in public in anything but sheer chic from head to toe. Their undergarments are just as fancy as their sunglasses, and their footwear is as important as their first born."

| 79

80 | Bad-ass issue


"A kitten heel is pointless,

it's like wearing a wife beater as lingerie. Life is too short to wear comfortable shoes."


"It's definitely an art and finesse to walking in high heels. I believe I was about 17 when I finally found my strut and I felt like I could slay a dragon. The moment you realize that SIZING and fit is imperative to comfort, is the day you'll be able to run a marathon in your SIX INCHES.

Confidence is equally as important."

"Coco* would be the ultimate shoe whore in my book. Her collection is beyond droolworthy and every pair reflects her personality. That would be one closet I would raid."

Visit the website at: *Ice T's wife

| 81

RUNAWAY KID Photography | Saadia Me'Chel Makeup | Jazmine Jade Hair | Liz Yturria Stylist | Adrienne Gadling Model | Ashley Skelly

Leather in the summer, silk in the winter - this is such an art - and she's breaking all the rules! no wonder she's on the run...

Denim and leather fringed vest by Egotistic Egotism; Skirt: model own.

Leather vest and shoes: model's own; Paint splatter pants by Egotistic Egotism; Earrings provided by makeup artist.

Cheetah print shirt: Stylist own. * Photo by Liz Yturria

With fire red hair & lips and a set of smokin' hot earrings, it's safe to say that this one is blazing!

Earrings, shades, top & tie-died stretch leggings: Stylist own; Platform shoes: Model's own.

Leather vest and shoes: model's own; Paint splatter pants by Egotistic Egotism; Earrings provided by makeup artist.

If you blink you just might miss her. Keep your eyes open and stay sharp because she's a hard one to catch!

90 | Bad-ass issue

| 91

Cheers! to



Fizz Fruit Punch Cocktail you will need: 1 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. Pineapple Rum 1/2 oz. Peach Pucker
 1 oz. Grenadine
 3 oz. Hawaiian Fruit Punch Ginger Ale

WHAT TO DO: Combine all ingredients - except for the ginger ale - in a mixer and give it a good shake. Pour over ice. Fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale. ENJOY!

The ginger ale gives it that extra kick!

| 93

| reflections

ReadBetween The Lines Are men not expected to be as adept in the art of making relationships work as women are? by NICHOLE NICHOLS of


tudying up on how to succeed in relationships seems to be second nature for us, and the relationship book market has taken notice. From Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider’s The Rules, to Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, authors and publishers of relationship “play books” have always directed their efforts towards women, and this has resulted in multimillion dollar empires, movie deals and more for all who partake in the genre. But wait, aren’t there two people in a relationship? Why aren’t there as many relationship books for men as there are for women?

“I think that women are the primary consumers of books like that, which is why the majority of them are geared towards them. We are generally more in tune, we are generally more emotional, we are generally more dramatic, therefore, we have been wired to be more focused on the relationship aspect,” says Charlotte based relationship coach, Dr. Darshana Hawks. However, Hawks also says that she is seeing more men in her clientele, a shift that she predicts will result in men becoming more interested in relationship skills. “I actually have way more male clients than I have female clients, so I think it really is shifting because women are spending more time in the workplace. They are not as focused on relationships. They are more focused on their careers and becoming independent, and then once they achieve whatever their goals are, then they start looking at 94 | Bad-ass issue

relationships later. I really do think that we are at a pivotal point right now,” says Hawks. Women tend to want to research and analyze the important aspects of their lives, and relationship books seem to capitalize on this tendency. Hawks cautions that women can sometimes analyze themselves right out of precious time that they should be using

does work out?’ ‘what if he’s The One, what if this, what if that’, and as they’re getting dressed for the date they’re getting all excited and super pumped up. They’re already emotionally invested and they haven’t even met the person,” says Hawks. Philadelphia based pastor, Jomo K. Johnson, author of the book Call Tyrone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or

American females, so in the book, I lay out some of the things that African American men are not doing, going over some of the effects of what they are doing to the family and also calling African American men to change” says Johnson. Johnson was inspired to write his book after observing a trend of singleness among women in the congregation of

"Women are spending more time in the workplace. They are not as focused on relationships." to get to know their dates.“I would say that women spend too much time trying to figure it out and analyze it instead of just being with the person and being genuinely interested about learning about each other. I often say that when I’m coaching my single female clients, they’ll find a prospect, someone that they’d be interested in going out with and before they’ve even gotten to the first date they’re thinking ‘what if this

is not so gracious to men in his book or in his philosophy on the “epidemic” of single women, especially within the African American community. “As far as not addressing men, my book, it actually does address men. It is an indictment against irresponsible, ungodly, or unnurturing African American males who are out spilling their goodies to African

the church he copastors, Philly Open Air Church, as well as in the surrounding community.“I know many women who have children. I know many women who are living with men, but I know very few married women.”Johnson attributes this trend to many factors, including a high incarceration rate for black men that create a shortage of eligible men and opportunistic men who use this shortage to their

advantage. These are the same circumstances that led Johnson to suggest through his book that women stay single rather than enter into damaging relationships. He sees his book as less of a dating “rule” book and more of a guide for women on how to live a fulfilled, single life.

way where the mental, the physical and the emotional desire for sex will begin to subside,” Johnson explains.

As for women who are determined to find “Mr. Right”, Darshana Hawks, author of Stop Being Single Now, says that doing the self introspective work to find out what their needs, wants and deal breakers are is “Call Tyrone would essential. Ultimately, be a little bit different single ladies (and because the subtitle, single gentlemen) as you may already may want to use know, is Why Black a professional, or Women Should at least a trusted Remain Single Or… objective friend, to so in that sense it’s help them discover almost not a dating what they are truly book because I’m looking for. This is really advocating something that merely singleness. It’s not reading a relationship about getting a good book will not do. She man or getting a applied this theory husband it’s showing to her own personal a woman that she relationships. can be single and be complete and “I thought there’s no be satisfied,” says way that all of these Johnson. people that I’ve been out with, that they’re Johnson’s advice the problem. I had sounds pretty to acknowledge that reasonable, but what I had the issue and is a woman to do I needed look at me about her sexual and I had to get clear needs? about who I am above all, and once I was clear about that, then “What I encourage who I was looking women to do in the book is to develop a for started to change relationship with God. and who I started attracting changed,” Next, seek to serve others. Our lives are says Hawks. poured out in such a | 95


Of The


Keeping high standards in a standard-less society  By: Shannan Young


iving in the age of overnight celebrity status makes it difficult to meet genuine, real people. The age where people are plaqued by an instant gratification state of mind and the phrase "work smarter not harder" is way overdone and used in the wrong context.  Today's reality shows celebrate people that have tripped and fell into stardom and fat pockets. Lets face it, in today’s society, working hard for anything is taboo and considered overrated.

It’s all about the illusion of status. Emulation. Impersonation. Everyone wants to stand out, be a modernized individual, and marketable in the recession. Desirable. Most Fashionable. Trendiest...etc. Selfimprovement gone wrong. This world was built on the premise of competition. Taking something that’s already been done and repackaging it. But being a competitor and being marketable is about more than being a mere clone of something that appears to work. It's less about transforming yourself into the standard and more about strengthening the assets that we already possess and learning to utilize them in a manner that will enable us to excel beyond the standard. In the midst of pretending, and upgrading ourselves to fit the mold of a “winner”, we lost sight of something so precious and so valuable. We downgraded our standards, we minimized our desires, and started to accept less than we deserve. More importantly we upgraded ourselves to the point that we devalued our own worth. Instead of selling ourselves to the highest bidder, we sold out. Stop allowing yourself to be in uncommitted relationships if you have a "wifey" state of mind. Stop acting shy and soft spoken when

you know you have an opinion. Convenience is for grocery stores and the like. It's very hard to be someone else when you cant even be yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with having desires, dreams, and high standards. Everyone has a price that they are willing to pay for something that is truly valuable to them. There is a time for hard work and there is a time for easy short cuts. Allow a man to do what he is willing to do in order to be with you. When the price of gasoline went up people didn’t stop driving. When the price of cigarettes went up and the surgeon general started requiring the tobacco companies to disseminate the truth about their products, people didn’t stop smoking. If you want something bad enough, you work hard to get it. You pay any price to have it. True enough it might take longer to acquire, and the numbers may even decline. But patience is a virtue and virtuous people always prevail in the end.

| 97

| artist spotlight

andrew michael philLips

From The Studio To The Streets


ow do you redirect the focus of your subject in order to capture an authentic moment in a photograph? With patience and his 4" X 5" camera, Andrew Michael Phillips has his own technique as he quietly positions himself into place. "I first look for an area to frame and then I go out and just sit, and I let things happen," he says. "Sometimes I just sit and stare. Some people see me and will try and figure out what I am staring at, others forget I am even there..." It is in this moment when the dynamic of the situation changes - the moment when the subject takes their mind off being photographed. This is when Andrew quickly takes his shot, capturing a unique and personal moment in time. | 99

street/fashion With his beginnings as an illustrator, Andrew's creative eye translates well in his second love: photography. From fashion to beauty, portraits to children - his focus is always on one universal thing - to capture the essence of his subject. "I think every image should tell a story" he says. "I tell my subjects to try and forget about the camera and just be themselves".

The studio allows for more control of a shoot and it wasn't until he stepped outside of the studio, when he discovered a world where street, fashion and photography collide. Unscripted, uncontrolled and raw. Street photography is now a staple in his diverse portfolio, another facet of Andrew's creativity and photographic point-of-view.

n/PHOTOGRAPY "Street and fashion merge. Even if you like to think that you don’t care about your wardrobe, you are still making a fashion statement. In my work, the streets force me to let go of control and allow the natural essence of people and unique moments to happen."

Hong Kong Series

| artist spotlight

DOTII D. PALMER Adversity breeds creativity. Photography by James L. Young


here's a lesson in every challenge and Dotii is a prime example of how art can heal the soul. "I was going through some hardships and a friend asked me if I had ever tried painting" she explains. "When I started creating, it was a spiritual cleansing for me". This changed everything for Dotii and Letz Pla was born - a unique collection of Dotii's original, handcrafted works of art that range from paintings, to jewelry and decorative gifts.

"I see things in dimension and I paint by emotion..." If you spend just a few moments in Dotii's studio, you'll instantly feel the electricity between her and the Letz Pla collection. With bold colors and intricate patterns, each piece is an expression of this visual artist and her inner-most emotions. You'll notice that most pieces are a collage of different materials and textures. "I'm inspired by everything around me, from the twigs in my back yard, to old scraps of paper and beads I have lying around". Handcrafted from the heart, she says "No two pieces are alike and there's a signature mark that I include in every painting to add my personal touch to it". Don't expect to simply receive a Letz Pla work of art just because you want one though. Dotii humbly explains "I have to meet each person that I sell my work to. I'm giving a piece of myself to them and I have to know that they have a connection with the piece and will take good care of it".

"The monkey man" | 48 X 24" mixed media on canvas

Makeup by Sherilynn Merilyn

"pretty brown girl" | 36 X 18" mixed media on canvas

"I have to meet each person that I sell my art to. I'm giving a piece of myself to them..."

"The golden child" | 45 X 15" mixed media on canvas

STREET Art Atlanta, Georgia

106 | Bad-ass issue

The scale of this piece is truly breathtaking. The colors are intense and it has a story that you have to take your time to read.

Do you want to be a

Sadiddy Brand Ambassador ??? Email us at and we'll send you all the details!

Fill In

The blank This can get as crazy as YOU make it! Use your imagination and just have fun with it. Let your friends take a stab and see how the story changes with each person.

I was hanging out at a __________ when this _________ approached me and asked if I wanted a __________. Of course I said __________. The night was young and I was ___________. Things got real crazy after that. There was a ________ to my left and a ____________ to my right. Both were wearing ___________ but I didn't care because I had on a ____________ myself - and dared anyone to say something about it. By that time the __________ had kicked in and in true bad-ass format, I yelled at the _________ and said "Kiss my ___________!" The next morning I woke up with a ____________ and decided it would be the last time I ever ___________ a ____________.

We'd love to hear the craziness you came up with! Submit your story to for a chance to have your story featured on our blog!

Food For Thought

Free your mind and find your way. You have a voice, use it! I have spent most of my life biting my tongue because I was under the impression I had nothing important to say.  I allowed people around me to place personal insecurities on me; as a result, I had no confidence in myself. Once I acknowledged the voice within, I began speaking up and speaking out! If I had continued to rely on others to guide me, I’d be starving from the lies they fed and my dreams would have remained incarcerated in my head. A hater’s job is to mislead you into the mentality that your desires are unattainable. They transfer negative energy onto others because they don’t believe in themselves. Understand who YOU are and what’s in your heart, it beats a unique tune for a reason. Peace & Tranquility, Kendle Rose


Bad Never Looked This Good.

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