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MAY 2011


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A Magical Encounter between Human and Horse


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VANCOUVER: NOW PLAYING - At Olympic Village CALGARY: OPENS MAY 25 - Canada Olympic Park Under the White Big Top U 1.866.999.8111 U

From the Editor… Fire Season is Upon Us $2 Million for West Nile Equine Health News Mike Puhallo Fundraiser BCHSR Queen Adventures Alberta Wish Ride Why Breed Horses? Healing Horses Naturally Clicker Training BC Hall of Fame Cory’s Weigh-In

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s we go to press, Saddle Up and Rein-Beau Images are on our way to The Mane Event in Red Deer –hope the weather holds out for us! We always seem to get snow along the way. ATTENTION READERS… there is a benefit concert coming up for BC’s “Mr. Cowboy” himself… Mike Puhallo (see more on page 12 and 13). You’ve Nancy and Mike Puhallo Photo by Rein-Beau Images. enjoyed his Cowboy Poetry in Saddle Up for over 10 years and other ‘Muffins’ he has tossed our way; now he and his family need your help. Mark McMillan of BC Cowboy Heritage Society and other volunteers are spearheading a fundraiser for Mike (who has cancer) – any help you can all give will be greatly appreciated! I am so moved and impressed with each horse community that comes together when a charity event or fundraiser is announced – when funds need to be raised… WE DO IT! This issue has many upcoming events that need your support. Do read through… and help where you can. Everyone will benefit and you will feel good about it! We’re Canadians and we’re Horse People – and PROUD OF IT!

Nancy CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Kwok, Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, Candace Chevallier, Tessa Phillips, Chris Irwin, Marijke van de Water, Laurie Thompson, Cathie Cross, Sandy Lang, Monty Gwynne, Birgit Stutz, Mark McMillan, Ozzie Leaf, Cory Anthony, Greg Roman, Deja Iannone. ON THE COVER: TEIXEIRA PERFORMANCE HORSES, MASTHEAD PHOTOS: (regular features) By Rein-Beau Images OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, BC Quarter Horse Assoc., BC Paint Horse Club, BC Interior Arabian Horse Assoc., Pine Tree Riding Club, Endurance Riders Assoc. of BC., BC Rodeo Association MEDIA PARTNER WITH HORSE COUNCIL BC

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Dear Editor Letters Dear Nancy: I was really surprised at Cathy Glover’s review of Cavalia in the last issue. I went to see it with several friends and we all thought the whole show was simply - magic. We weren’t disappointed with any of it - it was all beyond our expectations. The horses were amazing, the handlers and riders terrific. We were awed right from the beginning to see all of those (obviously very high-spirited) young horses perform on that stage. I was astonished to learn that the average age of the horses is just 6 years! They have now extended their stay yet again to April 24. I would go again in a heartbeat. They can’t be disappointing too many people! - Cheers, Kathy Malmberg, Oliver, BC Hi Nancy: I apologize if this is not one of your tasks. We have had a change of address from RR1 to our street address, so I would like to correct this before we stop receiving your GREAT magazine. We receive the magazine through the Pine Tree Riding Club (if this helps). I would also like to tell you how suitable this magazine is for

all ages. I looked back at my daughter’s birthday party pictures from 10 years ago (she is now 12); there was always a Saddle Up magazine in the background. Thanks for keeping her entertained for so many years, and thanks for all of your hard work. - Ashtynn Rebinksy, Sorrento, BC Dear Nancy: Just wanted to thank you for publishing the series of articles by Monty Gwynne on Clicker Training. It is a very interesting motivational approach that certainly has a lot of applications in the horse training world. The beauty of it is that it complements nearly all other training approaches, especially natural horsemanship. I have dabbled with it a little in the past and was astonished by how quickly my horse was willing to overcome fearful situations and start to relax. The articles have now inspired me to learn more. It’s so much fun! If anyone would be interested in attending an introductory clinic with Monty Gwynne in the Armstrong – Enderby area, please email me at - Jackie Evans, Enderby, BC continued on page 6

Cover Feature


Dear Editor Letters, cont’d Dear Nancy: I would like to comment on Jean Robertson’s letter (April issue) regarding her mare that very sadly was put down after a bad trim by a barefoot trimmer. I am a farrier, having received my certification from Olds College in 1984. I am not a barefoot trimmer. I do not know Jean or which farriers or vet she hired to treat her mare. First of all, I would like to send my condolences to Jean for losing her mare. My heart goes out to her. Next, realizing that I only know part of this story, I question why Jean would place the full blame for losing her horse on the barefoot trimmer. Yes, it sounds like a bad trim job was done and bruised soles a week later were the result. However, at this point a vet recommended another farrier do more work. The second farrier balanced the mare’s feet by lowering the heels and shortening the toes. I do not doubt that the hooves needed to be balanced, but this work was done at a time when her feet were obviously already short and inflamed and likely needed to grow before any more trimming was done. Did the vet instruct the second farrier to do what he or she did, or was it the farrier’s idea? Next, the vet determined that the mare had laminitis in both front feet. Why did this mare have laminitis? It is highly unlikely

that the cause can be attributed to the barefoot trimmer alone, if at all. Did the mare have laminitis in the past? Was the mare overweight? What type of feed was she on? After this, the mare tore both her stifles and had to be put down. I’m not sure why she tore her stifles, but I picture her lying down and trying to get up with very painful front feet, causing her to solely use her hind end to lift herself. Again, I wonder if the mare was overweight. At the end of her letter, Jean says she has learned that if one of her horses is lamed, the farrier should have a good reason or ‘he’ will not be back. I have always thought this was an obvious statement. I have heard of farriers laming horses time and again and I cannot understand why people have them back. That being said, I also find that far too many people quickly resort to blaming their farrier or trimmer and do not consider how others are involved in the soundness and well-being of their horse, including themselves. I am very sorry that Jean lost her horse and, like I said before, there may be important facts that I don’t know. However, I am not convinced that the tragic loss of this mare was entirely, or even mainly, the first trimmer’s fault. - Name withheld

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Fire Season Is Coming - Be Prepared Not Scared By Pat Ellis Soon fire season will be upon us once again. Our pets and livestock enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine. In turn our dogs, cats, horses and so on depend on us for their well-being and safety.


during a disaster is identification of displaced animals. Identify your pets/horses by way of a licence, tattoo, brand or have some sort of contact number attached to them safely. Make sure your pets have some sort of basic training, such as dogs, cats and rodents should be leash trained, crate trained and socialized. Horses and larger animals should be halter broke and accustom to being handled and loaded into trailers if necessary. Cows, sheep, goats and so on should be branded or tagged for identification. Have a grab-and-go bag or box for each animal handy. The grab-and-go

should contain such things as registration papers, proof of ownership, a leash, halter, rope, or chain. Your kit should also include any medication needed and food and water for at least 72 hours. Have an evacuation plan in place. Make plans in advance as to where you can take your pets. Make arrangements for such things as trailers and boarding. Know how, who, and where you can take or send your animals to. If you own your own trailer make sure it is safe and licensed. Have phone numbers and contact persons handy. BE CONSIDERATE OF VOLUNTEERS that are out there helping you. Make sure your animals are safe to

handle and don’t need to be trained on the run. Offer to at least pay for gas as the volunteers do not get paid. And don’t forget to say thank you. BE PREPARED - DO NOT PANIC - AND BE SAFE. For more information, in the North Okanagan and Columbia Shuswap Regional Districts and area, call K9 Dog Control and Large Animal Pound toll free 1-877-379-2821 or 250-5458070, or e-mail us at Otherwise, in other areas, contact your local Emergency Service office.


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$2 Million to Target West Nile Virus By Ryan Jabs, Media Relations Manager, Ministry of Health


he Province is providing $2 million to the Union of BC Municipalities for West Nile Virus (WNV) monitoring and larvaciding (insecticide that affects only developing stages of mosquitoes) for targeted areas of the province that may see WNV this year. WNV is transmitted to people and animals, such as horses, through a bite from an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes become infected with the virus by feeding on infected birds. The disease has been found in most regions of North America. However, levels here in BC remain relatively low. The first human case in BC was discovered in 2009, followed shortly by a few cases in horses. Last year, British Columbia had only one human case of WNV. This funding will be distributed to areas of the province, such as the Okanagan, the Kootenays and the Fraser Valley, where the virus has been previously identified or has a potential to reach. The funds will be used to monitor and manage any potential increase in the virus. The vast majority of people infected with WNV show no symptoms. For others, the illness can include symptoms of fever,

headache, chills, fatigue and weakness. Other symptoms include excessive sweating, rash and swollen lymph nodes. A small percentage of people infected (about one in 150 infected) may go on to develop more serious neurological conditions, such as meningitis and encephalitis (swelling of the brain). This funding will help to protect families in key areas of the province from WNV. However, it is still important to take precautions to prevent mosquito bites: * Use mosquito repellent containing DEET or lemon eucalyptus oil on exposed skin. * Avoid being outside at dusk or dawn, as those tend to be prime times for mosquito activity. * Wear long-sleeved, light-coloured shirts and long pants when outside. * Use mosquito netting to protect babies and toddlers in strollers. * Remove any type of standing water at least once a week. * Clean up areas of your home that may attract mosquitoes, such as old tires, flowerpots, wheelbarrows, barrels or other containers that may hold standing water. * Change water in bird baths at least once a week.




Call for more info and rates $R!LEX7ALES $6- $R3USAN7ALES $6- $R*ESSICA7ALES $6- 8 • Saddle Up • May 2011



West Nile Virus, cont’d Quotes: “We have been fortunate that, so far, West Nile Virus has not become widespread here in BC. However, it is important to stay vigilant and do what we can to protect British Columbians from this disease. This $2 million will help key areas of the province continue to curb the spread of West Nile.” - Michael de Jong, Minister of Health “By following some common-sense guidelines, such as using mosquito-repellent and wearing long-sleeved, light-coloured clothing when outside during the evening or early morning, people can help to reduce their risk of West Nile Virus.” - Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Centre for Disease Control, Director of Public Health

Quick Facts: * Unlike birds or other insects, most mosquitoes do not fly very far and tend to stay close to their breeding sites. You are most likely to be bitten by a mosquito from your own backyard. * It generally takes about a week for mosquitoes to develop from eggs into adults. * Very small amounts of water can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so it is important to regularly check for all sources of standing water around your home - even something as small as a bottle top. * West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne illness that was first identified in the West Nile Valley region of Uganda in 1937. The first cases in North America appeared in New York in 1999. * The first detection of WNV in BC was in the late summer of 2009, with two human cases. Subsequent testing that year found ten positive mosquito pools in the same area of the South Okanagan. * The first WNV-positive crow was found in BC just last year, in the Central Okanagan area. The bird was tested as part of a routine surveillance. * Since 2003, the BC Centre for Disease Control has coordinated a province-wide surveillance program for WNV, which includes testing of dead birds in the corvid family (crows, ravens, magpies and jays), mosquito surveillance and animal and human testing. * Symptoms of WNV include fever, headache, muscle aches, and sometimes a rash. More severe illness can include inflammation of the lining of the brain (meningitis) or swelling of the brain (encephalitis). * Horses are also susceptible to WNV. Symptoms of WNV in horses include stumbling, weakness, head pressing, confusion, inability to stand, seizures and listlessness.

Learn More: * BC Centre for Disease Control, West Nile Virus: * HealthLink BC, West Nile Virus: les/hfi le88.stm * Public Health Agency of Canada, West Nile Virus:


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Equine Health News By Dr. Bruce Baker and Dr. Susi Cienciala, Deep Creek Veterinary Services Deworming Your Horse: A New Approach


k Veterinary Service e e r C s

less frequently, while identifying those horses that need more aggressive parasite control. It will also allow veterinarians to identify the degree of parasite resistance in their patients.

Tidbits of New Information in the Equine Veterinary World Horses should not be fed in feeders above ground level. Elevated head carriage changes how the teeth wear during chewing. If you look at your horse’s incisors with his head up and then look at them again when his head is at ground level, you will see how they have shifted. Chewing with the head up is unnatural and leads to abnormal wear of the teeth. This in turn can lead to dental pathology over the long term. Wolf-teeth cause fewer problems than we think they do. They do not need to be removed routinely. These teeth only need to be removed if they are obviously being interfered with by the bit. We used to recommend doing a “bit-seat” where the second premolars, top and bottom, were ground down to create a rounded corner to accommodate the bit. Occasionally this procedure can interfere with the pulp cavity, which can lead to potential loss of the tooth. Discuss the benefits versus risks with




Parasites developing resistance to deworming medications has been a concern to the veterinary community for years. Attempts to prevent resistance from developing by rotating classes of anthelcides has delayed, but not eliminated, this problem. Recent studies have shown that parasite resistance in North America has become high, especially in small strongyles. New recommendations for parasite control in horses were presented at the recent AAEP convention. These recommendations are based on the finding that some horses naturally carry a heavier parasite load (and still look healthy), while others carry a smaller load and do not shed as many eggs into the environment. Identification of the heavy shedders is crucial in parasite management. We recommend that all horses have fecal examinations done in the spring and fall in the first year and once yearly after that. Once the parasite load has been determined and the type of parasites identified, you can plan your horse’s deworming protocol (frequency and type) for the year. Heavy shedders should be dewormed four times a year, intermediate shedders three times a year and low shedders (the majority of horses) twice a year. This new approach will mean the vast majority of owners will be deworming their horses

Dr. Bruce Baker and Dr. Susi Cienciala Serving the Vernon/Shuswap area * Reproduction Services (Including AI with frozen semen, Stallion collection and Freezing, Importing semen, Embryo transfer, Foaling out mares)

* Equine Surgery and Hospital * Lameness Evaluations including X-ray and Ultrasound * Dentistry * Pre-purchase * Boarding * Nutrition Consultation Free Seminars available for your Riding Club or 4-H Group 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVI R CE Warmblood and Friesian frozen semen for sale. For more info call: 250-833-8585

Enderby, BC 10 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Equine Health News, cont’d your veterinarian at your next dental appointment.

New Product for Mud Fever There is a new product from the UK for treating mud fever, which is also known as scratches or rain rot. The product contains no water or oil and actually removes water from the skin’s surface. The organism that causes mud fever thrives on moist conditions, so removing the long hair and keeping the skin dry is critical. Sometimes there is also a bacterial skin infection happening at the same time, so antibiotics are often necessary as well. This product has some antibacterial properties. The product is called Mud Stop and comes in a gel, a spray, a cream or a shampoo.

Book Review Everyone needs to read Temple Grandin’s book, “Animals Make Us Human,� and watch her video, “Temple Grandin,� found in most video stores. The book talks about the emotional needs of all species of animals. She makes the point that animals have the same emotional needs as humans - that this portion of the animal brain is very similar to ours. The average pet or livestock owner is usually good at taking care of the physical needs of the animal, but how often do we consider the equally

important mental or emotional needs? How many of us take this into consideration when we house our animals? A dog that is locked up all day in the house alone or on a chain all day - is this acceptable or is this cruel? How about our horses? Horses are naturally curious, playful, social and active creatures. Does being locked up in a stall or small pen by themselves allow them to practice any of their normal behaviours? If they spend a lifetime in lock-up, it is not surprising they develop behaviours like cribbing, weaving, chewing, pawing, etc. Behavioural and emotional health is just as important as physical. Stallions often have it the worst; confined all day with little exercise and then punished when they show unacceptable behaviours due to excess energy or frustration. I think it is easy for us to accept some husbandry practices because we see them every day and just accept them as normal. This does not mean these practices are acceptable. Even veterinarians, who are supposedly advocates for animals, are guilty of condoning certain veterinary procedures because they have been socially acceptable in the past. I think if you read this book you will be moved to make changes for the better in your own life and possibly those around you.

Small Animal Veterinary Services

Visit us at Okanagan Breeders Group Showcase, May 14-15, Armstrong Fairgrounds


We will be happy to bring any prepaid orders with us - (some limitations may apply) The Good Looking Combination which Lasts!


We are pleased to announce that we will soon be open to work on small animals. This will be a service to our horse clients only. We have moved our stocks into the back of the clinic and modified the front as a small animal exam, treatment and surgery area.

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ALL DRASTICALLY REDUCED! SATURDAY, MAY 28 – Seminar Join us from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pemberton Community Centre to listen to a nutritionist from Otter Co-Op discussing nutrition for horses, dogs and other livestock. *i“LiĂ€ĂŒÂœÂ˜]ĂŠ ĂŠUĂŠĂˆĂ¤{‡n™{Â‡ĂˆĂ‡{ä • 11

Organized by the BC Cowboy Heritage Society

Mike Puhallo Benefit Concert

A fund raiser for Mike & his family to help with travel and medical costs with partial proceeds going to the Cancer Center for the Southern Interior (Kelowna)

Tickets $15 advance $20 at the door

Matt Johnston

Shirley Field

Gary Fjellgaard

Butch Falk Dave Longworth

Calvary Community Church 7:00 pm Friday, May 13th Kamloops, Ka ops, pss, BC C

Tim Hus & his band including Riley Tubbs and fiddle player extraordinaire Billy MacInnis

Hugh McLennan Donations will be accepted at the concert or online at:

Advance tickets $15 available by phone at: 1-888-763-2224 or at the Horse Barn in Kamloops Sponsored in part by:

12 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Time to Turn the Table: Mike Puhallo Benefit Concert By Mark McMillan. Photo by Jerry Strainer.


ike Puhallo is the guy that was always there first to put on a benefit concert anytime someone was in need. Well, now’s the time to turn the table and pay him back. Mike and his family are going through some trying times right now as he battles cancer, and they are facing many expenses, not to mention the fact that his wife, Linda, has to work when she’d like to be home with Mike. We’d also like to see them be able to fly their son home from Victoria for a visit, hopefully in time to take in the fundraising concert. The BC Cowboy Heritage Society is putting on a benefit concert for the Puhallos (with partial proceeds going to the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior) at 7:00 pm on Friday, May 13, at the Calvary Community Church in Kamloops. The line-up of entertainment makes me think this could be one of the best Cowboy Concerts ever and it’s definitely for one of the most

Western Apparel & Tack - Home Decor •Boots • Custom Hats•Jewellery

deserving people! Gary Fjellgaard, Tim Hus and his band, Hugh McLennan, Butch Falk, Dave Longworth, Matt Johnston, and Shirley Field will all have a turn on stage, and family and friends will be running a concession during intermission. Tickets are just $15 in advance, or $20 at the door, and can be pre-purchased at The Horse Barn, or The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin (Williams Lake) phone 1-888-763-2224, or from the BC Cowboy Heritage Society at their toll-free phone number 1-888-763-2224. If folks can’t make it to the concert, but would still like to make a donation, they can do so at The Horse Barn, online at www., or by mail to the BCCHS (info on the web site). Mike Puhallo could be referred to as Mr. Kamloops Cowboy Festival, Mr. BC Cowboy Hall of Fame, or Mr. BC Cowboy Heritage Society. Mike is one of the founders of all three, and has put a big chunk of his life over the last 15 years towards the betterment of all three, and everything connected to them. He’s put on many Cowboy Concerts over the years, many of which have been benefit concerts for others. It’s his turn now, to sit in the audience, relax, and enjoy the show! PS please do not phone, email, or send cards to Mike as, although they mean well, they can be depressing. You gotta out on


BARNHARTVALE 309 acres of usable land, incredible views. 200 acres of gravity fed irrigation. Out-t buildings, fenced and crossfenced. $1,099,000

SALMON ARM 25 acre farm, 5 bedroom home. Good useable outbuildings, 2 creeks, set up for hay and cattle. Minutes from downtown. $649,000


GRINDROD 22 Riverfront acres with large well built home. Irrigated hay land. $744,900. Two more pieces of riverfront acreage also available.


250-306-3500 Royal LePage Downtown Realty Horse, Ranch & Country Properties Specialist • 13

A Year to Remember By Candace Chevallier I am Candace Chevallier, Miss British Columbia High School Rodeo 2010, and I’d like to let you in on the great journey I’ve had so far. Starting out with the regional rodeos... BC has a queen contest at every regional rodeo, judging horsemanship, prepared speeches, modelling, impromptu questions and appearance as well.


ost provinces and states do not have this luxury of weekly competition. This was set in place to make sure that, by the time all the girls who were running got to the finals, they were all practiced up and confident in what they were doing. Thank goodness for this, because BC did not have a queen last year and so we had no one to show us what to do. The first rodeo Terris Billyboy and I took was a great shot in the dark. The number of contestants varied throughout the year from two to six contestants and by the time we got to the finals there were three of us all practiced up. For all of us, it was a close


Farm & Ranch Equipment Ltd 1974


- Building Better Stalls -

Foothills Box Stall Series


Portable Event Stalls

race. Crowning day was scary and none of us had a clue what was going to happen. As they read out the category winners, all three of us had each won a category. Not even the people in the grandstand knew which way it was going to go! After crowning, there was so much happening at once! There were things to sign, awards to accept; I still had one more rodeo event to do and my mom’s entire family just pulled into the rodeo grounds in their big motor home. On top of everything else, it was my birthday that day! Which way do I turn! After all was said and done, and the rodeo was over, I took a breather. What had just happened to me began to sink in. Canada Day rolled around and I led our local riding club in the hometown parade. There, I learned that what I thought was my trusty, bombproof rope horse was not, in fact, bombproof at all. He was spooking at everything! No matter what, you can’t prevent those kinds of things, so just smile and wave! And sure enough, by the end of the parade he was being good and getting the hang of being a HSR queen’s horse. I also learned that on a good day my hair doesn’t like to curl and adding the rain during the parade did not help. The Nationals in Gillette, Wyoming in July 2010 was an experience of a lifetime! My mom made most of my

Proudly made in CANADA

14 • Saddle Up • May 2011


A Year to Remember, cont’d outfits and was busy until the day we left. After driving three days down to Gillette, we pulled up alongside all the other queens from everywhere you can imagine! Throughout the week, I met many great people - there were 43 girls running for National High School Rodeo Queen. There were two rodeo performances per day and the queens sold 50/50 tickets at every performance. I never could have imagined that the queens would be such super stars down there. Every little kid wanted our autographs. Not having a BC queen last year, I was very surprised and did not have any autograph sheets. Thank goodness for Mom, who jumped on her computer and away to Staples for printing they went! Even though I was busy signing autographs does not mean I wasn’t getting any of my own; I got a few pro rodeo cowboys’ autographs and some of my fellow competitors as well! I simply cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was, but I can say with great pleasure that I would highly recommend the Nationals experience to anyone! From the Nationals we went to the Canadian High School Rodeo finals, where things were a little more low-key but still great fun! At the Canadians, we had an autograph signing at the local Credit Union. Sadly, I had to miss that because I was in the cutting event which was going on at the same time. After about a month on the road we headed home.

Back at home with regional rodeos starting again last September, Charli-Rai Dougherty, the Princess, and I enjoyed ourselves leading the grand entries and attending events like The Mane Event. The Mane Event was also a blast. So many people and so many different disciplines. All of the HSR competitors that were helping out at the booth were announced at the big night show when we were collecting donations for Mona’s Cowboy Inspiration Fund. Just recently I attended the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, and that was a totally different experience. The Cowboy Fest consists of a lot more traditional cowboy heritage. I thought this was amazing because you can see how the BC Cowboy Good luck to all of the history evolved and the different HSR queen contestants! generations of cowboys and cowgirls who have made us who we are today. Also recently, we held the 2011 HSR queen seminar, where we had a really good turnout of six girls. This doesn’t NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP sound like much, but 2011 CLINICS when you go from with none, to a few, to six – that is pretty good. LARRY STEWART The seminar was a Paradise Hills Ranch success and I believe 648 Creighton Valley Road, Lumby, BC all the girls had a good time and learned a lot. July 11-15 I am looking forward Partnership Level 1 to seeing them in the future. July 18-22 Harmony Level 2

August 1-5 Refinement Level 3

August 8-12 Focus Camp (all levels)

Learn the Secrets to Success With Horses Phone: 1-877-762-5631

Fax: 250-762-3051 Join our e-mail club at

#1 stop for quality saddles, tack & equipment repairs at affordable prices! HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

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Crazy Cowgirls Support Children’s Wish By Chantal Macleod The arrival of spring marks the start of what promises to be an exciting rodeo season for Cassie Horner and Shelby Cummings, who form the dynamic duo known as the Crazy Cowgirls. For the past three years, the Crazy Cowgirls have been travelling to rodeos throughout Alberta.


Phoenix rides with Cassie in Brooks, AB


ore than just providing amazing trick riding performances, these young ladies have also been serving as ambassadors for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Since their partnership with Children’s Wish began, the Crazy Cowgirls have continuously found new ways to include their charity of choice in their performances. A Children’s Wish flag is always flown at the beginning of each performance and announcers share information about local children whose wish has been granted. The Alberta & NWT Chapter office is located in Calgary, AB with subchapters throughout the province but with a limited staff, the chapter relies on volunteers to help represent the foundation in rural communities. Stopping in any and all communities that host a rodeo, the Crazy

Cowgirls are helping raise funds, and even more importantly, awareness for the Children’s Wish mission of granting the most heart felt of children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. As part of their show, wherever possible, they invite local Wish children to learn the basics of trick riding and perform a trick with them. This past summer, nine year old Phoenix, who had a liver transplant as a result of end-stage cirrhosis, got to ride with the girls in Brooks, AB. To kick off their performing tour, Cassie and Shelby recently performed in Calgary for two shows as part of Aggie Days. While in town they met with Children’s Wish Chapter Director, Jason Evanson to present the donations collected over the last year, totaling $2,500. These young women are turning their passion for riding into a way of helping create the magic of a ‘wish’. Whenever the girls finish a show and are signing autographs at their trailer, a Children’s Wish donation box is sure to be close by.

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(l to r) Cassie Horner, Jason Evanson and Shelby Cummings


New Location Adds Excitement for 3rd Annual Alberta Wish Ride By Roger Matas

870-389-6328 Check us out online: Canadia Owned n Compan y Vaquero Style 100% Mohair Cincha 100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads World’s Finest-Canadian Felt HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

non-profit organization dedicated to fulfi lling a favourite wish for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

PINCHER CREEK FARM & HOME CENTER 1225 Main Street, Pincher Creek, AB 403-627-3606


KGPAIL3!,%02)#% %6%294().'9/52(/23%.%%$3&/2 /04)-5-0(93)#!,!.$-%.4!,(%!,4(




staging area for supper, entertainment and prizes. Riders must bring in a minimum of $50 in pledges to participate and there is a prize for the most pledges turned in. For every $25 in pledges, riders are given a ticket into a draw for a Billy Cook saddle which has been donated by Irvine Tack and Western Wear and Dark Horse Land Consulting Inc. Some great entertainment is already lined up and registrations are starting to come in. Riders can register on the event web site ( where they’ll also find full details about the day and can check out photo galleries of previous events. There’s even a blog where you can get updates about the event. It’s Once registered, participants will be able to set up an online donation page which will make it easier for them to collect pledges and for their supporters to get tax receipts. In the first two years the event donated almost $50,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Established in 1984, the Children’s Wish Foundation is a national



he Alberta Wish Ride has a new location for its third year which organizers hope will enhance the experience for riders. The 2011 event, August 20th, will be held at Single Tree Ranch near Bragg Creek Alberta. “We’re really impressed with Ramona and her facilities,� said event organizer Irene White. “She’s opened her ranch to us and providing a great area to host the event.� The two prior events have been held in Kananaskis, further west. While White says the Kananaskis facilities were great, Single Tree Ranch will be a bit closer to Calgary for participants and it offers new trail experiences. “We’re trying to change things up for the riders. This day is all for them because they’re the ones out raising the funds we’re donating to the Children’s Wish Foundation. We want to make this a great, enjoyable day for them and if we can make some changes to keep it fresh for the returning participants then that’s what we’ll do,� she says. The day consists of a pancake breakfast, a choice of three trails with different durations, then a return to the


93rd Annual Falkland Stampede By Ozzie Leaf. Photos by Rein-Beau Images


ur little town of Falkland, BC, with BC i ha population of 1,000, is busy preparing food supplies and camping accommodation for the 5 to 6,000 rodeo fans and families that are once again expected to attend on the May 21-23rd long weekend. Bill Boyd, Harvey Northcott, Del Northcott Harvey Northcott Rodeo will once again supply stock, as they have done for some 30 years. It is like a family tradition to have the Northcotts here, as they refer to Falkland as their home town. Unfortunately, it won’t be the same, as our good friend, Rodeo Legend, Harvey “Pilgrim” Northcott has left us. We plan to recognize Harvey at the Rodeo, along with Ted Vayro who is going to be inducted into The Rodeo Hall of Fame at Calgary in October. Our Stampede poster features a picture of Harvey, and we will have them available on Armstrong BC 250-546-9722 the grounds.


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3rd Annual Okanagan Breeders Showcase Something For Everyone and it’s FREE!


ark May 14-15 on your calendars to be at the Armstrong Fairgrounds for a full weekend of fun, education and trade starting at 10:00 a.m. each day! The Okanagan Breeders Group Equine Affair showcases local area breeders, with an extensive line-up of things to see and do for the equine enthusiast! There will be stallions on display, horses for sale, horse training demos and lectures each day and more. Watch our web site as the ads go up! For stallion owners interested in participating, fees and info are listed on the web site. The Trade Fair Exhibitors offer a full line of products, tack and services for everyone. Some tables are still available if you would like to participate; plus you get free advertising on our web site too! South Central Quarter Horse Association is presenting the ever popular AQHA Test Ride. This is an opportunity for horse enthusiasts to receive a brief one-on-one riding lesson on a Quarter Horse. Lessons are free and time slots are limited, so be sure to sign up early! There will be a Consignment Tack Sale, hosted by Armstrong Enderby Riding Club running from 10:00 to 2:00 BOTH days. So gather up your QUALITY clean tack and equestrian clothing for this great sales opportunity! For more info contact Michele 250-546-8977 or Rebecca 250-546-0052. Consignments can be dropped off near the barns on Friday, May 13 between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. Back by request is the Sale Horse Showcase! This is a Private Treaty Sale where horses will be pre-advertised and available on-site for prospective buyers to see and possibly try out. Great exposure for those looking to sell a horse. We offer a full page of advertising on the web site. Ads will stay up for a full year after the Showcase, with owner’s contact info available. Stabling is included in registration cost. Join us for our FREE Saturday Evening Gala starting at 6:00 p.m. in the Agriplex for some fun and entertainment including an Obstacle Driving Derby hosted by Okanagan Miniature Horse Club, a Free Daena and Marie Jump Demonstration, enabling Stallions n Janice and Astro and Sale horses to demonstrate their jumping ability, along with a Pas De Deux Dressage Demonstration, a Pairs Reining Demonstration, and Breed demonstrations featuring unique breeds such as the Curly horse, the Peruvian, the Caspian and the Friesian.

Check the web site for additions, schedule & updates!

There’s always something happening at Jandana Ranch!


Communication, Leadership, Rapport, Safety and Fun!

Lenox and Nexus

The Jandana Ranch Natural Horsemanship team of Janice Jarvis, Daena Jarvis and LLenox Neher will be presenting a demonstrattion at the Okanagan Breeders Showcase in Armstrong May 14-15.

“3 Different Horses, 3 Different Backgrounds.”

Jandana Ranch

30 minutes from Kamloops at beautiful Pinantan Lake

Dave & Janice Jarvis 250-573-5800 For a complete Clinic and Event Schedule see our website. • 19

Island Equine Affair By Niomi Pearson Photo by Greg Howard Photography,


he words “animal abuse” can conjure up numerous heartwrenching images - from cracked, untrimmed hooves to hollow, emaciated ribcages. Images and stories like these have spurred a local group of equestrians to action, with a brand new non-profit society dedicated solely to fundraising for horses in need. The Hope for Horses Society, based on Vancouver Island, is working to provide a fund to which reputable rescue organizations such as the BCSPCA can apply for aid in the care of abused and rescued horses. All funds raised will remain within the society until approved for disbursement by the review committee. The Society will examine each case individually and has a certified vet on the review panel to ensure each case is evaluated fully and fairly. The case can then be addressed financially on a holistic level - be it farrier, vet or training services, or feed and supplies. The society’s first major fundraiser, the 2011 Island Equine Affair, takes place June 11 and 12 at Beban Park in Nanaimo. The Affair aims to both entertain and educate with a host of clinicians, demos, lectures, and performances throughout the weekend. This year’s line-up includes triple gold-certified Chris Irwin trainer Trish Hyatt, Jodine Carruthers of Harmonious Horsemanship, and Adiva Murphy. Lecture topics will include

20 • Saddle Up • May 2011

emergency and general equine first aid, conformation and prepurchase exams. Clinicians and demonstrations will take place in the arenas, covering everything from dressage to roping. “Our hope is to make the Island Equine Affair Vancouver Island’s premier equestrian event Marion Weisskopff at of its kind in years to come,” 2010 Event. says media relations coordinator Niomi Pearson. “The Hope for Horses Society is a fabulous team with a wide array of backgrounds in the professional horse industry, including riding instructors, veterinarians and trainers.” The society is primarily based on Vancouver Island but has members across the province and hopes to one day expand their reach with a sister society on the mainland. For more information and exciting updates, visit their website at or contact Niomi Pearson at (250) 591-3634 or by email at


Confidence and De-Spooking Clinics with Bill Richey By Laurie Thompson

For any of us that have had an opportunity to participate in any kind of clinic, there’s a fundamental reason for attending. In the case of clinician Bill Richey, his clinics are designed to build confidence in both horse and rider but, and there is a but, he specializes in how building that confidence is done.


ill Richey’s home base is Newnan, Georgia. For over 25 years he has been a professional mounted police officer and is the founder and Director of National Mounted Police Services, Inc. For the past 25 years Bill has been conducting clinics training officers, civilians and their horses to perform safely and professionally under all circumstances. Bill will be a long way from home when he comes to Hope, BC for a two day clinic on June 18 and 19, 2011. The first lesson of the clinic is horse physiology and psychology. An understanding of equitation techniques whether you ride English or Western is used during the mounted drill component of the clinic. This working knowledge, along with the use of the horse’s instinct to interact with the herd, reinforces the horse’s ability to negotiate obstacles. Obstacles such as barricades, vehicles, bridges, tarps, teeter-totters, hanging tarps are used. These obstacles are then enhanced with sensory training with the use of smoke, fire, foreign sounds and changing lights. It is imperative that the rider be able to control every movement their horse makes in order to effectively work together. Before the course is completed, horses and riders will

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maneuver over teetertottering bridges, smoke, fire, flying shredded tarps, police lights/sirens, and much, much more. There is a very fundamental reason for seeking out Bill Richey and his very unique clinic programs – to establish a stronger relationship of trust and respect between you and your equine partner. For more information on Bill Richey and National Mounted Police Services, Inc please visit his website at www. For more information on the upcoming clinic in June, please contact coordinator, Laurie Thompson at (604) 869-1411 or See our ad in Saddle Up’s Shop & Swap under “Events.”

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2011 Schedule of Courses May 10-17 Canine Massage Certification, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Beverly Adams May 12-15 Equine CranioSacral Therapy Level 1, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Gail Wetzler May 16-24 Equine Massage Certification, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Tina Watkins May 27–June 2 Equine Acupressure Foundation Course, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Diana Thompson June 11-12 Equine Jin Shin Jyutsu, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Adele Leas Sept. 15-19 Equine MyoFascial Release Level 1, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Ruth Mitchell-Golladay Sept. 22-25 Equine MyoFascial Release Level 1, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Ruth Mitchell-Golladay Oct. 25-Nov. 1 Canine Massage Certification, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Beverly Adams Oct. 27–Nov. 4 Equine Massage Certification, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Tina Watkins Nov. 14-22 Equine Massage Certification, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Debranne Pattillo Course enrollment is limited. Early Bird registration available. All graduates are eligible to become members of the IEBWA and able to get group liability insurance discount. Already have a practice? Contact us about Continuing Education or IEBWA Membership! For more information:

403-556-0716; E-mail 22 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Gaited Horses Invited to 14th Annual Interior Fun Show By Jackie Evans

It’s that time of year again. A bunch of diehards are still organizing the #1 Rated for Fun event featuring all the different gaited breeds of horses found in our province.


hat would include the Tennessee Walkers, Peruvians, Icelandics, Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, and any other purebred or part-bred horse or mule that gaits (or as the old terminology goes, singlefoots). While the show has a lot of games and challenging things to do on horseback, like Ring a Ding-a-Ling, Variety Pack or the ultimate ‘car wash’ on the Tricky Trail, there are also breed gait, pleasure and equitation classes to demonstrate other kinds of horse and rider proficiencies. The committee has but one objective – to provide the highest possible level of safety and fun! With 44 classes over two days, there is likely something for everyone to enjoy.

So where are all of you gaited horse owners? We need you at the show to help us have that fun we’re promising. Never mind that you have never shown your horse – we have classes for first time riders and first time horses. This is a show where all ages turn out – from the leadliners to the longtimers. You can use whatever tack you like and wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. It’s all about participation, smiling with pride as you ride your horse, laughing as you are challenged, and enjoying just being around other folks who like to ‘glide as they ride’. Not to mention that ribbons and prizes will be awarded for all classes. As the saying goes, life is too short. Don’t put off opportunities to enjoy your

horses and do things with them that could be very rewarding and memorable. Our show has been a success every year. Will you and your good bud join us on June 11 & 12 at the Armstrong Agriplex? See our ad on this page for more details.


June 11 & 12 Armstrong Agriplex

Any Gaited or Part-Breed Gaited Horse WELCOME! Start Time: Sat. 9 am, Sun. 8:30 am Single class, day or weekend entry fees

Judge - Dawn Heppner, Kelowna, BC For more info contact: Premium List and Registration: Brenda: or John at 250-546-6621 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 23

Why Breed Horses? By Chris Irwin We call her Katja, but on her registration papers this gorgeous bay Trakehner mare was named Katherine the Great. Twenty years ago, when I first purchased Katja down in California, I thought her breeder had given her a rather pretentious name. Now, looking back over two decades of experience with her, I must admit that she has lived up to the lofty title.


say Katja has lived up to her registered name because she is a great leader of her herd. She has demonstrated consistently throughout the years that she is an extreme force to be reckoned

24 • Saddle Up • May 2011

with, but absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I have introduced Katja to many different horses of different breeding and she has been an Empress for them all. Be they Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses,

Arabians, Morgans, mustangs, draft horses or any of the other warmblood breeds, Katja has always ruled a large herd with just a mere “look” that clearly communicates her intense commitment to her authority. And yet she is never a bully, so the horses do not fear her, but they never significantly challenge her either. Why? All behaviour in any creature is a result of the combination of nature and nurture. Be it horse, human, cat, dog or guinea pig, we all inherit the DNA from our parents that give us the tools to be who we are - but then our family, community and culture affect how we inevitably use our inherited tools in terms of how we respond in life with our behaviour. I’ve read recently about a new study that suggests that, after centuries upon centuries of breeding horses, our attempts to enhance and improve their behaviour and performance has, at best, improved their athletic ability by no more than 10%. In other words, after all these centuries of breeding, horses are only 10% physically “better” at running, jumping and being equine athletes. So the real dramatic breakthroughs in horsemanship are not to be found in breeding, not in the “nature” of the horse, but in the “nurture” or the handling, training and relationships with the horse. But then again, it is not that simple. The next question to ask is what have the horses been bred for? What character trait has all the breeding tried to improve upon? I mention this because Katja is indeed “Katherine the Great” as an Alpha mare because her breeding was focused on “sensibility.” And sensibility is also synonymous with “trainability.” HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Why Breed Horses, cont’d

Katja’s DNA is not the result of focused breeding to run faster or jump higher or be stronger in the harness. Katja comes from a long line of what I prefer to call “yes” horses. (As opposed to “maybe” or “no” horses.) And when horses bred for sensibility end up in the hands of sensible trainers, their potential can be significantly enhanced and a wonderful horse can result. I have had Katja live with as many as 30 horses in her herd and she rarely needs to bite any of them. And she does not allow them to bully each other either. Whenever Katja sees one horse start to unjustly push another horse too much she intervenes by simply putting herself between the bully and the horse she is protecting. She does not bully the bully in return - she just gets in the way of the bully like she did the pinto at the water trough. And when Katja gets in their way, they all eventually bow to their Queen.


Now let’s tie together a few different themes by looking at two photographs of Katja in relationship with two different people. In the first photo, we see Katja in the round pen with my wife, Kathryn. Kathryn is asking Katja to approach her by opening her right hip (some might see Kathryn as resting her right leg) and Katja recognizes this body language signal as an invitation to come be with Kathryn. Katja is approaching Kathryn with a lovely “level-headed” frame of body that expresses a calm self-assuredness with a passive and willing attitude. Katja’s focus is obviously on coming directly into Kathryn’s open invitation and her tail is curled indicating she is relaxed. In this photo, we see a very dominant horse that all other horses bow to, coming respectfully to someone who knows how to clearly speak her language.

In the second photo we see Vivian, one of my working students visiting from the Netherlands, riding Katja as they stand quietly by the river enjoying the view. Katja is standing square, straight, perfectly balanced, and very well rounded with incredible “self-carriage” in her collection, revealed by the light contact Vivian has on the reins. A heart-warming image of a human and a horse together in body, mind and spirit. In closing, it is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and these two simple photographs with Katja speak volumes about the potential for grace and beauty when good breeding for temperament is balanced with good training and knowledgeable handling. Until next time, may the Horse be with you. • 25

Horsewomanship Clinic at Riversong Ranch By Birgit Stutz Photos courtesy of Falling Star Ranch

Participants and spectators from all over Alberta braved the spring breakup conditions to attend a two-day horsewomanship clinic at Riversong Ranch Equestrian Centre, south of Whitecourt, taught by Kathryn Kincannon-Irwin and Birgit Stutz.


he clinic started out with a round pen demo, during which participants learned about horse communication through body language and how to set clear boundaries by being assertive, but not aggressive. Over the course of the weekend, every participant received individual sessions with Kathryn and Birgit, from round penning, to inhand leading, lungeing, long-lining and riding. The changes in the horses over the course of the two days were remarkable. A horse that came into the round pen with a lot of bravado and loud body language on the first day, ended up following his owner around in the round pen calmly, politely, and with a low head. Bridling issues and mounting issues were resolved. Pushy horses became more polite and respectful of boundaries. Unfocused horses became relaxed and focused on their handlers as the humans learned to stay in the moment and pay attention, putting “frame of body equals frame of mind” into practice. High-headed, inverted, and braced horses became softer, with a level to low frame, as their riders started steering from their seat and legs instead of from their hands. The horses appreciated it, and from the beaming faces of the participants, it was clear the women liked it too! It was a relaxing, fun, rewarding weekend not only for the horses, but for the participants and spectators as well. A consensus of appreciation was evident as women discovered a newfound understanding of what horses need from us. The next clinic is May 31-June 5. See our ad on page 25 for more clinics and contact information.

26 • Saddle Up • May 2011

Clinic Reviews: “The experience that Kathryn and Birgit create for the participants and spectators of their clinics is one of mutual respect for horse and human. The utmost care and consideration are given to both horse and participant allowing neither to ever feel training is a battle of wills, it is just understanding. This understanding of the equine language is an amazing and uplifting tool that has permanently changed my horse’s world as well as mine. I highly recommend a visit to Riversong Ranch or Falling Star Ranch for anyone looking to truly bond and find the magic with their horse.” - Mabel Young (Peers, AB) “I have tried many different methods of horse training. The method taught at this clinic is the definition of Natural Horsemanship. There are no gimmicks or quick fi xes as it is all about the communication and true bonding between human and equine. Body Language is the only thing necessary to achieve a calm, level-headed horse both in-hand and under saddle. The experience of watching the clinic has inspired me to learn this language. I know that learning from both Kathryn and Birgit will help me to achieve a mutual, respectful relationship with my horses.” - Corinne Grant (Carrot Creek, AB) Birgit Stutz is a Chris Irwin Gold-Certified Trainer and Coach with a passion to help horses and humans have a better relationship with each other through understanding of equine psychology and body language, as well as fundamental riding skills. She makes her home at Falling Star Ranch in Dunster, BC. For more information, visit

In-hand leading

Kathryn Kincannon-Irwin doing a round pen demo

Birgit Stutz with Belgian molly mule Flame


Herbal l Blend for r Mares s

Ri va ’s ProPro-Dygest Hea ling Spirit iva’s a’s sR Remedies


We Help Horses Riva’s Equine Health Line:1.800.405.6643

Healing Horses Naturally By Marijke van de Water SPRING GRASS AND PROBIOTICS Q: One of my mares has a problem in the spring transitioning from hay to grass. The rest of the herd seems okay but she becomes bloated, gets a little colicky and doesn’t seem quite right. Is there anything I can do to help her? A: Digestive problems in horses going from a hay diet to a grass diet indicate that they are not efficiently fermenting the fibre or the sugar from the grass. In a healthy equine digestive system, starches and sugars should be digested in the stomach and small intestine (foregut), with very few of these starches ending up in the cecum (hindgut) for fermentation. The only food group that should be fermented in the cecum is fibre, from where horses get most of their energy. However, excess dietary starches/sugars from grain and/or grass cannot normally be completely digested in the foregut and must then be fermented in the cecum. Excess cecal fermentation of sugar and starch causes gas, heat, bloating, colic, acid build-up and eventually leaky gut and laminitis. As well, a horse on the new spring grass is not yet digesting everything completely in the foregut, therefore a larger than normal volume of mal-digested feed material needs to be fermented in the cecum. HCBC HC BC 201 010 0 BU BUSI SINE NESS SS OF TH THE E YE YEAR AR

Because hay and grass differ in sugar, starch and moisture content they each require different species of fermentative bacteria. This is why a horse’s diet must always be changed over slowly, so that the different species of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in the hindgut have time to adapt. For this reason, and for most horses, a grass diet must be introduced slowly and gradually increased. This might even mean starting at one-half hour to begin with and increasing by ten or fifteen minute increments per day, depending on the sensitivity of the horse. Despite a gradual introduction however, some horses will still exhibit symptoms indicating that they are low in probiotics. The process of fermentation is accomplished with billions of units of various strains of bacteria. Horses, perhaps more than any other species, rely on this healthy count of probiotics to maintain a balanced ecosystem in the gut. A deficiency of probiotics can cause bloating, colic, diarrhea, leaky gut, bacteria and yeast infections, poor immunity, unhealthy weight loss or gain and/or vitamin deficiencies. Introduce grass to your horse slowly and give ¼ tsp of the Riva’s ProColon, which is a blend of probiotics formulated specifically for horses. Use Gastricol once or twice daily to keep bloating and fermentation problems to a

minimum. Gastricol is a combination of homeopathic remedies for bloating, gas, colic and liver toxicity. Bear in mind that most horses should have limited exposure to pasture or must be kept off the grass completely until their digestion is improved. Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS, is an Equine Health & Nutrition Specialist, Homeopathic Practitioner and Medical Intuitive who has a natural health practice for horses (and their people). She is the author of “Healing Horses: Their Way!” and is a popular speaker at equine seminars and conferences.

www.sad saddl dleu eup • 27

It’s Time to Take a Stand... On a Mat! By Monty Gwynne, The Pony Fairy Why on earth would I want to teach my horse to stand on a mat? At first glance it seems like an easy enough thing to do, and perhaps it is, if you only look at the “big picture” and you have a quiet, non-spooky horse. But if you look closer at the skills needed to do this precisely, or the skills needed if your horse thinks it is like one of those “horse-swallowing puddles” you find on the trail, then it might not be so easy.


ven so, you could still ask why? Why stand on a mat? What could this possibly do for my horse other than get him to stand on a mat? I’d like to try and explain what you will gain from this simple exercise by explaining two different ways to train this behaviour using the clicker and positive reinforcement: targeting to the mat, and shaping the standing on the mat behaviour.

Targeting We always want to set our horses and ourselves up to succeed. Seeing as we have been working with targeting, how could we get the horse to target to the mat? We could have him follow the target (hopefully some of you have played with following the target in your exploration of targeting) and when he steps on the mat we would click and treat. When we clicked, we of course removed the target before delivering the treat. Now click and treat again several times as long as he is standing on the mat. You could even practice a bit of “grown-ups” while on the mat. Grown-ups is a behaviour that is already known to him, that has a history of reinforcement. You need to balance out the

Good approximation

28 • Saddle Up • May 2011


behaviours that you teach. If you spend too much time on the mat, reinforcing that, he will become reluctant to leave it. The mat is a good place to be. Why should he leave it? So present the target and have him follow it off the mat and click and treat for following and “catching” the target. Again, do this a few times and then have him follow the target back to the mat and repeat the above sequence. This gives you practice in balanced starts and stops, and stopping where you want. You can also think of targeting the feet to the mat (no one said it needed to be a nose targeted to something). This is useful for teaching ground tying or loading onto a trailer or standing next to the mounting block.

Shaping Another way to teach this would be to free-shape the behaviour. Turn the horse out into a small area and place the mat on the ground in a spot where it is likely to be noticed or in a likely path. Perhaps watch him in the pen for a bit and put the mat where he is likely to encounter it. (Managing your environment to set you and your horse up for success is an easy way to get the behaviour you are wanting.) Now remember, we are

Looking good

not expecting or waiting for the whole behaviour before starting to reward. We are rewarding successive approximations of the end behaviour. We are shaping the behaviour and will click and treat if he even looks toward the mat as a starting point for the behaviour. Food delivery in an appropriate place can also help set up for success, but do not lure with the food. Click and treat if he moves toward the mat. Reward even a tiny lean or step if he is afraid of the mat. We are allowing him to make the decision to go toward the mat. He is learning what will get him the treat. We are not pressuring him to go to the mat. The first time you do this with a horse, it can take a bit of time. Most horses have not been allowed to explore and think. They might wait for you to tell them what to do. You should try to resist doing this. A part of each behaviour that you train should be free-shaped, because this allows the animal to own the behaviour. It will also result in the animal performing this behaviour without prompts from the handler and even on its own when no one is around. I often find my guys standing on the mat in the arena, if I leave for a few minutes and it is out there. This helps the animal to become a problem solver, which is something I really want. Small successes for everyone involved will make learning occur faster than big steps. Read “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle for more on specific kinds of practice (learning

Smaller Target


It’s Time to Take a Stand, cont’d in small steps) that can increase skills up to ten times faster than conventional practice. So, this seems like a lot of work just to get your horse to stand on a mat. Perhaps not a lot of work if you have an easygoing horse that walks onto the mat and stands there the first time you ask. With the easy horse you could shape the behaviour and help get your horse on his way to becoming a problem solver. Can you have him, by shaping and clicking approximations, place a foot exactly where you want it placed? Can you refine the communication? All the rocking back and forth while getting the foot placed will improve his balance as well. Perhaps it would be a lot of work with a horse that is not into paying attention to you or is scared of the mat. By shaping the behaviour you will build his confidence and enhance your relationship with him. He will feel he has a say in things he is uncomfortable about and learn that he can become comfortable and solve problems. Each step in getting him to the mat politely becomes a major training task and will need to be spread out over several sessions. All the time you will be working on manners and lightness and calmness. Everything is everything else... this is why we stand on a mat. One of the major advantages of the small steps in clicker training is that you are never very far away from a click and treat, a reward for a good try, no matter

how small. And you are never far away from a place that you can quit for the day on a positive note. The training of any behaviour is never really finished so why think you need to finish it today? When you stop on a good note it is always easier to make progress the next day when you start again. You can make tremendous progress in training only 10 minutes a day. Start with a big mat, and make it smaller as the exercise gets easier. Try it, just for fun. Until next time... keep it positive. Monty Gwynne owns a private training/boarding facility, Flyin G Ranch, in Cochrane, AB, where she assists owners in training their own horses using clicker training. Monty has successfully trained horses of many breeds for many disciplines over the last 30 plus years, including many gaited breeds. Monty is the only Canadianapproved instructor for clicker training using Alexandra Kurland’s program (the founder of clicker training for horses). She has been training using the clicker for the past 12 years.

See The Virtual Tour at


P.S. The horse’s feet were not picked up by me and placed on the mat

Affordable Ranch At $539,000 62+ Acres Perfectly set Up For Year-Round Horse Pleasure 3 Bedroom/2 Bath 15 Minutes East Of 100 Mile House


Taking a stand



Horse & Rider TRAINING R CAMP May 25-27 or

any time, all year-round, upon request Contact: Darrel Warman 1-800-731-3422 Cell 250-609-0432 RE/MAX Country Lakes Realty each office independently owned and operated 100 Mile House, BC 7/11


WORLD CUP May 28-29 more info at Location: Mt. Currie, BC 5/11 • 29

Pony Breeders of Canada By Diana Macdonald Pony Breeders of Canada (PBC) is pleased to announce the development of the AllCanadian Pony Contest. The All-Canadian Pony Contest is the only place where East meets West and all points in-between without having to trailer your pony across the nation.


embers of PBC and Pony Breeders of Ontario can nominate their Canadianbred ponies to the All-Canadian Pony Contest at no extra charge. There are thirteen classes in the 2011 contest ten conformation classes and three performance divisions. Eligibility in the contest is determined entirely by placings at designated competitions on the approved list. The top four ponies in each class at AA-level shows, the top three at A-level competitions, the top two at B-level shows and the class winners only at C-level shows are eligible. The pony must earn a qualifying placing in the open class at one of these designated shows. Placings in restrictive breed, futurity or

other specialty classes do not qualify. In the performance division, ponies with the High Score in Dressage and High Score in Eventing will be rewarded and for Endurance, the High Placing/High Mileage ponies will be recognized. In all classes and divisions, PBC judges will award suitable prizes to the owner and to the breeders of each Champion All-Canadian Pony and each Reserve Champion All-Canadian Pony. A reasonable number of Honourable Mentions will also be designated based on the tabulated results. In addition to the official judges, pony enthusiasts will be able to pit their judging skills against the official judges and send their placings in. The pony enthusiast with the

highest judging score when compared with the official results will receive suitable gifts as well. Complete rules and details on the All-Canadian Pony Contest and the You Be the Judge Contest are located on the PBC website (www. Entry deadline is December 1, 2011. Pony Breeders of Canada is dedicated to promoting the breeding, recognition and sales of top quality Canadianbred ponies for sport, breeding and pleasure. For more information, visit our website (www.PonyBreedersOfCanada., join us on Facebook (Facebook Group: Pony Breeders of Canada) or contact us via email at


io n

Equine Feed

H ig ut h ly Diges tible N


Ensure that you give your foal the right start with Step Right. Start Right is an extruded feed designed specifically for lactating brood mares, foals and weanlings. To find out more visit 1.800.663.2267 | | 30 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Stars of the West Challenge Cup By Jody Jackson


he NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry (NASPR) is the Sponsor of the newly created Stars of the West Challenge Cup. The NASPR offers a $500 bonus if the winner of the Stars of the West Challenge Cup is a registered NASPR pony, the owner is a member in good standing, and the pony shows under its NASPR-registered name. Stars of the West is a series of In-Hand Sportpony Suitability classes throughout various shows in Western Canada. These are qualifying shows where the winner of each class can move on to the Finals to be held at John Anderson’s Rocky Mountain Show Jumping facility, the ‘Rocky Mountain Classic III’ on September 3, 2011 in Calgary, Alberta. At each show in the series there will be four in-hand classes for ponies 14.2hh and under to be judged on Sportpony Suitability: one for foals and yearlings any sex; one for 2-year-olds any sex; one for Mares and Geldings 3-years-old and older; and one for stallions 3-years-old and older. Ponies need not be registered to participate or to enter the Finals, however, there is a $500 bonus prize at the Finals if the winning pony is NASPR registered before the Final competition and the owner is a member of the NASPR. If the winning pony is not registered NASPR the money will hold over and increase each year. The series features a perpetual trophy cup sponsored by Pferde Traum Farm of Breton, AB. A list of qualifying shows will soon be available at http://www. For NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry information, please contact: Jody Jackson: or call 406734-5499.


North Okanagan Therapeutic Riding Association (NOTRA) By Dani Goldenthal

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! NOTRA celebrates our 20th ANNIVERSARY Ride-A-Thon Sunday, June 26th, 2011


questrians young and old are invited to download a pledge form from and join us at Coldstream Ranch for our 20th Anniversary celebration Ride-AThon. Prize packages are awarded to the individuals who raise the top and runner-up pledges in three age categories: Adult, 14-18 and 13 & Under. For every $20 in pledges raised, your name is added to the draw for our Grand Prize – a two hour boat tour for 20 people with Cruise Okanagan! The ride itself is a Poker Ride and consists of a short route (1½ hour hours) or a long route (3 hours). Prizes will be awarded for the top two poker hands. There will be a Chinese Auction going on throughout out the day and a barbeque lunch with entertainment provided by local Western Entertainer, Rob Dinwoodie after the ride. This will be our second year of offering the Club Challenge – gather some friends from your club, 4-H group, boarding stable, etc. and the group that raises the most in pledges will win a clinic with Dave Collins on horse massage. Our Ride-A-Thon is NOTRA’s single biggest fundraising event of the year. All of the money raised goes directly toward making the program accessible, financially, for all riders with disabilities no matter what their financial situation. Gather a group of friends and help us celebrate our 20th Ride-A-Thon by making it the most successful yet!

Volunteers NEEDED The heart of the NOTRA program is our volunteers; without these generous people giving of their time, there would be no program. One of my favourite quotes about volunteerism is… “It is one of the beautiful compensations of life, that 32 • Saddle Up • May 2011

no man can sincerely help another without helping himself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is so incredibly true! I’ve met so many people over my 12 years with NOTRA who start volunteering with the sincere intention of doing it solely to help others, but what they have received in return in the smiles and laughter… the tears of joy… it’s indescribable! Come and join us this spring… find out what magic a horse can do for the souls of those around it! We are still very much in need of volunteers for our 3:00-5:30pm classes on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday as well as our Monday morning classes from 9:00–11:30am. Contact Dani if you are interested in helping out 250549-0105 or e-mail

Horses NEEDED NOTRA is looking for a few good horses. Specifically, we are looking for geldings in their midteens, approximately 15 hands with stocky strong builds. They need to have impeccable ground manners, gentle natures and not easily spooked. They also need to be sound. We offer a couple of different options – we can lease horses for our two 8-week sessions in exchange for a donation receipt (this option is especially beneficial for the owners who don’t want to give up ownership of their horse, but would like them to have a “job”). The other option is the outright donation of a horse in exchange for a tax deductible donation receipt. As NOTRA can only own a limited number of horses, we are looking for possibly one more to own and then two or three to lease.

Please contact Dani at the number or e-mail address above if you have a horse that you think might be just right for our program. We operate out of Historic O’Keefe Ranch (North of Vernon – 9380 Hwy 97N)


BC Seniors Games – Updated Information By Liz Saunders Co-chair of Equestrian Events


his is a follow up to the article in last month’s Saddle Up regarding the BC Seniors Games. While most of the information was correct the information on the scheduling of events was in error. The dates of the Games are correct August 16–20. However, rather than one event from each discipline each day the following format will be used: Reining – Wednesday, August 17 Driving – Thursday, August 18 Dressage – Friday, August 19 Hunter/Jumper – Saturday, August 20 This format accommodates the travel and time commitments of the various Judges.

format. A social event for like-minded people; in our case that would be a love of horses. We are excited to be able to offer Equestrian events as part of the Seniors Games as many communities do not have the facilities for including our sport. If you are interested in participating, log on to the BC Seniors Games web site, find your Zone on the map, click on your Zone and tab down to find your Zone Rep. Contact your Rep to find out how you can enter as each Zone has its own requirements. If you click on the Equestrian link you will find more information on the classes in each discipline. We are looking forward to meeting and greeting people from across the Province and we can’t wait to show off the beauty of the West Kootenays.

The tri-cities of Castlegar, Trail and Nelson in the West Kootenays are proud to be working together to present these Games. The Equestrian events will take place at the Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Grounds in Castlegar. This is a great facility with a large main arena, a dressage arena, well constructed stalls and lots of camping room (sorry no hook-ups). There is also a concession on site which will be open for lunch every day. The Seniors Games are for those of us 55+ and are designed to be a fun form of participaction, in a mildly competitive

John & Josh Lyons Certification Program Now Offered In Canada Taught by Lyons Legacy Master Trainer

SHAWN SEABROOK First Program First Session: June 6-17, 2011 Second Session: June 27-July 8, 2011

Second Program First Session: Sept. 5-16, 2011 Second Session: Sept. 26-Oct. 7, 2011 Location: Wild Card Ranch, Didsbury, Alberta For information or to book your spot contact: Shawn Seabrook at 403-998-7289 E-mail: Photos byy Charles Hilton Photography g p y


Bella Arabella! Introversion versus Extroversion By Sandy Lang

It was late November. Dusk was upon us when we arrived at a ranch nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The anticipation was building to see, for the first time, the beautiful mare that I was told would be my perfect partner. I owned four horses already, and was looking for a more extroverted horse that would be flashy and outgoing for my demos.


pon our entrance into the paddock, a small herd of horses gathered. Among them, a flashy paint with a long flowing mane caught my eye. Could this be the one? Her colouring was striking. To my delight, she was the horse I had come to see! But, that evening in the round pen, as I asked the mare to pop up into a canter, I got a tingling gut feeling that she might not be as extroverted as I was led to believe. The next morning, we rose early for the long drive back to BC. As we loaded Arabella into the trailer, that same tingling feeling eroded my senses. This “extroverted� horse was

definitely showing left-brain introverted characteristics. But I ignored the sensation of doubt, shook my head, and headed down the road with Arabella in tow. Back at home, I allowed Arabella to settle into the herd for a few days. Then it was time to put the question of introversion versus extroversion to the test. Finding my answer didn’t take long. While playing with her on the line I realized she was not only introverted, but she had attitude. She was defiant in her willingness to create a partnership with humans, and by the look of her reaction to everything concerning me, it seemed she’d be happy to be rid of anyone walking on two legs. It didn’t take much to get her tail cranking and a brace rippling through her body. At this point, poop was more interesting to her than I was. I was disappointed by the knowledge that my new horse was introverted, yet I believed she came to me for a reason, and maybe I was to learn something from her. As far as the attitude went, I knew what I needed to do to change a bad attitude into a willing partner. It didn’t take

long for my disappointment to turn into excitement. I want all my horses to want to be with me, emotionally and mentally, and be a little bit provocative during our time together. This horse, at the time, was incapable of any kind of emotional or mental connection. Loving a challenge, and feeling some kind of spark, I felt confident it wouldn’t take much to win her heart - if I played my cards right. Where does one start when they have a horse with attitude, who has no desire to associate with people? Picking up her education where it left off doesn’t make sense. Arabella connected everything human to everything unpleasant. The first step in solving the puzzle was remembering what makes left-brain introverts (LBI’s) tick. The important thing to a LBI is their need to think and process. They’re introverted and therefore, like introverted people, when they’re asked to do something, they often can’t respond immediately. Their minds need time to process and interpret what’s been asked of them, before responding. They

Escape your hectic Lifestyle - Enjoy the Comforts of the Country with your choice‌ Jeanette Ullrich REALTORŽ

Downtown Realty Ltd. 6677 Highway 97A, Grindrod 4262 Salmon River Road, Armstrong 5409 Rochdell Road, Coldstream 57 Meadowview Road, Grindrod 6695 Highway 97A, Grindrod Irrigation Rights – 5 Acres Riverfront - 18.4 Acres Highway Frontage - 3.34 Acres Highway Frontage – 10.8 Acres Turn-key Equestrian Facility sFTOF3HUSWAP2IVERFRONT BEAUTIFULSCENERY s#REEKONPROPERTY sSQFTOFCOMFORTABLELIVINGSPACE sBDRMBATHINCLUDINGAGRAND-ASTER"EDROOM s'UEST#ABINAND3AUNA s,ARGE3HOP "ARN SETUPFORHORSES s3HORTDRIVETO3ALMON!RMOR6ERNON  -,3š


34 • Saddle Up • May 2011




Armstrong, BC 250-546-8791 or 250-306-3385


Bella Arabella!, cont’d have been noted for being lazy and dull, but being “unmotivated” best describes their character. Needing a reason to do something is high on their priority list, which makes doing endless circles in an arena completely senseless; it turns these thinking horses into dull, lazy, cranky, and difficult individuals. Putting pressure on a LBI is an instinctive response acted upon by those who don’t understand them. When a horse isn’t moving, we get more demanding, not realizing how detrimental this action can be. Over time, Arabella’s nature was continuously misunderstood, and she became conditioned to fight back; she looked more extroverted than introverted. I now understood why my friend, who recommended this horse, perceived her to be extroverted. She had such an adverse reaction to so many demands; she instinctively lashed out


with kicks, bucks, a cranking tail and a bracing body. I found it fascinating how this horse jumped into a quadrant she wasn’t innately predisposed to be in. My job became to help her find the comfort she was craving, to prove to her that a relationship with humans can be not only worthwhile, but also exceptionally rewarding. Relationship is Number One. If I train a horse without considering her needs, I just create a robot that follows commands, instead of a freethinking, opinionated, willing partner. Horses like Arabella, who need special consideration for their needs, let us know quickly they are not happy by portraying oppositional behaviour. The bottom line is that LBI’s (depending on their extremity)

demand us to consider their needs, and when we do, we can help them develop the most rewarding harmony of give and take that human and horse can achieve. Arabella had good basic training. I wasn’t concerned about what she knew, continued on page 36 • 35

Bella Arabella!, cont’d I was concerned about what she thought of people. I wanted her to be happy doing her job. I knew I had to slow everything down and take a completely new approach. In Arabella’s case, the phrase “slow is fast� has a diverse meaning. She not only needed me to slow things down, to give her time to think and process, but I needed to slow my expectations down as well, and offer her a new outlook on humans. Our first few lessons were based on just hanging out. Long walks together to graze, and then back to the arena with no demands. We played games like, “Can you find a cookie on the barrel?� This different approach triggered a spark of interest for Arabella, who was food motivated. Each simple task was rewarded with praise and love. Over time, rewards became superfluous and sparks of interest arose. Curiosity and desire were surfacing, her eyes and body had softened, and I finally felt her asking, “What’s next?� Our relationship was blooming. I was ecstatic to see this cranky horse evolving into a loving, motivated, partner. Now that we had a relationship, I could move forward in her education, keeping in mind I still wanted the interest and sparkle to remain intact. I believe in the saying, “Trust is easy to lose, and hard to gain.� All it would take for me to lose her would be to get demanding and expect an immediate response. I made a vow to honour her needs, which were really

quite simple: give me time to think, ask with respect and kindness, and keep my education interesting and progressive. My approach to Arabella remains the same throughout her higher education. I ask, and give her the time she needs to think and respond; I reward her often, praising everything she does, and I try to make my approach to a new task as interesting as I can. In response to my acknowledgement of her needs, she is keen to be with me, nickering soft ly when I praise her, and always offers her best effort. By understanding her horsenality, and being proactive with her needs, Arabella and I were able to develop a meaningful relationship based a mutual trust, respect, and friendship. In the end she has turned out to be the perfect partner! Sandy has been involved with horses since childhood. As an adult, she has worked under the Parelli umbrella as an instructor, and is now on her own teaching Natural Horsemanship. She specializes in understanding the needs of the horse, developing confidence, security, leadership, and motivation. Sandy travels across Canada teaching clinics, and welcomes individuals and groups to her facility in Abbotsford, BC. See her listing in Saddle Up’s Business Services section under Trainers.



250-260-4549 7BOUBHF0OF3FBMUZ*OD SE"WF 7FSOPO #$ 36 • Saddle Up • May 2011

Updated 4 bdrm, 2 bath home on 91 pristine acres at end of paved cul-de-sac. Crown land on 3 sides make this parcel most desirable. Newer fencing and x-cross fencing with over 50 tilled and irrigated acres. Plenty of water w/water license in place and underground irrigation to all ďŹ elds. New 40x72 hay shed w/4 stall and tack room in 26x38 barn. 1655 Watson Larson Rd (Barnhartvale) $1,150,000.

PAUL TOPOROWSKI Personal Real Estate Corporation RE/MAX Real Estate Kamloops Toll Free 1-877-374-3331 or 250-371-2868


BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductions By Mark McMillan Photo by Chevonn Haselhan

From left to right: Bill Downie, Bruce Watt, Doug White, Gordon Woods, Stan Wright, Iris Wright, Janet Wright, and pushing Stan is Burt Wright (I actually think he was there so he could stand with the girls).


he Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin hosted the annual BC Cowboy Hall of Fame reception on Sunday, April 17, and as usual it was a lot of fun, they had a great turn out, and there was tons of food left over! Around noon, all the inductees and their families and friends headed over to take in the first BCRA rodeo of the year, the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo. During the intermission, rodeo fans took their minds off the broncs and rodeo cowboys, and tuned in to the induction ceremony, which was held in the centre of the arena. The stands were full and the audience was definitely keen. Four cowboys, and one family of working cowboys, were all inducted. It was one of the few times that everyone was there to accept the plaques in person. I had the honour again this year of doing the speeches and Reta Seibert from the Museum handed out the plaques to the recipients. The inductees were: Bill Downie (Artistic Achievements), Bruce Watt (Competitive Achievements), Doug White (Artistic and Competitive Achievements), Gordon Woods (Artistic Achievements), and the Wright Family (as a Family, as Working Cowboys). Stan Wright, Iris Wright and her son, Burt, were present to receive their plaque. My compliments to the Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Committee, too, as they do a fine job, and we really appreciate the time they give us. I also loved our backdrop this year... we had a lot of royalty - eight girls, including both Miss Rodeo Canada and Miss Rodeo Canada Princess. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

KIRTZINGER QUARTER HORSES 1st Annual Production Sale

June 8 - 11, 2011 at the farm in Hay Lakes, Alberta SILENT AUCTION FORMAT On-line Bidding Welcome!

Come try out the horses prior to purchase. Check out our catalogue at or call 780-878-0002 FEATURING 50 HEAD (approximately) Bloodlines include: Kids Classic Style The Peppered Kid Call Me Tardee Clu Mr Be Downtown Sierra Te Sir Cool Skip Kidlook Kid Clusified Sheiks Whim, etc. - Started 2 and 3 year olds - 2010 and 2011 Foals - Good Show Prospects - 4-H & Ranch Prospects - Broodmares in Foal to The Peppered Kid GOLDEN GUNFIGHTER Call Me Tardee Clu 2-year-old 16HH Buckskin Stallion by “GC Hired Gun” Heartless Kid HE SELLS! Golden Gunfighter Financing OAC. • 37

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association By Victoria Kendall



he CWHBA Annual General Meeting and Seminar took place in Kelowna, March 11-13. Thirty directors and delegates from across the country participated in an intense two days of discussion and information sharing. Workshops, seminars and the AGM kept participants busy during the days, while a hospitality evening on Friday and an Awards Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday kept them entertained. Thanks to the host, BC Chapter, and especially to Michael Rabe and Connie Kempter for organizing. The Saturday morning workshop was focused on a review of the four-year Strategic Plan that was launched in 2010. Reports were received from the four planning committees outlining the work they had done and next steps for 2011. The afternoon featured a number of presentations. First, Dr. Grant Scott, an arthroscopic surgeon, gave an excellent overview of OCD, its causes and treatments. Dr. Scott’s knowledgeable and common-sense approach was welcomed by breeders. Besides the clarity of the information, the important take home message was: do not rush into surgery if your horse does not have clinical symptoms. Not all OCD requires surgical intervention, especially sound, mature horses with a performance history.

Equestrian and Residential P r o p e r t i e s

Unlimited Potential Here! 19.46 acre income producing Equestrian facility with multiple housing units, beautiful building sites. Indoor arena, 2 outdoors, Grand Prix field, 1/2 mile track, 33 Stalls. For Sale or Lease! Bring your offers and ideas! ALSO: 5 ACRE LOT - Flat, private, fully useable with septic and drilled well. Quiet dead-end street in highly sought after area of Langley (Salmon River). Beautiful place to build your dream home. SCOTCH CREEK COTTAGES in the Shuswap, Strata Lakefront, 300’ of beach on Shuswap Lake, great rental income. Beautiful family complex. $399,900. OUTBACK RESORT in Vernon on Okanagan Lake, fully furnished Townhouse. Live here year round or as a getaway and let the rental pool pay your mortgage!

The new Equine Canada Export Marketing strategy was explained in a slide presentation sent by Susan Stewart, EC Export Marketing Coordinator. This was a timely presentation following on the success of the CWHBA participation at WEG. The high point of the day, and a first for the CWHBA, was a panel discussion titled, “Bridging the Gap from Breeders to Performance.” Prominent trainers, coaches and judges from the Kelowna area were invited to give their views on how we can bridge the gap between breeders and trainers. This was an outstanding session that ran well beyond the time planned. An excellent dialogue took place over the two-hour session, and then into the evening as four members of the panel stayed for the Awards Dinner. Most impressive was the interest and openness of the trainers to work more closely with Canadian breeders. The key appears to be communication, and a number of ideas were generated to address that issue. Panellists Julia Bostock, Bill Ulmer, Isabel Reinertson, Lynda Ramsey and Katrin Maxwell were unanimous in encouraging breeders to approach them directly with horses for sale and agreed that this was something that few trainers had considered in the past. The Awards Dinner was followed by a very heated one-item live auction for the last set of CW embroidered polo wraps. Dana Young from Manitoba was the determined and successful bidder at sixty-five dollars. She capped her weekend off at the AGM by being elected to a two-year term as the new Vice Chair. The Annual General Meeting, which took place the following day, was largely occupied with reports and formalizing the plans from the previous day’s workshop. However, a motion from the floor, to begin DNA profi ling foals starting with 2011 foals, was carried after much debate. The CWHBA already requires DNA on stallions and mares at entry so the elements necessary to verify DNA parentage have been phased in over several years. Several other recommendations from the Strategic Plan were discussed and referred to the Board, including a proposal to include gallop and jumping evaluation in mare inspections. In all, it was a very successful weekend made possible by the generosity of several sponsors: Intercity Insurance, Capri Insurance, Gaitpost, Alberta Chapter CWHBA, Holliston and Associates, Rappenhof, Saskatchewan Chapter CWHBA, Lazy SB Branch Warmbloods, Mirrabook Farms and Apex Farms. Silent Service Donators were: Otter Co-op, Saddle Up Magazine, Hard Valley Warmbloods, Tanya Bergquist, Jennette Coote, Key Warmbloods & Two Willows Equine, Shaun Bruins-Slot, Quebec Chapter, Diane Hanson, Pheasant Ridge Farm, Mirrabook Farms, Charmaine Bergman and BC Chapter.

More Listings and Photos can be viewed at 38 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Roman Ramblings Greg’s column



250-260-4549 7BOUBHF0OF3FBMUZ*OD SE"WF 7FSOPO #$


em, my ole Arab, is turning 30 this month. Like me, his arthritis bugs him in cold/damp weather and I know that he is looking forward to sunny skies and naps in the warm shavings pile. There is just something special about a nice warm nap in the spring sunshine. Gem was napping in the sun when I came down to do poop patrol and as usual both the dog (Belle) and cat followed. Our new cat (Cleo) is overly curious and shows caution around the horses. But when she saw a horse laying down she couldn’t resist and calmly walked into the arena to get a real close-up look and maybe a sniff or two to see what it smells like. As she approached, Gem’s ear twitched and the cat sat back on her haunches for a few seconds and then leaned in and gave his head a good sniff. When Gem raised his head and snorted the poor cat couldn’t get away fast enough. I decided to walk over and lay down with my horse and just sit and talk and enjoy the sunshine. Naturally our dog came to join in and finally the cat did come back. The four of us just hung out for a half hour and talked about things and enjoyed each other’s company. I had my little camera in my pocket so I did take a few quick shots of our cozy group when we were all lying close but all the camera showed were my feet and the dog’s tail. The photo shows Gem and Belle and Cleo the cat in the arena/large paddock. Since the snow has finally gone and the ground is dry, Cleo loves having the biggest litter box she has ever seen. And I don’t have to pick it up because unlike our horses, she buried it at least 6 inches deep. Ride safe and return safe.


Back to BC’s Interior this Spring!

May 27-30, 2011 (4-day clinic) Learn to Excel from the Master of Traditional Horsemanship Foundation Horsemanship (a.m.) Horsemanship/Cow Working (p.m.) Colt Starting (p.m.)

Book NOW for Early Bird rate!

For info or to book contact: Chandra McNamara 250-491-8314 or e-mail

SPECTATORS: $30/day BOARDING: Stalls & Pens $15/day For a complete list of upcoming clinics call 1-800-349-7078 or visit • 39

For more information, contact Lisa Gardner (253) 208-8319 Host Hotel Sandman Hotel, Langley 1-800-726-3626

42 • Saddle Up • May 2011

• Free interactive clinics and demos by AQHA professional horseman • Trade fair • Fun socials designed for your family • And much, much more!


BC Interior Horse Rescue Society Update By Laurie Meyers Spring is in the air Mud is on the trail As riding season nears Time to clean From Tack to Tail


t seems like Old Man Winter doesn’t want to leave this year. Who can blame him; we do live in a fabulous part of the country. BC Interior Horse Rescue would like to introduce our two newest arrivals. First is Cashew, a mini: Cashew was surrendered to us when her forer owner was affected by the hard economic times, forcing a drastic downsize of livestock. Cashew quickly won the hearts of everyone Vienna, daughter of VP Lauri Meyers and Cashew around her and, as a result, has bonding with a hug. already been adopted by one of our board members. Our second arrival is a 3-year-old Thoroughbred Mare. The BCIHRS had a contest to find a name for our new mare. The top 4 names were; Jewel, Evening Star, Able and Libby. The winning entry came from Peggy Lowndes with the name Jewel. Congratulations Peggy and thank you. Jewel came to us with some medical problems that we have been actively treating. This little Mare has proven to be very calm, relaxed and forgiving. Once her medical issues have been resolved we can complete a full assessment then have her available for adoption. We will keep our website updated with new information. Training is continuing for Chips and Buddy; both of whom are fabulous big boys. They love their pets and ear scratches almost as much as being brushed and fussed over. Boots will be starting his ground training this year, as he is now a full 3-year-old. Boots won’t be a big boy, like Chips or Buddy, but he certainly does have a big heart. Nothing seems to faze this little guy. We are continually looking for donations of building materials (for our shelters) and hay. If you would like more information regarding donating, please visit our website at www.


20 acre Hobby Farm with 3 yr old, 4,300 sq. ft. 5 bdrm rancher w/triple car garage & 120 GPM well. Gorgeous custom Bergman home, slate tile entry, hand-carved plank oak hardwood floors. Spacious dining and vaulted living room w/cultured stone fireplace. Panoramic valley and Kamloops Lake views. Gourmet kitchen. Fully finished basement. Geothermal heat with A/C, cost $178/month. Fenced and x-fenced, 30x40 3-stall barn. 2nd home on property, all 15 mins to Kamloops. 5395 Rodeo Rd (Cherry Creek) $1,299,000. PAUL TOPOROWSKI Personal Real Estate Corporation RE/MAX Real Estate Kamloops Toll Free 1-877-374-3331 or 250-371-2868 • 43

Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan Bazaar photos courtesy of Rein-Beau Images


ow, things are starting to look busy around the South Cariboo in the horse world. There are lots of great events planned. First though, I must mention the sad news that our good friend and co-worker, Mike Puhallo, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. I’d like to stress though, please don’t write, phone, or email Mike. He’s very positive and upbeat and we really want to see him stay that way. Cards, etc, although well meaning, all say the same thing, “depressing.” If you’d like to support him and his family, you could make a much-needed donation at www., or attend the upcoming Mike Puhallo Benefit Cowboy Concert on May 13. Specifics about this event are given in a separate article on page 12 and 13 in this issue of Saddle Up.

So, a peek at the past... there was a Horse Bazaar at the 105 Riding

Arena on March 26-27. Organizer Randy Broadway said, “It was awesome. All the vendors and participants had a great time.” Following the Bazaar on Saturday, there was a dinner and auction held at El Caballo Restaurant in 100 Mile House as a fundraiser for the 100 Mile Cow Pony

Looking ahead... some great news! The South Cariboo now has a

Club. The meal was a super buffet with tons of food and some great company. I got a bit of a surprise when Randy came up and asked me “for a big favour” - he needed an auctioneer. Well, I’ve never done anything like that before, but he talked me into it. Although I had a terribly sore throat at the end of the night (there was no PA system) it was a lot of fun and hopefully the Cow Pony Club went home with a few bucks!

chapter in Back Country Horsemen! Thanks to Peter Reid, the guy that put it all together. Here’s what Peter had to say, “I didn’t realize that back country was more than just getting out in the wild with you and a packhorse. It’s about protecting and maintaining trails for future generations to enjoy. The majority of back country members are rig riders (take their camper and horse trailer to one location and ride out from there and return each night). The Cariboo has a chapter based in the North Cariboo and, among other things, look after Churn Creek. I believed we needed a South Cariboo chapter to protect horse interests in this area and I formed a chapter in January of this year. We currently have 24 members who all have a similar interest in getting together for rides and socials, and to work towards establishing trailheads and trails in our area.” Good show Peter! News Flash! We just got the word that 100 Mile House has been chosen as the location for the Back Country Horsemen 2012 Rendezvous, June 1-3, 2012. This is super news, and hosting this event for Back Country Horsemen’s 700 members is a great start for the South Cariboo Chapter. Attention spectators! Here are two major events on the same weekend. One of our highlights last year (as spectators) was the Combined Driving Marathon at Huber Farm in 70 Mile House. It’s scheduled again this year for July 9-10. On the Saturday, there will be a dressage test and a cone course, and on Sunday it’ll be



“More than just a Feed Store” - since 1964 Large selection of English & Western Tack Exeter Road, 100 Mile House

250-395-2408 6/11

44 • Saddle Up • May 2011 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Cariboo Chatter, cont’d the marathon - through a hazards course. This is huge fun, both for competitors and spectators. The course is designed so that spectators can easily get from one hazard to another and take in basically the whole event. Now that’s on the same weekend as the Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana, but that’s fine because, for spectators, Sunday is the big day at the driving event, and the Gymkhana is on Saturday! So make a weekend out of it. Check out for accommodation and restaurants in the area. They are both events you won’t want to miss and are well worth a trip to the South Cariboo!

The Cariboo Plateau Competitive Trail Ride will take place August 12-13 this year their 4th annual. It will be held at the Hills

Tannis Jones from Coquitlam with Joanne’s Daisy at last year’s Cariboo Plateau Ride. Photo by Joanne Macaluso.

Health Ranch campground at 108 Mile, and will offer levels 1, 2, and 3. Vet-checks commence at 3pm on Friday the 12th. For those who have never ridden around the Hills area, the trails are a combination of nice grassy footing along with some famous hard-packed Cariboo ground and, of course, a few rocky sections. The scenery is lovely, rolling hills and lakes. The ride is capped again at 30 participants, so please get your entry in early to avoid disappointment. Visit the BC Competitive Trail Riders website for entry and ride HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

information ( and, of course, you are welcome to contact ride manager Joanne Macaluso at: joanne_

The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame had their second induction ceremony for 2011 on April 17, at the Indoor Rodeo in Williams Lake. The details are available in a separate article on page 37 in this issue of Saddle Up. If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included please email Mark at and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line.

WHAT’S THIS? Readers do you know what this is? The correct answer will be printed in the next issue.

What’s your guess?

Last Month’s What’s This? The April issue’s photo was taken in our little museum. This glass bottle has a few names - Soda Siphon (or Syphon) and Seltzer bottle are the common ones. It was used a lot in the 1920s and 1930s for dispensing both carbonated water or soda water and certain alcoholic cocktails. Congratulations to the following people that had the right answer: Merlayne Reilly, Armstrong Larry Robinson, Oliver Kathy Gowdridge, Abbotsford Mary Relkov, Grand Forks (“I love your What’s This feature!!”) Meaghan Symes, Victoria (“Thanks for such a great magazine - I’m a claims adjuster and this publication is proving to be an invaluable tool.”) Tim Fox, Nakusp Ursula McHugh, Armstrong Maggie Tattrie, Calgary Elizabeth Peeters, Grand Forks

This month’s photo was taken in our little Meadow Springs Museum. The item is mostly wood but has a steel blade. Most folks will know the broad term of what it is, but we want to get the specific use for this tool. It’s about 9.5 inches long, 6 inches tall and about 1.25 inches wide.

E-mail Mark at and put “What’s This?” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province.


Accommodation and Activities in the Watch Lake / Green Lake Area ~ Gymkhanas - July 9th & August 13th ~ Fishing Derby - June 4th & 5th ~ Cariboo Country Night - September 10th • 45

Horse Slaughter By Tessa Aliece Phillips, age 16, Sicamous, BC When I hear stories about horses that lost their lives at the hands of humans in slaughter plants, my faith in humanity vanishes. When I browse Craigslist and see all the free horses - the ones that are young, broke to ride, friendly - and will ship to slaughter that Friday, I cannot believe humans can be so cruel. When I hear humane and slaughter in the same sentence I want to scream; those two words can never ever fit in a sentence together.


hen I receive letters, thanking me for my input but assuring me that livestock, including horses, are checked before slaughter for any drugs in their system, I cannot believe the stupidity. It is not possible to check each of the 100,000 horses slaughtered in Canada each year for Bute, deworming drugs, vaccines and the many other medications given to horses for health issues. It is known that they only check about 15% of horses that enter the slaughter pipeline. When I hear the tragic stories about PMU foals and mares, I cannot believe it. (PMU stands for Pregnant Mare Urine.) The PMU mares are bred back to back to produce urine to be used in making hormone replacement drugs for women, such as Premarin, Prempro and Premphase. These mares are forced to stand in “pee lines” for most of their lives. A mare normally stays pregnant for 11 months. For six to seven months of their pregnancy, the PMU mares are confined to very small stalls and hooked up to pee lines. In the pee line, pouches are attached over the mare’s urethra to collect the urine. While attached, the PMU mares cannot turn around, lie down or even groom themselves. Some mares are forced to stand for the entire 6 or 7 months. These mares are usually deprived of water, so that the urine will be as concentrated as possible. The average horse will live for about 20-30 years. PMU horses do not usually live this long. Liver and kidney disease are very common among these horses. When they can no longer stand in the pee lines, or become unable to get pregnant, they are sent to the 46 • Saddle Up • May 2011

horse slaughter plants. What happens to all the foals that are born to these mares? The unlucky ones that are not rescued are sent to slaughter. Most of these colts that go through the slaughter are supposed to be at least six months of age. Some of these foals are sold for their skins. There is a high demand for “pony skin”. It’s a shame that these poor, innocent creatures have to die so that someone can wear pony skin shoes. As if that isn’t heartbreaking enough, there are the undercover videos taken from Bouvry and Richelieu, two of Canada’s most well-known slaughter plants in Quebec and Alberta. You can Google g those. But despite p all this sadness, I have found faith in humanity again. How? About a month ago, ten horses left Camelot Auction in New Jersey to fi ll a kill buyer’s quota. They were purchased privately during the auction and shipped soon after. Camelot Horse Weekly is an amazing Facebook page, where several people network out the 20-50 horses in the feedlot each week, to try to find them homes. Because of Camelot Horse Weekly, not a single horse had left Camelot Auction for slaughter since November 2009 – that is, until the “Camelot Ten” left a few weeks ago. It was mentioned on their page that one of the horses in the feedlot, a beautiful mare named Dove, had been calling to her friend in the other pen. Comments were posted on her photo, asking who Dove’s friend was, so that they could be saved together. The grave news came that Dove’s friend, Truffles, had been one of the ten horses shipped out. This caused a huge uproar. But then

a miracle happened. The auction owner bought them all back from the meat buyer, including Truffles. With hard work, the Camelot Ten, and all the new feedlot arrivals from that week’s sale, made it to new homes. Dove was saved by an amazing woman who had just lost her pony and Truffles was saved by Dream Catching Meadows Rescue, where she now has a stall right across from... Dove! Despite the sadness that happens every day, good things are happening, too, because of the efforts of groups like Camelot Weekly and the dozens of registered and private rescue groups, compassionate groups like Rainbow Bridge Detour, the BCSPCA, and many individuals. The people who network these horses out and those who donate, adopt or sponsor them - each one helps to make a difference and I thank them. I also thank Sarah K. Andrew, in particular, for taking beautiful photos of each of the feedlot horses; her photos show these horses for what they truly are: “diamonds in the rough.” I also thank those Members of Parliament who support bills to stop horse slaughter and the transport of livestock across borders, who fight to improve animal laws and to protect our wild horses. And to every animal that has died an inhumane death at the hands of my fellow humans, “R.I.P.” One day, this madness will end.



By Kimberly Robertson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

on pasture, this may cause the horse(s) to gorge themselves. To avoid this happening implement the gradual process outlined above. Note: These are only general guidelines for more specific information please contact your local veterinarian.

When Spring arrives:

Spring Pasture Management A green pasture is a joy to any horse owner. Not only will it provide adequate exercising opportunities to the horses, but it will also permit them to forage for their food. Especially at the end of a long winter, the sight of fresh green grass beginning to emerge is a welcome sight. In general, the quality of spring pasture is quite different from the late growing season. Early spring grass has higher water content, is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. Too much spring grass can cause diarrhea because the grass is more easily digested, so the rate of passage through the gastro-intestinal tract is faster. By slowly introducing your horse(s) to spring pasture this allows the bacteria responsible for digestion to adjust to the change in the diet, allowing your horse to better digest the fresh grass. One hour is the recommended maximum time allowed for spring grazing. If you are unsure then stick to the golden rule “less is always better.” Start introducing your horse to pasture 20 minutes per/day, slowly increasing the time allowed over a number of days by 10-15 minutes each day. You may also need to continue to supplement your horse’s diet with hay depending on the quality of your pasture and your horse’s physical condition. If you keep your horse(s) on pasture year-round they will automatically start to seek out grass as it starts to grow and will acclimate to the changes in your pasture. Remember if your horse(s) has been out on pasture all winter and you pull them off of it temporarily and then put them back HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

* First, do a soil test to ascertain the pH levels. Then as indicated by the test results supplement pasture with lime and fertilizer as needed. While this may delay your ability to let the horses out to graze, it is well worth it in the long run. * If your pasture is still very muddy from recently melted snow or persistent spring rain, wait until the ground has dried out a bit before allowing the horses out onto it to avoid holes and ruts from forming in the soil with their hooves. This will prolong the life of your pasture. * Take the time to walk around your pasture to check fencing and gates before turning your horse(s) out. It is possible that the poles or wires have loosened during the winter, in large part because of the repeated freezes and thaws. This may also have caused wooden boards to have come loose. * Check fence posts to ensure that they are still anchored solidly in the ground. Sometimes they can come loose when the soil changes due to excessive moisture. * Keep an eye out for potentially poisonous plants that are harmful to horses and remove them immediately. * Verify that the horses’ water supply has defrosted and the animals can now drink at will. * Also ensure that there is a mineral block available to them.

Horse Week June 4th–12th, 2011 “A pony is a childhood dream; a horse is an adulthood treasure.” Rebecca Carrol Horse Week is an opportunity for us to share the joy we find in our equine friends with others in our community. There are many horses throughout BC that do not have

a human to spend time with them. If we can introduce someone new in our community to the rewards of owning or leasing a horse, we just might find one of those horses a caring human or even a new home! During Horse Week, get your club to hold a schooling show, a Gymkhana, a breed or sport demonstration, or an open house at your barn. Invite the public to come and watch, or to meet the horses. Suggest that the local school arrange a field trip to your event. Organize a trail ride and send photos to your local newspaper or TV station. Get the word out! Register your event with HCBC by emailing with the location, time, date, contact information and a description of your event. Horse Council BC will be making some tools available to HCBC member clubs to help them organize and promote their Horse Week events. Check the Horse Week page on the HCBC website for updates. BC Heritage Finals July 15–17, 2011 Thunderbird Show Park

Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Driving, English and Western Performance, Speed Events. Contact Ali Buchanan, Manager of Competition, at for more information. $10,000.00 Prize Money & BC Heritage Finals is the Qualifier for the Canadian Equestrian Championships, September 15–18, 2011 in Bromont, Quebec.

How to Reach Us HCBC office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 Fax: 604-856-4302 • 47

BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association By Janice Reiter RITE OF SPRING?


t the beginning of February Punxsutawney Phil proclaimed we’d have an early spring. Tell me, what does a fat rodent know anyways? The lingering miserable weather proved a challenge for local cutters trying to get their ponies legged up and attain a level of fitness conducive to outmanoeuvring a contingent of high spirited, adolescent bovines. That being said, when the word went out that the BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association was holding its first show on March 6th, in Agassiz, a surprising number of brave souls ventured forth. Heading out along the freeway in the early morning we were greeted by a strange phenomenon, sunshine. It illuminated the fresh snow on the mountains that had crept dangerously low; especially in the direction we were headed. Our host for the day, Bill Klop, is a trusting soul. He allowed a bunch of cattle deprived cowboy wannabes to confiscate his arena, while he stole away to enjoy a little warmth in Arizona. Perched in a chair, high above the sandy loam, sat NCHA carded AAA judge, Les Timmons

from Kamloops, BC, whose keen eye didn’t miss the slightest flicker of leather headed in an errant direction. There’s something about playing with cattle that builds up a hankering for a good burger. Club member Marti Ross was in charge of the BBQ while family members rounded out his catering crew. Funds raised benefited the Ross’ daughter’s 4-H chapter. Once we wiped the ketchup off our chins it was time to head back inside and complete the remaining classes of the afternoon. When the buzzer sounded on the last rider the sun was still shining. A hint of things to come? Maybe spring reallyy isn’t that far away. NEWS FLASH: The BCRCHA is going to give one lucky club member a new, custom cutting saddle. No tickets to buy. Simply earn entries by participating in club sponsored events. Draw will be held at the annual awards banquet. For more information on the BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association visit our website, or follow us on Facebook, BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association, we want to be your friend.

NCHA judge, Les Timmons (left) takes a break to chat with Travis Rempel.

Haley Stradling (left) and Deb Anderson take a turn around the warm up pen.

100 Mile Sliders Reining Club Host Gus Evagelopoulos By Isabella MacQuarrie. Photos by Pete McLennan.


he 100 Mile Sliders hosted a Reining/Horsemanship Clinic at Easy Go Ranch in Lac La Hache on April 15-17. The clinic saw 8 eager participants work in one-on-one sessions with professional reining trainer and AQHA Horseman, Gus Evagelopoulos from Armstrong, BC. Gus was able to quickly hone in on individual needs and work with each participant at their own level of comfort and on their own specific goals for themselves and their horses. The 100 Mile Sliders is a local chapter of the Western Canadian Reining Association, and this is their 3rd year in existence. Their goal is to promote the sport of reining, and working cow horse to 100 Mile and the surrounding communities, by hosting clinics and regular riding nights. To date the Sliders have brought some highly respected reining trainers from across Western Canada, into the 100 Mile area, 48 • Saddle Up • May 2011

including Clay Webster, Lynda Smith, Amanda Self and Sherri Thomson. The Sliders encourage anyone interested in developing their riding and horsemanship skills to get involved. You can find out more about the Sliders by visiting their blog at, http://100milesliders., or by phoning Isabella at 250397-7770. Don McNish (on horse), Sliders member, talking with Gus.


Interior Cutting Horse Association By Bonnie Meints


he Interior Cutting Horse Association is off to a great start to the 2011 Cutting Season. We already have two shows completed and by the time this is published, our third. Our standings to date are:

If you would like to watch some first-rate cutting and support a very worthy case, mark Sunday, May 8, 2011 on your calendar! The Interior Cutting Horse Association and Doug and Laurie Haughton of Knutsford’s Southlands Ranch, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, are excited to present the “Cut for the Cure,” on Mother’s Day 2011. Competitors will be donating their day’s winnings to the Canadian Cancer Society. There will be a bridle-less competition with a Calcutta-style auction. The buyer of the winning competitor will take half the money and the balance will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Throughout the weekend, silent auction items will be available for bidding. We hope this will be a very successful fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, and that it will become an annual tradition. Our club fundraising raffle for a pair of custom-made chaps by Don Loewen of Merritt is well under way, and tickets are selling quickly. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win a prize valued at $600 for the low-ticket price of $10. Clubs cannot succeed without volunteers. Prizes cannot be awarded without sponsors. Cutting events cannot happen without cattle suppliers who afford us the privilege of working their cattle, and landowners who graciously host our club. For this we are extremely thankful. Well, that about wraps up the ICHA news to date, see you in the cutting pen.

OPEN HORSE First place: Shorty’s Gabby Cat, ridden by Denton Moffat, owned by Janice and Dan Eaton Second place: Playboys Short Cut, ridden by Denton Moffat, owned by Peter Knott Th ird place: Tory’s Girl, ridden and owned by Lee Poncelet $10,000 HORSE OPEN First place: Smart Asa Whip, ridden by Denton Moffat, owned by High Kelly Ranch Second place: Moria Rey, ridden by Dave Batty, owned by Batty Cutting Horses Th ird place: Haidan A Chic, ridden and owned by Jerry Rath $750 PROGRESSIVE HORSE First place: HFL Genuine Fox, ridden by Jim Rhodes Second place: Dremyn of Hollywood, ridden and owned by Lee Poncelet Th ird place: Bossy Little Sister, ridden and owned by Stephanie Fitchett GREEN HORSE OPEN First place: Gangster Kit Kat, ridden and owned by Lee Poncelet Second place: IM Independent, ridden by Carol Schepp, owned by Lee Poncelet Th ird place: Sheza Roan Star, ridden by Brent Stewart, owned by Amanda Fill $10,000 NOVICE HORSE NON-PRO First place: Moria Rey, ridden by Brenda Batty, owned by Batty Cutting Horses Second place: Playin Date, ridden and owned by Binky Moffat Th ird place: Just Enough Bling, ridden by Brenda Batty, owned by Batty Cutting Horses RANCH HORSE First place: Smart Filo, ridden and owned by Brian Meints Second place: Huskers Major Opus, ridden and owned by Homer Alexis NON-PROFESSIONAL First place: Ken Hartley riding San Taris Dual Oak Second place: Janice Eaton riding Shortys Gabby Cat Th ird place: Janice Eaton riding No Pinchin Th is Cat YOUTH RIDER First place, tied: Meghan Daly and Amanda Daly $750 PROGRESSIVE RIDER First place: Angie Wilson riding Chula Pistol Bloodlines include: Second place: Ed Hurd riding DFL Mimosas Playboy Th ird place: Katie Kosinski riding Genuine Red Rocker 11-year-old Gelding. $350 NOVICE RIDER Professionally trained First place: Katie Bennett riding Perrys Peppy San Cutting horse. Second place, tied: Lynn Borden riding MTR Isles Of Excellent Cutter, NonRuby, and Courtney Borden riding San Tule Boonshine Pro or Open or Youth NERVOUS NOVICE RIDER (if experienced). First place: Homer Alexis riding Huskers Major Opus Excellent temperament Second place: Carla Spackman riding Doc Rumors and bone. Won $2500 LIMIT RIDER Reserve at Alberta First place: Carol Schepp riding Torys Girl Futurity. Second place: Amanda Fill riding Travel Play Th ird place: Stan Brandt riding Smart Little Jo

VALLEYVIEW RANCH HORSES FOR SALE – BY PRIVATE TREATY Chex, Doc O Lena, Peppy San, Son Of Honor, Doc Freckles Leo 6-year-old Buckskin Stallion. Professionally trained Reining horse. WHRA Beginner Champion. Solid and very showy. Video available. HONOR OF PEP

Two 3-year-old Geldings, started. Bred for Cutting, Reining or Team Penning. Two Mares: One 10-year-old, started Cutting. One 6-year-old, potential Barrel Racer. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR


Contact for more information: 250-836-3383 e-mail Must sell due to health. Malakwa, BC 6/11 • 49

It’s ALL About the KIDS! - the next generation a re you? e r e h w . .. s Kid or se? h r u o y h it d oing w u o y e r a t a out YOU! b Wh a s u ll e t r n to It’ s YOU R tu There is no better pair than me and my favourite e horse on the earth, Mack. Mack and I understand nd each other; when I am excited, he is excited,, when I am sad, he is sad. I ride Mack wheneverr I get the chance. When I walk up to the paddock ck where he stands, he doesn’t come over to anyone except for me because he knows me e and loves me. - Julia, age 13, Yellowknife,, Northwest Northwes estt Territories Terr Te rrit itor ori rie ie es

This is a picture of me, Tiya Barcena. I am 25 months old here. I love my 8-year-old pony, his name is Tim Bits. I live in Calgary, so I keep my pony at my Grandmother’s place at Edgewood in BC. I love my pony so much, he is my best friend. - Tiya, age 2+ years, Calgary, Alberta

JJust won your first ribbon? Just bought your first horse? Do you give your horse kisses? Send in your photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis. Email to Put in the subject line “KIDS”

BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! 50 • Saddle Up • May 2011


BC Welsh Pony and Cob Association News By Jennifer Zachary BCWPCA IS ALIVE AND WELL!


he Welsh pony is a beautiful breed that has many appealing features and qualities. Welsh ponies come in a variety of sizes and colours, and excel in many disciplines, so are well-suited as a child`s riding pony and as an adult mount. With the flashy knee action of some individuals, they make a superior driving pony. Owners of Welsh ponies say they have something to offer to everyone! (There are no age restrictions to enjoying a Welsh pony.) Some of our members have been involved with this breed for many years, with an outstanding fount of knowledge and history behind them. Others have just acquired their first Welsh pony and want to find out about the types of things they can do with their pony, and to enjoy the camaraderie of other Welsh pony fans. Regardless, the BCWPCA offers a great means of keeping in contact with other Welsh pony enthusiasts. The BCWPCA has an annual general meeting in April of each year, alternating between the Interior of BC and the Fraser Valley. In doing this, members have a chance to visit other areas and see ponies outside of their immediate area. General and regional meetings are also held a few times a year. BCWPCA has a quarterly newsletter, BC on the Move, with information, articles and advertising that keeps members up-to-date and informed. This year, the BCWPCA held its AGM on April 2 in Williams Lake, with eleven members in attendance, a number


of whom came from a good distance away to show their support. The weather was surprisingly cooperative: no snow, the sun was out and the roads were pretty well bare and clear all the way. Election results and positions for the upcoming terms are below. Note: President, Secretary and one Director for a one-year term; Vice President, Treasurer and two directors for a 2-year term. President: Ken Huber, by acclamation. Vice President: Kathy Stanley, by acclamation. Secretary: Debbie Miyashita, by acclamation. Treasurer: Jennifer Zachary, by acclamation. Directors-at-large: Jim Mowery, Lesley Flint, Karyn Worsfold, by acclamation. Each year, the club recognizes those deserving persons for their outstanding contributions and volunteer efforts in promoting the Welsh pony breed. This year’s Volunteer Recognition Certificates were presented to the executive and past President - Jan Systad, Deb Miyashita, Dennis Huber, Kathy Stanley, and to Moya Petznick, newsletter editor. With many exciting plans in place, overall, the general consensus was that 2011 is going to be a banner year for the Welsh pony breed and for the BCWPCA. We have a new website (http://www. which will be updated regularly to keep everyone posted as to members’ news and upcoming events.

Section B Stallion Rosedale El Senor

UP COMING EVENTS - June 18: Schooling Show, at Huber’s Welsh Pony Farm in 70 Mile House Halter, Driving, English and Western, with judge’s feedback; prize list available soon. - July 10: Cowichan District Riding Club All Pony Show, Cowichan Exhibition Park, Duncan; prize list available now. - October: The Mane Event, Chilliwack club booth and breed demo/presentation. - Ongoing general interest, equine information sessions throughout the province. Watch for upcoming announcements in your area. BCWPCA welcomes new members to join us in enjoying the wonderful world of the Welsh pony. However you choose to associate with the breed, please don’t be shy. If you would like to join, have any questions or just want to “see some ponies,” please check out our website and give a member a call. Most of us love to have a visitor to see our ponies. The people in this club really are like the ponies we all love so much - hardy, spirited, friendly and eager to please. • 51

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club By Marlene Quiring Horse Showcase: May 27-29, 2011 Strathcona Olympiette Centre, Fultonvale, AB Organizers of this event have added several new attractions. This year’s addition of the indoor demonstration arena will guarantee that the event will go ahead, rain or shine. Friday night is an opening night gala and silent auction, and round one of the Trainers Showcase. Throughout the weekend there will be riding clinics, educational seminars, breed demos and the Colt Training Showcase. Check out or contact Russ Shandro for more information at (780) 632-7510.

Beginners Driving Clinic: June 11-12, 2011 Donalda Arena, Donalda, AB This clinic will be conducted by Cheryl Fotheringham, Driving Coach. Start your equine partner or improve your skills as we work through all the foundation and driving elements. Camping is available, but no hook-ups. The fee for the clinic will be nominal, but you must pre-register; contact Colleen Campbell at (780) 672-6105. Auditors

are welcome.

Donkeys and Mules Need Hoof Care, Too! Unfortunately, many of us are still seeing mules or donkeys that have very overgrown feet. Donkeys, in particular, often seem to be neglected by ignorant owners who think, “Donkeys don’t need hoof trimming.” This misconception is still prevalent in many areas of the country. Although the information below is about mules, the same

principles apply to a donkey’s foot, as that is where the mule inherits its unique foot structure. The following excerpt is taken from the book, The Principles of Horseshoeing II, by Doug Butler. “Shoeing Differences: Mules usually have a higher pastern angle than horses. Excessive trimming of the frog and bars should be avoided. The heels often grow faster than the toe and must be trimmed accordingly. The frog protrudes below the heels since the buttresses do not project as far back as they do on a horse. Shoes are fit to the outline of the hoof wall around to the quarter. The heels of the shoe are turned out, tailored or “muled” at the heels to follow the outward curvature of the hoof at the buttress and clear the frog. The shoe heels should extend beyond the buttresses one-quarter of an inch or more depending on the foot’s conformation and shape at the heel. Mule shoes should be lighter weight and not as thick as a horseshoe.” Along with learning about proper hoof care, those that register or come to audit our Beginner Driving Clinic in June will also learn how to properly fit harness to their animal. Just like proper fitting of a riding saddle, harness that fits correctly and is sitting in the “right” position is paramount to your animal being able to move and work without discomfort. If you get this update in time, you may also be able to join us at the Jerry Tindell Riding Clinic, May 6-8 at the Lakedell Arena in Westerose, AB. Auditors are welcome. Visit our website for more information on all events:

Okanagan Miniature Horse Club Update By Katie Iceton Photos by Heather Smith


he OMHC is hosting a Summer Classic Sanctioned show this summer, July 1 AMHR and July 2-3 AMHA at the Armstrong fairgrounds. For more information contact Melanie Russo or check out for more info as it becomes available. On April 9-10 six enthusiastic mini club members hitched up their fuzzy horses for a wonderful clinic with Ellen Hockley held at Stride Away Training Stables in Armstrong. Info was provided on arena driving trials and Saturday consisted of individual lessons with Ellen, where we worked on bending and leg yielding while ground driving as well as in the cart. Ellen gave great information and everyone “drove” away with something to work on with their horses. Sunday was the day to put the three phases of arena driving trials together, with a dressage test in the AM and cones and obstacles in the afternoon. Each participant was able to run each portion twice to better their run the second time. Ann Iceton provided a wonderful lunch for each day, including a warm chili to keep the participants warm while the weather was less than cooperative at times! The clinic was a great success. Thank you to Katie Iceton for organizing this clinic, Ann for keeping everyone fed and watered and the many volunteers that helped set up and take down, time and assist Ellen. Also thank you to Ellen Hockley for sharing her knowledge of arena driving trials with us and giving us all great info during the lessons. 52 • Saddle Up • May 2011

Volunteers are still needed for the Okanagan Breeders Showcase in Armstrong on May 14-15. Please call Pat Goodliffe at 250-546-9608 if you are interested!

Heather and Star during their lesson.

Ellen with Tyler and Shelly during their lesson.

Pat and Jet doing the cones course.


Double Diamond Quarter Horses - Kids Program By Deja Iannone. Photos by Onsite Digital Photography


ime spent with horses nourishes the soul. Motivated by that belief, Double Diamond Quarter Horses is raising funds for a kids program through our events. Our first barrel race was the

kick-off. On March 25, 2011 at the Abbotsford Agriplex, our sponsors for the barrel race were CVR, Doug Mills Horsemanship, The Mill Store, Fraser Valley Building Supplies, and Avenue. We want to thank them all for the prizes and cash that they donated for the event. The results are: 1D 1st Emily Leak, 13.47 2nd Alison Tomas, 13.82 3rd Courtney Pearson, 13.90 2D 1st Kam Sahota, 13.98 2nd Diane Riemer, 14.21 3rd Gaylene Buff, 14.33 3D 1st Nicole Sigouin, 14.70 2nd Courtney Pearson, 14.73 3rd Sam Haga, 14.77 4D 1st Brent Sedore, 15.64 2nd Kelly Goncalves, 15.66 3rd Morgan Cooper, 15.74 Peewee 1D 1st in Peewee, Landon Sigouin 1st Landon Sigouin 2nd Gloria Buff Good job, riders! Money raised goes toward a 6-week horsemanship program, in which we work on building kids’ confidence with games and leadership skillbuilding activities. Our fundraising efforts will allow more youth to participate in these programs for a special rate and provide a horse if

1st in 1D, Emily Leak

1st in 3D, Nicole Sigouin

1st in 2D, Kam Sahota

1st in 4D, Brent Sedore

needed. For more information about our fundraising events (May series of races and games), or our Kids Program, look us up on Facebook. Get involved and help support the kids! For more info contact Deja at e-mail

On to Greener Pastures… SHASTA Birthdate unknown - March 25, 2011 It is with great sadness to report the loss of Shasta, our favourite Appaloosa. Shasta made quite a name for herself; like Shasta go fasta; she was a horse that anyone would like to have. Shasta was Martin’s horse and he rode her at the Salmon Arm Summer Sizzler 2010 and also at the Armstrong Stock Show. They did very well together and we are missing her so much. We are sure that there are many more stories about Shasta. If anyone knows about her past including where and when she was born, please let us know. Our e-mail is bcreekranch@xplornet. com. - Bob, Lucie, Martin and Nicol HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 53

Weather or Not - TSC Opens Season By Marty Cox


t had to come to a vote as to whether the weather would cancel the first set of Totem Saddle Club’s events on March 26-27th. A heavy snow pack kept some trailers buried but the Gymkhana riders turned out to be the wimps while the % and CRD riders made an effort. The highest % riders for the day were Tori Pallihicky on Lacey—64.76%, Kyle Wargovcsik on Montana-60.48 % and Amy Bjorgaard on Diva-60.00%. In CRD Danielle Sexton and Tally went the highest at 3’0, and she and Fly and Tori Pallihicky on Lacey tied with 30 pts for the day. By the weekend of the April 9-10, the Gymkhana riders got out of the snow banks and we had a nice turnout. Once again Tania Millen was our Judge for % and she is a pretty tough one. Dylan and Cheyenne Highest % went to Danielle Sexton at 60.47%, Kyle Wargovcsik on Montana 60.00%, and Tori Pallihicky with Lacey – 59.58%. Again Danielle and Tally went the highest at 3’ while the high point riders were Elizabeth Webb on Allie and Lyn

Rempel on Whisper, both with 30 pts. Then on the 10th, the Gymkhana had some previous riders and some new. It was great to see some of last year’s Lead Liners move up to Jr. D. Dylan Currie and Tatum Long did a great job as they pushed their horses through the events for the first time without any helpers. We saw the return of Danita Petch riding Lily in the “Just for Fun Group” and she really burned up the arena. Our youngest rider of the day was Aidan Beaulieu at 3 and he tried out lead line for 2 events. Some pretty fast times for the opening event Denver and Buck with a 17.893 in Barrels and 10.407 in rings for Lyn Rempel. Other fast times were 10.134 for Jason Rempel in Keyhole, 19.258 in Figure 8 and a 26.332 in Poles for Isabelle Heaman. May will have 2 event weekends and the Spring Horse Show. TSC is putting on the Western half on Sunday May 15th and the Terrace Pony Club is putting on the English half the 13th and 14th. There is also a Mel Beeton clinic on May 6-8th and Jill O’Neill has a clinic on May 13-14th. See our website for more info

Mission Horse Club By Amber Gambling


or those of you who have never heard of Mission Horse Club, we are a club dedicated to promoting fun, safe and educational years of showing for the whole family. Any person who has seen our club, whether it is a work day or a show day, would vouch that almost always everyone has a smile on their faces. The show season of 2011 has officially started. English and Western games, and other fun stuff is happening at Mission - come by and check it out. Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to get out the tack and start riding again. The show schedule is now ready - no excuse to not mark your calendar. Be sure to check out our website ( and our Facebook page online. Here is the schedule of events for 2011. Everyone is welcome to come out. Although our club has some tough competition, there are also beginners’ classes. This is an amazing club for people going to their first show or their hundredth. May 1: Games Show May 8: English/Western Show (BC Heritage Qualifier) May 29: Hunter Show (BC Heritage Qualifier) June 5: Games Show June 12: English/Western Show (BC Heritage Qualifier) June 19: Gerry Grinder Fun for All Show June 27-July 2: Hunter Week July 3: Hunter Schooling Show August 27-28: Trophy Show 54 • Saddle Up • May 2011

September 4: Games Show September 11: English/Western Show (Heritage Qualifier is pending) October 2: Wild and Woolley Fun Show Work bees will be announced So now that you have written down all the dates, I also wanted to mention that we now have a drill team. Anyone who wants to know about this team, please contact the club. Message from our President, Sherryl: It’s spring and the rain is here, but that doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm at the MHC! The season opener was a great success (the sun even came out!) with a large turnout for both Western and English. Our first BC Heritage Qualifier on April 10 also had a terrific turnout, as liquid sunshine brightened our spirits! Everyone who attended the games show on April 3 had a blast and is looking forward to the next one on May 1. The MHC drill team has been practicing hard and also fundraising hard for the club. Hosting a bottle drive and selling horse cookies, they have raised over $250! Battle of the breeds is underway, so pick a team and go for the gold... or the great prizes that Colleen will have for the winning team. Hope to see you all at the next event at MHC. Until then, keep riding and having fun with your horse. PS - I am looking for volunteers for the May 8, May 29 and June 12 show dates. Please email me at if you are able to help out on any one of these dates. Thanks!


50 Years for Fraser Lake Saddle Club By Regina Kemp


he Fraser Lake Saddle Club was first formed in 1961 with 24 members. Some of the early members are still active in today’s family-oriented saddle club. Typical of most clubs, the membership has had its up and downs. Many of the events today are similar to those 50 years ago. They include play days, gymkhanas, trail rides and poker rides. Sleigh rides, wagon rides, rodeos and square dances were part of our social life many years ago. As a fundraising event, Rita and Larry Hiatt did some horse logging. We would like to have those activities back again. Aside from horse-related activities, we conduct meetings and enjoy dances, picnics and participate in community events. For the club’s 25th anniversary, they printed a little cookbook with their favourite potluck recipes. We plan to make a calendar for 2012, with highlights of our 50 years. In 1975, Keith and Esther LePoidevin volunteered the use of their property to the saddle club. A work party built the arena, barn, and announcer booth. In the 1980s, the SC facility was moved into the town of Fraser Lake. Within a few years, the SC moved back to the original location, where it remains to this day. People worked hard to keep the saddle club going and a special name appears often - that of the Carter family. There were four Carter families involved, riding horses in all events. This created competition between brothers, sisters and cousins. For spectators, I guess, it was confusing to hear the Carter name so often. Today, our announcer still calls the Carter name at gymkhanas. History repeats itself - our meetings are proof of it. Topics like organizing a work bee, planning events and fundraising are much the same as in the past. These days, we also focus on advertising to promote the SC, which will result in larger membership, so we can look forward to another 50 years.

The SC offers family and individual memberships. Last year we had 50 members of all ages - from the youngest, Junior D 8-and-under division, to the masters, 40-and-up division, including riders up to 69 years old. We have members over 70 years of age, who keep active in the SC, volunteering at events and for grounds Kerry hands a Thank You plaque to maintenance. We will Esther LePoidevin, one of the founding always welcome the senior members, who was also our Treasurer for 40 years. members, because of their experience and guidance. For more info on the club call Regina at (250) 699-8651. We look forward to an exciting future and welcome new members and visitors to join in at our trail rides, poker rides and gymkhanas. Upcoming Events: Gymkhana dates: May 14, May 29, June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6, September 11, September 24 Family Fun Day: June 5 Poker Ride: June 18 The events will be held on Chowsunket Road in Fraser Lake. We open for registration at 10:30am and start the events at 11am. For more information, call Judy at (250) 699-8087.

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club By Michele Gould. Photos by Gabriela Sladkova


t’s been a long, cold spring, hasn’t it? But we, at the AERC, along with our trusty mounts have been preparing for a season of fun events. We once again extend our invitation to each and every one of you to come out and ride with us, help us or just watch us and have a few laughs and refreshments. Our two winter rides, held at the Agriplex, were mild successes but those who did come down enjoyed the use of a big arena in which to tune up the ponies for our first Fun Day on April 17th. Ashley Hilbrander also held a goat tying clinic and the kids just loved it. The goats, kindly provided by our Treasurer, Marie, were patient and well-mannered and the ‘upand-coming’ rodeo champs had a blast, as you can see from the snaps. We look forward to more of these and other clinics, so stay tuned. The May Fun Day will be held on May 1st and following that date, the AERC is hosting a Tack Sale at the OK Breeder’s Weekend on May 14-15. So please mark your calendars for these and all other events. Check out our website at www. for further information or Jaret Cooper with instructor contact Rebecca at 250-546-0052 or Michele at 250-546-8977. Talitha Parker having fun Ashley Hilbrander


Oliver Riding Club By Kathy Malmberg


efore I go any further, our WISH RIDE date has been changed to MAY 14, with a 10am start for the longer ride (approximately 1.5-2 hours) and a 10:30am start for the short ride (approximately 1 hour). Anyone wishing to participate and/or donate prizes or cash, please contact our ride coordinator, Janice Goodman at (250) 497-6437. The base camp for the ride is the same as last year. Our most gracious hosts, Geoff and Janet Neily, have once again offered their place. They have an ideal location, with lots of parking and access to the trails. We had a great turnout last year and hopefully we can out-do that this year. We always provide a bag lunch for each rider and also for all the volunteers. If you cannot participate in the actual ride that morning, we will be making the lunches - extra hands are always welcome! We had our first session of “Improve Your Skills” on April 10; there was a great turnout of both Western and English riders. Upcoming events include: Adrienne McLaughlin on her draft cross. She May 15: Jumping Clinic for those brave souls; contact Sara Brown (250) is teaching Dante to 485-3838 “drop his head” at the Sara Brown on Debbie’s Wednesday night sessions May 29: “Improve Your Skills” session, Western and English horse Montana at a SOHA with Janice. show in April of this year. June 5: Running our Aid Station once again for the “Oliver Half Iron” Montana won 1st English race. This is a major fundraiser for our club and a lot of fun to boot! Lunch is Pleasure Green class, 1st provided after our station closes (around noon - we do the bike portion of the race). English Equitation Green class, 2nd in the X-rail June 12: Schooling Show for both Western and English at the D Bar K; contact Chris Siebeck (250) jumping and 2nd in the 2’ 485-4248. There are many categories to enter for all age groups, in both English and Western. Come out jumping competitions. and join in the fun or watch. We would love to see some new faces. June 26: “Trail of Fortune” trail ride, hosted by Max and Annette at their place near Okanagan Falls. Barbecue to follow, so bring your hamburgers and refreshments. June will also see a clear round jumping day, a trail competition and hopefully a club BBQ. Please give our club president, Debbie House, a call at (250) 498-4326 if you would like any more information. You can always visit us at our website: www.oliverridingclub. com.

Okanagan Equestrian Society By Robert Baker


he Okanagan Equestrian Society is operated by a group of volunteers that manage the day-to-day operations of the Kin Race Track in Vernon, BC. The OES is committed to foster and promote all aspects of equine related activities. Our aim is to coordinate and develop a spirit of cooperation among the many equine groups and individuals, and to ensure that equine traditions are preserved for the future. Yes, we are racing again this year! We welcome everyone back to the historic Kin Race Track. Training times for thoroughbreds are 6am - 1pm daily, seven days a week. Dropin times are 5pm - 9pm, Monday to Friday, except Tuesdays. Weekend drop-in times are 1pm - 9pm. The track is open for training or other events on weekdays from 1pm - 5pm, but must be booked in advance. For more information or to book your times, call the event coordinators, Carolyn Stinn (250) 547-8722, or Joyce Pifer (250) 542-7798. 2011 Vernon Race Days: This event will be held the weekend 56 • Saddle Up • May 2011

of August 20-21. Gates open at noon, with the parade to post at 1:15pm. Admission is only $3 at the gates, and a beer garden and concession stand will be open. We hope to see you there! Our membership now stands at 143 and we welcome new members. We remind existing members to show your continued support for the track by renewing your membership this spring. Contact Robert Baker at (250) 545 9655 or robert66baker@shaw. ca to obtain a membership form or to renew. If anyone has an event that they would like to hold at the track or any ideas for an event, please forward them to me, Robert Baker, by email: NOTE: We need the use of a tractor for around the track - if anyone has one to donate or loan to the track, please let me know ASAP. Thanks! For more information about volunteering, our upcoming events or advertising at the racetrack, please visit our website:


South Okanagan Horse Association By Alex MacRae


he South Okanagan Horse Association has moved its operations from the Summerland Rodeo Grounds to Parkway Stables in Penticton. The Stables are right on the Channel Parkway and there is dry camping and stalls for people who are coming to compete in our shows. The new facility has three arenas and access to the KVR trail. As well, we are still keeping our low class fees making coming to our shows affordable and fun. We are bringing back Jodi Moore to judge our May show. As you know, she and her husband, Chris, have both been to APHA Worlds as coaches and competitors. As a result she brings that experience with her and is willing to share that with the people showing under her. The show will be a BC Heritage qualifier and weather permitting you can also access all the fun things to do in Penticton. The May show is on the long weekend so you can come for classes beginning on Saturday and stay over for Monday and go for a ride on the trails, have a nice dinner sometime during the weekend, relax and enjoy the surroundings and come to a great show. Our September show will have Darhl Paley for our judge. Darhl is a certified AQHA Professional Horseman. This certification comes directly from AQHA and there are only a few of them in the world. Darhl’s personal experiences have him also well experienced in competing in breed shows. We hope this year

our classes will be challenging and a great learning opportunity so that people can move on to breed shows or specific discipline shows and feel confident in their skill level. For something new we will be hosting a Western Dressage Clinic over the summer. This emerging discipline has come out of the Morgan Association in the USA. Currently the USEF has a guidebook for the competitions and a very few patterns for testing. Randy Byers, one of the new leaders in with this discipline will come up from the US to put on a clinic. We are thinking of a long weekend and on the third day having a show for both English and Western Dressage. We have space for 10 horse and rider teams. The fee will be somewhere between $200 and $300. Randy likes the participants to go away knowing they got their money’s worth and so you will ride most of the day for both days. It will be a lot of work but again, in addition to bringing your “A” game, you should bring your floaties so you can relax on the channel at the end of the day. If you are interested e-mail us at so we have an idea of how many people are interested in this kind of clinic? Lastly we have a re-designed website at www.soha-online. com. The site is fabulous and we also have a club photographer this year and the pictures from our first show are on the website. Please take a look.

Kelowna Gymkhana Club Events by Kayla Stromsten, Amy Russo, and Jessie Tarr Photos by Candid Apple Photography & Design


elowna Gymkhana Club’s dates this season are: May 15, June 5, June 26, July 17 (tough enough to wear pink), Aug 7, Aug 28, Sept 11, and our 3rd annual popular Spooktacular on September 24. All to be held at the Kelowna Riding Club, off Gordon. Registration is at 8:30 a.m. and start time at 9 a.m. Entries cut off by 10 a.m. This is a Buckle Series with qualifying best 6 out of 7 show’s points, and 5 shows (at least) to qualify for yearend awards. Memberships are $30 single or $50 family; which gives you discounted rates for show entries. Horse Council of BC membership a must (can be purchased at event). We also offer 5 Age categories. All levels and ages of riders are welcome (English or Western). There are 7 core events that include flags, keyhole, barrels, poles, stakes, 2 surprise events, plus a surprise jackpot. For more info please check out www.kelownagymkhana. com or call Amanda at 250-763-8253. Come out for a great time and laughs; and meet some amazing people in a horsey atmosphere! HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Amy Russo on Mia

Kayla Stromsten on BB Izza Red Cola • 57

Cory’s Quest - Weigh-In #5 By Cory Anthony


ive weeks (as of Saddle Up’s press time) and counting until the BIG DAY. One would say the heat is on! Unfortunately not in the hills of Westbank. As you can see from the photos we are still doing the majority of training in the snow, however, I am confident it has helped Sexy Rexy in his conditioning as you could compare it to running in sand. I am absolutely honoured at the continuous support I am receiving from all the clubs and equine lovers. I have received e-mails from several folks that I don’t even know that say they have been following the action in Saddle Up and the ERABC Events Blog, etc. I find it humorous how the majority say the same thing, “We never thought it would be

done or you would make it this far.” …Thank you soooo much, you are the much-needed energies to keep the drive in forward motion. The “sensible eating” … “NOT DIET” and training program is right on track with weighin number 5 at 218 LBS… WOO HOO!! Gotta run... trails to be ridden... mountains to charge. See ya at the finish line! (The Rock Creek Endurance Ride is being held May 22nd at the Rock Creek Fairgrounds) (From the editor: In our December issue it was quoted by Cory… “Can someone please be so kind to have a chocolate cake with smarties in the icing along with banana custard filling between two layers ready at the finish line at Rock Creek – I would soooo much appreciate it…” – Let’s see if your wish comes true!)

50 Years Old and Heading for the Hills Again! By Evelyn Selzler


he Garden City Horsemen’s Club is holding its 50th annual - Open House for ex-GCHC members 3 p.m. to four-day 100-mile ride May 26-29, 2011 on Vancouver Island. It 11 p.m. on the Saturday. The ride is open to all ages. Cost includes all started when the City of Victoria was celebrating its 100th membership fees, feed for man (somewhat beyond regular campfire birthday. The Club decided a 100-mile ride would be a fitting way fare!) and beast, 4 days of wonderful riding, and evening campfire getfor district horsemen to pay homage to the capital city. The first ride togethers, including one day that guests can come in for steak dinner (extra) and entertainment. All four-day riders must be members of started at Beaver Lake and worked its way to West Saanich, through Heal’s Rifle Range and into the Highlands to Goldstream. From GCHC and have Horse Council Insurance. All vehicles entering base Goldstream the ride carried on through the Greater Victoria Watershed camp must have 3 million dollars insurance coverage – this includes to Shawnigan Lake. A different route was taken on the return, and horse trailers. from Thetis Lake the riders took to the highway to be escorted right to Any ex-100 Milers or ex-GCHC members are invited to drop in the Victoria City Hall for a ceremony and welcome by the mayor on and bring some memorabilia and reminisce the ‘good old days’. RSVP Douglas Street. using the ‘Contact Us’ form at or email Club members through the years have worked slashing and If anyone would like to join us on the 4-day ride, please fi ll out the 100 maintaining trails and linking up logging roads in the Burnt Bridge Mile Ride Form on the website. area on the Koksilah River where we have our Base Camp. Various members also take turns participating in the planning of the ride; each year volunteer members (Trail Bosses) lead each day’s ride from the central base camp, providing a variety of scenery for riders. Eagle Heights, Wild Deer Lake, Kinsol Trestle and Nicki’s Nest have been some of the rides. We are hoping to use these trails again this year. Watch the website for up-todate information. Vehicles in camp are limited due to road conditions and require 4x4’s to drive to base camp. Campers are allowed in specific areas. We set up corrals, the cook tent, outhouses Crossing the Koksilah and individual campsites on the Victoria Day Through the many trails Monday. 58 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Endurance Riders Association of BC


e’re riding again! President -June Melhuish The first VP - Ruth Moorby event of the 2011 ERABC Secretaryy - Lori Bewza Ride Calendar is only a Treasurer - Lynn Wallden Directors: few days away on Sunday, Louise Abbott May 22 at Rock Creek, Madeline Bateman Border Country, BC. This Brenna Mayer Elaine Bessuille is the fi ft h year at this site. Terre O’Brennan Each year has shown riders Karen Ellis changes and improvements Cory Anthony Brenda Miskimmin in trails that begin at ride camp in the Rock Creek Fairgrounds, climb into the forest above along a trail and old logging road with good footing, lots of wildlife to spot and wide vistas before descending to camp at the end of each loop. Pick your distance. New to endurance? Try the 12 mile Fun Ride. It will introduce you to the trails, your horse will be examined before and after by our experienced and helpful vets, and you can settle back at the vet check to take in the other riders coming in off their multiple loops, how they care for their horses and manage their rest time. Or, volunteer to help with pulse taking! The 25 mile level might be the right distance to evaluate your horse’s condition at the first ride of the season, your conditioning program, and check with the vet about any concerns or problems you might have had last year. First time riders fit right in at this level, too. Find a buddy to help with pacing and locate all those trail markers! Fift y-milers leave camp at 7am, making the climb three times during the course and getting full value - lots of trail - for their efforts. And of course, expect to hear lots of “Who’s that guy?!” as Cory Anthony completes his Quest, a mere shadow of his former self physically, anyhow! Sadly, our long-running event in June at Allco Park, Maple Ridge, will not be held this year. But in its place, try this: the Discover Rock Creek Society is hosting a Poker Ride based at the Rock Creek Fairgrounds again, with a 12 to 18 km route, free lunch and lots of prizes, with proceeds to the North Okanagan Therapeutic Riders Program. Great trail, great cause - couldn’t ask for more. Head to Pritchard for the Canada Day weekend. The Moulton Creek Endurance Ride is a TWO-DAY event with Saturday, July 2 offering 30, 50 and 75 mile levels and another 30 and 50 miles on Sunday, July 3. It has been a couple of years since the first event was held at this site. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to ride these trails again, and there is a new trail, too! The summer’s next long weekend can be spent riding in competition, Sunday, July 31 at Peachland. The Wine Country Wrangler is new on the calendar, based at the Peachland Riding Club, and offers 12, 25, and 50 mile levels. There are trail photos at the ride’s blog at: Looks sweet! Check it out for updates. After a brief hiatus, Skimikin Lake Ride near Salmon Arm has returned to the 2011 calendar of events on August 20 with 22 and 50 mile events, including a big, long hill that all BC riders know to expect! New this year will be an optional “Wine Run” - 5 miles out on Officers & Directors 2011


horseback from camp to the Granite Creek Winery for wine sampling and cheese, then 5 miles back to camp. If you purchase wine, it can be delivered to you, lakeside, at the EC Horsemen of BC maintained camp. Two weeks later, on Sunday, September 4, another new ride site debuts at Regal Ridge, Anarchist Mountain near Osoyoos. It offers everything: 12, 25, and 50 mile events, FEI CEI 1 with Junior and Young Rider divisions. But, plan to arrive days ahead of the event for miniclinics geared to new riders: cooling techniques, poulticing/wrapping, trot-outs, electrolyte protocols, saddle-fitting, body-scoring, etc, and a boot camp for the experienced and/or international competitor. There’s more: also planned are courses for FEI Level 1 Instructor and FEI Stewards. Check updates at: ANARCHIST_flyer_2011.pdf. This new site is expected to offer 360-degree vistas non-stop - ride on top of the world. And it’s not over yet - keep riding! The Westbank Rocker completes the season in BC on September 17 at Crystal Mountain with 12, 22, and 50 miles. There have been great new trails offered in the last two years... perhaps even more this year? There’s always a tremendous potluck, silent auction and thoughtful completion prizes - a great way to cap a very full 2011 calendar! Updated info, entry forms, contact persons and directions for each event can all be found at: See you on the trails!

Rock Creek

Moulton Creek


Westbank Vista • 59

BC Rodeo Association BRITISH COLUMBIA RODEO ASSOCIATION #5 – 150B OLIVER STREET WILLIAMS LAKE, BCV2G 1L8 PHONE: (250) 398-4104 FAX: (250) 398-4101 EMAIL: Office Manager: Denise Swampy Office Hours: (Winter Office Hours: Mon to Thurs 10 –4:30) (Summer Office Hours: Mon to Fri 9:30–5) 2011 BCRA Board of Directors President: Trish Stevens (250) 961-9005 Vice President: Ray Jasper (250) 991-8391 Directors: Ty Lytton (250) 396-7710 Adam D’Entremont (250) 249-9618 Wade McNolty (250) 296-3175 Tim Terepocki (250) 280-7653 Gord Puhallo (250) 394-4034 Bernie Rivet (250) 392-7153 Allison Everett (250) 296-4778 Rob Everett (250) 296-4778 Trish Stevens (250) 961-9005 Laura James (250) 567-8640 Brett Fraser (250) 296-0169 Ray Jasper (250) 991-8391

2011 Tentative Rodeo Schedule May 14-15: Princeton Rodeo May 21-22: Keremeos Elks Rodeo May 28-29: Clinton May Ball Rodeo June 4-5: 64th Annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo June 18-19: Ashcroft & District Stampede July 2-3: Chilcotin Series 26th Annual Bella Coola V.R.R. Rodeo July 9-10: Chilcotin Series Anahim Lake Stampede July 15-17: Quesnel Rodeo July 30-31: Interlakes Rodeo, Roe Lake July 30-31: Nemaiah Valley Rodeo August 5-7: Chilliwack Fall Fair & Rodeo August 6-7: Pritchard Rodeo August 20-21: Chilcotin Series Redstone Rodeo, Alexis Creek August 26-27: Smithers Fall Fair & Rodeo September 3-5: North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo, Barriere September 16-18: BCRA Championship Finals, Quesnel

73rd Annual KEREMEOS ELKS RODEO, MAY 21-23, 2011 Although rodeos date back to the turn of the 20th century when ranching was the primary activity of the South Similkameen Valley and horse racing was also a summer’s pass time. The Valley Pioneers’ sons would be up to competition to gain bragging rights and Richter’s son Hans was probably the first to assemble a string of unruly broncos and did travel for many miles putting on rodeos and Wild West shows in many parts of BC and neighbouring states. Having these shows here and other impromptu events in different locations throughout the Keremeos area eventually led to having a more permanent spot that was started by the Keremeos Rodeo and Racing Association in 1938 and with the help of the newly formed Elks Lodge in 1944 and with its financial backing it just became known as Keremeos Elks Rodeo. The Rodeo is held on the Victoria Day or the long weekend in May. This was originally a one day event held on Empire Day on May 24th which was later changed to Queen Victoria day. The rodeo became associated with the Interior Rodeo Association before it became the BC Rodeo Association. The Elks membership has been declining and we rely more and more on other volunteers and sometimes community groups to lend a hand. In order to keep a rodeo a profitable venture you generally rely on some corporate sponsorship. We don’t have big industry in our area; it is only a small farming community,

therefore we have to work harder to do all repairs and improvements and staff all the concessions and beverage gardens run by volunteers. At present we have the staff from the Credit Union along with our sister organization the Royal Purple doing the sales job in our new Concession building. We have the CIBC staff doing up our banking, while the Keremeos Hand Held Bell Ringers are doing program sales. The Keremeos Stock Breeders and Cattlemen have been doing up the Sunday afternoon steak BBQ in the downtown park and what a great steak! There are many small groups lending a hand whether at the rodeo, before the rodeo or helping to run the parade which is also our responsibility. We hire C+ stock contractor and local grown Alan Parsons from Oroville, WA to do the announcing with JJ Harrison of Walla Walla, WA with his clown act, all of these are the tops in their field.  We own our own grounds, the equipment and improvements thereon, and return all profits back to make it more useful for other events like group picnics, family reunions, etc. We also have held Music Festivals, Blue Grass Festivals, Gymkhanas, Little Britches, and High School Rodeos; it is becoming a great facility.     The Saturday and Sunday rodeo is BCRA and PWRA approved while Monday starts with the parade, then it’s Bulls and Barrels only; the bull riders are from the BC Professional Bull Riders Association.


GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD 2011 Team Roping Season Leader Saddles and BCRA Championship Finals Buckles

REGENCY CHRYSLER 2011 Bull Riding Season Leader Saddle and BCRA Championship Finals Buckle. Also supports Rodeo for Youth Foundation ~ Team Regency

WRANGLER /20X 2011 Ladies Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle and BCRA Committee Sponsor




PG KLASSIC AUTOBODY, Prince George, BC ~ 2011 Pee Wee Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle. ROCK CONSTRUCTION & MINING - Peter Walker 2011 Junior Breakaway Season Leader Saddle JENNA WILLS MEMORIAL FUND – Wills Family 2011 Junior Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle

SPECTRUM RESOURCE GROUP 2011 Rookie of the Year Buckle GJ RODEO CO. - Gene & Joy Allen 2011 Rookie Rough Horse Rider Buckle BCES – BC Entry System, - B. Swampy 2011 Breakaway Roping Buckle BAR E CONTRACTING – Rob & Allison Everett 2011 Pee Wee Barrel Racing Finals Buckle

PMG COMMUNICATION 2011 Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year Award

60 • Saddle Up • May 2011


2011 CHILCOTIN TOUR SERIES SPONSORS Williams Lake & District Credit Union PMT Chartered Accountants Don & Nancy Macdonald Cariboo Team Realty - Court Smith


BC Interior Arabian Horse Association BC Interior Arabian Horse Association President / Encampment Chair: Wally Goertz Ph/Fax: 250-546-6004 Vice-President: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145 Secretary / Webpage Editor: Tamora Davy Treasurer / Membership: Dani Goldenthal Ph/Fax :250-8324111 Flying Carpet: Alysha Bartlett 778-754-0066 Youth: Breen Johnson 250-832-9122 and/or Cheryl Johnson Recreational Riding Program: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145


orse Show season is upon us finally! Hope everyone’s horses have shed out nicely and are ready to hit the rings! I’d like to encourage our club members to contact me with any changes or ideas they would like to see to our newsletter. We haven’t had much in terms of barn news, so if there is anything else you would enjoy seeing in our future edition please let me know! Deadline is the 15th of every month.

Debbie Storey Clinic Debbie came to Asmara Stables in Armstrong for the BCIAHA Spring Clinic April 9/11. The first day was such a success that there were extra riders requesting lessons for the second day. The clinic hosted Purebred Arabians, 1/2 Arabs, Quarter Horses and Warmbloods in all disciplines; Western, Hunter, Dressage and Country English. Debbie easily assesses the horse/rider combination and decides the best approach to their needs. The potluck, as usual, was a huge success for both spectators and riders. Debbie is checking her calendar to see if she can return in the very near future for another clinic. Please contact Karel at if you are interested. We would like to thank Wally and Sheila again for hosting the clinic and their wonderful hospitality and also Karel for organizing the extras… such as the wonderful lunch.

Cowboy with Debbie Storey aboard

BCIAHA HORSE SHOW ALL BREEDS JUNE 18, 2011 at the IPE Grounds Armstrong Judge: Kim Westgate, Kamloops Heritage approved Come one - Come all! Trail, Reining, Hunter Hack, English, Western, and Junior Rider and Horse Classes Contact Michelle Sewell at for show information.

Marcia and Tia

Please don’t forget to send in pictures of your beautiful new foals along with your barn news! Enjoy the pictures from the April 9/10 Debbie Story clinic. Hopefully we will see some new faces at the next clinic. Everyone is welcome! Michele and Fred

Karel and Gennie


Alyssa and Bucky

Marge and Hawk • 61

BC Paint Horse Club - Colour Your World - Own A Paint Pres Colleen Schellenberg Vice Pres Cathy Glover Sec Marilyn Griffin Treas Dianne Rouse Communications Director Andrew Thomas APHA Director (BC & Alaska) Jodie Moore APHA 817 834-2742


CPHC is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you” to the many directors and members all over the province (you know who you are!) who have given their time, energy and good insight to carry on many successful years of horse showing, breeding, training and learning! We would love to hear from you if you have a story or historical pictures to share throughout the year and to celebrate, a social event to become reacquainted with long-time friends might be in order! BCPHC promoted our club at the LMQHA Horse Bazaar and Country Fair and we owe a big thank you to Devon Smith for setting up the booth, Andrew Thomas for his expertise and the colourful display boards he created, co-sponsored by Precision Disc Manufacturing, and to Cathy Glover for her creation of the basket, co-sponsored by The Dog and Pony Shop, for the raffle. Devon and Blodwyn manned the booth and were there greeting potential new members and answering questions about the Paint Horse Breed and the BC Paint Horse Club. Kelly Allen hosted an awesome presentation on the history of the Paint Horse and the genetics and different patterns of our beloved Paints. Thank you so much Kelly, your enthusiasm and knowledge was really appreciated. We would also like to thank Heidi Hogan with Beauty, Christa Byrd with the Huntsman, Marilyn Griffin with April and Cynthia Mostad with Pistol McCue. Two mares and two stallions, and everyone behaved! Members: If you haven’t already renewed your membership, sign up now and bring your horses to the shows. We want to see all those lovely colours! No matter what discipline you are riding in, you and your Paint horse can be eligible for our year-end awards. Please note that we have made a couple of changes in the BCPHC Year End Rules for 2011, firstly, in anticipation that our awards revenue will be reduced this year due to our not being involved with the largeentry Monroe show, and secondly, to encourage more participation in the program. In order to maintain the quality awards program that has been offered to members in the past, we have eliminated a couple of categories that were somewhat superfluous (Highpoint English and Western Horse), and reverted to one Amateur highpoint category. The main new requirement is that all horses/exhibitors competing in All-Around highpoint award categories must show in a minimum of 3 classes in the same category during our BCPHC show season. Also, Junior and Senior Horses must compete in a minimum of 3 performance classes in their respective division during the course of the year. The OS and CP rules have not changed other than a rewrite of the 62 • Saddle Up • May 2011

tiebreaker rule. Note that there is a new Results Form for your use with this program. Please review the rules and contact the respective Points keepers should you have any questions: BCPHC Year End Program: Dianne Rouse (604) 530-3366; OS and CP: Pam Malekow (250) 359-7097. Upcoming Shows: BCPHC has sanctioned two 2-judge shows which will be held at the Spring Circuit at Thunderbird in Langley on May 6-8, and the Evergreen Circuit, September 2-4, hosted by LMQHA. Class lists are available on our website ( These shows will count for our year-end awards program and provide OPEN classes for PAC and Open Show and Competition Program. We also have prospects for more shows around the province so we encourage you to read your rules and plan your strategy to earn an award! We would like to thank some of our sponsors for their continued support of our show programs: Bar BW Paint Horses, Pyke and Buckley Performance Horses, Moore Performance Horses, Graeham and Louise Bruce, Canoe Farms, Country Life - Cathy Glover, Saddle Up and Schellenberg Trucking. If you or your company would like to help sponsor our programs or sanctioned shows we would love to include you in our promotion and would truly appreciate your support! The Free Trophy Program has been sponsored by Otter Co-op for many years now and any clubs interested in having an award for their high point Paint at their year-end or event should apply to colleen_

APHA World Shows 2012: Thinking of going to the world show? * Qualification Criteria: All horses (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred) must qualify to participate at the World Championship Paint Horse Shows. In order to qualify to compete at each World Show, all horses must compete at four (4) different APHA approved show events, with a minimum of eight (8) judges total during the qualifying period. Example: A two-day, 2-judge show held Saturday and Sunday counts as one show event. A 4-judge POR counts as one show event. Two back-to-back 2-judge shows count as two events total. In each case, the number of judges may be counted towards the minimum judge requirement. * Qualification Period: a.) 2012 AjPHA Youth World Show: qualifying period is from April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012 b.) 2012 APHA Open and Amateur World Show: qualifying period is from August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012 APHA in Our Back Yard: 2011 APHA Annual Convention, September 29 - October 1, 2011. The APHA National Convention will be held for 4 days in Vancouver, Washington. Directors, members, alternates, APHA staff and the APHA Executive Committee will convene. What’s great about this? You can attend! Just drive down any or all days and join in the activities, meetings, and socials. You’ll be able to see what it takes to keep the American Paint Horse Association running. There will be standing committee meetings you can attend as a guest to watch proceedings. If you’re interested in the Amateur program, show and contest programs, regional clubs, judges, and other committees, you can sit in and learn more about them.


BC Quarter Horse Association BCQHA, Bag 9000, Suite 129, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1S3 * President: Gordie McEachen, 250-337-5958, Vice President: Carlina Schumann 250-567-4807 AQHA Director: Gayle Pawley-Wilson 604-323-4418, Membership Secretary /Media Liaison: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 Fax 604-806-9052,

2011 Calendar of Events May 6, 7, 8 - LMQHA Spring Circuit Thunderbird Show Park - Langley, BC Barbara - or (208) 683-1617 June 4, 5 - VIQHA Mount Arrowsmith Summer Circuit Port Alberni, BC Angela Brown - June 3, 4, 5 - NBCQHA Clinic 15470 Miworth Rd, Prince George, BC Pam: (250) 694-3200 June 7 - LMQHA General Meeting Fort Langley Lions Hall July 9, 10 - NBCQHA Smithers Circuit Smithers, BC July 16-19 - LMQHA West Coast Summer Classic Thunderbird Show Park - Langley, BC Darlene: or (208) 798-0763 July 20-24 - AQHA Regional Championships Thunderbird Show Park - Langley, BC Lisa: Advertise now with BCQHA! Check out our NEW ad rates and BOOK NOW! Two or more advertising packages booked will get you 10% OFF! Online payment of your BCQHA membership is now available. Visit

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE - Gordie McEachen As the fast-paced world around us continues to change at an ever increasing speed with new technologies and social media, it is interesting to note that the AQHA is also changing with the times. The directors at AQHA are reaching out to the AQHA affi liates (BCQHA is an affi liate) with leadership training seminars for affi liate presidents, training for new directors and training on the available programs provided by AQHA. The training is now being delivered over the web with a combination of web conferencing and telephone conferencing. This approach allows the educators to present materials on your computer screen while at the same time carrying on conversations with the members from across Canada and the USA. The approach is progressive, cost-efficient and should go a long way in strengthening the BCQHA and in the end, AQHA. You cannot tell by the latest weather but spring is here and it’s time to get your horses in shape for the show season and recreational riding. Enjoy the spring and your rides. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

AQHA/CQHA/BCQHA Director - Gayle PawleyWilson Digital Journal: The American Quarter Horse Journal released the first digital Journal Plus supplement in April. For current subscribers, log in using your PIN number at subscribe.cfm Pilot Rookie Show: The North Carolina Quarter Horse Association held an AQHA Rookie Pilot Show and instructional clinic April 2 in Colfax. A total of 185 entries participated, with new first-time AQHA exhibitors resulting in AQHA memberships, as well as NCQHA memberships. AQHA Region One Championships: The AQHA R1 Championships will take place at Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, BC July 20-24, 2011. Show programs will be printed by May 1, 2011. The Friday evening performance will consist of an Xtreme Trail demonstration and clinic with Mark Bolender. Thank you to all the sponsors who have come on board to support us again this year. Please watch for magazine ads and website updates at www.region1experience. com and come and visit us on Facebook at Region 1 American Quarter Horse Affi liate. Introducing the 2011 Regional Points Series, Regional Affi liate’s “Super Horse Award”: Each Affi liate will designate the shows that will be used to score the highest point earning horse/rider pair in the Novice Youth, Novice Amateur, Youth, and Amateur divisions. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year. Complete information will be posted by each Affi liate in the near future.

LMQHA Evening Ride and Schooling Show Recap: The 2011 evening ride and schooling show went well, though Sunday was pouring rain for most of the day. We had 8 guests come from the USA and support our club as well as a new youth member. Everyone enjoyed the chili provided by Stan Erickson as well as the pulled pork sandwiches he made for the concession on Sunday. Thanks to Eleanor for the hotdogs and for helping our judge Arlene Denning. They both did a great job out there all day in the cold arena. Also, thanks to club volunteers Norma, Kay, LaTaya and Amanda, as well as the group who set up the trail course and manned the gates for the day. Huge kudos go to Joan Erickson for putting this all together! Coming up next on the show schedule in July will be the AQHA Regional Championships, followed by the West Coast Summer Classic. Be sure to book your stalls early, as this will be a week of showing you’re not going to want to miss!

SCQHA Join us for the AQHA Ride on June 25-26 at Fish Trap Creek Camp in Barriere, BC. Options: $100 per person which includes meals, dry camping and horse pen; or $20 which includes day ride and dinner Saturday night; or $15 for dinner only. Overnight camping is limited to 25 horses, so get your registration in before June 20! Itinerary and information can be found on or e-mail Cherie at • 63

Pine Tree Riding Club Kamloops, B C Newsletter contact: Tracey Nordal, Club contact: Alison Miller,


he weather was slightly chillier than the weatherman forecasted for the day of our Pine Tree clean-up but that didn’t stop all of our helpers from coming out! I’d have to say that easily 30+ members and children showed up to lend a hand over the course of the day. It was so great to see. I am a bit of a social butterfly or a blatant nuisance depending on how you view it, so I had a great time making my rounds, chatting away. Ooops, I meant to say working away! I have to say, everyone was intent on what they were doing, the chores were handled and finished fast! The arenas were harrowed, rocks were picked, weeds pulled, leaves raked and a new sign board was installed for the patterns to be displayed upon on show days. Lunch was served and we were pretty much done for the day. The grounds look great now and we are off to a strong start for this years show season. The Pine Tree Riding Club would like to thank Bert Gatien for bringing his Bobcat down to the grounds to spread the sand around in the trail arena. Also thank you to Noble Tractor for the use of their tractor and arena rake for the clean-up day as well as for preparing the arenas for the gymkhana day and play day. For the Annual Horse Show, you need to have the forms fi lled out, sent in and in the hands of the secretary no later than June 8th. There will be some stake classes sponsored once again by Ric’s Grill, plus this show is a BC Heritage Qualifier. The forms are available at Don’t miss this one. For the May 29th Hunter Jumper Show, the entry fee deadline needs to be in (again, needs to be in the hands of the secretary) by May 23rd. There will be stake classes sponsored by

Our display board

64 • Saddle Up • May 2011

Ric’s Grill for this Julia and her dad, Scott show as well, for more information on the forms, check the Pine Tree website out. Our Dressage Clinic on May 28th with Krista Rochenbach is fi lling up quickly; there are only a few more spots available. If you’re interested in attending this clinic email Krista Blades, our clinic’s director fast! at Mark these dates on your calendar for the next couple of month’s showings. May 14 – Gymkhana day May 15 – Play day May 28 – Dressage Clinic with Krista Rochenbach May 29 – Hunter/Jumper Show June 4 – Gymkhana day June 5 – Play day June 18 – Annual Show, English June 19 – Annual Show, Western

Having fun!

Lots of help picking rocks


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story By Ralph Livingston, Okanagan Chapter BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE President: Jonathan Driesen, - 604 864-0730 Vice President: Rose Schroeder, - 604-854-1245 Vice President: Jack Breaks, Webmaster, - 604 856 7786 Vice President: John King, - 250-338-6789 Recording Secretary: Susan Shumey, - 604 856-1396 Treasurer: Sharon Pickthorne, - 250-337-1818 Past President: Gord MacKenzie, - 250 679-3999 Work Bee Coordinator: Ian Compton, - 250-337-8720 Joint Trail & Access (Horse Council): Rose Schroeder, - 604 854-1245 Horse Council Director: Isabel Pritchard, - 250 764-4533 Education: Mary Huntington, - 604-988-8442



iders who enjoy the trails have usually met with the frustration of fences and locked gates, where they once spent happy hours in the saddle. Access to trails always seems to be under siege to relentless development. Finding glorious riding, in an area that will never be fenced, is a real delight for those who like to explore on horseback. Such riding is easily accessible for riders in all of southern BC at the Larch Hills Nordic Cross Country facility, located just a half-hour drive, on a good gravel road, from Salmon Arm. Check their website: The Nordic Society maintains some 140 kilometres of trails. The trails are mapped and signed; if you seem lost, just head downhill and you will eventually be back at the parking lot. The Larch Hills trails also connect with a network of trails that will eventually encircle the Shuswap Lakes. Check out the Shuswap Trail Alliance’s web site: http://www. The riding possibilities in the area are endless! The facility is maintained by the non-profit Nordic Cross Country Ski Society. There is ample parking for trucks and trailers, and overnight camping is allowed in the parking lot. There are some electrical hook-ups available. There is a rustic log chalet available for rent which can accommodate several people overnight. The chalet has a kitchen and wood heater. Contact the onsite caretaker, Pauline Hickson at (250) 832-2358 to reserve the chalet. The “EQ” Trails Society has installed corrals, as has the Okanagan Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of BC, with assistance from the Horse Council of BC. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

The chalet, which is available to rent for overnight stays

There are eight individual pens available, providing overnight containment for up to 16 head. The Larch Hills provide a fabulous riding opportunity for three seasons of the year: * Spring - which means mid-May at this altitude; the Larch Hills offer a great place to “leg up” your horse as you wend your way up hill and down dale. “Cec’s Cabin” - about a one-hour ride up from the The main trails are wide, with mostly parking lot soft larch needle “duff ”, so you can confidently ride your horse barefoot. A couple of days over these trails, and your pony will be ready for the riding season. * Mid-summer - when it’s baking hot in the valleys and too hot to ride, the Larch Hills will be shaded, much cooler and a great respite from the heat for you and your mount. * Fall - the larch trees, which are the only deciduous conifer, turn golden as the next crop of needles prepares to drop down and carpet the trails with soft duff. Some of the corrals available By mid-October the snow returns and the next ski season begins. Wildlife encounters can be expected; moose, deer and bears can make things interesting for your horse. Bear bells are a good idea to make your presence known. Folks planning a horseback holiday in the Interior might consider a circle tour of the Lundbom Lake, Skimikin and the Larch Hills riding areas. See these websites: merritt/parks/lundbom.htm The Larch forest trails subpage=hotelinfo&hotelid=7329 • 65

Clubs & Associations “Experience the Real West YOUR WAY” Choose From: Working Ranch - Guest Ranch - Country - Back Country


THE ALBERTA DONKEY AND MULE CLUB Clinics, Shows, Trail Rides/Drives and lots of Fun. 780-696-3892 8/11 ARMSTRONG/ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Rebecca Hilbrander 250-546-0052 Fun Days, Shows, Clinics, 11/11

The Back Country Horsemen of B.C. BCHBC provides a social, safe learning atmosphere for all equestrians interested in trail riding and the back country. We strive to preserve and enhance the use of public lands for all equestrians. Pres. Jonathan, 604-556-6884 or 12/11

BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Katharine Ferguson, Events & more at 3/12 BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. 2/12 Pres: Tammy Mercer 250-335-3390, BC CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Ken Hartley 250-573-2328 or web 4/12 BC DRAFT UNDER SADDLE CLUB. Open to all Draft and Draft X. Pres: Dawn Germscheid 604-617-7354, 10/11 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. 250-546-6004 Arabian Encampment, Youth Club, Racing, Endurance 12/11 BC INTERIOR HORSE RESCUE SOCIETY. Our mission is to rescue, protect, help and prevent the abuse of horses. Memberships/volunteers. 250-260-5344 8/11 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Rachael Sdoutz 250-679-1175 4/12 Meetings, Trail Rides, Socials, BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB 6/11 Pres: Bec Bermudez 604-823-4443, Annual Show June 11-12, Cloverdale, BC BC PAINT HORSE CLUB President: Colleen Schellenberg 604-534-8287 Shows, Horses for sale, Membership 5/12 BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION Membership: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 or visit 9/11 BC RANCH CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. (Fraser Valley) Sally Rees 604-534-9449, 4/12 BC RODEO ASSOC., #5-150B Oliver St, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8 250-398-4104 Office,, 3/12 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP, Membership: Shelley Fraser 604-534-8782, Show Secretary: Ulli Dargel 604-421-6681, 5/12 CANADIAN HORSE HERITAGE & PRESERVATION SOCIETY Preserving for our children the horse of our forefathers. 604-530-5772 4/12


HORSE COUNCIL BC 1-800-345-8055 Representing the interests of BC’s equine industryy.11/11 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION 10/11 Grant Beyer, President 250-319-0201 or Bonnie Meints 250-374-6815 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB Amanda Blamire 250-764-1397, 12/11 MISSION HORSE CLUB (Fraser Valley) Pres: Sherryl Hopkins 604-820-5109 English/Western Shows, Gymkhanas, Trophy Show, 5/12 NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Spring & Fall Riding Sessions for the disabled 0 OKANAGAN MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Scott Rempel 250-542-3433 AMHA, AMHR Sanctioned Shows, Fun Days & Clinics 6/11 OLIVER RIDING CLUB Pres: Debbie House 250-498-4326, E-mail:, 6/11 PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB Holly Dickinson 250-870-0601 3/12 Fun & Family oriented! See for activities PERUVIAN HORSE CLUB OF BC Annual Show, Parades/Demos, Stallions, Breeders, 12/11 PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Kamloops) Alison Miller, Playdays, Annual Show, Activities, 6/11 SOUTH OKANAGAN HORSE ASSOC. Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Spirit of Life Ride, 10/11 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. 11/11 Linda 604-856-9574,,

Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Official Canadian Registry for the Appaloosa Breed

~ Integrity ~ Quality. The Best Ingredients in the Recipe for Success ApHCC Box 940, Claresholm AB T0L 0T0

403-625-3326 Fax: 403-625-2274 a

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate

of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members of AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose “Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: Marnie Somers, 6/11 President 204-834-2479 or @ p

CRITTERAIDS PROJECT EQUUS. Work for the feral/wild horses of BC. Rescues for adoption. or call 250-492-4921 0 ENDURANCE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF BC Secretary: Lori Bewza, 250-679-8247 12/11 EQ TRAILS ASSOCIATION Advocates for Horses on Trails, Managers of Skimikin Campground. or 250-832-4943, 250-835-4496 4/12 GIT ‘ER DONE! GYMKHANA CLUB, Family oriented fun. 250-577-3154, 7/11 66 • Saddle Up • May 2011


What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2011 EVENTS?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-3

mayy Any day 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2-4 4 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-9 7 7 7 7-8 7-8 7-8 8 8-14 11-14 13 13-14 13-15 13-15 13-15

OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567, 13-15

EQUINE AWARENESS DAY, Y, Join horses and their people - offer an awareness day about what you and your horses do LONG EARS FUN DAY Y (9am Start), Cedar Hill Ranch, Falkland, Mules/ Donkeys, ride, drive and lead. Concession on site, 250-379-2076 DELTA RIDING CLUB ENGLISH WESTERN, BCHQ, 604.328.3814, AERC FUN DAY, Armstrong Fairgrounds, Rebecca 250-546-0052, FUN DAY, Peachland BC, Holly 250-670-0601 CANADIAN HORSE EVALUATION, Ladysmith, BC, Dan Wilson 250-245-4973 GYMKHANA, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350,, REINING SCHOOLING SHOW, W Beg. to Open Classes, Brandt Ranch, Pritchard, Amanda 250-804-1723 or Jan 250-577-3775. KHAS T’AN Voyage Horsemanship School 1, Fort St. James, Kyla 250-996-8026 JERRY TINDELL DRIVING CLINIC, Lakedell Arena, Westerose, AB, or 403-783-5210 (eves) MARION WEISSKOPFF Horsemanship Clinic, Our Place, Kelowna, BC, Anne 250-860-2785, JERRY TINDELL RIDING CLINIC, Lakedell Arena, Westerose, AB, or 403-783-5210 (eves) AQHA/APHA & All Breed Spring Circuit, Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, Barbara -, BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Williams Lake, TOPLINE SHOW PARK Spring Fling Hack/Hunter/Jumper Show. Sonya Campbell (250)833-2669 MEL BEETON CLINIC, Thornhill Agr. Grd., Terrace, BC Danita BCPHC & NWCC Sanctioned Show, Thunderbird Show Park, Langley or Barbara at CLICKER TRAINING CLINIC w/Alexandra Kurlund, Cochrane, AB, 403-932-4989, e-mail JUMPING, LRS Grounds, Langley, Kathrine 778-241-1932, PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Kamloops, Jeanie Van Den Ham 250-573-2206,, SPRING TUNE-UP FOR HORSE & RIDER (1/2 day), Tranquille Farms, Winfield, or DONNA HAWKINS CLINIC, Summerland Rodeo Grounds, call Gwen Shaw 250-494-8198, DRESSAGE CLINIC w/Henk Glijn, Vernon, LEANNE NIDDERY Y Barrel Racing & Pole Bending Clinic, Kelowna Riding Club, Amanda 250-763-8253, ENGLISH & WESTERN SHOW, BC Heritage Qualifier, Mission Horse Club, Mission, Sherryl 604-820-5109 EQUINE MASSAGE THERAPY Y Certification Course, Saskatoon, SK,, 1-888-EQUINE2 (378-4632) PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP - Devanee Cardinal, Vanderhoof, BC, 250-968-4481 MIKE PUHALLO BENEFIT (7pm), Calvary Community Church, Kamloops, 1-888-763-2224 or JILL O’NEILL CLININC, Thornhill Agr. Grd., Terrace, BC, Peggy BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Merritt, DRIVING CLINIC, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, WESTERN RIDING CLINIC w/Jeanette Lauritzen, Vernon,


13-15 13-15 14 14 14 14 14 14 14-15 14-15 14-15 14-15 14-15 14-15 14-15 14-15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15-16 15-18 18-21 20-22 20-23 20–23 21 21-22 21-22 21–22 21-23

SPRING WARM UP SHOW W by Spruce Ridge Pony Club, Prince George, Cheryl 250-564-8702 or 250-617-0730 TSC & PONY CLUB SPRING SCHOOLING SHOW, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350, SADDLE FITTING w/Kevin Lote (Regal Saddles), Passmore, BC, Marie 250-226-0079, EQUINE BEHAVIOUR WORKSHOP (1-4pm), Falling Star Ranch, Dunster, BC. Call 250-968-6801 or visit GYMKHANA, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Kelowna, Carole Wingenbach 250-765-6800,, PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Oliver, Janice Goodman, 250-497-6437,, TREC at NDRC grounds, Nelson, Jocelyn 250-304-2247 GYMKHANA, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Dawson Creek, BCRA Princeton Rodeo, Princeton,, OKANAGAN BREEDERS GROUP Showcase & Trade Show, Armstrong Fairgrounds, AERC TACK SALE (10-2), Armstrong Fairgrounds, consignments accepted May 13 from 4-7pm. Contact Michele 250-546-8977 BARBARA SCHULTE PERFORMANCE COACHING CLINIC (cutters/reiners) Spectators welcome, Armstrong, 250-546-6545 ENGLISH RIDING CLINC, w/Keelly Reggelsen, Armstrong, 250-307-7288, OPEN HOUSE AT RANDY OPHUS Performance Horses, Cell 250-567-8685, MINI DRIVING CLINIC w/Elisa Marocchi in Quesnel, Lynda Atkinson 250-747-3700 DELTA RIDING CLUB HUNTER SHOW, 604-328-3814, FUN DAY, Open to all, Quarterspot Ranch, Lumby, Cindy 250-547-9277 PLAYDAY, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. BCRCHA Show, Chilliwack, BC, details on website GAMES DAY, LRS Grounds, Langley, Ngaire (Ny-ree) 778-277-0015, BC HERITAGE QUALIFIER GYMKHANA, Chilliwack Riding Club, Chilliwack, BC. BCLM Regional pony club Show Jumping Championships, EQUINE VERTEBRAL REALIGNMENT COURSE, Saskatoon, SK,, 1-888-EQUINE2 (378-4632) PARELLI - LEVEL 1 CLINIC - Devanee Cardinal, Cardinal Ranch, BC, 250-968-4481 DOUG MILLS HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Pen-Y-Bryn Farm, Quesnel, 250-747-2684 BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO & JR Division Finals, Quesnel, BS AND DRIVE, 70 Mile House, Ken Huber 250-456-6050 ROUND PENNING WORKSHOP, Falling Star Ranch, Dunster, BC. For more info or to register, call 250-968-6801 or visit BCRA Keremeos Elks Rodeo, Keremeos,, RANDY OPHUS Reining Clinic, Smithers, Cell 250-567-8685, TFC W/PAUL DUFRESNE, 2 Day Foundation Clinic (Demo May 20), Mackenzie Meadows, 1861 Duck Range Rd, Pritchard, 250-577-3252 93RD FALKLAND STAMPEDE, CPRA Rodeo, Falkland, 250-375-2577

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What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 22 22 22 22 22 25-27 26 26-29 27 27 27-29 27-29 27-29 27-30 28 28 28 28 28 28 28-29 28-29 28-29 28-29 28-30 28-29 28-29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29-30

OPEN HOUSE, Natural Horsemanship, Demos, Tack Swap/Sale, Jandana Ranch, Pinantan Lake, 1-800-573-5881, PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Duncan, Deborah Flinn 250-746-8769,, EQUINE AWARENESS DAY Y (Equine Shiatsu Massage), Langley, or DELTA RIDING CLUB PERCENTAGE DAY, 604-328-3814, ROCK CREEK ROUNDUP ENDURANCE RIDE, Rock Creek Fairgrounds, Lynn 250-446-2415, HUN MEDITATION Training Camp, Mount Currie, or MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, Clearview Arena, Fort Qu-Appelle, SK, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, 100 MILE RIDE, Garden City Horsemen’s Club, Koksilah River Camp (Vanc. Island), e-mail or QUALITY TACK & HORSE SALE, Valley Auction, Armstrong, Tack 4pm; Horses 8pm, 250-546-9420 or MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, Clearview Arena, Fort Qu-Appelle, SK, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, VERN SAPERGIA CLINIC, Wildwood Reining Horses, Hanceville, BC, Sharon Gates 250-394-4403 DRIVING CLINIC, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, 4-H ON PARADE Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB, 403-261-0162 PETER CAMPBELL CLINIC in BC’s Interior, Chandra 250-491-8314 or MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, Clearview Arena, Fort Qu-Appelle, SK, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, ALHAMBRA DERBY CLINIC, Red Deer, AB, Billi Solverson, Kathy Playdon, Ulrika Wikner 403-340-0270, HEALTH / BASIC FIRST AID CLINIC, Tranquille Farms, Winfield, or PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Williams Lake, Karla Lederc 250-989-5526,, PERCENTAGE/CLEAR ROUND DAY, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350,, AERC HOT DOG SALE (10-2), Askew’s Parking Lot, Armstrong, Rebecca 250-546-0052, HUN MEDITATION WORLD CUP, Mount Currie, or BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Valemont, BCRA Clinton May Ball Rodeo, Clinton, 2-DAY TTEAM Connect Icelandic Riding Clinic w/Mandy Pretty, Vernon, or 1-800-255-2336 PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP - Devanee Cardinal, Alix, AB, 250-968-4481 PONY CLUB CAMP, Alex Fraser Park, Quesnel, Kathy Stanley, ELISA MAROCCHI CLINIC, Barriere, Richard Arthur, ALHAMBRA DERBY, Red Deer, AB, Ulrika Wikner 403-340-0270, GYMKHANA, Peachland BC, Holly 250-670-0601 ENGLISH/WESTERN SHOW, LRS Grounds, Langley, Nicola 604-746-0344, HUNTER SHOW, BC Heritage Qualifier, Mission Horse Club, Mission, Sherryl 604-820-5109 FUN DAY, Powell River Riding Club, Padgett Road, Powell River, Tammy 604-483-7705 JUMPER SHOW, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Salmon Arm/Silver Creek, Rob Sjodin, 250-832-1188,, GYMKHANA, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350,, GYMKHANA, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Hudson Hope,

68 • Saddle Up • May 2011

30 31-Jun 1 31-Jun 5

jjune 1 2 2-3 3 3-5 3-5 4 4 4 4 4 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-12 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6-17 8 8-10 8-11 8-12 10-12 10-12

SCHOOLING SHOW Willoughby Saddle Club, Campbell Valley Park Equestrian Centre, Langley, Bernice 604-533-2023, PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP - Devanee Cardinal, Edmonton, AB, 250-968-4481 HORSEWOMANSHIP WEEK, Riversong Ranch, Whitecourt, AB, 877-394-6773, KHAS T’AN Voyage Horsemanship School 2, Fort St. James, Kyla 250-996-8026 MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Equine Nutrition & Natural Medicine,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, GAIL JONES Driven Dressage & Cones Clinic, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Healing Horses with Kinesiology,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, CLICKER TRAINING CLINIC, Whitehorse, 403-932-4989, e-mail HUNTER JUMPER SHOW, EC Bronze, Vernon, Judith Olson 250-547-8812, MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Horses Healing People,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Merritt, Al & Marilyn Prentis 250-378-8132,, JUMPING, LRS Grounds, Langley, Kathrine 778-241-1932, SOUTH OK STOCKHORSE, Fundraiser for Breast Cancer, Marron Valley (Kaleden) Alan or Dorothy 250-490-0280, GYMKHAHA, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. GAIL JONES Back-to-Back Driving Trials, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, BEAUMONT HORSE TRIALS, Beaumont, AB, Rhonda Gobeil 780-340-9217,, BCRA 64th Annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo, Kispiox, RANDY OPHUS Reining Clinic, Smithers, Cell 250-567-8685, DEANNA REIMER CLINIC, Thornhill Agr. Grd., Terrace, BC, Carolyn BALANCED RIDER CLINIC w/Irina Yestrebova, Quesnel, Marjatta 250-747-2274 or HCBCS HORSE WEEK, register your event, e-mail More info at AERC FUN DAY, Armstrong Fairgrounds, Rebecca 250-546-0052, DELTA RIDING CLUB HUNTER SHOW, 604.328. 3814, PLAYDAY, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. BCRCHA Show, Langley, BC, details on website PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Vancouver/Southlands, Debbie Bailey 604-261-3056,, CANADIAN HORSE HERD TOUR, Ladysmith, BC, Dan Wilson 250-245-4973 FAMILY FUN DAY, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 MARION WEISSKOPFF Horsemanship Clinic, Our Place, Kelowna, BC, Anne 250-860-2785, SHAWN SEABROOK CLINIC, First Program (1st session), Wild Card Ranch, Didsbury, AB, 403-998-7289, AERC General Meeting (7pm), Armstrong Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca 250-546-0052, DRIVING CLINIC w/Ken Huber, Quesnel, Lynda Atkinson 250-747-3700 KIRTZINGER QH 1ST ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE, Silent Auction Format, Hay Lakes, AB, catalogue at, 780-878-0002 UWE JOURDAIN HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Red Willow Ranch, Lone Butte, 250-395-3017, BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO FINALS, Williams Lake, TOPLINE SHOW PARK Spring Derby I Show. Sonya Campbell (250)833-2669

More dates at HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS


ARMSTRONG INN, (Armstrong) 1-866-546-3056, Full Facility, Restaurant, Pub, Liquor Store, minutes to Fairgrounds 2/12 BEST WESTERN BAKERVIEW INN (Abbotsford) 1-877-336-6156, janice@, Indoor pool/hottub, trailer pkg, rest. 15 min. to Heritage Park

Dynamic Balance Equestrian (serving southern B.C. and islands) CertiďŹ ed Equine Therapist: structural alignment & massage CHA Instructor and CertiďŹ ed Chris Irwin Silver Coach/Trainer All Disciplines – All Breeds   sDYNAMICBALANCE HOTMAILCOM 2/12


Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FOALING - 5 PINE RANCH (Okanagan) Foaling w/Webcams. Superior mare care and full boarding services. 250-215-7463, 2/12

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150

SHUKANAGAN EQUINE DENTISTRY SERVICE (Interior of BC) since 2000. Owned/Operated by Lennie Thurgood, DVM, 250-832-2084 4/12


Best Value in Red Deer! Free Rise and Dine Breakfast One minute to Westerner Park Toll Free 1-800-424-8454 or 403-343-8444


SANDMAN HOTEL LANGLEY, Minutes to Thunderbird Show Park 1-877-888-7260,, 4/11 BED, BALES & BREAKFAST DREAMSCAPE GUEST RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 Great Trails, Boarding, Rehab, Horses For Sale. 6/11


BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS DAVID BEERSTRA TRUCKING, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 6/11 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch REIMERS FARM SERVICE, (N. OK/Shuswap) 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 3/12 BOARDING


TRIPLE R STOCK FARM (Kamloops area) 250-577-3293. Exc. ref. Big paddocks/ shelters/roundpen/arena. Retirement-Rehab. Visa/MC. 11/11


CONSTRUCTION QUALITY STRUCTURES LTD. (BC’s Interior & Fraser Valley) 250-280-1429 Agricultural, Residential, Commercial and Custom Jobs 5/12

309 Culbertson Way, Princeton, BC Princeton’s largest Farm and Garden Centre Otter Co-op Lifeline Horse Feed, Vet Supplies, Farm Feed, Garden Supplies and Fencing 250-295-0255, E-mail: 8/11

DEAD STOCK REMOVAL GREENWAVE FARMS (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250 Providing prompt dead stock removal service. 3/12 EQUINE AWARENESS WWW.EQUINEAWARENESS.ORG Join horses and their people worldwide and offer an awareness day about what you and your horses do. 2/12


Your #1 supplier off horseshoes, ffarrier tools & hooff care products.

Ph: 403-252-1661 • email: #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB


TRAILS END FARRIER SERVICE (North OK/Shuswap) 250-379-2578 or 250-540-4221 Laird Gordon, Certified Journeyman Farrier 7/11 VALLEY FARRIER & EQUINE SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-546-8254 Certified Farrier Service, Bob Johnston and Jim Ferguson


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Business Services INSURANCE

FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT IRLY BLDG CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Coop and Energy Feed Dealer and Pet Foods

100% B.C. Owned and Operated!


Official Insuurance Broker for the Horse Council of BC


34633 Vye Rd 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Road 1-1277 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave. SW

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424

• “FarmCare” Insurance • “EquiCare” Horse Mortality • Special Programs for Members • CALL TODAY 1-800-670-1877 • 12/11

JOIN-UP 8/11

Product Promotions & Advertising

CORNER CORRAL TACK & FEED Farm Market (Coldstream) 250-545-2134 PRO-FORM Feeds, Consigned Tack/Apparel, Minerals & Supplements 4/12

Where your advertising dollars support horses at risk and equine educational programs.

LAKE COUNTRY FARM & PET SUPPLY LTD. Livestock, Pet Feeds and Supplies 250-766-4646 • Dealer for #19-10051 Hwy 97N, Winfield, BC V4V 1P6



OTTER CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS, (Pitt Meadows) 604-465-5651 10/11 Suppliers of Quality Feed and Hay.

OHMS HORSE & HOUND MASSAGE,, 250-828-2279. Serving BC Interior/Fraser Valley. Massage, structural balance, herbal supplements. 5/11 WILD HORSE POWER EQUINE MEDICINE & MASSAGE 250-446-2235 8/11 Stacy Elliot; serving BC Interior & Lower Mainland,




Custom built and installed to your needs GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan & Dorothy, "ˆÛiÀ]Ê ÊUÊÓxä‡{™ä‡xÈÈÓÊ >VJVvvi˜Vi°Vœ“ÊUÊ

RIBBONS & ROSETTES OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 2/12 Custom Printer of Award Ribbons SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS


GUEST RANCHES WWW.ALEXANDERMACKENZIERANCH.COM (Bridge Lake) 250-593-4487 Prime Horseback Adventures at the Fishing Highway #24 3/12 WWW.BCHORSEVACATIONS.COM Where Adventure & Luxury Meet (Princeton) 250-295-7432. Lodge Rides - BYO horse or ride ours. 5/12 BLACKWATER SPRUCE RANCH 250-991-2408 Horseback Holidays on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage trail. 6/11 WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM, Green Lake, BC, 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails.

REIN-BEAU IMAGES, (Bridge Lake/Interlakes, Cariboo) 250-593-4139 Animal Photography, 12/11

CARIBOO SADDLERY, (Williams Lake) 250-392-3735 Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs 2/12 CK CLASSIC LEATHERWORK (BC) 250-573-4355 English Saddle Fitting & Repairs, 7/11 COSSENTINE SADDLERY Y (South Okanagan ) 250-490-5662 Repairs, Custom Made Saddles, Unique Leather Creations, 5/12 COWBOY CLASSIC EQUIPMENT (Merritt) 250-378-9263 2/12 Don Loewen, Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs Custom Made Saddles & Tack

Usingg onlyy the veryy best quality materials 11/11


Reg Marek M • 250-569-7244 • McBride, BC

HAY SALES • mareksadd

J&E HAY SALES (Serving BC) 604-819-6317 5/11 Alfalfa, Timothy, Straw, Grass, Mixes. By Bale or Load.

KR’S CUSTOM SADDLES (Invermere, BC) 1-888-826-3132 Custom Saddles, Custom Leather Design & Repairs, 9/11 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 8/11 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work,

HEALTH PRODUCTS HORSE SENSE HERBS, (Alberta) 1-800-434-3727 Original Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses, 12/11

Your Business could be here for only $195 per year.

Call 1-866-546-9922 70 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Business Services TRAINERS/COACHES

TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘ROUND OUTFITTERS for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver) 250-498-4324 Stop & See us in the Sears Appliance Store, Downtown Oliver! 11/11 BIG M SADDLES & TACK, (5765 Falkland Rd, Falkland) 250-379-2078 10/11 or 604-850-4238 Buy, Sell or Trade, Wholesale. BOUCHIE LAKE FARM & FEED (Quesnel) 778-465-3333 5/12 New & Used Tack, Giftware, Otter Co-op, Nature’s Mix, Pet Food CARRIAGE HOUSE MINIATURE HORSE TACK & HARNESS (Vernon) 250-541-7773. Everything you need for your VSE. 2/12 COUNTRY ROADS GENERAL STORE (Fruitvale) 250-367-9229 Otter Co-op Feed Dealer, Feed, Tack, Farm Supplies & Giftware 7/11 HIGH HORSE TACK, (Victoria) 250-658-0011 7/11 English & Western, New & Used LAMMLE’S WESTERN WEAR & TACK (ALBERTA & BC) 1.877.LAMMLES For Everything Western go to to find a location near you. 12/11 LAZY B (100 Mile House) 250-395-5175 Handmade Leather Goods, Team Ropers & Ranch Ropes, New & Used Tack 7/11 NICKERS SADDLERY LTD. (Penticton) Toll Free 1-888-492-8225 10/11 Home of the SenSation Ride™,, RUSTY SPUR TACK (Lumby) 250-547-9506 Feed, Tack, Consignments, Giftware, Supplements & Minerals 7/11 WINDSUM ENTERPRISES LTD (Langley) 604-789-0150 3/12 New & Used Tack & Apparel, English & Western TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 8/11 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC., (Vernon) 250-308-8980, 8/11 RV’s to Horse Trailers, Parts, Trailer Brake Specialist

Doug Mills Training Thru Trust Proven Foundation for all disciplines and ages * Training * Clinics * Lessons * Camps 250-573-5442 6/11 LEE PONCELET PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Vernon) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training of all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 9/11 RANDY OPHUS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Vanderhoof) 250-567-4269 Start to Finish, Reining/Cowhorses, Clinics/Lessons, Sale Horses. 5/11 BIRGIT STUTZ, Chris Irwin Gold Cert. Trainer/Coach, Training/Lessons/Clinics/Camps, Falling Star Ranch, Dunster, BC, 250-968-6801 TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING, (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 •


THE RANCH - Home of “Robbie� – Percheron/TB Stallion Driving Lessons/Clinics. Horses broke and trained for driving. For Sale: Eventing/Jumping/Driving/Trail prospects. Ellen Hockley & Steve Laughlin, Pritchard, BC 250-577-3366, 3/12

TRANQUILLE FARMS (Lake Country) Lorraine Pilon. EC Cert. Western Coach, Monty Roberts Cert. Holder. 250-766-7180 9/11 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton) 250-295-4329 Clinics & Horse training. Eng/West. Level 4 CHA Master Instructor. 6/11 CARL WOODS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Peachland) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts Started, Farrier Service, 5/12 TRANSPORT/HAULING


HOOVES ‘N’ HOUNDS TRANSPORT 1-888-436-0662. Serving most Canadian provinces, Fully licensed/Insured. 6/11


*…ˆÂ?ÂˆÂŤÂŤiĂŠ>Ă€Â?ĂŠ-V…œœÂ?ĂŠÂœvĂŠi}iĂ€iĂŒiĂŠ Â?>ĂƒĂƒÂˆV>Â?ĂŠ Ă€iĂƒĂƒ>}iĂŠUĂŠ >Ă€ivÂœÂœĂŒ *Ă€Âœ}Ă€>“ >ĂŒĂ•Ă€>Â?ĂŠÂœĂ€Ăƒi“>Â˜ĂƒÂ…ÂˆÂŤĂŠUĂŠÂœÂ?ÂˆĂƒĂŒÂˆVĂŠ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ>˜>}i“iÂ˜ĂŒ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ Âœ`ĂžĂœÂœĂ€ÂŽĂŠUĂŠ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ,iÂ…>LˆÂ?ÂˆĂŒ>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠ>˜`ĂŠ,i‡/Ă€>ˆ˜ˆ˜} 4/12

CROFTON HORSE TRANSPORT Canada / USA / International

A trusted name in ‘safe’ animal transport. 877-246-4355

ESTER GERLOF, (Enderby) 250-803-8814, EC Cert. Western Instructor, Lessons/ Training/Boarding; outdoor arena, access to crown land/trails; 12/11

Local and Long Distance Horse Transport

Dana Hokana Quarter Horses

Charter and Shared Hauls - Emergency Service Oversized, Comfortable Trailer Commercially Insured and Licensed Based Near Kamloops, B.C.

Specializing in Western Pleasure Training - Lessons - Clinics DVD Instructional Videos - Performance Horses for Sale




Tanya Balmes 250.573.2555

Quality Horse Transport

Michael Rabe

Training and Boarding Preparation for sales, starting young horses 250-838-7051 or Cell 250-308-6024 • Enderby, BC 25 • 10/11


Kevan Garecki 3/12

“It’s’ All About “I Ab The T Horse�

778-858-7301 Serving Western Canada Over 30 Years’ Experience

CINDY KIRSCHMAN, (Okanagan) 250-547-9277 Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, 7/11 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford) 604-850-1243 Former Parelli Professional, Clinics/Lessons, 7/11

continued on page 72 HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 71

Business Services VETERINARIANS DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC (Dawson Creek) 250-782-1080 5/12 DEEP CREEK VET. SERVICES, (North Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-833-8585 Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, 24 hr. emergency service 5/12 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY, 250-374-1486 Drs. Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Rob Mulligan, Bryce Davisson 6/11 OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 3/12

PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 10/11 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales SALMON VALLEY VET SERVICES (Shuswap/North OK) 10/11 250-833-4217 Dr. Brytann Youngberg Mobile Equine Service THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 9/11 VERNON VETERINARY CLINIC, (Vernon) 250-542-9707 5/12 D. Lemiski, H. Mehl, M. Latwat, L. Miller,

Why isn’t YOUR business here? Call 1-866-546-9922 NOW!

Stallions and Breeders MURRAY CREEK RANCH (Langley, BC) 604-807-5519 5/11 SS: APHA & AQHA, Butte Morgan Horses ~ Western Foundation Breeding

OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 7/11 SS: Breeding AQHA / NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan,

For Family Fun or When There’s Work to be Done! Standing WWF Stallions ~ Stock For Sale ~ Visitors Always Welcome 403-382-8110


PEEBLES MINI DONKEY RANCH (Falkland) 250-379-2373 10/11 Reg’d & Pet Quality babies for sale. or

CARTWRIGHT QUARTER HORSES (Rock Creek) 250-446-2881 3/12 SS: 2 AQHA/NFQHA Gold Palomino 26% LEO Blood.

POLAR PINTABIANS (Winfield, AB) 780-682-2659 3/12 Breeding for Colour & All Around Quality.

DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Jasper/Brule, AB) 780-865-4021 6/11

RIVERSIDEPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Prince George) 250-612-4770 SS: Breeding Quality AQHA Perf. Horses. Boarding/Coaching/Judging/Clinics

Dragony Acres CFHA / KFPS Star Stallion “OTTOâ€? (AI/Live cover) Quality Friesians Friesian Sport horses

SALMON VALLEY RANCH (Salmon Arm) 250-833-4217 10/11 SS: SVR Royal Checkmate, AQHA Perlino; Okies Last Chance, APHA Black Tobiano

E-mail: lisa@dragon Lisa 604-539-8108 (Langley) www.dragon

FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines,


SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES (Lumby) 250-547-6811 SS: Salty Ole Jack ’96 AQHA, 5/12


GREEN GABLES MORGAN FARM (Armstrong) 250-546-8058 7/11 SS: WF Royal Mist’s Kurik, Black/Brown, 15.1HH,

SKYVIEW RANCH (Vanderhoof) 250-567-9754 3/12 Breeding Quality Reining & Working Cow Horses.

HNROCKINHORSERANCH.COM (Waseca, SK) 306-893-4478 (4 hrs/Edmonton) SS: Hollywood Dream, 2007 AQHA Gold Champagne Dun (Homozygous) 4/12

STARMYRIAPPALOOSAS.CA (Edson, AB) 780-723-7899 8/11 Stallion Service, Indian Shufflers, Stock for Sale, CHA Instructor

HYPOALLERGENIC CURLY HORSES (Summerland) 250-486-6773 Stallion service, all ages horses for sale.


ICELANDIC HORSE FARM (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 •

Lone Larch Akhal Tekes Discover the Turkmen Purebred Home of golden stallion MARUK Stallion service – Foal sales ,UMBY   sWWWLONELARCHCOM 4/12

72 • Saddle Up • May 2011



YELLOW MOUNT RANCH (Welling, AB) 403-752-0063 12/11 SS: AQHA, APHA & Thoroughbred Stallions, ZIRNHELT CUTTING HORSES (Kamloops) 250-828-1033 3/12 Training/Breeding Quality Cutting Horses, HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Stallions and Breeders WASPY LEO

g ucin d o r Int


Nominated to Breeders’ Sweepstakes with the Arabian Horse Association.

SILVER DAPPLE GENE AQHA STALLION * Bay Point Offspring * 50% Silver gene


Breeding Fee (L.F.G.): $600 (QH) $500 (Arb) $450 (other) All Breeds Welcome

* Freckles Playboy * Doc’s Prescription

ALSO STANDING: American Fury (TB) JH Legacy Idolized (AQHA)

NOW STANDING AT: Norwood in Courtenay, BC


More Stallions Yellow Mount Ranch

Thirtys Jester

16HH Palomino AQHA Stallion Speed & Performance Bloodlines

Mr. Tailwind Windchester Jackie Pine HS Thirty Thirty Nuther Dude Blonde Rattler THIRTYS JESTER

Sis Jaguar Bold Ruckus Stormy Jester Just the Good Times

Dancers Jester Pas Paul Pas

Good Time Paula Flaxie Tonta




âž âž âž 

Where All Around Athletes Are Created

RKR Hearts Sonny Dee

2011 Stallion Roster RKR Hearts Sonny Dee n2ED$UN4OBIANO Coolridge ToďŹ no n"LACK"ROWN4" RKR Hearts Stylishfox HDF Brandy Snifter n3ORREL4OBIANO n3ORREL/VERO YMR Kiss My Baggins CBS Legacy n2ED2OAN/VERO n'REY!1(! Docs Mister Innocent n"AY4OBIANO!0(! Breeding Fees By Private Treaty Clumination n3ORREL!1(!

"REEDING)NCENTIVESFORPROVENANDMULTIPLEMARES Shipped Semen Available. Prospects are available. Contact Dorla Malo for further information. 7ELLING !LBERTAs HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR • 73

Stallions and Breeders Turning Point Ranch


Proudly announces the arrival of

*Rosedale El Senor

is proud to offer for your consideration:

DM Teacher’s Top Mark

IMA DESERT FOX 1991 Sorrel Overo APHA/PtHA Stallion Sire: Mr. Sonny Noreet Dam: Ima Swinging Fox

2004 Black Morgan Stallion

Athletic and Personable Come Live the Adventure of the Morgan Horse!

250-679-1175 - Chase, BC 5/11

Hortons Triple Skip 1997 AQHA/APHA 16 HH Palomino Red Dun Gene #1 Running Bloodlines. Beautiful movement for Dressage. Extremely athletic with a to-die-for temperament.

Registered Section B Welsh Stallion, Imported from Great Britain (Supreme Champion and Sire of Champions) Thank you to Charlotte and Lisa of Mariposa Welsh This is a rare opportunity to breed to this renowned stallion Regular stud fee $500.00 to approved mares Introductory offer: 20% discount for mares booked by May 31, 2011 2011 foals are here! Excellent conformation, lovely movement and quiet temperaments Ph: 250-577-3526 Pritchard BC


Your STALLION should be here. Rates as low as

$64. per/month

Standing for 2011 at: Pegasus Riding, Westbank, BC. Owned by Whoa & Go Quarter Horses Contact Danielle, 250-768-9658 or April, 250-551-4739 For more info visit:


Snappin Cat

Sorrel Standing for the 2011 breeding season in Armstrong, BC


Jessies Snappy Doc, Buckskin - Doc Bar, Jessie James, Kings Pistol, Poco Tivio bred 5/11

1996 Palomino AQHA Stallion g tandin Now Se public h to t

2011 Breeding Fee: $500 Live Foal Guarantee Live Cover Only

ALSO STANDING: Got To Last – AQHA Mr Leo Express - APHA

74 • Saddle Up • May 2011

2003 AQHA 16.2HH, 1350 lbs

Banditos Lena Jo

Salty Ole Jack 1996 AQHA Stallion (APHA approved) 15HH Chestnut

Opening Fee $800 for 2011 only

Home 250-567-4269; Cell 250-567-8685 5/11

Own Son of Special Effort “LAZY WIND�

1997 AQHA Sorrel Stallion

Direct son of (High Brow Cat) offspring earning over $42 Million Out of an own daughter of (Snapper Cal Bar) LTE $267,000 NCHA $17,697: Bluebonnet Open Derby Champion; Southern Open Derby Reserve Champion; ďŹ nalist in the Augusta Open Classic.


250-546-9766 or 5/11


For more information contact Carolin Ryan   s-APLE2IDGE "# RYSENPAINTS TELUSNET

Special Effort: SI 104, 2-year-old World Champion and the only horse in history to win the Triple Crown of Quarter Horse Racing. Kansas Futurity, Rainbow Futurity and the All American Futurity. Winner of 13 of 14 races, LTE of $1,219,950.00 Dam: By All Means Easy, SI 103, 14 Wins, producing daughter of the great World Champion and All American Futurity Winner, Easy Jet.

Have it all for only $500 AQHA/APHA or $350 for all other breeds. LFG.

Randy Ophus Performance Horses

1999 BCPHC High Point Halter Stallion Sire of Futurity Winners and APHA/PtHA Halter and Performance point earners. When quality matters, choose the stallion that has it all: conformation, disposition, ridability and world class breeding. 2011 Fee: $750. LCFG

Dual Pep

Zan Parr Bar on top. The Ole Man (SI 100) on bottom Performance bloodlines including roping, cutting and racing Stud Fee $550 includes - 10 day mare care - 5 day LFG

Dual Banditos Gold Farrah Oak Banditos Lena Jo Doc O Dynamite


Lena Jo Jo

For 2011 bookings call: 250-547-6811 or 250-307-2502

Montana Jo Jo




Peppy San Badger Miss Dual Doc Docs Oak Docs Farrah Chex Doc O Lena Gay Bar Dixie Crusader Bar Mona Q Bar

Standing at Turning Point Ranch, Armstrong BC   sHORSE TELUSNET


On The Market HAND-MADE ROPING SADDLE by California Saddlemaker, Mary Street.

High end saddle features - Hermann Oak leather, hand tooled basket weave, real sheepskin, Bowman Tree with breast collar and back cinch. Asking $1,650 obo. Barely used! More images at 250-215-7463, fi (Peachland)

RUSTYSPRINGS CINDY 2008 Sorrel AQHA Mare Sire: Haidas Freckles; Dam: Docs Lil Candy Bar Started under saddle. $2,000. Julie 250-377-7479 (Knutsford)

HORSE LOVERS DREAM! 11.7 acres of country living near Williams Lake. Large 2,100 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 400 sq. ft. sun deck and hot tub. 7 large covered stalls, tack room and a full outdoor roping and riding arena. Private home or Riding Centre! Just $439,000. 250-305-7034 E-mail 5/11

REG’D 2001 BLACK CANADIAN STALLION Proven Stud. 15.2HH. Name: Humeny Fargo Laredeau $5,000. 250-445-6742 (Greenwood)

HERD DISPERSAL & RANCH FOR SALE 7-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding, 14.2HH. Great ranch and trail horse, suitable for the whole family. Great bloodlines. See also 25 more horses for sale. Priced at $3,500 obo. More info at 250-315-9087 (Merritt) Email:

LENA MAYBE LUCKY TOO (Luciano) Very handsome 2009 ApHCC registered Appaloosa Gelding by IMA LENA TOO out of WYALTA MAYBE LUCKY. This boy will get noticed in the show ring; he could go in many directions - reining, cutting, western pleasure, or more. Should mature to 15HH. Super temperament, well-mannered, very smart and easy to train. Lucci is well halter broke and stands tied, good for farrier and vet, loads and hauls. Asking $2,000 obo to a great home only. 604-462-1664 (Maple Ridge) E-mail:

Rappenhof Sporthorses Retirement Sale 3 TOP CLASS RIDDEN BLACK MARES * 2006 16.1HH Trakehner ‘Model’, ranked #2 in North America * 2004 16.3HH German Trakehner, National Champion * 2003 16.2HH German Oldenburg Premium, Dressage winner Florida AND Two 2011 foals by Platinum 250-446-2149 (Osoyoos)



MINATURE HORSE HERD FOR SALE 2 mares and 5 geldings. 2 years to 9 years old. All for $2,100. 250-485-0113 (Oliver)

10 YR OLD REG’D QH GELDING “MJ” - Two Eyed Chex out of Wyoming (Peter Cambell) and I’m now in Powell River, BC. I trailer, clip and tie and good with my feet. I have an amazing heart and very willing. Here to please you. UTD with all my shots. I need a semi-experienced rider, not for kids, unless an experienced teenager. I go Western or English. I don’t care for a bit; I prefer bitless. Love ground work and have excellent ground manners. Overall I’m a handsome guy looking for a loving home. $3,500 obo. Tammy 604-485-0177 (Powell River) • 75

On The Market 3 WINDS RANCH OFFSPRING FOR SALE From these fine Stallions

TW Smok N Hawk 2004 ApHCC Dark Palomino

TW Sunsation 1994 APHA Palomino Tobiano 3Winds Skippa Treat 2007 Palomino Leopard Appaloosa Skip Jewels Leo 1994 AQHA Red Dun (Two Eyed Jack breeding) Horses For Sale / Horses Started Australian Shepherd Dogs 250-499-5397; 2/12

JRDM “ROSIE” 8 yr old Registered APHA Mare,15HH, cutting horse bloodlines. Ridden in a Hackamore due to injury when young. Very responsive, lots of go. Needs quick tune-up and would make a great sporting horse. West Nile and 4-way vaccination done in March. $1,500. 604-556-6884, (Abbotsford)

2001 PETERBILT CUSTOM COACH 8.3L Cummins. Automatic, air ride, cruise, custom paint, alcoa rims, weighted frame. Leather seats, shed kept, excellent tires, inspected yearly. 112,000 miles. $66,000. Contact Michael 604-607-0188 (Langley)

76 • Saddle Up • May 2011

4 YR OLD REG’D PAINT HORSE MARE Not Enuff Diamonds (“Patti”). Sired by: Red Hot Impulse out of: Granddaughter of Sonny Dee Bar. 15.1HH and still growing. Quiet, easygoing, and willing to learn. Loves attention and very friendly. She has had lots of training, time in the saddle, and has the potential to go in whatever direction you want to take her. All around prospect. Great feet and up-to-date on everything. $4,500. Dianne 604-530-3366, (Langley)

“SKY” 10 yr old Registered APHA Mare, 15.2HH. Trail ridden as lead and as pack horse. Lots of stamina. Has been used lots by trainer for starting colts. Loads and trailers well. West Nile and 4-way vaccination done in March. $3,000 obo. 604-556-6884, (Abbotsford)

2002 CHARMAC LEGACY 4 HORSE With a full stud wall, 8’ wide undercarriage storage on the left side, drop down windows aluminum manger feeders. Sleeps 4-5, with full bathroom, full kitchen and living quarters. Good shape, wanting to downsize to a 3 horse. Will consider a trade - asking $36,900. E-mail for more photos 250-722-3650 (Nanaimo)

HOBBY FARM FOR SALE Perfectly set-up, partially treed 8.5 acre horse property for sale in Armstrong/Spallumcheen. 3,400 sq. ft. post-andbeam farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, den and 2.5 baths. Large 100’ x 200’ sand ring, 3 paddocks with shelters, 5 turn-out fields, excellent fencing, 2 stall heritage barn. $629,000. See photos at E-mail: 250-546-0531 (Armstrong)

1996 TRITON GOOSENECK 3 HORSE Aluminum and fibreglass. Drop down windows, removable rear saddle rack. King size bed up front. Bearings and brakes just serviced. New battery. $11,900. 250-593-4442 (Bridge Lake)

2007 FEATHERLITE 8’ WIDE 4 HORSE LQ TRAILER Must see, like new, only used a couple of times. 11’ s/w LQ features Sierra Package. Dinette, full bath, queen bed, air cond., TV, stereo, fridge, stove, microwave, full length awning. Walk thru to horses; with studwall and mangers. Large rear tack, plus extra storage. $45,000. 250-747-3451 (Quesnel)



Jaz Poco Silverado

Ranch Raised Versatile Morgans for Work or Family Fun

Old Baldy Ranch

Sired By:

Offspring for Sale

AQHA/NFQH A 100%, Poco Bueno 27% Silver Grullo, Herda N/N Son of Little Steel Dust, AQHA Rom Reining

Goldun Poco Mr Matt

Sired By:

AQHA/NFQH A 97%, Poco Bueno 34% Dun, Herda N/N Grandson of Little Steel Dust, Open Reining Winner Grandson of Little Steeldust

JMF La BARON (Black 15HH)

ELFONDO’S TIGER (14.2HH Chestnut)

FOXTAIL’S TRIPLE THREAT (14.3HH Buckskin) Stock For Sale - Stallions Standing Amber Fullerton, Arras, BC 250-843-7186

LBJ Sierras Blue TE

AQHA Blue Roan - Te N’Te, Blue Boy Quincy, Crimson War Bloodlines

Aaron & Colleen Wangler Dawson Creek, BC

Ph/fax: 250-843-7337



FOR SALE Premium, Safe Friendly, Family Riding Recreation & Usin’ Show Horses 250-963-9779


PHOTO ADS only $60. + tax. Next Deadline May 15 On to Greener Pastures … Submitted by Dani Goldenthal

“Brig” (1969-2011)

Sunday, April 3rd marked the passing of an equine legend when long time Coldstream Ranch Horse/NOTRA therapy horse “Brig” passed on to greener pastures at the remarkable age of 42. Brig was donated to NOTRA by Chelsea and Keith Balcaen in 2000 and fast became everyone’s favourite therapy horse. With his rock solid temperament HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

and gentle nature, Brig could be trusted to be safest mount for the most severely disabled riders; the patient babysitter to the tiniest new rider or give that joyous gift of self-esteem and confidence to the disabled teen that got to experience their first ride independent of volunteers. Brig happily contributed to the program for many years and when it became evident that the work was getting too hard for an old gelding in his late 30’s Brig was retired to our home in Salmon Arm where he easily transitioned into his third career as first horse, teacher and best friend to our youngest daughter Joni. During his retirement years Brig was always game for a trail ride, stood

patiently while little girls fussed over him and made him “pretty” with braids and ribbons, and was just as happy packing a little girl around the show ring in English tack as he was barrel racing, pole-bending and goat tail tying at Little Britches Rodeos. To everyone who knew him, Brig was a special one-of-a-kind horse and will be dearly missed and lovingly remembered. • 77

Shop & Swap! FOR SALE


INNISFAIL AUCTION MARKET. Weekly Cattle Sales. Twice a month Horse Sales. 1-800-710-3166 or (Innisfail, AB) 11/11


FINE LINE ARABIANS has Hackney, Welsh and Arabian Stallions at Stud. Show and Breeding stock available to approved home. 250-547-9367 (Cherryville) 6/11


2007 PUREBRED BLACK ARABIAN GELDING. Sire: W.T. Shadow Dancer; Dam: Blacklady Phatina. Awards: 2009 Top 5 Hi Pt Sport Horse In Hand and 2010 Top 5 Junior Horse Western. Contact Mary Baynes 250-832-5282 or Lunor Black Arabians 250-832-1592 (Salmon Arm)

3RD ANNUAL OKANAGAN BREEDERS GROUP Showcase, May 14-15, Armstrong Fairgrounds, Free Admission, Trade Show, Used Tack Sale, Demos/Speakers, Stallions,

Kelowna & Kamloops




Fun, non-competitive equine clinics

Take 2 Riding Clinics

Prices on line at 250-717-3946 or 866-886-6893


Join us at Take 2 Riding Clinics (T2RC), an information portal to advertise & promote Okanagan based clinics. Check out for more clinic info. Come sayy hello, we will be at the Armstrongg IPE for the Okanagan g Breeder Tradeshow, Mayy 14-15. Drop p by and enter our clinic draw.


Natural Alternative Grazers N.A.G. BAGS • Imitates Natural Grazing • No wasted hay, no mess • Horses are never without hay • Slows digestion down • Prevent ulcers and cribbing 6/11


June 18 and 19, 2011 Red Barn Farm, 63405 Yale Road, Hope, BC



Bill Richey’s 30 year expertise as a police horse trainer is the foundation for building confidence for both rider and horse. Spooky horses will benefit remarkably during the course of this clinic. All breeds and riding disciplines are welcomed. Clinic Fee $300/Rider (max 16 riders) Audit Fee $20/day Overnight cowboy camping, guest rooms and stabling available.

Rails to Rafters

Info & Reservations contact Laurie Thompson (604) 869-1411 Shelters for cattle, calves, horses etc. or for storage Single or double shelters (or more panels to add on) Pick-up panels or delivered on site Different designs and finishes available

Pole Buildings * Barns * Shelters * Indoor & Outdoor Arenas * Restoration & Repair * Bobcat 25 years experience ~ free estimates Serving the North Okanagan from the ground up.

Castlegar Nelson Trail

Call Chris for free quote or view shelters in stock

August 16-20, 2011 Equestrian Events to be held in Castlegar at Pass Creek Fair Grounds


For those 55+ Reining, Driving, Dressage, Jumper.


More info at

EZFlex Cookies and EZTreats ™ or call 250-365-7273

JOINT CARE FOR YOUR HORSE Glucosamine MSN Chondroitin 250-318-6308

Startting at $1,1995.00 (excl HST)

Specializing in timber frame Barns, Hay Sheds, Pole Barns, covered and enclosed riding arenas



1650 Shuswap Ave., Lumby, BC 250-547-6616

HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs at Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-5460104 (Armstrong) 5/11 78 • Saddle Up • May 2011


Shop & Swap! RENTALS 10x50 TRAILER, 2 bedroom with laundry room and addition (10x30); 4 appliances included. Large horse paddock available. $500 per month. 250-499-5667 (Keremeos)

FREE FREE HORSE MANURE and lots of it. Great for fields and gardens. You load. North Armstrong. 250-546-9922 LOVELY 16 YR OLD QH GELDING omelooking for a quiet dH rider to do some lightoriding. Western background, super o G sweet guy. untodthe right home. 250-835-0100 (Tappen) FoGive FREE THOROUGHBRED MARE, 11 years old, 16.2HH, Chestnut. Goes English, started over fences. Some show experience. To approved home. References required. Kristina 250-547-9403 (Cherryville) FREE LEASE at my home only. Looking for reliable and competent English rider to exercise, groom and possibly show my horse locally (I can transport). 16.1HH Partbred Morgan Gelding, shown in English classes, Dressage, and more recently started jumping/eventing. Always in the ribbons. Lots of forward movement and huge trot. Serious enquiries only. Contact Nancy 250-546-9922 or





Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles

The Leather Lady



DOUBLE DELICHTE STABLES Full Board (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon 10/11



Horse Boarding in Salmon Arm


New Indoor Arena 70x160 12x12 Stalls Heated Automatic Waterers Heated Tack Room Large Paddocks with Shelters Lessons and Training available Access to Crown land Close to South Canoe trails Minutes from downtown Salmon Arm Call 250-803-0190 6621 Okanagan g Avenue N.E., Salmon Arm


See page 4 for contact info.

WANTED USED TACK BUY SELL & TRADE Deep Creek General Store 0

250-546-3955 3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong 7/11

Traditional, Othopedic & Alternative Shoeing State CertiďŹ ed Farrier Norbert H.-Hennig

Training Stables T Wallbridge Road, Armstrong, BC

Full board - Training - Coaching s)NDOORAND/UTDOOR!RENAS s'RASS*UMP&IELDs2OUND0ENS )NDIVIDUAL3TALL0ADDOCK )NDIVIDUAL3HELTER0ADDOCKW'ROUP0ASTURE * Lessons * Lease Horses * Clinics * Training * Showing Contact Keelly Reggelsen 250-307-7288


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 6/11

For more info:

250-260-5299 Coldstream, BC ARE YOU HIGHLY MOTIVATED? Looking for selfmotivated people to learn how to set up and operate MiniOffice Outlets from Home. 12/12

L h &S Leather Stitches i h

Armstrong, BC

Indoor Arena 100 x 200 outdoor ring Large jump ring Spacious paddocks and shelters Easy access to trails Warm, hospitable atmosphere for horse and rider 30 Years experience raising, breeding & handling horses

German trained farrier is looking for new clients. If you are interested please call me or visit my website ite Phone: 250-803-4312

7/1 7/11 • 79

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Saddle Up May 2011  

Horse magazine, Western, English, Western Canada

Saddle Up May 2011  

Horse magazine, Western, English, Western Canada

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