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By Morris Nicholas - A key cabinet serves a couple of very important functions for a business. First of all it helps the business keep track of all their various keys by having them all on in one place. If they are all kept in a key storage cabinet, it is much easier to find them when you need them. The other important function is of course security. Keys are for safeguarding business property such as the facilities and vehicles. Access to them needs to be controlled to keep the business assets secured. One way of controlling access to business property is by safeguarding the keys. This is the most important function of the key cabinet. Learn More About Key Cabinet

Key cabinets come in various sizes and types. Some are portable, some sit on the floor much like a safe, while others are mounted to the wall. Installing key cabinets is very easy. For ones that are mounted they will come with all of the hardware necessary for installation such as the screws, anchors and covers. The main consideration is actually where to locate the cabinet. First you will need to determine who needs to have access to the key cabinet and who will be in charge of it. This will help you decide where the key cabinet needs to be located. If your office manager is going to be the one in charge of the keys then obviously it needs to be in the business office.

Location of the key cabinet is very important, particularly if one person needs to be there to open and re-lock it. If you are using a locking cabinet, someone needs to have a key to open it. If you have a digital or electronic cabinet, the access code can be given to those who need to access it. Some of these cabinets also come with extra security measures such as sounding an alarm when the wrong access code is entered and having a tracking mechanism to track the usage. If you have this type of system, then the physical location will not be as critical for security purposes.

If you are mounting your cabinet on the wall, you will need to think about visibility. If the key cabinet is located in an area open to the general public, you may want to keep the box out of open view. As far as mounting the key cabinet, it usually is just a matter of bolting it to the wall, so once you have considered who needs access and where the cabinet needs to be located, actually installing it should be an easy job. If you are wanting to protect your business, having a cabinet to protect your keys is the best way to make sure that your business is safe and secure. Head on over to our website to find out what the best key cabinets are. One of the favorites is a Master Lock key cabinet, because they are a trusted name in locks and security.

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