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It appears the fires have calmed down around our province and we’ve all received quite a bit of rain lately – things are so green now! (like spring) – I am hoping we are all out of ‘the woods’… so to speak! The Fall Fairs are over (whew!) and we have some reports and photos from quite a few of them. The MORGANS won (again!) the Battle of the Breeds at Spruce Meadows’ Masters Tournament (I am a Morgan horse owner) and I want to thank Cathie and Jackie Cross for representing Saddle Up at Spruce taking photos in my absence.Everyone is gearing up for The Mane Event in Chilliwack, a show definitely not to miss! Saddle Up will be there of course! So do stop by and say hello, heck you can even spell me for a bit as I will be there solo. We have some great articles inside including a report of an outbreak of Pigeon Fever in the Okanagan – so do be careful in taking your horse off the property – you don’t want to spread it or catch it! This is serious folks! We have a whack of Letters to the Editor this month – lots of opinions out there. Do you have one? Letters are always welcome. See ya in Chilliwack!

Nancy CONTRIBUTORS: Carol Hansson, Susan Sheppard, ALSO AVAILABLE DIGITALLY! Kevan Garecki, Yvonne Miller, Paul Dufresne, Colleen Wangler, Dr. Britt Mills, Monty Gwynne, Geri Brown, Greg Roman, Carmen Teixeira-Derksen, Irene White, Sandra Conway, Roy Goodman, Anne Smyth, Mark McMillan, Mike Puhallo, Linda Purjue, Cathie & Jackie Cross, Sharon Gates, Dallas Pole, Bernie Hudyma. MASTHEAD PHOTOS: (regular features) Rein-Beau Images OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, BC Quarter Horse Assoc., BC Paint Horse Club, BC Cutting Horse Assoc., BC Interior Arabian Horse Assoc., Pine Tree Riding Club, Endurance Riders Assoc. of BC.


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Dear Editor… Dear Nancy: I have just finished the article ‘Thinking About the Feelings of Horses’ by Chris Irwin (August issue). Comparing horse and rider to a woman blindfolded and dancing with different partners is genius. I got it right away. I cannot thank Chris enough for a wonderful, eye-opening, article. I will never look at a horse the same way again. Now I will be paying attention to the horse and how it is carrying its frame. And thank you Nancy/ Saddle Up for printing the article.  - Laura Meyers, Secretary/Director, BC Interior Horse Rescue Society

Dear Editor: We just returned from a Cariboo vacation with Dave and Cheryle Hickman in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Although it would be difficult to say what we enjoyed most, one of the highlights was a visit to the Williams Lake Museum, Home of the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The displays were set up beautifully and it was easy to imagine the lifestyle of the hardworking cowboys and rodeo riders. There was even a hospital room and a dentist office displayed that made it easy to see why a visit to the doctor or dentist was avoided unless absolutely necessary. If you get a chance to visit, it’s well worth it.  - Bruce and Marilyn Van Wicklin, Newmarket, Ontario

Bruce and Marily Van Wicklin, Photo by Rein-Beau Images

Dear Editor: Thank you for a wonderful Clicker Training article. I read Monty Gwynne’s excellent Clicker training article in your September issue, and I’d like to congratulate Saddle Up for promoting this highly evolved training method. The province of Alberta can count itself very lucky to have Monty Gwynne among so many other fine trainers as she offers

Cover Feature

Pyke and Buckley Performance Horses Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us to help you achieve your goals. We are very proud of the members of our show team that competed at the AQHA Region One Championships. We had a fantastic time sharing the joy as many Championships, Reserves, Top Fives and Top Tens were earned in All Around Youth, Novice, Amateur, Select and Open events. Congrats to: Pia Petersen, Terri Brown, Jody Stasuk, Janet Crich, Sarah Wasik, Jenn Merriam, the Brandt Family, Taya Bath, Colten Buckley, Graham Tobias. Congratulations also to the following clients on a great show year earning points, wins, all arounds and success in APHA, AQHA and Reining shows. Bar BW Paint Horses, Janice Fyfe, Cathy Glover, Devon Smith, Dale Carter, Chase and Carter Stasuk. And congratulations to the following individuals for reaching your goals. We are pleased to be part of your journey. Christa Haffey, Andy Helqvist, Chiara Beech, Scott and Colleen Grisdale, Roger and Sandy Walmsley, Riley Smith, Matt Hotlz, Pat Warway, Lynn Macmillan, Kylee, The Almasi Family, Anita Klein, Cathy Lowden, Mary Ratz, Mary Dwyer. We invite you to contact us for your training and coaching needs. We specialize in Happy All Around and Futurity Horses Youth, Amateur, Novice and Open. HORSE FOR SALE from weanling to finished AQHA and APHA ALSO STANDING: AQHA Stallion BLAZIN ON THROUGH

Trainers: Mellissa Buckley 604-729-6616 and Richard Pyke 604-781-2122

Who Forgot The Cream by Blazin On Through Bred and Owned by Bar BW Paint Horses • 5

Dear Editor, cont’d a training method that is accessible to everyone from children to accomplished trainers. The bond that is forged between equine and human is so profound - it has to be experienced to be believed. With that in mind, I would urge interested people to go to Cochrane where Monty trains, and just watch her saddle her lovely horse Icaro. Normally brushing out, picking out feet, saddling, and bridling are mundane tasks. When Monty and Icaro get ready for work, they forgo the crossties (or any ties for that matter) and proceed through each task as if it were a dance move, illuminating their love and respect for each other, and the joy they have to get ready for “play.” To watch them tack up is to enjoy an experience that transcends many expensive sporting events or concert experiences. It truly inspires you to want so much more for your own relationship with your horse.  Clicker training is best learned with an experienced teacher to get the most out of it. As a complete novice who studies the art of it alone most of the time, I have come to value the very good assistance and advice I get from Monty just by e-mail alone. How I wish I could compress the miles between Moose Jaw and Cochrane to get the tuneup advice that she provides so positively and effectively! I am very excited for the people who will inquire about Clicker training and the amazing things they will learn from Monty if they only ask. I just hope that if they find themselves in a few years to be competent Clicker trainers enjoying a greater bond with their equine

6 • Saddle Up • October 2010

that they remember that the opportunity was first shown to them through Saddle Up! - Cheers, Kim Reynolds, Moose Jaw, SK

Dear Editor: Save the horse – speaking up for the horse. And for the horse owner, some things to consider that you may not be aware of. I’m a 3rd generation farmer and horseman – have been involved with horses all my life, in some years buying and selling 100s of horses, having horses for riding, movies, promotions – importing, breeding, raising, buying and selling horses. In recent years, the business has changed drastically and it’s time to do something. With the closures of the US slaughter houses, the horse business has seen a dramatic increase in free, abandoned, starving and neglected horses The horse system is glutted with horses due to the closures and because of expenses of owning and in keeping horses. We as professionals have to change our ways of doing business. No longer can we continue to overprice the services and various costs of owning a horse. There is no longer a steady beginner market to keep the horse business afloat and thriving. Trainers, farriers, veterinarians, horse show organizations and associations, instructors, feed suppliers, etc. all need to realize the effect they are having on the future of the Horse Business and the frustrations that are happening all over North America as we all struggle to pay the bills. The slaughter business is an unfortunate but necessary side effect to the current problems for all livestock including cows, pigs and chickens. Have to euthanize your horse?

$350 to $500. Owners can’t afford to pay to end their horses suffering so the horse dies a slow, painful death by starvation locked in a barn or a small pen. Some examples of fees charged the average horse owner - teeth work 2 times a year? And starting with 2 year olds? 95% don’t need it. If a horse grows a new set of teeth by the age of 6, why does the horse need to have its teeth serviced so often? Sales commissions of 15–25%? Presale veterinary inspections are upwards of $1,000 and more, and the horse that actually passes a vet inspection these days is a rare one. If the horse owner is told to have the horses teeth checked 2 times a year at $80 to $150 per routine treatment; then there is the 6 week shoeing schedule which costs $40 for a trim and upwards of $160 or more for shod all four. (In 1956, I shod for $8 a horse, and $2 a trim) – 95% of horses do not need to have their feet done every 6 weeks. Then the veterinarian is there every 6-8 weeks with vaccines… do you really think your horse needs all those vaccines? No. Supplements? No. Educate yourself and investigate this very serious issue on vaccinations on the Internet – you will be shocked at what you will find out about vaccines and what they do your horse. All these unnecessary expenses put the horse out of the average owner’s price range. The local feed and bedding is skyrocketing as farmers try to make a living providing forage for the livestock. How can we fi x the current spiraling downfall of the horse business? The professionals in this business need to look at their practices and realize they are part of the problem. The whole business boils down to the horse owner. If the owner can’t afford the costs, then that will be another horse going to slaughter, being starved, neglected and dumped. Over/too often de-worming, over vaccinating, over charging, over feeding (too high protein hays and grains) over supplementing, too often shoeing and trimming, unnecessary teeth work – how can the horse owner survive? We are scaring the customers away. A

Dear Editor, cont’d




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3H CHARMAC LARIAT-WEEKENDER Aluminum angle haul with a weekender pack-fridge, stove, furnace, mid tack room has water tank, saddle rack, swing-out blanket bar rack, bridle hooks and brush bag, drop-down windows, sliding windows on butt side, padded dividers, rubber on walls up 48” rubber floor mats on a plank floor. One piece aluminum roof, double rear doors, 2 - 6000 lb torsion axles, 16” tires with a spare included. Empty weight is 6300 lbs with a 5700 lb payload. 7’ x 21’ x 7’


3H ROYAL T IMPERIAL DX Aluminum 3 horse angle haul with a walk-in tack room, swing out saddle rack, carpeted tack wall, blanket bar, bridle hooks, brush bag, drop-down windows, sliding windows on butt side, padded dividers, rubber on walls up 48”, rubber floor mats on a plank floor. Double rear doors, 2-3500 lb torsion axles, 15” tires with a spare included. Empty weight is 3100 lbs with a 3900 lb payload. Gvw: 7,000 lbs. 7’ X 16’ x 7’


Dear Nancy: I recently went on the internet to find the outcome of allegations made by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition of inhuman slaughter of horses at the Fort Macleod Slaughterhouse. I followed the links and what I found was sickening and shocking. I had to force myself to watch the videos posted there. This brings me to my reason for writing this letter. In the August issue of Saddle Up, I briefly read Chris Irwin’s article “Thinking About the Feelings of Horses.” His mention of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” has certainly got me thinking. But not about the Calgary Stampede or the horses whose jobs take them there. What has me thinking is the inhumane way horses are transported and slaughtered. Talk about the feelings of horses… the trauma these horses suffer is unimaginable. Horses are transported in carriers not designed for horses. Large, small, young, old, sick, healthy, stallions and pregnant mares are crammed into one compartment for up to 36 hours. (Regulations regarding the shipment of horses are not enforced). When the horses are unloaded there are dead and dying horses left inside. Once at the slaughterhouse another horror begins. Horses are standing in stun chutes, the floor slippery with urine, feces and blood, shaking so badly in terror they can hardly stand. The horse in front of him being hoisted up by one hind leg, its throat cut and its lower limbs removed. Don’t think for a minute he doesn’t know he’s next. Sometimes the horse being strung

up is still conscious. In one instance a mare kicked an inexperienced worker in her struggle to right herself. One horse was shot once in each eye before the shot between the eyes finally stuns him. Horses are whipped and beaten and forced into the chute often with cattle prods. There is much, much more but it’s too horrific for me to write about. The RCMP investigated and charges against the Fort Macleod slaughterhouse were dropped even though what happens there violates both accepted humane practices and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s own regulations. Since 2007 there has been no oversight in the stunning areas of equine slaughter houses in Canada. CFIA inspectors are instructed not to be present when firearms (.22) are used to stun horses. If you’re like me, you avoid these places on the internet, because they horrify you. Visit Canadian Horse Defence Coalition on their web site. We all need to know what really happens to these horses before we can be passionate about ending the slaughter. Horse slaughter is not a “necessary evil,” it’s just an evil. Maybe it starts with one horse at a time. Maybe you can rescue a horse that’s destined for slaughter. Maybe you can try harder to find a good home for the horse you no longer want, before you send him to the auction and possibly the meat buyers, or worse yet, before you take him to the slaughterhouse yourself. Perhaps we can’t change the world by saving one horse but we can change one horse’s whole world. For a number of years now, I’ve had a rescued Thoroughbred and every day she is cherished and every day she makes me smile and every day we both feel better for it. If any of us really want to make a difference in the way we care about the feelings of horses, we could start with those horses whose time is running out. We could start with those horses waiting to be slaughtered. - Donna Cromarty, Pincher Creek, AB


lot more people will buy a horse for hobby and exercise if keeping a horse would become more realistic. So let’s get on with it and save the horse business before people move on to other, more affordable hobbies. Keep this in mind: Remember the Golden Rule: Treat the other person how you like to be treated. - John VanDongen Sr, Delta, BC

29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC

604 856 1988 • 1 877 856 1988 • 7

Over $20,000 Raised In One Day By Sue Sheppard Photos by Maureen Provençal,

WOW! In last month’s issue I sent out an invitation to show “what true Horse Power” was all about, and did you all come through and shine.


he Vancouver Memorial Trail Ride against Cancer was held on Aug. 21 at the Craig Creek Ranch in Nanoose Bay. We kicked the event off Friday night with a wonderful BBQ of smoked chicken. Smoker was donated by A.A. Texas BBQ, chicken donated by Whitta Farms, beef by Quality Foods, corn by Silver Meadow Farms. All were cooked to perfection by Gerd Voight and his crew. We had 160 people join us that night. g The diners were treated to a magical performance by Nano and her 22-year-old horse Viscount as well as the Coombs Country 4-H Musical Drill Team. We had 80 riders reply to the invite and they helped raise $20,000 to date with still more pledges coming in. Job well done everyone! All money raised goes to Cancer Research for the cure. We had a beautiful day to ride - a nice breeze and the common goal. I will always hold the picture in my head of all the trailers parked with horses tied waiting to be saddled up. You can view those pictures as well at After the ride, riders were treated to a well-deserved White Spot burger and a chance to meet Bud. Top prize of the saddle donated by Buckerfield’s was won by Jim Crawford (83-year-old rider, who would like to see it raise more for the cause and is sending it to a pledge ride as a prize in Manitoba). On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Silver Spur Riding Club, I would like to send out a grateful thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors and 8 • Saddle Up • October 2010

volunteers, and last but not least the riders who gave up their time to spend a day with us and make this event the success it was.

Jim Crawford


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Vancouver Island, BC 7154 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay Village, BC tel: (250) 652.1002 toll free: 1.877.552.1002

Thank You from the Alberta Wish Trail Ride By Irene White The 2nd Annual Alberta Wish Trail Ride was held August 21 in Kananaskis, west of Calgary (see full report in September issue page 26). This was a huge community collaboration with a great result. With the participants, the people who sponsored them, and everyone who supported the event, we raised over $26,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. The organizers are very grateful for everyone who played a part. For more info visit

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! 2010 Alberta Wish Ride Committee

2010 Alberta Wish Ride Sponsors

Irene White Roger Matas Ed Greenberg Mavis Greenberg Sarah Johnston Trevor Eagles Larry Watmough Mark Bilawchuk Megan Innes – Wish Foundation Rep

Frontier Western Shop – Claresholm Chinook Bowladrome - Calgary Maxell Realty – Calgary Spolumbo’s – Calgary Tim Hortons – Calgary Blue Sky Limo - Calgary Bar T5 Trailers – Calgary Scholar’s Choice - Calgary Equestrian Factory Outlet – Bragg Creek Infusion Contemporary Cuisine – Bragg Creek Canada Safeway Natur Water Ltd – Calgary Elegant Expressions – Calgary Eaglequest Golf at Douglasdale - Calgary Madrina’s Ristorante – Bragg Creek Fairplay/The Horse Store – Calgary Cowboy Country Clothing Ltd – Nanton Phoenix Grill – Calgary Bragg Creek Trading Post –Bragg Creek The Powderhorn Saloon – Bragg Creek Al and Carole Wingenbach – Kelowna Country Living – Calgary Starbucks – Calgary Loko’s Lounge/Joey’s Restaurant – Bragg Creek Costco – Calgary Sobey’s – Calgary Shoppers Drug Mart – Calgary Buttercup Country Bakery – Bragg Creek McDonalds – Calgary Diamond 6 Tack Shop – Strathmore The Saskatoon Farm – DeWinton Ride N Drive Horse Supplies - Airdrie The Forzani Group/Sportchek – Calgary Janet Horbacio Photography – Calgary Caroline Stuber – Calgary – Calgary Viterra Feed Products – Olds Spirits West Wine & Liquor – Bragg Creek Boardwalk Café – Bragg Creek

2010 Alberta Wish Ride Volunteers Leanne Henderson Colleen Leier Merle Morton Bill and Pat Bruce Angela Cheng Jodie Blasken Donnelle Watson Jannelle Ward King George Masonic Lodge: Ted and June Cripps, Dale and Leandri Scoles, Vern and Caroline Stuber, Chuck Rose

2010 Alberta Wish Ride Trail Bosses Kathy Hiebert Caroline Richards Laurie Martin Diana Ryrie Sarah Johnston Holly Myers Paul Chinski Alanna Johnson Tom Woolings Sandy Avery

10 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Mucho Burrito – Calgary WalMart – Calgary Lake Chaparral Dental Centre – Calgary Lavender Lane Flowers & Gifts – Bragg Creek Horse Hair Potter & Ceramics – Carstairs Zellers – Calgary Tecnifibre Raquet Ball – Calgary Maddies Natural Pet Food Products Critters - Alberta Sarah Johnston – Maxwell Realty – Calgary Myrna Christopher – Swift Current Laurie Prodaniuk – Alberta Merle Morton BSCPt Physiotherapist – Calgary Mr Buho Vacation & Active Wear – Bragg Creek Bragg Creek Family Foods – Bragg Creek Superstore – Calgary Home Depot – Calgary Rodeo Drive Western Lifestyle – Bragg Creek Art Country Canada – Bragg Creek Swanky Shanks – Calgary Big Chief Beef Jerky - Calgary Irvine Tack and Trailers – Alberta Canadian Tire - Calgary Trevor Eagles – Calgary Angela McInnes – Calgary Janty McInnes – Calgary Hi-Way Service – Lethbridge and Bow Island Classic Rodeo Drive – Nanton Troy Kokol and Joni Delaurier – Calgary

The Power of a Mustang! By Vikki Moore


y husband and I went to the 31st Annual International Mustang Car Show in Red Deer, Alberta, in September. As usual, there were more cars there (502) than the year before - a “record” Mustang Meet. Now all that was impressive, and the cars were beautiful, polished and looking good. I dutifully walked the entire lot, looking at all those Mustangs. The show ended and we decided to come home the scenic route, on Highway 11, Saskatchewan Crossing, Rocky Mountain House way. It was to help shorten our drive home to the Okanagan, and the hours spent on the road. We hadn’t taken that route for many years, and had forgotten the splendor of those meadows, mountains, and greenblue lakes. As we were coming into the area called Chundra Lake, we noticed horse manure on the sides of the road. Of course, my mind was trying to figure out how it got there. It seemed to be pretty deserted out that way, and there were no fences. More manure, and then, there they were… a band of maybe seven or eight horses. At first, my mind went into overdrive… how did they get out… where are they from? Who should I notify? I realized and said, “I think we are looking at some of those

wild horses of Alberta we saw on the TV. Gary said he was sure that was the case, and we decided we would stop at the next group we encountered. We went for a few miles down the road, and of course there was dead silence on my side of the vehicle. More manure, but no more horses. Then, an amazing thing happened… Gary slowed the car down and turned around. “We may not be back this way for quite a while,” he said. We returned to where the horses were and made a u-turn once again and pulled as close as we dared to take some pictures. Other cars had begun to slow and stop also, and we took pictures of the little ragged herd. There was a foal amongst them and a few young males as well. I could hardly breathe, I was so excited. We lingered on until the herd began to get restless and then we quietly got back into the car and reluctantly drove away. All those amazing Mustang cars, and yet this was my favourite Mustang sighting, hands down. Needless to say, with the many stops to take pictures along that scenic route, our time spent on the road stretched out, but was well worth it.

FARM & HOME CENTER 1225 Main Street, Pincher Creek, AB 403-627-3606 •

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Vote for the Manning Park Horse Camp! By Rose Schroeder The Back Country Horsemen Society of British Columbia (BCHBC), Yarrow Chapter, needs your help to realize their dream of a horse camping area for equestrians, in E.C. Manning Park in southwestern British Columbia.


CHBC took the initiative to come up with and submit this idea to the Pepsi Refresh Project. The idea got accepted as one of 253 ideas from across Canada that aim to move the world forward in a positive way. Now that the idea has been approved it’s up to the people of Canada to vote for the ideas they like the best. BCHBC is appealing to all communities to vote for the Manning Park Horse Camp idea and become one of the top 4 in their Health Category to receive $5,000 of funding. This will help to bring the Manning Park Horse Camping Site to reality for 2011! We were really excited when our idea got accepted. Our partners: BC Parks, Equine Canada, Horse Council BC and Manning Park Resort were also thrilled. Together, we are striving to develop a safe and secure overnight camping area for horseback riders which can be used as a staging area for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. The funds will provide for a perimeter fence, ranch gate, graveled drive, signage, back-in sites and high-lining areas.

BC’s Best…Celebrating Equine Achievements 30th Annual Horse Council BC Awards Banquet November 20, 2010 att the Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre in Abbotsford, BC

Featuring Crystal Darche from JRFM as Emcee Cocktail Hour at 6:00 pm Harvest Buffet Dinner at 7:00 pm

Door Prizes, Silent Auction and Live Entertainment Tickets $75 each or table of 8 for $540. + HST $5 from every ticket sold will go to the BC SPCA’s Cruelty Investigations Department t help to h l abused b d and d neglected l t d horses h throughout the province of BC.

“Ride the Eleevator Home” Special HCBC Member Discount of $109 per/night Contact Ramad da Plaza & Conference Centre at 1-888-411-1070 070 Deadline to purchase tickets is Tuesday, November 16th Contact our office at 1-800-345-8055 12 • Saddle Up • October 2010

You can help BCHBC bring this project to life by going to, click on the red “Health” button and vote for the “Refreshing adventure: Manning Park traditional Horse Campground.” Tell everyone you know to vote and help promote our beautiful BC Parks, encourage a healthy form of exercise by providing an overnight horse camping area that connects to many miles of multi-user trails. This project also includes plans to work in partnership with BC Parks to maintain the fabulous trails included. For more information about the Back Country Horsemen Society of BC and our idea for a Horse Camping Site within E.C. Manning Park you can go to or call Rose Schroeder 604-854-1245 or email

Mane Event – You Gotta Be There! By Mark McMillan CHILLIWACK - OCTOBER 22-24, 2010


or years now all of our friends in the horse world have been saying how good The Mane Event was and that we “gotta go.” Well last year, thanks to our great ranch sitters Harry and Judy Van Eaton, we were able to go... in fact they lent us their travel trailer, too, and Red and Helen joined us for the weekend. Now that was interesting because the travel trailer is built for two not four... but that’s a whole other story - one for the comic books. When the weekend was over we all said that this would now be an annual event - we thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. One change though, we won’t try and sleep four of us in a two person trailer next time - in fact we’ve already booked our hotel for this year. Gail and Ron Barker, the organizers of the event, have asked me to take photos for them which I love doing so that’s a bonus! (Guess they liked last year’s photos.)

Although there was so much to see and do at the event last year we were pretty much glued to our seats at the Trainers Challenge. It was quite addictive watching the three trainers take their turn, each with their own unbroke Douglas Lake Ranch colt, trying to ready them for Sunday when they had to show them. In fact Helen is not a horse person at all, but she got addicted too, and was glued to her seat all weekend. In the trade show area there was every kind of booth imaginable for the horse industry. Around 170 booths with things like horse training videos, tack and saddles, leather goods, feed and pet supplies, tractors & farm equipment, jewelry, fencing products, art, photos, books, clothing, vet products and horse care info, as well as all the different horse breed booths, etc, etc - you name it, it was probably there!

ey e nos e wish I’m th sur and I ence like , r u o b neigh ice Ferris F nstead or i an I had ys next do fence the gu t old wire of tha hind me! be

The other mane, or rather main, attraction is the clinics. We missed them all last year as we were so focused on the Trainers Challenge but we did hear lots of very positive comments. This year we will try to take in some of these whenever possible - both Kathy and I would especially like to see Jonathan Field’s horsemanship clinic. But there are so many other fine clinicians attending – “wow” where does one start? This year’s Trainers Challenge - once again has three of the top trainers in North America - Doug Mills, Josh Lyons, and Mike Kevil. So the place to be is Chilliwack on October 22-24! If you have any interest in horses then you don’t want to miss this amazing event - The Mane Event Horse Expo - Equine Education and Trade Fair! Hope to see ya there!

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New Mounted Citizens On Patrol Group


he City of Williams Lake, BC, has a very active Citizens on Patrol community policing program which works closely with the local RCMP detachment. We currently have walking, biking and automobile patrols. In keeping with the history of Williams Lake we felt that the horse patrol would be Front Row Standing L to R: Safer Communities co-ordinator Dave Dickson, chair suitable and effective. of Community Policing Bob McIntosh, Sergeant Steve McLeod, and Constable This new program has been established with the Hayley Pinfold. Back Row L to R: Kathy Lovell, Donna-Marie Cyr, Zora Vignjevic, Sherry Rennie, Brielle Penner, Andy Sullivan. Missing from the picture is Tanya. support of our local RCMP detachment. The original Photo courtesy of the Williams Lake RCMP group, consisting of seven very keen volunteers who also enjoy horseback riding, has come together to launch this They have a similar mounted unit and we were able to develop a horse patrol. program tailored to our detachment and community needs. The mission statement of the Mounted Citizens Patrol Andy Sullivan, a long-term member of the Citizens on Patrol is “to improve community safety by training volunteers who in Williams Lake, has taken the lead on this project and will be partner with our RCMP to accurately observe, record and report assisting with all aspects of this program. suspicious events.� Over the past 2-1/2 months that the program has been From Canada wide Web searches, we have been unable running the community feedback has been very supportive. to find any other mounted patrol similar to the one we have developed, which works in conjunction with the local RCMP For more information on the program phone members. We would like to recognize Sergeant Alan John of the Andy 250-398-8166. Jackson Hole Wyoming police department for his assistance.


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14 • Saddle Up • October 2010

VFTH Challenge


oice For The Horse is putting a challenge out there to other Equine Specialists in their field to help support horses at risk that go in for care and rehabilitation in equine care facilities. Our challenge to you is that you contribute a minimal dollar amount or a gift in kind of equal value of your product or service to your choice of rescue centre for horses. Your contribution may come in many different ways; it may come from teaching a workshop or clinic, doing massage or other therapeutic equine work which includes all of our veterinarians and equine health care practitioners, to horse training fees and farrier work, horse hauling or stabling for horses, the list is endless. In return for your good deed you will receive recognition on our web site for one full year as a Participant of the Equine Practitioner and Trainer’s Challenge! VFTH will also feature your chosen equine care facility (horse rescue centre) on a special page of our web site which offers them extra exposure for all the hard work they put into helping and re-homing horses when they are ready to go. We have another winter coming up so please consider joining up with us to help make this difference for the horses that will no doubt show up and be in need of special care. We look forward to helping more horses with your support by giving them a second chance for a good life that they are ALL deserving of. Please visit our web site at for more details. Also see the new “Kid’s Corner” category on our website – set up for the future caretakers of our beloved horses.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Voice For The Horse has invited a special guest to attend our booth at this year’s Mane Event Expo in Chilliwack, B.C. Oct 22-24, 2010. Belinda March from Beez Country Barn in Aldergrove, B.C., dedicated much of her time last year fostering and caring for horse’s seized through the BCSPCA. This was both an eye opening and life changing experience for Belinda and she has become 110% dedicated for speaking up and helping ALL horses that become at risk due to abuse and neglect and for those that become otherwise unwanted. Please stop by our booth to meet Belinda if you are interested in finding out what it is you can do to help make a difference for horses this year that will no doubt once again show up needing help.



“SALTY OLE JACK” SALTY OLE JACK QUARTER HORSES TESTIMONIAL: I have been feeding ULTRA-KELP for about two years. I started after reading an article about horses licking dirt. It was also recommended by my farrier. My horses were licking dirt, chewing plywood and a Fir plank. After feeding ULTRA-KELP they have completely quit chewing and licking. - Glen Black, Lumby, BC FLACK’S BAKERVIEW KELP PRODUCTS INC. (Est 1985)

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Salvation vs. Rescue By Kevan Garecki PART ONE

Recent statistics reveal the incidence of “unwanted horses” has taken a sharp increase over the past three years, and cases of abandonment, starvation and neglect abound. The U.S. anti-slaughter bill was blamed in part for this anomaly, but in reality many of the “unwanted” horses are simply victims of the times.


n the 1943 novella “The Little Prince” French aviator Antoine de SaintExupery wrote “We are responsible forever for that which we tame.” In regard to the glut of “unwanted horses,” Monsieur Staint-Exupery’s profound statement translates to this; we created the problem, it’s up to us to fi x it. Registered rescue facilities are typically operating at or over capacity, as are many privately operated outfits. Breed-specific organizations such as New Stride Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and Greener Pastures, the BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society face uncertain futures due in part to

discontinuation of government grants and waning public support. Ownerfunded facilities like Meadowbrook Equine Retirement Centre struggle with their own challenges as the prevailing economic climate makes long-term support for aging equines unfeasible for many owners. That leaves a measurable portion of the work to concerned individuals like you and I. Questions mushroom whenever the topic turns to horse rescue, but definitive answers are few. Where’s a person to start? How do we focus our efforts to make ourselves most useful? There are scores of aspects demanding our attention; medical needs, farriery, the omnipresent challenge of feeding severely neglected horses, and certainly not the least of which is the Aldergrove’s inevitable “baggage” Friendliest that every rescued horse carries. Perhaps Western the most important Apparel Store question we need to consider though is “Can I viably assume the responsibility of New & Used Tack - Consignments Welcome rescuing a horse?” The dictionary Owner Belinda March is making defines “rescue” as to a contribution to horses in need/rescue. free from confinement, violence, danger, or See her at The Mane Event, Oct., 22-24 evil; “salvation” on the at the “Voice for The Horse” booth other hand is defined where they are launching a NEW Foundation as deliverance from to CARE for horses in need. destruction, difficulty, or evil. Is it enough to 26963 Old Yale Road, Aldergrove, BC 604-625-3209 • just free a horse from HOURS: Mon-Fri 9:30-5; Sat 9-5; Sun 11-5 danger, or does the process need to go a

Beez Country Barn

16 • Saddle Up • October 2010

step further? I believe the difference is between “freeing” a horse and offering him or her “deliverance.” To truly offer that horse something of value, we must be prepared to give salvation, along with the promise s/he will not return to a life of abject poverty. That, my friends is where the real “rescue” work comes in. Established rescues are often criticized for their selection process, but each has criteria by which they must judge which horses can enter their programs. These details are based on what that group can do for the horses, while also looking carefully at the prospect of rehoming the horses; or the horses’ “adoptability,” the potential for finding a suitable home within a reasonable time span. The longer it takes to rehabilitate, train and rehome a horse the more it costs. Age and other aspects may influence the decision about whether or not a particular horse may be chosen. This is all the “common sense” stuff, but with each horse also comes the never-ending sagas and stories too! There is no way to place a value on our feelings, and the inevitable choice of passing up one horse in favour of another is eclipsed only by the haunting second guesses. If this is so tough, why the attraction to rescue and rehabilitate horses? I’ve invested a lot of time offering horses another chance and watched many others who take in needy souls, find good homes for them and do so without any thought of compensation. There is a single consolidating aspect each of us has in common; we all know there is nothing like the feeling one gets from watching a horse on the brink of death rebound with that amazing equine resilience, and have that horse nicker a greeting as you approach. Taking stock of the resources

Salvation vs. Rescue, cont’d invested in the horses I’ve worked with over the years, the ones I’ve cried over, those whose memory will never fade; when I see their eyes sparkle with appreciation, watch the spring return to their step, and most importantly witness the revival of their indomitable spirit, a quiet voice echoes soft ly in my mind, “Repaid in full ... ” I urge anyone considering the rehabilitation of a needy horse to first investigate their nearest reputable rescue farm; even better, offer to volunteer there for a while to gain some insight into how they manage their horses, deal with specific situations and prepare for the inevitable crises and challenges horses will pose for them. In talking with many rescue foundations, each has endured their share of unique situations as well, none of us can live long enough to experience all that can be, so by working as a volunteer at a properly founded and

managed rescue we can gain valuable knowledge not easily learned elsewhere. Volunteering offers the hands-on experience needed to deal with horses on a personal level too; an aspect that is often neglected. Horses are intelligent, feeling, sentient beings; they need companionship, compassion and spiritual support too. There’s a lot more to taking care of neglected horses than just making sure they have food and water; feeding the body while ignoring the spirit does little toward true salvation. For those who would support a rescue facility, evaluate the situation carefully. Just because someone “rescues” horses does not mean they are able to care for them properly. Donating money to a worthwhile charity is a noble thing to do; so make sure your money is being used in the manner in which you intend. My hat’s off to all those who have undertaken the monumental task of assisting horses

in need. There’s something about taking in a horse who needs a home, as opposed to buying one that is quite ethereal by nature, but unmistakeable when you experience it for yourself. Horses can not only perceive kindness, but I’m convinced they can hold a basic understanding of charity. So when you bring a needy horse home, you’ll find that not only do you get a horse, but often a true friend as well. I can vouch for this feeling, as the first time I met the best friend I’ve ever known. Kevan Garecki has invested much of his life in communicating with horses on their own terms. His photography is an example of this devotion, as is the care with which he conducts his own horse transport business. With extensive experience in rescue and rehabilitation, Kevan is active with the SPCA and equine-oriented charities. He was recently chosen to teach the Certified Livestock Transporter program in BC. (See his listing in Business Services under Transport/Hauling.)

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Equine Canada’s First Series of Grants


ith the introduction of a $5 membership fee this year, Equine Canada has launched a new series of recreational programs. Working with Horse Council British Columbia (HCBC), the first new program was to invite British Columbia recreational groups to apply for grants for projects that would benefit recreational and trail riders in the province. The response was outstanding and applications were received for over $100,000 in projects. “It is fantastic that Equine Canada is finally in a position to support recreational programs,” said Equine Canada president, Mike Gallagher. “I want to thank Horse Council British Columbia for their commitment to getting this first major project off the ground.”

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18 • Saddle Up • October 2010

The following projects received a total of $26,000 in funding: • The Sooke Saddle Club will create a Trail Riders’ Rest Area created in William Simmons Memorial Park, which forms the hub of a proposed network of multiuse trails for the Otter Point area of southern Vancouver Island. The rest area will feature a hitching rail, a mounting block, a manure bin, picnic table, and signs to allow safe crossing of Otter Point Road. • The Yarrow Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia has undertaken the creation of a horse camp adjacent to the Manning Park Resort. The grant will allow them to prepare the location for five horse camp sites in a fenced enclosure with access to the popular recreational trails in Manning Park. (This is a major project that will take several years to complete fully, but the ultimate goal is to have hitching rails, picnic tables, fire pits and corrals at the site.) •

The Okanagan Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia has been given a grant to partially fund the purchase of corral panels that will triple the capacity for overnight camping at the site. • The Bouchie Lake Gymkhana Club will receive a grant that will supply a portion of the funds required to create a new warmup and dressage arena for the facility. • The Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia has a ride camp on the Coutlee Plateau near Merritt and their grant will help with restoration and to bring a much-needed water line into the camp. • The Powell River Trail Riders Club applied for funding toward improving their indoor arena footing. • North Vancouver Island Horse Association received a grant to help fund the installation of livestock pens at the Comox Valley Fairgrounds. • HCBC Industry Committee applied for funding to host a Jennifer Woods Horse Hauling course at the 2011 Equine Industry Conference in Kelowna. • Slocan Valley Outriders Association applied for funding to replace wooden stalls at their facility with metal panel stalls. • The Sointula Riding Club will purchase round pen panels and erect bleachers for their riding arena, the only community riding ring in the area. “British Columbia is the first of our partnering provinces to launch this new national initiative. We are delighted that we will soon be rolling out similar grants in the Yukon, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick, nourishing grassroots equestrianism from coast to coast to coast,” said Equine Canada CEO, Akaash Maharaj.

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Pigeon Fever Outbreak in the Okanagan Valley By Dr. Britt Mills, DVM

There have been upwards of 35 horses developing a disease called “Pigeon Fever” in the Okanagan Valley this fall. It is caused by the bacteria “Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis” and comes in three forms


he first is external abscesses which tend to look like lumps on the chest, midline or groin but can be located anywhere. These lumps can vary in size from a few centimetres to larger than a basketball. (It is called Pigeon Fever because the chest abscesses look like a pigeon’s breast.) The second form is internal abscesses which can cause weight loss and unthriftiness; and the third form is a leg infection called ulcerative lymphangitis which causes leg swelling and draining sores on the legs, often around the fetlock. The disease is extremely contagious and multiple horses in a herd will often be affected. The incubation period is usually several weeks. Most cases occur in the late summer and fall, with sporadic cases occurring throughout the rest of the year. It can be easily spread from farm to farm on boots or equipment, and it is thought that certain flies can transmit the disease also. There is no vaccine for horses, but once a horse is affected, it is

20 • Saddle Up • October 2010

immune for many years. If a horse comes in contact with pus from a draining wound, whether it is by direct contact from an infected horse or by contaminated equipment/ clothing or by flies, the bacteria enters through small areas of broken skin and eventually forms abscesses. The bacteria can live in the environment for a long time. Cattle can get the disease; in sheep and goats a different biotype causes the reportable disease “caseous lymphadenitis.” Evidence to date suggests that horses do not get the disease from sheep and goats, but more research needs to be done to clarify

Pigeon Fever, cont’d methods of disease transmission. Humans contract the disease very rarely but do wear gloves when dealing with draining abscesses. Diagnosis is quite easy - your vet will take a culture sample of the pus. External abscesses are hot packed until they are ready to burst, then drained. This may have to be done by your veterinarian, who can also ultrasound the abscess to see if it is ready to burst, and also locate deep abscesses by ultrasound. Be careful to avoid ground contamination from draining abscesses. Flushing an open abscess with dilute iodine solution will help. Sometimes anti-inflammatory drugs are used but the use of antibiotics is controversial. Recovery can take weeks to months, and the disease, especially in the internal abscess form, can occasionally be fatal. Prevention can be difficult, but thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting stalls and paddocks of affected horses is advisable. Bleach and water works but is ineffective poured onto the ground - if your ground has been contaminated, try to take up the top layer of dirt. If your farm is affected, eliminate horse movement on or off the property and be very aware of keeping boots, clothing and equipment clean. Do not share tack or equipment.

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Contact your veterinarian if you have questions about the disease. The Western College of Veterinary medicine is funding labwork for a study on this disease as it has not been previously reported in Canada. Call the office of Mills Veterinary Services (250-546-8860) if you would like us to fax or e-mail the protocol to your veterinarian.

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Training For Courage By Paul Dufresne ENDOTAPPING AND ENHANCING A GAIT PART 4

*In the July issue I discussed how the Endotapping technique could disrupt the fear/excite (adrenaline) cycle in the horse and replace it with a deeper state of relaxation through a neurohormonal release of endorphins. In the August issue I showed how to develop some good relaxation cues by combining Endotapping with a head-down position and controlling the bend, at a halt, walk and trot. Then in September’s issue, I explained how to move into other important foundation skills such as bombproofing.

Easy tap long and low


s you develop good relaxation cues and while preparing for bombproofing, you continue to improve the yields and establish yourself as a good leader. The next step is to use these relaxation cues to set up a positive shape and then ask the horse to improve its way of moving. I’ll explain this by giving you an example of improving the quality of the walk. I start by asking the horse, at a halt, to bring its head down and relax by tapping it in zone 1. This is the ribcage area where my leg would hang while riding. You could also check to see if you get the same positive response by tapping zone 2 on the neck. If the horse easily relaxes with its head down you are good to go. If not, keep tapping and gently put downward pressure on the halter until your horse relaxes the poll and lets the head hang plumb (90 degrees - perpendicular) without tension. Once the horse has this response reliably, you can get your horse to move forward. As the horse walks forward I encourage it to carry the head below the level of the withers with it hanging loosely from the end of its neck. 22 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Ljibbe at walk preparing to tap just in front of groin area

Should the horse bring its nose up and forward (starting to invert) just remind the horse to relax by tapping and adding a slight downward pressure on the halter. Circling with a correct bend while tapping will also facilitate the relaxation and release of the poll. When the horse is travelling on a circle with proper bend and relaxed poll, I can then look at its footfall. I will observe where the hind foot tracks in relation to the fore foot on the same side. Ideally we would like the horse to have a loose enough topline that they can at least track up to the print of the front foot. It is always valuable for the horse to be relaxed enough to overreach, or step the hind foot past the print of the front foot. When I have the bend, the poll and my horse travelling in a nice relaxed state, I can use my whip to tap the horse just in front of the groin area with a slightly sharper tap. The tap is timed to coincide with the rear leg leaving the ground. Tapping on the belly at this moment will cause a stronger contraction, raising and drawing that hock further forward. continued on page 24

Ljibbe showing the tap lingering on groin area after the tap with him having driven the leg forward

Ljibbe quartering on the bend tapping groin area to further the crossover

Ljibbe continuation forward after quartering tapping from back of hamstring to push himself forward from the hindquarter, would also do this out of the dime position • 23

Training For Courage, cont’d

Ljibbe nice shape in tapping trot before cavaletti rail

Ljibbe nice shape going over cavaletti on his own after set-up

If I were to tap every third to fift h stride on that side, I would start to see the horse increasing the length of its stride. If the horse gets a bit worried and wants to bring its head up, simply tap normally and relax it back to the starting position with bend and the soft poll before asking for more stride. The really cool thing about this technique is that even if you miss the timing with the intended leg, and tap in time with the opposite hind leg, you will still cause the desired effect of lengthening the stride. People often don’t realize that some anxious horses spend their whole day in movements that tighten up the topline which inadvertently shortens their stride. As an example, my Andalusian stallion constantly walks the fence any time horses move place on the farm. He jacks his head up to watch as he repeatedly does walk to rollback - sometimes for much longer periods than is healthy before I can stop this destructive pattern. If I was away at clinics and he wasn’t ridden regularly, I was amazed at how short his stride would become. In about four sessions of relaxing him and focusing on keeping him relaxed, I was able to get six to eight inches of overreach where previously he had been short of capping. As I focused on improving his stride the constant reminder to tap him and keep him relaxed also reduced his anxiety level.

You could ask the horse to do the dime exercise (standing with all four feet almost together) and push forward by tapping just in front of the groin area. Drive from the rear without pulling the head forward. You could also elevate the horse’s head and ask the horse to move away with one to three steps of quartering and then tap again in front of the groin area to push forward. With these combined exercises I have never seen a horse fail to improve the length of its stride and achieve a higher degree of relaxation. A big stride that is more relaxed is more efficient. It requires less energy to travel farther with every step. The same procedure can be done at the trot. Start with the softest JOG your horse can do. Once you have the soft jog with a head/neck long and low while relaxed, tap just in front of the groin area to increase the stride. When the horse holds a good posture with a totally relaxed back then we can engage the ring of muscles to push from behind into a bigger stride. Keeping the horse in a relaxed shape will allow for more athletic movement and agility. Next issue I will discuss how to develop the canter similarly and how to adapt this technique to riding. Keep your horse in a relaxed zone and then ask it to improve athletically - you will both enjoy it more.

24 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Ljibbe collected trot whips only tapping on zone 2 neck area to shape up nicely

Padrino shaped up and pushing into Spanish Trot

Paul Dufresne is a writer, performer, trainer and clinician in Kelowna, BC, who educates in Natural Horsemanship; Classical Arts; Liberty and Circensic Dressage. He teaches people to understand horses, but more importantly how to tap into their relaxation reflexes in ways seldom seen in North America. In doing so, he is able to guide people in creative experiences where the human learns to be an effective, safe leader.

4-H Clinic With Paul Dufresne By Elsie Wain “Saddle Up continues to be my favourite horse magazine, and it was through Saddle Up that I found out about Paul and his work. Keep up the good work!” – Elsie


une 1 and 2 found Paul Dufresne conducting a series of clinics in Whitehorse, Yukon. By partnering with two private stables who were hosting Paul, the Spirit Riders 4-H Horse Club was able to secure the services of Paul for a two-day 4-H Clinic. Thirteen children and their horses were able to take part, 11 from Whitehorse, and 2 from the community of Watson Lake. The Watson Lake Multi-Club has been in existence for a number of years, and usually has between two and five members doing a horse project. The Spirit Riders is a new club, formed in 2008 to 2009. The experience range of the children is, for the most part, beginner. Some of the kids take regular riding lessons, but most of the members are learning their horsemanship skills solely through the 4-H program. About five of the children who took part are in their first year of the 4-H horse program, which is designed to provide both members and parents with the information necessary to understand the responsibilities and costs associated with owning their own horse. These members were able to take part in Paul’s clinic through the generosity of the leaders, who made their own horses available for the clinic. Paul’s clinic seemed to be a very good fit for these young and inexperienced children because Paul focuses first and foremost on groundwork and learning to understand how the horse sees the world around them. Paul keeps the clinics fun by using all kinds of “props.” The handler builds confidence in the horse and becomes the horse’s “lead” by introducing scary objects in a manner that keeps them both safe. One of the games that Paul uses is to have all the participants run around with their horse, stopping, turning, backing, walking and trotting, all at Paul’s command. The “lead” is not allowed to look at their horse,

trusting that they will follow. Hence, the horse learns to just “follow” the “lead.” Paul also introduced Our members presenting Paul with a the kids to Endotapping. card and stained glass “white horse” to thank him for teaching us so much. This is a method to help the horse learn to relax and therefore be more open to learning new things. Over the two days, some very high-headed and nervous horses became soft, level-headed partners, willing to try pushing balls and walking over tarps. The Endotapping really empowered the kids, and helped them see that through communication; they can indeed be their horse’s leader and build trust in these huge animals. It was a wonderful two days, and from the leader’s perspective, it was so great to be able to watch our kids “learn to do by doing” which is the 4-H motto. Paul’s clinic was made possible through the generosity of Lotteries Yukon which kept the clinic affordable for parents. The Sprit Riders would like to offer a huge thank-you to Paul for teaching us all so much, and to Lotteries Yukon for providing us with that opportunity.

“AN APPLE A DAY”… BUT… a balanced supplement makes better horse sense! “Proud to have contributed to your Horse’s Nutrition for the past 22 years.”

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Toe First? By Yvonne Miller Would you like to be able to determine the soundness of your horse now and help you to keep your horse sound for many years to come? Having the skill to be able to notice if your horse is hitting the ground heel first, flat or toe first will start you on the road to helping your horse be sound longer and to have knowledgeable conversations with your vet and your farrier.


hen a horse is hitting the ground toe first, this causes the horse’s weight to overly impact the back portion of his foot. This will cause the knee joint, the pastern joints and the coffin joint to be used improperly as well as put too much weight on the soft tissues in the back of the foot. This can be the beginning of heel pain or navicular syndrome! This can be a many-faceted problem which requires attention from the owner of the horse, the rider of the horse and the farrier, 1) Have someone lead or ride the horse past you. Focus on only one foot. Closely watch as the horse’s foot travels through its

26 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Does your horse hit the ground toe first?

flight pattern and contact with the ground. The slower the horse is made to move the easier it is to see. This will be a skill that you will have to practice to build your eye until you can see what the horse is doing every step. 2) Watch that foot for ten steps. How many of the ten steps did the horse hit the heel first, flat or toe first. The more toe first steps your horse takes the more unsound your horse is. Note: many horses who are not “lame” are hitting the ground toe first. When we notice this before they are lame and make changes we can possibly prevent the horse from becoming lame! 3) The owner/rider’s first responsibility is to notice how the horse’s foot is impacting the ground. Get together with a friend and practice, practice, practice. 4) The owner/rider’s next responsibility is to have a conversation with their farrier about how their horse is moving. One of the causes of toe-first landing may be that the horse has long toes and long heels. Some of the literature has mistakenly taught horsemen to balance the pastern to hoof angle

Toe First?, cont’d by extending the heel. It is true that the angle of the pastern and hoof need to match, however that balance has to be reached by other means than leaving the heel long. The problem with leaving the heel long is that the construction of the hoof is such that if the heel is left long it doesn’t get taller it actually contracts and becomes under run. Under run heels are nearly always combined with too long of a toe. Too long of a toe doesn’t mean there is too much foot on the bottom, it means there is too much toe in front. 5) The onus is also on the rider to ride the horse properly. Horses left to their own devices, for instance, a broodmare, move around their whole life with the majority of their weight on their front end without any ill effects. However when we ride a horse without making an effort to help the horse transfer some of that weight to his back end, we, as riders, can cause the horse to be lame. Riders need to understand the needs of the conformation of their horse, how to get some of the weight off the front end and how to balance well as riders. Whew, that is a lot of responsibility on the rider! Have the conversations with

your farrier, educate yourself on how to evaluate your horse’s footfall and make all of the effort that you can to ride well. Your horse and your horse’s hooves will thank you for it. An avid horseman from an early age, Yvonne Miller has pursued excellence in horsemanship her whole life. Raised on a 320-acre ranch in southeast British Columbia, chasing horses with her Dad and her sisters was how she learned to ride. A farrier since 1982, a riding coach especially focused on helping people succeed with their horse, and a teamster, she works with horses every day.

Toe-first landing affects all of the joints negatively

Marijke “LIVE” At the Mane Event Chilliwack, BC, October 22-24, 2010

Marijke Van de Water, B. Sc., DHMS - Equine Health & Nutritional Specialist - Medical Intuitive - Author of “Healing Horses: Their Way!” - Founder of the highly successful Product Line - Riva’s Remedies

Marijke will present 2 FREE live demonstrations Friday, October 22 at 1:15 pm and October 23 at 1:30 pm in the Demo Arena. Come and see Riva’s Remedies (booth 508) and visit with Marijke or one of our experts regarding your equine nutritional or health concerns. Our professional natural products line will be available for review and purchase.

Too long of a toe, too long of a heel often lead to toe-first landing


Thinking Outside the Box “Stall” By Monty Gwynne, the Pony Fairy I was delighted to be asked to do a series on Clicker training for Saddle Up. These lessons, though they appear very simple, were very carefully designed and if you progress through them, you will see amazing results and reap unexpected benefits. For a more in-depth view please contact me for the full DVDs or books or go to Alexandra Kurland’s website


ach lesson presented will explain another section of the “polite horse” rule book to your horse. The lessons will also address a whole host of issues such as barging, pushing into you with their shoulders, rearing, biting and shying to mention a few.  Now, I know you’re eager to go out and try this with your horse but, before that happens, we’re going to begin by perfecting the basic mechanical skills you will need to be a great Clicker trainer. We start by having people work on these lessons with other people. This approach makes Alexandra Kurland’s work very innovative and ingenious. We get to practice the skills we’ll need BEFORE we try things out on our horse. AND we get to experience the training from the horse’s perspective. Working with a human partner gives us “English language” feedback rather than “horse language” feedback so we can perfect our lessons much faster, and all without frustrating our horses while we ourselves are trying to learn.

We will begin with food delivery, seeing as it is at the heart of Clicker training. The equipment needed for this lesson is a clicker (available at most pet stores) and a pouch or pocket for holding treats, and some treats. You will also need a friend to help you out by pretending to be “the horse.” (I have found that humans work better for chocolate.) You are going to practice using a friend as “your horse.” Have your friend hold her hands together out in front of her body. Her hands represent your horse’s “head.” As in all the training we do in Clicker training, we will chunk the lesson down into small bits so we can be successful. We will start without the clicker. Standing on the left side of your “horse” practice reaching into your pouch or pocket and delivering a treat to your “horse.” This action should be smooth and deliberate. You will be delivering the food with your left hand when on the left side (and yes you need to practice delivery on the right side with your right hand too!). Once this is fluid (you may need to change where your pouch is or to a different jacket if it is too hard to get the treat out) you will add the clicker to the exercise.  Each part of the ‘click and treat’ delivery is a discreet step. Now, you will practice clicking the clicker, with your right hand (if standing on the left side) THEN reaching into your pouch with your left hand and THEN delivering the treat AWAY from your body. Present the treat, where you would like your “perfect” horse’s head to be. This series of actions needs to be fluid and should not feel rushed or clumsy. You should be able to do this on both sides of the horse.  What now? The horse right? No, not yet! Now that you have your food delivery skills perfected, it’s time to add another new skill: handling a target. A target can be anything that is easy to hold and is horse safe. An empty plastic water bottle, the lid off of a supplement container or a small cone, all makes great targets. You will be teaching your horse to touch his nose to a target, in your first horse lesson, so we

28 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Thinking Outside, cont’d

Notice target is down and hidden

Show target

need to practice with your human horse first. Pretend that your human horse is in a stall with a stall guard across the door. Here is the cycle of behaviours - standing on your horse’s left side, hold the target out with your left hand in a position where she can easily bump it with her clasped hands (the horse’s nose). Click as she touches the target with her “nose” and hand her the treat with your LEFT hand. But here we have a problem! You are holding the target in your left hand. So, as soon as you have clicked, pass the target to your right hand and reach into your pocket with your left. As you are getting the food treat out, the target should be held down and clearly out of range. Hand your partner her “treat,” then switch hands with the target and begin a new cycle (see photos 1 to 4). Easy, right? Once you start practicing you may find yourself stumbling over the details. And the details are important! Your “horse” partner can act as a coach reminding you to switch hands and to take the target down between trials. You may also want to set up a video camera to help you spot details that are being overlooked. All this human practice will pay huge dividends once you go to your horse. It is well worth taking the time to do this. If you are clumsy; if the timing of the click is off, if you forget to switch hands after the click, if you feed in too close to your body, all these things can create frustration in your horse and lead to unwanted behaviours. If you are well practiced and smooth, your first clicker session will be easy and your horse will think you’ve brought him the best game ever! Have fun practicing your clicker targeting skills. Don’t forget to practice on both side of your “horse.” Next month we’ll introduce your real horse to the clicker beginning with this lesson on basic targeting. That’s the first step in teaching him to be polite around food.

“Click,” reach for treat

And treat

(I will be posting a short video to YouTube titled food delivery and targeting skills so you can see it in action.) Monty Gwynne owns a private training/boarding facility, Flyin G Ranch, in Cochrane, AB, where she assists owners in training their own horses using Clicker training. Monty has successfully trained horses of many breeds for many disciplines over the last 30 plus years, including gaited breeds. Monty is the only Canadian-approved instructor for Clicker training using Alexandra Kurland’s program (the founder of Clicker training for Horses). She has been training using the clicker for the past 12 years. • 29

How the West Was... By Sandra Conway (as told by Roy Goodman) Photos by Maynard Photography, Vancouver

Irish Taylor (#21,167) 1946 Bay Stallion (Lucky Taylor P1190, 1936 Chestnut x Iriss)


rish Taylor, it seems, was destined for the Cariboo but on his way he became one of the models for BC’s Quarter Horse Association. This blood bay stallion, standing 15.1 hands, weighing 1,200 to 1,300 pounds, was nearly sold to Rick Hobson of the “Grass Beyond the Mountains” fame. But, as Roy Goodman sees it, “Lucky for me when Mr. Hobson bought one of Irish’s colts instead and I came out on top with Irish Taylor.” Roy bought Irish Taylor from Marston Ball of Burlington, WA, in 1956 and brought the athletic stallion to the Lower Mainland in BC where Roy and Irish embarked on an impressive show career until 1964 when Irish was retired from the show ring due to an injury. Western horse shows in 1957 were not as plentiful nor as organized as they are today, and horses and riders like Irish and Roy were something of pioneers of the Western show and indeed, the Quarter Horse Association in BC. Roy began showing Irish in fall fairs around the Lower Mainland, even travelling to Vancouver Island to introduce Western halter and performance classes to fair goers. In 1957, Irish won at halter in the Chilliwack Fall Fair in a class of two horses, the other horse was Whispering Smith, Jackie Robinson’s stallion. In 1958 Irish won another two-horse halter class at the Haney Fall Fair. Though participants were often lacking in those days, enthusiasm was not; and determination and quality horse flesh marked the path for today’s Quarter Horse shows. In the 1960 PNE halter class Irish Taylor stood in a field of stallions including Whispering Smith and King Motion of the Cherry Creek Ranch, winning Reserve in his class. As a result of that Western horse show in 1960, the B.C. Quarter Horse Association was formed. Eileen Peterson 30 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Irish while still in Washington, date unknown

Chilliwack 1957

was the first secretary for the association as Roy remembers. Irish Taylor was the first Quarter Horse to win the year-end award for pleasure and stock horse in the Canadian Horse Show Association. In that same year Roy took Irish down to Walla Walla, WA, to the Pacific Northwest Quarter Horse Show. Roy said he and Irish were heartily welcomed since their arrival made the show truly an international show. There Irish competed in halter and performance with King Fritz, Paul Easter and the Page horses among others. Roy explained that in the 60s a horse had to win a determined number of points in order to be invited to the Vancouver International Horse Show. Irish won trophies for stock horse and pleasure at that prestigious show in 1960 and 1961. In 1964, while Roy was working away from home, during an exercise period, Irish fell and came up lame. In spite of repeated and numerous attempts to discover the source of the injury, the lameness persisted. Thus, Roy determined to retire Irish from the show ring and turned Irish out to pasture. A buyer, looking for a good stallion for his herd of mares, finally persuaded Roy to sell his old friend. Roy lost track of Irish Taylor after he was sold. Years later Roy learned that Irish was eventually taken into the Cariboo where he died around the age of 30 years.

Stock Horse in Haney

Burnaby Lake Saddle Club Team Day in Richmond

PNE Grafton Broad Jump (Irish won at a 22’ length) • 31

Fillies Find Dreamscape Ranch


n the September 10-12 weekend some of the North Okanagan Fillies had the pleasure of experiencing Dreamscape Ranch situated on 160 acres in the beautiful rolling grasslands of Knutsford, minutes from Kamloops, BC. Owners Lea and Bud Thorson have created their own p private little piece p of heaven offering the charm of a Bed

and Breakfast (and/or Bales) with the hospitality of a real Guest Ranch. Upon arrival we couldn’t take our eyes off the view! Those that brought their own horses were very pleased with the large paddocks offered, complete with shelters and auto waterers. Hours and miles of lovely trails await you and your horse. They also have a large outdoor riding arena and round pen. “We encourage guests to bring their own horses and experience the sprawling countryside we have to offer,” says Lea. A trail guide can be provided, but some trails are marked so you can easily enjoy your own private ride at your own pace. Three western themed bedrooms (with queen beds) are available in the main house where you will have your meals served, and can then relax in the living room area, outside on the covered porch, or around a bonfire. The “Jailhouse” cabin, steps from the house, can accommodate 5 people with a queen bed and 3 singles. Three home cooked meals per day are offered to those wanting the Guest Ranch Stay option – “The food was great – and lots of it,” – all agreed. “And the riding… awesome!” They also offer boarding, as well as horse rehabilitation working closely with the veterinarians from the Kamloops Large Animal Clinic. Some of you may have already read the story about “Chance” (in Saddle Up’s July 2010 issue) – a one-day old colt found abandoned at the side of the road. He’s here and healthy as a “horse.” Dreamscape Ranch also welcomes international students to assist them in learning the English language and to help in the day-to-day running of a working horse ranch. You can make yourself (and your horse) at home at Dreamscape Ranch!

“Chance” at 4 months old

32 • Saddle Up • October 2010 2382 CHILCOTIN HIGHWAY

Rural Acreage! Quality built log home! Very peaceful! Wildlife at your doorstep! Home is very bright with vaulted ceiling in the living room. Open floor plan, in floor heat and stainless steel appliances. 8 and half acres all fenced and xfenced. 1,250 sq.ft. barn currently being used as a shop, has wood stove. A comfortable place to lay your head! Asking $349,000. Call Dana Hinsche 250-398-0914,


250 acres, fenced and x-fenced. Endless pastures, some hay fields. Creek, ponds, park-like setting, crown land on 3 sides. Set up for horses, small arena, corrals. Incredible fishing, hunting, and trail riding right at your doorstep. 95 km to Kamloops on government-maintained road. 1600 sq.ft. log home, 3 bdrms, sunny and bright. 2 guest cabins, hayy sheds, ggarage, g shop, p cedar hot tub. Small airfield w/hangar, g solar system, 25kw generator, satellite internet. $649,000. Call Barrie Cline 250-371-7222,

REEDY LAKE RANCH - 1,142 ACRES Comprised of 7 titles; set up to run 250 cow/ calf pairs. Main res. is a 2,253 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, basement home; with a mobile home ideal for hired help or guests. Workshop, hay barn, animal shelters, equipment shed, corrals, cattle handling facilities and stock waterers. Has 7 water licenses used primarily for irrigating 240 acres of hay land that produces on average 3.88 tons/acre using 2 pivots, wheel line and hand lines. Perimeter/x-fenced and has approximately 300 acres of pasture in addition to range permits of 590 AUM that operate between 1 June and 30 Sept. Merchantable timber and an adequate land base would allow for future expansion. Cattle and equipment negotiable. $1,650,000. Call Bob Granholm 1-250-249-0004 or 1-250-983-3372,

IDEAL SPOT FOR A GUEST RANCH The Marble Mountains, an easy few hours ride south, have breathtaking views and has just been declared a park. An exclusive trail riding permit may be available to the operator. Cabins are in excellent condition with private bathrooms in each. A new operator could get a good business going just from his own social contacts. The operation is small enough to get by with minimal help and yet large enough to create a good income. Much of the land is open natural grass covered meadows. Area around the house and outbuildings is well treed offering a private and pleasant setting. $890,000. Call Barrie Cline 250-371-7222,



Seldom do you find a home in Cherry Creek in such a new and good condition. 2,600 sq.ft. finished; 2 baths up and third down in a finished suite (currently not rented). Plenty of water from a dug well at Therman’s Pond. The view will never cease to amaze you - you can see Kamloops Lake, all the farming activities below and the mountains at the back. This is a nice way to live! $539,000. Call Barrie Cline 250-371-7222,

Picturesque 53 acres along the east side of Huff Lake located only 30 minutes to Kamloops. Over 2,500’ of waterfront to enjoy. Good pastures for horses. Multiple building sites that capture the view of the lake. $550,000. Two other parcels in the area are for sale as well. Call Barrie Cline for details 250-371-7222,

1-877-374-3331 250-374-3331 J. BARRIE CLINE RE/MAX BARRIE CLINE 250-371-7222







Gated Cabin Communityy in the South Cariboo

with 10 acre Country Lots from $130,000 and 5 acre Waterfront Lots from $225,000 - each with private access to crown land and lakes for more info contact: Cariboo Country Living Ltd

Tel: 1-250-593-0188 • 33

Martin Black at Old Baldy Ranch By Colleen Wangler On September 10-12 my husband Aaron and I were honoured to host the first Martin Black Horsemanship and Colt Starting clinic ever held in BC. I was first alerted to Martin by a dear friend who co-hosted the first Canadian clinic of Martin’s three years ago in Redwater, AB.


was personally invited to that event but due to prior commitments couldn’t attend but my interest and curiosity led me to begin reading everything I could find on Martin and specifically went to the 2009 Mane Event in Chilliwack to watch Martin in the Trainers Challenge, which we all know he went on to win. I saw all I needed to know that first hour and approached Martin as soon as he stepped out of the ring about the possibility of coming all the way up Martin Black north to do a clinic. What started out as an invitation-only private clinic and widened to allow selected dedicated horsemen, turned out

into the most profound personal and horse-related experience that you can’t begin to imagine without having been here to participate. Nineteen participants came together, some as friends, some total strangers from Hazelton, Prince George, Fort St. John, Hudson’s Hope, Grande Prairie, AB, and Beaverlodge, AB. A better group of people could not have been created and to that end thank you all; for your willingness to jump in and help, camaraderie, sportsmanship and cleanliness. One would not know that approximately 50 people camped here for five days. Martin and Jennifer Black are two individuals who have a silent communication, working Mac Jr. first ride on his Old Baldy Ranch bred horse together in everything they do. During classes Jennifer always attuned to Martin and silently ready to assist anyone when needed. (That is when not taking pictures!) We started each day with horsemanship and who thought putting on a saddle properly was such a BIG deal! We were soon to find out later in the day Martin and Aaron on AW Band to Rebel

34 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Martin Black, cont’d with our colts. Martin skillfully and patiently broke down every single step, never once raising the level of his voice or making us old gray hairs feel like a fool or inexperienced. Finally after all these years I understand and can incorporate the proper position of my body weight to help my horse do a simple turn. Starting our colts was done in such a gentle, easy, stress-free manner resulting in all of us being on our colts the first day, with the security of Martin guiding us while mounted on his horse and holding our colt’s lead shank. It was a sad moment at clinic end on Sunday. Where had three days gone? We had all been like sponges absorbing

Martin’s every word, demonstration, story; it was hard to believe we were done. Martin will be returning to Old Baldy Ranch next August, 2011, for a five-day clinic. A little different format and yes we must include roping as even our tried and true working cowboys were left standing with their mouths agape at Martin’s roping skills. Heartfelt thanks Martin and Jennifer, I am already counting down to next year.

Getting the feel of packing a saddle

Jolene came from the farthest from Hazelton, BC

Carson starting AW Blue Aladin

Martin and Natasha our youngest participant

Bob Donaldson on AW Poco Cinders purchased at our production sale 2008

• 100 Mile Feed and Ranch Supply 100 Mile House, BC • 250-395-2408 • Beaver Valley Feeds (1990) Ltd. Williams Lake, BC • 250-392-6282 • Consumers Co-op Association Pitt Meadows, BC • 604-465-5651 • Dare’s Country Feeds Aldergrove, BC • 604-856-1611 • Integrity Sales & Dist. Saanichton, BC • 250-544-2072 • North Cariboo Growers Co-op Quesnel, BC • 250-992-7274 • 1-888-992-2667 • Northern Acreage Supply Ltd., Prince George, BC 250-596-2273 • Purity Feed Co. Merritt, BC • 250-378-4420 • The Horse Barn Kamloops, BC • 250-374-3511 • Thunderbird Livestock Equipment Fort Langley, BC • 604-830-9812 • Westway Feed & Seed Delta, BC • 604-590-9355 • Whitehouse Stables Saanich, BC • 250-656-8701 • 35

Trainer of the North Challenge By Geri Brown Photos by Danielle Lawrence

This was the first ever Trainer of the North Challenge held during the 91st annual Bulkley Valley Exhibition in Smithers, BC, and it was a resounding success. The crowd attendance exceeded expectations and the final was standing room only.


ll the trainers, Glenn Stewart, James Allan and Kyle Mills, stepped up to the challenge and did an excellent job with the horse they drew. They provided the audience with great entertainment and a lot of good horsemanship knowledge. The horse skills exhibited by each of them were outstanding and there was never really a clear winner until the end. The three horses provided by Jerry Ridennoure; Jack, Ranger and Penny, rose to the challenge and performed for each trainer like real troopers. We drew numbers for each horse and Kyle Mills drew number 2, “Penny.” Penny proved to be quite a handful and Kyle had his work cut out for him on day one. On day two she was a willing partner for Kyle and things went more smoothly for the rest of the sessions. By the final, Penny’s trust in Kyle brought tears to your eyes; she willingly executed each obstacle that was asked of her, even loading into the trailer with no hesitation. After watching the first session it was hard to believe this was the

Trainers: Kyle, Glenn and James

same horse. Kyle worked hard for the win and was very deserving of it. We were very lucky to have three excellent judges for this event. Deanna Reimer, Jill Oneill and Larry Wierenga are all experienced horse trainers in their own right, and they fit the requested criteria of getting local people to judge. We considered it an honour to have them preside over the 14 hours of judging with the strict set of criteria to mark the trainers on. The announcers Harley Golder and Tom Danyk were great and stepped up to the job after our main announcer had to pull due to work reasons. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who did all the physical work so the event came off without a hitch. And thanks to all the sponsors for supporting this event. So if there are any trainers out there who would like to throw their hat in the ring next year, let us know, e-mail bvfair. ca. The score sheets will be posted on the BVX website. The BVX Light Horse show was also a resounding success we had over 150 horse-rider combinations and over 1,000 entries. The competition was good and the weather was great. Cindy Jeffrey, Pat Jones, Tanya Landry, Anjelika Langen and Geri Brown combined with all the other volunteers worked hard to make it such a successful event.

36 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Roman Ramblings Greg’s column


ne day last weekend when we came back from town we horse husband doesn’t own a welding torch but my neighbour noticed that there was a broken rail in the arena; which down the road does and a few cold ones will go down quite nicely isn’t unusual, except this one was the one on the bottom after all the piping is in place and the corners are smoothed out. row. None of the horses had bumps or scratches or sore necks The gray pipe will look great once it is painted and securely or were limping, so how it was broken remains a mystery. One attached to the top of the fence posts in the arena. There is no theory is that a bear tried to go through, instead of over and the way our favorite little rail breaker will be able to snap those rail broke under its weight? suckers in half. I have seen the horses bend and almost go down on one knee to try and nibble the grass on the other side of the lower Ride safe and return safe. rails. Possibly one of them might have fallen while bending and somehow ended up on the rail and it snapped? We are thankful that there wasn’t a horse laying near or on the broken bottom rail with a broken neck or a severe neck or leg injury. When I was pounding the spikes in the new rail, I had an idea on how to stop Guy, aka Snap, from breaking the top rails in the arena. When our well pump packed it in last week we also had to replace a few hundred feet of old 1” galvanized pipe with some expensive plastic piping and we ended up with a few hundred feet in 21 foot lengths. There was no way I could safely load them on Nancy’s truck and take them to the dump. Even with a headache rack I would have had 8 feet of wiggly heavy metal pipe hanging over the cab and my nerves just wouldn’t allow me to do it. I fondly remember what happened and what was said and what it cost me when I backed Nancy’s relatively new and scratch-free truck into the wood pile last fall and knocked the tail gate out of whack. Admittedly, I did try and imagine what might happen if we both grabbed an end and then ran the pipe across the base of the nearest big tree to try and January 22 & 23, 2011 bend it in the middle, so it would fit in Delta Grand Okanagan Resort Conference Centre, Kelowna, BC the truck. Then I envisioned both of us sprawled on the ground holding our Hilary Clayton * J.W. Equine * Paton & Martin Vet Services broken wrists or ribs or both and quickly Insurance/Liability * Rider Fitness * Equine Legal Issues * Equine Business Development gave up on that plan. * Safe Hauling * Horse Camping * Trails Projects After I broke two cutting blades 25 Exhibitor Booths Available and possibly blew the motor in my Jig-saw trying to cut the darn pipes Early Bird Registration $120 + HST Bus Tickets $100 + HST into manageable lengths, I had the idea Registration after December 1, 2010 $150 + HST Room Reservations Call 1-800-465-4651 of using them as a really durable and For more information or to purchase tickets call 1-800-345-8055 or go online to unsnappable top rail in the arena. This • 37

Down Home with... Carmen Teixeira-Derksen 2010 AQHA World Show Qualifiers are Oklahoma City bound. Salmon Arm’s own Carmen Teixeira-Derksen aboard the great stallion SR KOOL STARLITE are headed to the AQHA World Show held November 4-21st in Oklahoma City to compete in Sr. Reining.


Kool Starlite or Koolio, is proudly owned by Jose and Frances Teixeira of Teixeira Performance Stables in Salmon Arm, BC and is shown by daughter, Carmen. Together they have made a great team in the Reining show arena.

a great family, friends and clients and we all like to have a good time; we have had many of these laughing moments. There’s too many to mention but those that read this will hopefully be chuckling when they reflect. Laugh out loud moments!

When did horses first come into your life?

Well I feel pretty privileged to ride Koolio. He has so many huge accomplishments, before and after we bought him, so the next one has to be even more fantastic than him. Riding those really nice horses that have good work ethics combined with talent, athleticism and integrity is a pretty cool feeling. Hey, I love people watching me ride Koolio and never tire of hearing that he is one cool horse.

Horses have always been in my life; it’s a lifestyle for me. I had my first pony before I was 3, am a 4-H alumni (love 4-H) and am happy to say that I still have my first Quarter Horse gelding that I showed in everything from Pleasure, English and Penning… he is 32 this year!

Who has been the most influential horse person in your life and why? I have been influenced by many great trainers, professionals and horse lovers simply because of their passion to own and ride great horses. However, my parents truly have been the biggest influence with horses in my life; without their passion my goals would not even be possible. Professionally, the Grimshaw family has been a pretty big influence with my career. I rode with Bob for years as a client and it was Barb that originally mentioned to me that the opportunity to ride with Jason was available. I was proud to be asked. Jason is such a fantastic horseman and I was grateful that he taught me so much.

What horse memory still gives you a good laugh? Watching my sister lunge horses sometimes… she’s hilarious and anyone that knows her can just imagine. I have 38 • Saddle Up • October 2010

If you could ride any horse (living or dead) which one and why?

Carmen Teixeira-Derksen and SR Kool Starlite Photo by Tracey Eide Photography

What has been your most memorable achievement (horses or personal)? It was a huge commitment for me to move away for more than a year to work as an assistant trainer in Texas; I had to put commitments on hold at home to be able to do this. I loved everything that I learned and experienced and am thankful for that opportunity. I had dreamed of riding those caliber horses and working with/around that caliber of trainers my whole life so it was really awesome to get invited. My family is completely proud and that’s the best feeling for me.

What are your future goals? Continue to ride and show and to promote Koolio’s babies in the Reining show pen. I try to keep perspective and balance in my life because it is such a demanding industry but I love to horse show.

SR Kool Starlite Photo by Andrea Blair Photography

Good luck to you and Koolio at the World Show!

(Editor’s Note: Between 2009 and 2010, this team has won on the Reining circuit; 7 Champion titles, 2 Top 10s, 2010 AQHA World Show Qualifier and 2010 NRHA Affiliate Qualifier.)

108 Mile Horse Sale Report By Jennifer Raifteiri-McArdle (originally printed in 100 Mile Free Press)


espite the smoking hot weather, over 200 people from Quesnel to Clearwater were on site for the Horses and Heroes Horse Sale at the 108 Resort Stables on Sunday, August 15th. Just under $460 was raised for the SPCA which will be earmarked for horse care and rescue. There was a good selection of horses from beautiful babies to well-broke ranch horses and while not every horse sold, a lot of information between buyers and sellers was exchanged, old acquaintances renewed, and new friendships struck. Amber Crutchley was the winner of the early bird draw, getting back her table rental for registering before August 10th. There were several tables rented with new and used tack, specialty items, equine businesses, consignment tables and displays by the SPCA. There was even a stock trailer and a load of hay for sale.

The overall consensus was that it was a great idea, great venue, and should be an annual event. As always with a first time event there were a few glitches including one runaway, who was quickly recovered. Discussions are already underway for a sale next year, with several great new ideas. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the sale, whether with table rentals, horses for sale, as spectators, and especially to the volunteers who helped out in the perishing heat. A big thank you to Chris Condie for the use of the 108 Resort Stables for this event. And a huge hug to all the horses who stood around patiently and so well-behaved, including our own who hatched a diabolical plan not to be sold by gleaming like newlyminted pennies on Saturday, only to emerge on Sunday so fi lthy they were barely recognizable. Their plan worked!

TNT HAY SALES If Your Animals Won’t Eat It, We Will! • Alfalfa - Grass • Local Hay • Alfalfa • Orchard Grass • Teff Grass • Timothy Hay

John McCarvill of 100 Mile House shows off one of the well-broke mares he brought to the sale.


5765 Falkland Road, Falkland 250-379-2078 or 604-850-4238 5,000 sq. ft. of Shopping Experience!

Visit Our Booth at ‘The Mane Event’ in Chilliwack October 22-24


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Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan


ummer seemed to have come to a rather abrupt end this year... either that or Fall came rather quickly! We had a poor hay crop this year, although we did get it into the barn without any rain. There is still one meadow left to cut but the weather isn’t looking very promising - although I have baled on October 1st in the past. The 11th Annual Cariboo Country Night was held on September 11 at the Watch Lake Community Hall and went as well or better than any of the past 10 events! The whole evening was great! Performer Ernie Doyle is a past favourite and always goes over really well. He had the crowd all singing along to the favourite tunes that he knows so well. Barbara Stepner was a surprise guest singer that a lot of the folks knew as she is a summer resident at Watch Lake. Her songs were all her own material and went over well, both at the concert and during the dance. Last year Laura Kelsey (one of the South Cariboo Idols) was such a hit that we pretty much had to bring her back this year. Once again she had the crowd roaring as she sang a couple of favourite up beat tunes with a huge, powerful, voice that was hard to imagine coming from her small thin frame. Ed Wahl was awesome! He sang cowboy tunes in the concert segments of the evening, played guitar for Laura (with all of three minutes to practice together), and between him, Laura, and Ernie, had the dance floor packed all night long. Top off all this entertainment with a big thick juicy BBQ steak (donated by the 100 Mile House Save-On-Foods) with all the trimmings and dessert, and people got more than their monies worth at $25 per ticket - especially

These three, Ernie, Laura and Ed, although they never performed together before, did a super job of the dance.

the two folks that went home with an extra $232.50 each from the bovine bingo! Although she’s never done anything like this before my wife Kathy got talked into heading down to Westbank with Whiskey, her one-eyed wonder (a Quarter Horse Arab cross that Kathy on Whiskey her one-eyed wonder getting in shape for the Westbank CTR. she raised), for a Competitive Trail Ride on September 24-25. I’ll let you know how that went in the November issue of Saddle Up. Who talked her into this adventure? Why the bubbly hyper blonde, our dear friend Joanne Macaluso of course! Here’s what Joanne sent me about the Cariboo girls that headed south for an Endurance ride in Westbank last month. “September 11th saw 5 Cariboo riders venture to Westbank for the Westbank Rocker Endurance ride. The Telemark Ski trails provide hilly terrain unlike the Cariboo undulating grasslands and plateaus! Nicola Maughn, Karen Parlee, Joanne Macaluso and Katrin Levermann were all entered in the 22 Mile ride. Katrin’s daughter, Katya rode for 50 Miles (at 11 years old!). All riders and horses completed successfully. Unofficially, Nicola Maughn aboard “Bart” was a top 10 finisher and Katya Levermann was also top 10 in the 50 Mile event congratulations! Joanne Macaluso with “Cinco Bey B” was awarded Best Conditioned Horse and Katrin Levermann won an award for riding “Salvador” booted as opposed to shod. A good time was had by all at the final endurance ride of the season!” So who’s all heading down to Chilliwack for The Mane Event in October? Or should I say who isn’t heading down there?

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40 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Cariboo Chatter, cont’d WHAT’S THIS? Readers do you know what this is? Your guess and the correct answer will be printed in the next issue.

What’s your guess?

Martin Black, last year’s Trainers Challenge winner, gets his colt used to a bridge.

Hugh McLennan will once again be the voice

more so as yesterday the cruise director sent out a news bulletin that said we get a free excursion in Mazatlan - a trip to a beach, with lunch and an open bar, and it includes a horseback ride! Even though we do trail rides all summer we still love to head out on horseback on our holidays - what better way to see a place than from the back of horse! If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included please e-mail Mark at and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line.

of the 2010 Trainers Challenge.

This month’s “What’s This” is just for fun! These two are novelty items. The pencil beside them in the photo shows their size. Both the camera and elephant are the same thing - what is their purpose? Good luck!

E-mail Mark at and put “What’s This? October” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province please.

Cariboo Coming Events I think anyone and everyone with an interest in horses will be there. Last year we finally made it and it has now been added to our list of annual things to do - we wouldn’t want to ever miss it - it’s a super weekend. We’ll be there for the whole weekend, in fact the organizers have asked me to take photos again this year, which I love doing. See my news release in this issue on page 13. Things have been pretty busy around here and the Fall is going to disappear right quick I think. Before we know it Christmas will be here and we’ll be packing our bags and heading for the Mexican Riviera on the January Spirit of the West Cruise. We were pretty excited about this cruise and now we’re even

November 20: Williams Lake Cowboy Christmas November 26: Cowboy Christmas Concert in Kamloops BC November 27: The Museum’s Annual Christmas Tea & Bake Sale 11am-2pm February 12: 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert March 10-13: The Kamloops Cowboy Festival

Last Month’s What’s This? The September issue’s photo was taken here in our own little Meadow Springs Museum. This object opens up and holds a pocket watch. It was common for guys to use these as it would protect their watch while they were at work. It was a tougher one this time, and we only had two guesses - one right and one wrong. The right answer was sent in by: Ed Wahl, Coquitlam. • 41

Cowboy Poetry The Upside of the Pine Beetle

Old White Horse

Mike Puhallo

Linda Purjue

I cut firewood all last weekend Now I need just one more load Thanks to them Pine Beetles There’s lots just up the road.

Old White Horse Standing hip-shot in the winter sun Chalky hide yellowed against the blue-white snow Hips and shoulders sharp with age-boniness Back swayed under the weight of years Arthritic joints swollen and stiff Wispy mane and tail lifting gently In a playful winter breeze Eyes closed Muzzle sagging As you rest And maybe dream.

I don’t have to do much driving There’s deadwood everywhere So I save a lot on gas and oil And general wear and tear.

What do you dream of, Old White Horse? Do you dream of days When your golden hide vied With the rising sun and the leaves of autumn In its brilliance? Do you dream of muscles lean and strong That rippled with power As you galloped through fields Lush mane and tail streaming behind you Like clouds in the jet stream Heedless of time racing ever faster by your side? Do you dream of a strong, straight back That bore creaking leather and agile riders Along rocky mountain trails Shaded by towering pines Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group And watched by wild eyes Or around raked and groomed arenas Over stark white jumps Applauded by a blur of strangers Or through fields and pastures And log-poled corrals Outwitting wily cattle?

I’ll burn bug killed Pine all winter Put my feet up and relax Snug and warm without the sting Of HST and Carbon Tax!

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Northlands and

37 YEARS OF TRADITION 60 Stallion Owners and Breeders Represented

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2010 Edmonton EXPO Centre, Edmonton, AB

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Joan Thomson 1-866-788-4366

Do you dream, Old White Horse? Of when you were a wobbly-legged foal Following in your dam’s shadow Or peeking out from under her belly At the curious world around you Or lying in the cool green grass As she watched over you? Do you dream of human hands and voices Some soft and caressing Others harsh and demanding Of lessons to be learned And others to be taught? What do you dream of, Old White Horse? Do your dreams belong to just today Of the faint but comforting touch of the winter sun Of the freshness of the snow-sparkled air Of the sweetness of summer encased in the green hay You ate for breakfast Of the ice-edged chirping of the tiny winter birds? Do you dream of tomorrow, and tomorrow And the end of tomorrows? What do you dream of, Old White Horse? Standing in the winter sun?

November 5-14

In Memory of

Jay Glen Lalonde July 8, 1926 – August 25, 2010


orn in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and passed away in Vernon at the Vernon Hospice House. A proud and dedicated family man, Jay is survived by his wife of 62 years, June; sons Larry (Joanne) and Terry; daughters Sharon (Wayne) and Cindy (Wayne); and numerous grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Jay moved to Vernon at the age of 16 and finished school while working on a dairy farm at Okanagan Landing before joining the Canadian Army at 18 years of age. He married June (Madden) on June 29th, 1948. They lived in various towns in BC including Jaff ray, Quesnel, Williams Lake, back to Vernon,

Kelowna, Running Horse Ranch in Kamloops, Savona, then in 1958 moved back, purchasing the family farm in Vernon. Jay is very well known throughout western Canada as an accomplished horseman, Canadian Horse Show Association horse show judge and steward, leatherwork teacher, seven years manager and twice president of the Interior Provincial Exhibition and director of the Pacific National Exhibition. Jay was awarded Life Membership in the Vernon District Riding Club and the Interior Provincial Exhibition and received a life achievement award from the Horse Council of BC. He has coached, trained and tutored many local horsemen and horsewomen. His horses gained notoriety as show and jumping champions including some success in BC thoroughbred racing. The awards Jay received are too numerous to mention. In later years Jay continued with his passion with horses but also became an expert in leatherwork including braiding and saddles and taught people this art. He was and continued to be a strong community advocate

and willing volunteer. A celebration of life was held on August 30 and the poem below was included in one of many speeches made by family and friends. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in memory of Jay to a charity of your choice. Jay LaLonde, Horseman By Mike Puhallo I’ve met lots of cowboys and equestrians... Even some of the very best. But the term; Horseman Carries a deeper meaning Among the stockmen of the West. Some guys can ride a bucking horse. Some are handy with a twine. Some canter around a dressage ring And soar over jumps, just fine. I remember watching Jay at horse shows A long way back in time. Valley Belle, Valley Cliff and Cliff’s Choice Are horses that come to mind. When I think about Horsemen, Jay was one of the very few. In a stock seat or English saddle, There wasn’t much he couldn’t do. He raised and trained jumping horses, He could braid a fine bosal. At home in world of the Equestrian, And the Buckaroo as well. Jay loved his kids and grandkids, And June, his darling wife, But his mind was always on the horses, A true Horseman all his life. b k ddl Specializing in Outerwear, Oilskin Coats, Australian Tack and Australian Saddles

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GREAT SHOW SPECIALS 3637 Valley Rd, 150 Mile House, B.C. V0K 2G0 Toll free: 1-866-832-3565 • 43

TIDBITS Not Just for Minis! All Horses Welcome! The Okanagan Miniature Horse Club is holding a “Driving & Showmanship” show on October 16 and will be a BC Heritage Qualifier for 2011. Open to all sizes of equines! Classes offered: Showmanship, and 5 driving classes including Reinsmanship, Working Pleasure, Command, Barrels and Stake; all qualifiers. Will also have a Halter Obstacle/In Hand Trail Challenge Stake class and an Egg Stomp. Judge will be Carolyn Farris of Armstrong and we will have a food concession. To qualify you must have a BC Heritage Performance Log Book before you show. If you just want to have fun but don’t care about the Championships you are welcome to join in. See for prize list and entries (close October 8; NO POST entries. For more info e-mail Joy at or call 250-549-2168 after dark.

Driving to Ride and Riding to Drive Clinic Join Nick Hutchinson on November 6-7 in Armstrong for a 2-day clinic with your horse. A Veteran Teamster, rider and teacher, Nick is offering the first in a series of clinics that examine the skills and techniques required to drive a riding horse and ride a work/driving horse; from skidding a log off

7484 Vedder Rd, Chilliwack Happy Horses Head 2 Hoof

Under New Ownership Sofia Demasi, Owner 604-824-6447

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Now carrying y g Bernie Brown Giftware

the trail to a Sunday ride in a cart, every horse and rider can benefit from a solid understanding of these different aspects of horsemanship. For more info and location contact Nick at 250-517-8869 or e-mail An introductory session will be offered on Friday, October 22 from 6:30-8:30 pm to see if this type of sport is what interests you.

New Owner at Horse Central Tack We introduce Sofia Demasi, the proud new owner of Horse Central Tack in Chilliwack, BC. Horses have been Sofia’s passion for over 30 years; having been involved from the show ring to jumping and now for pleasure. “I look forward to meeting all the horse lovers out there and being part of their world even in a very small way. My goal for the tack store is not so much what you can do for me, but what I can do for you. If it’s not in the store I will gladly get it for you no problem,” Sofia tells us. There are lots of exciting changes happening in the store, with new items in stock to include Bernie Brown Gift ware, to fuller fi llies accessories, bitless bridles and of course hats, to name a few. There is a large selection of new and good quality used tack for all riding pleasures, and consignments are welcome.

North Okanagan Horsey Ladies Banquet Coming Up! Horsey Ladies – mark your calendars for Friday, November 19 as the annual Charity Auction and Banquet takes place again at Spallumcheen Golf Course north of Vernon. Tickets will be out first week of October at The Paddock (Vernon), Country West Supply (Armstrong) and Touch A Texas (Salmon Arm). They do sell out early every year. We are seeking donations of door prizes and larger items for the Auction block (remember, this is a fundraiser). To date, the Horsey Ladies have raised over $33,000 for local charities. Feel free to contact Nancy at 250-546-9922 for more info.

Team Penning Finals CANCELLED! HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 9-5; Closed Sunday and Monday 44 • Saddle Up • October 2010

The Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association announces the 2010 National Finals (in Calgary, late October) have been suspended due to insufficient entries. In the last two years entries have dropped from 932 to 559 or by 40%. There are several

TIDBITS, cont’d factors and the economy plays a very big part. The National Finals Committee has worked very hard this year planning the show to try and meet the expectations of our members however, participation is the key. In order to plan for 2011 we not only need your input but we also need your support. We thank the sponsors that were prepared to support the show this year and look forward to your support again next year. Please contact Kent Hillard, National Finals Chairman, 403-931-3783, or Bill Fraser, President, 403-510-2908,

SOHA’s Halloween Show – Don’t Miss It! The South Okanagan Horse Association’s 2010 Halloween show is being held Sunday, October 17th, rain or shine, starting at 10 am at the Summerland Rodeo Grounds. Competitors and their horses dress in costume and compete in a variety of fun events; with a trophy for Best Overall Costume. Classes at this year’s Halloween show will include Ghouls Time Trial, a timed obstacle course, and Don’t Drop the Eyeball, an eyeball and spoon race. A fan favourite is the paired event, Don’t Drop the Poop, in which two riders hold either end of a length of toilet paper. The last team with intact toilet paper wins. Riders also compete in Poltergeist Poles and Barrels, in

the Graveyard Scurry jumping class, and in a to-be-announced mystery event. Competitors of all ages are welcome at the show. In the 2009 event the youngest competitor was four years old. Members and non-members of SOHA are welcome to attend. Visit for more info.

Queen Margaret’s School Riders Ready! Another exciting year begins at Queen Margaret’s School in Duncan, BC, and it will be busy for the Equestrian Centre Management Team. For the 2010-2011 school year, our Train to Compete Team is the largest in school history with 24 riders registered and our Learn to Ride Program is doing incredibly well with 58 riders registered for lessons (five of which are boys). Several shows are scheduled for this coming season and we have booked five Clinics, with more to be announced in the near future. Visit for the latest information and current schedules for on-campus and off-site competitions.

Open House 1-6pm Saturday October 16 Fieldstone Equestrian Centre 7373 Barnhartvale Road, Kamloops, BC


After all the renovations, we decided to rename the facility, simply email us info@ďŹ by October 10 with your suggestion and you could win $500.00. New name to be announced at the Open House



Pacific Spirit Horse Show By Christie Kerr After a brief hiatus, the PNE is once again annually hosting exciting equine competitions in a variety of disciplines that showcase the diversity of horses to the urban Vancouver public. 2010 was an exciting year for the Pacific Spirit Horse Show with the return of many favourites as well as the addition of a couple brand new shows!


n celebration of the fair’s 100th anniversary, the ever-popular RCMP Musical Ride came back for their second consecutive year delighting audiences of all ages. The PNE was also excited to host Paul Dufresne, Training for Courage, over four days who entertained and wowed the crowd with his excellent horsemanship skills. One of the annual staples of the Pacific Spirit Horse Show, the Carlaw Clydes from Cranbrooke, BC, provided daily draft horse driving demonstrations while also competing in the Draft Team Invitational Competition. Other returning competitions included Cattle Penning, Miniature Horses and the Jumper Exhibition. New this year was the Battle of the Breeds competition which, after a successful introduction, promises to become a popular mainstay at the Fair at the PNE. Prize money totaling over $25,000 is annually offered and the PNE

is extremely excited to once again have a solid line up of equine competitions.

The Battle of the Breeds This exciting team competition is designed to showcase the versatility of a variety of horse breeds. Teams of four horses from the same breed compete against each other in a number of events such as barrel racing, dressage, jumping and trail classes. This year the breeds represented were Paint, Pinto, Connemara, Clydesdale and Arabian. Team Paint walked away with the Overall Champion Breed title with amazing performances in many of the events. The Reserve champion title was given to Team Connemara who rode their way into the hearts of the Vancouver public each day of the competition.

Miniature Horse Competition The Miniature Horse competition was a one-day event again this year and the barns came alive with over 25 miniatures competing in a variety of events culminating in the overall high point prizes. Overall High Point Miniature Horse Champion: Debra Olson with RMS 12 O’Clock High Reserve Champion: Dianne McVey with Rocky Mountains Resolve Overall High Point Youth Champion: Taylor Hildebrand with TJ Dandy Miss Daisy SE Reserve Champion: Alyssa Kennedy with Marquis TJ Happy Extrahopper

Draft Team Invitational Five teams from BC and Washington showed their hitches in everything from single cart hitches to six horse teams. The Agrodome came alive with the display of all five six horse wagons in the Classic Driving Competition which delighted the crowd both in the ring and outside as they hitched and unhitched on the fairgrounds as they used to years ago.

Kozmic Gypsy Vanners Presents… Pres Pr esen ents ts

Gypsy Elite Princess Pireni “Pireni” or “Beauty,” as she is now known, was imported from the United States in August of this year and made her show debut in Canada in September 2010. She took 1st place in her Halter class with her gorgeous movement and true Gypsy conformation. “ “Beauty” is in foal and due in April 2011. A C Check our website for availability it oof what will undoubtedly be a gorgeous Gypsy Vanner foal! K Kozmic Gypsy Vanners, 250-395-3087 100 Mile House, BC 1 w 46 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Pacific Spirit Horse Show, cont’d

Carlaw Clydes and their eight-horse hitch (submitted) Six Horse Hitch Classic Driving Competition Champion: Carlaw Clydes Reserve Champion: Stoney Ridge Farms Six Horse Team Conformation Champion: Shagren Belgians Reserve Champion: Carlaw Clydes

Jumper Exhibition In the Junior Amateur Jumper competition riders competed in a number of open classes during the day in heights ranging from 3’ to 3’6” while the evenings held exciting specialty classes such as Dog and Pony, Open Points Choice and

Obstacles in a Line. The grand prize including two flights to anywhere in North America for the Open Jumper 3’6” Finale went to Kaylie Martinoff and Lucky Boy. Open Jumper 3’6” High Point: Jessica Lovig and Archer Open Jumper 3’3” High Point: Lindsay Bryce and Wailea Open Jumper 3’ High Point: Taylor Balagno and Mickey Mouse


Exhibitors interested in showing at the 2011 Pacific Spirit Horse Show can receive more information at or by e-mailing

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Allan & Joyce Sparks, Innisfail, AB


Extended hours and lots of new products! Including the best quality CANADIAN pet food available . Still have the biggest & best selection of consignments Plenty of great new stuff for the horse or rider too! Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-6:30, Sat 8:30-6, Sun 11-4 Proprietors: Gwen Wiskin and Pam Andrade • 47

Penning at the PNE! By Sarah Frost


he Pacific Coast Team Penners Association (PCTPA) was invited to perform as part of the Spirit of the Horse Show at the Pacific National Exhibition this past August. For four days, the team penners took over the Agrodome and put on three shows a day to entertain the fair goers and introduce them to our horses and our passion. This year we welcomed back some long time friends (Terri) and many long time penners, welcomed some new penners (Jennifer), we continued our tradition of Clydesdale penning (Thank you Carlaw Clydes for the use of your beautiful horses), broke in a new announcer Julia and had a special day of guest announcing by Crystal Darche (of JRFM fame). Everyone loved Crystal’s horseback interviews from the “pen”! In addition this year, we had the great pleasure of having some of the RCMP musical riders join us to try out the sport of team penning. We lent them some of our some most trusted penning horses (thank you George, Cathy, Steve C and M, Becky, Bryne, Linda and Bruce) and an experienced rider to coach each team. The RCMP riders

tore up the arena and penned their cattle in very respectable times and every one of them left the arena with great big grins! Thanks to all the show staff and the volunteers (Helen, Joy, Teresa, Connie and Julia), to our pen men (Mike, Brent and Sean), to our judge (Mike), to our gate woman (Terri) who made sure our show ran smoothly, to Fast Times Farms for the use of their cattle and most of all, to Carol Van Dongen for her tireless efforts in putting the show together. Finally, a huge thank you to our Sponsors. Without your support, the show would not have been the great success that it was. RESULTS Thursday August 26, 2010 Adults 1. Steve Metcalfe, Lloyd Pattenden, Mary Denner ($306 each) 2. Carol Barratt, Haidee Landry, Carol Van Dongen ($248 each) 3. Cindy Waslewski, Michael Farbridge, Chris Gawthorn ($191 each) Senior Youth 1. Jocelyn Hornady, Larissa Price, Natasha Ringrose 2. Candice Van Overschot, Travis Van Dongen, Larissa Price Junior Youth 1. Kami DeJonge, Elizabeth Humphrey, Cathy Sinclair 2. Kia Neilson, Landon Sigouin, Sarah Frost

3. Marilyn Christensen, Camille Carter, Deja Iannone ($205 each) Senior Youth 1. Larissa Price, Travis Van Dongen, Candice Van Overschot 2. Larissa Price, Jocelyn Hornady, Travis Van Dongen Junior Youth 1. Landon Sigouin, Shae-lynn Ringrose, Jennifer Martin 2. Aspen Ledger, Kian Neilson, Steve Sigouin Saturday August 28, 2010 Adults 1. George De Jonge, Joanne Goddard, Lloyd Pattendon ($339 each) 2. Camille Carter, Sarah Frost, George DeJonge ($276 each) 3. Deja Iannone, Steve Caldwell, Sarah Frost ($212 each) Senior Youth 1. Jocelyn Hornady, Larissa Price, Candice Van Overschot 2. Jocelyn Hornady, Travis Van Dongen, Candice Van Overschot Junior Youth 1. Shae-lynn Ringrose, Elizabeth Humphrey, Bruce Murrell 2. Landon Sigouin, Elizabeth Humphrey, Deja Iannone Overall High Point Junior Youth – Landon Sigouin Senior Youth – Larissa Price Sunday August 29, 2010 Adults 1. Sandy Price, Cathy Sinclair, Jennifer Martin ($377 each) 2. Taylor Sinclair, Cathy Sinclair, Haidee Landry ($306 each) 3. Camille Carter, Carol Van Dongen, Travis Van Dongen ($236 each)

Friday August 27, 2010 Adults 1. Jennifer Martin, Becky Metcalfe, Mary Denner ($328 each) 2. Steve Sigouin, Sarah Frost, Haidee Landry ($267 each)

$9,995 26104 Fraser HHwy - AAldergrove ldd 41511 Yale Road West - Chilliwack

Hundreds Of Trailers In Stock Circle J 2 Horse Runabout U All Aluminum U Padded Dividers U Rubber Lined & Matted U Water Tank U Spare Tire U Saddle Racks

Aug 26 Junior Youth winners

1-877-823-7199 48 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Aug 26 Adult winners

Aug 26 Senior Youth Winners

Penning, cont’d

Aug 27 Adult winners

Aug 28 Senior Youth winners

Aug 27 Senior Youth winners

Aug 28 Adult winners

Aug 29 Adult winners

Junior Youth Hi Pt

Mike Frost accepting plaque from RCMP

Pacific Coast Team Penners Association As a non profit organization the support of our sponsors is crucial to our success.

Thank You To All of Our Sponsors

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111th Interior Provincial Exhibition, Armstrong B.C.’S LARGEST AGRICULTURAL FAIR HELD SEPTEMBER 1-5, 2010


50 • Saddle Up • October 2010

61st Annual North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Photos and Story By A Group Effort


fter 61 years the members of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association still know how to put on a great show. The Labour Day Weekend Fall Fair and Rodeo in Barriere seemed to be a great success, and even though Monday’s weather was decidedly wet, the crowds kept coming, and the fun continued. From bull riding to zucchini races, fair goers and competitors could find something for everyone to enjoy. Socializing, camaraderie, and entertainment, were mixed in with agriculture and education about where our food comes from and how to grow it. 4-H competitions, the Light Horse Show, the BCRA Rodeo; all added greatly to the event. For the past few years the event has not offered a midway, and despite original concerns that this would hurt the attendance figures, it looks like the opposite has taken effect. Young families are proving to be one of the largest supporters of the fair; kids can find numerous activities to enjoy while their parents find the event affordable for any pocketbook. ENGLISH DAY – High Points Walk/Trot Division: Won by Kelsey Lynn Meadows; Dana Koch in Reserve Novice Exhibitor Division: Won by Kerry Meadows Junior Exhibitor Division: Won by Heather Redman; Ally Crawford in Reserve Intermediate Division: Won by Megan Daly; Judy Wyres tied with Amanda Daly in Reserve Senior Exhibitor: Won by Darcy Woods; Daphne Sheehan in Reserve.

Costume Class

Ed Hurd

Theresa Tremeer

Heather Redman

WESTERN DAY Good Sportsmanship Awards: Reesa Meersman, Amber Crutchley and Jessica Chappell High Point Winners: Walk/Trot: Heather Redman Novice: Ed Hurd Junior: Caily Mellott Intermediate: Whitney Watson Wilson Senior: Theresa Tremeer GYMKHANA Sportsmanship Awards: Junior: Sara Pringle Intermediate: Tristan Holt Senior: Chantal Holt Sr. Novice: Holly VanSickle High Point Winners: Walk/Trot: Alexis Nelson Junior: Katie Holland Intermediate: Katherine Letgendorf Senior: Darcy Woods Sr. Novice: Ang Pawloff

Whitney Watson Wilson

Darcy Woods (Helen Woods accepting)

New Men’s Winter line arriving daily! We also stock all sizes on kid’s coveralls.

Megan Daly • 51

65th Annual Rock Creek Fall Fair Photos by Tera Caverly


he Rock Creek & Boundary Fall Fair took place September 18-19 at Rock Creek. We have results from the horse events for you.

FRIDAY ENGLISH SHOW HIGH POINT – Danika Caverly; Reserve - Ciara Reamsbottom ‘SPARKLING’ AWARD (exceptional turn-out) - Ciara Reamsbottom SPORTSMANSHIP – Ella Grandbois SATURDAY WESTERN CLASSES HIGH POINT – Mac Tebbutt; Reserve - Pam Malekow TOP YOUTH – Mac Tebbutt TOP JUNIOR – Emma Klassen TOP SENIOR – Pam Malekow SUNDAY GYMKHANA PEE-WEE BARRELS HIGH POINT – Hunter Weishaupt; Reserve – Vanessa Caverly JUNIOR BARRELS HIGH POINT – Cedar Carter; Reserve - Toniesha Stukel INTERMEDIATE BARRELS HIGH POINT – Jesse Tarr; Reserve – Andi Lantz SENIOR BARRELS HIGH POINT – Jade Schleppe; Reserve - Liz Gibbs

HEAVY HORSE SHOW LADIES CART CLASS 1st Irene Bakken from Greenwood Demonstration by the Old Cowboy Ranch WAGON DRIVING 1st Bernie Bakken from Greenwood 2nd Rod Gould from Greenwood 3rd Wally & Ryan Elliot from Westbridge Driving was Justin Gould from Rock Creek TEAM LOG SKID 1st Rod Gould from Greenwood 2nd Bernie Bakken from Greenwood 3rd Wally & Ryan Elliot from Westbridge Driving was Justin Gould from Rock Creek STALL DECORATING 1st Irene & Bernie Bakken from Greenwood 2nd Bruce & Debbi Baker from Midway 3rd Rod & Anne Gould from Greenwood 4th Paris Hastings of Midway

TEAM CATTLE PENNING First place buckle: Keith Manders from Summerland Second place buckle: Stacey Carter from Keremeos Third place buckle: Dori Watts from Keremeos Fastest Time: 3 cows 30 seconds was Mike Street (Penticton), Dori Watts (Keremeos), Toni Long (Grand Forks)


Dara Lindquist and Doug Fossen

Vanessa Caverly Reserve High Point Pee Wee Gymkhana

IS ALBERTA CALLING YOU? EXECUTIVE ACREAGE 8.2 acres near Taber, AB. Close to major Highway with 2,290 sq. ft. bungalow, 4 horse stalls, riding area, shop with office, mature trees. ID 1377

40 ACRES just East of Lethbridge, AB, on pavement with 1,582 sq. ft. home. Lots of water and room for horses to roam. ID 1614

ROLLING HILLS ACREAGE with 7.4 acres mature trees, 1,650 sq. ft. home. Quonset and hip roof barn, bring your horses. ID 1645

COSTUME CLASS – TIED Vanessa Caverly and Christy Grandbois

3.4 ACRES between Taber and Lethbridge, AB, gorgeous yard with 1,400

Andi Lantz High Point Intermediate Gymkhana

sq. ft. bungalow. Garage and heated insulated workshop, comes with horse pasture. ID 1527

349 ACRES in grass and new alfalfa. Newly fenced and x-fenced for horses or other livestock, with new watering system to 9 pastures; new livestock handling facility and corrals. Good 1,180 sq. ft. home with double garage. Nice view of surrounding area, steel Quonset, etc. City water on property. ID 1653 See these and more listings on WWW.CANADAFARMANDRANCH.COM Call toll free: 1-866-345-3414

Danika Caverly High Point English

52 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Cedar Carter High Point Junior Gymkhana

BCRA Saddle Series Kicks Off in 2010 By Sharon Gates Photos by Dallas Pole, Cowgirl Creations,


arly in 2010, the Board of Directors for British Columbia Reining Association discussed and eventually executed a plan to support reining in B.C. The association has sponsored two Saddle Series for foals of 2007. Scores for every horse/rider combination in the Three-year-old Open and Non Pro Futurities at Reinin’ In The Sun (Armstrong BC) and PGRHA Fall Slide (Prince George, BC) in 2010 and Open and Non Pro Derby classes from the same shows in 2011 (four shows in total) will be tabulated. After the final show, a Duane Latimer reining saddle will be awarded to the Open and the Non Pro horse/rider combinations with the highest total scores. The Futurity classes have already been run and scores for all horse/ rider combinations have been tabulated. In accordance with the award series requirements, the Futurities were NRHA approved and scores totaled from classes in Armstrong and Prince George this year resulting in the following standings (top six only): Open Standings 1. Smokin Sana Lena 2. Walking With Wolves 3. Tricken Little 4. Hercs Stetson 5. This Kidsa Whiz 6. MQH Carry My Chekers

Rider: Kyle Weston Rider: Sharon Gates Rider: Niki Loreth Rider: Nicole Klassen Rider: DW Morrison Rider: Pam Morrison

Owner: Kyle Weston Owner: Sharon Gates Owner: Niki Loreth Owner: Nicole Klassen Owner: DW/Pam Morrison Owner: DW/Pam Morrison

284.5 270.5 270.0 265.5 264.0 258.5

Non Pro Standings 1. KE Dolls Union Chex 2. Chics Best Light 3. Super Whiztazitic 4. Ima Magnum 44 5. Whisper N Shyann 6. Centerfield Star

Rider: Leah Luprypa Rider: Myrna Theissen Rider: Jim S McGhee Rider: Paige Olsen Rider: Raye Fleck Rider: M.Williamson

Owner: Leah Luprypa Owner: Myrna Theissen Owner: Jim S McGhee Owner: George Lauder Owner: Rayne Fleck Owner: M. Wiliamson

269.0 264.0 140.0 137.5 130.5 125.0

Kyle Weston

Sharon Gates

Niki Loreth

Jim S McGhee

“Spectacular 44 Acres” 4675 HIGHWAY 97

British Columbia Reining Association’s goals for the Futurity/ Derby Saddle Series are three-fold – to encourage participation in aged reining events in B.C., to reward consistent reining runs and to promote longevity in reining horses. To that end, the association looks forward to seeing these horses and riders back in Derby classes in 2011. Thank you to The Mill Store in Okotoks, Alberta for their support and assistance and the donation of a saddle bag for each of the trophy saddles. The next class in the Futurity/Derby Saddle Series will be the NRHA approved Derbies at PGRHA Ride N Slide in Prince George, BC in June 2011. The NRHA approved Derbies at Reinin’ In The Sun in Armstrong BC in August 2011, the final classes, will determine the winners of the saddles.

“Gorgeous horse property, 20 minutes from Vernon on the Salmon River. Executive home 2,930 sq. ft., custom built in 1994. Hot tub room off deluxe master suite. Second home is a mobile. Garage parking for 8 vehicles. Professionally landscaped; 2 horse pastures; alfalfa hayfield; everything irrigated. Fenced and x-fenced. Barn with loft, pole barn, 3 stall horse shelter. 2 phenomenal wells with approx. 200-300 gpm.” Asking $1,150,000 MLS® 10001176 View details and 21 photos at Please contact:

Evelyn Doerksen, REALTOR® Myrna Theissen

Cell: Leah Luprypa

250-938-9098 • Office: 250-549-2103 Toll free: 1-877-227-4073 • 53

Spruce Meadows – The Masters 35th Anniversary Highlights September 8-12, 2010 Calgary, Alberta, Photos by Cross Country, Cathie & Jackie Cross Wednesday, Sept 8 AKITA Drilling Cup Won by Pablo Barrios, VEN, riding G&C Lagran FINNING Welcome Won by Guy Williams, GBR, Belinka VH Overlede Goed Thursday, Sept 9 ATCO Structures & Logistics Won by Pablo Barrios, VEN, riding G&C Lagran CANA Cup Won by Beezie Madden, USA, riding Coral Reef Via Volo Friday, Sept 10 Encana Cup Won by Rik Hemeryck, BEL, riding Quarco De Kerambars ATCO Electric 6-Bar Won by David Quigley, IRL, riding Valetto JX Saturday, Sept 11 BP Cup Won by Rich Fellers, USA, riding McGuinness 2010 BMO Nations’ Cup Standings: 1. United States (George Morris, Chef d’Équipe) Rider/ Horse Rich Fellers, Flexible Ashlee Bond, Cadett 7 Richard Spooner, Cristallo Beezie Madden, Coral Reef Via Volo 2. Ireland 3. Canada 4. Switzerland 4. The Netherlands 6. Mexico

Battle Of The Breeds The Morgan horse once again proved itself best amongst the breeds Saturday at the Spruce Meadows Masters. For the second straight year, Morgans won the Battle of the Breeds, beating out 11 other types of horse in the five-event competition, which included compulsory skills, jeopardy jumping, combined driving, barrel racing and a trail course. Quarter Horses finished second, while team Connemara was third.

Richard Spooner and Cristallo

For a complete list of results and tournament schedule visit the Spruce Meadows website at www.sprucemeadows. com.

Sunday, Sept 12 CN International Grand Prix Won by Jeroen Dubbledam, NED, riding BMC Van Grunsven Simon

JMFBeam and Walker Kristen Burton Team Morgan


EQUESTRIAN CENTRE - Enderby, BC Picturesque 35 acres with 24,000 sq ft Equestrian Centre. Property includes 200’ x 70’ indoor riding area with 26 heated stalls, 2 wash bays, tackroom, haybarn. 180’ x 180’ outdoor riding area, gorgeous views and lots of water. Property is fenced and cross-fenced. MLS® 10014494 $980,000. For more info contact: Jim Grieve, Realtor

Homelife Salmon Arm 250-833-6312 • Toll Free 1-800-890-9166 54 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band Band

Spruce Meadows, cont’d

High On Believin and Allie Sutton, Team Appaloosa

Netherlands, Jeroen Dubbeldam riding BMC VanGrunsven Simon

Team Shetland

Sara Hannah, Vernon riding Cansas

Rory OSulllivan, Connemara Team

Riders helping Riders enjoy Horses, Sport & Life Lisa Carlsen riding LaBoom

Introduces a New Favourite!

The T Best Just Got Better! A waterproof turnout rainsheet with a liner and the new ‘Articulated Pivot Dart’ - AWESOME! * WE SHIP EVERYWHERE *

4830 Delta Street, Ladner, BC * 604-946-6619 Airs Above The Ground * 1-888-833-RIDE • 55

Fraser Lake Saddle Club By Regina Kemp


he Fraser Lake Saddle Club invited members and their families for a Family Fun Day, the first event for the club of this kind. Usually we do twice a month Gymkhanas from May to September. In the spring we have our Poker Ride and over the time some trail rides where non-members are very welcome. Now, thanks to a generous donation from the Nechako-Kitamaat Development Fund Society and the Regional District, we were able to renew the footing at our riding ring; purchase a sound system; install new bleachers and open up a small concession. The benefit from this upgrading will hopefully be a higher number of members and spectators in the coming years. The Family Fun Day was a different event; we were asking for real horsemanship skills. The horse/rider pair had to be able to step over plastic, walk over rails, pass through a gate with plastic strips hanging down, push a ball with a broom, and mount the horse from the opposite side. We also had a team event where riders were holding a rope while maneuvering through an obstacle course. Not every horse was comfortable in this situation but everyone tried to be good – and in the end we all had fun! The Fraser Lake Saddle Club would like to see more

non-members participate, get to know us a little better, and see how we may be able to help them and their horses. At the end of the day we drew some prizes. We also asked riders to Jenny and “George” – winners for Best don a costume and/ Costume. or decorate their horse. The winner was Jenny with her leopard outfit and her horse “George” with his leopard spots. The non-riding season in the north is long, so we have time to work on a new concept for next year’s Family Fun Day. We are an active club and have been for almost 50 years. We are now trying to attract young and enthusiastic riders. For more information or to join us please call Regina at 250-699-8651.


This 15 acre property includes a 4-stall barn with heated tack, 2 – 80’ X 120’ arenas, 5 separate pastures, 3 corrals, loafing shed, 1000 bale hay storage, 4 hydrants and a dugout for irrigation! Includes domestic water rights to Archer Brook - for potable water. Neighbouring area features a lot of horse trails, across road and across Chase Creek. Ride to Harper Lake. FSR’s also available. Main house is partially updated, with newly renovated bathrooms and a newer kitchen. Basement is potentially suiteable with rough-in for kitchen. Enjoy the country atmosphere from the large 18’ X 30’ deck. $419,900. MLS® 10006942

Where All Around Athletes Are Created 2011 Stallion Roster Kingofhearts Clumination – 1994 Sorrel AQHA HDF Impressed By Clu – 2002 Bay AQHA HDF Brandy Snifter – 2003 Sorrel Overo CBS Legacy – 2003 Red Roan Overo RKR Hearts Sonny Dee – 2004 Red Dun Tobiano Coolridge Tofino – 2005 Black/Brown Thoroougghbred RKR Hearts Stylishfox – 2007 Sorrel Tobiano SOLD YMR Kiss My Baggins – 2008 Grey AQHA


Breeding Fees By Private Treaty Breeding Incentives for proven and multiple mares.

Please contact:

LARRY MORGAN Office: 250-955-2184 Cellular: 250-571-3699 56 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Shuswap Realty Ltd.

Shipped Semen Available. Prospects are available. Contact Dorla Malo for further information. Lethbridge, Alberta • 403-752-0063

Fraser Lake, cont’d

Judy has to hula hoop first then climb through the ring, while “Taffy” watches.

Don on “Texas” pushing the ball.

Ethel and “Mezzie” are mastering bending around the barrels.

Blackwater Spruce Ranch Awesome Memories!

* Adventure Trail Riding on the Alexander MacKenzie Trail * Cattle Drives * Cabin Rentals

Ethel and “Mezzie” and Debbie and “Leo” connected with a rope is circling around Ethel.

w w. ww blac bl ackw ac kwat kw ater er-s er -spr pruc uce. e. ca 403 03-7 -799 -7 99 345 454 4 sa sateell llit itte p phon ph onee or 250 on 50-9 -991 91-2 -240 240 408 8

11/10 11/1 0

Visit our Boot h at THE M ANE EV EN T

THE BAREFOOT SADDLE SYSTEM Trudy and her horse are skeptical to pass through the plastic strips.

Designed with the horse in mind • 3 dimensional flexibility • No pressure points and no restriction for muscle buildup • Close contact, seating at the horse’s centre of gravity • Choice of colour - english, western and trail models • Bitless bridles and full line of accessories

Ali runs around the barrels with her little brother.

Call 250-542-5091 Located in Vernon, BC • 57

Summerland Rodeo Grounds By Tamora Davy


hat an amazing weekend out at the Summerland Rodeo Grounds! The first annual SRG Fall Horse Show was a blast! Sun was shining, our judge, Karan Moore, was amazing and our many VOLUNTEERS WERE GOLDEN! Our English day on Saturday Melissa Reimche and had so many competitors (30+) that Clasadalla in the Bit-Less Vanessa Caverly and Bailey in Danika Caverly and Darwin with pattern class Cross Poles Hunter we ended up splitting most classes their ribbon in half just to run them. Seventeen juniors, oh my! Good to see so many Big congrats to the people who of the next generation of up-and-coming Summerland Rodeo Grounds walked away with the HUGE gift riders. Committee baskets! Sydney Lauritzen with Beyond The Western day on Sunday Sensational for Versatility Junior (overall was a more relaxing day with fewer We owe our extreme gratitude to the competitors, so volunteers went home and weekend HP), Aimee Sutherland for Early many sponsors who funded this show. Bird (preregistering), Barb Tkach for grabbed their horses to make a fun and (and to those who lent us equipment) volunteering, and a thank you gift basket entertaining day of “horse-swapping!” to Karan Moore, our judge! RONA Penticton Everyone who wanted to ride got to (for all the lumber for our new jumps!) Competitors can go to http://www. ride, and we had some hilarious classes Greyback Construction to see/purchase (the bitless pattern class was a hoot! and Ride West Equisport photos of the horse show! Barrels and Poles had all the spectators Okanagan Pet Resort It’s been said before, and I’ll say cheering!). Nickers Saddlery it again, we couldn’t do it without the Deb Hecker volunteers! Love all you guys! Barb Tkach Congratulations to High Point Jeff and Angela Hook Th is year was a huge success (and a winners for the weekend, who won the Okanagan Digital Photography lot of fun for everyone involved, even the beautiful framed horse scrollwork: 4S Ranch show organizers!) and we will be doing McGillis Contracting • English High Point Senior: Kimberly Westgate and Lady Starfire it all again next year! Remember, all Country Corner Supplies (Reserve: Silvana Huber and Trooper) proceeds from SRG EDC events go toward Giant FM • English High Point Junior: Sydney Lauritzen and Beyond Sensational (Reserve: Kailen Kinnunen and Twist and Shout) Horses Rock improvements and maintenance of the the • English High Point Walk/Trot: Janette Lauritzen and Breezing to Total Pet Win (Reserve: Vanessa Caverly and Bailey) Summerland Rodeo Grounds.

Thank You

• Western High Point Junior: Nakita Delichte and High Country Sioux (Reserve: Jessi Hoekstra and Gotta Get A Look) • Western High Point Walk/Jog: Janette Lauritzen and Breezing to Win (Reserve: Taelor Marchant and Stealth)

Taelor Marchant on Stealth and Kristi Kambeitz on Bacardi in Mis-Mat

58 • Saddle Up • October 2010

So far we have the following events scheduled for 2011: • April 30/May 1 - SRG Dressage/Jumper Show • June 18/19 - SRG Naked Horse Show • July 9 - SRG All Youth Horse Show • Aug. 13 - Second Annual Survivor Horse Challenge • Sept. 10/11 - SRG Fall Horse Show • Oct. 8 - SRG Halloween Horse Show Visit our website, www., or e-mail me,, for more information. See you next year!

Perin Aarre Animal and House Sitting Grasslands Nursery Sun FM Diamond H Tack Greenhawk Lakeview Stables Warkentin Stucco Summerland Builders Mart Katia Heines Hoof Hearted Barefoot Trimmer Dollar $ Dollar Melissa Reimche Laidlaw Equestrian Center Red Barn Ranch Janette Lauritzen End of the Road Farm

BC Draft Under Saddle Club News By Kendall Venning


e are finally winding down after a very successful year. Our “Open Horse Show” at the Maple Ridge/ Pitt Meadows Country Fest on July 25th was a great success as well as our Demo Day July 24th. A Draft size thank you to The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Country Fest and the Haney Horsemen Association for all their help and support, as well as our demo participants: The Langley Riders, Double B Drill Team, Linda Smith and Mountainside Miniature Horses. We also want to thank the entrants to the Open show for making it such a fabulous day. Here are our winners: Division Over 15.2HH: English Champion: Kendall on Izzy/ Chris on Comet (tied); Western Champion: Tina Maynard on Cool Conclusion; and Overall Champion: Dawn on Shasta. Division 15.2HH and Under: English Champion: Sue Haberger on Finnigan; Western Champion: Ashley Parker on WW Pistol McCue; and Overall Champion: Lindsay Klassen on Silver Dawn.      Our next adventure found us at the Chilliwack Exhibition where our Club was invited to host Draft Horse Demos throughout the weekend, as well as our horses on display for all the crowds to cuddle with. With very little practice a small group of us - Chris and Comet, Jenn and Vie-va, Kendall and Izzy and Dawn and Shasta put together a Dressage style Quadrille to Music, defiantly was a crowd pleaser. We also had individual demonstrations including Dressage, Jumping and Western. We even had a fabulous opportunity to help with the opening ceremonies of the fair by leading the dignitaries in to the arena - great excitement! We ended August at the Mission Horse Club Trophy show. Our horses always make us proud! Izzy and I won Reserve Champion in the Super Horse Competition; where each horse and rider had to compete in a Hunter round, a Show Hack class, a Western Pleasure class and an Ultimate Command class. What a blast!!! Thank you to the Mission Horse club for always being so inviting with our BIG ones! As the end of August was upon us we didn’t get any down time as we headed off to the IPE in Armstrong. Our club members who participated were Taryne and Rose, Sam and Georgie, Dawn and Shasta, Chris and Comet,

and Izzy and I. What a busy week with 6 hours of hauling and loads of show prep, we made it!! All our Gentle Giants sure had an impact and the ribbons are hanging in the barns to prove it! We would like to welcome to our Club some new members: Tamora from Penticton and her Percheron; and Marilyn from Cloverbar Carriages, a breeder of Clyde Hackney crosses.

Dressage style Quadrille (L-R): Kendall and Izzy, Chris and Comet, Jenn and Vie-va, and Dawn and Shasta. Photo by Christa Byrd.

Visit our website for more information on our Club

At the Chilliwack Fair

Looking for the PERFECT Horse Property?

Equestrian living at this beautiful setting on 33 flat acres, only 15 minutes from Kamloops, BC. 100 GPM Well and year-round Creek throughout. Large Paddocks and Pastures. 14 Box Stall Stable with shavings storage. Hay Barn. 70’ x 200’ Indoor Arena with Suite. 110’ x 250’ Outdoor Arena. Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath Main Home, plus a 6-year-old quality built Modular Home. Irrigation rights on the creek. Gated entrance. $2,100,000. For more information contact: George Low Personal Real Estate Corp. REMAX Real Estate Kamloops Cell: 250-320-5719 • • 59

What an AMAZING weekend! By Pam Malekow


he Horse Association of Central Kootenay held the fift h annual Hot August Hooves Trophy Show Aug. 20-22, at the Trail Horsemans Grounds in Trail, BC. Fift y-nine competitors came from all over the East and West Kootenays as well as the Okanagan. Penticton, Summerland, Oliver, Naramata, Kaleden, Grand Forks, Cranbrook, Creston, Yack, Winlaw, Rossland, Nelson, Salmo, Fruitvale, Slocan Park and Castlegar were all represented. The judge for the weekend was Carolyn Dobbs from 100 Mile House, a very knowledgeable woman in her field. Not only did she put us through our paces, but she was very helpful and always gave a kind word. Our theme for the weekend was florescent with trophies and matching rosettes in bright colours and many prizes for each class, all enjoyed by everyone. Dressage and jumping were held on Friday with 45 dressage tests being performed.

Our amazing awards!

Sarah Kemp with True Cosmopolitan

Dressage Champion: Tammy Peitzsche riding Shilo - 73.57% test score Reserve: Cindy Ryan riding Chip N’ Roan Boy – 72.38% test score

The jumping started about 3 p.m. Twenty competitors showed off their jumping skills over many wonderful new jumps made by Sam Levick, ranging from cross rails to 3’9”. Jumping Champion: Victoria Tkack riding natural Selection Reserve: Linda Smith – My Spirit Brother

Saturday was English and Sunday was Western. There were classes for beginners to experts, with everyone riding and looking their best to win that trophy! There were pleasure classes which is judged on the horse, and equitation classes which is judged on the rider, a stake class where the top three riders won money and our favourite class, the buckle challenge, where the winner receives a beautiful silver buckle. Lots of other classes as well. Command class, reining, trail and handy horse are just a few. So many and so much fun! English Champion – 19 & Over: Merna Boltz riding Royal King Zantanon Reserve: Victoria Tkack riding Natural Selection English Champion – 18 & Under: Catie Hinchcliffe riding Eartha Reserve: Ethan Hushcroft riding Ezra English Champion – Walk/Trot: Tamora Davy riding Bacardi Reserve: Sarah Kemp riding True Cosmopolitan Western Champion – 19 & Over: Wendy Price riding Ima Painted Skeeters Reserve: Merna Boltz riding Royal King Zantanon Western Champion – 18 & Under: Catie Hinchcliffe riding Eartha Reserve: Jesse Horkoff riding My Shooting Star Western Champion – Walk/Trot: Tamora Davy riding Bacardi Reserve: Sasha Hopp riding Norfleets Indy Soda Halter Champion: Jackie Smolinski with Cokes Diamond Rio Paint Horse Champion: Wendy Price with Ima Painted Skeeters Overall Weekend Champion: Catie Hinchcliffe riding Eartha Overall Grand Champion: Merna Boltz riding Royal King Zantanon Reserve: Wendy Price riding Ima Painted Skeeters

60 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Victoria Tkack with Natural Selection

Cindy Ryan riding Chip N’ Roan Boy

Wendy Price with Ima Painted Skeeters

Our youngest riders Cassie Zukowski and Danielle Martin with Sky Dreamer

Saturday night we all got together in the clubhouse for a very fun and relaxing potluck dinner and then we had an incredible dressage demonstration by Heidi Scott.

Nelson & District Riding Club Update By Heather Farrell


he Nelson & District Riding Club has had a busy 2010 Season in the West Kootenays with events suited to nearly any and every equine discipline! We hosted a Children’s Wish Ride, Driving Clinics, the Annual Fun Day, dressage, jumping, beginner riding lessons, gymkhana, vaulting, TREC competitions, natural horsemanship, colt starting and even simulated cow working! Our members have benefited from instructors who come to teach at the grounds on a weekly basis, as well as from clinicians who come and teach intensive weekend courses. The Koot-Neigh Vaulters kept the grounds busy and lively with their regular practices. TREC competitors practiced obstacles, orienteering and control of paces and the Natural Horsemanship Playgroup ran regularly, supporting members in their quest for learning. Rumour even has it that there are plans to revive the NDRC Annual Show in 2011! However, the riding season isn’t over, this year – there are events still to come in October. The final TREC Competition of the year will be on October 9th – this sport has proven fun and challenging for participants and the NDRC hopes to host more of these events next year. There is also a Foundation Horsemanship Clinic scheduled for October 30-31, where riders from any discipline and at any level can learn groundwork and riding skills to help them to communicate more effectively with their horses. There is currently space in both of these events, so contact us at for information or to register! At our work parties this year new hitching rails were installed and a gorgeous new swing set was built that is so tough, even the adults can swing on it. Water system upgrades are underway to enable us to water the arenas in the dusty parts of the year. Electricians are working to troubleshoot a few of the lights that provide night riding opportunities. We are fortunate to have a fun and dedicated group of volunteers who make everything possible. We even have some volunteers who don’t have horses of their own and come out to spend time with the people and horses of NDRC. Nelson & District Riding Club is alive and growing and we welcome new memberships as well as folks who come from afar to camp out and attend clinics to competitions. Visit us online at

Colt Starter prepares one of the colts with groundwork before stepping on.

Spring Work party in front of the new swingset!

A few of the participants of the 2010 NDRC Wish Ride which raised $3000!


25 acre property with creek. Two residences; main home 1,460 sq. ft. 2 bedroom Rancher with double carport, hardwood flooring, oak kitchen; 2nd residence 2 bedroom rented with long term tenants. Fenced and cross fenced, Alfalfa producing and outbuildings. $783,900 MLS® 10013755 For more info contact: Steven Lewis - Personal Real Estate Corporation Shirley Real Estate, Salmon Arm, B.C.

250-832-9997 • Toll Free: 1-877-644-9997 7 • 61

Kelowna Gymkhana Club Report By Amanda Blamire Photography By Cassandra


ur August 22 Gymkhana was a great success with 59 riders attending. We are always looking for new members to join in a great day of fun and games! Results: Masters - HP Donna Hinchliffe on Tellee; RES Sue Blacklock on Bear Senior - HP Amanda Blamire on Lightning; RES Janine Blacklock on Seven Youth - HP Jesse Tarr on Chanook; RES Kayla Stromsten on Skittles Junior - HP Karly Roth on Niska; RES Raija McLean on Willow PeeWee - HP Steven Robson on Connie; RES Parker McLean on Chicky Jackpot was Backwards Keyhole. Winner was Kayla Stromsten on Skittles

Join is on October 10 for our “Spooktacular Team Funday.” Teams of four horse/riders compete in six fun “Surprise” events. Visit www. for more info and entry forms.

Daylce Russo on Skittles

Our last Gymkhana of the year was a blast! We had 57 riders attend, with the weather turning out great. Results: Masters - HP Liz Gibbs on Patch; RES Donna Hinchliffe on Tellee Senior - HP Amanda Blamire on Lightning; RES Janine Blacklock on Seven Youth - HP Amy Russo on Mya; RES Jesse Tarr on Chanook Junior - HP Ryan Moffat on Rooh; RES Raija McLean on Willow PeeWee - HP Bobbie Jo Macmillan on Rusty; RES Parker McLean on Chicky Jackpot was Scuddy Ho. Winner was - Jesse on Chanook.

Amy Russo on Mya

Gen Houweling on Summer

Kelowna Hoofbeat News By Ashley Robson and Emily Allen Achievement Day This year’s Achievement Day was on Sept. 11 at the McLean’s ranch. We all had three classes for the day. The classes were showmanship, an equitation flat class and an equitation pattern. The classes were all divided into groups, according to the level of each rider. Our two judges were Melody Kouwenhoven and Amanda Blamire. Kristen Bransfield was our judges’ helper. Once we were finished showing we had a potluck lunch and BBQ. After lunch we did some fun games on horseback. One of the games we did was called “Prune on a Spoon.” We even let some of the parents ride and try out a few games. We also did egg stomp, barrel racing and pole bending. The sun was shining all day and we all had an awesome time.

the ranch we had a potluck lunch and BBQ. There were 29 riders in all! After lunch all the kids played and the adults talked. Then we all packed up and drove home. We all had a blast!!

Megan Moffat with Bleau.

Beaverdell Trail Ride On Aug. 29 we all went for a trail ride in Beaverdell. Bob, Lucie, Nicol and Marty invited us all out to their ranch for the day. We rode for about 2.5 hours up in the mountains. When we got back to Riding in Beaverdell.

62 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Peachland Riding Club By Erin McQueen


ell, we are surrounded by the signs of fall and only a few more events before our season of Gymkhanas comes to a close with our final Fun Day on October 17th. We cannot wait for the costume class and super events to help us close out the year with a lot of laughs! PRC has had two great events in July and August‌ congrats to all participants! We would like to extend our applause to two of our members Candace Chevallier and Jessie Bates for their great accomplishments in qualifying and participating in the High School National Final Rodeo! Way to go girls, we are so proud! Results August 11th Classics: Holly Dickinson - High Point Debbie Wright - Reserve Seniors: Amanda Capuano - High Point Tina Brodziak - Reserve Junior A: Asia Cole - High Point Candace Chevallier - Reserve Junior B: Courtney Dematos - High Point Allie Sorenson - Reserve Junior C: Darby Ensign - High Point Ryelynn Gardiner - Reserve Junior D: Leah Keller - High Point Dylan Capp - Reserve

Darby Ensign on Cutter

PRC Dad Stuart McQueen helping the girls with good ground • 63

Alberta Donkey and Mule Club News By Marlene Quiring


he 21st edition of Tees Longears Days got off to a smoky start due to the B.C. forest fires. Fortunately, the smoke thinned and the weather stayed cool and windless, perfect for showing. We were pleased to welcome several new families of competitors from the south this year. They brought along some great looking mules and were very positive additions to the show. Special guest Bonnie Shields, the well-known Tennessee Mule artist, now living in Idaho, joined us for the weekend, accompanied by her long-time friend, Barb Melton from Whitehouse, Tennessee and Barbs’ granddaughter, 10 year old Savannah Eller. The 10-member drill team and cowboy polo teams performed daily, with enthusiastic response from the audiences both days. A resurrected class this year was the Walking Race, with separate divisions for mules and donkeys. Riders “raced” the length of the arena at a walk and had to circle if they broke stride. This provided another class that anyone could enter, regardless of their skill level. Special awards were presented to the top mule and donkey that best exemplified the spirit of Longears Days through participation, performance and versatility. The top mule award went to Bob Leggette and Jesse from Innisfail, and the top donkey award to Donna Quick and Spider of Spruce Grove. The Junior award went to Maven Boddy of Forestberg, with honorable mention to Svannah Eller. Mini mule or donkey award went to Heather Shandro and Turbo of

Vergreville. Turbo is a miniature mule that had been running loose with a young horse through the County of Strathcona terrorizing the country side. Rounded up by Animal Enforcement, Turbo ended up in the Tofield Auction Market where the auctioneer recognized Russ Shandro and said, ‘’Russ, you have mules, don’t you?” Russ replied that he did and the auctioneer shouted ‘’Sold, $100.’’ Since then many people have recognized Turbo including our Tees announcer, Russ Finlay, who was sure that he had sold him at least twice himself. Bob Leggette and his mule Jessie - Top Mule at the show. Photo by Ida Newell. The good news for Turbo is that he has now found a ‘’forever’’ home where he received a “life altering’’ operation and now is a most wellbehaved and adorable character. We are looking forward to seeing Turbo pulling a cart next year, Heather! Personally I would like to commend Colleen Campbell for a job well done and extend thanks to Donna Quick for collaborating on this month’s newsletter. It was also overwhelming to see the media coverage we received this year at the show. Photos and stories in the Red Deer Advocate (even a video of the show, now on YouTube), The Lacombe Globe and several more papers including a very well-done full page write-up with coloured pictures in the Ponoka News. Our special guest Bonnie Shields of So members and friends, you don’t want to Sandpoint, Idaho, cowboy cartoonist miss next year’s show. Mark August 20 to 21, 2011, and mule artist extraordinaire! Bonnie is mounted on Ginger the ‘’wonder’’ on your calendars! mule owned by Ethel Hollihan!

Vintage Riders Equestrian Club By B. Ingle “FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES”


he Vintage Riders Equestrian Club (VREC) based in Langley is an educational, non-competitive, fun, social club. Members range in age anywhere from 21 to 80+ years old, and come from many different equine disciplines and interests. Comprised of members from throughout the Lower Mainland, we promote safe and enjoyable equestrian experiences. If it’s horse related we’re interested and game to give it a try with activities ranging from hoof-ball and polo-cross, to Trec and trail riding at local parks. Annual events such as Old Ladies Camp, Games Day, Christmas Social, and more 64 • Saddle Up • October 2010

recently a weekend road trip to the Interior are very popular with members. To meet the diverse interests of our members, monthly meetings host a variety of informative and interesting guest speakers. There is something for everyone with clinics and demonstrations organized throughout the year. We truly care about the welfare of all equine species and actively support equine rescue groups. We are a warm, welcoming group of horse-loving individuals who enjoy hanging out with our horses and each other. A final point of pride is this year having been voted, “A Club Beyond Compare,” by the Horse Journals 2010, Reader’s Choice Awards.

October is a busy month for Vintage Riders with a meeting of the Equine Canada Rider One Program continuing with Maureen Walters; a Clicker Training Clinic with Carla Webb; a Polo-cross Clinic with Brian Morton; and a Ground Pole Clinic with Jesse Smith. In addition, our monthly meeting guest speaker on October 19 will be Donna Hawkins with a presentation on conformation. Everyone welcome! A busy and exciting month indeed! New members are always welcome at VREC. For more information

“Having a Blast” By Doug Laurie


he Northern Lights Chapter of the Alberta Carriage Driving Association presented its second Annual Driving Show at the Rich Valley Fairgrounds on August 29, 2010. The show was open to all breeds, large or small, singles and pairs with classes for novice and experienced horses and drivers. A good selection of breeds were represented from Suffolk Punch, American Saddlebred, Arabian, Morgan and Welsh pony. Many other quality crossbreds showed well in the obstacle course classes. Good harness and classic carriages helped to produce a tier one event and visitors were treated to a day of excellent driving. A couple of foals were given a bit of halter training time and some pre-show experience while their mothers were being driven in many of the classes. This popular show should undoubtedly attract several more entries next year once the high level of competition becomes more widely known. More and more people are becoming

Donna Cooper and her 9 year old American Saddlebred gelding The Highlander.

Daisy and Jewel take a well deserved break. This team of Canadian x mares are owned and driven by Kelly Zimmer.

interested in driving and the Northern Lights Driving Club has several experienced members who are happy to share their knowledge about harness, horses, vehicles and driving with interested people. The club wishes to thank our guest judge Ray Miller and our many generous class sponsors for their support. A special thank you to our Show Sponsor - No Burn Canada of Edmonton, Alberta “Your Silent Fireman.” For more information on next year’s show or the many club activities contact Jennifer or John Mills 780-963-3031 or visit

Judge Ray Miller watches Cyndie Adams and her groom, Byron Crook, compete in the Ride and Drive Claass. Solaz is a Connemara x Dutch Warmblood gelding.

BC Interior Morgan Horse Club By Nancy Roman Our recent fundraising raffle was another success. The draw was made the last day of the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong. We thank all those that purchased tickets and to our sponsors who so graciously donated. Winners were: Lisa Anderson (Vernon) $50 Gift Certificate and 4 Bags of Feed from Country West Supply; Pam Pfannmueller (Coldstream) Ton of Hay from Granite Morgans; Edna Ritchie (Surrey) Two nights at Meadow Springs Guest Ranch; Russ Goosen (Armstrong) $50 Gift Certificate from Askew’s Foods; Karen Pallats (Vernon) $100 Gift Certificate from Enderby Jewellers; George Soderberg (Vernon) $25 Gift Certificate from Blue Mountain Nursery; Steve Masters (Armstrong) 2 Rounds at Royal York Golf Course; Steve Wilson (Armstrong) 1 Round at Canoe Creek Golf Course; and Joanne (Richmond) $25 Gift Certificate at Co-op Gas Bar. We had many Morgan horses entered at the IPE with quite a few ribbons taken home. Some of our members entered the Parade, with this year’s theme “Where’s the Beef?” (In this photo, the ‘beef’ is centred behind our sign! Good sport Bruce!)

If there are any Morgan horse owners out there that are interested to join our club please contact Karen Wilkie at

Members in the IPE parade.

CONDOLENCES to the Crema Family of Pritchard, BC. We just heard that Pat Crema’s husband, Renz, passed away on Friday, September 24. Our hearts go out to you. • 65

Okanagan Miniature Horse Club Update By Katie and Ann Iceton


nother great year for the miniature horse division at Armstrong’s IPE! The turnout this year was very big, with entries coming from Alberta, the Coast and of course locally! The driving classes were huge, with some having as many as 16 entries. The crowds loved the “speed classes” and got to see how elegantly these horses can move in pleasure classes, as well as how high they can JUMP! Congratulations to Joan Cunningham and her Stallion BHF Dynamic Prizm* on winning Constable Rosanne Komlos of Armstrong the Senior Stallion class which led them on to Detachment and Sergeant Scott Rempel of win the Supreme Champion of Show award. All Kelowna Detachment represented the RCMP in the IPE Parade on September 4th. Rosanne participants showed off how versatile the drove “Vista Valley’s Colour By Request,” miniature horse really is. and Scott drove “Silverbirch’s Tahitian Pearl.” We’d like to thank all the volunteers that Mounties driving Minis were a great hit with made the fair possible, setting up courses, the spectators and were awarded 1st Place in the Light Horse Division by the Parade Judge! whipping in, stewarding and the countless other jobs that were required to help the classes run smoothly.    On September 10-11 the OMHC held a Miniature Horse training Clinic at Carriage Court Stables in Vernon. Barb McDonald from Washington State was the trainer for this very wellattended club event. The weather was perfect. Club members benefited from Barb’s 35 years of training and judging miniature horses. Paige DeWolff had this to add: “Again, this year’s IPE was amazing! It was a lot of fun in and out of the ring. Some memorable placings for my two were Rhino’s 1st in Youth Halter Obstacle and Open Jumper and my first year driver, MacDuff, took a 5th and 6th in Pleasure Driving Stakes and Versatility. Congratulations to all the other exhibitors!”

Joan and Prizm *BHF Dynamic Prizm is co-owned by Laurence and Joann Humphreys and Bruce and Joan Cunningham {Vista Valley Acres}. Grand Stallion and Supreme Halter Horse: 1st place in the Versatility class {horses are shown in harness, then in halter and then as a hunter horse}; 1st in the multi-colour class.

Paige DeWolff and Rhino

Oliver Riding Club News By Debbie House


he Oliver Riding Club has been partying during August with the summer BBQ. I can’t believe the amount of musical talent we had that night to entertain us. A huge thank you to Dawn for persuading Eldon Blanchard to get his guitar out and sing for us along with Mikie Spillett – local songstress who was in excellent form. And the lady who came up from Osoyoos with her Karaoke equipment – a big thank you for entertaining us - the karaoke was the mainstay of the evening. Our last event for August was the Saddle Fitting demonstration by Stacy Elliot showing us how to check if a saddle is a good fit and what to do if it isn’t. Several members booked private sessions to get their own saddles checked out. Stacy is also a Certified Equine Sports Therapist. September 5th was our second Fun Day with judge Elsen den Boer. We changed things up a bit this time and ran two showing classes. The Western Pleasure class was won by Sara Brown on Skyborn Diva and the English Pleasure class was won by Verla Strawn also on Skyborn Diva – way to go Sky!! The gymkhana races were very popular and 66 • Saddle Up • October 2010

if I had to pick a favourite race it would our modified egg and spoon! This morphed into the plum and spoon race and was hotly contested resulting in a ride off. Melissa on Cheyenne was our plum and spoon champ – well done. At time of writing, we will be having an “Improve Your Skills” session focusing on riding a Dressage test in readiness for the Dressage practice day in October. The club welcomes members and non-members to come and join us. See the club calendar at www. or call Debbie on 250-498-4326.

A happy competitor… Sara Brown.

BC Miniature Horse Club News By Margaret Walmsley


ongratulations to everyone who showed this year. It was great to see some new people out there showing for their first time. When it is your first show, there is nothing anyone can tell you to make you feel any less nervous or give you any confidence. But each show you show, your confidence gets a little stronger and your hands are not shaking as much. There were several new horses being shown and a lot of our regulars which are still going strong. It was great to watch them all compete throughout the season. This year was our second year showing at the PNE. Thanks Big Time to Cherie, it is no easy task running that horse show! Our whipper in, Vicki, kept everyone in line and in place and that takes a miracle worker! Big thanks to you too. It was a very long day and a lot of winners but there were a few that just took it all. Our overall Champions from the PNE were: Champion: Deb Olson/RMS 12 O Clock High Reserve Champion: Dianne McVey/Rocky Mountains Resolve Youth Champion: Alyssa Kennedy Youth Reserve Champion: Sunny Balshaw

Congratulations to you All! This year our AGM and banquet will

be held on November 13th at ABC Country Restaurant at 19219 56th Ave in Surrey. Meeting starts at 3:30 pm and dinner at 5:30 pm. Please remember to bring an item for the live auction. Mark this date down and Champion: Deb Olson make a commitment to RMS 12 O Clock High Reserve Champion: Dianne come. Even if you have McVey and Rocky Mountains not won an award it is a Resolve fun occasion to spend time with your mini friends.  If you can’t make the dinner, please try and make the meeting. This is a very important meeting. Your new officers are elected and many changes are presented to be voted on that cannot be voted on during the year. There are items that can only be presented and voted on at an AGM. So please get involved. This club is for you and we need you for it to stay that way. For more info contact Margaret Youth Champion: Youth Reserve: Walmsley at 604.856.1419 or Alyssa Kennedy Sunny Balshaw

BCBRA Finals Update By Lindsay Bartko Photos by Bernie Hudyma, The 2010 BCBRA Finals were hosted in Williams Lake, BC, on the Labour Day long weekend. With over 350 entries, there was lots of action to be seen and many prizes and cash to be won! All the division champions took home a new saddle, various other prizes and cash. A huge thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors who made the 2010 season a success! Congratulations to all our winners. Some of our 3 day average winners included: Melanie Beeton, Open 1D Champion Kathy Gillis, Open 2D Champion Courtney Vandenborn, Open 3D Champion Carli Wardrop, Open 4D Champion Judy Hyde, Senior 1D Champion Allie Sorenson, Junior 1D Champion Ricki-Lynne Leviolette, Pee Wee 1D Champion

The BC Barrel Racing Association is a non-profit organization that promotes Allie Sorenson on Simmy the sport of barrel racing in BC. We (Junior 1D Champion) offer many divisions to suit beginner or seasoned horses and riders. The results of our finals and other information can be found at Pictures of all the action can be viewed and purchased at

Ginelle Talarico had the fastest time of the weekend with a 16.290!

Melanie Beeton on Ima Gas Bar (Open 1D Champion)

Ricki-Lynne Leviolette, Pee Wee Champion

Judy Hyde on Kit ( Senior 1D Champion) • 67

Tails to be Told

…A treasure chest of memories. We want you to look back, refleect, ec recollect, and share your photos and memories ries ies with us. u This is not a contest – it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.


et was born on the day I met him, July 28, 1964. He was by “Liberty,” a Thoroughbred/Saddlebred cross, out of “Flare” a great, grade mare of Quarter Horse/Morgan type. I used to ride him “in utero” as I rode Flare while she was in foal to him. Every day after school and on weekends I would ride my bike the four miles on our quiet country road to visit with Jet and Flare. As I had been involved with Jet’s training and was doing well at handling him, and because Flare was due to foal again, Dr. Neil Fletcher leased Jet, at eight months old, to me right after he had been gelded.  All available time was spent with my beautiful Jet! We would walk along the roadside and graze while traffic passed and the occasional gravel truck would honk its air horn (thank you, Dave Williams!) creating the best road worthy horse in the Comox Valley. He would even pass through the paving crew. The following year Dr. Fletcher, offered me first refusal on the purchase of Jet. I was ecstatic until my parents said we couldn’t afford him. My heart broke, the floodgates opened and I ran to the barn to my Anne and Jet as a yearling with Jet. Hugging him I cried my eyes out soaking his neck with my tears. Granddad Praying does work; somehow the deal was struck. I slaved for a year to pay him off and, at eleven years old, I was the proud owner of my best friend. Here follows only one story of this incredible horse and the illustration of the bond and trust we had. I was riding Jet in a lightning storm when a crack of lightning struck about eight feet behind us. I turned quickly about in the saddle and saw the wisp of smoke and thought WOW! that was close! All Jet did was take a massive, deep breath and held steady. My friend’s horse bolted. Later, riding down a steep old skid road, I was looking out for wild strawberries and spied something swinging under my right foot. It was my cinch! So... how does one dismount a saddle held on with only the back cinch? I tell you... any vaulter would have been proud of my effort! Luckily, I had taken to riding with my “Uncle Henry” (knife) and was able to repair the latigo which busted when Jet took in that great big gulp. Jet still enjoyed light riding, teaching Seumas (my other horse) how to open gates, hanging out with me in the orchard and bowing for great, big carrots when his colic couldn’t be resolved on September 30, 1998. He was 32 years old. Jet at 32 on the day he went to Heaven.

God, I love that horse. Thank you for the journey. - Anne Smyth, Kelowna, BC


Send Saddle Up one to two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature… so start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information. 68 • Saddle Up • October 2010

BC Quarter Horse Association BCQHA, Bag 9000, Suite 129, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1S3 * President: Gordie McEachen, 250-337-5958, Vice President: Carlina Schumann 250-567-4807 AQHA Director: Gayle Pawley-Wilson 604-323-4418, AQHA Director Emeritus: Gen Matheson Ph/Fax 604-534-5137 Membership Secretary /Media Liaison: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 Fax 604-806-9052,

Calendar of Events October 5 – LMQHA General Meeting at 7pm- Lions Hall 23022 88th Avenue, Fort Langley October 23 – BCQHA Special General Meeting at 4:30pm – Lions Hall 23022 88th Avenue, Fort Langley (corner of 88th Ave and Glover)

NOTICE OF MEETING BCQHA will hold a Special General Meeting at the Langley Lions Hall at 4:30 PM on Saturday, October 23, 2010. Business to be conducted will be: 1. Call to Order 2. Approval of Agenda 3. New Business a. Interim Governance Committee Report b. Approval of Special Resolution Moved by Carolyn Farris and seconded by Gayle Pawley Wilson to add the following to the BCQHA bylaws: 6.4 A quorum for an annual general meeting or special general meeting shall be 10% of senior members present and voting in person. For board and committee meetings a quorum shall be fift y percent plus one of the eligible members. All zone meetings must ensure they meet the same quorums. Minimum quorum is three people. 6.5 The Board of Directors will arrange for proxy voting for all AGM and Special General meetings that involve special resolutions, changes to the rule book or elections. 75% is needed to pass special resolutions and 51% for all other matters. All other matters will be decided by the majority of members present in person at a general meeting. Proxy forms must accompany the notice of meeting along with the text of any special resolutions or rule book changes. Proxy voting is permitted only at annual and special general meetings for BCQHA. Proxies are not permitted at zones, board or committee meetings. 5. Adjournment For further information, contact Gordon McEachen, Carolyn Farris or any BCQHA Director.

Mayson Schumann and TCD Execution Annie

YOUTH SPOTLIGHT - Mayson Schumann and TCD Execution Annie Mayson and Annie’s partnership began when they were both young. There were a lot of trails, joy and some tears, but they have started to come together beautifully. They earned their Youth ROM in July of 2009 and in one show earned enough points to qualify them for the 2010 Youth World Show in Performance Halter Mares. The team has earned points in Youth Halter, Showmanship, Trail, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, HUS and Hunt Seat Equitation and has been awarded their Youth AQHA Championship. This year her goal was to earn a point in Western Riding, an event new to this team. Mayson loves spending time with her mare in and out of the show pen and loves the friends she’s made along the way!

Congratulations g

Mayson and Annie! Further reports on AQHA and CQHA can be read at www.bcqha. • 69

The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story and photos by Trish Straight, Alberni Chapter BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE President: Jonathan Driesen, - 604 864-0730 Vice President: Rose Schroeder, - 604-854-1245 Vice President: Jack Breaks, Webmaster, - 604 856 7786 Vice President: John King, - 250-338-6789 Recording Secretary: Susan Shumey, - 604 856-1396 Treasurer: Sharon Pickthorne, - 250-337-1818 Past President: Gord MacKenzie, - 250 679-3999 Work Bee Coordinator: Ian Compton, - 250-337-8720 Joint Trail & Access (Horse Council): Rose Schroeder, - 604 854-1245 Horse Council Director: Isabel Pritchard, - 250 764-4533 Education: Mary Huntington, - 604-988-8442

“Smell my fingers! It’s amazing that after washing with a nail brush and with Tilex Mildew squirt you can STILL smell it under my fingernails! Cool!” “That’s disgusting.” My daughter obviously does not appreciate the finer points of sheath cleaning, one of which is the tenacity of the smell. You see, I’m a proponent of the “Bare hands with warm soap and water” method of cleaning sheaths. Dan’s used to being touched, invaded with terry cloth in hand and scrubbed out. He drops from his sheath to get a gentle brush and rub and when it’s icky “up there” he lets me reach in and scrape out the goo with my fingers. Then I oil him up and we both feel fine. Dan likes it, and the vet said it must a useful transferable skill. Oh I’ve tried the “Under belly, sit and suds” - a method Carolyn swears by. She sits right under Cody, gives him the special scratch (everybody has one) and he drops down for her to suds and soak. Clean as a whistle in no time. Carolyn’s smug about how much he trusts her and since it’s no trouble she can do it quite often, but the look on Cody’s face? Well, let’s just say he winked at me and grinned. Stacie prefers the “Cheek, sneak and peek” method. She casually approaches from the side, tunelessly whistling to show she’s up to nothing, scratches under Beau’s tail and his cheeks and creeps through from behind. If she’s done it right, then Beau’s relaxed enough for her to get a peek at the dangly bit and start working on cleaning his sheath et al. Beau, I think, just likes to have the extra attention before the action. Many do. Antonia was happily childless until Dylan. At 57 she’s a mum. All those years of laughing while her friends changed their babies’ diapers, cleaned bums and retched as they faced unfamiliar odours and consistently changing consistencies… Karma’s a bitch! A boy? And what a boy, 17 hh, and you’ve got to

clean what?!? Antonia uses the “Tentative, there’s a good boy, there’s a good boy” method. Warm water (tested on her inner wrist), Johnson’s baby shampoo or Ivory soap (guaranteed not to burn), soft flannel towels (use a patting not rubbing motion), latex gloves (thin ones to ensure maximum sensitivity) and she’s trimmed her nails beforehand (mustn’t scratch, poor boo boo). Dylan, who’s come from Queen Mag’s, has been handled with callousness and utter disregard by little girls and older ladies alike. His private parts have been public for so long he’s quite jaded. But Antonia convinces him that “this time is different.” This is not a nasty chore, it’s done in love – and “will make you feel so much better.” Willing to try just one more time, he gives in and finds – well not true love but a reasonable facsimile thereof. Sarah loves Sads but he does not feel the same way about her when she gets too personal. He thinks his sheath is his business and she has no business being quite so close. He’s quite adamant about this. We’ve all tried to help her but she resorts to, yes, drugs. Oh no, not for her although I’m sure she’d agree to a brandy and cigarette when it’s all over, for Sads. Sarah uses the “It’s goodnight, laddie, the vet is coming home” method. Sads puts up a nominal effort just to indicate he’s not enjoying himself too much and when the vet’s soaped, rubbed and oiled, Sads is a much happier horse. Sarah’s in the corner with a grin. Unlike most of the rest of us, she’ll be able to eat with her fingers tonight.

Attention All Trail Riders! Vote for the Manning Park Horse Camp.

See page 12 for more information. 70 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Endurance Riders Association of BC Photos by Catherine Wallace.

Officers & Directors 2010 President -June Melhuish VP - Ruth Moorby Secretaryy - Lori Bewza Treasurer - Lynn Wallden Directors: Louise Abbott Madeline Bateman Brenna Mayer Elaine Bessuille Terre O’Brennan Karen Ellis Gary Forde Brenda Miskimmin Cheryl Dzida

Westbank Rockers Start of the 22 Mile Event this level was awarded to Joanne Macaluso and Cinco Bey B, placing 27th with a time of 4:29. What a glorious ride to close the 2010 endurance ride season! The Nickers Saddlery of Penticton sponsored and presented awards Westbank Rocker at the Crystal Mountain Telemark Trails site was held to barefoot and/or booted competitors. Kerry-Jo Stewart and Darjinka Sept. 11 in the midst of changing weather conditions that had everyone came first in the 22 mile event, and Fred Voglmaier and My Dance took eyeing the sky, and crossing their fingers. And it worked! The day grew the award in the 50 mile event. Katrin Levermann and Salvador won progressively clearer, sunny enough to evaporate the horses’ sweat and the Best Bare Foot trophy. provide cooling, but remaining cool enough that riders were not baked Please see for complete results. under their helmets. On Sept. 25 the World Equestrian Games is being held in Ride management offered three levels of distance – the 19 50 milers Kentucky, offering competition for eight equestrian disciplines were sent out at 7 a.m., the 47 22 milers began at 8 a.m. and 15 riders – including endurance! Three ERABC riders are making the trip – started the fun ride (15 miles) at 10 a.m. Civilized hours, indeed, for an Elroy Karius, Gail Jewell and Terre O’Brennan, and will compete in endurance ride, and reflecting the cooler-than-summer temperatures the 100 mile race on Sept. 26. You can follow their progress at www. expected during the day. For a detailed description of their schedule, rules Westbank 2009 had introduced two new loops, and these were of engagement and trail maps, have a look at http://limestonecooper. once again on rider’s maps, with refinements suggested from last year’s com/weg2010/endurance.html. Endurance riding the world around event. Another new loop was presented for 2010, so this ride had a takes as its motto “To Finish is to Win,” but for the World Equestrian new look for regular attendees. New loops mean new country to see, Games, it’s fair to say “To Qualify is to Win” – it’s been a long hard new challenges in terrain, and maybe a sharper eye needed on the process for all riders, and we wish them success, satisfaction and a safe trail marking. Riders were not disappointed – multiple vistas over the ride. mountaintops looking through to the lakes, tricky winding through We hope to have first-hand accounts of the WEG experience the shade of the trees, a long uphill grind followed by a gradual descent available at the Endurance Riders Association of BC annual general to camp level showed the Rocker trail-setters had done their job well ... meeting on Saturday, Nov. 13 in Kamloops, along with the business and the marking was great! of the club. Once again, check the website for details – location, The ride vets – Brytann Youngberg, Sara Greenwood and Grant accommodation and meals, schedules and agendas will all be posted Scott were amazing as always – helping riders take their horses safely there. and soundly through the loops. The information each provides at every See ya there! stop is such an important part of endurance riding, and we thank them for their friendly, thoughtful help. First in at the 50-mile level was, once again, Murray Mackenzie and the amazing Ransome with a time of 4:36. And it’s no surprise that Ransome also was awarded Best Condition at the awards later in the evening. High Vet Score was awarded to Brandi Anthony’s RK Sterling, who had come in third with a time of 5:01. Landmark mileage was achieved by two horses at this event – Barb HolmesBalmer’s indomitable Shimelhawa and Brenda Miskimmin’s MC PennyToo both became 2,000 mile horses – with no end in sight! Congrats to all! Twenty-two miler Jennifer Szezpaniuk and Maromac Prime Katya Levermann and Murray Mackenzie Brandi Anthony and completed her loops first with a time of 2:50; the balance of the large Avtar and Ransome RK Sterling field followed, with the final rider arriving at 5:03. High Vet Score for • 71

Pine Tree Riding Club Kamloops, B C Newsletter contact: Bert, Club contact: Jodi Daburger 250-675-4588

PLAY DAY ~ Sunday September 12th

GYMKHANA FUN DAY ~ Saturday September 11th

Fun for all!

Gymkhana Competitors

Sunday morning English class was exciting!

Fun for all ages!

Good work out for all Special p thanks to Tanya y Epp pp for allowing us to use her photos for this edition’s Pine Tree newsletter.


Mmm...Good! 72 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Annual General Meeting October 8th 6:30pm at PTRC grounds. We will vote on a proposal to fence in the grounds, and a proposal to put in a Derby course. Also up for discussion are year-end awards. If anyone wants to be involved with 2011 planning please come out to the Annual General Meeting. Year End Awards and Banquet November 8th. For tickets please contact Alison Miller by phone 250-573-5468 or email

BC Paint Horse Club - Colour Your World - Own A Paint Pres Colleen Schellenberg 604 534-8287 VP vacant Sec Mary Ratz 604-639-0212 Treas Dianne Rouse 604 530-3366 Past Pres. Louise Bruce 604-530-8310 APHADirector (BC & Alaska) Jodie Moore 604-532-9305 Alt Andrea Aitken 250 498-2240 APHA 817 834-2742

Whether you compete with your Paint, enjoy the trails, push cows or any other wonderful pursuit, we hope you’ve had a great year with your Paint horse so far this year... and we’ve got a couple of months to go yet!

BCPHC Annual General Meeting Nov. 27 At Langley Events Centre, 7888 200 St. in Langley. Time and room number to be confirmed. Please visit or email bcphc@ for updates.

News from BCPHC member and APHA delegate Jodie Moore: Recently attended the Zone One show in Nampa, ID, and had a pretty good show. Kirsten Chamberland and “Desis On the Street” continued their “Cinderella” year; this pair was Reserve High Point Novice Youth and 13 and Under at the Preshow, and were High Point Novice Youth and Top Five 13 and Under at the Zone One show. In addition they won the Novice Youth Trail buckle and had Reserve Championships in the Novice Youth Horsemanship, Novice Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, and 13 and Under Horsemanship. Sister Emilee Chamberland put a bunch of points on “A Sexy Sensation” at both shows, being third overall in the extremely tough 14-18 Trail Class and making all the Western Pleasure and Novice Youth Western Pleasure cards. Next stop for Chris and I, and our clients (including BCPHC members), is Albany, OR. In the meantime I’ll being heading to Nashville, TN, for the APHA convention. While I sit on the Youth Committee I will be voting on a number of different rule proposals involving all divisions. If any BCPHC member has any questions or input they wish to share with me please do not hesitate to call 604-532-9305.

BCPHC Member News: Calli Rouse has had an absolutely stunning show season to date. Zone 1: Calli and three-year-old “Chansation” earned Circuit (buckle winner) Champion, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation and Western Pleasure, NWCC futurity champion Non-Pro Junior Western Pleasure, and NWCC Reserve Champion Non-Pro Junior Hunter Under Saddle. Calli and “Ima Special Delivery” earned unanimous Circuit Champion in 14-18 Horsemaship and Reserve Circuit Champion in Trail and Western Riding! Calli was third in the overall Hi-Point 14-18 with Ima Special Delivery and fourth in the overall with Chansation! Utah: Calli and crew travelled to Utah a week after zone, winning

the UPHC three-year-old Non-Pro and Open Futurities unanimously, and were reserve in the Non-Pro Hunter Under saddle with Chansation. Momma Di Rouse rode Ima Special Delivery in her Masters AM Pleasure class, and were Reserve Circuit Champions! He was also High-Point Senior horse and Reserve in the 14-18! Additional successes from Monroe to report in next month’s article! Congratulations to BCPHC Member Pam Malekow who, earlier this year, received her “1,000 Hour Award” for the APHA Ride America Program. Calli Rouse In addition, Pam has also received her APHA “PAC Program” Certificate of Recognition for Equitation, Trail, Western Pleasure and English Pleasure. Way to go Pam! Congratulations also go out to BCPHC Member Candace Zylak on “YE Impressivekassiopi” who won the High Point Registered Paint prize at the Saanich Fair held recently. Nicely done Candace! BCPHC Member Kelly Allen was instrumental in Candace Zylak putting together “Team Paint” for the Pacific Nation Exhibition’s “Battle Of The Breeds” at the end of August in Vancouver. While Kelly and BCPHC Member Ron Stolp didn’t compete themselves, they had their horses “Winddancers Cimaron” and “Bar J Zandas Beauty” in the competition arena, and were delighted to see them help Team Paint win the competition! Each team comprised four horses which took part in a total of four events – Dressage, Trail, Barrel Racing and Jumping. Way to support the Paint breed!

BCPHC Free Trophy Program News: Congratulations to all of the Free Trophy Program winners at the following events: 3-In-One Show in Smithers – Winner: Lea-Ann Oosterhoff and “My Success Story; Hot August Hooves Show in Trail – Winner: Wendy Price and “Ima Painted Skeeters”; Wild ‘N Lawless Horse Show in Dawson Creek – Marissa Ratzlaff and “BC Delightfully Dun.” • 73

BC Interior Arabian Horse Association BC Interior Arabian Horse Association President / Encampment Chair: Wally Goertz Ph/Fax: 250-546-6004 Vice-President: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145 Secretary / Webpage Editor: Sean Newton 250-546-8088 Treasurer / Membership: Dani Goldenthal Ph/Fax :250-832-4111 Flying Carpet: Alysha Bartlett 778-754-0066 Youth: Breen Johnson 250-832-9122 and/or Cheryl Johnson Recreational Riding Program: Cori Wilson 250-764-4145

Michelle Pruden marrying Russell Baranow on June 19th on I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like the beach in Point Roberts, summer ended WAY too soon this year! This month WA. Michelle rode LS Im a I thought I would do a brief description of the “Sport Dandy sidesaddle to the wedding. Horse Divisions” offered at Arabian Shows. The purpose of the division is to evaluate and encourage the breeding of Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian horses suitable for Dressage, Working Hunter, Eventing, Jumper, Combined Driving and Competitive Trail and Endurance, and to provide an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of breeding programs. Form to function will be emphasized. In General, In-hand, Under Saddle and Show Hack Sport Horse classes for 1) Arabians and 2) Half-Arabians/Anglo Arabian Sport Horses may be held separately or in conjunction with any licensed Arabian competition. Sport Horse In-hand, Under Saddle and Sport Horse Show Hack classes may be held for stallions, mares and geldings. (from  For more information on all Arabian Showing please refer to the USEF handbook at If you currently own or are interested in purchasing an Arabian or Half Arabian please feel free to contact BCIAHA members with any questions you may have. We would be happy to assist you. BCIAHA would like to know if any members would be interested in participating in a clinic with Professional Trainer Ron Copple, Spring 2011. Ron has numerous Regional and National wins in hunter and western divisions. Ron’s goal is to produce Nationally competitive horses in both the open and amateur divisions. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in attending.

Kara finding it a long way down off Chelsea while Austin waits to get on... Granny and BC watch!

Kye and Olivia riding “sidesaddle” at Olivia’s first birthday on “honorary Arabian” Robin.

BCIAHA would like to congratulate Sheila Goertz and Alaina Braybrook on their success at this year’s Arabian Fall Frolic Horse show. Way to go ladies! BCIAHA would also like to congratulate all the Canadian Competitors that attended the 2010 Sport Horse on September 22-25, Idaho Horse Center, Nampa, ID. Please don’t forget to send me your “Barn News” so we can share it with the rest of the club. Thank you to all the members that sent me their “Summer Horse Adventures.” We all appreciate you sharing these memories. NOTICE: BCIAHA AGM is October 24 and the BCIAHA BANQUET is November 20 at the Village Green Hotel. Watch next month’s Saddle Up for more details.... 74 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Adam Fox riding Sundown Flamenco in the last BCIAHA Community Show.

Clubs & Associations “Experience the Real West YOUR WAY”

British Columbia Team Cattle Penning Association

Choose From: Working Ranch - Guest Ranch - Country - Back Country

Team Cattle Penning is a fast and exciting sport! The BCTCPA supports and promotes good horsemanship and sportsmanship and is an affiliate of the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association. This sport is open to almost any level and age of rider. For more info, visit us at or contact Bill Klop (Pres) 604-796-9127 3/11


THE ALBERTA DONKEY AND MULE CLUB Clinics, Shows, Trail Rides/Drives and lots of Fun. 780-696-3892 8/11 ARMSTRONG/ENDERBY RIDING CLUB Tammy Thielman 250-832-3409, Fun Days, Shows, Clinics, Battle Royal. 10/10

The Back Country Horsemen of B. C. BCHBC provides a social, safe learning atmosphere for all equestrians interested in trail riding and the back country. We strive to preserve and enhance the use of public lands for all equestrians. Pres. Jonathan, 604-556-6884 or 11/10

BOUNDARY HORSE ASSOC. (Grand Forks) Pres: Tanya Margerison 250-4420209,, Visit for Events 4/11 BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. Shannon 250-751-4685 12/10 BC CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Kevin Tienkamp 250-546-9156, or web Area 20 3/11 BC DRAFT UNDER SADDLE CLUB. Open to all Draft and Draft X. Pres: Dawn Germscheid 604-617-7354, 10/11 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. 250-546-6004 Arabian Encampment, Youth Club, Racing, Endurance 11/10 BC INTERIOR HORSE RESCUE SOCIETY. Our mission is to rescue, protect, help and prevent the abuse of horses. Memberships/volunteers. 250-260-5344 8/11 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Karen Wilkie 250-546-8973 Meeting, Trail Rides/Socials, Fellowship, Newsletter, 12/10 BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Melissa Schryvers 604-202-3024. Show June 12-13 Cloverdale 6/11 BC PAINT HORSE CLUB President: Colleen Schellenberg 604-534-8287 Shows, Horses for sale, Membership 4/11 BC QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION Membership: Lynne Carter 604-880-6138 or visit 9/11 BC RANCH CUTTING HORSE ASSOC. (Fraser Valley) Pres. David Parker 604-462-0304,, 3/11 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP Our aim is to promote, showcase and market our breeding and show stock by organizing shows with futurities, line and under saddle classes for horses and ponies. Equine Canada Bronze, BC Heritage Circuit and PAC Qualifier Shows. Contact: Ulli Dargel 4/11 604-421-6681, Membership: Shelley Fraser 604-534-8782 or

CANADIAN DISASTER ANIMAL RESPONSE TEAM (CDART) Deborah Silk 250-493-9752 or 250-809-7152, 0 CANADIAN HORSE HERITAGE & PRESERVATION SOCIETY Preserving for our children the horse of our forefathers. 604-530-5772 3/11


The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate

of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members b off AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose “Membership” section. Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: Marnie Somers, President 204-834-2479 or 6/11

ENDURANCE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF BC Secretary: Lori Bewza, 250-679-8247 11/10 EQ TRAILS ASSOCIATION Advocates for Horses on Trails, & Managers of Skimikin Campground., 11/10 GIT ‘ER DONE! GYMKHANA CLUB, Family oriented fun. 250-577-3154 7/11 HORSE COUNCIL BC 1-800-345-8055 Representing the interests of BC’s equine industry. 10/10 INTERIOR CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATION 10/11 Grant Beyer, President 250-319-0201 or Sue Rath, Secretary 250-376-9443 KELOWNA GYMKHANA CLUB Amanda Blamire 250-764-1397, 11/10 NORTH OK THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOC. 250-549-0105 Spring & Fall Riding Sessions for the disabled 0 OKANAGAN MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Pres: Scott Rempel 250-542-3433 AMHA, AMHR Sanctioned Shows, Fun Days & Clinics 6/11 OLIVER RIDING CLUB Pres: Debbie House 250-498-4326, E-mail:, 6/11 PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB Blair Bates 250-452-6941 Fun & Family oriented! See for activities 2/11 PERUVIAN HORSE CLUB OF BC Sec/Treas: Bonnie 250-275-7715 Annual Show, Parades/Demos, Stallions, Breeders 10/10 PINE TREE RIDING CLUB (Kamloops) Debi 250-851-9256 Monthly Playdays, Annual Show, Activities 6/11 SOUTH OKANAGAN HORSE ASSOC. Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Spirit of Life Ride, 10/11 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Sharon 604-856-3348, 10/10

Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada Official Canadian Registry for the Appaloosa Breed

~ Integrity ~ Quality. The Best Ingredients in the Recipe for Success ApHCC Box 940, Claresholm AB T0L 0T0

403-625-3326 Fax: 403-625-2274 a • 75

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2010/2011 EVENTS?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-3


1-2 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-4 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 8-10 8-10 8-10 9 9 9-10 10 10 11 13-14 15-16 15-17 16 16 16 17

OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567,

THE WESTERN HORSE SALE (at Canadian Supreme), Red Deer, AB, Elaine 403-845-2541, FALL HORSE SALE, Perlich Auction Market, Lethbridge, AB, all horses catalogued,, 403-329-3101 HUMAN APPLIED KINESIOLOGY - Level #2, Mankota, SK, 780-621-0765 Julie, DEREK HUGET DRESSAGE/FLAT CLINIC, Williams Lake Trail Riders Arena, Lynn 250-296-3169 or Laura 250-296-3522 LADIES HORSEMANSHIP WEEKEND, Jandana Ranch, Pinantan Lake, 250-573-5800, JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP Adv. Course 1, Agriplex, Prince George, BC, Kyla 250-996-8026, TRAINING FOR COURAGE w/Paul Dufresne, Sherwood Park, AB, 250-765-7853, OCTOBERFEST SALE, Roddick’s Feed Feature Farm Supply, Ladner, BC, 604-946-2771 BHA HALLOWEEN HORSE SHOW W (BC Heritage Qualifier), Grand Forks, SOHA TOY DRIVE, info CANCELLED HORSETACULAR, Fun Team Competition, Quarterspot Ranch, 137 Horner Road, Lumby, BC 250-547-9277 SOHA HALLOWEEN SHOW, Summerland Rodeo Grounds, info BHA GYMKHANA (all ages & riding levels welcome), Grand Forks, BUCKLE SERIES TEAM ROPING, Longhorn Acres, Armstrong, Doug Henry,, 250-546-6494 ENGLISH/WESTERN, LRS Grounds, Nicola Gildemeister, YVONNE LABOUNTY Y Horsemanship & Training Clinic, Rock Creek, Yvonne 250-446-2523 PEACHLAND HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Peachland Riding Club, for more info: or 250-718-2761 TOPLINE FALL FINALE Hack, Hunter & Jumper Show, Salmon Arm, Sonya 250-833-2669; GAMES DAY, LRS Grounds, Ngaire Niven 778-277-0015, TREC, NDRC grounds Blewett, BC, Jocelyn Templeman 250-304-2247, CHETWYND HIGH SCHOOL RODEO, Chetwynd, for more info: LONGMUIR AQHA PRODUCTION SALE, Empress, AB, Sheila Howe 403-565-3858 SPOOKTACULAR TEAM FUN DAY, Kelowna Gymkhana Club, Kelowna, Amanda 250-764-1397 FALL OAK STAR CLASSIC SALE, M Bar Quarterhorses, Olds, AB, Chuck Manness 403-335-8819, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Black Creek-Campbell River, Lindy 250-337-8747, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Port Alberni, Doris 250-724-4645, ALCHEMY CLASS - for humans/horses/dogs, Alder Flats, AB, 780-621-0765 Julie, DRIVING & SHOWMANSHIP FUN SHOW W (BCHQ), Open to all sizes and breeds, Vernon Riding Club, Joy Viel 250-549-2168 or EQUINE HEALTH CLINIC, Tranquille Farms, Lake Country, BC, Lorraine 250-766-7180, BHA FALL POKER RIDE, Potluck, all ages welcome, Grand Forks, JUMPING DAY, Y LRS Grounds, Katherine Kowalik 778-241-1932,

76 • Saddle Up • October 2010

17 17-18 19-20 21 22 22 22–24 23 23 27 27 28 30-31 30-31

SOHA HALLOWEEN SHOW, Summerland Rodeo Grounds, 10 am, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Cobble Hill, John & Nancy 250-743-1268, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Victoria-Metchosin, Kristina 250-478-2051, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Abbotsford, Rose 604-854-1245, AGM, Mane Event, Chilliwack, BC, Tammy Mercer, 250-335-3390,, INTRO CLINIC w/Nick Hutchinson, drive & ride, or ride & drive, 6:30-8:30pm, Armstrong, Nick 250-517-8869, MANE EVENT, Heritage Park, Chilliwack, BC,, 250-578-7518 BHA FALL POKER RIDE & POTLUCK (any age welcome - must be able to ride without assistance), Grand Forks, PLAYDAY, Git ‘Er Done! Gymkhana Club, Pritchard, MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Penticton, Sherry 250-490-0397, SADDLE FITTING w/Dave Collins, BC College of Equine Therapy, Ladysmith. $10 at door. Proceeds to charity. 250-245-2115 MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Kelowna, Anne 250-860-2785, 2010 AEVA PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Caluori Pavilion, Olds, Alberta, Melanie O’Neil FOUNDATION HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC w/Jason Hicks, Nelson, BC, Heather 250-505-5270


MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Black Creek-Campbell River, Lindy 250-337-8747, 5-6 MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Cobble Hill, John & Nancy 250-743-1268, 5-14 FARMFAIR, Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Visit for more information 6 FALL SELECT SALE, Alberta QH Breeders Group, Northlands AgriCom, Edmonton, AB, or 1-866-788-4366 6-7 NICK HUTCHINSON CLINIC, drive & ride, or ride & drive, Armstrong, Nick 250-517-8869 or e-mail 7 RANCH HORSE COMPETITION & SALE, Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Enter or more information at 7-8 MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Victoria-Metchosin, Kristina 250-478-2051, 7-9 HERITAGE RANCH RODEO, Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Tickets on sale at 9 MARION WEISSKOPFF NH, Abbotsford, Rose 604-854-1245, 10-14 CANADIAN FINALS RODEO, Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Tickets on sale at 11 NORTHLANDS TEAM ROPING FUTURITY, Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands, Enter or more information at 13 OK MINIATURE HORSE CLUB Formal Dinner & Year End Awards, Vernon, Louellen Rempel 250-542-3433 13 BC INT. HORSE RESCUE Christmas Craft Fair, Winfield Memorial Hall, Winfield, BC, 250-260-5344 or 13-Dec 12 MARION WEISSKOPFF, Apprenticeship Home-base, Princeton, Marion 250-295-4329, 19 NORTH OK HORSEY LADIES Banquet & Charity Auction, Spallumcheen Golf Course, Vernon, Nancy 250-546-9922. Donations welcome.

Dates continued at

It’s ALL About the KIDS! - the next generation Ki d s. Wh


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g U! doi n u o u t YO y o e b r a a ll u s at

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Melissa, i k Chic to ride ve a e k li I ick. o ha ed Ch is 0. I als se nam May of 201 ar s. Manny r o h ig e in y b k o a ic r tw s. h a ve t Ch here fo friend n a h. I k. I go is Han s with Chic o has lived d Chick are e m a y an y, wh My n riend BC I am f med Mann inter. Mann riere, a lot. in Bar w na s e y e h n v t li o p air y in 6 y r s, small ver y h - Hannah,

12, from Enderb by,


. Ju st wo n you r f ir s Ju st bo u g ht yo t rib bon? u r Do you g ive yo fir st hor se? u r h o r se k is ses?

Send in your photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis.

BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! On To Greener Pastures EL KOBAR MIRA July 6, 1977 – August 6, 2010 We moved to Enderby BC, it was 1991 We bought 5 acres, this was going to be fun! We had so many things to do of course But first on our list was to buy a horse. We got on the phone and called all around Our beautiful “Mira” is who we found. We drove to Westbank to pick her up They threw in the saddle, bridle and boots, all for $1000 bucks. When we got her home there were three little girls tight at her side “Mommy, Oh Mommy can we ride?” “Go for it girls, hang on tight” The smiles were wide, the spirits were bright. Mira was gentle and she was kind

No better horse we could find. She established her place amongst the pack She was the leader and that is a fact. We took her to shows, a few ribbons were won She taught us to ride and how to have fun. She pranced and she danced in the drill team There was nothing this little horse couldn’t do it seemed. At 33 she passed away For all of us it was a very sad day. “We miss you Mira and thank you too For teaching us all… We Love You!” - Mydske Family, Enderby, BC • 77

Stallions and Breeders WWW.APPALOOSACENTRE.COM “Appaloosas for today and the future.” 250-963-9779 Ranch. 2/11

WWW.RADICALFRENCHGOLD.COM 2004 AQHA Perlino Stallion, APHA listed WFQHA. $850 stud fee, Money Earner, LTD book. LCFG. 604-823-4666 2/11

DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Jasper/Brule, AB) 780-865-4021 6/11

SALMON VALLEY RANCH (Salmon Arm) 250-833-4217 10/11 SS: SVR Royal Checkmate, AQHA Perlino; Okies Last Chance, APHA Black Tobiano

FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines,

SALTYOLEJACK QUARTER HORSES (Lumby) 250-547-6811 SS: Salty Ole Jack ’96 AQHA, 4/11


GREEN GABLES MORGAN FARM (Armstrong) 250-546-8058 7/11 SS: WF Royal Mist’s Kurik, Black/Brown, 15.1HH,

STARMYRIAPPALOOSAS.CA (Edson, AB) 780-723-7899 8/11 Stallion Service, Indian Shufflers, Stock for Sale, CHA Instructor

ICELANDIC HORSE FARM (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 10/10 • IRISH CREEK RANCH (Vernon) 250-542-7228 3/11 SS: Little Peppe Leo, APHA B/W Homoz. Tobiano,

Horses for Sale • Stud Service • Riding Lessons • Clinics • Training • Events • Tack Store E-mail: or call Erhard (evenings) 250-838-0234 6/11 • More Gaits - More Fun, just Tolt Away

MURRAY CREEK RANCH (Langley, BC) 604-807-5519 5/11 SS: APHA & AQHA,

WARREN CREEK RANCH (Falkland) 250-275-2717 or 250-379-2128 4/11 SS: Parr for Jack, AQHA. Prospects for sale. Training/Lessons avail.

OLD BALDY RANCH (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 Offspring available by: Goldun Poco Mr Matt, AQHA/NFQH 97%, LBJ Sierras Blue Te, AQHA Blue Roan 7/11

YELLOW MOUNT RANCH (Brooks, AB) 403-378-3886 SS: 6 AQHA/APHA Stallions, 3/11

PEEBLES MINI DONKEY RANCH (Falkland) 250-379-2373 10/11 Reg’d & Pet Quality babies for sale. or

BREEDERS - YOUR AD SHOULD BE HERE 2 line listing $175. per year Boxed listing $350. per year 1/9 page display ad $70 b/w or $140. colour


2004 AQHA A Perlino Stallion




78 • Saddle Up • October 2010

1996 AQHA Stallion (APHA approved) 15HH Chestnut

15.3HH APHA Stallion 2010 Fee: $500

If you are looking for Colour, Temperament and Athletic Ability.. come meet our main man. We’d love to introduce you. Money Earner 2010 FEE: $850

Salty Ole Jack

Little Peppe p Leo


• Sire of Winners • Bloodlines of APHA Supreme Champions • Homozygous for the Tobiano gene • Guaranteed coloured foal from solid or paint Conformation, Temperament and Awesome Presence, all wrapped up in a Beautiful Black and White package.

Zan Parr Bar on top. The Ole Man (SI 100) on bottom Performance bloodlines including roping, cutting and racing Stud Fee $550 includes - 10 day mare care - 5 day LFG

Irish Creek Ranch, Vernon, BC 250-542-7228


Visit us at

Glen Black

For 2010 bookings call: 250-547-6811 or 250-307-2502 3/11

Box 136, Lumby, BC V0E 2G0 •



Business Services WHY ISN’T YOUR BUSINESS LISTED HERE? Starting at only $175. per year… Call us now 1-866-546-9922 ACCOMMODATIONS


ARMSTRONG INN, (Armstrong) 1-866-546-3056, Full Facility, Restaurant, Pub, Liquor Store, minutes to Fairgrounds 12/10 PENTICTON RAMADA INN & SUITES. 1-800 665 4966. Resort Style Hotel with Poolside Service & Full Convention Services. 2/11 SANDMAN HOTEL LANGLEY, Minutes to Thunderbird Show Park 1-877-888-7260,, 4/11

RICOCHET ALPINE ENTERPRISES. Dog & Horse Grooming and Veterinary Hauls. Large 3 horse angle. Reasonable rates. 250-938-1217 (Enderby). 2/11 FARM SUPPLIES

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 • Chilliwack, BC 8/11

Nice Rooms. Great People. Minutes to Chilliwack’s Heritage Park


1-800-566-2511 604-792-4240 Chilliwack, BC



309 Culbertson Way, Princeton, BC Princeton’s largest Farm and Garden Centre Otter Co-op Lifeline Horse Feed, Vet Supplies, Farm Feed, Garden Supplies and Fencing 250-295-0255, E-mail: 8/11

BED, BALES & BREAKFAST DREAMSCAPE GUEST RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 Great Trails, Boarding, Rehab, Horses For Sale. 6/11 KAL PARK FARMS (Vernon) 250-308-8138. Log cabin (sleeps 6) on 8 acres adjoining Kal Lake Prov. Park. Quiet location. 10 min. from downtown Vernon. 4/11 Minutes from Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB Accommodation for you, your family, your horse(s) 3 Bedrooms in B&B or complete privacy in The Homestead guest cabin. 1-877-607-3840 4/11

FARRIERS TRAILS END FARRIER SERVICE (North OK/Shuswap) 250-379-2578 or 250-540-4221 Laird Gordon, Certified Journeyman Farrier 7/11

Your #1 supplier off horseshoes, ffarrier tools & hooff care products.

Ph: 403-252-1661 • email: #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB


BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS DAVID BEERSTRA TRUCKING, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 6/11 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch REIMERS FARM SERVICE, (N. OK/Shuswap) 250-260-0110 or 250-804-3030 Shavings, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 2/11 ROBERTSON FARMS LTD., (N. Okanagan) 250-833-2581 Shavings, Sawdust, Shavings, Bark Mulch 2/11 CONSTRUCTION FIXIT RENOVATIONS, Hans van der Stel (North Ok./Shuswap) 250-804-6662 (Vibrating) post pounding, excavating, shelters, reno’s and upgrades. 3/11


100% B.C. Owned and Operated!


34633 Vye Rd 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Road 1-1277 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave. SW

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424


LAKE COUNTRY FARM & PET SUPPLY LTD. Livestock, Pet Feeds and Supplies 250-766-4646 • Dealer for #19-10051 Hwy 97N, Winfield, BC V4V 1P6


DEAD STOCK REMOVAL GREENWAVE FARMS (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250 Providing prompt dead stock removal service. 2/11

OTTER CO-OP AT PITT MEADOWS, (Pitt Meadows) 604-465-5651 10/11 Suppliers of Quality Feed and Hay. TOWN & COUNTRY FEED STORE, (Invermere) 250-342-9433 12/10 Fencing Supplies, Pet Supplies & Fertilizers. Serving you 29 years. • 79

Business Services FENCING



Custom built and installed to your needs


GRK Fasteners Dealer for your Construction needs • Customized Bale Spikes for your Farm Equipment • Custom Welding & Horse Trailer Repairs

RETIREMENT HOME FOR HORSES 600 acres of lush open pasture and woodland shelter in a herd dynamic. Ideal horse haven is situated 1/2 hour from Kamloops. Regular boarding also available.

Alan & Dorothy, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 •

REIN-BEAU IMAGES, (Bridge Lake/Interlakes, Cariboo) 250-593-4139 12/10 Animal Photography,


Suniva Bronson, 250-573-4581 Pinantan Lake, BC 2/11


Equine Retirement Centre 2080 Mile 108 Road, Horsefly, BC

BLACKWATER SPRUCE RANCH 250-991-2408 Horseback Holidays on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage trail. 6/11 WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM, Green Lake, BC, 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails.

Stevie Pearson, 1-866-447-6355




J&E HAY SALES (Serving BC) 604-819-6317 5/11 Alfalfa, Timothy, Straw, Grass, Mixes. By Bale or Load.

DIKOR RIBBON TECHNOLOGIES, 1-866-503-2510 ph/fax 1st Place for Award Ribbons, 3/11 OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 12/10 Custom Printer of Award Ribbons

Leghorn Ranch Hay Sales Hanif Jinnah - 778-886-1343 From Alberta and Washington - Timothy/Alfalfa, Orchard Grass/Alfalfa, Alfalfa, Timothy and Chilliwack Local - Lots of excellent quality. Delivery in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley 11/10 50 to 150 bales and semi loads


SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS We know what’s riding on it.

HORSE SENSE HERBS, (Alberta) 1-800-434-3727 Original Chinese Herbal Formulas for Horses, 12/10


CARIBOO SADDLERY, (Williams Lake) 250-392-3735 Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs 12/10 CK CLASSIC LEATHERWORK (BC) 250-573-4355 English Saddle Fitting & Repairs, 7/11

INSURANCE Official Insuurance Broker for the Horse Council of BC • “FarmCare” Insurance • “EquiCare” Horse Mortality • Special Programs for Members

 Leatherwork  Custom Orders  Leather Goods  Repairs Al Cossentine, 250-498-0280

• CALL TODAY 1-800-670-1877 • 11/10 •


Product Promotions & Advertising Where your advertising dollars support horses at risk and equine educational programs.


MASSAGE THERAPY CERTIFIED Equine Massage Therapist & Certified Reiki Master/Teacher offering sessions, seminars/classes, Heather 403-467-7827, Calgary & area 10/10 OHMS HORSE & HOUND MASSAGE,, 250-828-2279. Serving BC Interior/Fraser Valley. Massage, structural balance, herbal supplements. 5/11 WILD HORSE POWER EQUINE MEDICINE & MASSAGE 250-446-2235 8/11 Stacy Elliot; serving BC Interior & Lower Mainland,


COWBOY CLASSIC EQUIPMENT (Merritt) 250-378-9263 12/10 Don Loewen, Custom Made Saddles, Leather Repairs

Kamloops Saddlery Custom Saddlemaker, Bob Goudreault Custom Horse Gear & Repairs 1-877-493-8881 • 250-573-5496 • 617 Durango Drive, Kamloops, BC (near BC Livestock Co-op) 3/11

Custom Made Saddles & Tack

Usingg onlyy the veryy best quality materials 10/10

Reg M Marek • 250-569-7244 • McBride, BC • mareksadd

KNIGHT’S SADDLERY Y (Merritt) 250-378-5733 Master Saddle and Tree Maker, 3/11 80 • Saddle Up • October 2010


Business Services SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS KR’S CUSTOM SADDLES (Invermere, BC) 1-888-826-3132 Custom Saddles, Custom Leather Design & Repairs, 9/11 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 8/11 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, WWW.SKOOKUMHORSE.COM (Clinton, BC) 250-459-7772 Horse tack, hunting gear, custom leather products, repairs. 3/11


Dana Hokana Quarter Horses Specializing in Western Pleasure Training - Lessons - Clinics DVD Instructional Videos - Performance Horses for Sale 9/11 • 951.302-9463 •


TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘ROUND OUTFITTERS for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver) 250-498-4324 Stop & See us in the Sears Appliance Store, Downtown Oliver! 10/10 BIG M SADDLES & TACK, (5765 Falkland Rd, Falkland) 250-379-2078 10/11 or 604-850-4238 Buy, Sell or Trade, Wholesale. BOUCHIE LAKE FARM & FEED (Quesnel) 778-465-3333 4/11 New & Used Tack, Giftware, Otter Co-op, Nature’s Mix, Pet Food CARRIAGE HOUSE MINIATURE HORSE TACK & HARNESS (Vernon) 250-541-7773. Everything you need for your VSE. 12/10 COUNTRY ROADS GENERAL STORE (Fruitvale) 250-367-9229 Otter Co-op Feed Dealer, Feed, Tack, Farm Supplies & Giftware 7/11 HIGH HORSE TACK, (Victoria) 250-658-0011 7/11 English & Western, New & Used LAZY B (100 Mile House) 250-395-5175 Handmade Leather Goods, Team Ropers & Ranch Ropes, New & Used Tack 7/11 NICKERS SADDLERY LTD. (Penticton) Toll Free 1-888-492-8225 10/11 Home of the SenSation Ride™,, RUSTY SPUR TACK (Lumby) 250-547-9506 Feed, Tack, Consignments, Giftware, Supplements & Minerals 7/11 VENKAT SADDLERY Y (20110 Stewart Cres., Maple Ridge) 1-866-465-8883 English & Western Tack & Saddles. 3/11 WALKER CREEK COUNTRY GOODS LTD. (Vancouver Island) 10/11 TRAILER REPAIRS PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. 8/11 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC., (Vernon) 250-308-8980, 8/11 RV’s to Horse Trailers, Parts, Trailer Brake Specialist

Michael Rabe Training and Boarding Preparation for sales, starting young horses 250-838-7051 or Cell 250-308-6024 • Enderby, BC 25 • 10/11

GARY HUNT HORSEMANSHIP, 2/11 940-255-3641 (Alberta) * Problem Solving * Clinics * Colt Starting CINDY KIRSCHMAN, (Okanagan) 250-547-9277 Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, 7/11 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford) 604-850-1243 Former Parelli Professional, Clinics/Lessons, 7/11 NATHALIE MERRILL (Vernon) 250-308-8138. High Level Dressage & Western rider. Starting young horses for all disciplines. Lessons available. References available. 4/11

Doug Mills Training Thru Trust Proven Foundation for all disciplines and ages * Training * Clinics * Lessons * Camps 250-573-5442 6/11 MISTATIM RANCH (Delta) 604-816-5292 Training/Boarding/Sales. Colt starting to show ring finishing. All disciplines welcome. 3/11 LEE PONCELET PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Vernon) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training of all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. 9/11 RANDY OPHUS PERFORMANCE HORSES (Vanderhoof) 250-567-4269 Start to Finish, Reining/Cowhorses, Clinics/Lessons, Sale Horses. 5/11 RIVERSIDE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE (Prince George) 250-612-4770 2/11 Developing Horses & Riders to their potential.

TRAINERS/COACHES GUS EVAGELOPOULOS, AQHA Prof. Horsemen (Armstrong) 250-307-3990 Specialize in Reining. Start-Finish Horses. Lessons. Prospects/finished horses for sale. 2/11 An EQUESTRIAN CENTRE LIKE NO OTHER R in the world Barefoot Program •Connected Riding® • Classical Dressage Natural Horsemanship • Holistic Equine Management Equine Bodywork • Equine Rehabilitation and Re-Training 3/11

DAN FRANKLIN EQUINE COMMUNICATION ™ (B.C.) 250-620-3420 30 yrs exp. helping problem horses, 10/10


TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING, (Vernon) 1-800-255-2336 10/10 • TRANQUILLE FARMS (Lake Country) Lorraine Pilon. EC Cert. Western Coach, Monty Roberts Cert. Holder. 250-766-7180 9/11 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton) 250-295-4329 Clinics & Horse training. Eng/West. Level 4 CHA Master Instructor. 6/11 CARL WOODS PERFORMANCE HORSES, (Peachland) 250-808-1486 Pleasure, Reining, Roping & cowhorse ~ Colts Started ~ Farrier Service 4/11 TRANSPORT/HAULING HOOVES ‘N’ HOUNDS TRANSPORT 1-888-436-0662. Serving most Canadian provinces, Fully licensed/Insured. 6/11 • 81

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CROFTON HORSE TRANSPORT Canada / USA / International

A trusted name in ‘safe’ animal transport. 877-246-4355


Local and Long Distance Horse Transport Charter and Shared Hauls - Emergency Service Oversized, Comfortable Trailer Commercially Insured and Licensed Based Near Kamloops, B.C.


Tanya Balmes 250.573.2555

Quality Horse Transport Kevan Garecki 2/11

“It’s’ All About “I Ab The T Horse”


DEEP CREEK VET. SERVICES, (North Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-833-8585 Drs. Bruce Baker & Susi Cienciala, 24 hr. emergency service 4/11 JACOBSON VET SERVICES (Serving Kelowna & Area) 250-862-3435 Dr. Teresa Jacobson, Dr. Deanna Jenner 11/10 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VETERINARY, 250-374-1486 6/11 Drs. Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Rob Mulligan OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 2/11 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 10/11 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales SALMON VALLEY VET SERVICES (Shuswap/North OK) 10/11 250-833-4217 Dr. Brytann Youngberg Mobile Equine Service THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 9/11 VERNON VETERINARY CLINIC, (Vernon) 250-542-9707 4/11 D. Lemiski, H. Mehl, M. Latwat, L. Miller

Serving Western Canada Over 30 Years’ Experience

Late Breaking News Six Provincial Equestrian Sport Organizations Resign from Equine Canada The provincial equestrian associations of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador have taken the unprecedented step of resigning as members of the national sport organization, Equine Canada. The group of six organizations has been negotiating with Equine Canada for nearly two years with respect to Equine Canada’s self-professed reform agenda. The national body has been seeking to raise close to $1,000,000 in additional annual revenues by instituting new fees that the provincial organizations believe are illegal under current Equine Canada regulations. Of more importance, the group has urged Equine Canada to address the seriously-flawed structure of the national organization, which historically has resulted in the underrepresentation of provinces in Equine Canada affairs, a consistent encroachment into provincial affairs, and an inability to develop and implement an effective strategic plan for the organization. 82 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Equine Canada brought an unceremonious end to the latest round of discussions by refusing to submit the dispute to mediation under the supervision of the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada. Equine Canada’s consistent refusal to discuss issues of concern to the provinces until the provinces agreed to what amounts to more than an 800% increase in revenues from provincial organization members lead to the decision of these provinces to resign. The six organizations represent more than half of the provincial and territorial member organizations in Equine Canada, and collectively more than 30,000 individual horse enthusiasts nationwide, as well as hundreds of clubs and organizations involved in the horse industry. Questions to: Representative, Group of Six Claire Milton 902-527-0048

On The Market FP HAL







WELL BROKE 6 YR OLD REG’D QH MARE Great breeding out of Ima Cool Irwin and Cee Cees Night Win. Approx. 15HH, quiet and gentle. Great on trails, steps out nicely and is not spooky. She has been exposed to cows, hauled to rodeos, is not afraid of anything. Great to shoe, has been a real baby! Needs to go to good home. Lots of potential, we don’t have time for her. Guaranteed sound. $4,500 firm. Call 250-302-1785 for more details (Williams Lake)

HERD DISPERSAL & RANCH FOR SALE “Boot Scootin Spook” – 12-year-old Reg’d APHA Stallion, 15.1HH. Great bloodlines, producer of amazing offspring. HALF PRICE AT $3,500 obo. More info at 250-315-9087 (Merritt) E-mail


16-YEAR-OLD MORAB MARE,15HH Well-mannered. This mare has done it all. UTD on all s/w. Good feet, never used shoes. Great for the farrier. Must sell, moving. $1,000. 250-428-1417 (Creston)

Shown successfully Open & Novice Horse by trainers and in Rookie Reining & Western Pleasure by owner. Knows the show routine; reliable and ready to show at any level, will take an experienced non pro to the winners circle or teach a rookie. Solid on all maneuvers, a plus stop – deep and straight every time. Very soft and sensitive, athletic with a winning conformation. Would easily go Western Pleasure and with her cow horse breeding potential for Reining Cow horse. Sweet disposition, easy to handle, maintain, pastures with others no problem. Has had one foal and solid pedigree gives her potential as a very good broodmare. But show her first! 100% sound and healthy. $15,000 obo. Dave Thompson 250-342-9881 (Windermere)


Proven Stud. “Humeny Fargo Laredeau” $5,000. Contact: Elaine 250-445-6742 (Greenwood)

12-year-old tri-Paint and her 16-month-old Colt. Both extremely calm and beautiful. She is bombproof and loves to trail ride. $2,500 for both. 250-428-1417 (Creston)

BRED TO PERFORM! 2003 REG’D QH ROAN MARE, 16HH Quiet, sensible, easy to work around. Sweet disposition, no vices. Smooth gaits, great potential. Professionally started and ridden around the ranch and trails. Asking $6,000 obo. Video available. 604-462-9179 (Maple Ridge) E-mail

COWBOY UP SAILOR 1996 Liver Chestnut AQHA mare. Finished Reiner out of Major Bonanza Dam and sired by Juan The Sailor by Top Sail Cody – Multi-million Dollar Hall of Famer. Trained by Jeff Beckley. Reserve Canadian National Championship first time ever on Barrels. HUGE stops, fast roll backs, beautiful circles, stunning to look at. POWERFUL and quick! Pedigree/ Training make this mare perfect for amateur or non pro to hit the pen with class. Shown on Cows. Reg and NRHA License. $5,500. E-mail 250-491-4264 (Kelowna)

5-year-old Quarter Horse Mare with 3 months professional training. Out of AQHA mare – Fields Greybar - point earner and Reserve Round Champion in Working Cow, Reining and Barrels. Sired by the famous Playboys Guard - multiple titles, earnings and World Championships in Cutting. Conformation, pedigree and athletic ability make her a great prospect for any performance competition pen. Huge stopper, powerful, beautiful and responsive. AQHA papers ready to file. Selling due to owner’s lengthy illness. Asking $2,300. E-mail 250-491-4264 (Kelowna) • 83

On The Market



July 1996, Dark Bay, 16.1HH. Sire: Taylor. Lyric is a sensitive, gentle, well-schooled mare. Currently showing 1st level Dressage and scoring high 60’s. Good on trails. Jumping 2’9”. Excellent ground manners, trailers, clips, baths. Suitable for a junior or amateur rider. $8,000. Lua 250-497-6073 (Penticton)

7 years old, Black, 16.2HH. Enya is a beautiful mare. She was started as a 6 yr old, and is now ready to develop into any discipline. Enya is a large mare with impressive movement. She loves to trail ride, trailers, clips and baths. Suitable for an experienced rider. $3,000. Lua 250-497-6073 (Penticton)

REG’D ROCKY MOUNTAIN HORSE “Cadillac Jack,” 11-year-old Gelding, 15.1HH. He has had lots of training, including many show classes and lots of experience trail riding. He is very athletic and would be a great endurance riding prospect. Selling due to herd reduction. Jack is beautifully gaited and is suitable for an intermediate rider. Price reduced from $7,000 to $5,000. 250-545-4718 (Vernon)

“FACE IT ITS MY TIME” - 14.2HH APHA BS MARE Sophie is by far the best Youth or Amateur horse available on the market right now. Super pretty, safe, sound, honest and trained to do everything. Shown not only at Open Shows but on the APHA circuit in Trail, Showmanship, Halter, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat Equitation and Western Horsemanship. Futurity money earner and has APHA points in several events. Been High Point and class winner in many open shows. All this, plus a been-there done-that attitude and at only 4 years old. Up-to-date on vaccinations, farrier, etc. Only selling as I have another horse up and coming and do not have enough time to work with Sophie too. Ready for a new rider to carry on with her in any direction they would like to go. Video available. $4,800. 250-547-0146 Lumby

2010 DUN COLT BY SMART AND LUCKY LENA X GRASSLANDS DRY NANCY Excellent Reining/Working Cow Horse prospect; this colt has Smart Little Lena, Super James and Dry Doc on his papers. “Cortez” has the breeding and conformation to take you to the Winner’s circle. $1,500. 250-747-2156 (Quesnel)

2010 COLT BY LEO BIT A WHIZ X DASH YOUR HEELS This colt is an awesome Barrel horse prospect. He should top out around 15.3HH and is built and bred to run. His breeding goes back to Dash For Cash, Beduino and Whiz Rocket. $1,500. 250-747-2156 (Quesnel)


2010 BUCKSKIN FILLY BY SMART AND LUCKY LENA X CHICKADEE CODY “Smart Chickadeedee” has Smart Little Lena and Dry Doc on her papers and goes back to King Fritz and Mr Gun Smoke. This well put together little filly will make an awesome Cutting/ Reining or all-around horse for the discerning buyer. $1,500. 250-747-2156 (Quesnel)

84 • Saddle Up • October 2010

Started by Kaylie Wilson. Dam - Sue San Kleobar. Sired by Dual Banditos Gold. Sire has Championships and money earnings in Cutting in the USA. Professionally trained in Reining and Working Cow. Shown successfully in all gymkhana events and open shows. Several wins in Youth and Non Pro including Youth High Point. Wonderful on trails. Loads well, baths, clips and has a terrific disposition. PERFECT for Youth or Non Pro. Nice conformation. Bred for cutting. $5,000. E-mail 250-765-3577 (Kelowna)

LOVELY 8-YEAR-OLD DUTCH REG’D FRIESIAN MARE Rides and drives. Healthy and sound. Colt at foot. $13,000 for the pair. 604-796-8557 (Agassiz)

On The Market

MAY 2008 REG’D QH MARE, 14.2HH (Dolls Union Kid x Dollars Classic Lady). Palomino, pretty and athletic. Reining bloodlines. Ready to start under saddle. Some ground work done. Trimming, shots and worming all UTD. Loads, ties, good for farrier. Asking $2,200. 250-833-5711 (Salmon Arm) E-mail:

Offspring for Sale

Jaz Poco Silverado

Quiet and sweet mare that has been started and is an excellent broodmare. $800 + GST 250-833-8585 (Enderby)

2010 REG’D MORGAN COLT ELFONDO’S TRIPLE TWIX (PENDING) Sire: Foxtail’s Triple Threat. Dam: Elfondo’s Chicklet. This colt is very leggy and should mature to 15HH. He is friendly and is halter broke. He has a mischievous disposition and loves people. Asking $1,500 obo. Phone 250-843-7186 (Arras, BC)

Next AD DEADLINE October 15

Old Baldy Ranch

Sired By:


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AQHA/NFQH 100%, Poco Bueno 27% Silver Grullo, Herda N/N Son of Little Steel Dust, AQHA Rom Reining

Goldun Poco Mr Matt AQHA/NFQH 97%, Poco Bueno 34% Dun, Herda N/N Grandson of Little Steel Dust, 3rd Open Reining Archa 2003 Grandson of Little Steeldust

Aw Poco Durango AQHA/NFQH 96% Red Dun, Herda N/N Son Of Jaz Poco Silverado, Grandson of Little Steel Dust and Goldun Poco Mr Matt

LBJ Sierras Blue TE AQHA Blue Roan - Te N’Te, Blue Boy Quincy, Crimson War Bloodlines.

Aaron & Colleen Wangler Dawson Creek, BC

Ph/fax: 250-843-7337 7/11


$60. plus Tax

Includes FREE INTERNET • 85

Shop & Swap! FOR SALE INNISFAIL AUCTION MARKET. Weekly Cattle Sales. Twice a month Horse Sales. 1-800-710-3166 or (Innisfail, AB) 10/10

Affordable Barns We don’t give estimates we give you the price!


EZFlex Cookies and EZTreats ™

Comes complete with:

Standard Size 36’ x 24’

4 - 12’ x 12’ Wood Lined Box Stalls 12’ Wide Center Alley 6’ Easy Glide Exterior Door Coloured Metal Siding Sliding Stall Doors


$17,995. plus delivery Larger Sizes Available

Glucosamine MSN Chondroitin

1-866-500-2276 •

Also Offering Barns Suitable for Mini Horses



T.C. Williams 250-762-0554 cell: 250-212-1158


Quality Interior 75-80 lb Tight Square Bales No Rain, No Mold, No Waste, No Disappointment $8.50 - 9.00 per bale Grapple available to load


Clapperton Ranch


7620 Hwy 8 Off Hwy 1 near Spences Bridge, BC 12/10

Visit for Specialty Etched Horses on Glasses & Giftware.



• Sturdy & Durable & Affordable • Only 10 lbs., Rack & saddle is easily carried • Innovative design fits all saddles • Storage space • Designed to aerate your saddle & pad

We also etch Stable and Corporate Logos See us in Booth #705 at The Mane Event in Chilliwack or call



Watch for us at The Mane Event Distributors Welcome


250-390-0835 • Vern & Karen Mann ORDER ONLINE:



HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs at Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-5460104 (Armstrong) 10/10

YOGA - Can enhance your time in the Saddle! Classes starting in Armstrong October 4th and ongoing. Monday and Wednesday 6:45-8 pm. Call Heather for details 250546-8370 or 250-803-2295 (Armstrong)

CLASSIFIED AD RATE 25 words = $25.00

plus tax

Addt’l words .50¢ each plus tax

BLOCK AD RATE $50.00 black & white $100.00 colour plus tax

86 • Saddle Up • October 2010

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L & L Quarter Horses


Full Board (3 feedings p/day) Daily/Nightly/Weekly Group or Individual Paddocks with Shelters Individual Feed Program Box Stalls, Wash Stall, Heated Tack Room 90 x 200 all purpose Western/English Arena 110 x 200 Jumping Arena, Round Pen Lessons, Conditioning TRAINERS WELCOME 15 minutes from downtown Vernon

250-260-5299 Coldstream, BC


Horse Boarding in Vernon

QUARTERSPOT RANCH Lumby, BC 250-547-9277

• Offering Full Board • 25 x 250 Paddocks with Shelters • 100 x 200 Outdoor Sand Arena • Round Pen • Access to Trails • Heated Automatic Waterers

Boarding - Training - Lessons * Covered Arena 80x160 * Outdoor Arena 80x140 * Round Pen * Paddocks with Shelters Certified CHA Coach & Trainer

Located on East Vernon Road in the BX 5 minutes to Vernon, BC

250-545-9014 or 250-558-8289

Cindy Kirschman (Chris Irwin Certified)





L h &S Leather Stitches i h Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs

Shelters for cattle, calves, horses etc. or for storage Single or double shelters (or more panels to add on) Pick-up panels or delivered on site Different designs and finishes available


Top Quality Australian Saddles

Deep Creek General Store 0

The Leather Lady


Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 11/10 3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong

Call Chris for free quote or view shelters in stock

Rails to Rafters Startting at $1,1995.00 (excl GST)

Pole Buildings * Barns * Shelters * Indoor & Outdoor Arenas * Restoration & Repair * Bobcat 25 years experience ~ free estimates Serving the North Okanagan from the ground up. 12/10

SCOTT ROSS 250-547-2447


Specializing in timber frame Barns, Hay Sheds, Pole Barns, covered and enclosed riding arenas


1650 Shuswap Ave., Lumby, BC 250-547-6616


Next ad Deadline: OCTOber 15

8-YEAR-OLD WELL BRED AQHA MARE, 15.3HH. Anyone can ride. Broodmare sound and tested, light riding only. To approved home only. Cheryl 250-768-3306 (Westbank) FREE TO A GOOD HOME. 1992 AQHA Broodmare. Three Bars/Moon Deck Bred. Nice producing mare that is sound with no vices; never ridden. Great companion. Serious inquiries only please. Teixeira Performance Stables, info@ or 250-803-6003 (Salmon Arm)

FREE TO APPROVED HOME. 9-year-old Sorrel Arab x Gelding 14.1HH. UTD on shots, farrier and de-worming. Auction rescue, great companion or light riding kid’s pony. Needs experienced horse owner as he has an old injury. 250-838-9930 (Enderby) FREE HORSE MANURE and lots of it. Great for fields and gardens. You load. North Armstrong. 250-546-9922 • 87

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Proudly Canadian

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. Available through your veterinarian, feed dealer and fine tack shops everywhere. Dealer inquiries welcomed. Distributed by MacLeod Equine 1-888-395-0006

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Saddle Up Oct 2010  

Horse magazine, Western Canada, English and Western disciplines.

Saddle Up Oct 2010  

Horse magazine, Western Canada, English and Western disciplines.

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