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EAH! summer collection is fresh, fruity and online! By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer The summer collection is outgoing, expressive and surrealistic. The summer collection is unreserved, expressive and surreal. Finish your outfit with an amazing glamorous unique design. Do you love that simple look with style? Then this accessory would be the perfect finish. It will create a whole new unique, fresh and crisp summer look. Which this summer you cannot afford to miss out on. The Memphis Shopper is this summer’s hot new summer must have accessory. It is available in small and Medium, depending which look you want to go for. This original expressive bag was inspired from the


furniture and the 80’s-90’s design group `Memphis`. The concept they had was creating an original design which then represents a reaction to what is a good design or what is bad taste. This positive way of expression by creation inspired EAH! The designer, Eva Anna Hekking, The designer, strongly believes in being able to protest in a positive way. Eva does this through creating humorous, unique and unreserved designs. What is a great unique design? This seems to be a re-occurring discussion as we are all being over exposed to the mass market of luxury design. A question we could ask ourselves again, right now, then just simply answer with a hilarious fun design and laugh. This is exactly what The Memphis Group did they answered the infamous question by being unique and original unlike many of the other furniture designer groups. This way of being able to express your critics in a positive manner through a boisterous design is what attracted the designer, Eva Anna Hekking, she is one of the biggest supporters of protesting in a positive way through a design.

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EAH! goes back to the Côte d’Azure By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer

After several art exhibitions and projects with the material girl art bags, Eva Anna Hekking decided to start her own label. EAH! started selling her bags and jewelry during her holidays in Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo. She gave Beyonce and Ivana Trump her first designs, and soon she started selling in Holland as well. During the Amsterdam Fashion week 2008 she officially launched her label with great help of the press, which then was rounded off by her debut fashion show. She has decided that this summer would be the perfect time to go back to where she started off. So, this summer special to honor the Côte d’Azur where it all started EAH! unique summer bags will be available again from the best and exclusive international locations. More information will follow soon.

EAH! goes football!

By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer Nicolas Boyer, the young upcoming talented showbiz stylist has presented the EAH! bags in the well-known Dutch program ‘ Footballer’s wives’. This is a comical soap about the lives of typical footballer’s wives. Upcoming season ac


tress Yolanthe van Kasbergen is playing one of the new main characters. EAH! is very proud and happy with this great new football challenge. And hopes many women get inspired to get an EAH! bag… thank you dear Nicolas. For more information about the stylist, please visit:

The EAH! Times

EAH! graphics Studio EAH! designs the and pieces of Glammy wooden art Award. By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer

EAH! is proud she designs the new graphic identity for WonderWood. WonderWood is a beautiful interior gallery store in the heart of Amsterdam. The plywood specialist WonderWood soon celebrates its 10 years of existence. There will be hold a special exhibition with all kinds of young and famous designers, artists, writers and journalists who all received the same slats of wood. To be return as a wooden piece of art. The profit goes to the foundation: ‘Artsen zonder Grenzen.’ More information:

By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer

EAH! product design news Before we continue we need to let you know that EAH! will not only design bags and necklaces, these products are only the start of EAH!. EAH! is taking strategic steps to build up a lifestyle brand. Designer Eva Anna Hekking has been given the great honor to design the Glammy Awards for Glamour Magazine, the nominees include international celebrities and brands. In the summer of 2005 Hekking joined Glamour magazine during their launch to prepare for a TV program, which was being created. It’s also not the first time Eva Anna designs an award. Prior to this, she designed the Astir Award, the Dutch cosmetic award. Each Glammy award is made of transparent laser cut Perspex, finished by Swarovski stones. The wooden raw feet created an edgy feel, contrasting to the glamorous design. The award is a modern surreal piece of art, which would fit perfectly in a beautiful home interior. The different element designed for each award represents each category. Each category has a ring, which is a unique design. You can be detached from the award. So, (as Beyonce says) ‘If you like it put a ring on it!’

check it out:


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EAH! has a doggy, CB, Creamy Blue By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer The positive protest bags against fur to inspire to use fake fur in fashion turned to be a big success. Even an Italian brand decided to copy these bags. Recently she decided to support the Mirtos Project, tourist volunteers who are saving mistreated dogs and cats from Crete in Greece. Last year they replaced about 300 dogs in Dutch families, but unfortunately still a small number compared to the amount of mistreated dogs in Greece and not speaking of the rest of the world. A three months old puppy dog, Cream, was found left alone in an old building with her sister Caramel. They are

saved by the volunteers of the Mirtos Project, now both have a nice life in Holland. Cream and EAH! fell in love since the very first moment they meet. There were more reasons that convinced EAH! this is meant to be. Her parents had their honeymoon on Crete, her inspiring baroness grandmother van Lamsweerde had two Malthezer lion dogs and almost of you know EAH! has a certain affection with ‘Cream’. Creamy Blue Brown has one blue and brown eye. She’s a Greek goddess mix and we expect she stays quite small. She’s very happy and relaxed doggy and loves playing in the Vondelparc. Of course EAH! plans to design some special dog bags in the near future, but above all she really hopes to inspire others to consider adopting a dog by this great project. Please take some time to check it out.

EAH! is proud of new selling points in the Netherlands New selling points are: Frozen Fountain, a beautiful store for true design lovers, it is a high-end interior design shop is at the Prinsengracht Amsterdam. Jan Lensen, for those who love high quality and timeless fashion, high-end fashion store in the Utrechtsestraat Amsterdam. Another amazing high-end luxury fashion store in the rich area of Amsterdam South, details will follow. Furthermore a great shop Kenkichi at the Zeedijk the typical Amsterdam wellknown area, Latin Americans and Japanese tourists favourite store. More information about more selling points is available at


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EAH! talk of the town

night clubbing at Supperclub, she happily received an EAH! mini shopper bag. She said she was very happy with her Dutch design, this was her favourite color and to please thank Eva for the gift.

By Eva Anna Hekking EAH! Head Writer

Recently during eastern Paris Hilton visited Amsterdam with her boyfriend. She was in Holland for a hairstyling book presentation and a new haircut of a famous Dutch hairdresser. Miss Hilton refused to wake up for the haircut or to stand up to accept the book at a full excited theatre. Instead, at a

their tv show. Furthermore EAH! was spotted with her assistant at the Grazia Vespa Safari in Amsterdam. About 35 scooters with celebs on top were having a nice tour day in Amsterdam and got spoilt with the most amazing gifts from Blond plates, beautycase, plates, a Lattemento milk machine for the best cappochino’s, hairstyling products of John Frieda, make-up from Pura, a necklace from Swarovski, etc. On top of it all EAH! won the prize of ₏ 500,- Alterna hair products for winning midget golfer. Today my hair shines likes it has never shined before and am a total addict of the milk cappochino machine.

Thanks to Mayday EAH! did not need a full Tuschinski theatre to convince Paris to wear her design. Rtl boulevard loved the story and immidiatly made a report on

EAH! QUEST REQUEST COLUMN A small & big moment on this globe. EAH! is looking for guest writers, creatives and other enthousiastic minds to once write something for the monthly column in this EAH! Good News paper. You have to think of an international small and big happing, some how they need to be connected. For example this could be about fresh fruits from Brazil to the new lover of Madonna. Notifications via:

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For press, styling projects or other business related questions, please contact If you like to pass by, please send us an email to make an appointment. For urgent matters call: 0031 6 47 160 106 and leave an voicemail message. Studio adress: Rhijnvis Feithstraat 18hs, Amsterdam Oud West. More info: This newletter is made by EAH! graphics with the support of her new assistent: SADE : )



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