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Neurotropic Equine Herpes Virus Update By Dr. Alex Wales, DVM, Panorama Veterinary Services


urrently there are numerous reports of equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM) affecting a few horses in western North America. This outbreak appears related to initial cases at a cutting horse show in Ogden, Utah, which was held from April 29-May 8. Horses at that event may have been exposed to this virus and subsequently spread the infection to other horses. While the true extent of this disease outbreak is uncertain, there is clearly a very significant elevated risk of EHM cases at this time in horses that have been exposed to other horses involved in this outbreak. At this time control of the outbreak is critically dependent on biosecurity. Equine Herpes Virus-1 is a contagious disease of horses that has been around for a long time. The classical form of the disease causes respiratory disease, abortions in mares and rarely neurological (brain and spinal cord) disease. In the past few years a new strain of the virus has emerged that causes more severe disease. It is called neuropathogenic or neurotropic EHV-1. It poses no human health risk. Affected horses may develop fevers, runny noses, wobbly gait, hind end weakness and may become recumbent. The vast majority of horses become infected with herpes virus as foals and either get a very mild illness or may show no visible signs at all. This would be similar to children getting exposed to human respiratory viruses as babies from contact with other humans. This is a normal part of life. We believe that most foals are exposed at a very young age and may carry the virus for life with absolutely no consequences, however, rarely; the virus may become active in a particular horse and may mutate to form the strain of herpes virus that becomes responsible for the neurological disease now being seen in the Ogden outbreak.

Should you be worried about your horses? This disease is spread by horse to horse contact but can also be spread by the virus being carried on people’s hands, tack, buckets, etc. It does NOT affect humans. In our area, the only way your horse could be at risk is if they come in contact with other horses that were somehow associated with the Ogden show and outbreak. Humans who attended that show would be very unlikely HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

to be transporting the virus on their clothes or hands as changing clothes and washing would get rid of it. Trailers and tack used with sick horses shedding the virus could remain contaminated for up to 21 days.

So how should you best avoid exposing your horse to this disease? Obviously you would avoid contact with horses associated with the Ogden show. Certainly anyone who had horses at the Ogden show would know what is going on and should be keeping their horses at home until this outbreak passes. Many manufacturers produce herpes virus vaccines (commonly called Rhino vaccine) however, none have been proven to be useful in preventing the neurological form of this disease.

This is not the first such outbreak, nor will it be the last. Similar outbreaks of this disease occur all over the world. They start up without warning, create havoc during the outbreak and then fade away. This one will also pass, but during its active time, DILIGENT BIO SECURITY IS THE ONLY KNOWN WAY TO CONTROL ITS SPREAD. Put simply, this means avoiding contact with horses that may have been in Ogden or horses secondarily exposed to Ogden horses.

As always in these sort of situations, rumors run rampant. Do make yourself informed and do keep abreast of what is going on in this outbreak, but there is no reason for panic. Over the coming days there will be lots of information online about the Ogden outbreak, but scrutinize your sources carefully. Not all you see online will be true.

Reported on May 18, 2011 To date, only horses from the Ogden, Utah cutting show have come down with this disease. In the Okanagan, there is one barn with three cases all of which were in Ogden. These cases have not been confirmed in the laboratory, but considering their attendance at the Ogden show and the clinical signs presented, there is a good level of confidence that these horses have neurological herpes infection. This barn is completely quarantined and there have been no new cases within that barn. We contacted the BC Provincial

veterinary laboratory this morning and they have NO confirmed cases. Alberta has reported one case confirmed in one of their laboratories. We participate in two online discussion groups for equine veterinarians which include thousands of veterinarians and yesterday the question was asked if any cases had been seen in horses except for those who had been to Ogden. As of today no one has reported any cases other than horses that had been to the Ogden show.

Reported on May 19, 2011 There are no new reports to indicate that this disease is spreading in any sort of epidemic fashion. The cases being dealt with are still only those that were somehow directly or secondarily exposed in Ogden, Utah.

Reported on May 23, 2011 As of the 22nd of May, officials monitoring this disease report a total of 33 confirmed cases in 9 US states and 1 in southern Alberta. Only 7 deaths have been reported. British Columbia has three suspect but unconfirmed cases. These are quarantined in a private stable in Vernon. Of the 33 confirmed cases, 32 were at the Ogden show. All owners of horses that attended the show or had horses secondarily exposed have been contacted and all horses are quarantined. Officials continue to monitor the situation daily and we will try to keep you up to date on our web site. The case numbers provided would indicate that the situation is well in hand and the spread of the virus is being controlled by good quarantine protocols. We all need to remember that the virus does not move long distances through the air, and as long as the infected horses are properly quarantined, this whole situation should be expected to resolve over the next few weeks. The paranoia surrounding this situation is being fueled mostly by internet communication among misinformed or uninformed equestrians, but the facts would show it is completely unfounded. A few shows and events have been postponed, but there is now less talk of postponements as it becomes more clear that the disease is not spreading in any significant way and control measures are working well.

We will keep this information updated regularly on our web-site www.panoramavet.com www.saddleup.ca • 3

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allelujah! Spring is finally here. My tulips have been up and now gone. Our horses are pretty well shedded out and now let the riding season begin! Cheryle and I made it out to Mane Event in Red Deer with only one little blizzard through Three Valley Gap. Roads were clear all the way there and back. Mane Event was once again a great show! Thank you to Joyce and Allan Sparks of Sparks Innovations for the use of their “Tricycle” throughout the weekend. It sure made getting around a lot easier – we turned some heads – and Allan and I even had a race down the north aisle! (I won.) What a great machine! The Benefit for Mike Puhallo was an astounding success with a sold out venue – see Mark McMillan’s story on page 32. There is a fundraiser coming up for Armstrong’s own Joni Lynn Peters – to help her and Travolta (horse) get to London’s 2012 Olympics – see page 24 for info. What spreads faster than the Equine Herpes Virus? Rampant e-mails! And most are not accurate. We have the facts… and I thank Dr. Alex Wales for his help in keeping us all informed! See page 3 for the ‘real story’.

Nancy 22 deadline... “Sexy Rexy and I made it to mile 18 then found a greasy mud

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Dear Ms. Roman: The young writer of “Horse Slaughter� in the May 2011 issue of Saddle Up relates a passion for a subject she feels strongly about and that is to be commended. However, with additional life experiences we all learn that there are two sides to every story. Specifically regarding references to the collection of pregnant mares’ urine (PMU), knowledgeable independent equine veterinarians from the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the International League for the Protection of Horses have inspected

equine ranches and found the care of the horses to be above reproach and even exceed the standard as seen in the general equine industry. They conclude, “Based on our inspections, the allegations of inhumane treatment of horses involved in equine ranching are unfounded.� As further testament/evidence to the high care standards in place in the industry, as recently as November 2009, the American Association of Equine Practitioners honored these family ranchers that collect PMU and are dedicated to improving equine welfare through research, education, and innovative marketing with the 2009 Lavin Cup, its award for outstanding equine welfare initiatives. We encourage your readers to learn more about our high standards and the quality of horses available from our breeders by visiting http://www.naeric.org. - Sincerely, Norman K. Luba, Executive Director, NAERIC (North American Equine Ranching Information Council)

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#//,2)$'%4/&)./ 2005 Black Bay Thoroughbred Stallion by Regal Intention (Won over $1,000,000) by Vice Regent (Canadian Hall of Fame) by Northern Dancer (won over $500,000, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame) out of Nearly Precious by Golden Reserve by Sir Ivor (won over $500,000). Owned by Kelvin Joseph, Cardston, AB. s5NRACEDDUETOINJURY s'REATGRANDSONOF.ORTHERN$ANCERAND3IR)VOR s%XTREMELYWELLBUILT ATHLETIC KIND !,3/34!.$).' s7OULDCROSSWELLONTO1UARTER(ORSESAND0AINTS #,5-).!4)/. 3ORREL!1(! ($&)-02%33%$"9#,5 "AY!1(! s'ENERATION#OEFlCIENTOF)NBREEDING ($& "2!.$93 $ .)&4%2 3ORREL/VERO s)NTHElRSTGENERATIONSCROSSESTO.EARCTIC CROSSESTO.EARCO #"3,%'!#9 2ED2OAN/VERO CROSSESTO0HALARIS CROSSESTO'AINSBOROUGH CROSSESTO0HAROS 2+2(%!243 3/..9$%% 2ED$UN4OBIANO 2+2 (%!243 349,)3(&/8 3ORREL4OBIANO CROSSESTO3CAPA&LOW 

NEWS FLASH: Kingofhearts McCue, 1997 Red Dun Tovero, has returned from Vermont for the remainder of the breeding season.

9-2 +)33 -9"!'').3 'REY!1(!


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“Looking for a Career as an Equine or Canine Body Worker?” Look no further than Hoof and Paw Body Workers in Canada! Home of the International Equinology and Caninology programs... you can formulate your own education with a choice of multiple classes or specialties while studying with industry leading professionals!

2011 Schedule of Courses June 11-12 Equine Jin Shin Jyutsu, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Adele Leas Sept. 15-19 Equine MyoFascial Release Level 1, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Ruth Mitchell-Golladay Sept. 22-25 Equine MyoFascial Release Level 1, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Ruth Mitchell-Golladay Oct. 25-Nov. 1 Canine Massage Certification, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Beverly Adams Oct. 27–Nov. 4 Equine Massage Certification, Calgary, AB, Instructor: Tina Watkins Nov. 14-22 Equine Massage Certification, Clinton, ON, Instructor: Debranne Pattillo Course enrollment is limited. Early Bird registration available. All graduates are eligible to become members of the IEBWA and able to get group liability insurance discount. Already have a practice? Contact us about Continuing Education or IEBWA Membership! For more information:

403-556-0716; E-mail info@hoofnpaws.ca

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Introducing High Point Equestrian Centre By Clare Hamilton-Eddy


ressey Development Group announces the launch of its state-of-the art, multi-million dollar High Point Equestrian Centre and Clubhouse marking the completion of its much-anticipated, equestrian-themed neighbourhood in South Langley. The new 8,000 square foot clubhouse boasts a top-notch fitness centre, steam rooms and yoga space, as well as a lounge, bar and tennis court. The beautifully designed equestrian centre includes 40 spacious stalls, large indoor and outdoor arenas, several paddocks, barns and 9km of custom-built riding trails. The public grand opening of the High Point Equestrian Centre was held on Saturday, May 14, and featured displays of show jumping, dressage and reining, a driving demonstration with miniature horses, a reining clinic, carriage rides and a performance by Paralympics 2012 hopefuls. The unique 287-acre High Point community is attracting buyers from all over Canada who are looking to build their dream home and enjoy an exceptional way of life in a quiet, rural location. With lot prices starting from $529,900, less than one third of the lots remain to be sold in the exclusive community. “No compromises have been made when designing and building the new facility,” says Hani Lammam, Cressey’s Vice President of Development and Acquisitions. “The attention to detail and quality is quite remarkable and lends itself to the casual elegance of the overall community. We’re confident that HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

High Point is setting a new standard in high-end real estate. There is no other community like it in Canada.” Being dubbed locally as the “Shaughnessy of the suburbs,” the 164 home lots, ranging from 0.5 to 8 acres, evoke the feeling of a classical country village through a mixture of West Coast and traditional architectural styles. With spectacular, sweeping views of the mountains, the coast and the Fraser Valley, the location is as idyllic as it gets. It is extremely convenient being 10 minutes from the US border, 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver and minutes away from fine wineries, top golf courses and some of the province’s most highly rated private schools. It is also on the doorstep of Campbell Valley Regional Park, the largest equestrian park in BC with over 30km of walking and riding trails. “The great thing about High Point is that it appeals to a wide range of people,” says Lammam. “It’s clearly aspirational for horse enthusiasts who recognize the worldclass facilities but it’s also attracting a lot of families and non-riders who wish to have this kind of sophisticated and social yet quiet lifestyle.” The new facility is members-only, but welcomes nonresidents. It looks set to be the new social hub for locals with many events planned including equine clinics, dog agility shows, riding lessons, fitness classes, corporate and private parties in addition to other community social events.

For more information, visit: www.highpointestates.ca or www.highpointequestriancentre.ca

Visit our B ooth at th e Island Eq uine Affai r, Nanaimo June 11 & 12

www.saddleup.ca • 7

Annual Ride for the Cure! By Lynn Danyluk So please come and join us! For more information please contact digbits@msn.com or Face Book. Phone Lynn at 780-656-0406. http:// www.albertaparks.ca/siteinformation. aspx?id=23

PINCHER CREEK FARM & HOME CENTER 1225 Main Street, Pincher Creek, AB 403-627-3606 pccoopag@telus.net !3!-0,).'/& /52 .!-%"2!.$3



up with us. Maps are along the way, so there is no chance of getting lost and the trails are so rich with beauty, do bring your camera! After each ea ride a wonderful meal is served and itt’s time to socialize amongst friends and family. f We’ll be offering a Silent Auctio on (donations welcome), a 50/50 draw, raffl r es and rewards. AEAS Ride R for the Cure is listed proudly on t he walls of the Cross Clinic Institution fo or their past contribution in raising $5,0000 and still going strong. This year we hopee to match that amount or surpass it. W We are also listed in their guest book for other contributions. There is something about this war against Cancer that brings a peace within many. When it comes to Cancer we are all Brothers and Sisters of Arms! Our four legged equine friends become leaders of today for tomorrow.



he Alberta Equestrian Awareness Society is once again hosting their 6th Annual Ride for the Cure of Cancer, June 11th 2011 with registration at 11:00 a.m. This year the location was changed to help t hose wishing to participate be able to make it. Our 2011 location is at Cookk ing Lake in the Blackfoot Provincial Recreational Areas - Waskehegan Staging Area. Trail Rides are the best way to estab blish bonds between Rider and Horse with h that extra touch of nature. In this case… controlled nature. There are several trailss to choose from rated on the participant’ss level of experience, which they can begin when they wish. The earlier they leave will allow for longer trails to be chosen. You can ride in pairs or a group which welcomes single riders. Sometimes it can be hard to get a group of friends to come out. So come by yourself and group



Alberta Wish Ride Back in Kananaskis By Irene White


lans to move the 3rd annual Alberta Wish Ride to a new location did not pan out and the ride is now scheduled to return to Little Elbow at Kananaskis on August 20, 2011. “We W had hoped to change things up for the riders this year with some new trails and different scenery, but it just didn’t work out,” said organizer Irene White. “We’re going to go back to Kananaskis and use the Little Elbow area again.” White said the committee is currently working to determine what trails the ride will use this year. Riders can check the event’s website for updates. Camping is available at the Little Elbow campground and they even have stalls. Campers will need to book their spot with the campground in advance. The day consists of a pancake breakfast, a choice of three trails with different durations, then a return to the staging area for supper, entertainment and prizes. Riders must bring in a minimum of $50 in pledges to participate and there is a prize for the most pledges turned in. For every $25 in pledges, riders are given a ticket into a draw for a Billy Cook saddle which has been donated by Irvine Tack and Western Wear and Dark Horse Land Consulting Inc. Some great entertainment is already lined up and registrations are starting to come in. Riders can register on the event web site (www.albertawishride.ca) where they’ll also find full details about the day and can check out photo galleries of previous events. There’s even a blog where you can get updates about the event. It’s www.albertawishride.wordpress.com. Once registered, participants will be able to set up an online donation page which will make it easier for them to collect pledges and for their supporters to get tax receipts. In the first two years the event donated almost $50,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Established in 1984, the Children’s Wish Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling a favourite wish for children diagnosed with lifethreatening illnesses.

THE “MADE BY NATURE” FORMULA Registration Feeds Act: No 990135 Meal: No 990457 Pellet

“Adel and Freddy” BARREL RACING CHAMPION Adel Hansen Okotoks, Alberta


2079 Duck Range Road, P.O. Box 107, Pritchard, BC, V0E 2P0

Toll Free: 1-888-357-0011 Scott Irvine and Alberta Wish Ride chair Irene White with the Billy Cook saddle offered in the draw.


  s&AX   ultrakelp@telus.net

www.ultra-kelp.com www.saddleup.ca • 9

1st Annual Peace Country Pet and Equine Expo 2011 By Nicky Hemingson

Peace Country Pet and Equine Expo is the first event of its kind to come to the Peace Country. The event will occupy two separate buildings, one for equine events and one for pet events. Dates are set for September 24 and 25, 2011 at Evergreen Park, near Grande Prairie, Alberta.


here will be trade show booths as well as demonstrations that may include the Grande Prairie Polo Club, mounted shooting, reining, horsemanship, stadium jumping, and cutting. The Prairie Dusters Drill Team is also very excited to be hosting an Equine Drill Team Competition. Saturday night will feature a Ranch Rodeo, with 3-man teams and over $1500 worth of prizes and money. Separate tickets are needed for this performance. Both the pet and equine sections will feature 15-minute “Vet Talks.” The pet end of the event will include performances by Unleashed Canine Crew,

a dog training competition, a “dogs with jobs” booth, bite prevention presentations, the RCMP K9 unit, Alberta Dock Dogs and the Alberta Redneck Furry Fliers Disc Dog Team from Edmonton. This event promises to be nothing short of an entertaining and educational extravaganza. Exhibitor and sponsor packages are now available. Contact Nicky at (780) 882-1268 or go to the event website at www.pcpetandequineexpo.ca for further information.

CONTERRA builds arena groomers for skid steers, tractors and now the new Arena Rake can be used on Quads, ATV’s, Garden Tractors and even Pick up Trucks!


Arena Groomers Arena Comb Adjustment Rachet

The CONTERRA ARENA GROOMER is designed to make arena maintenance as simple and consistent as possible. Most groomers on the market rely on the operator to constantly adjust the groomer using the tractor’s three point hitch control. Inevitably, this leads to inconsistency in arena preparation; especially in the depth of the arena. The Conterra Arena Groomer virtually eliminates these problems through our easy-to-use groomer adjustment settings. The Danish Style S-Tines can be pre-set by adjusting the wheel height positions from 2 to 5 inches of depth. Both the front Grading Blade and the rear Arena Comb can be adjusted by simply using ratchet jacks. These features allow any operator, young or old, male or female to quickly and consistently groom.

Grader Blade Adjustment Rachet

Arena Comb Arena Comb Lock Pin

Depth Control Wheels S-Tine Cultivator Shank

Prairie Dusters Drill Team Performance 2010

7” Cultivator Grading Blade Sweep

Arena Groomers starting at $3,595.00

Available in 52”-84” widths. Fits all quads, utility vehicles, garden tractors and trucks.

New 2 011 A Now A TV Model vailable !

The CONTERRA ARENA RAKE is ideal for fast, efficient and consistent arena maintenance. It is designed for use on quads, atv’s etc. The arena rake is a set it and forget it type of groomer, that make grooming a breeze. The arena rake is outfitted with scarifier teeth that will rip into hard ground. The depth of the teeth is controlled and constantly maintained by adjusting a rachet jack and setting guage wheels. The rear comb constantly floats and levels and is set using a ratchet rack. These features not only make the Conterra Arena Rake easy to operate but a proven performer.

What is your horse running on? Protect your investment!

Toll Free: 1-877-947-2882 10 • Saddle Up • June 2011

Quad Groomers starting at $1,595.00

www.conterraindustries.com HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

BC Interior Horse Rescue Society By Lauri Meyers “Long, cold spring.” I’ve been hearing that a lot from folks. You have to admire Spring’s tenacity; it’s been a long, hard fight, but it will win, eventually.


pril 30 was our first the website for the BCIHRS. Spring Ride for Rescue. We now have banner The day was on the cool advertising available. Our side, which contributed to the pricing is very competitive smaller turnout. Even though and we are always the group was a bit smaller than monitoring for accuracy. our Fall Ride, the food and If this is something you conversation was just as good. are interested in, or know We are already planning our 2nd someone who might be, Annual Fall Ride for Rescue, to please see the “contact us” be held on September 24. We are page at www.bcihrs.ca. looking at a couple of different BCIHRS would like Ride Master Dave and Boo areas for this ride. If anyone has to thank our newest any location suggestions, please supporter, The Natural Choice Dog Salon in Vernon, (250) 260contact the Equine Director at 2620. Make sure you check out our poster on the “Horse Board” Willow, 7-year-old QH equinedirector@bcihrs.com. during your next visit. We have a new addition to the Hub. Willow is a beautiful 7-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She is well-muscled and stands about 14.3HH. Willow was surrendered to us by her owner, as they were unable to successfully re-home her. Willow has been diagnosed with HYPP/NH. A vet consultation was very encouraging. Our vet felt that, while she has the NH gene, she may never show any signs, but if she did, she may show tie-up signs or some small quivering. Furthermore, he felt that she is a very good candidate for 22 RIVERFRONT ACRES 115 ACRES - 2 TITLES 5 ½ PRIVATE ACRES re-homing and having a successful career as a Executive Style Dream Home, Beautiful 3 bedroom home 22 Riverfront acres with large pleasure horse. incredible views, private lake, and barn/shop on 5 ½ private acres. well-built home. Irrigated hay land. guest home, geothermal heat. Conveniently located between $744,900. Grindrod. One of our recent arrivals, Buddy, has On 115 acres, with two titles; Armstrong and Vernon. Two more riverfront pieces available captured the heart of a new owner. Farrier/ 50 acres and home; 65 acres (can be Spectacular Views. in same location. trainer, Trevor Mertes (horsesthatwork@live. purchased separately) with Priced to sell at $485,000. 11.3 acres with shop $424,900. subdivision potential and plan. Otter Lake Cross Road, Armstrong. 15.5 acres $424.900. com), initially took Buddy to train and assess $1,499,000. him. A bond was formed almost immediately Schindler Road, Salmon Arm. and Buddy now has a forever home. Congratulations Trevor and Buddy. Please 250-306-3500 note that many of the horses available for peterblake@royallepage.ca adoption are $500 or LESS. We call this our AQHA STALLION “500 Club.” Equine members of the 500 Club BANDITO FA F RRAH LENA By Banditos Lena Jo X Farrah Oak are Chips, Boots, Misty and Jewel. Pictures (producer of $200,000+) and a short biography of these horses can be Will always produce colour Downtown Realty, Vernon Breeding Fee: $400 found on our website. Some more changes are happening with


Peter Blake

Horse, Ranch, and Country Properties Specialist


www.saddleup.ca • 11

LF Ranch Rescue Society By Isabelle Lessard


e are a little ranch located in Vilna, Alberta. For about 4 years we’ve been rescuing horses that have been mistreated, neglected, left on their own, mis-fed or simply were never handled. We are dedicating our time and effort to help animals, especially horses, so they can have a decent and respectful home that they deserve.

Our objectives are: • To initiate the placement of horses to new homes and/or the prevention of slaughter to adopt, rescue, and/or buy unwanted, never been touched, neglected, starved, sick, ex competition horse (race/ jump/reining...), retired horses, and/or injured, horses; • Upon arrival and assessment, as deemed necessary, to provide all care and training while the horse is in the custody of the LF Ranch Rescue Society; • To educate adoptive individuals on

the care of horses, rescue, auction, their responsibilities of owning a horse and all related costs; • Through the adoptive process, to link the prospective adopter with a compatible horse encouraging companionship, trust, and providing the love and care for a happy and healthy life; • To screen prospective owners for the adoption process, ensuring the quality of life that the horse has become accustomed too at LF Ranch will be of the same quality of existence at their new home.

How You can Help We have a few horses that will need to be saddle trained and some will need miles or just to be ridden. We don’t have the time to do everything. If you can help with training, contact us with the experience you have. LF Ranch Rescue Society is the only rescue center located in the Lakeland and

St. Paul area. We want to stay open and take more horses into our facility but we need some help and support. 100% of the money will go for our rescue center and horses in need! Cash donations help us to pay for the medications, farrier, vet fees, dental services, blankets, etc. We always need corral panels for fencing or round pen work. In-kind donations of hay/grain, halters, horse blankets, lead lines, stall mats, salt blocks, vitamins, various horse first-aid supplies, etc. and other horse care supplies are also greatly appreciated. For more information about us and our rescue operation, please visit www. lfranchrescue.com or contact us: Isabelle and Patrice Lessard LF Ranch Rescue Society PO Box 51 Vilna, Alberta T0A3L0 780-636-2664 Reg. No. 5016057399

John & Josh Lyons Certification Program Now Offered In Canada Taught by Lyons Legacy Master Trainer

SHAWN SEABROOK Accepting Horses in for Training

Next Program First Session: Sept. 5-16, 2011 Second Session: Sept. 26-Oct. 7, 2011 Location: Wild Card Ranch, Didsbury, Alberta For information or to book your spot contact: Shawn Seabrook at 403-998-7289 E-mail: info@shawnseabrook.com Check our website for Upcoming Clinics

www.shawnseabrook.com Photos byy Charles Hilton Photography g p y

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Critteraid’s Project Equus Update By Theresa Nolet



inally, Anastasia our pregnant mare that came from the Kamloops roundup, has had that long awaited baby, a beautiful bay fi lly with LONG legs. She was born at approximately 4 p.m. on May 5th, 2011. Typically Anastasia waited to be alone to give birth and Photo taken at 5 days old. thankfully all went well. When her foster Mom arrived the fi lly was up on shaky legs and nursing. I arrived about four hours after the birth and the fi lly was laying down enjoying the warmth of the sun. Soon after she got up to nurse and those long legs still seemed to have a mind of their own! After some nourishment she decided to get acquainted with her new home and try those new legs out. She started by doing little circles around her mom gradually moving further away until she actually started to put some speed into the equation! When we picked Anastasia and Arundel up from Kamloops stockyards on March 8th, it was obvious that Anastasia was heavy with foal. We were concerned that she was very close to her due date and are so grateful to her foster mom, Carmen, who took her in. However she had a mind of her own as to when she was going to have that baby and kept us waiting for almost TWO months! Anastasia is going to be a great mom. When I was there to see the new baby, approximately 4 hours after her birth, Anastasia would not let her out of her sight. It is so touching to watch this new life try out her new found freedom and experience stretching out those LONG legs of hers! She was still a bit wobbly. When the baby was practicing running in circles, Anastasia never took her eyes off her, backing up to keep her in sight. What a joy to watch and for those of you who would like to see those first shaky little jumps and kicks, Cy a volunteer with Critteraid took my videos and put them together into a little fi lm that is available on Youtube. Here is the link info for that video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyc4b8Ebpz0 or you can just search for Critteraid on You Tube as well. This beautiful girl was given the name of Aurora. With a new mouth to feed we are actively seeking donations as well as adoptive homes for not just Anastasia and Aurora, but for the other horses in Critteraid’s care as well. Anyone who would like to volunteer is welcome to contact Theresa at projectequus@critteraid.org. Please visit our website www.critteraid.org for more information on the rescue horses and to donate.


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Put on a Happy Face By Monty Gwynne, The Pony Fairy Whether it is yourself doing the smiling or being on the receiving end of one, smiles just make you feel good. Behaviour and emotion are neurophysiologically linked, so when you change one you can change and influence the other. (Antonio Damasio, Descartes’ Error) The smile tricks the mind into feeling better, as endorphins are released (Peta Heskell, Speech Mastery).


ow what does all this have to do with clicker training? Often, we will see what folks might call “ears back” in horses that are being clicker trained. In most instances, this is because the horse is concentrating and, just like us, when we concentrate, our expression tends to be less happy-looking. These horses aren’t grumpy, just concentrating on the task at hand. But how can we bring more fun and relaxation into the mix? From my opening paragraph, you get an idea of where we are headed: putting happy faces on horses to help our horses feel good. Now what does a happy horse face look like? A happy horse face will have a soft eye and definitely ears forward. As humans, we are hard-wired to respond differently to a happy expression, so we will tend to deal with a happy expression animal a bit differently, as well (Alexandra Kurland). So, the happy faces lesson is important. But, how do we get the happy face? How do we shape this behaviour using positive reinforcement - the click and treat? If you have been following my articles you will have several foundation lessons that are fairly well established by now. Happy faces can be layered onto any of these behaviours very easily. Clicker training is very much about layering behaviours. Start by layering happy faces onto grown-ups are talking. Ears forward is a shaped behaviour, meaning that we will click and treat for a slight flick on an ear in the right direction, and build that behaviour into both ears fully forward by slowly changing our criteria for what is “good enough” ears forward, as we progress. By now, your horse will have caught onto the clicker game and be wondering what you are looking for today. Being in grown-ups, he knows what he will be rewarded for, but you 14 • Saddle Up • June 2011

can now add another criterion, a new layer the ears forward - which needs to be present before the click will happen. Begin in grown-ups and do a couple of click and treats just as you have been. Then for your next grown-ups try to wait until there is that little bit of “added ear forward” and then click. Remember not to wait until both ears are fully forward as you will frustrate the learner but, by all means, if both ears shoot forward, definitely reward that! At this point, your horse will only be clicked and treated when he is in grown-ups and has the start of ears forward (or maybe you have a very happy horse and this is an easy lesson). Each time try to wait for a bit more ears forward, but don’t get greedy! With you looking purposefully at his ears, he will take that as a clue that perhaps this new layer has something to do with his ears. After a few successful approximations of happy faces, move to a different location and do either grown-ups again or targeting or mat work. This will give him a bit of processing time for the new behaviour and keep behaviours in balance. Then go back to grown-ups with ears forward. You can eventually add this to all the behaviours, and once you can predict when it will happen you could even put it on cue. Now perhaps you have encountered grumpy faces in horses when you go to feed them. This behaviour is usually caused by the behaviour of ears back being inadvertently rewarded. The rule says that for a behaviour to continue it is being reinforced somehow. Perhaps, initially, he had his ears back at his neighbour at the instant you threw in his feed. By throwing in the feed when he was doing this behaviour, the “ears back” was accidentally being reinforced, especially if it happened

My helper has stopped here and is waiting for a bit happier expression

Big change!

Looking good, so she is proceeding to move closer

Didn’t quite make it all the way with a happy face, so she is again waiting to throw the hay until he has that nice expression.


A Happy Face, cont’d over and over again. How can we stop this grumping so that we can change his view about feeding time, and also his feeling that he needs to resource-guard? If your horse is in a stall or paddock by himself, it makes it easier to shape this new behaviour than if he is out with others. Start by approaching the stall or paddock with the hay or grain or whatever causes him to put his ears back. As soon as his ears start to go back, stop going towards him!! Wait for the ears to go more forward (don’t ask for the finished “ears fully forward” yet), and then take a step. If the ears start to go back again, then stop; if they stay more forward, then take another step towards him. This process will take a few minutes for at least the first few days as he will be trying to figure out why supper is stopping and starting towards him. Eventually, you will get there, and he will have his ears more forward than back. Now make sure to wait until his ears are up to throw it over the


fence or place it in his feed tub. From your horse’s point of view, he is training you to move towards him whenever he puts his ears forward. Make sure you remember to manage your environment to keep everyone safe and able to be successful. You have to think about how to set this up before you do this to find the best way to arrange your environment so that all goes well. Each day, the time it takes to get his food to him will decrease, as long as you are consistent about what you are rewarding. This technique will also work for stall banging and pacing, and all those other unwanted feeding time behaviours. However, if you are at a boarding barn, it will be very hard to be successful unless you can have all the staff doing this training each time he is fed. Perhaps you could help them get a whole barn of happy faces and no banging doors at feeding time. Now that would be a nice scene!

Until next month, make sure both you and your horse are smiling. Smiling will make a difference to how both of you are viewing the world and also how the world responds to you. “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Have fun playing and until next time... keep it positive. Monty Gwynne owns a private training/ boarding facility, Flyin G Ranch, in Cochrane, AB, where she assists owners in training their own horses using clicker training. Monty has successfully trained horses of many breeds for many disciplines over the last 30 plus years, including many gaited breeds. Monty is the only Canadian-approved instructor for clicker training using Alexandra Kurland’s program (the founder of clicker training for horses). She has been training using the clicker for the past 12 years.

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Life’s Lessons, According to Horse By Kevan Garecki The majority of what matters most to me has been learned thanks to a horse. I don’t think it’s a mistake that the most perceptive creatures on the planet can teach us things about not only the world around us, but ourselves as well. Even simple things like observing a horse’s actions can speak volumes.


had to deliver an elderly gelding to his home late one night; not wanting to wake anyone I decided to slip into the barn and, on a hunch, I allowed him a loose lead to let him manoeuvre as he wanted. He stopped in front of an empty stall. On stepping closer to read the stall card, I found it bore his name! A similar lesson was offered to me when I was asked to retrieve a young horse from a “bad choice,” as his owner put it. (Long story there!). Armed with little information and only a fleeting remembrance of what the horse looked like, I entered the barn and scanned the horses watching me from their stalls. As I looked at each one, it became painfully clear that I would be unlikely to determine the correct horse out of so many others that were very similar. Amidst that sea of faces, there was one trying to get my attention, and he nickered to me as I approached. As I reached out for his neck, he dropped his head, grabbed the halter that hung from the holder on the stall door and flung it towards me, as if to say, “C’mon, get me outta here!” I haltered and led him

into the aisle to have a closer look. He had a curious series of whorls on his chest that resembled a “yin and yang” pattern in the hair and, once we were in the light, I saw that this was indeed the right fellow! In my work with rescued horses I have encountered many more revelations. The first “rescue” was also my most remarkable, and set a course I have followed ever since. It was nothing more than a look from a paint mare who was about to be put down because her owner had lost interest in her. That look so entranced me that I could think of nothing else! I traded an Arabian stallion straight across for that mare, and discovered the best friend I have ever known. The journey we embarked on quite literally changed my life, and many things I strive for even today are undertaken in her memory. That is the legacy that mare I knew simply as “BJ” left behind. Moments of learning and of sharing, emergencies and crises, mysterious successes and crushing failures, labours of love and battles with demons; these were the tools with which she taught me how to unlock some of the deepest places in my own heart and soul. BJ’s lessons were often subtle, sometimes even obscure but, as a true teacher is consistently able to do, she always managed to offer me something - whether I wanted to learn it or not. Being the consummate lady, she would even let me think the point of the lesson was my idea all along. Knowledge can be humbling, and I was reminded of this recently when I mis-read a 250-374-4674 horse. Fortunately a friend was there to see www.copperhillsequestrian.ca my mistake and stepped in before I was able to really make a mess of things! The horse appeared to be balking from disregard and I thought he just refused out of stubbornness. Working from that assumption only made things worse, of course, and my friend was quick to see what I was doing wrong. Once I recognized my mistake, the horse’s responses changed almost immediately! After we finished working with this gelding, I looked back on the sequence of events and realized Copper Hills Equestrian Centre is a family run boarding facility with a relaxed not only where I went wrong, but also how atmosphere, where comfort and safety are our top priorities. Located just ten ardently that horse was trying to tell me what minutes from Kamloops, our 20-acre facility is home to a brand new barn comhe needed! plete with a 72’ by 200’ indoor arena, a heated lounge, as well as a heated tack room and washroom facilities. Horses are fed top-quality hay, and personalized The point of all this rambling is to share feed plans are available in addition to rotational grazing. Trail access is available the simple pleasure of communication at a as well as a perimeter path around the property. Visitors are welcome.

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Life’s Lessons, cont’d very basic level. Technology offers us a wide range of contact with each other, from email and text messages to video chats and satellite phones. Is it possible this approach has dulled our senses to all but the instant gratification of having answers at our fingertips? Communicating with horses takes a bit more insight, and the answers may not always be evident right away. Horses have only our responses by which to gauge their success; if we fail to pay attention to what they are offering, we compromise the lines of communication. It is only a matter of time before they get tired of a one-sided conversation and begin to disregard us. We then lose out on not only the conversation, but also their acceptance of our leadership. My grandfather used to say that if all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, all of your problems tend to look like nails. His “toolbox� consisted of seemingly discordant bits of random insanity; at least it seemed that way to a smart-aleck kid! Looking back, it became more clear to me what he was really doing; his mind was uncluttered by agendas, deadlines and “instant gratification.� He simply took the time to listen; posture, breathing, the twitch of an ear, head position and a myriad of other subtle hints that most folks might miss - these were the tools he used to communicate, and he was uncommonly effective

at doing so. He simply saw a bigger picture and, from that, was able to make seemingly miraculous interpretations. I believe his abilities arose largely from his willingness to listen and his acceptance that he had to wait for the answers. It took me a long time to catch on to this precept but, when I did, I realized a veritable symphony awaited! Horses understand their world by paying attention to what’s in it, and the clarity that comes from honesty. We would do well to learn from their example. Kevan Garecki has invested much of his life in communicating with horses on their own terms. His photography is an example of this devotion, as is the care with which he conducts his own transport business. With extensive experience in rescue and rehabilitation, Kevan is active with the SPCA and equine-oriented charities. He was recently chosen to teach the Certified Livestock Transporter program in BC. (See his listing in Business Services under Transport/Hauling.)

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ecent research suggests a cure for equine anhidrosis, tying-up and more, based on findings that such negative effects on horse health result when electrolytes don’t always perform as they’re supposed to. Electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the horse’s body including hydration, blood pH and maintaining normal muscle function. The typical equine diet of hay and grain usually provides all the electrolytes a horse needs but good health depends on how those electrolytes are balanced. Researchers are now focusing more attention on electrolyte activity, rather than just level. When comparing healthy horses to unhealthy ones, they’ve found that simply providing electrolytes does not guarantee they’ll work properly. Abnormalities in electrolyte activity have been linked to tyingup and equine anhidrosis. In the journal, Veterinary Dermatology1, researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University and Michigan State University

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published findings that anhidrotic horses secrete chloride ions differently than normal, healthy horses do. Defective electrolyte transport mechanisms in the gland are likely responsible. Research at the University of Minnesota2 suggests that an abnormality in intracellular calcium regulation causes recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis, more commonly known as “tying-up”. Dietary calcium has been shown to have no effect on the amount of calcium in muscle tissue. Tying-up, therefore, cannot be controlled by simply feeding electrolytes to alter the calcium level. A viable solution to restore optimal electrolyte balance is now available. That solution is a patented, non-invasive dermal patch which serves as a natural electrolytebalancing system. Developed by Therapina Ltd in the United Kingdom, the SmartCell Signal™ system restores normal cell metabolism by stimulating communication directly between cells in the horse’s body. The patch is marketed under the trade name, “Equiwinner.”

These electrolyte-balancing patches are safe, effective and easy to use. The patches contain only naturally balanced electrolytes, and nothing goes into the body of the horse. Since electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the horse’s body, restoring optimal electrolyte balance with Equiwinner clears a number of conditions, including bleeding EIPH , tying-up, nonsweating and headshaking. Improving the horse’s overall health improves its performance, too. Equiwinner patches are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Signal-Health LLC and available at www.signal-health.com or 1-877378-4946. 1. A preliminary study of the short circuit current (Isc) responses of sweat gland cells from normal and anhidrotic horses to purinergic and adrenergic agonists. Wilson, Darius C.S., et al, Veterinary Dermatology, June 2007 2. http://www.cvm.umn.edu/umec/lab/RER_new/ home.html


Centennial Saddles For Stampede By Todd Kimberley Photos by James Hudyma, Hudyma Photography


ennett, one of the premier saddle makers in North America, hasn’t taken on large orders in decades, preferring to produce his celebrated creations one at a time. But when folks from the Calgary Stampede’s Western Performance Horse Committee approached the sublime craftsman over the winter, with a certain centennial celebration in mind, well... you might say Bennett’s foot was already in the stirrup. “That’s the tantalizing thing. It’s very hard to say no, when you’re selected to be involved in the Calgary Stampede’s 100-year anniversary,” says Bennett, whose company, Vic Bennett Saddles, is based just outside Sherwood Park, Alta. “It’s something to think about… an easy decision to make, really.” With Bennett and his two-man crew taking up awls, rasps, and stamping tools for the next several months, the Stampede’s Western Performance Horse Committee is commissioning the production of up to 100 identical Vic Bennett Custom All-Round Saddles — handcrafted exclusively for the 2012 Calgary Stampede Centennial, and available for sale to the general public. Never to be reproduced again, these so-called “century saddles” promise meticulous craftsmanship, right down to the Calgary Stampede brand lasered on the stirrup. The limited-edition saddles will be numbered, signed by Stampede President and Chairman of the Board Mike Casey and Bennett, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They’ll be presented during a Centennial Saddle


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4 stall barn & riding arena Ready for your horses Dog kennel - nice set up Several Small pastures Year Round Creek

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Two titles, partially out of the ALR Excellent Building Sites - serviced Grazing lease for 77 cow calf pairs Great water: 2 year round creeks Wayne Gardner

Celebration in July 2012. Here in Alberta, with members of the public being given the chance to secure their own priceless piece of Western artwork, more than 20 of the century saddles have already been pre-purchased — sight unseen, and purely by word of mouth to this point. The Western Performance Horse Committee plans to use proceeds from the Centennial saddle program to reward various champions at the 2012 Stampede. Another 25 saddles, with a different design, are expected to be built and presented to the various division winners of the Stampede’s three Western Performance Horse events — the Team Cattle Penning Competition, the Cutting Horse Competition, and the Working Cow Horse Classic. To find out more about the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial saddle program, please e-mail saddle@calgarystampede. com or visit www.calgarystampede.com/ saddle2012

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Training for Courage By Paul Dufresne THE DEPTHS OF FOUNDATION PREPARATION

Foundation preparation is the most important part of training any horse. In building terms, everything relies on the quality of the foundation of a house. It doesn’t matter how good-looking the rest of the house is, if the foundation is poor, you will always have difficulties with the rest of the house. The foundation affects the function of everything else above it. Relaxation cues:


t times I find folks who don’t want to attend a foundation clinic, possibly because they have already participated in a foundation-type clinic with another clinician. Those people may not realize the scope of “foundation” and how much of it is actually covered in one clinic. I speak for myself regarding clinic formats, but I believe that most clinicians would agree with me; that an educator has to adjust the depth of what they teach to the experience of each participant. This means that we cover this topic differently with each person during the clinic based on what each individual participant demonstrates within the clinic. So often people want to work on more advanced techniques but don’t yet have solid skills at the basic levels. When people don’t learn and practice foundation skills in a meaningful way, the horse has no real idea of what we want. This confuses the horse and can create an insecure horse that is more likely to exhibit excite/flight/fear reflexes. The goal of this article is to be brief and offer a list of the many skills that fall into the category of Foundation:

Respect: You need the yields in all directions: forward, backward, sideways (and later, up and down). This is done in all gaits as well as in collection and a long/low frame. This includes yields of hind and fore, one step at a time. All lateral movements: shoulder-in, leg yields, half-pass, side-pass and walking pirouettes. Horses should also understand restraint in the form of leading by the legs, hobbling, tying and trailer loading (climbing on boxes, chutes, standing stalls). 20 • Saddle Up • June 2011

This offers security to the horse. Once you have the yields and can get a horse to feel good through relaxation, the horse will know where it belongs and where you want it, but you also cause the horse to feel good doing it. Endotapping has probably been the most significant new technique in influencing a horse to relax while establishing cues to do so. It could easily take weeks to show someone how to use all the nuances of this technique before they would fully understand the scope and possibilities, but the basics can be learned quickly with almost immediate beneficial results for the horse. It begins with a head down cue and progresses to creating bend in a horse in a balanced manner from the nose to tail. Once you have the bend you need to tackle the most difficult part in all types of horsemanship: the soft ness of the poll. You need to be able to get the “dangle” - the head hanging soft ly on a plumb vertical to the ground. The skull hangs from the axis vertebra without muscle tension. Getting the soft ness of the poll takes practice and constant attention to maintain it. Once the horse learns to stay there for longer periods, the horse rewards itself, as this is the furthest you get from the excite/flight/fear state. This offers well-being to the horse. It is also the key to good posture and the athleticism the horse may have to offer. Being able to maintain a horse’s soft poll allows for more fluidity in the horse’s movement and far less stress in its body.

Fluid Shape and Flexibility: Doubling and disengaging to a stop; sweeps: quartering with hind and then hind and fore; mini-sweep the hind and fore and then keep moving forward; changing the shape of the horse on boxes or pedestals, causing a relaxed top line.

Liberty and Round Pen Skills: This is an important part of leading a horse but requires an understanding of horse language and an awareness of your own body language. It is a big challenge, but when you develop an understanding of how to affect the space between yourself and a horse, to affect a horse’s movement and emotions in a positive way when they are at liberty, you effectively improve all of your interactions with your horse. I teach the basics of liberty skills in a 5-day clinic. It takes HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Training for Courage, cont’d that long for most people to understand how to control themselves and learn to affect the horse without causing the horse to want to flee or get into an excited mode. Usually by day three, people start to really understand how they are affecting the horse. By day four, they start to recognize where they are making errors. By day five, they are usually correcting these errors on their own.

Basic Moves Under Saddle: Partial turns on the haunches and fore; roll-backs; lateral yields at a walk; back-up; soft walk and trot; engaged walk and trot; learning to stay balanced at a canter and not racing; being able to do all gaits and stop in a couple strides to a relaxed doubled position; teaching the goat on the mountain or dime exercises; teaching horses good posture and collecting themselves without pushing into the rein. These help the horse to obtain balance and positive posture while reducing its base of support and learning to power out from that position in various movements.

Courage Training: Once we have reasonable relaxation cues, we need to kill all the demons by bomb proofing. Tarps, bags of tin cans, boxes, jumps, being tied, trailering, ground tying and teaching your horse to feel calm and secure with you alone in any situation.

Teaching social skills: Being a lead horse and showing your horses which behaviours are acceptable in your presence towards humans, horses or other animals. You can see that the foundation encompasses a lot of things. People are often impressed by certain equine exhibitions. What makes them special is their ability to do very basic skills to an extraordinary degree. The foundation is something you have to keep revisiting - making sure it remains intact and keeps improving. Your training goal shouldn’t be that of insulating against life but rather learning to overcome all things with your horse. Commitment to education is imperative for all of us. Through our horse experience, we learn about ourselves. We first improve ourselves if we care to provide positive leadership and security to the horse. Hence, educators should add to the experience only as people are ready. We should always adjust to what the person and the horse tell us. We should go by what they do, not necessarily by where they would like to go without sufficient preparation. Paul Dufresne is a writer, performer, trainer and clinician in Kelowna, BC, who educates in Natural Horsemanship, Classical Arts, Liberty and Circensic Dressage. He teaches people to understand horses, but more importantly how to tap into their relaxation reflexes in ways seldom seen in North America. In doing so, he is able to guide people in creative experiences where the human learns to be an effective, safe leader. The horse learns to be more emotionally secure and will respectfully follow while developing athleticism in a mutually courageous manner by having a deeper understanding of how they affect each other. Visit his website at www.trainingforcourage.com.


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Queen Margaret’s School Celebrates 90 Years By Hayley Picard Queen Margaret’s School (QMS) is celebrating its 90th year in operation with its official birthday having taken place on April 4th. The anniversary honours founders Dorothy Geoghegan and Norah Denny opening their doors to a small day and boarding school for boys and girls in Duncan.


ven in its early days, students attending QMS were deeply connected with the Girl Guides, 4-H and the local equestrian community. Throughout the years, this love of horses has developed into one of Canada’s most successful high school equestrian programs for hunter/jumper, dressage, and three-day event riders. Currently it is the only on-campus credit-granting program for high school students in Canada. A passion for horses runs deep here. From their humble equestrian beginnings in 1934, QMS’ quality of equestrian programming gained an enormous boost with the addition of Ms. Shirley Burr to the staff in 1961. Ms. Burr’s impressive resume included being a groom for the British Three Day Olympic Event Team and caring for “Countryman,” a horse owned by the Queen Mother and later Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. For Ms. Burr, the attention to detail, her love of formal training and the fostering of strong horsemanship in her students were of utmost importance. Ms. Burr’s years of service to QMS was formally recognized with the Equestrian Centre being named in her honour. A visit to the Shirley Burr Equestrian Centre at QMS offers spectators the opportunity to view a diverse group of riders from around the world. Students in Grades 4 through 12 are offered riding lessons as a physical education component to their formal education and girls attending the Senior School (Grades 8-12) have the chance to try out for a place on the QMS Royals Equestrian Team. This Train to Compete program is an intense commitment. Students are expected to train in their chosen discipline for a 22 • Saddle Up • June 2011

stipulated number of hours each week, care for their own horse, study equine sciences, compete in shows and clinics, and be a positive contributing member of the school. For those passionate about their horses, the price can appear small indeed as riding their beloved horse each and every day is a standard part of their educational curriculum. Coach Cheryl Keith explains that the main goal of the QMS Equestrian Program is to build riders that think and problem-solve for themselves. “It is our duty as instructors to give these riders the tools and skills that they need to succeed,” Keith continues. “We do this by offering our extensive Train to Compete classroom/stable management lessons, riding lessons, clinics and horse shows. All of these opportunities help the girls become well rounded horsewomen.” Graduate success stories of the QMS program can be seen frequently at various horse shows and equestrian centres throughout North America. One such story is that of Ms. Danielle Fritz, Class of ‘98. Danielle came to Queen Margaret’s School as a student and she admits that her strengths were in the riding ring, not in the classroom, when she first arrived. But through the guidance of QMS equestrian staff and teachers, Danielle’s world changed. “QMS allowed me to excel academically while encouraging me to continue to ride, compete and learn about horses,” Danielle reminisces. In fact, Danielle did so well academically that she continued to UBC for her undergraduate degree in sciences and upon completion, she was admitted to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan to attain her Equine Veterinarian Certification. Following her successful completion of the program, Danielle

QMS Alumna Danielle Fritz is one of many success stories to come out of QMS. Here she shows her great form on Donner.

The Queen Margaret’s Class of 1921.

returned to live on Vancouver Island to become the head equine vet for QMS and is currently the only Equine ambulatory veterinary care provider on the Island. “The unique opportunity offered to me at QMS enabled me to reach my goal of becoming an Equine Veterinarian,” says Fritz. The goals of the riders who come HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Queen Margaret’s School, cont’d to this school are as diverse as they are. “Some of our riders’ goals include the CET Medal Regionals and Finals as well as Junior Young Riders in Dressage,” outlines Ms. Jessie Fraser, QMS Equestrian Program Director. The face of Queen Margaret’s School has altered throughout their 90 years of operation. This can be seen most clearly when a visitor reviews the courses offered to students in the past compared to 2011. Courses such as scripture and Latin are not longer offered and in their place senior school students can now study pre-engineering, equine sciences, physics, media arts and Japanese. Classics such as the fine arts are still alive and well in the halls of the school with band, art, photography and acting popular choices for students each year. A shift in student nationality can also be seen at QMS today compared to 1921. The small 27-acre campus of QMS now showcases an exciting multicultural experience where students from countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Australia interact and become close friends with girls from Canada and the United States. The diversity of the school population encourages the popularity of school courses such as International Relations and clubs such as the Model United Nations and Journalism. QMS students Katelyn Eslinger and Gabriella Tang enjoyed recent national recognition

The founders of QMS, Dorothy Geoghegan and Norah Denny were very involved with the Girl Guides of Canada and the school has a long standing relationship with the local 4-H.

The QMS Equestrian Team experienced tremendous success during their trip to Merida, Mexico in 2010 to compete in the International Invitational Horseshow, Club Hipico Del Sureste. QMS student Emma Benson received first place in the 60cm class of the Hunter/Jumper Category.

Class of 1924.

by OurKids.net Blog with articles they wrote on the topic of global relations and politics. QMS students are engaged, connected and enjoy expanding their horizons. With 90 years behind Queen Margaret’s School, and the exponential growth recently enjoyed at the stables, the future for QMS and the QMS Equestrian Riding Program is bright indeed.

The QMS Equestrian Centre was named after influential program director Shirley Burr, seen here on her horse Sundancer, circa 1964.

QMS student Katelyn Eslinger engages with instructor Sarah Mellings and fellow students during a dissection in Equine Sciences class, April 2011.

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Equine Canada Update By Julie Cull Two Canadians Finish in Top 10

CCI 4* Badminton Horse Trials

Fellow World Games team members Jessica Phoenix and Rebecca Howard, finished in the top 10 at the rain soaked 2011 edition of the CCI 4* Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, held April 28–May 1, at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, USA. Phoenix, of Cannington, ON, sat in 30th place following dressage with a score of 60.0 riding her 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG) mount, the Canadian bred 13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding Exponential. Howard, of Salmon Arm, BC, partnered with Riddle Master, the 10-yearold Canadian Sport Horse gelding owned by Caroline Bazley, and her 2010 World Equestrian Games mount started the competition on a dressage score of 51.7 penalties which was good for 16th place. Adding only 12.8 time penalties on the cross country course moved them up to 11th spot heading in to the show jumping. They finished in 10th place overall after incurring four jumping faults for a final score of 68.5 overall. Full results are available at www. rk3de.org.

Canada was also well represented at the CCI 4* Badminton Horse Trials held April 21–25 in Great Britain. Hawley Bennett-Awad of Langley, BC, and her WEG team silver medal mount, Gin & Juice, an 11-year-old Thoroughbred mare owned by Bennett-Awad & Linda Paine, were the top placed Canadian entries, finishing 41st out of 84 starters with a score of 81.8. Selena O’Hanlon of Elgin, ON, also rode her silver medal WEG horse Colombo, a 16-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding owned by Elaine and Michael Davies, to a 55th place finish. Complete results can be found at www. badminton-horse.co.uk.

Neurotropic Equine Herpes Virus-1 Status Update The Neurotropic Equine Herpes Virus-1 (nEHV-1) has been reported in horses in the United States, with confirmed cases in Alberta (1) and suspected cases in B.C. (3). This is the neurological strain of Equine Herpes Virus 1 (EHV 1). Outbreaks of nEHV-1 are contagious and have a high risk of mortality. 

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A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT FUNDRAISER Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.


It is believed the initial cases were in horses attending a cutting horse show in Ogden, Utah, held April 29 to May 8, 2011, and that horses exposed to the virus at this competition have played a role in reported cases elsewhere. The horse in Alberta did not attend the cutting horse competition. The horses in BC, which all reside on the same farm, did. Quarantine and biosecurity procedures have been established and no secondary cases have been reported at this time, on this farm.  Please note that the nEHV-1 cases reported in BC have not been confirmed by laboratory testing, but through clinical diagnosis.  Update from Alberta: There is one confirmed nEHV-1 case which showed neurologic signs on May 1, 2011 and was isolated at that time. This horse did not attend the Utah show but was in direct contact with the horses attending the above stated show before they left Canada. As of May 18, 2011 there is one yearling confirmed positive for EHV-1 which showed only respiratory signs of the disease similar to normal influenza infections. This horse was in direct contact with tack from the horses returning from Utah. As of May 18, 2011 there is an additional confirmed positive case of a horse returning from Utah which showed a mild transitory respiratory disease. The incubation period for this disease can be as long as 21 days but normally symptoms show within the first 10-14 days. Presently, we are within the 10-14 day timeframe.

Tickets only: $25.00 adults or Children under 10 $5.00 Location: Appleats Farm, 2315 Davidson Rd, Lake Country, BC &ORMOREINFOCONTACT$EBORAH  s% MAILSENDJONITOLONDON GMAILCOM “Joni Lynn Peters and Travolta have just completed a successful competition tour in California; earning several top placings and scoring over 70%. They are working toward their goal of qualifying for the London 2012 Olympics. This is a dream in the making and Joni invites you along for the journey!â€? - Joni Lynn Peters is a Level III CertiďŹ ed Coach in both Eventing and Dressage living in Armstrong, BC.

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Clinic Review - School Of Légèreté


he first clinic at ForTheHorse in Chase, BC with Mr. Philippe Karl on April 14-17 was a huge success with ecstatic riders and auditors! Wintery weather did not hamper the 4 days of complete immersion into the wonders of classical dressage with the world’s most renowned master. We are indeed fortunate to have Philippe Karl agree to bring his School of Légèreté from France so that we may observe horse and rider partners improve and progress over a period of three years! There is no other opportunity like this in the world. The results and learning are phenomenal. To start, riders, horses and auditors could experience first-hand how the effective techniques that were taught over the four days REALLY worked! All of the horses adopted positive changes while their riders were challenged in mind and body. Secondly, we could see how it all made so much sense in the theory sessions which were presented


By Chris Adderson

with clarity and detail. And, finally, in the last meeting of the clinic we summarized where we had come from and where we were going as the process was discussed with each rider and homework was given. Philippe Karl presented his lecture which he prepared and presented to an audience of over 4000 people in Verden. There was utmost detail to the biggest question of all, “HOW?” He explained how rider and horse connect to create ease for the horse and steady improvement on the journey to the highest levels of movement expression. Everyone in attendance was in complete awe, respect and gratitude for this master. His integrity and knowledge spoke for itself. The theme for this clinic was - “All problems start and end with the mouth.” For more information on the School of Légèreté at ForTheHorse, visit www. forthehorse.com.

The horse should have obedience to the hands, not the bit and the reins.

Less instrument, more communication, is classical.

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Mikko, the Mustang

By Doreen Hagel

Mikko is a Spanish name, which means Gift from God. This tiny present was born on March 30, 2011, to a Morgan x Quarter Horse mare named Shizonne and a Sundre mustang stallion that I had nicknamed “Romeo.� The stud was dubbed that because of his charming antics and nonchalant attitude with the humans, which won over my mare and members of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society.


he Society was asked to relocate Romeo and on April 26, 2010, we did so. This feat was accomplished by having him follow us several miles away from the lease land which he had been squatting on. Romeo and his young sorrel buddy had spent an easy winter there, untouchable by horse corral traps and those who rope and then remove wildies during the Horse Capture Season in Alberta. Those unfortunate horses generally end up at the slaughterhouse from there. While the owner of this particular land was sympathetic to the wildies, he needed to move his cattle in there; hence, Romeo had to go. The sorrel stud had taken the hint and left of his own accord, but Romeo rather liked his grassy haven. Therefore, the society was called and four of us went out on horseback to lure Romeo off of the property. It was hair-raising right from the start. We had just tied our horses to the fence and out of nowhere, immediately, this little stallion came a-charging. We shooed him away, but he remained close by, watching our every move. Shizonne was instantly smitten by Romeo and whereas, prior to the ride, she showed no signs of horsing, she became blatant about it, then and there. Her rider, Jack, kept her easily in check however. Romeo stayed right beside his new love, making it relatively easy to get him to follow us. We did run into another wild herd along the way, and that stud wanted a piece of Romeo. Our smart young fellow knew a good thing when he had it and stayed right with us. I bet he poked out his tongue at the older band stallion, as if to say, “Come and get me if you dare.� The older, wiser stud wasn’t that

dumb. Trying to shake Romeo, once we located a good area for him, was a huge challenge though. The love struck, Muttand-Jeff-type couple were murmuring sweet nothings in each other’s ears, and making plans in secret horse language, I am sure. We had our own ideas, however, and while Bob went back to get the truck and trailer, Mustang Stallion “Romeo� Jack and I lead the mares up a hill and waited for his return. Romeo was enamoured by Shizonne, which kept me on my toes, trying to stop the stallion from getting too close. I would just wave my arms around and tell him in a stern voice to get back, which was enough to keep him at bay, for the time being at least. The sound of cracking and snapping of branches under the hooves of a large animal resounded throughout the forest. Judging by the noise, it appeared that the animal was heading straight for us. We thought it was a moose, but much to our amazement, it was the same band stallion from earlier on, wanting to remove our charming interloper, Romeo, from his turf. The two started to fight only about ten feet away from where my mares were tied. Thinking only of the safety of my mares, I ran at the duelling males with a small, hollowed-out dead branch

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Mikko, cont’d

Mikko and Shizonne

and yelled at them to “Stop that!” I was completely astounded that they actually stopped and looked at me. On that cue, the older stallion pranced off and galloped back down the hill, disappearing to rejoin his harem. When I realized what I had just done, I almost fainted. Good grief! I had gone charging towards and yelling at a pair of wild, 800lb, testosterone-induced animals and lived to tell about it. Thankfully, we soon we heard the familiar sound of a diesel truck and empty trailer banging down the bumpy dirt road. We quickly started to lead the mares down the hill, but the conspiring pair of equines suddenly stopped and mated.

Shizonne, being much bigger, was on the downhill side, making it easy for a much smaller Romeo to do his thing. I was asked later why I didn’t try to stop them and replied, “Yeah, right. You try stopping a combined tonne of horse power from doing what nature was urging them to do.” It all happened so fast. Eleven months later, a bouncing baby boy was born. He hit the ground running. Shizonne had picked a good week to give birth. The weeks prior to and afterwards, were horrendous, with snow, snow and more snow. Little Mikko was temporarily nicknamed Romeo Jr. until such time I found a more suitable title for him. My brother thought Romeo was an awful name, but most women thought it was cute. Mikko is the name which I am now praying he will eventually live up to, as right now he is behaving more like a little hellion. Mikko is full of “P and V” but has his momma’s good looks and build. Those legs are pretty long, making me believe he will inherit his mom’s size, with his dad’s smarts and disposition. Mikko is rapidly becoming more like a wildie every day, much to my dismay, and this started at only two weeks of age. I think it is like having a half-wolf, half-dog cross. You get a whole lot of dog, and/or a whole lot of horse. While I think I finally got Mikko out of the biting habit, now he will deliberately back around his momma or his Grandma Gypsy, to try to kick me.

He managed to nail me with his back feet when I was brushing out Shizonne. I guess he thought I was competition for the milk and darted between us and cowkicked me above the knee. I was quick in responding with a whack to his bottom and a loud “No!” You need eyes in the back of your head when you are around him, and I redirect his hindquarters by gently pushing on his hip every time his butt is pointed in my direction, with his missile of hooves ready to launch. I would love to get some advice from anyone with experience handling mustang foals. Mikko’s momma will be packing yours truly and moving cows about on the open range this summer and junior needs to behave himself. Not seeing humans as a threat to his milk supply would be a start. My small herd and I are no longer with the Wild Horses of Alberta Society, hence my need for outside advice. Thank you in advance for your help in raising Mikko, and I will keep you posted from time to time on his progress. Doreen Hagel is a freelance writer, poet, student and care-aide. Her poetry has helped many women. These poems are distributed through various women’s service agencies, including women’s shelters. Doreen’s favourite passion is still horses, horses, horses, photography and sketching.

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A Successful Showcase in Armstrong! By Nancy Roman Photos courtesy of Andrea Blair Photography, www.apaperhorse.com


he 3rd annual Okanagan Breeders Group Showcase and Sale was held May 14-15 at the Armstrong Fairgrounds. Attendance was down a little, but spirits were kept up with the amount of goings-on throughout the free weekend. Attendees received information from clinicians: Dr. Britt Mills, DVM; Carl Woods; the ladies from Jandana Ranch; Ross Munsey; and Helen Russell. The Armstrong Enderby Riding Club hosted a consignment tack sale each day, and the return of the AQHA Test Ride was popular courtesy of the SCQHA, Laurie Takoff and Gus Evagelopoulos. Saturday night’s Gala event was well-attended with demonstrations given by: the Okanagan Miniature Horse Club; Free Jumping; Trophy’s Julio (Morgan) of Granite Morgans; Lindsay Birch and Seitske (Friesian); Tina Schoenbach and Sonya Campbell (Dressage Pas de Deux); Ilusion Del Viejo (Peruvian) of Silver Cloud Peruvians; Icon and Snowman’s Magic (Curly) of Curly Standard Place; and lastly, Gus Evagelopoulos and Leah Luprypa (Reining Freestyle Pair). Many breeds of stallions and sale horses kept the interest of potential buyers with reports that ‘the barns’ were busier this year with inquiring pedestrian traffic. The Trade Fair had a great mix of product, information and services for every horse enthusiast. We’d like to thank Country West Supply for the use of the round pen; Tolko Industries for providing the shavings; John at Timberstar Tractor for harrowing the rings; and to Wally Goertz for the extra PA and radios. And a big thank you to all of the volunteers – you’re so appreciated!

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Vitamin V it B6 B 6

Ri va ’s Herbal He erbal Blend for Mares Hea ling Spirit iva’s Remedies

Riva’s Primrose Oil

We Help Horses

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Healing Horses Naturally By Marijke van de Water MOODY MARES Q: My 7-year-old mare is irritable, aggressive and frequently pins her ears back when I handle her or bring her food. She doesn’t cooperate with groundwork or riding and seems to have trouble focussing. I’m not sure if she has a training problem or a hormone problem? A: This type of behaviour is often seen during a mare’s cycling days; however, many mare owners report this behaviour even when they are not cycling. Unfortunately, too many times we have simply attributed this to “mares being mares” and have not recognized that these horses are unwell, and that they can suffer from the same anxiety, irritability, sadness and depression as women do during PMS or an unhealthy menopause. These emotional symptoms can make it very hard for mares to tolerate being handled or ridden, or to cooperate with other horses. Hormones are powerful chemicals that have a profound effect on the neurotransmitters of the brain: estrogen has an excitatory effect on the brain, increasing serotonin and acetylcholine levels whereas progesterone has a more calming effect. Serotonin is responsible for creating positive moods and acetylcholine is necessary for focus and memory. First ensure that she is not fed any kind of high-sugar feed such as oats or sweet feed, as these will exacerbate hormonal symptoms. Horse owners also report that high quantities of alfalfa can affect behaviour. To balance the hormones, we use a Herbal Blend for Mares with Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Licorice Root and Chamomile to tone the ovaries and sooth the nerves. This blend will also help to regulate erratic cycles and/or increase fertility - although it is not advisable to feed it during pregnancy. For nutrients, give Vitamin B6 (800 to 1,000mg daily) and Evening Primrose Oil (4,000mg daily). Vitamin B6 is essential for the synthesis of both hormones and neurotransmitters and has the added benefit of regulating blood sugar levels. Evening Primrose Oil also helps to synthesize hormones, and is a natural anti-inflammatory and HCBC HC BC 201 010 0 BU BUSI SINE NESS SS OF TH THE E YE YEAR AR

immune stimulant. Both of these nutrients can be used during pregnancy. If the thyroid or pituitary needs support, the Hormone+Boost herbal blend can stimulate and tone the entire glandular system to optimize metabolism, improve immunity, relieve stress, and enhance mental and emotional well-being. If the hormones are stable but your mare is still challenging you, assess your training program. Some horses have allowed their behaviour to become a pattern, in which case competent handling will help them re-learn a healthier attitude. And don’t put the food down in front of her until her ears come forward – this might take time, at first, until she learns to “smile” to get fed. In fact, don’t ever let her eat when you are handling or riding, as she will consider this as dominance. With good food, supplements and common-sense handling she will once again become a happy and healthy partner. Some mares are simply trying to tell you that they want to have a baby, and after giving birth, they often settle down - no guarantees though. If you choose to breed, make sure that you can provide the foal with a permanent home for life; we already have too many unwanted horses. Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS, is an Equine Health & Nutrition Specialist, Homeopathic Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. She is the author of “Healing Horses: Their Way!” and is a regular speaker at equine seminars and conferences.

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The Tradition Continues at Mane Event! By Ron Barker Photos by Rein Beau Images


his year’s Mane Event (Red Deer) continued its success by drawing in crowds of over 42,000 with attendees from all over Canada and the USA. The good news is that the attendees are feeling better about the economy as many exhibitors had expressed pleasure of record sales at the expo and even quoting astonishing increases of 23% to 30%. While Thursday’s weather in the Calgary area proved to be a bit of a challenge for arriving exhibitors, sunny skies prevailed for most of the weekend, allowing attendees to enjoy the spring sunshine and walk between the trade show and the arenas in comfort and some even enjoyed the wagon ride in the Westerner parking lot provided by members of the Wild Rose Draft Horse Club. The trade show was sold out again this year with 262 vendors providing some great deals on everything required by the equine lover. There were many new products and services that were greeted with open arms from the attendees of the expo. One of the booths at the expo was the Cavalia booth selling tickets to their fantastic show coming to Olympic Park in Calgary, May 25, 2011. The expo continues to bring a variety of high calibre clinicians in a wide range of equine disciplines including a new addition to this year’s line-up, Trick Trainer, Jackie Johnson who demonstrated how to

train your horse to do a variety of tricks. Another favourite with his very knowledgeable and sometimes humorous approach to Dressage was USDF Gold Medalist and Olympic rider, Dr. Cesar Parra. Dr. Parra’s philosophy is that if you are going to learn you might as well have fun doing it. Greg Best (from New Zealand) presented Jumping clinics and his riders expressed pleasure at having “learned SO MUCH” over the weekend from the Grand Prix and Olympic winner. As always the Trainers Challenge was very busy and entertaining with one of the closest events on record (only ¾ of a point separating the trainers going into the finals) at The Mane Event. Kade Mills, son of 5-time Mane Event Trainers Challenge winner Doug Mills, was the winner of the 2011 Red Deer Trainers Challenge. Kade leapt ahead in the Finals competition, in what had been a very close competition with fellow trainers, Shawn Seabrook of Alberta and Aaron Ralston of Colorado. All three trainers competed in front of a packed crowd and Trainers Challenge judges Stan Jacobs, Bob Kauff man and Mel Hyland with the three fi llies supplied by Lukacs Farms provided interesting challenges to the three trainers. The Saturday night Equine Experience as always was packed to the rafters and featured a wide variety of equine entertainment including performances by Jonathan Field;

Mane Event, cont’d

trick riding by Taylor, Sierra and Rylee Scheidt; numerous breed demos and a breed parade that showcased the variety, beauty and talent of the many breeds that participated; a shooting demonstration by the Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters - Alberta Mounted Shooters; a demo by the talented team of the Canada Mounted Games Association;

a Sidesaddle demo by the ladies of the Alberta Sidesaddle Association and a Working Cow demonstration by Geoff Hoar. For details on the upcoming Mane Event being held October 21–23, 2011 at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC please visit www.maneeventexpo.com or call (250) 578-7518.


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Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan


t was a sold out show on Friday the 13th of May, and over 800 people enjoyed a pretty spectacular Cowboy Concert, all for a great cause. It was the Mike Puhallo Benefit Cowboy Concert with proceeds going to the Puhallo family and the Cancer Centre for the Southern Interior (Kelowna). Allen Christie came in from Alberta and Bud Webb came up from Mission to spend about an hour singing for folks as they took their seats and waited for the 7pm start. Both Mike’s and Linda’s families (and there’s lots of them) were present, and their daughter Sharlene was introduced by the MC, Hugh McLennan, to start the evening off with a thank-you speech. I followed with some special thanks to the sponsors, including Saddle Up magazine, and the BC Cowboy Heritage Society presented a mounted canvas photo of Mike to his family. The same photo was used for the concert poster, and will probably also be used for next year’s Kamloops Cowboy Festival poster. In the first segment, Hugh read some of Mike’s poems between sets by the concert musicians, which included Matt Johnston, Butch Falk and Shirley Field. Cowboy Poet Dave Longworth did a wonderful job of reading Mike’s poetry in his set. During the intermission, folks got to enjoy coffee and some goody trays that relatives put together to raise some additional funds. Mike’s books of poetry were hot-selling items at the “General Store” and the other performers did well on product sales, too. After the intermission, Gary Fjellgaard did an outstanding 45-minute

set and Tim Hus, with his band, kept toes tappin’ and feet stompin’ for another 45 minutes. Part way through his set, Tim called Gary back out on stage and they sang “The Man with the Big Hat” as a duet. Riley Tubbs kept the beat with his big doghouse bass, and Billie MacInnis helped Tim out with some electric guitar and some great fiddle playing. They wrapped up the show at 10pm.

Mike and Linda’s daughter, Sharlene Puhallo, giving a very nice thank-you speech (photo by Jerry Stainer)

July 9 and 10 will be a busy and fun weekend in the South Cariboo, both for competitors and spectators. The first of two annual Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhanas will be held on Saturday, July 9. The Gymkhana grounds are set back in the trees and natural grass meadows on the rangeland at Green Lake. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s probably the most beautiful setting in BC for a Gymkhana grounds. There are grandstands on both sides, a log announcer’s booth, a concession, and a beer garden, surrounded by tons of room to park and even camping for the night if you bring a horse. The Combined Driving Marathon, at Huber Farm, starts out on Saturday, July 9, with the dressage test and a cone course. On Sunday, the best day for spectators, they’ll have the marathon through a hazards course set in the hay fields and through the trees behind the motel in 70 Mile House. The set up is great for spectators, and with very little walking

A photo by Jerry Stainer of the photo of Mike on horseback by Murray Mitchell, Kamloops Daily News

Riley Tubbs on bass, Tim Hus, and Billie MacInnis on fiddle (photo by Donna Smith)

you can go from the concession in the centre, to any of the designated viewing areas which are right alongside the different obstacle sections of the course. So make a weekend out of it. Check out www.CaribooVacations.com for accommodation and restaurants in the areas of Watch Lake, Green Lake and 70 Mile House. It’s a beautiful area, and when you add these two events, it’s well worth a trip to the South Cariboo! Guys, there’s some great fishing, too!



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Cariboo Chatter, cont’d hills and lakes. The BC Competitive Trail Rider’s website, www.bcctra.ca, has the entry and ride information, and you can contact ride manager Joanne Macaluso at joanne_macaluso@bcit.ca. If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included please email Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line. Gary Fjellgaard tips his hat as he leaves the stage (photo by Donna Smith)

Dave Longworth reading Mike’s poetry from “Still Rhymin’ on the Range” (photo by Jerry Stainer)

The deadline is July 29, but from past experience, we’re pretty sure that the Cariboo Plateau Competitive Trail Ride will be booked up well before that. August 12 and 13 are the dates for their 4th Annual Ride and it will be capped at 30 riders. Once again, it’ll be held at the Hills Health Ranch at Mile 108 and will include levels 1, 2, and 3. It’s a great ride with a variety of grassy footing, hard pack ground and some rocky areas, all of which are in a gorgeous terrain of rolling

WHAT’S THIS? Readers do you know what this is? The correct answer will be printed in the next issue.

What’s your guess?

Last Month’s What’s This?

The May issue’s photo was taken in our little museum. I have a couple of dozen or more of these that are all different shapes. Those that guessed a wood plane are correct, but we did ask for the specific type. Those that guessed a “molding plane” are absolutely correct. In this photo, you can see that the blade is not flat but, rather, shaped. The curve and notches plane the wood to form a decorative molding like that used around a window or countertop, etc. Congratulations to the following people that had the right answer: Mary Relkov, Grand Forks Yvonne Olson, Courtenay Bev LeDrew, Chilliwack Lorraine Stubbins, Princeton Keith Ferguson, Aldergrove

This month’s photo was taken in our Meadow Springs Museum, although the item actually spent most of its life in our kitchen. The item is about 2 1/8 inches high and about 1 1/4 inches in diameter (the inside diameter at the bottom of the bell shape).

E-mail Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “What’s This?” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province.


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skilled craftsmanship, Cam Johnston makes Double D Custom Hats today using the same authentic, time-tested tools as hats made in the Old West: blocking, steaming, dying, cutting, marking, and measuring with an antique crown-calibrating device.

Cowboy Poetry The First One Mike Puhallo I nodded my head, the gate swung wide, the rest was just a blur... The whistle blew, I made the ride, just how I still ain’t sure.

These traditional practices passed down through time — procedures that have made hand-blown glass and hand-made cowboy hats stand the test of time — are combined to make Double D hats a quality, lifetime hat Trained under traditional craftsmen and master hatters in the hat trade, Cam has mastered the skills used to make the Old West hats prized possessions and can create a quality, custom-made Double D hat for you. Whether for working, rodeoing, or an evening on the town, your custom hat will have the distinctive mark of quality, style, and comfort to make you look the best you can. With Double D, your hat is your choice. Hats may be designed in a combination of colours and styles to create the perfect hat for you. Double D Custom Hats offers a full line of felt hats made from the finest wool, fur, and beaver felt. The collection also includes straw and the new

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A seventy two point score, I know it might sound a little silly, but I won my first buckle… on a white faced bull named Willy. First bull I’d ever tried, first Kamloops High School Rodeo. It’s hard to believe it all began… forty years ago. PS Bob Gottfriedson and Reg Depper judged that first High School Rodeo. Mike Hayward won the Bareback Riding and Victor Mack won the All Around. Be darned if I can remember much else.

34 • Saddle Up • June 2011

By Cam Johnston

All your Hat needs! Custom, Custom Shaped and Fitted, and Restoration Bring in a photo of a Hat – we can make it for you! 53339 Highway 21, Sherwood Park, Alberta 780-719-2740 doubledcustomhats@albertacom.com www.doubledcustomhats.com HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Congratulations to Smartee! By Haidee Landry Leslie Wallace of Lucava Farms in Langley is extremely proud of her Quarter Horse gelding, Smartee, and for good reason. The 5-year-old cowhorse is tearing up the show circuits from BC through the American Southwest to Oklahoma.


e is now leading the 2011 national standings for the AQHA Junior Working Cowhorse and the NRCHA Open Hackamore. Smartee is a son of the great Smart Little Lena who won the coveted Triple Crown of Cutting and held the cutting world’s top sire spot for many years. He is out of Langley’s own Starlight Playgirl, by Gray’s Starlight, another great sire of cutting horses and million-dollar sire of reiners. BC’s own Cayley Wilson of Abbotsford trained Smartee as a 3-yearold. Smartee’s career got off the ground when he qualified for the AQHA World Show as a 4-year-old. He accomplished that at the Arizona National Quarter Horse Show in early 2010 with Brad Barkemeyer of Scottsdale aboard. A few months later he was back in BC having fun with his owner at a few of the BCCHA, BCRCHA and Interior Cutting shows. Then Cayley Wilson showed the horse at the AQHA Regional Championships in his hometown of Langley. They won the Open Working Cowhorse and took Reserve in Reining and Heeling. During the late summer and fall of 2010, the gorgeous gelding was plagued with a series of hoof ailments. Still, he managed to debut at the AQHA World Show in Oklahoma. In 2011, again, he won the Circuit Championship in Junior Working Cowhorse at the Arizona Nationals and, again, he qualified for the AQHA World Show to be held in November 2011 at Oklahoma. So far, he has accumulated over 40 points in Working Cowhorse and approximately 20 points in Cutting, Reining, Heading and Heeling. He won numerous All-Around Junior Horse titles HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada and will probably have earned his Superior by the time this article is published. Incredibly, he took 7 out of 8 Working Cowhorse classes at the Arizona Sun Circuit, earning points in Cutting, Roping, Reining and Halter as well, to win the Junior All-Around title out of a record of nearly 14,000 entries. His owner and trainer took home two saddles, a bronze, a Show in Oklahoma City in November. handmade bit by Randy Paul and some She acknowledges that a lot can happen great memories that week. But it didn’t between now and then, but with sound end there. management and loads of luck, she would On May 1, 2011 Smartee went on to love to see him compete at the NRCHA sweep the Hackamore Classic, a premier World Show in San Angelo, Texas in NRCHA event held in Paso Robles, February 2012 where he qualifies for his California. He won four titles to earn last run as a hackamore horse. almost $25,000, another saddle and 4 Not often is one given the great bronzes with Brad Barkemeyer. honour of having a horse as special as Watch for Smartee at the next Smartee. Lucava Farms of Langley has NRCHA premier event, the Derby, also that great honour and an exciting future held in California. The show is scheduled as well. The farm is home to Smartee’s for mid-June with over $200,000 up dam, full sister and a brother by the great for grabs. Then we can expect Smartee cowhorse sire, Dual Rey! to return home for the Regional Championships at Thunderbird Show Park, July 20-24. Leslie has JEFF PARRISH QUARTER HORSES high hopes for her Specializing in Reining Horses magnificent horse. After he has some Now accepting well-deserved turnout outside horses time and fresh grass, for training he will be returning to at his facility the US in September in Merritt, BC for the Derby class at the Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, Nevada, then Training * Showing * Sales * Clinics * Lessons (all levels) onto the AQHA World Tel: 250-378-4591 Cell: 604-512-0000, E-mail: hotstreaks@telus.net

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The Ranch Driving Clinic By Jennifer Zachary


he Ranch, in Pritchard, recently hosted a Driving Clinic over the course of a full weekend, May 13-15. On Friday evening, Ellen Hockley (ably assisted by Ethne Koshman and Steve Laughlin) introduced a group of approximately ten people to some of the many types and pieces of harness and their purposes, from draft to pleasure to show harness, and the numerous choices of bits, whips and more to go with it all. For some, it was a totally new experience, for others a “refresher.� But in each case, everyone came away learning something new. Even though there was so much information to take in, Ellen made it all make sense and instilled our entire group with confidence. Saturday started bright and early with review and the opportunity to actually put into practice that which we had learned the night before. Up at the round pen, we watched some ground

driving instruction, and enjoyed plenty of hands-on participation with a variety of horses and ponies. A few participants brought their own horse or pony, which included two minis and a Welsh pony mare. Most of those attending, however, opted to use the (very patient!) horses belonging to The Ranch. These included a team of drafts and some Fjords. Steve and Ellen do a lot of work with these horses - including farming, logging, heavy horse pulls, hayrides and sleigh rides. The work ethic and level of training of these horses was inspiring. From as close as Pritchard, Falkland and Kamloops, to as far away as Hazelton, Nanaimo and Cherryville, everyone was at a different stage and there for a slightly different purpose. Some people were completely new to horses, others just new to driving, and some were there to improve their skills, and expand their knowledge. Each

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Everyone gets a turn

individual, from the true novice, to those with some experience, received some specific instruction tailored for their level, and we also learned from watching each other’s efforts. Lunch break provided an opportunity to visit, share tips and watch some educational videos. In the afternoon, we continued to watch, learn and practice with plenty of individual coaching. Sunday started out with more ground driving, but with more diversity and challenge, including moving into the arena and beyond, and working with horses that were less well-trained. For some of us, this really tested our new skills. By afternoon, we were hitching and driving by ourselves, from single horse to a team, and everybody got an opportunity to try their hand at it. Ellen, Steve and Ethne also demonstrated their driving skills and techniques. We all were treated

!(IGHWAY -,3

Visit www.ArtRealEstate.ca 4EXThv4O&OR5PDATED)NFO

Contact: ART BOSMA OfďŹ ce: 250-861-5122 Cell: 250-212-View 36 • Saddle Up • June 2011

And we thought it was about horses


The Ranch Clinic, cont’d to watching Ethne driving “tandem” in the late afternoon. From start to finish, it was a great weekend! Although for some of us, it was our first such clinic, for most of us, it will not be our last! Friendships were forged, and we all came away enthused and inspired with the confidence, and desire, to learn more. Ellen has since hosted another clinic, on May 27-29, and tells us that they will consider doing one in August if there is enough interest. Other driving events being held at The Ranch this month include a Gail Jones Driven Dressage and Cones Clinic on June 2-3; and Backto-back Driving Trials on June 4-5. Watch for upcoming notices, or call Ellen at (250) 577-3366.

Steve Laughlin (wearing hat) coaching clinic participants

What a view, atop The Ranch!

used gently Lots of and Riding k c a T on Clothesment n Consig

English & Western Tack Specializing in Light Pleasure Driving Harness and Equipment for Miniature Horses and Donkeys, Ponies and Light Horses. Horse Care Products, English Riding Clothing. Tucker Trail Saddles, Charles Owen Helmets and Safety Vests, Horka Helmets and Breeches, Wintec English Saddles

Drive Away In Style with Ride-N-Drive Used tack, clothing and equipment on Consignment 7.5 km East of Airdrie, AB (on Hwy 567) 1-877-821-9745 info@ride-n-drive.com HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

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TIDBITS Curt and Tammy Pate Clinics Curt Pate is back at the Douglas Lake Ranch. He will be conducting a Colt Starting Clinic on August 6-7. Last year, 20 colts from Douglas Lake Ranch and other historical BC ranches were started under the professional guidance of AQHA clinician Curt Pate. A Montana native, Curt Pate has been conducting demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting, horsemanship and safety for over a decade now. This, along with his experience in managing his own ranch and his effective communication skills, make him one of the most sought after clinicians on both the national and international scenes. He was chosen by the AQHA to serve as a Professional Horseman and their Regional Experience Clinician, both highly prized endorsements. Tickets can be purchased at the Ranch with proceeds going to the CN Woodward School. That same weekend, the Stump Lake Ranch will hold Tammy Pate’s Unique Yoga and Horsemanship Clinic. Tammy is among the great Quarterfest Clinicians.

She is proud to be known as a cowboy’s wife. Born into a ranching family, Tammy grew up with a steer-wresting father and sisters that “rode from the time we could barely walk.” Her grand-mother instilled in her the values of ranching life, a deep respect for nature and the practical skills needed to succeed. Tammy married Curt and together they deepened their horsemanship and developed innovative and gentle ways of training horses, keeping the stress levels low on horses, cattle and people. Over the years, Tammy discovered yoga and its parallels to horsemanship. She describes it as staying in balance in movement and centered physically and mentally for both horse and rider. Please join us in the world-renowned Nicola Valley in southern BC to experience this unique clinic that will give you a whole new understanding of your partnership with your horse. For more information on either clinic please contact Gord at 250-299-8634.

Curt Pate

Tammy Pate

HorseMANship Becomes HorseFRIENDship

EQ Trail Association Update – Salmon Arm

The new site is up www.naturalhorsefriendship.com. Please come and join us (check out the Home and Tour pages) and please join us for expert coaching, exciting radio, tutorials, videos, downloadable pictures and our forum with Carolyn Resnick, Margrit Coates, Karen Murdock and Lukas, and Karen Sussman of the International Society for Protection of Mustangs and Burros. The first radio show was May 22 with Karen, Lukas and Carolyn Resnick discussing our Essential Training Philosophy. The Radio shows occur every two weeks with our experts and guests.

Skimikin Lake Camp and Horse Park is ready for all you riding enthusiasts. There are over 100 kms of great marked trails for everyone from a gentle flat to climb-up and see the viewpoints. The lake has now been stocked for fishing for the non-riders as well. Horse pens and great campsites are the best around. The “Iron-Horse” Sturgis Bike week of July 13-17 may be taking full use of the campsite, so please check on the web-site for availability as well as info about the Poker Ride July 9th. Contact Leah at eqtrails@gmail.com or 250-832-4943.

Prime Acreages g to Enjoy j y in the Sunnyy Shuswap! p






Here is a great spot if you like privacy. Spanish style 3,200 sq. ft. well-kept home Great opportunity as mortgage helper or large Fantastic log home on 20 acres. 2+ Top of the line craftsmanship in this 3,455 Two 160 acres available with beautiful with 3 bdrms as well as a 1 bdrm in-law family purchase. Full up and down duplex. Both bdrms; wrap around deck with magnifi- sq.ft. 3 bdrm home on 24 acres. 14x26 views of the South Thompson Valley. suite; lots of storage space; double car garunits have 3 bdrms; 2.5 baths; very well insuSeveral fantastic building sites with cent views; 100x200 riding ring; pole deck with breathtaking views; wide hallcrown land as one of the neighbours. age; RV parking; 26x32 woodworking shop ways; main floor laundry; wet bar; 24x28 lated; new roof; good woodstoves; nice mountain barn; horse shelter; 5 corrals; 5 acre Many riding trails on the rolling terrain hayfield; 2 car garage; chicken coop; garage; barn with 1 bdrm loft great for B&B views. Lots of room for all your critters. Several with more outbuildings; fabulous in-ground with plenty of trees. Lots of grazing land too many features to list. or extra company; plus another cabin on pasture areas with older outbuildings. 24x38 fully pool; closed in sundeck; laundry on main; 2 for your animals. Buy both for a better insulated and wired workshop with bathroom for fireplaces. All this and more on gently rolling deal and start your own ranch. Vendor this very private acreage. Seller has bought – make us an offer. will consider some financing. acres with nice mountain view. $529,900 all your toys. Great investment at $535,000 $575,000 Negotiable at $695,000 One is $395,000 the other $385,000

38 • Saddle Up • June 2011

RICKY (ULRIKE) HEDRICH Associate Broker Riley & Associates Realty Ltd. Chase, BC

250-679-3224 OFFICE 250-572-0828 CELL


Roman Ramblings Greg’s column We have had horses for 16 years or so and today was the first time in a long time that I had to assist our Vet when he was filing their teeth. Nancy is still using a cane for support and wisely decided to let the resident horse husband have the job. She can’t afford to be head butted and land on her ass and possibly damage her new hip.


hen the Vet placed a huge looking metal contraption in their mouth, I got the job of ensuring each horse stayed calm (ya sure) and keep their chin on the padded metal stand that was used to support their head during the grinding process. I know what I am like at the dentist and when my hand was on Guy’s neck I could feel the electric grinder doing its job and was thankful the horses were sedated. The gross part was being able to smell the teeth as they were being fi led. Bobbi, Nancy’s mare, had watched the whole process on Guy and she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Normally easy to catch she became “there ain’t no way you are getting me into the barn to wear that contraption.” Finally she came over and let me halter her and we walked slowly over to where the vet was patiently waiting. I covered her eyes so she couldn’t see the needle and let the sedative do its thing. She gets a sort of goofy grin when she is under sedation. What I call a happy drunk face. You know the look. It is the one we usually give ourselves when we look in the bathroom mirror to see if we are as plastered as we think we are. While the Vet worked on Bobbi, I cleaned Guy’s sheath. He was still sedated so I had no worries about being kicked like the last time I pulled a clump of dirt and hair off his privates as he was standing beside me. (I should have warned him that I was going to pull it off.) After that I gave Gem, my ol’ Arab, a thorough cleaning and he quietly stood there acting very calm and happy. It wasn’t till later that I found out that he had not been sedated because he didn’t need any work on his teeth. Now every time I walk into the barn he raises his eyebrows a few times and nods and gives me a come hither look. Go figure? Ride safe and return safe. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR


Reference Sires:

HERD REDUCTION SALE Open House July 1-4, 2011

at 891 Virginia Road, Coombs, BC (Vancouver Island)

Stallions, Mares and Geldings For Sale Top Bloodlines Offering Working Bloodlines and Show Quality Morgans! Liver Chestnuts, Chestnuts, Palomino and Cremellos

Island Conquest 16HH Reserve Grand Champion Pacific NW Morgan Show

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Jandana Ranch 30 minutes from Kamloops at beautiful Pinantan Lake.

Dave and Janice Jarvis Enquiries always welcome.

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It’s ALL About the KIDS! - the next generation a re you? e r e h w . .. s Kid or se? h r u o y h it d oing w u o y e r a t a out YOU! b Wh a s u ll e t r n to It’ s YOU R tu

Twisters Norfleet, aka, Twister, is my y 5-year-old palomino, Quarter Horse e gelding. Twister is an all around gymkhana, barrel, showing, and trailil horse. He is very easy going and loves to be handled. - Kaylee, age 13, Clearwater BC Me a and nd my my horse. hors ho rs se. e. My horse hugging me Jules is a 10-year-old Paint who loves to run and jump! Jules and I are in 4-H together and are hoping to succeed in our first canter class together! We also hope she will bless us with a beautiful foal in 2013! I love you so much Jules!! b Thank you Saddle Up!!! Love the magazine!! - Andrea, age 13, Chilliwack, BC

u st won won your yo first ribbon? JJust JJustt bought your first horse? Do you give your horse kisses? Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis. Email to nancyroman@saddleup.ca Put in the subject line “KIDS”

BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! 40 • Saddle Up • June 2011



By Kimberly Robertson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Euthanasia is not a dirty word. It is not cruel or thoughtless or an act of callous disregard for life. In fact, euthanasia can be the kindest thing a horse owner could do for their horse. It is a responsible and compassionate way to end a life and you as a horse owner have a duty and obligation to prevent or end the suffering and pain. If your horse is terminally ill, critically injured or has a medical condition that reduces its quality of life, then euthanasia is a humane option. Sometimes the financial cost or the emotional torture is more than you as a horse owner can bear, so you look at other options. You think giving your horse away to a “good home” to act as a companion horse is the right thing to do. BUT is it? Is removing your horse from his familiar surroundings, barn mates and routine when he reaches retirement age truly the best option? Or is it the easiest option on you? Does sending your horse to another home guarantee him a quality retirement? Will these new owners be financially able to care for an aging horse that may require medication and/or continual veterinary care? Do these new owners have the expertise necessary to look after an older or infirm horse? Or are you passing along your responsibility and obligation as a horse owner? These are hard questions and not every horse owner is prepared to deal with the answers, but your horse deserves the very best and sometimes that means making tough decisions. It means putting aside your personal feelings and taking responsibility


for your horse’s needs. Euthanasia done humanely is an option that you as a responsible and caring horse owner should consider. Deciding to euthanize your horse in the midst of a crisis is difficult and can be emotionally overwhelming so planning ahead is very important. Talk to your veterinarian about euthanasia and prepare for your horse’s end of life. It is also important to share your decisions with the person responsible for your horse (the caretaker) in the event that you are unavailable or temporarily detained during a crisis situation. Waiting for your arrival could cause your horse unnecessary pain and suffering. Or hours spent trying to get permission for a lifesaving procedure could mean the difference between life and death for your horse. Also leave important contact numbers and written permission with the caregiver that stipulates in what situations your horse should be euthanized. If the horse in crisis is insured be sure to have all information pertaining to the insurance policy on hand.

the right thing? Was euthanasia the way to go? Putting an end to your horse’s pain and suffering is a final act and one of great compassion. When you own a horse you not only take on the joys of ownership, but the sorrows as well. When to end their life is the hardest decision, but it may be a necessary one. Remember that you are not alone and there are many other horse owners out there in the same position as you are. Grief is a natural emotion, and part of the grieving process is accepting the reality of your loss and adjusting to your feelings of loss, both of which take time to process. By understanding the grieving process, you can better prepare yourself. Check with your local library for books on how to deal with the loss of a pet. Some people establish memorials for their horses as a way to deal with their loss and give their horse a final resting place. In the end, it is a personal decision on how you want to honour your horse’s memory.

Upcoming Events

Thunderbird Show Park

Disposal of the Carcass Burying your horse on farmland may violate municipal bylaws, so check with your municipality beforehand. If you are not in conflict with the bylaws, and want to bury your horse on your property you’ll need heavy machinery to dig the grave. If your horse has had an autopsy at a veterinary hospital, you may have the option of cremation. Often, the only option is to have the carcass rendered. Talk to your veterinarian about the arrangements available to you in your area as well as the removal of the carcass.

Coping with Your Decision Knowing that you have made an informed and humane decision can give you great peace of mind. It is important to feel that you have made the right decision and knowing that your horse is no longer suffering can ease your mind. Feeling guilty is common. Asking yourself questions like... Did I really do

BC Heritage Finals July 15–17, 2011

July 15, 16, 17, 2011 - BC Heritage Finals, Thunderbird Show Park Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Driving, English and Western Performance, Speed Events; $10,000 Prize Money; BC Heritage Finals is the qualifier for the Canadian Equestrian Championships taking place September 15-18, 2011 in Bromont, Quebec Contact Ali Buchanan, Manager of Competition, at competition@hcbc.ca for more information January 21, 22, 2012 - Equine Education Conference Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel, Richmond, BC Contact Kelly Coughlin, Manager of Industry and Agriculture, at industry@hcbc.ca to fi nd out more

How to Reach Us HCBC office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 Fax: 604-856-4302

www.hcbc.ca www.saddleup.ca • 41

Mount Cheam Pony Club By Janice Spenst


he Mount Cheam Pony Club held their 2 Phase Event on the Easter long weekend at Island 22 in Chilliwack. Mother Nature was on our side and we had a yellow ball in the sky for the three days, something we had not seen much of this spring. Friday was a new format where we offered a practice day. Riders could ride their dressage test, and then go to the stadium ring and jump a practice round. Saturday was the start of the 2 phase competition with dressage and a different stadium course. Being Easter, stuffed bunnies also invaded Island 22, and for the younger kids, there was a contest of how many bunnies were to be found in the dressage area, stadium area, and the cross country course. Riders in the Training to Entry division for stadium got to jump over the Mary Swanson panel, a nice tribute that Mount Cheam made for the event riders. Sportsmanship award and prize donated by the Mane Event went to Joan Richardson for her lovely comment (“Did anyone see that?!”) in the stadium ring after her untimely dismount - yup, we saw it! At the end of the day, ribbons and prizes were handed out at the completion of this phase. Sunday was cross country day! Members of Mount Cheam had been out for weeks prior to the event, cleaning and

raking trails, placing gravel in front of and behind jumps, decorating and flagging. Everyone rode safely around the course with not one rider becoming unseated. How many bunnies were out there? The winner was Taryn Kelly; there were 44 bunnies hopping around that weekend including Fluff y on the ATV. Riders were treated to Easter chocolates at the end of their cross country ride. The day finished off with many prizes for first to eighth, with blankets given out to the first, second and third place winners, from many generous sponsors. Winner of the raffle draw of the horse trailer wheel lock was Susie Muxlo; winner of the winter rug was Martine Kramer; Terry Doherty won the gift bag. Thank you to all the riders, coaches, parents, club members and especially the volunteers - it was an excellent weekend.

Mireya Hooper riding Ohana in the Training division

Karen Shimmoneck riding Picture Perfect in the Training division

Tribute to Mary Swanson

Kelowna Gymkhana Club By Kaylaa Strombit


ur May 15th Gymkhana was tons of fun! Many laughs and an awesome ride. Some horses showed their “spring-time” fever. But what an awesome day! Great way to start off the season. Results: Master HP: Debbie Wright on Lily - 59 Reserve HP: Chris Robinson on Diego - 50 Senior HP: Janine Blaocklock on Seven - 66 Reserve HP: Amanda Lamberton on Lightning - 54 Youth: HP: Park Ollson on Feather - 60 Reserve HP: Emma Klassen on Red - 59

42 • Saddle Up • June 2011

Junior: HP: Karly Roth on Niska - 65 Reserve HP: (TIE) Ashley Robonson on Roxy – 49 Karly Roth on Digger - 49 Peewee: HP: Steven Roboson on Shinga - 63 Reserve HP: Dalyce Russo on Trigger - 59 Jackpot winner: Backwards Keyhole was Kayla Stromsten on Skittles.

Great job everyone! We had a total of 49 riders. The next Gymhkana is June 5th - hope to see you all there!


Our 2011 Shows will be held at the premier show facility on the West Coast THUNDERBIRD SHOW PARK, Langley, BC

S ll Saur Sally S

WEST COAST SUMMER CLASSIC – JULY 16-19 Offering AQHA and All Breed Classes PAC Approved Team Tournament

Clinic Cli i

June 25 & 26 Limited Space Left

AQHA Region 1 Championships July 20 -24 Over $100,000 in prizes

Rain or Shine Indoor Arena, Stalling Included

EVERGREEN CIRCUIT – SEPTEMBER 3-5 Offering AQHA, APHA and All Breed Classes PAC Approved Class Awards

Giant Tack and Show Clothes SALE Saturday, June 25

**NEW** Pleasure Driving, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing

Standing at Stud

Come show with us at this premium facility and enjoy our friendly Canadian hospitality. We host a Welcome Gathering at each Circuit.

“JOHNNY ANGEL” APHA Black Overo Stallion Charisma, Conformation, Colour!

Entry Forms and Class Lists are posted on our website 7366 West Brewer Rd, Coldstream, BC

250-549-2439 or cell: 250-307-7010




PACIFIC SPIRIT HORSE SHOW Competitions in: Amateur Jumping, Cattle Penning, Draft Team, Miniature Horses and our NEW SUMMERTIME CHALLENGE, The Battle of the Breeds. Also featuring performances by Hearts of the West! Entry Deadline: July 22, 2011

The perfect end-of-summer show with over $25,000 in cash prizes and awards!



604-252-3581 www.saddleup.ca • 43

Saddlebreds of Alberta


embers of the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alberta has been having fun with their Saddlebreds since the 1960’s when they became a club. Today we host 2 shows annually in Alberta, as well as support many other shows in the province that have Saddlebred specific classes, and many members even head to the States to compete. We also promote having fun with your Saddlebred. Members enjoy trail riding, jumping, barrel racing, driving sports, vaulting and much more with their Saddlebreds. The ASHA stresses fun as the most important factor in having a Saddlebred. Attend one of our shows or events and you’ll see just how much fun we have!

By Jocelyn Dye

If you would like to become a member of our association, please head to our website, www.saddlebredsofalberta. com and print off a membership application. We also have prize lists and entry forms posted on the site for the various shows. If you are around Red Deer on June 17-19, 2011, please stop in at the Westerner Agri-Center and check out the Red Deer Classic Horse Show! This is the first of the 2 shows that our association hosts, and will be a very fun time. Admission is free. Stop in and check out the Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabians, Half-Arabians and All Breeds compete and have fun!

Sam and CJ. Photo by Casey McBride.

Barriere and District Riding Club By Ginger Chappell


ue to the fact the Barriere and District Riding Club’s light horse arena is being revamped to accommodate the Agri Center, the Fall Fair and Rodeo Association members were kind enough to allow our club to use the Rodeo grounds for our first club practice and Fun Day. With our growing membership now over 100, there was an excellent turnout with sunny skies. There were classes from novice to advanced and age categories so every level of rider could feel comfortable in competition. There were several lead line and youth participants with supportive parents and trustworthy steeds. As well as our typical speed events such as poles, barrels, scuddy ho, etc., we had an interesting and challenging obstacle course that was quite entertaining to watch. Again the Barriere and District Riding Club had a great line up of Sponsors and we would like to thank 44 • Saddle Up • June 2011

them all for their generous contributions. Please see our sponsorship list on our website. Our next Fun Day is scheduled for June 18th. If all goes as we hope, it will take place in our new light horse arena! This event is open to spectators and nonclub members for participation. Please see our website at www. barrieredistrictridinglub.com for updates, calendar and information on what we’re about and what we’re doing!


Alberta Paint Horse Club Tidbits By Connie Webb


y the time you read this, the Saskatchewan Paint Horse Club’s Lloydminster show will be history in the books. Should be lots of fun and I’ll be sure to include some highlights in next month’s newsletter. Right after that is the APHC’s Hay City Classic show, June 11-12 in Olds. The last few details are being wrapped up and this is going to be one awesome show. Three stake classes, Junior Western Pleasure, Junior Hunter Under Saddle and the Non-Pro Versatility with added money, newly approved APHA green and Amateur Walk/Trot classes, a full slate of SPB classes and four of today’s top judges can only add up to a great weekend. We’re also raising funds in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation all weekend and you won’t want to miss our “Painted in Pink” class. All exhibitors are welcome to enter this walk only class for a mere $5.00 with the jackpot being split 50/50 between the winner and the CBCF. See our website for more details and watch a future newsletter for some very entertaining pictures. Also, in an effort to assist our show secretary Kathy McKenzie, we’re asking everyone showing to clear their show bill by Sunday noon which will leave Kathy available to diligently work on tallying our show high points. She may be good but she can’t do everything at once. Our Youth directors, Janene Moch and Lynsay Atchison want to remind our youth members of the organizational meeting (pizza included) being held on the Friday evening of the Olds Show. Time to get this youth club rolling! Just a heads up that there will be no concession at the show but we’re hoping to arrange for some coffee and donuts in the mornings. A big thanks to Katie Roxburgh, who co-ordinated the APHC booth at the Mane Event, to the creative youth who were back painting faces again this year and also the members who manned the booth throughout the weekend. Again, we’re actively seeking sponsors HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

to help us support our club and without them we certainly couldn’t offer stake class money, show high point awards and year-end awards. They are a very big part of our existence and I’d like to send a big thank you to them all. Keep in mind, each member who brings in a sponsor will be eligible for a $100 draw at our AGM. Year-end high point and show rules have been revised and are on the website. They will also be posted at each show. New for 2011 will be the addition of the CCF 3- and 4-year-old Trail class which will be held at our fall show in conjunction with the other CCF classes.

FOAL ALERT: Natalie Hunter at Hunter Paints and Quarters reported 3 new little ones. A grullo overo stud colt out of their Jack Be Fancy mare by Smoken Leo Jet, a sabino/chestnut stud colt out of a Mr. Conclusion granddaughter, Attitude Cowgirl by Natalie’s stud, SHP Jet Ivory Puff and finally a fi lly, SPB chestnut out of an Olimpicool daughter by SHP Ivory Puff also. All three are CCF nominated. Congrats and good luck on the final 3. Renae Widney also reports lots of colour with some very nice babies by her

Hunter Paints and Quarters new foal

stud, Simply Cinnamon. Jambo – amber cream champagne tobiano stud colt out of APHA Willow With Champagne, Ty – classic dun champagne tobiano stud colt out of APHA Ashwood Cristal Rose, Indi – black tobiano stud colt out of AQHA Calamity Cash Bar (dam of the 2010 Twins Hewey & Dewey), J-Lo – grulla fi lly out of APHA KK A Shade Of Ashwood, Ace – black overo stud colt sired by AQHA Redfords Blue Chip and out of APHA Sugar Barry Bear and Scotty – bay stud colt sired by APHA Strait Cut out of APHA Blazing Cinnamon (2007 fi lly sired by Simply Cinnamon).

870-389-6328 Check us out online:

www.5StarEquine.com Canadia Owned n Compan y Y CIN CINCHA NCHA C b front Combo f and d back b k cinch i h to keep your horse comfortable

100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads World’s Finest-Canadian Felt www.saddleup.ca • 45

BC Ranch Cutting Horse Assoc. By Janice Reiter Photos by Janice Reiter



he bare bone basics of cutting are simple - stop square and turn 180 degrees. Not 90 degrees. Not 200 degrees. And definitely not 360 degrees, that’s an entirely different sport. All sounds simple doesn’t it? The execution, on the other hand, is a wholly different matter. Okay, how do you go about learning to do this properly? Well unfortunately we don’t live in Texas where cattle outnumber people and there is a cutting horse trainer virtually on every corner. Clinics can provide a first-rate opportunity for the cutting horse rider to take advantage of top-notch instruction and experience total immersion into the sport, if even only for a short period of time. Over the last couple of years the BCRCHA has developed an affinity with NCHA AAA judge and cutting horse trainer John Paul. Originally from Ellensburg, WA, John has NCHA earnings of over $100K and has trained horses and riders that can boast NCHA futurity

champions, Western National Champions and top 10 finalists on their resume. But it is John’s ability to connect and communicate with people that is probably his greatest talent. In 2010 John moved from central Washington and headed east to Kansas. With a cheap flight booked, an arena Dee Stradling & Nurse Holly Rey secured and cattle rustled get down to business. John Paul at work. the BCRCHA put out the word, April 8 thru 10, 2011 As Sunday drew to a close there there would be a John Paul Cutting Clinic. were lots of wet saddle pads, tired horses And people came, in droves. In fact a total and smiles wider than a barn door. Plus of 21 people of all ages and abilities took one recurring comment – When is John part. coming back? The participants were split into two For more information on the BC groups, not by experience but simply by Ranch Cutting Horse Association visit which time worked best. One thing about our website, www.bcrcha.com or follow John Paul, he never looks at a clock. Each us on Facebook, BC Ranch Cutting Horse and every participant gets his undivided Association, we want to be your friend. attention for as long as it takes to get the job done.

WCRA By Linda Parton



Armstrong BC 250-546-9722

FREE SADDLE FITTINGS on your horse at your acreage VALUE $100 Association Wade Saddle


*mention this ad*

Fancy Barrel Saddle


Book a Demonstration at your clinic for all your Saddle Fitting concerns. 46 • Saddle Up • June 2011

he high point series for Western Canadian Reining Association will soon be underway. Our Kamloops Chapter, Thompson River Reiners, will host “Riverslide” at Circle Creek Ranch in Kamloops, BC, June 3-5. This show will feature a Saturday Fun Night in pink with proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Entry deadline is May 17th. For more information contact Amanda at aself@ hotmail.com. West Coast Classic, our premier reining event, will be held July 14-17 at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC. This show offers NRHA approved derby and futurity classes, as well as a full slate of beginner and NRHA classes. This show HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Interior Cutting Horse Association By Bonnie Meints Photos by Abby MacNeish and Lori Haywood-Farmer he ICHA Executive Members and the organizing committee, Tom Nobles, Donna Cooke and Lee Poncelet, would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for their contribution to our first ‘Cut for the Cure’ fund raising effort for the Canadian Cancer Society. Sunday May 8th, we hosted a cutting at Southland’s Ranch, Knutsford BC. All competitors donated their day money. Our judge, Bob Magrath, donated his entire day’s paycheck and one third of our silent auction proceeds were also donated. With entries, bids and other donations, our cumulative total donation to the Canadian Cancer Society was over $1,600. In lieu of prize money, committee members Donna Cooke and Tom Nobles had prizes donated from Interior vineyards and feed supplies. The highlight of the day was our third annual Southland’s Ranch Knutcup Bridle-less competition. Competitors were offered in a Calcutta-style auction and also up for grabs was the coveted


Knutcup. Returning to defend his title was Bob Zirnhelt and eight other competitors. Set to specially chosen music, each work was two and one half minutes of unbridled excitement as horses were set down to work a cow completely on their own. Special thanks to Doug and Laurie Haughton for donating the cattle used for the Bridle-less competition. The ICHA has had an extremely successful year so far. We have seen a record number of entries at our shows. We are proud to be able to give something back. It is our goal to make ‘Cut for the Cure’ an annual event. For show results, standings and upcoming events, visit our website www. ichacutting.com.

Laurie Haughton Blake presenting the Knutcup to winner Jon Sagmoen.

Bob Zirnhelt returning Champion. Lee Poncelet – Tuff enough to wear Pink.

WCRA, cont’d offers a trade fair and silent auction. Another feature activity will be a wine auction fundraiser. There is something for everyone so please mark the dates in your calendar. Contact Kim at wcrareining@ gmail.com or visit the show website www. westclassic.info for more information. The final show in our high point series will be hosted by Fraser Valley Reining Club. “Slide Out West” will again be held at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, September 9-11. Contact Travis at travis_rempel@ hotmail.com for more information. Please visit the Western Canadian Reining Association website www.wcra. info for entry forms, membership forms, show information and club news.


VALLEYVIEW RANCH HORSES FOR SALE – BY PRIVATE TREATY Bloodlines include: Chex, Doc O Lena, Peppy San, Son Of Honor, Doc Freckles Leo 6-year-old Buckskin Stallion. Professionally trained Reining horse. WHRA Beginner Champion. Solid and very showy. Video available.

11-year-old Gelding. Professionally trained Cutting horse. Excellent Cutter, NonPro or Open or Youth (if experienced). Excellent temperament and bone. Won Reserve at Alberta Futurity. HONOR OF PEP

Two 3-year-old Geldings, started. Bred for Cutting, Reining or Team Penning. Two Mares: One 10-year-old, started Cutting. One 6-year-old, potential Barrel Racer.


Contact for more information: 250-836-3383 e-mail oscarm@telus.net Must sell due to health. Malakwa, BC 6/11 www.saddleup.ca • 47

Okanagan Miniature Horse Club By Katie Iceton


he OMHC started up the year with a clinic hosted by Joan and Bruce Cunningham, with a variety of demonstrations, from vaccinations, and teeth floating by veterinarian Dr. Lily Miller; and a trailer information session by Rob Reimer of TNT Trailers on how to keep safe and prepare for hauling to all of the mini events. Joy Viel gave a demonstration of pulling a mini mane to keep it neat and tidy for show season, and Joan Cunningham gave a clipping demonstration to make those minis look sleek for show season. A wonderful lunch was brought in by Cathy DeGelder. A big thank you to all of those that provided the wonderful information

to us keen mini owners and to Joan and Bruce for giving us the use of the farm,.. and horses to practice on! Speaking of shows, the OMHC is hosting a Sanctioned AMHA/AMHR Horse Show from July 1-3 at the IPE fairgrounds. Judges will be Duke Neff – Pleasant Hill, MO (AMHR Show Judge – AMHA Senior Carded Judge); Gordon Odegard – Rockford, IL (AMHR Show Judge – AMHA Senior Carded Judge and 2011 AMHA World Show Judge); and Sami Scheuring – San Rafael, CA (AMHR Show Judge – AMHA Senior Carded Judge). Hope to see you there, to show or watch these wonderful little horses perform.

Inside a mini’s mouth

BC Miniature Horse Club News By Margaret Walmsley


everal of us have been going to Island 22 in Chilliwack to drive our minis. Island 22 is a great place to go to drive for conditioning your horse or to just drive for fun in a wonderful setting. The minis love being out of the arena and on the trails. Of course, there are a few arenas to use there if you want. Best to get there before it gets really warm in summer and the mosquitoes take over. Easter was celebrated at Kate Gillie’s ranch with a kids fun day. We had 35 children and their parents (thank goodness). Kate Gillie and Shirley Bradbury did a great job of organizing the day in a way that you never really knew you had 35 kids running around there. They set up teams and had stations that the kids went to for an activity. They stayed for 15 minutes until they had completed all of the games. They did jumping, obstacle and showmanship with the minis, decorated Easter baskets and hard boiled eggs, face painting, colouring, and balloon animals. We never knew that Kate had a secret talent. She does balloon animals. That may come in handy for us somewhere! The day ended with a huge Easter egg hunt. They were supposed to only find 3 eggs, one of each colour and they would get a prize. Thank

goodness lots of extra eggs were hidden because baskets came back with a lot more than just 3 eggs in them. Parents and kids went away happy The Cool Runnin’ Arena Driving Trials have ended. This was a series of 3 shows which you had to perform Dressage, MarathonObstacle, and Cones. Many of our members participated - and the minis did very well overall. Congratulations go to the following members: Training Division: Champion - Karen MacGregor; 3rd – Dave Franklin; 4th – Margaret Walmsley; 5th – Kate Gillie Best Dressage: Champion - Karen MacGregor Best Team Hitch: Champion - Shirley Bradbury Preliminary Division: Champion - Karen MacGregor Also don’t forget about our great Spring Classic at the Cloverdale Agriplex on June 11-12. This is a great AMHA show to watch or show your mini at. For more info contact Margaret Walmsley 604-856-1419 or Knightwoman@telus.net.

BC Sporthorse-Sportpony Breeders Group By Ulli Dargel


n May 1, 2011, the Pacific Parklands Foundation and the Langley Horse Federation honoured horsewoman extraordinaire and Langley resident Joy Richardson for her dedication and commitment to the Spirit of the Horse Memorial Garden located in Campbell Valley Regional Park, and recognized her lifetime of volunteer work in the community. The BC Sporthorse-Sportpony Breeders Group showed their appreciation to Joy by providing her with a Lifetime Membership. They thanked her for her support over the last 4 years and volunteering to be their “SPECIAL JUDGE” for their Lead Line Class. Ulli Dargel presented Joy with an album of photos covering events they enjoyed together over the years. Joy, we all wish you well. 48 • Saddle Up • June 2011

The BC SporthorseSportpony Breeders would like to invite you to attend their upcoming Summer Show planned for June 18-19, 2011 at the Cloverdale Agriplex. See web site for further information www. bcsporthorses.com.

Mayor Rick Green, Township of Langley, presenting Joy with a Certificate of Appreciation. Photo by Ulli Dargel.


Armstrong Enderby Riding Club Update By Michele Gould


ince last edition, we have held two Fun Days at the Armstrong Fairgrounds: April 17 (not so great weather) and May 1 (terrific weather). We had a good turnout both days, with results as follows: April 17 Fun Day: Showmanship Senior: 1st Donna Holland Intermediate: 1st Mikayla Linton Junior: 1st Tia Scrase; 2nd Aubrey Smith Open: 1st Donna Holland; 2nd Tia Scrase English Senior: 1st Ursula McHugh/Janet Critch Intermediate: 1st Rebecca Pachmann; 2nd Mikayla Linton Junior: 1st Isabella Smith; 2nd Morgan Sengotta Open: 1st Rebecca Pachmann; 2nd Ursula McHugh Western Senior: 1st Janet Critch; 2nd Colleen Nestor/Donna Holland Intermediate: 1st Meighen Rees; 2nd Mikayla Linton/Josh Sengotta Junior: 1st Tia Scrase; 2nd Charity Scrase Open: 1st Meighen Rees; 2nd Janet Critch/Ashley Hilbrander/Mikayla Linton

Trail Open: 1st Colleen Nestor; 2nd Rebecca Pachmann Games Senior: 1st Ashley Hilbrander; 2nd Donna Holland Intermediate: 1st Mikayla Linton; 2nd Josh Sengotta Junior: 1st Morgan Sengotta; 2nd Charity Scrase May 1 Fun Day: Showmanship Senior: 1st Donna Holland Intermediate: 1st Meighen Rees Open: 1st Donna Holland; 2nd Meighen Rees English Senior: 1st Ursula McHugh; 2nd Megan McLean Intermediate: 1st Mikayla Linton Junior: 1st Isabella Smith; 2nd Morgan Sengotta Open: 1st Ursula McHugh; 2nd Morgan Sengotta Western Senior: 1st Donna Holland; 2nd Ashley Hilbrander Intermediate: 1st Meighen Rees/Mikayla Linton Open: 1st Ashley Hilbrander/Donna Holland Trail Open: 1st Rebecca Pachmann; 2nd Ashley Hilbrander Games Senior: 1st Keelly Reggelsen; 2nd Ashley Hilbrander Intermediate: 1st Josh Sengotta; 2nd Mikayla Linton Junior: 1st Brooke Hadson; 2nd Morgan Sengotta

Join us for our annual Hot Dog Fundraiser on June 3rd in Askew’s Parking Lot from 11am to 2pm. Volunteers are needed and this is a good opportunity for our junior members to get involved and earn volunteer hours to make them eligible for year-end awards. Contact Pam LeMaire 546-3375 or Rebecca 546-0052 if you can help. We invite you to our June 8 General Meeting starting at 7pm at the Armstrong Chamber of Commerce. If you can’t make that date, check out our website at www. armstrongenderbyridingclub.org for information on the above and all other aspects of our Club.

Langley Riders Update By Bethany Gildemeister


angley Riders has kicked off this 2011 season in style! We had a great turnout for our first games day on April 16, which was a BC Heritage qualifier. Our English/Western Show was also a BCHQ and we had a great turnout for that, too. The April 30 English and Western High Point Winners are: English: Senior: Becky Parsons Intermediate: Sherise Goertzen Junior: Danielle Murphy Peewee: Lexi Langset Tiny mites: Brooklyn Gildemeister Walk/Trot: Emma Gildemeister English Overall High Point (three way tie): Becky Parsons

Sherise Goertzen Brooklyn Gildemeister Western: Senior: Bethany Gildemeister Intermediate: Tessa Gildemeister Junior: Carly Peters PeeWee: Lexi Langset Tiny mites: Marie Peters Walk/Jog: Emma Gildemeister Western Overall High Point: Lexi Langset

We also had two beautiful saddle racks donated by Paul Gildemeister for overall high point prizes. They were won by Brooklyn Gildemeister for English and Lexi Langset for Western.

We had also crowned our 2011 Royalty on May 1: Queen: Taylor Oostenbrug Senior Princess: Tara Peters Junior Princess: Tessa Gildemeister Junior Princess Runner-up: Haley Russell Little Miss Sweetheart: Brooklyn Gildemeister Our events for June are a Games Day on June 11 (BCHQ), English/Western Show on June 18 (BCHQ), and a Little Britches Rodeo on June 25-26. Check out our website for more info and event dates at www.langleyriders.ca.

Peachland Riding Club By Courtney DeMattos


e would like to give HUGE thanks to Tom Lewis for working on the ground and helping us improve it and get the arena ready for all of the fun events! Speaking of fun events, did you guys go to the Fun Day? The turnout was not too big of a size but it was just right and we all had tons of fun. We gave out prizes for the fastest times… and the slowest! We can’t forget the two dare devils that fell HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

off ! They are all ok now, nobody got hurt. Thanks to Verne for announcing, Kim and Janelle for helping with the timing and everyone for just being there and having fun. Thanks for bringing smiles and joy to all of us. Also I would like to remind everyone that the PRC has garments for sale. We now have hoodies, sweat pants and t-shirts. Get them before they sell out! We have a July 1st Barrel Race at the

PRC then the Canada Day parade if you would like to join us. We always have tons of fun and usually go swimming afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join the PRC! We love the support and would like you to come experience the fun and joy of Peachland. If you have any questions you can contact Holly 250-870-0601, hollyd@shaw. ca. www.saddleup.ca • 49

Git ‘er Done Gymkhana Club By Robyn Formanski


eehaw! Our first gymkhana was a great success and we still have many more to come! This year, we have decided to put on many fun-fi lled events for fundraising, including clinics with Jeanie and Kelly, and a scavenger hunt ride. There will be a great saddle up for grabs for the year-end high point winners, as well as a winter blanket for each of them. There will also be a belt buckle up for grabs for the year-end runner up high points! Everyone in the club would like to give a huge thanks to the Dickens family for running the concession, as well as for preparing us a delicious pancake breakfast. It was awesome to see everyone back having fun as well as all the new faces. There is going to be some strong competition this year, after seeing everyone pull awesome first-ride times, and it has only just begun. Just like at the beginning of every season, the horses were feeling fresh and good, and were really testing their riders. Luckily there were no injuries.

Since there are a large amount of juniors this year, we now have a 3D division. With lots of tough competition, these juniors are in it to win it! The gymkhanas are still held at the Pritchard Rodeo Grounds; registration starts around 8:30-9:00am and the events begin at 10:00am. Each gymkhana day, there are the three main events (barrels, poles, and stakes) and two or three fun events, plus a jackpot event on most days. We have many dates left which include: June 4 (double run day), June 11 (jackpot day), July 3, Aug 13 (fundraiser, Scavenger Hunt Ride), Sept 10, Sept 24 (double run and jackpot day), Oct 1 (double run day), Oct.16 (double run and jackpot day), Nov 26 (year-end awards banquet). There will be another August date which is still to be announced. For further information and dates changes, visit www. giterdonegymkhanaclub.com.

Canadian Horses Making New History!


embers of the Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society have a busy season ahead of them, starting with the BC Sport Horse Spring Show at the Cloverdale Agriplex on June 18-19 where they will compete in their own division of Halter and English performance classes. They will also be included at the BC Sport Horse Fall show in September. On July 9-10, the Pacific Canadian Horse Show returns to the Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre, featuring Halter classes, English and Western Classes, Driving and Trail classes, as well as Dressage tests and the Little Iron Horse Competition. Late Saturday afternoon there will be the Heritage Costume class, as well as some gymkhana type events, just for fun! CHHAPS welcomes judge Virginia Allen for this year’s show. The Pacific show usually attracts Canadian Horse competitors from as far away as Prince George, Alberta and even Oregon state. The versatility of the Canadian Horse will be showcased at the

By Ruth Donald

event in Maple Ridge. Many of the horses participating in the Pacific show are ridden English and Western, compete in halter, driving and dressage, and do performance classes as well as the always popular trail class in the same weekend. If you haven’t seen the Canadian in action, it’s worth coming to watch! The Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong usually features a healthy contingent of Canadian Horses competing in open classes in driving and performance classes. This year it runs August 31st to September 4th. The CHHAPS AGM is held annually in conjunction with The Mane Event in Chilliwack, and we welcome inquiries at our Mane Event booth. Watch for our breed demos this year! For more information on these events and more, visit the CHHAPS website at www.chhaps.org or e-mail CHHAPS@hotmail. com.

Topline Spring Fling 2011 – Riders on a Roll! By King Campbell


almon Arm’s Topline Stables and Show Park hosted the seventh annual Spring Fling Horse Show May 6-8. Once again the rider participation and the dedication of the competition staff and volunteers resulted in a very satisfying event for everyone. Sponsors continue to support the largest competition jumper ring in the BC interior making it more colourful and exciting each year. Competitors very much enjoyed the course designs of Anthony Lothian. The courses for hunter, jumper and the new hunter derby were safe, challenging, and fun. The show started with warm-up jumper rounds on Friday. The hack classes held on Saturday were well attended and Judge Patti Thomas offered valuable advice to competitors throughout the day. Patti also judged the hunter classes from trot rails to three feet and on Sunday the competitors jumped from cross-rails through to an exciting four feet by the end of the day. Andrea Blair was enthusiastically recording the weekend events and her work can be found on her website 50 • Saddle Up • June 2011

http://paperhorse.zenfolio.com. The Inn at the Ninth Hole provided ribbons and $250.00 in prize money for the hunter derby at 2 foot 6; 1st Sandra Spielmann, 2nd Lisa Walker, 3rd Chevonn Hasselhan, and at 3 feet, 1st Anthony Lothian, 2nd Angela Tremblay and 3rd Kiera Meints. The Topline Derby Series will be very exciting this summer because of the added $3,000 prize money and sponsorship.

Show dates for Topline Stables and Show Park are: June 10-12: $1,000 Mustang Powder Summer Derby and $500 Lordco Auto Parts/Shepherds Hardware 4-Bar June 24: Combined Test, 25, 26 Spring Horse Trials July 8-10: $1,000 Derby Classic and $500 Honda 4-Bar. Visit www.toplinestables.ca or be a Topline Stables “fan” on Facebook for horse show news. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Mission Horse Club

By Amber Gambling

ummer is finally here. If anyone has been waiting for the sun, it’s the folks at Mission Horse Club. Our May 8 English and Western Performance Show brought a good turnout. The High Points are as follows:


will go left. Please contact Sherryl for more info at memorylane.sh@ gmail.com. Plus, let me know if you need a ride there or if you will have any extra space in your trailer!

ENGLISH Masters - Hansi Thomson (Max) Senior - Sherryl Hopkins (Chica) Intermediate - Devon Smith (SW Roxy Barlink) Junior - Chelsi Wensley (Coffee Crisp) WESTERN Masters - Hansi Thomson (Gypsy) Senior - Tamaera Jameson (Super Miss Lucy) Intermediate - Devon Smith (SW Roxy Barlink) Junior - Chelsi Wensley (Coffee Crisp)

President’s Note

Recent events: Saturday, May 21, we hosted a fundraising night that included dinner, bingo, door prizes and raffles. On May 29, we held a hunter show, which was also a BC Heritage qualifier.

Upcoming events: - June 5, Games Show - June 12, English/Western Show; BC Heritage qualifier - June 19, Gerry Griner Fun Day - June 25, Campbell Valley Ride, 11am; the fast riders will go right and the not so fast riders

Hi everyone, I hope you’re staying dry! I think we all wish that the sun would come out for more than a day... even our horses! Don’t let all this liquid sunshine stop you from enjoying time with Angie Dejong on Diva Paige Gambling on your horse. I have been more of Savannah a groom than a rider so far this you read the newsletter in full to get all the year, but that’s ok... my horses are information on our events. Our next show all very shiny! Everyone that came out to the is a hunter show, so start practicing some May 1 Games Show had lots of fun - luckily jumps and come out for a fun day. Jumping for them it was actually in the sun! As for all will be in the morning, with hack classes in the riders at our May 8 Performance Show, the aft ernoon. All classes are BC Heritage the rain at least held off, so we all had a good qualifi ers! So, keep riding, even through the day. A couple of new things this year: our puddles, and hopefully the sun will come recent bingo fundraiser and the MHC trail soon. Sherryl ride at Campbell Valley on June 25. Make sure

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club By Marlene Quiring


n June 11 and 12 we will hold our Driving Clinic with Cheryl Fotheringham at the Donalda Arena (east of Camrose). All breeds are welcome! Riding animals will also be accepted, as basic foundation training is relevant for both driving and under saddle. The clinic starts each morning at 9am. For more information, call Colleen at (780) 672-6105 or view the registration form on our website at www.albertadonkeyandmule. com. Our club participated in the Mane Event in Red Deer at the end of April, with both demonstrations and a booth. Riders in the Hugh McLennan with Ed and Sue Burles. Saturday night demonstrations included Russ Shandro on Ruger, Visable is Ed’s mule Mindy that Preacher Cam Fleury on Jasmine, Sue Burles on Squidge, and Ed Burles Bryn Thiessen rode and just sticking his nose into the picture is Ruger the mule on Mindy. Drivers included Bob Leggette with Jesse, hitched to that Hugh rode for the Church Service. his antique doctor’s buggy, and Alice Todd with Sonney, the only donkey this year, hitched to a cart. Colleen Campbell on Ruby, roaring with laughter. and Katherine Cook on Whistlin’ Dixie rode in the Friday and Saturday As I write this, I am fresh afternoon demonstrations. Our booth volunteers included Vicki and Tom Barker at one of the Tindell from our club-sponsored series Clinics with his young mule, Paul Barrow, Heather Shandro, Ida Newell, and Ken and Donna Quick, of Jerry Tindell Clinics. Jerry teaching him to come to the who handled the takedown chores assisted by the Burles. shared his expertise in many fence in preparation for his first A highlight of the weekend was Sunday morning cowboy church areas including an effective, safe mounting. with musician, orator, commentator, announcer and voice of Spirit of way to worm, something that the West, Hugh McLennan, mounted on Russ Shandro’s john mule, was much appreciated by many of us that thought we had “hard to 13-year-old Ruger. After a few minutes to “guitar-break” his mount, the worm” critters. This year, we had mini horses, donkeys, mules and pair were ready. Pastor Bryn Thiessen was prepped for church on the many breeds of horses including a Friesian. What a pleasure to see the back of Mindy, Sue and Ed Burles’ 12-year-old appaloosa molly mule. diversity of breeds come together with one goal in mind - to improve Russ reports that Pastor Bryn had the entire crowd, four bleachers full, communication and understanding of the critters we love. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

www.saddleup.ca • 51

Oliver Riding Club By Kathy Malmberg


he Oliver Riding Club held its 2011 Children’s Wish Ride on May 14. Geoff and Janet Neilly were our most gracious hosts once again. We had 20 riders: 13 for the “long ride” (two-hours), and 7 for the “short ride” (one-hour). The weather was perfect and so were the horses! The area we rode in is really beautiful and closed to vehicles of any kind. Other than one mountain biker and his dog, we pretty much had the mountain to ourselves. Our crew did an awesome job once again, making yummy bag lunches for everyone and providing great prizes for the raffle table. Total amount raised including the Toonie draw: $2,044.10. Janice Goodman and her crew, Carol Lydiatt, Debbie House, Margie Fisher, Maggie Strong, Amanda Martino and Dawn Muller did a wonderful job organizing and taking care of everyone. There were many helpers doing many jobs, both large and small; there were very few club members not involved in some way with this year’s Wish Ride. Of course there are all the great folks who pledged monetary support, and businesses and individuals who donated products or services. We are very grateful to everyone for all this support. Our top “Pledge Earners” were Deanna Cook and Faye Lehman. Sara Brown has more hunter clinics scheduled, the next being held July 17, then August 14 and September 18. We are pleased that Julie Johansen is coaching these sessions once again. Contact Sara at (250) 485-3838 if

The “Long Riders” heading home. Many happy faces!

Registration Desk

you would like to participate. We are seeing a good turnout for the “improve your skills” sessions with Carolyne Tipler and Jannette Lauritzen. The next one is May 29. We are looking forward to the “Trail of Fortune” trail ride June 26 at Max’s and Annette’s. They have some great fun planned and we will have a potluck to finish off the day. I have heard a rumour about a “trail challenge” in the works. More on that next month. Our Wednesday night sessions with Janice have been well attended. We are honing up some of our skills and learning some new ones. Some of our members are busy looking for carts and harnesses for driving their minis. If anyone has that kind of equipment for sale, let us know. For more information on these and other activities, call our president Debbie House at (250) 498-4326 or visit www.oliverridingclub. com.

Goodie Bags

Dorothy McLaughlin, Verla Strawn and Carol Lydiatt busy “making” the lunches.

Mackenzie Alpine Riders Horse Club By Danita McLaren


he Mackenzie Alpine Riders Horse Club is a small not-for-profit society that sits on just short of 65 acres minutes away from the town of Mackenzie, BC en route to the Industrial Site. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Alpine Riders inception and those years have seen the Club grow to a membership of 35 people, 48 horses, a mule, a miniature donkey and a goat. Over the years the Alpine Riders have hosted community barn dances, gymkhanas, various clinics, children’s horse camps and poker rides. We have also been prominent in the community while providing pony rides at various community events, hosting the annual District Horse Camp, providing horseback security at the Morfee Mountain Music Festival, and riding in parades, etc. 2011 is going to be another busy year. We will see preschool tours, assist with the District of Mackenzie horse camp and host three of our own horse camps, hold a poker ride and host our 3rd Annual Pig Jig 52 • Saddle Up • June 2011

(formerly known as the Pig Roast and Barn Dance Without A Barn). The Children’s camps will take place over the summer with two day camps for children ages 6-10, a Parent and Child Day at the Barn for children ages 3-5, and an overnight camp for children ages 8-12. This year’s Pig Jig will take place on Saturday, July 23rd in our outdoor arena. With live entertainment by three bands that will play a mix of music to suit most tastes, an assortment of delicious food, as well as a cash bar, camping and other entertainment, this adult only event is sure to be an enjoyable evening. Also on July 23rd we are going to hold a Poker Ride and are hoping to see many out-of-town riders attend and take in some of the new trails that were created for us by the Job Opportunities Program over the last two years. If you are interested in learning more about the club or events, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via our website http:// alpineriders.webs.com or e-mail alpine.riders@live.ca. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Endurance Riders Association of BC Officers & Directors 2011 President -June Melhuish jjmrider@hughes.net VP - Ruth Moorby Tmoorby@hotmail.com Secretaryy - Lori Bewza loribewza@gmail.com Treasurer - Lynn Wallden wallden6484@shaw.ca Directors: Louise Abbott louiseabbott@telus.net Toni Bloomfield toniabloomfield@gmail.com Brenna Mayer enduranceprincess@hotmail.com Elaine Bessuille e_bessuille@telus.net Terre O’Brennan tobytrot@telus.net Karen Ellis Karenellis3@shaw.ca Cory Anthony cwanthony@shaw.ca Brenda Miskimmin mcpennytoo@telus.net


What I Learned at Christoff ’s Clinic By June Melhuish I have been showing up at endurance rides for quite a few years, but the experience is never the same. Some years I might have been mentoring one of two daughters, others I might have been bringing along a new horse, or both! There have even been a few years when all the stars were aligned and I was able to ride competitively, up with the frontrunners. Each of these experiences involved different considerations, priorities and skills. Over time, much of what I learned of each, as well as what I should have learned, has somehow dimmed in my mind. So it was a wonderful weekend in April when Christoph Schork of Global Endurance came to the Peachland Riding Club for two full days of endurance riding facts, how-tos, must-dos, and demonstrations. Some of those attending were starting endurance, some were thinking about starting, some were ready to increase their level of challenge, and some were “old hands,” but each came away with something that would add to their next season. Here are some of the points learned - or re-learned: - Record keeping: record each training ride’s goal, distance, time, ambient conditions, changes in feed or tack, heart recovery rate and demeanour of the horse. This will define progress (or lack of progress!) made in your conditioning program, equipment, feed, and goals. Change whatever isn’t working! - Cross training: take lessons! Halfpass and shoulder-in on roads, back up to strengthen back and haunches, stretch your horse, and work with cavalletti. See ERABC Yahoo Group fi les “Efficiency Score” for measuring fitness progress. HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

- Change gaits: an extended trot extends leg apparatus, and exposes limbs to injury. A trot uses forelimbs to pull forward; a walk or canter can be easier and better gaits the canter may produce a heart rate 5 to 10 beats per minute lower than a trot, and the breathing rate of a 3-beat canter is more in sync with the rhythm of the pace. - Include other conditioning methods with Long Slow Distance: interval training; alternating burst of work with recovery periods, i.e. 15 to 30 seconds of high intensity and high heart rate followed by 45 seconds to 1 minute of rest to reach 70% heart rate recovery (hopefully!). Fartlek is a form of interval training that varies speed, terrain and gait without heart rate monitor that is intended to stimulate and stress both aerobic and anaerobic systems. - After each ride, trot out and circle the horse; palpate the legs and back. And be aware that rider attitude at the trot out can be reflected by the horse. Raise your knees and legs - put some life into it! - Use the half-halt to gather and rebalance your horse, slow forward movement within the current gait, clear obstacles (logs, ditches), and to move impulsion to the hindquarters and lighten the forequarters. - Taste-test the horse’s electrolytes watch out for a burning sensation... and avoid it! Rinse the horse’s mouth after dosing. - Aberrant behaviour and changes in eating behaviour like leaving feed, returning to it, leaving it again can be an indicator for ulcers. - The leading horse expends more energy than the following horse. - The rectal temperature is lower than the core temperature of the horse. A simple indoor/outdoor temperature gauge with its probe under the saddle can indicate the horse’s temperature during a ride. Christoph also talked about the conformation of the horse, and discussed with us the significant features of attendees’ horses, volunteered for the purpose. He pointed out how the front legs were suspended from the shoulder, the straightness of the legs (or not), and how this affected the hoof, the way of going, and a life in endurance. He explained how dropping a plumb line from the shoulder could help illustrate this. He favoured short fetlocks and cannon bones, with a longer

forearm as providing strength to the front leg. He talked about how a long neck added weight and load to the forequarters. He pointed out that cow hocks can enable stifles to angle out and come forward free of interference with chest movement, and capacity for forward extension of hinds. A narrow-chested horse is able to cool more efficiently, but a deep heart girth is also required. A 3/4 hand-width between the last rib and hip indicates a short - and stronger - back, and 1 1/2 hand-widths is long. He referred to Dr. Deb Bennett’s fourvolume guide to conformation as an excellent source of information and reference. Day two was spent out in the sunshine we have seen so little of, with demonstrations of foot care: the balanced hoof, trimming, and application of glue-on boots. This is a growing area of interest with many riders, endurance or otherwise, and his practiced application made it look do-able! He also gave a short course on saddle fitting as the day drew to a close - ably supported by Dana of Nickers Saddlery, Penticton, and creator of the treeless Sensation Saddle - and took a spin in one himself, with enthusiastic response! The weekend wound down with a great barbequed steak and trimmings, thanks to the organizational and grill skills of Cory Anthony. Thanks for a great weekend, Cory! As always, check the website www. erabc.com for the next Endurance Riders Association of BC event. Sadly, Moulton Creek Ride, scheduled for the Canada Day weekend, has been cancelled. So see you at the Wine Country Wrangler, July 31, at the Peachland Riding Club.

Christoph trimming the hoof

Christoph lining the boots with glue

www.saddleup.ca • 53

The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story By Rose Schroeder, Yarrow Chapter BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE http://bchorsemen.org President: Jonathan Driesen, jrdd@telus.net - 604 864-0730 Vice President: Rose Schroeder, milkmaid@shaw.ca - 604-854-1245 Vice President: Jack Breaks, Webmaster, jackb@jrjtrail.ca - 604 856 7786 Vice President: John King, jeking@shaw.ca - 250-338-6789 Recording Secretary: Susan Shumey, rshumey@shaw.ca - 604 856-1396 Treasurer: Sharon Pickthorne, oneonone@telus.net - 250-337-1818 Past President: Gord MacKenzie, gmack@mail.ocis.net - 250 679-3999 Work Bee Coordinator: Ian Compton, holbrookdyson@telus.net - 250-337-8720 Joint Trail & Access (Horse Council): Rose Schroeder, milkmaid@shaw.ca - 604 854-1245 Horse Council Director: Isabel Pritchard, impritchard@telus.net - 250 764-4533 Education: Mary Huntington, rivergals@telus.net - 604-988-8442

My Favourite Trails


ext time you forget what belonging to the Back Country Horsemen Society of BC is all about, go for a ride on your favourite trail. One of my best-loved places to ride is Vedder Mountain. It is located in the Lower Mainland between Chilliwack and the 49th Parallel (otherwise known as the border between Canada and the USA!) There are over 200km of protected trails on Vedder, thanks to the Vedder Mountain Trails Association, a coalition of user groups that recreate on the mountain. The biggest bonus is these trails are a short 10-minute haul from my home. The other boon is the footing is good most of the year. Be prepared for rock and gravel. Most of the horse-accessible trails are on the northwest side of the mountain. They have pretty cool names. I would like to learn the why and where the names came from! From Highland Drive you can access the Waterworks Trails: Bowman Loop, Big Rocks, Gussie’s Trail, Fern Gulley and Deer Creek. This last one connects to the Duck Farm Loop and Parmenter Road (loop road around the top of the mountain) and another whole level of trails mostly used by motorized and mountain bikes. A good point to remember is these are shared-use trails, and although most motorized bikes use the upper trails and the mountain bikes have their own favourite trails in a separate area, you could encounter 54 • Saddle Up • June 2011

John Gardner at Lawnmower Trail

anyone, anywhere, anytime, any way! Be aware of your surroundings! From the Tolmie Road access point, you ride along the creek, over the railroad tracks and join Lucky’s Trails. There are five: Orange Gate Road, Peter’s Pass, Hilton Ranch road, the FSR (Forest Service Road) and the Lawnmower Trail. Some of these lead to longer, more difficult trails up higher. Almost all the trails on the mountain are now marked with signs like in the picture below. Our Back Country Chapter, Yarrow, has put in a lot of volunteer hours keeping the horse trails open. (When I say “horse” trails, I am including mules too!) For a long ride, you might want to attempt the “Lawnmower Trail” (access from Tolmie Rd). It is aptly named that because once you get up over to the other side of the mountain, nowhere near a road, there is, hanging from a tree... you guessed it... an electric lawnmower! We can only wonder how it got there. This trail will take you right over the mountain to a viewpoint over Columbia Valley. A great place for a lunch break. So, if you haven’t figured it out already, my favourite thing to do is get “High on my Horse!” It’s really important to remember that these are mountain trails. Attack them slowly in the spring, until your horse is fit enough to go higher and further. Some of the Waterworks trails are relatively easy, so they’re a good place to start if you and your horse are flatlanders. (That is, you live where there are no hills to climb daily.) Do some LSD:

Long, Slow, Distance first! Maps of these trails can be found on the BCHBC website at www.bchorsemen. org or at the HCBC website www.hcbc.ca. Happy trails from Yarrow Chapter!

Linda and Sophia and the signs on Vedder Mountain Trails

A seat with a view: John C and Craig looking over Columbia Valley


Pine Tree Riding Club

Aevery Geigier

Kamloops, B C www.PineTreeRidingClub.com Newsletter contact: Tracey Nordal, houliojule@yahoo.com Club contact: Alison Miller, brentmiller@shaw.ca


ur first playday of the year wasn’t for the faint of heart. It was snowing during the first classes! But, despite the snow and chill, we had a good turnout of riders willing to participate. I’d like to thank our judge, Lindsay Burch, for coming out and judging all of those classes. Standing and staying warm can be very challenging! Aevery Geiger had her first show during our first playday of the year. Aevery is 10 years old and her bay Arabian gelding, Abe, is 22. Abe and Aevery spent a bit of time in the round pen and the warm-up ring, and then with some support from fellow Pine Tree members, they were ready for their classes. Aevery, you did very well for your first show! Optical Delusions Photography will be taking photos at Pine Tree playdays. If you were at a show and want to view your photos or place an order, check out the Horse Shows page at www. opticaldelusions.ca or contact Tanya Epp at (250) 582-7362. Get a digital copy of your image for only $8 each! This is a great opportunity to have a professionally taken memory to frame for your wall. Now I didn’t go to the gymkhana, but I heard that the weather was even colder than on the first playday. I also heard that everyone had a great time and the riders did awesome! Have you fi lled out your forms for the Annual Horse Show? Deadline is June 8; if you’re interested and if there is still time, you can find the forms on the website. Our May 28 Hunter/Jumper Show was cancelled, unfortunately. Check out the website soon to see what is happening instead. If you know of any clinics that might be of interest, please contact Krista Blades at kristablades@hotmail.com. Again, I’d like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us out again this year. Without our sponsors, Pine Tree HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

wouldn’t be able to operate as smoothly as it does. To view our list of sponsors, please go to our website sponsor page. If you know of anyone who would like to help sponsor Pine Tree, please contact James Fink at j.m.fink@hotmail.com. We are in great need of more sponsorship. I would like to thank all of those who came out to help at our first playday of the year. I saw people even picking up a stray rock and getting it out of the way. Every little bit of effort from our members helps the club as a whole. We had the pleasure of meeting Karen, who came to volunteer at the ribbon gate and watch the show. Thank you, Karen. Perhaps someday soon, we will be seeing you again! Take care everyone, see you at the next playday!

Amanda Daly

June Events: June 4, Gymkhana June 5, Playday June 18, Annual Show, English June 19, Annual Show, Western Entries close for the annual shows on June 8. Forms can be downloaded from the website. Saylor

Allyson Herman Nana Gail enjoying the show in style!

Kate Statham

www.saddleup.ca • 55

BC Quarter Horse Association BCQHA, Bag 9000, Suite 129, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1S3 www.bcqha.com * bcqha@hotmail.com President: Gordie McEachen, 250-337-5958, Gordon.McEachen@dfo-mpo.gc.ca Vice President: Carlina Schumann 250-567-4807 AQHA Director: Gayle Pawley-Wilson 604-323-4418, gaylepw@istar.ca Membership Secretary: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 Fax 604-806-9052, palomino2@hotmail.com Media Liaison: Carolyn Farris farrisfarms@xplornet.com

2011 Calendar of Events June 4-5: VIQHA Mount Arrowsmith Summer Circuit Port Alberni, BC Contact Angela Brown ta7247940@shaw.ca June 3-5: NBCQHA Clinic 15470 Miworth Road, Prince George, BC Pam (250) 694-3200 June 7: LMQHA General Meeting Fort Langley Lions Hall July 9-10: NBCQHA Smithers Circuit Smithers, BC, www.3in1horseshow.com July 16-19: LMQHA West Coast Summer Classic Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, BC Darlene darlenchase@cableone.net or (208) 798-0763 July 20-24: AQHA Regional Championships Thunderbird Show Park, Langley, BC, www.r1aqha.com Lisa cuteloper@aol.com

should be bigger than ever if our spring show numbers are any indication. The dates for this year’s show are July 16-19, 2011 at Thunderbird Equestrian Centre in Langley, BC.

AQHA - Releases Standing Committee Reports AQHA standing committee reports are available to the public at www. aqha.com Pilot Rookie Classes - AQHA is offering new pilot rookie classes at nine shows this year. America’s Horse Goes Digital - Read issues of America’s Horse online. America’s Horse is one of the most popular AQHA member benefits, so make sure your AQHA membership is current so you can continue to enjoy the print and digital versions of this award-winning magazine. www.aqha.com

CQHA/EC Equine Canada’s Export Market Development Program Conducts Path Finding Mission to China. The mission, one of several activities under Equine Canada’s Export Market Development Program (EC Export), was formed in response to inquiries received from Chinese stakeholders. EC Export is entirely self-funded by contributions from industry participants and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriMarketing Program. Electronic copies of the information brochure and video that were used in conjunction with this mission to China, as well as a photo journal of the trip, may be found on the EC Export Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ ECExport or at www.EquineCanada.ca/Export. www.cqha.ca

Regional Championships Advertise Now With BCQHA! Check out our NEW Ad Rates and BOOK Now! 2 or More Advertising Packages gets you 10% OFF! Online payment of your BCQHA membership is NOW available! Visit www.bcqha.com

Editor’s Corner Editors are changing and it is time to say a huge thank you to Lynne Carter for all her time, effort and commitment to ensuring that BCQHA news got out for a lot of years. If you see her or e-mail her please say thank you. The personal touch means a lot. News should now be sent to Carolyn Farris at farrisfarms@ xplornet.com.

SCQHA The 14th Annual SCQHA Fuzzy Horse Show held at the Armstrong Agriplex on Saturday April 23rd was again a success this year. A special “Thank You” to our Sponsors who generously donated the prizes and class awards that were presented at this show. Special mention to our Judge Laurie Takoff of Kelowna who volunteered her time to judge this show for us. We hope this was a fun day for everyone and exhibitors took home a positive experience from this event. Our show volunteers that were there first thing in the morning to make sure this show was off and running, SCQHA cannot thank you enough for dedicating your day to this organization, without all of you this could not have been the success it was.

The AQHA Regional Championships are back for July 20-24 at the prestigious Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park in Langley BC. Watch Championship competition, attend the many educational clinics offered by AQHA Professional Horsemen and women, test ride an American Quarter Horse and stroll the Equine Trade Fair. All 4-H Horse members are invited to the SUMMER SPECTACULAR held in conjunction with the AQHA Regional Championships. For the 4-H information contact TESS RILEY at region1jets@hotmail.com. AQHA or Appendix registered horse owners - you’re invited to compete for your share of over $130,000 in awards. AQHA Cutting, Jumping, Ranch Sorting, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Heading, Healing, Reining, Halter, Working Cow Horse, Western Pleasure, Trail, Hunter under Saddle and many more AQHA classes will be offered. AQHA eligibility rules apply and you must be an AQHA member. If you don’t own an AQHA horse, Novice Youth and Novice Amateur riders can now compete on a friend, coach or trainers AQHA horse. If you’re a Youth (19 & under) and ride another breed of horse, we offer a full list of All Breed Youth Classes and awards to 5th place. Don’t usually show your horse, just trail ride? Try the EXTREME TRAIL with 3 time National Trail Champion and AQHA Professional Horseman Mark Bolender. Check it out at www.uniquehorsemanship.com. There will be a Saturday morning clinic followed by an afternoon competition on July 23. Go to WWW.R1AQHA.COM for a full class list, contact information and the event and clinic schedules.

Battle Of The Breeds! LMQHA Summer is just about upon us and we hope that you are out enjoying the many different events that you are able to partake in with your Quarter Horse. If you haven’t marked on your calendar yet, you should defi nitely add the LMQHA Summer Circuit to your list of must see events of the summer. Th is year’s show

56 • Saddle Up • June 2011

BCQHA will sponsor an American Quarter Horse Team at the PNE this August. If you ride an AQHA horse that is competitive in any 2 of the classes, please apply to be a part of the team at hmqh@hotmail.com or call 604-5308051. The classes are – Trail, Barrel Racing, Jumping and Dressage.


BC Paint Horse Club - Colour Your World - Own A Paint www.bcphc.com Pres Colleen Schellenberg colleen_doug@shaw.ca Vice Pres Cathy Glover cathyglover@telus.net Sec Marilyn Griffin mgriffin@davis.ca Treas Dianne Rouse lazy3@telus.net Communications Director Andrew Thomas barnslave@live.com APHA Director (BC & Alaska) Jodie Moore mphorses@telus.net APHA www.apha.com 817 834-2742

Lower Mainland Spring APHA Circuit Our first of three 2011 BCPHC-sanctioned shows took place over the May 6-8 weekend at Thunderbird Show Park in Fort Langley. Hosted by the Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association, the twojudge show attracted exhibitors from the Metro Vancouver area and Washington state. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended and supported this local show! It was really great to see so much “colour” among all those gorgeous Quarter Horses! We appreciate the opportunity to combine this show with LMQHA and thank the show management and crew for all their hard work preparing for and executing the show. Also featured were Open All Breed PAC-approved classes - so lots of spots to get in some show ring practice! Congratulations to the APHA All Around Award winners: Novice Youth HP Elizabeth Sanders (Sensational Bentley) Res. - Emma-Lee Schellenberg (All Ready Smoke N) Novice Amateur HP Lisa Seccomb (Hot Zippity Spot) Amateur HP Kim Basterrechea (Get Lucky Sensation) Res. - Jennifer King (Ready to Dream) Youth 18 and Under HP Ingrid Libera (Ima Special Delivery Res. - Elizabeth Sanders (Sensational Bentley) Senior Horse HP Kim Basterrechea (Get Lucky Sensation) Res. - Ingrid Libera (Ima Special Delivery) The All Breed All Around Awards were won by BCPHC members: Amateur HP Jennifer King (Ready to Dream) Youth HP Kirsten Chamberland (A Sexy Sensation) Res. - Emma-Lee Schellenberg (All Ready Smoke N) Open HP Jennifer King (Ready to Dream) Res. - Kirsten Chamberland (A Sexy Sensation)

Chrissie and Danny Penaloza


Exhibitors enjoyed a little distraction from their long days of showing and fending off the rain by “shopping” in the LMQHA 2nd Annual Show Clothes Swap. BCPHC hosted a Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast on Sunday for all the exhibitors, offering

up a very well received plate of blueberry pancakes, sausages, bacon and all the trimmings. Thanks to chefs Julie Chamberland, Colleen Schellenberg, Blodwyn Bristow and Barbara Binns for putting on such a delicious spread for everyone’s enjoyment in between trail classes, and for all the other directors who donated food or supplies. Note that the next combined show, Lower Mainland Evergreen Circuit, is the weekend of September 2-4. So come on all you BC Paint Horse enthusiasts (including those with Solid Paint Bred horses!) - take advantage of another two-judge show at an excellent facility with a full slate of classes for everyone and support your local Paint Horse industry. Visit www.bcphc.com for more details. A very special THANK YOU to our BCPHC show sponsors: LMQHA, Pyke and Buckley Performance Horses, Otter Co-op, Bar BW Paint Horses, Canoa Farms, Country Life, Graeme and Louise Bruce, Schellenberg Trucking Ltd., Moore Performance Horses, Saddle Up magazine, Maitland and Associates, and Sudden Impact.

Report from Smithers - Three in one horse show: Don’t forget to mark July 8, 9 and10 on your calendars. That’s the date of the 6th Annual Three in One Breed and Open Show held at the Northern Saddle Club Grounds in Smithers, BC. A two-judge APHA approved show will be held in conjunction with AQHA and ApHCC Approved shows. The open all breed classes are APHA PAC approved and eligible for the OS and CP for BCPHC members. The Hi Point Paint of the all breed classes will go home with the BCPHC Free Trophy. This has always proved to be a fun and friendly show! Last year’s All Breed Novice Rider Walk/Trot classes received such a great turnout that we will be offering them again. We also have Futurities with Money Added, Stake and Cattle Classes - Novice Green as Grass and Open Working Cow Horse and Ranch Cutting and a Tiny Tots Lead-Line (free to enter). All Highpoints are silver buckles, Silver Halter Showmanship Class, Never Won a Buckle Reining, and added money Working Cow Horse Jackpot! There will also be a Team Competition with awards to the top three teams. We are a receptive bunch in the north and would like to invite everyone to experience our fun and friendly competition. Friday evening after the halter classes are done, we hold a Meet and Greet Social, Pizza for the kids and Sushi, meat and cheese for the adults. After a full day of classes on Saturday ending with the exciting Cattle classes, we hold our fabulous Steak BBQ with all the trimmings. This year, after supper, we will be holding our first Pink Ribbon event - a live auction of which 20% of the net proceeds will be donated to Woman’s Breast Cancer Research! Come and join us for some great northern hospitality. For more details, show premium and entry form downloads, visit our website at www.3in1horseshow.com or contact Barb Bowerbank at (250) 692-4347. www.saddleup.ca • 57

BC Interior Arabian Horse Association www.bciaha.com


ope everyone is having time to spend with their beautiful horses these past few weeks! Please don’t forget about our ALL BREED HORSE SHOW THIS MONTH on June 18th! We are looking forward to having you all there. The Club was fortunate in having Debbie Storey available to them on very short notice so we had an impromptu clinic Sunday and Monday May 8-9. It began with just a few riders who were available and mushroomed into 11 clinic participants. Many of the riders had taken a clinic from Debbie before and wanted to carry on with the tasks Debbie had set for them. The weather co-operated and a great time was had by all, and once again a super pot-luck lunch was enjoyed by everyone there. Debbie was able to offer assistance to owners of Arabs, HalfArabs, Quarter Horses and a Standardbred. Everyone came away delighted with their horses’ improvement and anxious to get working on new things. We have tentatively booked Debbie to come back on the July 9-10 weekend… so mark your calendars! BC Interior Arabian Horse Association www.bciaha.com President / Encampment Chair: Wally Goertz Ph/Fax: 250-546-6004 asmarawg@telus.net Vice-President: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145 piblet@shaw.ca Secretary / Webpage Editor: Tamora Davy tamora@shaw.ca Treasurer / Membership: Dani Goldenthal Ph/Fax :250-8324111 gvarabians@telus.net Flying Carpet: Alysha Bartlett 778-754-0066 withoutadoubtt@hotmail.com Youth: Breen Johnson 250-832-9122 fuzzy_peaches_gerl@hotmail.com and/or Cheryl Johnson leejohn1@telus.net Recreational Riding Program: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145 piblet@shaw.ca

BCIAHA would like to thank Alaina for manning the BCIAHA booth at this year’s Breeders Showcase! Report below. “The May 14-15 Breeders Showcase in Armstrong was a success. I enjoyed meeting with lots of different people who share an interest in our beautiful Arabians. There were many junior riders with Arabs and half Arabs looking to join our

club and interested in what it has to offer. Many people were interested in the Arabian costumes and saddle on display as they are quite beautiful. It was really nice to see so many people wanting to support our All Breed Show that we are holding in June. I also enjoyed meeting people from the different clubs and organizations and chatting about horses all weekend. A big thank you to Nancy Roman and Cathie Cross for putting this on and I hope to be back next year!” – Alaina

BCIAHA “ALL BREED” HORSE SHOW JUNE 18 2011 IPE Grounds, Armstrong Judge: Kim Westgate from Kamloops BC Heritage Approved

Come one! Come all! Trail, Reining, Hunter Hack, English, Western and Junior rider and horse Classes Contact Michelle Sewell at iamsewell@gmail.com for more info

DR. REED’S SUPPLEMENTS Now with organic selenium yeast

Providing proven, basic supplementation for 23 years FORMULA 1, the original, top dress FORMULA 2, pellets, with extra copper / zinc / manganese Phone/email for information or a dealer nearest you: Óxä‡x{ȇșäÓÊUÊ`ÜÀii`JÌiÕð˜iÌ 58 • Saddle Up • June 2011


BC Rodeo Association BRITISH COLUMBIA RODEO ASSOCIATION #5 – 150B OLIVER STREET WILLIAMS LAKE, BCV2G 1L8 PHONE: (250) 398-4104 FAX: (250) 398-4101 EMAIL: bcrodeoassn@telus.net www.rodeobc.com Office Manager: Denise Swampy Office Hours: (Winter Office Hours: Mon to Thurs 10 –4:30) (Summer Office Hours: Mon to Fri 9:30–5) 2011 BCRA Board of Directors President: Trish Stevens (250) 961-9005 Vice President: Ray Jasper (250) 991-8391 Directors: Ty Lytton (250) 396-7710 Adam D’Entremont (250) 249-9618 Wade McNolty (250) 296-3175 Tim Terepocki (250) 280-7653 Gord Puhallo (250) 394-4034 Bernie Rivet (250) 392-7153 Allison Everett (250) 296-4778 Rob Everett (250) 296-4778 Trish Stevens (250) 961-9005 Laura James (250) 567-8640 Brett Fraser (250) 296-0169 Ray Jasper (250) 991-8391

64th ANNUAL KISPIOX RODEO Biggest Rodeo in the North. The 64th Annual Kispiox Rodeo is held annually on the June 4-5 weekend with loads of entertainment for the whole family. The rodeo is located outside of Hazelton, in the Kispiox Valley alongside the river with great camping facilities and to start off the weekend, a dance on the Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday are full days of rodeo with the BCRA events and then several local events from the

cowhide race to the stick horse race for the kids. Saturday night is a family dance along with a talent contest. They also have great vendor booths from all types of delicious food to several homemade local souvenirs. This year the hard working committee gathered up sponsorship to have a $2,000 added purse in the team roping and ladies barrel racing. The committee appreciates the miles the competitors put on to travel to their rodeos and hope this added purse will encourage the competitors to continue to come and enjoy the family oriented rodeo. If you plan on camping on the grounds, reserve or get there early, rain or shine, the camping area fi lls up fast… as well as the stands to watch the best little rodeo in the north.

49th ANNUAL ASHCROFT STAMPEDE The 49th Annual Ashcroft Stampede is held annually on Father’s Day weekend, June 18-19. The community of Ashcroft kicks off the weekend with their annual parade Saturday morning, the rodeo starting at 1 p.m. and then a dance, Saturday night. Sunday is another action packed day of rodeo starting at 1 p.m. Check out the local booths with their souvenirs and handmade merchandise.

The Ashcroft Rodeo Association has a great committee and organization that hosts the BCRA rodeo: Ernie Dobson, Linda Holland, Lee-anne Lamha, Bob Sidwell, among many more, work long volunteer hours to host one of the biggest rodeos in the west! 2011 Rodeo Schedule June 4-5: 64th Annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo, Kispiox June 18-19: Ashcroft & District Stampede, Ashcroft July 2-3: Chilcotin Series, 26th Annual Bella Coola V.R.R. Rodeo July 3-4: PWRA/BCRA Sedro Woolley, WA July 9-10: Chilcotin Series, Anahim Lake Stampede, Anahim Lake July 15-17: Quesnel Rodeo, Quesnel July 22-23: PWRA/BCRA Clayton, WA July 22-23: PWRA/BCRA Chelan, WA July 30-31: Interlakes Rodeo, Roe Lake July 30-31: Nemaiah Valley Rodeo, Nemaiah August 5-7: Chilliwack Fall Fair & Rodeo, Chilliwack August 6-7: Pritchard Rodeo, Pritchard August 19-20: PWRA/BCRA Sandpoint, Idaho August 20-21: Chilcotin Series, Redstone Rodeo, Alexis Creek August 26-27: Smithers Fall Fair & Rodeo, Smithers September 2-3: PWRA/BCRA Ritzville, WA September 3-4: NPRA/BCRA Roy, WA September 3-5: North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo, Barriere September 16-18: BCRA Championship Finals, Quesnel


GRASSLAND EQUIPMENT LTD 2011 Team Roping Season Leader Saddles and BCRA Championship Finals Buckles

REGENCY CHRYSLER 2011 Bull Riding Season Leader Saddle and BCRA Championship Finals Buckle. Also supports Rodeo for Youth Foundation ~ Team Regency

WRANGLER /20X 2011 Ladies Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle and BCRA Committee Sponsor




PG KLASSIC AUTOBODY, Prince George, BC ~ 2011 Pee Wee Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle. ROCK CONSTRUCTION & MINING - Peter Walker 2011 Junior Breakaway Season Leader Saddle JENNA WILLS MEMORIAL FUND – Wills Family 2011 Junior Barrel Racing Season Leader Saddle CANART CATTLE CO. Junior Steer Riding Season Leader Saddle

SPECTRUM RESOURCE GROUP 2011 Rookie of the Year Buckle GJ RODEO CO. - Gene & Joy Allen 2011 Rookie Rough Horse Rider Buckle BCES – BC Entry System, - B. Swampy 2011 Breakaway Roping Buckle BAR E CONTRACTING – Rob & Allison Everett 2011 Pee Wee Barrel Racing Finals Buckle

PMG COMMUNICATION 2011 Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year Award



2011 CHILCOTIN TOUR SERIES SPONSORS Williams Lake & District Credit Union PMT Chartered Accountants Don & Nancy Macdonald Cariboo Team Realty - Court Smith

www.saddleup.ca • 59

Clubs & Associations “Experience the Real West YOUR WAY” Choose From: Working Ranch - Guest Ranch - Country - Back Country


CANADIAN DISASTER ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAM (CDART), emergency animal rescue division of Critteraid. www.cdart.org, www.critteraid.org, Deborah Silk 250-493-9752 0 CANADIAN HORSE HERITAGE & PRESERVATION SOCIETY Preserving for our children the horse of our forefathers. 604-530-5772 www.chhaps.org 4/12


THE ALBERTA DONKEY AND MULE CLUB www.albertadonkeyandmule.com Clinics, Shows, Trail Rides/Drives and lots of Fun. 780-696-3892 8/11 ARMSTRONG/ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Rebecca Hilbrander 250-546-0052 Fun Days, Shows, Clinics, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.org 11/11

The Back Country Horsemen of B.C. BCHBC provides a social, safe learning atmosphere for all equestrians interested in trail riding and the back country. We strive to preserve and enhance the use of public lands for all equestrians. Pres. Jonathan, 604-556-6884 or www.bchorsemen.org 12/11

BARRIERE & DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, Katharine Ferguson, secretary@barrieredistrictridingclub.com Events & more at www.barrieredistrictridingclub.com 3/12 BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. www.bcctra.ca 2/12 Pres: Tammy Mercer 250-335-3390, ridingforfreedomranch@shaw.ca BC CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Ken Hartley 250-573-2328 bccha@telus.net or web www.bccha.ca 4/12 BC DRAFT UNDER SADDLE CLUB. Open to all Draft and Draft X. Pres: Dawn Germscheid 604-617-7354, www.bcdraftundersaddleclub.com 10/11 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. 250-546-6004 Arabian Encampment, Youth Club, Racing, Endurance 12/11 BC INTERIOR HORSE RESCUE SOCIETY. Our mission is to rescue, protect, help and prevent the abuse of horses. Memberships/volunteers. www.bcihrs.com 250-260-5344 8/11 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Rachael Sdoutz 250-679-1175 4/12 gnrmorgans@xplornet.ca. Meetings, Trail Rides, Socials, www.bcimhc.com BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB www.miniaturehorsesbc.com 6/11 Pres: Bec Bermudez 604-823-4443, Annual Show June 11-12, Cloverdale, BC BC PAINT HORSE CLUB President: Colleen Schellenberg 604-534-8287 Shows, Horses for sale, Membership 5/12 BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION Membership: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 bcqha@hotmail.com or visit www.bcqha.com 9/11 BC RANCH CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. (Fraser Valley) Sally Rees 604-534-9449, www.bcrcha.com 4/12 BC RODEO ASSOC., #5-150B Oliver St, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8 250-398-4104 Office, bcrodeoassn@telus.net, www.rodeobc.com 3/12 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP, Membership: Shelley Fraser 604-534-8782, Show Secretary: Ulli Dargel 604-421-6681, www.bcsporthorses.com 5/12 BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOC. (Grand Forks) Pres: Howie Hunt 250-443-4461, bhanews@hotmail.com, visit www.boundaryhorse.ca for Events 6/12


The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate

of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members of AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site: www.cqha.ca, and choose “Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: Marnie Somers, 6/11 President 204-834-2479 or marnie@horsescoops.com @ p

ENDURANCE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF BC www.ERABC.com Secretary: Lori Bewza, loribewza@gmail.com 250-679-8247 12/11 EQ TRAILS ASSOCIATION Advocates for Horses on Trails, Managers of Skimikin Campground. www.eqtrail.webs.com or 250-832-4943, 250-835-4496 4/12 GIT ‘ER DONE! GYMKHANA CLUB, Family oriented fun. 250-577-3154 hankrocks@telus.net, www.freewebs.com/giterdonegymkhanaclub 7/11 HORSE COUNCIL BC 1-800-345-8055 www.hcbc.ca Representing the interests of BC’s equine industryy.11/11 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION 10/11 Grant Beyer, President 250-319-0201 or Bonnie Meints 250-374-6815 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB Amanda Blamire 250-764-1397 kgc@shaw.ca, www.kelownagymkhana.com 12/11 MISSION HORSE CLUB (Fraser Valley) Pres: Sherryl Hopkins 604-820-5109 English/Western Shows, Gymkhanas, Trophy Show, www.missionhorseclub.com 5/12 NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Spring & Fall Riding Sessions for the disabled 0 OKANAGAN MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Scott Rempel 250-542-3433 AMHA, AMHR Sanctioned Shows, Fun Days & Clinics 6/11 OLIVER RIDING CLUB Pres: Debbie House 250-498-4326, E-mail: brent.lines@netscape.ca, www.oliverridingclub.com 6/11 PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB Holly Dickinson 250-870-0601 3/12 Fun & Family oriented! See www.peachlandridingclub.com for activities PERUVIAN HORSE CLUB OF BC Annual Show, Parades/Demos, Stallions, Breeders, www.phcbc.ca 12/11 PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Kamloops) Alison Miller, brentmiller@shaw.ca Playdays, Annual Show, Activities, www.pinetreeridingclub.com 6/11 PROJECT EQUUS - Working to protect B.C.’s wild horses. Adoptions available. Contact Theresa Nolet 250-492-4921, www.critteraid.org 0 SOUTH OKANAGAN HORSE ASSOC. Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Spirit of Life Ride, www.soha-online.com 10/11 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. 11/11 Linda 604-856-9574, wcrareining@gmail.com, www.wcra.info

Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Official Canadian Registry for the Appaloosa Breed

~ Integrity ~ Quality. The Best Ingredients in the Recipe for Success ApHCC Box 940, Claresholm AB T0L 0T0

403-625-3326 Fax: 403-625-2274 a aphcc@appaloosa.ca

www.appaloosa.ca 60 • Saddle Up • June 2011


What’s Happening? Let’s Go! W 2011 EVENTS?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-3

jjune 1

1-2 2 2-3 3 3-5 3-5 3-5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-12 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6

OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567 johnsmith@smith.net, www.smithshow.com 6-17

KHAS T’AN Voyage Horsemanship School 2, Fort St. James, Kyla 250-996-8026 www.tourismfortstjames.com BIO EQUINE MASSAGE CLASS, New Program, Alder Flats, AB, Julie Laodas-Way Healing 780-621-0765, www.laodas-way.com MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Equine Nutrition & Natural Medicine,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, www.rivasremedies.com GAIL JONES Driven Dressage & Cones Clinic, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, theranchbc@gmail.com MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Healing Horses with Kinesiology,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, www.rivasremedies.com CLICKER TRAINING CLINIC, Whitehorse, 403-932-4989, e-mail mgwynne@xplornet.com WCRA RIVERSLIDE, Circle Creek Ranch, Kamloops, Amanda aself@hotmail.com, www.wcra.info HUNTER JUMPER SHOW, EC Bronze, Vernon, Judith Olson 250-547-8812, www.vernonridingclub.com AERC HOT DOG SALE, 10-2 at Askews, Armstrong, Rebecca 250-546-0052, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.org CONNECTED RIDING w/ Mandy Pretty, Blue Fox Stables, West Kelowna, www.t2rc.ca to register MARIJKE VAN DE WATER, “Horses Healing People,” Ponoka, AB, Reg’t 1-800-405-6643, www.rivasremedies.com PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Merritt, Al & Marilyn Prentis 250-378-8132, aprentis@telus.net, www.wishtrailride.ca JUMPING, LRS Grounds, Langley, Kathrine 778-241-1932, www.langleyriders.com SOUTH OK STOCKHORSE, Fundraiser for Breast Cancer, Marron Valley (Kaleden) Alan or Dorothy 250-490-0280, alc@cffence.com GYMKHAHA, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. www.pinetreeridingclub.com GAIL JONES Back-to-Back Driving Trials, The Ranch, Pritchard, Ellen Hockley 250-577-3366, theranchbc@gmail.com BEAUMONT HORSE TRIALS, Beaumont, AB, Rhonda Gobeil 780-340-9217, rhonda.gobeil@gmail.com, www.clearwatervalley.org TFC PAUL DUFRESNE CLINIC, Demo 3rd at 6:30pm, The Riding Arena, Whitehorse YT, Isabelle 867-667-7324 pierisa@northwestel.net BCRA 64th Annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo, Kispiox, www.rodeobc.com RANDY OPHUS Reining Clinic, Smithers, Cell 250-567-8685, www.roperformancehorses.com DEANNA REIMER CLINIC, Thornhill Agr. Grd., Terrace, BC, Carolyn cstella64@hotmail.com BALANCED RIDER CLINIC w/Irina Yestrebova, Quesnel, Marjatta 250-747-2274 or schliep@telus.net HCBCS HORSE WEEK, register your event, e-mail recreation@hcbc.ca. More info at www.hcbc.ca AERC FUN DAY, Armstrong Fairgrounds, Rebecca 250-546-0052, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.org DELTA RIDING CLUB HUNTER SHOW, 604.328. 3814, www.deltaridingclub.com PLAYDAY, Y Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale. www.pinetreeridingclub.com BCRCHA Show, Langley, BC, details on website www.bcrcha.com PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Vancouver/Southlands, Debbie Bailey 604-261-3056, dbailey5@shaw.ca, www.wishtrailride.ca CANADIAN HORSE HERD TOUR, Ladysmith, BC, Dan Wilson 250-245-4973 FAMILY FUN DAY, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB, Kelowna, www.kelownagymkhana.com MARION WEISSKOPFF Horsemanship Clinic, Our Place, Kelowna, BC, Anne 250-860-2785, arthur1_dj@telus.net


8 8-10 8-11 8-12 10-11 10-12 10-12 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12 11-12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

SHAWN SEABROOK CLINIC, First Program (1st session), Wild Card Ranch, Didsbury, AB, 403-998-7289, www.shawnseabrook.com AERC General Meeting (7pm), Armstrong Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca 250-546-0052, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.org DRIVING CLINIC w/Ken Huber, Quesnel, Lynda Atkinson 250-747-3700 KIRTZINGER QH 1st Annual Production Sale, Silent Auction Format, Hay Lakes, AB, catalogue at www.kirtzingerqh.com, 780-878-0002 UWE JOURDAIN HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Red Willow Ranch, Lone Butte, 250-395-3017, redwilow@bcinternet.net EQUINE MASSAGE CLINIC w/Cyndi Bird, Nelson & District Riding Club, Heather 250-505-5270, http://nelsonridingclub.com BC HIGH SCHOOL RODEO FINALS, Williams Lake, www.bchsra.ca TOPLINE SHOW PARK Spring Derby I Show. Sonya Campbell (250)833-2669 www.toplinestables.ca NATIONAL HORSE WEEK Pony Ride/Riding Demo, Tranquille Farms, Winfield, www.tranquillefarms.com or www.t2rc.ca for more info TREC BC (Discovery Fun Day), Peachland Riding Club, Peachland, www.peachlandridingclub or www.t2rc.ca to register AEAS RIDE FOR THE CURE OF CANCER, Elk Island Park, Waskatenau, AB, Lynn 780-656-0406, digbits@msn.com GAMES DAY, LRS Grounds, Langley, Ngaire (Ny-ree) 778-277-0015, www.langleyriders.com PERCENTAGE/CLEAR ROUND DAY, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350, www.totemsaddleclub.com CARMEN TEIXEIRA Reining & Western Pleasure Clinic, Kelowna Riding Club, Amanda 250-763-8253, dodgegirl77@hotmail.com POKER RIDE, Grizzly Valley Saddle Club, Tumbler Ridge Corrie 250-242-0069, mtnman@pris.ca FUNDRAISER FOR JONI LYNN PETERS (for 2012 Olympics). Appleflats Farm, Lake Country, Deborah 250-766-2008, sendjonitolondon@gmail.com ISLAND EQUINE AFFAIR Fundraiser, Beban Park, Nanaimo, www.islandequineaffair.ca or Niomi Pearson 250-591-3634 AMHA Miniature Horse Show, Cloverdale Agriplex, Cloverdale, Tina Harrison 604-533-1168, tinhar@telus.net, www.miniaturehorsesbc.com RANDY OPHUS Reining/Cutting Clinic, Williams Lake, Cell 250-567-8685, www.roperformancehorses.com ALHAMBRA AHTA EVENTING CLINIC, Red Deer, AB, Linda Cowherd, pchoney@telusplanet.net TFC PAUL DUFRESNE CLINIC, Demo 10th, Valemont Saddle & Wagon Club, Valemont, Alison alisonandray@hotmail.com INTERIOR ALL GAITED BREEDS FUN HORSE SHOW, Armstrong Agriplex, Brenda bbettles@hotmail.com or John 250-546-6621 SCQHA PLEASURE & REINING CLINIC, Armstrong Fair Grounds, Armstrong, Wolf 250-260-4074 or Cheri csmeeton@shaw.ca PRANCE & PLEASURE SHOW, GP, Hunter, Hack, Western, Driving, BC Heritage Qualifier, Quesnel, Aimee 250-249-0082 DELTA RIDING CLUB PERCENTAGE DAY, 604.328.3814, www.deltaridingclub.com ENGLISH & WESTERN SHOW, BC Heritage Qualifier, Mission Horse Club, Mission, Sherryl 604-820-5109 ROCK CREEK CHARITY POKER RIDE, 10 am, Rock Creek Campgrounds, pzerny@gmail.com, Pru 250-449-5058. PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Whonnock/Maple Ridge, Sue Schulze 604-462-7519, mcfli@shaw.ca, www.wishtrailride.ca GYMKHANA, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350, martyfcox@gmail.com, www.totemsaddleclub.com FUN SHOW DAY, Grizzly Valley Saddle Club, Tumbler Ridge Corrie 250-242-0069, mtnman@pris.ca RIDE THE TRAILS DAY AT SKIMIKIN in Tappen, 250-832-4943, eqtrails@gmail.com

continued on page 62 www.saddleup.ca • 61

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 18 18 18 18 18 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-21 19 19 19 19 19 20-24 21-23 23-26 24-26 24-26 24-27 25 25 25 25 25-26 25-26 25-26 25-26 25-26 25–26 25-26 26 26

ENGLISH/WESTERN SHOW, LRS Grounds, Langley, Nicola 604-746-0344, www.langleyriders.com TREC at Winstar, Passmore, Jocelyn 250-304-224 jocelyn.templeman@hotmail.com FUN DAY, Powell River Riding Club, Padgett Road, Powell River, Tammy 604-483-7705 OPEN FUN DAY, Barriere & District Riding Club, Ainsley 250-578-2688, www.barrieredistrictridinglub.com POKER RIDE, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 EQUINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE COURSE with Jennifer Woods, Cowichan Exh. Grounds, Duncan, Carol-Ann 250-701-9146 BCRA Ashcroft & District Stampede, Ashcroft, www.rodeobc.com 2 DAY CATTLE SORTING, Thornhill Agr. Grd., Terrace, BC, Elaine 250-635-7424, ejj-r@telus.net ANNUAL SHOW, English & Western, Pine Tree Riding Club Grounds, 1554 Todd Rd. Barnhartvale, www.pinetreeridingclub.com SUMMER SHOW, BC Sporthorse-Sportpony, Cloverdale Agriplex, Ulli 604-421-6681, www.bcsporthorses.com BILL RICHEY CLINIC, Confidence & De-spooking, Red Barn Farm, Hope, Laurie 604-869-1411, thompsonlaurie@telus.net HORSE TRIALS BC Cross-Country Clinic, Quesnel, Carolyne 250-249-5526 or carolyneblanchet@yahoo.ca PARELLI LEVEL 2 - Devanee Cardinal, Cardinal Ranch, BC, www.cardinalranch.com 250-968-4481 FUN DAY, Open to all, Quarterspot Ranch, Lumby, Cindy 250-547-9277 GYMKHANA, Peachland BC, Holly 250-670-0601 www.peachlandridingclub.com DELTA RIDING CLUB ENGLISH WESTERN, BCHQ, 604.328.3814, www.deltaridingclub.com PROVINCIAL WISH TRAIL RIDE, Nelson, Kathleen Comstock 250-352-9693, kathleen.comstock@gmail.com, www.wishtrailride.ca GERRY GRINER FUN FOR ALL TROPHY DAY, Mission Horse Club Show Grounds, Helen 604-820-1819 or rosalieturc@shaw.ca TFC PAUL DUFRESNE, 5 Day Foundation Clinic, Mackenzie Meadows, 1861 Duck Range Rd, Pritchard, 250-577-3252 EQUINE KINETICS PRACTITIONER PROGRAM, Alder Flats, AB, Julie Laodas-Way Healing 780-621-0765, www.laodas-way.com PARELLI - LEVEL 3/4 DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - Don Halladay, Cardinal Ranch, BC, www.cardinalranch.com 250-968-4481 LADIES HORSEMANSHIP EXPERIENCE, Jandana Ranch, Pinantan Lake, 1-800-573-5881, www.jandanaranch.com TOPLINE SHOW PARK Spring Horse Trials & Combined Test. Sonya Campbell (250)833-2669 www.toplinestables.ca 4-DAY RIDING CLINIC - TTOUCH and Connected Riding for Icelandic Horses w/Mandy Pretty, Vernon, www.ttouch.ca or 1-800-255-2336 POKER RIDE, Anarchist Mountain, Osoyoos, Jon 250-491-0622, rescorla@mail.com, www.anarchistmountaincommunity.com PERCENTAGE/CLEAR ROUND DAY, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350, martyfcox@gmail.com, www.totemsaddleclub.com GYMKHANA, Fraser Lake Saddle Club, Chowsunket Road, Fraser Lake, Judy 250-699-8087 TRAIL RIDING DAY CAMP, Tranquille Farms, Winfield, www.tranquillefarms.com to register DRILL TEAM PERFORMANCE at Half Time (Little Britches Rodeo), LRS Grounds, Langley, www.langleyriders.com BCRA Coombs Rodeo, Coombs, www.rodeobc.com COCHRANE HORSE TRIALS, Cochrane, AB, Pari Vinden 403-851-0501, pari.vinden@trafigura.com, www.cochranehorsetrials.com SALLY SAUR CLINIC & Tack Sale, Windhorse Farm, Coldstream, 250-549-2439 or 250-307-7010 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP WEEKEND w/Ann Turner, Tod Mtn Ranch, Heffley Creek, Tracey 1-877-488-8881, www.todmountainranch.com KAMLOOPS DRESSAGE SHOW, Sunmeadows Equestrian Centre, Barnhartvale/Kamloops, Info@kamloopsdressage.com, 250-573-3428 AQHA RIDE, Fish Creek Camp north of Barriere, Cherie Jardine at cherie11@telus.net or Carolyn Farris at 250-546-6083 GYMKHANA, Thornhill Ag. Grd., Terrace, BC, Marty, 250-633-2350, martyfcox@gmail.com, www.totemsaddleclub.com NOTRA Annual Ride-A-Thon, Coldstream Ranch, Dani Goldenthal 250-549-0105, notra@telus.net

62 • Saddle Up • June 2011

26 26 26 26 26-Jul 3 27 27-Jul 8 28-29 30-July 2

BC HERITAGE SHOW, Barriere & District Riding Club, Darcey 250-318-9975, www.barrieredistrictridinglub.com FVRC SPRING FLING SCHOOLING SHOW, Murray Creek Arena, Langley, Sherea Williams sherea65@yahoo.ca. Judge TBD. RIDE THE TRAILS DAY AT SKIMIKIN in Tappen, 250-832-4943, eqtrails@gmail.com KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB, Kelowna, www.kelownagymkhana.com National Junior High Finals Rodeo, Gallup, MN, www.nhsra.com SCHOOLING SHOW Willoughby Saddle Club, Campbell Valley Park Equestrian Centre, Langley, Bernice 604-533-2023, kbyfarming@gmail.com SHAWN SEABROOK CLINIC, First Program (2nd session), Wild Card Ranch, Didsbury, AB, 403-998-7289, www.shawnseabrook.com INTRO TO WORKING CATTLE, NATURALLY - Buddy Cardinal, Cardinal Ranch, BC, www.cardinalranch.com 250-968-4481 HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Richard Caldwell, Longbar Ranch, Quesnel, BC, Tia 250-992-1229, e-mail olyjumpr@goldcity.net

july July tba 1 1 1 1-3 1-3 1-3 2-3 3 4-6 4-7 4-8 4-8 6-7 6-10 6-11 8 8-10 8-10 8-10 8–10 8-11 9 9 9

HUMANS APPLIED KINESIOLOGY, Drayton Valley, AB, Julie Laodas-Way Healing 780-621-0765, www.laodas-way.com CANADA DAY CANADIAN HORSE SHOW, Duncan, BC, Cowichan Exhibition Grounds, Claire, crazee4critter@gmail.com WAGON RIDES, Terrace Heritage Park, Terrace, BC, Chris 250-635-9568 KHAS T’AN Voyage Horsemanship School 3, Fort St. James, Kyla 250-996-8026 www.tourismfortstjames.com JUMPING AND DRESSAGE CLINIC w/Dale Irwin, Vernon, www.vernonridingclub.com OPEN HORSE SHOW, Lakota Center, Dawson Creek, BC. Lynne hyh@fsjbc.com 250-789-3217 or Jane jane0lewis@gmail.com 250-789-6851 ALCHEMY #1 ENERGY WORKSHOP, tba, AB, Julie Laodas-Way Healing 780-621-0765, www.laodas-way.com BCRA Chilcotin Series, 26th Annual Bella Coola V.R.R. Rodeo, www.rodeobc.com HUNTER DERBY SCHOOLING SHOW, Mission Horse Club, Mission, Sherryl 604-820-5109 CATTLE WORK & HORSEMANSHIP w/Richard Caldwell, Hidden Lake Ranch, Quesnel, BC, Tia 250-992-1229, e-mail olyjumpr@goldcity.net TFC PAUL DUFRESNE 4 Day Clinic, Kamloops BC, Gateway 2 Ranch www.equinisity.com/programs.html#Paul, Liz 250-377-3884 SILVER STATE INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Winnemucca, NV, www.ssir.us HORSEMANSHIP DAY CAMP – Beginner (all ages), Jandana Ranch, Pinantan Lake, 1-800-573-5881, www.jandanaranch.com EQUINE KINETICS PRACTITIONER PROGRAM, Alder Flats, AB, Julie Laodas-Way Healing 780-621-0765, www.laodas-way.com WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Blacksmiths Competition Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB, 403-261-0162 www.calgarystampede.com TEAM CATTLE PENNING Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB, 403-261-0162 www.calgarystampede.com WEST KOOTENAY DRESSAGE SHOW, Trail Exhibition Grounds, Holley Campbell 250-362-9065 or jsaperv@telus.net THOMPSON COUNTRY HORSE TRIALS, Rocky Mountain House, AB, Dianne Caine 403-845-2591(r), dlcaine@telus.net DRESSAGE SHOW, EC Bronze and Gold, Vernon, Chelsea Balcaen 250-542-3169, www.vernonridingclub.com TOPLINE SHOW PARK Summer Derby II Show. Sonya Campbell (250)833-2669 www.toplinestables.ca CARIBOO TRAILS COMBINED DRIVING EVENT, 70 Mile House, Ken Huber 250-456-6050 HEAVY HORSE SHOW W Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB, 403-261-0162 www.calgarystampede.com SRGEDC YOUTH FUN SHOW, Summerland Rodeo Grounds, Sasha 250-498-4228 or e-mail chem_chick@hotmail.com WATCH LAKE GREEN LAKE GYMKHANA, for info phone Watch Lake Lodge at 250-456-4471 JUMPING DAY (& Work Bee 10am, Weiner Roast, etc), LRS Grounds, Langley, Kathrine 778-241-1932, www.langleyriders.com

More dates at www.saddleup.ca HCBC 2010 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS


ARMSTRONG INN, (Armstrong) 1-866-546-3056, www.armstronginn.com Full Facility, Restaurant, Pub, Liquor Store, minutes to Fairgrounds 2/12 BEST WESTERN BAKERVIEW INN (Abbotsford) 1-877-336-6156, janice@ shawcable.com, Indoor pool/hottub, trailer pkg, rest. 15 min. to Heritage Park

Dynamic Balance Equestrian (serving southern B.C. and islands) CertiďŹ ed Equine Therapist: structural alignment & massage CHA Instructor and CertiďŹ ed Chris Irwin Silver Coach/Trainer All Disciplines – All Breeds   sDYNAMICBALANCE HOTMAILCOM 2/12


Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150

FOALING - 5 PINE RANCH (Okanagan) Foaling w/Webcams. Superior mare care and full boarding services. 250-215-7463, www.fivepineranch.com 2/12


SHUKANAGAN EQUINE DENTISTRY SERVICE (Interior of BC) since 2000. Owned/Operated by Lennie Thurgood, DVM, 250-832-2084 4/12

Best Value in Red Deer! Free Rise and Dine Breakfast One minute to Westerner Park www.hojoreddeer.com Toll Free 1-800-424-8454 or 403-343-8444


SANDMAN HOTEL LANGLEY, Minutes to Thunderbird Show Park 1-877-888-7260, mmarshall@sandman.ca, www.sandman.ca 5/12 BED, BALES & BREAKFAST DREAMSCAPE GUEST RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 Great Trails, Boarding, Rehab, Horses For Sale. www.dreamscaperanch.com 6/11 FARM SUPPLIES BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS DAVID BEERSTRA TRUCKING, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 6/11 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch REIMERS FARM SERVICE, (N. OK/Shuswap) 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 3/12 BOARDING 8/11

TRIPLE R STOCK FARM (Kamloops area) 250-577-3293. Exc. ref. Big paddocks/ shelters/roundpen/arena. Retirement-Rehab. Visa/MC. ron_roberts@telus.net 11/11 CAMPING CREEKSIDE CAMPING with corrals, nestled in Wells Gray Park. Miles of trails. www.wellsgraygolfresortandrvpark.com 250-674-0009 6/12 CONSTRUCTION

PRINCETON FARM CENTRE 309 Culbertson Way, Princeton, BC Princeton’s largest Farm and Garden Centre Otter Co-op Lifeline Horse Feed, Vet Supplies, Farm Feed, Garden Supplies and Fencing 250-295-0255, E-mail: farmctr@telus.net 8/11


QUALITY STRUCTURES LTD. (BC’s Interior & Fraser Valley) 250-280-1429 Agricultural, Residential, Commercial and Custom Jobs 5/12 DEAD STOCK REMOVAL

Your #1 supplier off horseshoes, ffarrier tools & hooff care products.

Ph: 403-252-1661 • email: hoofnail@telusplanet.net #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB www.hoofnail.com

GREENWAVE FARMS (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250 Providing prompt dead stock removal service. 3/12 EQUINE AWARENESS WWW.EQUINEAWARENESS.ORG Join horses and their people worldwide and offer an awareness day about what you and your horses do. 2/12


TRAILS END FARRIER SERVICE (North OK/Shuswap) 250-379-2578 or 250-540-4221 Laird Gordon, Certified Journeyman Farrier 7/11 VALLEY FARRIER & EQUINE SERVICES (Okanagan) 250-546-8254 Certified Farrier Service, Bob Johnston and Jim Ferguson


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Business Services MASSAGE THERAPY

FEED DEALERS ASHCROFT IRLY BLDG CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Coop and Energy Feed Dealer and Pet Foods

100% B.C. Owned and Operated!


WILD HORSE POWER EQUINE MEDICINE & MASSAGE 250-446-2235 Stacy Elliot; serving BC Interior & Lower Mainland, www.wildhorsepower.ca


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556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424



REIN-BEAU IMAGES, (Bridge Lake/Interlakes, Cariboo) 250-593-4139 Animal Photography, reinbeau@bcwireless.com 12/11 RIBBONS & ROSETTES

CORNER CORRAL TACK & FEED Farm Market (Coldstream) 250-545-2134 PRO-FORM Feeds, Consigned Tack/Apparel, Minerals & Supplements 4/12

OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 2/12 Custom Printer of Award Ribbons www.ribbonsonline.net

LAKE COUNTRY FARM & PET SUPPLY LTD. Livestock, Pet Feeds and Supplies 250-766-4646 • Dealer for #19-10051 Hwy 97N, Winfield, BC V4V 1P6


SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS CARIBOO SADDLERY, (Williams Lake) 250-392-3735 Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs 2/12 CK CLASSIC LEATHERWORK (BC) 250-573-4355 English Saddle Fitting & Repairs, ckclassicl@yahoo.ca 7/11 COSSENTINE SADDLERY Y (South Okanagan ) 250-490-5662 Repairs, Custom Made Saddles, Unique Leather Creations, www.cossentinesaddlery.com 5/12 COWBOY CLASSIC EQUIPMENT (Merritt) 250-378-9263 2/12 Don Loewen, Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs


OTTER CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS, (Pitt Meadows) 604-465-5651 10/11 Suppliers of Quality Feed and Hay. www.otter-coop.com FENCING


Custom built and installed to your needs GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan & Dorothy, "ˆÛiÀ]Ê ÊUÊÓxä‡{™ä‡xÈÈÓÊ >VJVvvi˜Vi°Vœ“ÊUÊwww.cffence.com


Custom Made Saddles & Tack

Usingg onlyy the veryy best quality materials 11/11 Reg M Marek • 250-569-7244 • McBride, BC mareksaddles@yahoo.ca • www.regmarekcustomsaddles.com mareksadd

KR’S CUSTOM SADDLES (Invermere, BC) 1-888-826-3132 Custom Saddles, Custom Leather Design & Repairs, krscustomsaddles@gmail.com 9/11 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 8/11 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, randesaddle@telus.net

GUEST RANCHES WWW.ALEXANDERMACKENZIERANCH.COM (Bridge Lake) 250-593-4487 Prime Horseback Adventures at the Fishing Highway #24 3/12 WWW.BCHORSEVACATIONS.COM Where Adventure & Luxury Meet (Princeton) 250-295-7432. Lodge Rides - BYO horse or ride ours. 5/12 BLACKWATER SPRUCE RANCH 250-991-2408 www.blackwater-spruce.ca Horseback Holidays on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage trail. 6/11 WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM, Green Lake, BC, 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails. HEALTH PRODUCTS HORSE SENSE HERBS, (Alberta) 1-800-434-3727 Original Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses, www.horsesenseherbs.ca 12/11 INSURANCE Official Insuurance Broker for the Horse Council of BC • “FarmCare” Insurance • “EquiCare” Horse Mortality • Special Programs for Members


TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘ROUND OUTFITTERS for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver) 250-498-4324 Stop & See us in the Sears Appliance Store, Downtown Oliver! 11/11 BIG M SADDLES & TACK, (5765 Falkland Rd, Falkland) 250-379-2078 10/11 or 604-850-4238 Buy, Sell or Trade, Wholesale. www.bigmtack.com BOUCHIE LAKE FARM & FEED (Quesnel) 778-465-3333 5/12 New & Used Tack, Giftware, Otter Co-op, Nature’s Mix, Pet Food CARRIAGE HOUSE MINIATURE HORSE TACK & HARNESS (Vernon) 250-541-7773. Everything you need for your VSE. www.tackforminiatures.com 2/12 COUNTRY ROADS GENERAL STORE (Fruitvale) 250-367-9229 Otter Co-op Feed Dealer, Feed, Tack, Farm Supplies & Giftware 7/11 HIGH HORSE TACK, (Victoria) 250-658-0011 7/11 English & Western, New & Used LAMMLE’S WESTERN WEAR & TACK (ALBERTA & BC) 1.877.LAMMLES For Everything Western go to www.lammles.com to find a location near you. 12/11 LAZY B (100 Mile House) 250-395-5175 Handmade Leather Goods, Team Ropers & Ranch Ropes, New & Used Tack 7/11 NICKERS SADDLERY LTD. (Penticton) Toll Free 1-888-492-8225 10/11 Home of the SenSation Ride™, saddlery@telus.net, www.nickerssaddlery.com

• CALL TODAY 1-800-670-1877 • www.capri.ca/horse 12/11

64 • Saddle Up • June 2011


Business Services TRAINERS/COACHES

TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS RUSTY SPUR TACK (Lumby) 250-547-9506 Feed, Tack, Consignments, Giftware, Supplements & Minerals 7/11 WINDSUM ENTERPRISES LTD (Langley) 604-789-0150 3/12 New & Used Tack & Apparel, English & Western www.windsum.ca

THE RANCH - Home of “Robbie� – Percheron/TB Stallion Driving Lessons/Clinics. Horses broke and trained for driving. For Sale: Eventing/Jumping/Driving/Trail prospects. Ellen Hockley & Steve Laughlin, Pritchard, BC 250-577-3366, theranchbc@gmail.com 3/12

TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 8/11 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC., (Vernon) 250-308-8980, tnt125@shaw.ca 8/11 RV’s to Horse Trailers, Parts, Trailer Brake Specialist TRAINERS/COACHES


www.ForTheHorse.com An EQUESTRIAN

TRANQUILLE FARMS (Lake Country) Lorraine Pilon. EC Cert. Western Coach, Monty Roberts Cert. Holder. www.tranquillefarms.com 250-766-7180 9/11 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton) 250-295-4329 Clinics & Horse training. Eng/West. Level 4 CHA Master Instructor. www.mwsporthorses.com 6/11 CARL WOODS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Peachland) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts Started, Farrier Service, www.chevyequine.com 5/12


*…ˆÂ?ÂˆÂŤÂŤiĂŠ>Ă€Â?ĂŠ-V…œœÂ?ĂŠÂœvĂŠi}iĂ€iĂŒiĂŠ Â?>ĂƒĂƒÂˆV>Â?ĂŠ Ă€iĂƒĂƒ>}iĂŠUĂŠ >Ă€ivÂœÂœĂŒĂŠ*Ă€Âœ}Ă€>“Ê >ĂŒĂ•Ă€>Â?ĂŠÂœĂ€Ăƒi“>Â˜ĂƒÂ…ÂˆÂŤĂŠUĂŠÂœÂ?ÂˆĂƒĂŒÂˆVĂŠ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ>˜>}i“iÂ˜ĂŒ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ Âœ`ĂžĂœÂœĂ€ÂŽĂŠUĂŠ ÂľĂ•ÂˆÂ˜iĂŠ,iÂ…>LˆÂ?ÂˆĂŒ>ĂŒÂˆÂœÂ˜ĂŠ>˜`ĂŠ,i‡/Ă€>ˆ˜ˆ˜} 4/12

HOOVES ‘N’ HOUNDS TRANSPORT 1-888-436-0662. Serving most Canadian provinces, Fully licensed/Insured. www.hoovesnhounds.com 6/11

CROFTON HORSE TRANSPORT Canada / USA / International

ESTER GERLOF, (Enderby) 250-803-8814, EC Cert. Western Instructor, Lessons/ Training/Boarding; outdoor arena, access to crown land/trails; Ester21@telus.net 12/11

A trusted name in ‘safe’ animal transport. 877-246-4355 www.CroftonTransport.com


Dana Hokana Quarter Horses Specializing in Western Pleasure Training - Lessons - Clinics

Local and Long Distance Horse Transport Charter and Shared Hauls - Emergency Service Oversized, Comfortable Trailer Commercially Insured and Licensed Based Near Kamloops, B.C.

DVD Instructional Videos - Performance Horses for Sale

DANAHOKANA AOLCOMs swww.hokana.com




Tanya Balmes 250.573.2555

Michael Rabe

Training and Boarding Preparation for sales, starting young horses 250-838-7051 or Cell 250-308-6024 • Enderby, BC 25 mrabe@jetstream.net • www.hanoveriansporthorsefarm.com 10/11

Quality Horse Transport Kevan Garecki

CINDY KIRSCHMAN, (Okanagan) 250-547-9277 Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, quarterspotranch@shaw.ca 7/11 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford) 604-850-1243 Former Parelli Professional, Clinics/Lessons, www.sandylang.ca 7/11

Doug Mills Training Thru Trust Proven Foundation for all disciplines and ages * Training * Clinics * Lessons * Camps 250-573-5442 www.dougmills.com 6/11 LEE PONCELET PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Vernon) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training of all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 9/11 BIRGIT STUTZ, Chris Irwin Gold Cert. Trainer/Coach, www.fallingstarranch.ca Training/Lessons/Clinics/Camps, Falling Star Ranch, Dunster, BC, 250-968-6801




“It’s’ All About “I Ab The T Horse�

778-858-7301 www.h-4.ca Serving Western Canada Over 30 Years’ Experience

VETERINARIANS DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound & Digital X-Ray and more. www.dawsoncreekvet.com 5/12 DEEP CREEK VET. SERVICES, (North Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-833-8585 Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, 24 hr. emergency service 5/12 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY, 250-374-1486 Drs. Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Rob Mulligan, Bryce Davisson 6/11 OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 3/12 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 10/11 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales SALMON VALLEY VET SERVICES (Shuswap/North OK) 10/11 250-833-4217 Dr. Brytann Youngberg Mobile Equine Service THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 9/11 VERNON VETERINARY CLINIC, (Vernon) 250-542-9707 5/12 D. Lemiski, H. Mehl, M. Latwat, L. Miller, vernonvets@shaw.ca

TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING, (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 ttouch@shaw.ca • www.icefarm.com


www.saddleup.ca • 65

On The Market Rappenhof Sporthorses Retirement Sale 3 TOP CLASS RIDDEN BLACK MARES

HERD DISPERSAL & RANCH FOR SALE 7-year-old Reg’d APHA Gelding, 15.1HH. Ranch raised, neck reins. Lots of miles in the bush and ready to show. All round prospect. See also 25 more horses for sale. www.pro-horsemanship.com 250-315-9087 (Merritt) E-mail: pro-horsemanship@hotmail.com

REG’D 2001 BLACK CANADIAN STALLION Proven Stud. 15.2HH. Name: Humeny Fargo Laredeau $5,000. 250-445-6742 (Greenwood)

* 2006 16.1HH Trakehner ‘Model’, ranked #2 in North America * 2004 16.3HH German Trakehner, National Champion * 2003 16.2HH German Oldenburg Premium, Dressage winner Florida AND Two 2011 foals by Platinum 250-446-2149 (Osoyoos)



3 WINDS RANCH OFFSPRING FOR SALE From these fine Stallions

TW Smok N Hawk 2004 ApHCC Dark Palomino

10 YR OLD REG’D QH GELDING “MJ” - Two Eyed Chex out of Wyoming (Peter Cambell) and I’m now in Powell River, BC. I trailer, clip and tie and good with my feet. I have an amazing heart and very willing. Here to please you. UTD with all my shots. I need a semi-experienced rider, not for kids, unless an experienced teenager. I go Western or English. I don’t care for a bit; I prefer bitless. Love ground work and have excellent ground manners. Overall I’m a handsome guy looking for a loving home. $3,500 obo. Tammy 604-485-0177 (Powell River)

2006 EXISS 3-HORSE TRAILER Slant load with 12 ft. living quarters. 8 ft. wide and extra tall, with side storage, rear tack, stud wall, mangers. Full size refrigerator, microwave, double sink, folding leather couch. Built in TV, digital converter. Bathroom, large shower, walk-through door to horse area. Lots of inside storage. Very well maintained. All the options. Excellent condition, lightly used - daughter off to college. $44,900. Contact 604-530-3366 E-mail lazy3@telus.net (Langley)

66 • Saddle Up • June 2011

QH/ARAB CROSS 15.3HH, 9 years old, Reining training, spins, slides, lopes nice circles. Good on trails, would be great at Endurance, maybe try Jumping or Dressage. Very smart, inquisitive, personality plus. Needs experienced rider. Asking $3,500. Call Teresa 250-497-6365 (Okanagan Falls)

HOBBY FARM FOR SALE Perfectly set-up, partially treed 8.5 acre horse property for sale in Armstrong/Spallumcheen. 3,400 sq. ft. post-andbeam farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, den and 2.5 baths. Large 100’ x 200’ sand ring, 3 paddocks with shelters, 5 turn-out fields, excellent fencing, 2 stall heritage barn. $629,000. See photos at www3.telus.net/absolutehorse E-mail: absolutehorse@telus.net 250-546-0531 (Armstrong)

TW Sunsation 1994 APHA Palomino Tobiano 3Winds Skippa Treat 2007 Palomino Leopard Appaloosa Skip Jewels Leo 1994 AQHA Red Dun (Two Eyed Jack breeding) Horses For Sale / Horses Started Australian Shepherd Dogs 250-499-5397; 3winds@telus.net www.keremeos.com/3winds 2/12

DOLLSDIAMONDJAGULENE AQHA#5136397 3-year-old Reg’d QH Filly with 2 months training from Doug Mills. Excellent conformation, exceptional athletic ability, sweet temperament and lots of talent. Reining and Cow Horse bloodlines. UTD vaccines, teeth worming and farrier. Doug is very pleased with this filly and feels she has the talent to be shown. She is always at the gate to meet him, loves to work and has a ton of heart. Video is available on request. $4,500. 250-546-4180 (Armstrong) E-mail cathimae@telus.net @


On The Market

REG’D MORGANS 7-year-old Black/Brown Mare, 15.1HH. Awesome pleasure trail horse, big walk, loves to work, sensible and sweet, good substance and feet - no need for shoes. ALSO: 4-year-old Black Gelding, will mature to 15.2HH. Suitable for Dressage. Same Sire. See www.greengablesmorganfarm.com $3,500 each. Debora 250-546-8058 (Armstrong)

THE WORK IS DONE 6-year-old, 2 level, 2,100 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home on 1 acre. Great set-up for 2-3 horses with new barn, fencing, paddocks, round pen and much more. Riding trails nearby. Close to Vernon and Armstrong. $487,000. For more info call 250-546-8505 or 250-309-1861 (Armstrong)

LILLY 9-year-old Shire x Paint Mare 16.2HH. Has had two healthy foals and is now under saddle and doing well. Excellent health. $4,500. Dayna 250-620-0006 (Horsefly) E-mail: stevensvet@xplornet.com


“CLANCY” (PHOTO AT 2 ½ YRS) Rising 4-year-old Clyde x Thoroughbred Gelding, 17HH. Very calm, willing and loves to learn. All basic ground work done and is ready for the next level of training. Excellent health and quality of feet. $3,000. Dayna 250-620-0006 (Horsefly) E-mail: stevensvet@xplornet.com

2002 CHARMAC LEGACY 4 HORSE With a full stud wall, 8’ wide undercarriage storage on the left side, drop down windows aluminum manger feeders. Sleeps 4-5, with full bathroom, full kitchen and living quarters. Good shape, wanting to downsize to a 3 horse. Will consider a trade - asking $34,000. obo. E-mail for more photos highcruisenquarterhorses@hotmail.com 250-722-3650 (Nanaimo)


$60. + HST

IMA VALENTINA DOLL Reg’d AQHA; 93% NFQHA, 5 years old, 14.3HH. She is not in foal this year but will be bred in June for a 2012 foal. Get her now and breed her the way you want. She is a beautiful Blue Roan and is a sweetheart to be around and handle. She is not broke. Check her out and others at www.albertabluevalentines.com Contact for pricing. 403-710-0270 (Cremona, AB)

(includes online ad)



Ice Cream

YOUNGSTERS FOR SALE Nice temperaments, about 15HH, all coming 5 years. Lunge with rider, school arena figures, ride trail and pony in both English or Western saddle. Bombproofing ground work (similar to my horse’s mounted search and rescue training). In training until end of June. UTD herd health, including West Nile. Sincere inquiries please. These horses are wellloved; the owners want them to go to the right home. Extremely well-priced for temperaments and training. $3,750 to $5,500. Jenn 250-833-1930 (Enderby)

www.saddleup.ca • 67

On The Market ELFONDO MORGANS OFFERS FOR SALE Ranch Raised Versatile Morgans for Work or Family Fun Sired By:

JMF La BARON (Black 15HH)

ELFONDO’S TIGER SAHARA Level-headed 8-year-old, 15.1HH, Quarter/Appy X. Trail and arena figures, lunges, side reins, rides English and Western, has 3 months Reining. UTD on herd health, including West Nile. Any level of rider, even supervised beginner. Prefer woman; gentleman okay. $4,500 negotiable to right home. Jenn 250-833-1930 (Enderby)

BEAUTIFUL REG’D DUN APPENDIX MARE 8 years old, 16HH. Professionally trained. Goes English and Western. Willing and athletic. Has smooth movement with a floating trot. A true all-around horse. Sadly must sell. $5,500. 604-823-4321 E-mail lazyriverbldr@shaw.ca (Chilliwack)

Old Baldy Ranch

Sired By:

Jaz Poco Silverado

Offspring for Sale

Goldun Poco Mr Matt AQHA/NFQH A 97%, Poco Bueno 34% Dun, Herda N/N Grandson of Little Steel Dust, Open Reining Winner Grandson of Little Steeldust

AQHA Blue Roan - Te N’Te, Blue Boy Quincy, Crimson War Bloodlines

for the July issue Aaron & Colleen Wangler Dawson Creek, BC

Ph/fax: 250-843-7337 oldbaldy@neonet.bc.ca


FOXTAIL’S TRIPLE THREAT (14.3HH Buckskin) Stock For Sale - Stallions Standing Amber Fullerton, Arras, BC 250-843-7186 www.elfondomorgans.webs.com



AQHA/NFQH A 100%, Poco Bueno 27% Silver Grullo, Herda N/N Son of Little Steel Dust, AQHA Rom Reining

LBJ Sierras Blue TE

(14.2HH Chestnut)

5 YR OLD CHESTNUT GELDING, 15.2HH Sire: Shine Like Hail, Shining Spark, Bueno Chex. Dam: Smart Star Buck, Grays Starlight, Great Red Pine. Does all the Reining maneuvers, big stopper! Not suitable for beginner. Has been in training with Cayley Wilson for the last two months. Hauls, clips, bathes, shoes. $10,000. Phyllis 604-857-9422 or Cayley 360-951-4883 (Aldergrove)




FOR SALE Premium, Safe Friendly, Family Riding Recreation & Usin’ Show Horses www.appaloosacentre.com 250-963-9779 appaloosacentre@telus.net 68 • Saddle Up • June 2011







“SHADOW” 11-year-old registered Morgan Mare. Excellent health and quality of feet. Has competed 25 mile Endurance. Would be best suited for intermediate rider and Competitive Trail riding. $2000.








2007 WHO WHIZ IT GELDING Professional training, good looking, super temperament. 15.1HH. All around prospect. www.northernhorse.com/jackid $4500.



Stallions and Breeders OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 7/11 SS: Breeding AQHA / NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, www.northernhorse.com/oldbaldy Butte Morgan Horses ~ Western Foundation Breeding

PEEBLES MINI DONKEY RANCH (Falkland) 250-379-2373 10/11 Reg’d & Pet Quality babies for sale. www.peeblesranch.ca or papeebles@gmail.com

For Family Fun or When There’s Work to be Done! Standing WWF Stallions ~ Stock For Sale ~ Visitors Always Welcome

www.buttemorgans.com 403-382-8110


POLAR PINTABIANS (Winfield, AB) 780-682-2659 3/12 Breeding for Colour & All Around Quality. www.polarpintabian.webs.com

CARTWRIGHT QUARTER HORSES (Rock Creek) 250-446-2881 3/12 SS: 2 AQHA/NFQHA Gold Palomino 26% LEO Blood. www.cartwrightqh.com

RIVERSIDEPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Prince George) 250-612-4770 SS: Breeding Quality AQHA Perf. Horses. Boarding/Coaching/Judging/Clinics

DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Jasper/Brule, AB) 780-865-4021 www.canadianhorse.info 6/11


SALMON VALLEY RANCH (Salmon Arm) 250-833-4217 10/11 SS: SVR Royal Checkmate, AQHA Perlino; Okies Last Chance, APHA Black Tobiano

Dragony Acres CFHA / KFPS Star Stallion “OTTOâ€? (AI/Live cover) Quality Friesians Friesian Sport horses

SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES (Lumby) 250-547-6811 SS: Salty Ole Jack ’96 AQHA, www.saltyolejackquarterhorses.com 5/12

E-mail: lisa@dragonyacres.ca www.dragonyacres.ca Lisa 604-539-8108 (Langley)


FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines, www.fairviewarabianstud.com

SKYVIEW RANCH (Vanderhoof) 250-567-9754 3/12 Breeding Quality Reining & Working Cow Horses. www.skyview-ranch.com


STARMYRIAPPALOOSAS.CA (Edson, AB) 780-723-7899 8/11 Stallion Service, Indian Shufflers, Stock for Sale, CHA Instructor

GREEN GABLES MORGAN FARM (Armstrong) 250-546-8058 7/11 SS: WF Royal Mist’s Kurik, Black/Brown, 15.1HH, www.greengablesmorganfarm.com HNROCKINHORSERANCH.COM (Waseca, SK) 306-893-4478 (4 hrs/Edmonton) SS: Hollywood Dream, 2007 AQHA Gold Champagne Dun (Homozygous) 4/12 HYPOALLERGENIC CURLY HORSES (Summerland) 250-486-6773 Stallion service, all ages horses for sale. www.curlystandardplace.com



ICELANDIC HORSE FARM (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 11/11 ttouch@shaw.ca • www.icefarm.com

Lone Larch Akhal Tekes Discover the Turkmen Purebred Home of golden stallion MARUK Stallion service – Foal sales ,UMBY   sWWWLONELARCHCOM 4/12

Turning Point Ranch

WWW.WHOAANDGOQUARTERHORSES.COM 250-551-4739/250-768-9658 SS: Hortons Triple Skip, AQHA/APHA Palomino, 16HH, standing in Westbank 6/12 YELLOW MOUNT RANCH (Welling, AB) 403-752-0063 12/11 SS: AQHA, APHA & Thoroughbred Stallions, bigcheeks@yellowmountranch.com ZIRNHELT CUTTING HORSES (Kamloops) 250-828-1033 3/12 Training/Breeding Quality Cutting Horses, zirnheltcuttinghorses@telus.net

Salty Ole Jack


1996 AQHA Stallion (APHA approved) 15HH Chestnut

Proudly announces the arrival of

*Rosedale El Senor

PAINT HORSES is proud to offer for your consideration: IMA DESERT FOX 1991 Sorrel Overo APHA/PtHA Stallion Sire: Mr. Sonny Noreet Dam: Ima Swinging Fox

Registered Section B Welsh Stallion, Imported from Great Britain 13HH Dark Brown (Supreme Champion and Sire of Champions) Thank you to Charlotte and Lisa of Mariposa Welsh

This is a rare opportunity to breed to this renowned stallion 2011 stud fee $500.00 to approved mares A select few young and mature individuals are currently available Excellent conformation, lovely movement and quiet temperaments Please contact us for details

Steven and Jennifer Zachary Ph: 250-577-3526 Pritchard BC www.turningpointranch.ca

1999 BCPHC High Point Halter Stallion Sire of Futurity Winners and APHA/PtHA Halter and Performance point earners. When quality matters, choose the stallion that has it all: conformation, disposition, ridability and world class breeding. 2011 Fee: $750. LCFG

Zan Parr Bar on top. The Ole Man (SI 100) on bottom Performance bloodlines including roping, cutting and racing Stud Fee $550 includes - 10 day mare care - 5 day LFG

SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES For 2011 bookings call: 250-547-6811 or 250-307-2502

Glen Black






For more information contact Carolin Ryan   s-APLE2IDGE "# RYSENPAINTS TELUSNET

www.saddleup.ca • 69

Shop & Swap! FOR SALE INNISFAIL AUCTION MARKET. Weekly Cattle Sales. Twice a month Horse Sales. 1-800-710-3166 or www.innisfailauctionmarket.com (Innisfail, AB) 11/11 FINE LINE ARABIANS has Hackney, Welsh and Arabian Stallions at Stud. Show and Breeding stock available to approved home. 250-547-9367 (Cherryville) 6/11

Shelters for cattle, calves, horses etc. or for storage Single or double shelters (or more panels to add on) Pick-up panels or delivered on site Different designs and finishes available

SEABLEND - “Just a tablespoon a day” for better feet, hair coat, disposition, conception rate, health. Your local agent - Lydia Janik 604-888-9793. Call today. www.seaboost. ca 8/11

Call Chris for free quote or view shelters in stock

2003 SOUTHLAND 2 HORSE Angle Haul Trailer. 7’ high, divider, rubber floor mats, front tack with saddle racks, drop down windows, aluminum roof, Canadian built. $7,000. 250838-7487 (Grindrod) 1996 AQHA BROODMARE. Sire: Wranglers War Leo. Dam: Canadian Supreme Futurity Winner. Her brother is double Futurity Winner. Good producer. Will include breeding to Red Great Pine. Other broodmares available. Fillmore Quarter Horses 250-367-9834 (Fruitvale) 7/11

Startting at $1,1995.00 (excl HST)

Rails to Rafters

PACK HORSE EQUIPMENT, saddles, boxes, bags, pads, ropes, etc. for 2 horses. 250-542-2742 (Vernon)

Specializing in timber frame Barns, Hay Sheds, Pole Barns, covered and enclosed riding arenas

www.pattenropehorses.com For all your Rope & Ranch Horse needs!

Pole Buildings * Barns * Shelters * Indoor & Outdoor Arenas * Restoration & Repair * Bobcat 25 years experience ~ free estimates Serving the North Okanagan from the ground up. 7/11

SCOTT ROSS 250-547-2447

1650 Shuswap Ave., Lumby, BC www.swisscarpentry.com 250-547-6616 www.swisstimberconstruction.com


EZFlex Cookies and EZTreats ™

We also have Panels for Sale 780-388-2139 Buck Lake, AB 8/11


Quality Interior








Glucosamine MSN Chondroitin 250-318-6308

75-80 lb Tight Square Bales No Rain, No Mold, No Waste, No Disappointment $8.50 - 9.00 per bale Grapple available to load

Clapperton Ranch 7620 Hwy 8 Off Hwy 1 near Spences Bridge, BC



29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC

s www.cummings.ca

HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs at Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-5460104 (Armstrong) 8/11

LOST LADIES ENGAGEMENT RING, lost at OK Breeders event on Sunday, May 15 at Armstrong Fairgrounds. Could have been at food concession area or in ladies washroom by Agriplex. Please – can anyone help? Contact Scott at 250681-0939.

WANTED WANTED ASAP – A long term lease. 2-3 bedroom house with barn on acreage, set up for horses. Thompson Okanagan area. 250-459-2909

70 • Saddle Up • June 2011

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ARE YOU HIGHLY MOTIVATED? Looking for selfmotivated people to learn how to set up and operate MiniOffice Outlets from Home. www.ruready2dream.com 12/12


Shop & Swap! BOARDING COPPER HILLS EQUESTRIAN CENTRE (Kamloops) www.copperhillsequestrian.ca See our ad on page 16


DOUBLE DELICHTE STABLES Full Board (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon

250-260-5299 Coldstream, BC


Horse Boarding in Salmon Arm

Training Stables T

New Indoor Arena 70x160 12x12 Stalls Heated Automatic Waterers Heated Tack Room Large Paddocks with Shelters

Wallbridge Road, Armstrong, BC

Lessons and Training available Access to Crown land Close to South Canoe trails Minutes from downtown Salmon Arm Call 250-803-0190 6621 Okanagan g Avenue N.E., Salmon Arm



Full board - Training - Coaching s)NDOORAND/UTDOOR!RENAS s'RASS*UMP&IELDs2OUND0ENS )NDIVIDUAL3TALL0ADDOCK )NDIVIDUAL3HELTER0ADDOCKW'ROUP0ASTURE * Lessons * Lease Horses * Clinics * Training * Showing Contact Keelly Reggelsen 250-307-7288 kreggelsen@hotmail.com




L h &S Leather Stitches i h Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs


Top Quality Australian Saddles

Deep Creek General Store 0

The Leather Lady


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 6/11

www.deepcreekgeneralstore.com 3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong



Traditional, Othopedic & Alternative Shoeing State CertiďŹ ed Farrier Norbert H.-Hennig

ADAM FEHR, Farrier Serving Thompson Okanagan areas * Quiet and gentle with your horses * Quality work * Hot & cold shoeing

German trained farrier is looking for new clients. If you are interested please call me or visit my website site

* References gladly given * Reasonable rates * Progressive * Horseman as well as Farrier

www.farrier-hennig.com Phone: 250-803-4312

7/1 7/11

IF IT’S FREE, WE PRINT IT FOR FREE FREE THOROUGHBRED MARE, 11 years old, 16.2HH, Chestnut. Goes English, started over fences. Some show experience. To approved home. References required. Kristina 250-547-9403 (Cherryville) FREE LEASE at my home only. Looking for reliable and competent English rider to exercise, groom and possibly show my horse locally (I can transport). 16.1HH Partbred Morgan Gelding, shown in English classes, Dressage, and more recently started jumping/eventing. Always in the ribbons. Lots of forward movement and huge trot. Serious enquiries only. Contact Nancy 250-546-9922 or nancyroman@saddleup.ca

250-577-3797 or 250-682-2020


www.saddleup.ca • 71

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Saddle Up June-11  

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Saddle Up June-11  

horse magazine, western Canada, English and Western disciplines

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