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To celebrate the spirit of Malhar, Here’s how people reacted: The XPress asked Xavierites to vote for their favourite Malhar department. Based on more than 200 votes amassed in slightly over a week, we now present to you Adhitya Dhanapal, OC LA (Malhar 2011), expressing the results of the XPress Poll. disbelief over Raga’s popularity. His own department came in third. Coming in at first place with 24.6% of all votes was the Malhar giant, Security. Surprising everyone by obtaining a 13.5% share was one of the smallest departments in Lillian DSouza, an ex-Raga OG paying homage to her Malhar, Raga. LA, Raga’s arch rival, department. Meanwhile, Mridula Chari, OC Raga (Malhar came in at third place with 11% 2010) voted for Finance, which came in at 8th position. of all votes. Conclave and ETC rounded off the top 5.

CP Malhar, Aadi Vaidya, playing it safe. The top and bottom 3

To check out the full list of rankings, go to http://goo. gl/3M1gF.

Welcome, FYs!

The XPress and all of St. Xavier’s College, a myriad of college festivals, apart from the extends a warm embrace and hearty welcome ubiquitous Malhar, one can find opportunities to the new recruits of Xavierite army, the first to be a part of something substantive, making years students of Junior and Senior College. friends and learning a thing or two along the At the onset, it’s essential to make one thing way. clear. We’re not You now belong to a just a college of some thousand college that allows you students but we to take up a course in are, together, Zen Buddhism in order to fostering a way of complete a credit in your life. As you step Honours certificate. You into the archaic now belong to a college and stunning that has students writing research papers on the gothic architectural marvel that is St. ‘Economics of the Foyer Market’. You now belong Xavier’s College, to a college that has its you will find yourself surrounded FYJC students strike a pose for The XPress own theatre festival with tickets by the constant that sell like hot cakes. (NCPA manifestation of this lifestyle. But the can learn a lesson or two from Ithaka.) You beautiful thing about the ‘Xavier’s way of life’ now belong to a college which houses many is that it remains open to interpretation and secrets – from what makes the pigeons in the one can easily find themselves making the 40s classrooms go bat-crazy to the 100-yearlong history of the benches you sit on. We’re transition naturally. going to leave you to uncover these secrets Xavier’s has something for everyone and as and more, and while you’re at it, relax and let you go through the motions of the calendar the air of this college work its magic on you. year, you will realise that that isn’t just Sanjay Chautala (TYBSc) platitude we begin paragraphs with. With

3 Malhar Local Chugs In

Celebrating the general spirit of Mumbai, Malhar Local is all set to become bigger and better this year, exploring the city and its different moods like never seen before. Almost as if to make up for the fact that the world might be ending soon, there is a sense of urgent joviality and live-whileyou-can attitude even as fresh young volunteers come and experience the thrill of being part of a tradition that lies at the very heart of the college. Unlike the half-hearted attempts and late timing of the Mumbai monsoon this year, Malhar work and the ensuing stay-backs in college have started with full zor-shor. The air is palpable with excitement: OGs and OCs rushing about, making preparations, drinking copious amounts of coffee, attending interdepartmental bonding sessions, and engaging in ‘serious talks’ with volunteers. The Quartet, on the hand, stays cooped up in the Moffice. The XPress was able to catch VCP-E, Neishaa Kumaar, on her way from the Comps Room to the Moffice, who said, “It’s awesome!” when asked to talk about Malhar. We agree! This Malhar looks set to become the best this college has ever seen. And all one can do now is look at the countdown timer in the foyer and wait for the hard work of the 1200-strong workforce to bear fruit.

Ishita Chaudhary (SYBA)

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