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odysseo by cavalia:

the best show ever

will leave you speechless

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February 2017



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4 • February 2017



appy New Year to all of you. I hope you enjoyed some time off over the Christmas holidays. I sure had some nice down-time; total r&r for me… did 11 jigsaw puzzles I think. Never did have that ‘puzzle exchange’ party – maybe next year! Was hard to get back to work after Christmas (and lay off the puzzles)… but a girl’s gotta do what she has to do! The best horse extravaganza in the world is back in BC… Cavalia – Odysseo. This is one show NOT to be missed! The training these horses have, and the trust in their partners, is unbelievable – and all on an open stage! It is a magical and beautiful experience for everyone. I read, with interest, the news article from the BC Paint Horse Club in this issue, by club president Cathy Glover. She has covered many bases, many topics and concerns. I believe this goes for ALL CLUBS – whether you have a breed club or a ‘general public horse club’. This article is worth a read from all of you! On a sadder note… my condolences to the families and friends of Hanoverian breeder Michael Rabe of Enderby BC who passed away in December; and Professional Bull Rider Ty Pozzobon of Merritt BC who passed away this January 2017. You’ll both be remembered by many!

Nancy ON THE COVER: Cavalia – Odysseo, www.cavalia.com CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Kwok, Glenn Stewart, Dr. Dana Bloomquist, Birgit Stutz, Lisa Wieben, Christa Miremadi, Cheryle Hickman, Peter Hurst, Bruce Roy, Mark McMillan. OFFICIAL VOICE FOR: Back Country Horsemen of BC, BC Paint Horse Club, Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association, BC Rodeo Association. MEDIA PARTNER WITH HORSE COUNCIL BC and BUSINESS MEMBER WITH AEF

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Cover Feature Odysseo by Cavalia: You have to see it to believe it By Staff writer


dysseo by Cavalia is a show unlike any other on the planet. It is a $30-million equestrian extravaganza that expands the definition of performance into an epic multi-dimensional theatrical experience. This sensational production is playing in Vancouver BC this winter, under the gleaming White Big Top at Olympic Village. Odysseo is an immersive theatrical experience in which horses are the stars. They are presented not only with riders, acrobats, aerialists and musicians, but with a state-of-the-art video screen three times the size of the world’s largest cinema screens, as well as a three-story mountain for dazzling perspectives and a real lake which magically appears for a splashing finale. From a misty, enchanted forest where horses graze and frolic under a sky of rolling clouds and a setting sun, Odysseo takes the audience on a soulful journey to some of nature’s greatest wonders, from the Mongolian steppes to Monument Valley, from the African savannah to Nordic glaciers, from the Sahara to Easter Island, and even to a lunar landscape, illuminated by shooting stars and brilliant nebulas. Odysseo marries the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects at never-before-seen levels. A revolution in live performance, Odysseo comprises a list of superlatives: the world’s largest touring production, the largest traveling tent on Earth (the surface covered by the White Big Top is 6,320 square metres, equal to a football field), the

biggest stage (1,626 square metres), the most breathtaking visual effects, and the greatest number of horses at liberty. Above the colossal stage hangs an imposing technical grid capable of supporting 80 tons of equipment including a full-sized merry-goround, far beyond anything attempted to date on any touring show and comparable to the best-equipped theaters of Las Vegas, London or New York. Although the audacity, inventiveness and monumental scope of Odysseo may boggle the mind, the essence of this magnificent equestrian odyssey lies elsewhere. Beyond the impressive technical display and equestrian and acrobatic numbers that are unlike anything ever seen on stage, Odysseo is first and foremost a work that feeds the soul. For just a few hours, the spectator sets off to discover new horizons and gets to experience a waking dream in a world where beauty, serenity and hope reign. You have to see it to believe it. Odysseo will leave you speechless. For tickets and show times, visit cavalia.com/vancouver today.

THE BEST SHOW EVER UNDER THE WHITE BIG TOP at Olympic Village • cavalia.com

February 2017



Chiropractic for the Equestrian - An Introduction By Dr. Dana Bloomquist, D.C., B.Kin

Many equestrians don’t hesitate to make sure their horses have well-fitted saddles, high-quality hay and properlytrimmed hooves. They won’t hesitate to spend money on equine therapies and supplements to help their four-legged friends feel and move better. But equestrianism is a partnership and what about the other half of the equation, the rider?


t is important to take care of ourselves so that we can feel our best and move optimally. This means keeping ourselves fit, eating well, getting enough sleep and managing our stress levels. It also means managing pain and issues with movement. This is where chiropractic comes in. What exactly do chiropractors do? They are primary healthcare providers for the spine who use a drug and surgery-free handson approach that involves addressing joints and surrounding soft tissues in the body that aren’t moving well. The nervous system, in turn, can be affected when the spine is not moving properly. For many chiropractors, this is more than just treating the back and neck, but also includes the joints of the extremities, or the arms and legs. If you have ridden for any amount of time, you’ve probably sustained a fall or two. In addition to a blow to our egos, this can result in acute or even chronic joint pain. A chiropractor will take a detailed history, physical examination, and then come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan to help get you back on track to success. If a fracture or other serious pathology is suspected, you may be sent out for diagnostic imaging of the area involved before treatment begins. If, in any case, the chiropractor feels you may need care outside his/her scope of practice, you will be referred to the appropriate health care provider. For some, treatment will begin on the initial visit. The chiropractor will apply an adjustment, or a quick high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust into a joint that isn’t moving well to restore range of motion. Many chiropractors will also use soft tissue techniques to address any tight muscles as well as give you some active rehabilitation you can do in your own time to get better and stay better.

When riding, a person's pelvis or sacroiliac joint shifts back and forth slightly with the movement of the horse. When one side is restricted, or “stuck”, this decreases the movement of the low back and can lead to pain and often compensations throughout the rest of the rider’s body. Some riders complain of neck pain. This is more common today with the technology-driven world we live in; people spend so much time with their heads and shoulders forward due to working on computers and checking their cell phones. A chiropractor can help address postural abnormalities, by addressing areas of pain, weakness and tightness and coming up with a plan to reduce these. By decreasing pain and improving functional movement, equestrians may find that chiropractic care improves their comfort and effectiveness in and out of the saddle.

Dr. Bloomquist has been riding since age 10. A few falls from horseback resulted in her trying out chiropractic. She was impressed and chose to pursue a career in it, graduating from PCCW (San Jose, California) after getting a Kinesiology degree at UFV (Abbotsford, BC). She currently practices at Legacies Health Centre in both Surrey and South Surrey locations and enjoys riding her friend’s horses in her spare time. Visit www.legacieshealthcentre.ca for more information. (See her listing in our Business Services section under ‘Chiropractic’)

Dana with Twiglette at a CVES dressage schooling show in 2013 Maybe you haven’t had a fall but experience discomfort during or after riding. A common complaint amongst riders is low back pain, or sacroiliac joint pain. This low back pain is often caused when the sacrum and ilium are not moving properly together. 6 • February 2017


February 2017



When can I start to work with a Young Horse? By Glenn Stewart You can actually introduce yourself when the foal is born which is called foal imprinting. There is a lot of bad press about foal imprinting but my experience has been if the foal imprinting has been done correctly it works well; if done wrong, it is terrible.


am rarely around when foals are born, so I generally start playing with my young ones when they are one year old or older. There is a lot that can be done before they are old enough to ride that can make them easy to handle; less likely to hurt themselves; and much can be done to prepare them for riding. They seem to accept things much easier the younger they are.

I have a client’s horse here at the ranch that is a year and a half old. The young filly will get 10 sessions then can go back and get turned out with the herd. During the 10 sessions, the overall plan will be to build her confidence with people, places and things, and to understand that when we are involved, we will be asking and wanting control of their feet. Just building a horse’s confidence can turn into a problem. You must also teach them to yield to pressure whether it’s a halter, moving the front quarters, hind quarters, backing up or moving sideways. You want to teach them to think, not react, to lead well, trot alongside you on a loose lead, and to stop when you stop, just to mention a few things. All horses, regardless of age, should be taught the 7 patterns and a year old horse has no problem learning them. Building their confidence, earning their respect, and using techniques that a horse understands are the ways to develop a horse and can always be expanded upon. Using the 7 patterns you would start by building their confidence using sticks and strings. Allow them to feel the string all over their body, see and hear it swinging around, over and behind them. I will also get them used to a flag and all the sounds it makes and the way it feels. If you can handle a rope, I like to swing it and throw a loop over their hip and throw a loop around their front and back legs. Another tool I like to play with is getting them used to the sound of an Australian stock whip as well as having a tarp draped over them and are able to walk calmly across it on the ground. They can learn to be haltered by having their heads down and bent towards you. The next thing is to teach them to yield their forequarters, hindquarters and back up using steady and rhythmic 8 • February 2017


pressure. Even at a young age you can have them understand which foot you want them to turn on and where to put their weight for the yield. The next step is to teach them to circle at a walk, trot and canter. Not a lot of this is required, just enough to start the process of them understanding all the intricacies of a proper circle. Things like not breaking gait, staying in the halter, to be round on the circle, giving hindquarter yields and drawing in. Following this, they learn to go sideways down the fence and go between, through and over places and things by sending them rather than leading them. Each day starts with having them ground tie while I groom, brush and trim or pick their feet. As they understand all the new requests they can get very playful and very calm, trusting and respectful. They can learn to think rather than react in situations they are not sure about which always makes for a better horse. Enjoy some early preparation with your young horse. They seem to enjoy the interaction. What is your dream with your horse? Whatever your dream may be, if you have the horsemanship, you can live the dream. It’s just that simple. Join us at The Horse Ranch this summer and live the dream! Now accepting bookings for the summer of 2017.

Glenn offers year round educational horsemanship programs at his facility near Fort St. John BC, and is available to travel and conduct clinics. Long-term study and professional programs are now available. For more information visit www.thehorseranch.com. (See his listing in our Business Services section under ‘Trainers’)

February 2017



Leg Yields By Lisa Wieben and Birgit Stutz If you’ve been following us over the past year in Saddle Up, we’ve been covering the movements of Western dressage as well as training exercises to help improve your horse. In a past article, you have already learned how to do the spiral exercise, which is the beginning of a leg yield.


n this issue, we are looking at how to properly execute a leg yield. The leg yield is a basic lateral exercise, in which the horse travels both forward and sideways at the same time. Just as the name of the exercise implies, it teaches the horse to move sideways, or yield, away from the rider’s leg pressure. The leg yield benefits as both a suppling and straightening exercise, therefore improving a horse’s balance. The horse will also develop more swing and stretch as he develops more suppleness. The exercise also helps prepare the horse for more advanced maneuvers, such as the shoulder-in and later the half pass. It is also a great exercise to teach the rider how to use her aids independently and bring the horse properly into the outside rein. The leg yield is a required movement in the Level 1 Western dressage tests and is performed from the centre line to the track. How to execute the leg yield The horse should be fairly straight through his body while performing a leg yield, with only a slight flexion of the poll away from the direction of travel. The inside legs should cross in front of the outside legs with the rider being able to see the inside eye slightly. The horse should remain relaxed in his gaits, without speeding up or slowing down, during the execution of the movement. We initially teach the leg yield from the quarterline to the outside track, keeping the horse’s body parallel to the wall. The wall acts as a magnet, drawing the horse over, as opposed to starting in the centre of the arena, where the horse doesn’t have a guideline. * Sit tall with eyes forward and shoulders parallel to the horse’s shoulders. Shift your weight very slightly in the direction of travel (leg yield to the left, shift left). The horse will always balance under the rider’s weight. Shifting in the direction of travel will aid the horse to the direction as well as creating lightness on the rider’s inside hip, aiding the horse to bring his inside hind up and forward. * Start in a working jog, sitting or posting (if you are unfamiliar with the leg yield aids, we recommend practicing the exercise at the walk first). 10 • February 2017


* Turn the horse onto the quarterline. * Ask your horse to move sideways by applying your inside leg at or slightly behind the girth, depending on the level of your horse’s training, in rhythm with the horse’s swing of the barrel (apply leg pressure as the barrel swings away from the inside leg as this is the timing when the inside hind leg is moving forward and can cross over). * Your outside leg is positioned slightly behind the girth of the horse in order to continue forward movement and to prevent the horse from rushing away from the rider’s inside leg, or to prevent the hip from leading the movement. The outside leg does not apply a steady pressure, but is ready if needed, lightly on the horse’s side. * The outside rein is a supporting rein and guides the horse into the direction of travel, while also preventing the horse from overbending through his neck and bulging through the outside shoulder. Use half-halts to maintain the straightness of the movement as well as rhythm. * Gently apply the inside rein for slight flexion at the poll. Keep consistent, elastic contact (not alternating slack and tight). If you use too much inside rein the horse’s shoulders will bulge out in the direction of the movement and he will lose his rhythm. * Half-halts may be used as needed to control forward movement, if the horse gets rushing or pushy. * Start out with only a few steps at a time, then ride straight forward again. You may also start the exercise by turning down a line that is only a metre away from the long side of the arena, then gradually increase the distance away from the outside track. With more practice, you will be able to leg yield the entire length of the arena from the centre line. With more advanced horses, leg yielding can also be executed from the outside track to the quarterline. To do this you would have to change your horse’s bend before proceeding off the wall. Another common way to perform the leg yield exercise is with the horse’s nose facing the rail/wall, with his body at no more than a 30-degree angle to the wall. A variation of this

is the horse being leg yielded with his haunches to the rail/wall. The leg yield is a beneficial training

Horse and rider are showing a lovely straight leg yield at the centre line. The horse is crossing over nicely and has a slight bend around the rider’s pushing leg.

Leg yielding down the long side with the horse’s nose facing the wall. The horse maintains bend around the rider’s pushing leg (right) and the rider’s left leg is maintaining forward energy.

movement and should be in every rider’s tool box. A horse with balance issues can be leg yielded on a circle, into corners, and on straight lines. It is a tool to aid with the obedience of the horse as he begins to yield from the rider’s leg. It is a wonderful warm-up exercise to create suppleness and looseness in the horse. Play with the exercise! Stay tuned next month for common errors of the leg yield and how to fix them. Lisa Wieben is a Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, Chris Irwin Platinum Certified Trainer, and Equine Canada Western Competition Coach. She works with youth, adult amateurs and professionals as well as teaching a local 4H club at her facility near Bowden, AB. Western and English dressage has become her main focus, but many of her students compete in open competitions as well as obstacle challenges. Lisa has also added Somatics to help her students maintain and create further body awareness as it works to release muscle patterns in the body brought on by stress, injuries, surgeries, and repetitive movements that can be work related. Getting riders in correct balance helps horses develop correct balance. www.mountainviewtrainingstables.com Birgit Stutz is an Irwin Insights Level 4 Master Certified Trainer and offers horse training, riding lessons in the English and Western disciplines, horsemanship clinics, workshops, short courses and demos on various topics, mentorship programs, as well as student programs at Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship in Dunster, BC. Birgit’s passion is to help humans have a better relationship with their horses through understanding of equine psychology and body language as well as fundamental riding skills based on classical dressage. www.fallingstarranch. ca.



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Dear Editor... Dear Nancy:


s many of your readers may know, donations are the blood in the veins of any animal rescue. Without them our heart doesn't beat very well. Recently we were honoured to be the recipients of an amazing donation from THE HORSEY LADIES OF THE CARIBOO at their annual Charity Auction. This donation will help many lives and bellies for the winter and moving forward! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to THE HORSEY LADIES OF THE CARIBOO for their unbelievable donation to our group. There are not enough words to express the appreciation we feel. Thank you so very much. If anyone would like more information on our rescue, or would like to donate, please email us at freedomsgateequinerescue@ gmail.com. $5 can feed a horse every day! Feed, hay, and other supplies are always happily accepted as well! Thank you everyone! - Shawnee, Freedom's Gate Equine Rescue P.S. When we received this donation (in November) we were operating under the name of ‘The True Faces of Horse Slaughter’, however we recently changed the name to one that is much friendlier. February 2017


The 2017 Joe Marten Memorial Award

By Mark McMillan

For over a decade and a half, the BC Cowboy Heritage Society has been presenting The Joe Marten Memorial Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC. The BCCHS mandate is to promote and preserve cowboy heritage in the province of BC, therefore this award, as well as the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame, are top priorities.


his award is given annually to someone who is influential in promotion or preservation of cowboy heritage in BC in any number of ways, but often a cowboy craftsman, an author, a poet/story teller, an artist, western promoter, or historian, are honoured. This year the recipient fits in a few of these categories; Diana French was the curator of the Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin (MCC) in Williams Lake for close to 30 years, she has written three ranch-related books, and she was the push behind the MCC partnering with the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame and making the Museum the home for inductee’s information and memorabilia as well as swinging the Museum’s focus to cowboys, ranching and rodeo. All of these accomplishments make Diana French a very deserving recipient, but she’s also lived the life, too. She started her ranching experiences in the little community of Chezacut

Kamloops Cowboy Festival --- March 16th - 19th, 2017 The 21st Anniversary!! presented by

The BC Cowboy Heritage Society


A full weekend pass is just $80 An evening feature pass that includes all day is $40 A day pass is only $25

Featuring the best in Western Music & Cowboy Poetry PLUS ... A Western Tradeshow AND ... the Art of the West Show and Sale

proudly sponsored by

~ flatwork ~ sculptures ~ photography

www.bcchs.com 12 • February 2017


where she took her first teaching job in 1951. Here she met and married Bob French, the son of a pioneer ranching family in the area. Over the years, they lived in a few different Cariboo/ Chilcotin communities before finally settling, with their family of five boys, in Williams Lake in 1970. Diana taught school for their first year in Williams Lake; after that, she became a reporter, and later the editor, of the Williams Lake Tribune. She still writes a weekly column for the paper. Diana has always been active in community activities, too. She was a trustee for School District #27 for two terms, and has served on numerous municipal, provincial and federal boards ranging from the Salmonid Enhancement Commission to the Knowledge Network. After Bob retired in 1987, the couple were caretakers at the Williams Lake Stampede grounds for two Diana French years. In the early 1980s, Diana became involved in the city-operated museum and in 1986, when it became a nonprofit society, she was on the board of directors. Because of Williams Lake's ranching history (the Stampede, the stockyards, and many of BC's original ranches are in the Cariboo Chilcotin), the directors of the museum adopted a ranching/rodeo theme for the museum. Diana was the curator, a volunteer position, for almost 30 years. In 1997, she heard of the newly-formed BC Cowboy Heritage Society and contacted founding member/president Mike Puhallo, indicating her interest. This led to the MCC becoming partners in the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the home for the Hall of Fame collection. Diana has published three books. Ranchland, partnered with photographer Rick Blacklaws, is all about the history of ranching and cowboys in BC. Both The Road Runs West and Women of Fine Mettle include stories of well-known and not-so-well known women involved in ranching. For her ranch-themed books, her support for the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame and her many years of volunteer service for the MCC, Diana French definitely deserves to be added to the list of recipients for the Annual Joe Marten Memorial Award for the Preservation of Cowboy Heritage in BC. The BC Cowboy Heritage Society will present Diana French with the Joe Marten Memorial Award during the evening feature show at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival on Saturday, March 18. For information on the BCCHS, call 1-888-763-2221 or see the society’s web site at www.bcchs.com.

Animal Owners Rights to Health Care Options in BC


he West Kootenay Animal Owners Association supports freedom of choice for owners in selecting healthcare options for animals in the Province of British Columbia. We may have difficulty recalling that prior to 30 years ago, Alternative Health for people functioned underground, having no legal status in British Columbia. At that time, the Ministry of Health opened a dialogue to engage the public and medical profession and developed the process to legitimize Complementary and Alternative practice.  As a result, we have been accessing those modalities for ourselves and families, for the last 30 years. In comparison, regulations defined by the Province of British Columbia, along with the bylaws of the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia restrict Non-Veterinary Practitioners from providing services identified as “Common Areas of Unauthorized Practice” without supervision from a CVBC Registered Veterinarian. Identified services include  Massage & Reiki, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Acutherapy, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Tellington Touch,  Behavioural, (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dentistry, Holistic, Homeopathy, Herbal Therapy, Botanical Medicine, Pharmacy and Nutraceutical Medicine.   The West Kootenay Animal Owners Association has these objectives: · To promote an increased variety of wellness options available to

1997 - 2017……… Cyberfoal

By Jennifer Edgar

animals, including veterinary and non-veterinary services. · To encourage open communication and collaborative policy between CVBC registered veterinarians and non-veterinary healthcare providers. · To promote the freedom to access non-veterinary services for pay without the threat of legal recrimination. · To promote the freedom of CVBC registered veterinarians to collaborate with non-veterinary service providers without the threat of legal recrimination. · To encourage the recognition of accredited education and certification programs for non-veterinary modalities, and the development of standard scope(s) of practice and ethics. Join us at a presentation near you or sign up to share our mission! E-mail: westkootpetowners@gmail.com Upcoming Okanagan Presentations: Kelowna – Friday, February 17, Regional Library Rutland Branch (250765-8165), #20–310 Hwy 33 West (Plaza 33 Mall by the TD Bank) at 6:30 pm Vernon – Saturday, February 18, Vernon Museum (250-542-3142), 3009-32 Ave, from 1:00-3:00 pm Kamloops – Saturday, February 18, The Desert Garden, 540 Seymour St, at 6:30 pm

By Peter J. Hurst

With foaling season soon to begin, if not already, I am pleased to announce the 20th anniversary of Cyberfoal.com, now operating as www.cyberfoal.org.


t doesn’t seem all that long ago when an idea became a creation and all to benefit foals orphaned at birth due to unfortunate circumstances. Since Cyberfoal began, there have been an undisclosed number of breeders and veterinary services supporting the voluntary work Cyberfoal provides, not forgetting the media support so freely given. For all this support, I am merely a cog in the wheel with little fame and unfortunately no fortune as the service I provide is totally free and done willingly. I have been called many names during my lifetime with horses; Mr.Cyberfoal is one I am proud to acknowledge although I was once said to be ‘An Angel of foals’, which may be handy for me when my time eventually comes. Cyberfoal has not only been recognized by Canadian breeders for which it was intended, but from a large majority of breeders situated in the USA as well. Breeders in Australia have adopted their own Cyberfoal Australia with India and South

Africa contemplating the same. Cyberfoal is indeed becoming a global entirety! Cyberfoal would not be with us today if not for the generosity of its sponsor, Mr. Clayton Riddell, owner of Clayborne Farm and my past employer of 21 years. It is thanks to his support many orphans have received the colostrum and foster mares needed in times of owner disappear. I now enjoy retirement from my horse duties after 51 years and continue to enjoy my connections with horse people by maintaining cyberfoal. org and writing my horse poetry along with caring for a few horses on the island of Gabriola BC, where I now reside.  I have been honoured to have had great horses under my care of which many have passed on and are fondly remembered. The trust they gave was far greater than that given by any man. Peter J. Hurst creator of cyberfoal.org and author to ‘Horse Daze’. February 2017


Pre-Flight Check

By Christa Miremadi

As the days finally start to get longer and the temperature starts to warm up after what has been one of the longest winters I’ve experienced here in the Lower Mainland, getting back out on the trail and starting to fill up our 2017 calendars with clinics, competitions or adventures with our horses starts to become a welcome reality.


he weather has been cold and the ground was covered with ice and snow for far longer than usual this past winter and, as a result, I know my own horses got a lot more time off than they usually do. This was excellent for their minds and bodies and it even provided me with a chance to sit inside by the fire once or twice, and catch up on some reading. All of this is positive but what’s important to remember is what this means for those first few real rides of the year. I’m not talking about the gentle meandering through the snowy fields that you may have been able to do over the winter or the basic routine that you may have developed in the indoor arena (if you were lucky enough to have one). I’m talking about that first real pack-thesaddle-bags-and-hit-the-open-country ride or the genuine preseason work out that you’ve been itching to do but couldn’t thanks to sub-zero temperatures, ice and overly-furry horses. What all that time off and kicking back over the winter means for you and your horse is that you’re both likely to be a little out of shape. I don’t know about you but for at least the first week or two after all the Christmas and New Year’s parties are over, I feel a little less like an Olympic athlete than usual. Your horse has likely been sitting in a stall or field while you were busy visiting with family and friends and eating turkey. While we humans often respond to the holidays with a laid-back, relaxed, toe-dragging feeling, our horses usually respond to time off with more of a leaping, bucking, bolting and spooking kind of an energy. We may be a little out of practice and have possibly not done as much riding as we would have liked to over the holidays and, as a result, our “sea legs” may be a bit out of shape and our seasoned trail horses or old school masters are feeling more like 2-year-old race horses, ready to win the Triple Crown! Not only does this pave the way for potential accidents that I know I would want to take great measures to avoid, but it also creates the perfect situation for tendons to blow, muscles to become strained and injuries to both horse and rider to occur. After a winter off, our horses may have the desire and the skill to jump that high fence, climb the big mountain or beat last year’s best time around the barrels but their muscles are out of shape, their minds are un-disciplined and their balance and coordination may be less than perfect. Not to mention, we as riders are likely to be a tad un-practiced and a little rusty at guiding them safely. This is the perfect time of year to get yourself and your horse into some kind of a conditioning routine that will help you both prepare for the best summer yet! If you think back to all those entertaining and terrifying tales of riding wrecks you may have heard around the camp fire, I think you’ll find that about 93% of them begin with, “It was our first ride out after the winter off and my horse was feeling pretty good…” It might be a good time to take some measures to avoid acquiring your own campfire story. A number of years ago, while working at the Ranch in Alberta, 14 • February 2017


My son, Phoenix, and his little equine partner, Lightning. These pictures show how simple doing a pre-flight can be when the horse/pony is well schooled; even a 7-year-old can do one! (Plus he's really cute! LOL). He did his check in the arena and then took him for a trail walk.

we were lucky enough to have the privilege of working under a very experienced outfitter whose job included guiding packing trips into the Rocky Mountains. Her horses got winters off (seeing as winter in the Rockies can be less than hospitable) and, as a result, springtime always included a bit of excitement. Through experience, she had learned to instruct all of her staff and clients to perform what she called a “pre-flight check” before stepping on every day. This included: asking the horse to move out of your space and circle to the left, change direction and circle to the right and stop when asked, yield his hindquarters to both the left and the right, as well as yielding the shoulders in both directions. The whole process would take less than five minutes if all systems were “go” and could mean the difference between a nice ride and a wreck. Now, this “preflight check” didn’t always prevent an unintentional flying lesson but it sure did help to expose those horses who were itching to get bouncy and give us the chance to choose a safer mount. The horses who failed the pre-flight check would be put on a

list of horses who would be getting some one-on-one time with staff before re-joining the working string. The horses who passed would carry on and get out of the pens for the day. In most cases, for those needing a tune up, it was a single 30-60 minute session and they were back to work; but, for some, they became the wranglers’ horses for a week or two until they were feeling back on track. By taking these few simple steps before your first big ride of the year, it will become quite obvious if any of the “controls” aren’t quite working or if you’re getting a delayed response that you may want to tighten up. You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether or not your horse may benefit from a bit of a review in any one area and this could mean the difference between making great memories and writing your own campfire wreck story that could cost you or your horse a summer of riding or worse. For some, you may decide that putting your horse in training for a month or two, just to jump start his memory regarding boundaries, manners and following directions might be a good plan, especially if last year was his first year under saddle! For others, signing up for a kind of “boot camp” with your horse might do the trick; join a drill team, sign up for a month of lessons or get together with friends a few times a week to work on re-conditioning. In any case, taking the

Artisan Alley/ Country Market

time to do a pre-flight check can take the surprise out of what comes next and help you to prepare for what’s going to be a fantastic riding season! If you’re not sure what to look for, ask for help. Have a friend or professional that you trust do an assessment of your horse and advise you on the best way to prepare for the season ahead based on your specific, personal goals and expectations. They can help you to come up with a plan to achieve your goals as well as a program to help get you and your horse back in shape. Whatever it is you feel would be most appropriate for you and your horse, just remember to take it slow and always do your “pre-flight check.” Christa Miremadi has been working with horses since 1984, and is a partner and facility manager in her family business in Langley, Silver Star Stables, where she also provides riding instruction and conducts horsemanship clinics. Christa is dedicated to creating harmony and building relationships between horses and humans through compassionate communication, and to strengthening partnerships by sharing the horse’s point of view. (See her listing in the Business Services Section under ‘Trainers’)



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February 2017


Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association By Ashley Sudds, Executive Director KTRA had a great 2016, with an even more exciting 2017 ahead of us! In 2016, we had 70 youth and adults participate in our programs along with over 50 very dedicated volunteers.


e have been encouraged to start a self-sustaining social enterprise, so we opened KTRA Used Tack on February 1. We sell donated tack and consignment tack with plans to expand from one small room to an entire office trailer in 2017! We had four practicum students from the TRU School of Nursing put on an informative fundraiser at the Dunes to help bring awareness about our programs for medical professionals in Kamloops. We also had two practicum students from the TRU Human Services program put on a fundraiser dinner at Chances and helped us in lessons and other office work for three months. We hosted our 1st Annual KTRA Gallop which was a 5km walk/run along the river trail. The event raised $700 with approximately 80 runners participating. Our 2nd Annual KTRA Gallop will be Saturday, April 1, 2017, and we hope to raise $1400 and have 100 runners participate. Shelley Mills from Los Vientos Equestrian Centre conducted two dressage clinics and we have three planned with her for 2017! We hosted Cynthia Andrews (B.A., B.Ed., EC Coach and CanTRA Instructor) for a “Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Planning for Progress” workshop and we were happy to have participants from therapeutic riding centres attend. We learned many helpful tools, so our 2017 lessons should be very exciting! We also hosted Sara Sellmer from Z-Eventing for a very fun jumping clinic! We hope to have her back in 2017 for another one, too! She generously donated half of her clinic earnings to KTRA. Another social enterprise/ fundraiser that we attempted in 2016 was Kamloops’ very first Food Truck Festival. We had an overwhelming response to the first one and in 3 hours we received approx. $10,000 in donations. We tried another one in September at a new location with more parking and better flow just down the road at the airport but it unfortunately rained. That won’t stop us though, we have two planned 16 • February 2017


for 2017 and these will be Friday night and all day Saturday events! Make sure to check one out! In June, we had our 7th Annual KTRA Horse Show to showcase what our riders have been working on and it was a lot of fun! Riders participated in the following classes: Obstacle Course (aka Trail), Barrel Racing, Dressage Tests, and Equitation. We had two of our instructors become certified CanTRA Basic Instructors. They are also working towards their PATH International Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification and we hope to be the first PATH International centre member in Canada! Thanks to some generous donations, we were able to build two new horse shelters. The horses are enjoying them with all the snow and cold weather we have been having lately. Also, thanks to Warner Rentals who chose us as their charity of choice for their Annual Golf Tournament, we are in the process of building a much-needed hay shed! We are very close to having our new office trailer (donated by Horizon North) delivered. The pad has been prepped and now we are just waiting for the snow to go and the frost to thaw. We are starting an Exercise Rider program in March to help improve the longevity of our therapy horses. We also run an at-risk youth program with a certified EAPD coach. Equine Therapy is gaining immense popularity as horses make even the most therapy-resistant youth react. Horses live in herds, not unlike our human teens, therefore they help youth to better interact with others. Our program offers them the opportunity to learn important life skills through horses. As the awareness of how powerful Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development is growing, we are partnering with Karen Lara, a local Trauma Counsellor, who has almost completed her EAGALA Metal Health Professional certification. We will start by providing workshops such as Self-Empowerment for Women, Anxiety, Healthy Relationships, and Team Building. Our long-term goal is to be able to provide a regular PTSD Program. We are also very excited to announce that we will be hosting our first Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show on Sunday, June 4, and we hope that the Kamloops and beyond horse communities attend and enjoy! Another new program that we are offering this year is a 10 week trial Vaulting Program in April and May. We have many other awesome events planned for this year. Check out our website at www.ktra.ca/events.html. Thank you for everyone’s continued support to make KTRA expand and improve. We truly appreciate it and our riders and horses do, too!

A Winter Gift of Hay for Fort McMurray Equines Photo courtesy of AEF


he Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) sent 1500 bales of hay to Fort McMurray on December 16 to help support Fort McMurray equine owners through the winter. The hay will help alleviate some of the feed costs over the winter months, but also replace hay that was lost in the fires. The price of hay is slightly higher than in previous years and those in Fort McMurray typically pay an additional cost per hay bale for landed transportation. Members of equine communities from Alberta, across Canada, the USA and as far as the UK banded together, from the moment the wild fires broke out, to help the Fort McMurray horses. Karina Webb, President of the Tower Road Equine Association, said, “We are so grateful for the equine community’s support. It does make a real difference. Thanks to the AEF for all its work; it is truly appreciated. The support really touches all of our hearts and is absolutely inspiring.” Equine owners share a special bond; it’s the passion for the animal, and the relationship they have with them. Horses have a way of bringing those who own them closer together. This is what happened during the fires. Les Oakes, AEF President, said, “The AEF received many donations for the equines since the fires of May 2016; $33,000 in Greenhawk gift cards was distributed in September so that owners could replace items lost in the fires; most recently, a donation from the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation, [went] towards this purchase of hay. As of December 1, $53,000 in funds has been accounted for.” Fort McMurray equine owners who registered with the AEF during the disaster were notified that they would be able to pick up hay bales on the weekend of December 17/18. In response to the notice of the upcoming hay donation, Velda Peach said, “I just want to thank you all at AEF for all this wonderful hay. I had $2400 worth of hay that I lost in my barn. Thank you, thank you!” Oakes travelled to Fort McMurray on December 16 to help with distribution of the hay all weekend. He said, “It was great to meet the horse crowd from the Clearwater Horse Club and the Tower Road group. It breaks your heart to see all they have lost to the fire. Thank you once again for your hospitality over the past three days.” Storage space for the donated hay and volunteers to help distribute it were provided free of charge at the Clearwater Horse Club (which lost almost everything in the fires) and Hertz Equipment Rental donated a forklift. In the days following, many equine owners posted their appreciation on the AEF Facebook page. Connie Stevens wrote, “AEF has been so supportive from day one. From our evacuation, through our re-entry and now with this hay. The generosity of fellow horse lovers, many businesses and AEF is so very appreciated. Thank you, Les, for personally taking the time to share our stories and support us on our home turf.” It was humbling to see so many individuals and businesses continue to support and assist those in need, several months after the horrible wild fires. For more information about the AEF visit www.albertaequestrian. com or contact Sonia Dantu, AEF Executive Director, at 403-253-4411, e-mail execdir@albertaequestrian.com.


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CANADA February 2017


New Year's Resolutions for Horse Folk 1. The barn will be cleaned before noon every day. I plan to resolve to do that... maybe even accomplish it. 2. I will clean my tack faithfully after every ride, even if it's just with the quickie leather cleaner. Okay, once a week at least. 3. I will buy three Lotto tickets each week: One to pay for more horses; one to cover veterinary expenses; and one to cover farrier expenses. 4. I will make appointments for a haircut at least as often as my horse needs new shoes. In fact, that's a good way to remember. 5. In the coming year, I will check my clothes for hay before going out in public. 6. When I reach into my coat pocket for change, I will try not to pay with pieces of carrot or horse treats. 7. Horse clothing will not be cleaned in the family washing machine any more. At least, not while The Husband is home. 8. I will not soak bits in the kitchen sink. I will put them in the dishwasher instead.

9. I will remember to write social obligations on the calendar as religiously as I write clinic and competition dates. That way, maybe I can keep them. If they don't conflict, of course. 10. I will (occasionally) feed the family before the animals at least on weekends. 11. I will endeavor not to scream NO! every time a family member attempts to take a carrot from the 50-lb. bag earmarked for the horses. 12. I promise to stop critiquing every movie I see in which there are horses and the riding, grooming, or tack is incorrect. 13. I will stop saying "over" to my spouse when he's in my way in the kitchen and "whoa" to my children. 14. On the first rainy or snowy day of the New Year, I will muck out the house. 15. In the future, the living room will not be decorated with bridles and bailing twine. I'll save that for the family room. 16. I will wash my truck as often as I wash the horses. 17. I will not use the exercise bike as a saddle rack. 18. When I uncover the exercise bike and find new homes forthe blankets and saddles it is holding, I will ride it.


19. I resolve to completely ignore all of the above resolutions this year to take enough time to actually RIDE my horse and stop grousing about not doing it enough. - author unknown

Vancouver, BC | April 7–9, 2017

(From Editor: I’d like to add one… generically of course. I (not me actually, YOU!) vow to turn my cell phone off more often and pay attention to those around me.)


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18 • February 2017


701CONV_SaddleUp_v02-0.indd 1

SADDLEUP.CA 11/01/2017 10:45:50 AM

er 2009

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1st Annual Poker Ride for Prostates

By Ashley Spring

We invite and welcome all riders to join us for this inaugural event!


he purpose of this ride is to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and treatment. All proceeds go to the BC Cancer Foundation and Okanagan Prostate Resource Centre. I was inspired to organize the event one morning while I was thinking about my grandpa who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My grandpa is the kindest, most loving person towards horses. He has often told me that when he is riding he doesn't think about his worries, for that short amount of time he is free of the weight of the world.  He has taught me everything I know about riding, and the horse/human bond. If I could combine what he loves most, riding horses, with a fundraiser to help not only raise money for prostate cancer but to also make prostate cancer a more approachable subject for men, then I was determined to do it.   The Poker Ride is on Saturday, April 29 in the Christian Valley. The spring is a beautiful green time in Christian Valley and the trails will be prime! All the trails (except for 2 km on a forest service road) are on my grandparent’s 400 acre property in Christian Valley, Westbridge BC. My grandparents, parents and sister, as well as myself, my husband and son live on the property. The ride is about 2 hours and approximately 7 kms long. They are natural trails; with amazing views at the top (I have attached a picture). The ride has a diverse amount of terrain, up and down mountains, through fields, past

ponds, and across creeks! Not only are the trails beautiful, but so is the starting point (on the West Kettle River) where all the prizes/food/fun are. Loads of parking, a concession offering breakfast and lunch (the local elementary school is putting this on), 50/50, raffle prizes, and  an informative speaker from Okanagan Prostate Resource Centre. I encourage everyone to come out and have a fun day! Western, English, bareback, all riders are welcome. We also hope that people will bring their friends and family to come out, have some good food, learn a little about prostate cancer, and participate in the 50/50 and raffle prizes!  We are not allowing motorized vehicles (i.e. ATVS), but my inlaws are planning to mountain bike it, so that could be a possibility, but it is difficult terrain for that. We are not doing camping on our property, but there are many free camping sites in the Christian Valley! A BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors… prizes consist of: 1st place: Air Ride Pro-Choice Saddle Blanket + $100 CASH (donated by Spring Fuels) 2nd place: Grooming Kit (donated by Diamond H Tack) + Rope Halter with Lead Rope (donated by Spring Fuels) 3rd place: Fleece Cooler (donated by Greenhawk Kelowna)


Spring 2017 Clinic Tour:

April 29-30 Kelowna BC, Training For Courage Center May 6-7 Millet AB, Steelcreek Equestrian May 20-21 Saskatoon SK, Willow Ridge Stables May 27-28 St. Andrews MB, Second Chance Ranch

Paul Dufresne

Summer 2017 5-day Camps:

Kelowna BC, Training For Courage Center July 10-14

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www.pauldufresne.com February 2017


Horsey Ladies Okanagan By Nancy Roman


he 19th Annual Horsey Ladies Charity Auction & Banquet was held November 18 at the Spallumcheen Golf Club north of Vernon. We sold out in a record 3 weeks this year, with a waiting list! One hundred and thirty two horsey ladies attended from all over the interior. Over 100 donated items were on the auction tables, with all proceeds going to a local charity that the ladies vote on this same evening. This year’s committee included Ruby Edwards, Elspeth Manning, Michele Gould, Amy Vaughan, Sheila Sperling, Patti Thomas, Sly Keyes, Donna McNab, Kathy Woodward, Mary Relkov, Holly Wood and me.

This year we raised just over $8,000, and the top two vote-getters were BC SPCA Cruelty Investigations Department, and Pipsqueak Paddocks which is a rescue for miniature horses. A few years back, our local friend and committee member, Cheryle Hickman moved up to the Bridge Lake area of the Cariboo and has been hosting a Horsey Ladies fundraising event there for 6 years now. Between the two events, over the years, Horsey Ladies have now just tipped the $100,000+ mark in donations! See our Facebook page, ‘Horsey Ladies Okanagan’, for more info, photos, and the history on how it all began!

Nancy and Cheryle – Our committee: (l to r) standing: Nancy, Elspeth, Sly, Donna, Ruby, Michelle, Holly, Sheila, Kathy; below: Mary, Patti, Amy.

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Accent Inns (Kelowna) Agri-Supply Ltd AJ's Pets Alfa-Tec All About Wine & Décor Armstrong Dollar Dollar Store Armstrong Physiotherapy Clinic Armstrong Veterinary Clinic Askew's Foods Avalon Creative Art AVON (Tina McLaughlin, Vernon) Bar U Ranch & Holly J Wood Biomedical Labs (Purica) The Blade Doctor Boston Pizza Buckerfield’s Ltd. Butcher Boys Capri Insurance Cariboo Outback Saddles Cat & Mouse Designs (Deborah Strong) Cavallo Horse & Rider Chocoliro Finest Chocolate Co-operators Insurance Country Custom Fabricating Country West Supply Cowboy's Choice Cross Country Horse Sales Curves Armstrong David's Tea Davison Orchards Deep Creek Veterinary Services Designs For Ewe Diamond H Tack Echo Valley Ranch & Spa Enderby Jewellers Epona Rise Retreat

20 • February 2017

Equi-Market Harness & Tack Equine Connection (Wendy Elrick) Expressions of Time Faith & Company Ferris Fencing Ford, Shannon Four Foot Farm Freddie's Brew Pub Grand Saddlery Greenhawk Kamloops & Kelowna Guardian Drugs (Armstrong) Heather Hacock Hairy Back Ranch Hein Farms The Horse Barn Horse Centred (Helen Russell) Horse Council BC Hour Glass Studio HUB International (Armstrong) Hudson, Sherry Illusions Hair & Body Impact Transport Limited (Chilliwack) Interior Provincial Exhibition JenAlio's Authentic Italian Take-Out Kactus Western Wear Kamloops Cowboy Festival Kerr, Leanne Keyes, Sly Keystone Property Management Lammle's Western Wear & Tack The Mane Event Manning, Elspeth (Sutton Group) McNab, Donna Meadow Springs Ranch Moose Mulligans NAG BAGS Nickers Saddlery Ltd (Sensation Ride)


Noble Outfitters / Big D O'Keefe Ranch The Paddock Tack & Togs Panorama Veterinary Services Phi Star Equine (Zabrina Barteaux) Prairie Coast Equipment Quilting For You (Susan Wilson) Rancho Vignola R and E Saddle & Tack Repair Randle, Arlene Red Top Shoes (Blundstone) Ricardo's Restaurant Rivers Edge Equestrian Rock'n Shoe Ranch Roger's Foods Rustic Elegance By Design (Rhonda Bennett) Shepherd's Home Hardware The Source (Armstrong) Spallumcheen Golf Course Spotted Horse Studio Staples, Selina Station BBQ Smokehouse Stitch'n Things Studio Sundance Guest Ranch Tandy Leather Factory Timber Ridge Trails Touch A Texas Town Centre Dry Cleaners & Laundry Trachuk, Cheryl Vernon Veterinary Clinic Village Cheese Company Village Green Centre Village Green Hotel Wangler, Dennis (Royal Lepage) Waterway Houseboats Vacations Wettstone Guest Ranch Yan's Restaurant (Salmon Arm)

Cariboo Horsey Ladies Celebrate the Season of Giving By Cheryle Hickman


‘thumbs up’ to $100,000+

ighty-three Horse Loving Ladies representing 575 horses, donkeys and mules attended the 6th Annual Cariboo Horsey Ladies Christmas Banquet & Charity Auction at Wildmans Restaurant Interlakes on Saturday, November 19th. Over 100 auction items were offered for bid by sponsors in the community and many of the talented ladies in the area. A highlight of the evening up for auction was a Rawhide Western Saddle donated by Kathy Bays, sister of Bill who was a long-time local supporter of our equine community. Joanne Macaluso, one of our committee members, did a super job as auctioneer for this item, and we thank and congratulate Kelly Marce for her winning bid. Kelly assured the Bays family it was going to an appreciative home. $5,300 was raised and the attendees voted to divide

this amount between 100 Mile SPCA Spay & Neuter Program, and The True Faces of Horse Slaughter Society [Rescue]. We would like to thank Debi and staff at “Wildmans” for helping make it a perfect evening with great food and service. Thank you to my fellow committee members: Andrea Glatz, Gisele Poliseno, Joanne Macaluso, Piri DeVries, with evening help from Elisa, Anne, Gloria, Kay and Paige. It was also great to have Nancy Roman share the fun and celebration with us. Finally, I would like to thank all our Horsey Ladies for coming out and making this evening such a success. Our banquets are an endorsement of how unique they are at bringing together all of us who share the “Love of Horses”… if not for the horses this event would never had been created.

Our committee: (l to r) Cheryle, Gisele, Piri, Joanne, Andrea

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! 100 Mile Feed & Ranch 100 Mile WRANGLERS 108 Resort 108 SPA Aurum Custom Goldsmithing B.C. Cowboy Heritage Society Brian Thorsteinson Photography Cariboo Bowen Therapy Cariboo Plateau CTR Cariboo Supply & Marine Cascadia Pacific Realty Centennial Law Century Home Hardware Country Pedlar Double A Farrier - Blaire Claassen Equine Connection Coaching Services - Wendy Elrick Greenhawk - Kamloops Higher Ground Natural Foods Hour Glass Studio Kathy Bays Lazy B Tack & Feed Lone Butte Veterinary Services - Dr. Brian Considine Nuthatch Books Pet Valu – 100 Mile House Pharmasave - 100 Mile House

Piri Pureform Rafter S Arts & Crafts Rivas Remedies Rustic Elements Ruth Donald - Author Saddle Up magazine Santa Sharon’s Jewellery & Watch Repair Shilom Esthetics Spring Lake Ranch Super Save Gas - 100 Mile House The Corral The Markets The Shirt Shack The Sugar Shack The Village Hair Studio Tim-Br-Mart Ltd - 100 Mile Trish’s Horse Cookie Treats Ultra Kelp Whimsey Gifts Wild Things In Wood Wildmans Outdoor Store Wildmans Restaurant Wildwood Farm - Elisa Marocchi XH Buffalo Ranch - 70 Mile House

Kelly won Bill Bays’ saddle

February 2017


Cariboo Chatter By Mark McMillan


lobal Warming? Man, I’d hate to see what it would be like if we had Global Cooling! Several mornings in December we woke up to minus 35 Celsius. The New Year brought lots of snow, which is good, and lots of cold weather, which is okay, I guess, being as we can’t do anything about it. Speaking of which – Happy New Year everyone! Our annual Spirit of the West Cruise will not take place in January; instead, they decided to do an Alaskan Cruise this year, which is booked for June. So, we’ll leave home on June 17 and return around the 29th. Should be a lot of fun, as right now there are over 190 Spirit of the West Radio Show listeners booked to join Billie and Hugh on this cruise. Wow! If anyone can suggest a horseback riding place in Ketchikan, Denali, or Anchorage, please let me know. My last Cariboo Chatter before the cruise will be the June issue and that issue will be the 10th anniversary of Cariboo Chatter. Ten years and I’ve never missed an issue! It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed it very much but, I have decided to retire, so June will be my last issue. If anyone has an interest in carrying on Cariboo Chatter, please let Nancy know. In November, I had a photo of an old Massey 135 UK that we picked up. I spent the early part of the winter restoring it and I’m pretty happy with the results – see the photo. This and the fact that I had to rebuild the engine in our MF 135, and was tired of paying big bucks for parts, inspired me to become an aftermarket tractor parts dealer. See my new website at: www.BCTractorParts.com. There, you can also see the restoration process of the tractor. The “before” photo of this tractor from the November issue; before I bought it.

Cariboo Horsey Ladies -- way to go! $5,300.00 was brought in from the Charity Auction held November 19. Cheryle Hickman sent this summary in: “I think this was the most response to the event ever, with horsey ladies from so many areas surrounding us. Half the room was filled with first timers and included so many local artists, coaches, therapists, authors, entrepreneurs, trainers, owners/managers of equine retail and rescuers. Most importantly, the event connected all of us that evening through our love of horses; whether we have or had them, or simply love them. Such a unique event, created for only “horsey ladies.” I could not stand in the room in front of so much talent without feeling very proud, yet honoured, that they join me in what, I think, is quickly becoming the Social Event of the Year. Who would have guessed 19 years ago when Nancy Roman and a few friends joined her for dinner to celebrate Christmas (and our love for horses) that it would take on a real reason to celebrate… I only hope the event carries on forever!” See the full article on page 21 – and page 20.

Joanne Macaluso became an auctioneer for the night and brought in $700 for a saddle at the Cariboo Horsey Ladies auction.

The same tractor, three months later… after I spent a lot of time and money on it.

Cariboo Chatter Sponsors This is the saddle that was donated by Bill Bays' sister.


22 • February 2017


The 17th Annual 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert will be held on February 11. Gary Fjellgaard has not only agreed to be part of the show but he’s also donating his time. He’s so supportive of what we do and the fact that the proceeds go to student scholarships and the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame. Joining him will be Ed Wahl, a very easy to listen

Last Month’s What’s This? to western singer who has been a regular at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, the 108 Canada Day Celebration, and Barkerville Drover Days, to name a few. Emily Ireland will also join the lineup as the Cowboy (cowgirl) poet. Emily won the Spirit of the West Rising Star Showcase at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival last year and has some great entertaining material derived from her horse training, cutting and cow work experiences. There will be two shows to pick from – a 2:00 pm matinee and a 7:00 pm evening show. Tickets are only $15 each and can be found in 100 Mile House and Williams Lake – for details, call me at 1-888-763-2221. The 21st Annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival is just around the corner, too. Tickets are selling fast; so, don’t delay if you want to take in this amazing weekend of entertainment – especially if you want to see one of the dinner shows as we were close to selling out the floor by the end of December. The entertainment lineup includes close to 30 performers! The trade show and the art show should be awesome, too, and they’re filling up quickly. New for the 2017 Festival is the fact that it will all be under one roof this year, the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre. Ticket prices are as follows: $80 for the whole weekend, $40 for a whole day and evening feature show, and only $20 for a day pass. A Dinner Theatre Show upgrade is $35. For more information, see the web site at www.bccchs.com or call toll-free: 1-888-763-2221.

The December issue’s item is another one from the Meadow Springs Museum. It’s a steel contraption that anyone with a mole problem would appreciate; folks who live in the Fraser Valley probably know that this is a mole trap. It would be placed over the mole hole and when the mole popped up he’d hit the trigger with his nose and… well, you can figure out the rest of the story. It was nice to see so many guesses come in. Congratulations to the following people who had the right answer: Tom LaBlanc, Victoria April Midan, Sorrento Julie Reid, Knutsford Bill Manson, Princeton Ted Callbeck, Onoway, AB Ashcroft Building Centre, Ashcroft Rod Parkinson, Falkland Gordon Fuller, Barriere


Chevonn Haselhan started the New Year out right with the perfect view of Williams Lake – from between Pistol’s ears.

Lee Hardy made this awesome Christmas piece of fir and cedar boughs... we added the snow, which made its ears flop.

This month's item is a photo of an object that’s in our living room at Meadow Springs Ranch. This wooden piece was made for a particular purpose. It’s about 38 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep. Good luck!

READERS - do you know what this is? What’s your guess?

Kathy got this great shot at Christmas when we called the horses in to start feeding. If you have any Cariboo Chatter that you would like included please email Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “Cariboo Chatter” in the subject line.

Post your guess on Saddle Up magazine’s Facebook page or email Mark at msprings@bcinternet.net and put “What’s This?” in the subject line. Send us your full name, city and province please. The correct answers will be printed in the next issue and acknowledged on Facebook. February 2017


TOP DOG! 5th Annual Pet Lover Show By Eddie Tabakman 2017 Pet Lover Show hosting new featured exhibitors and for the first time ever, the President’s Choice SuperDogs Star Search and DockDogs


he number one place to go in the Lower Mainland for all things pet-related is back for its fifth year, as the 2017 Pet Lover Show returns to Abbotsford’s TRADEX on February 25-26. With educational seminars from industry experts from across the province, live animal entertainment, and the latest in pet products and services, this weekend is a “can’t-miss” for pet owners living in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. This year, for the first time ever, the President’s Choice SuperDogs will be hosting their very own star search over the course of the Show. Does your dog have what it takes to be a SuperDog? Finalists will be allowed to audition at the Pet Lover Show for a chance to perform with the President’s Choice SuperDogs this summer, at The Fair at the PNE! From agility to dancing, jumping rope, silly pet tricks or Frisbee freestyle, come and share your dog's special skills in a fun, friendly showcase. Submit your 15-second audition tape to the Pet Lover Show Facebook page by February 17 for a chance to go up on stage as a Finalist at the Pet Lover Show. Finalists will be notified the week before the Show. In addition, for the first time ever in Vancouver, come see the world

famous DockDogs, featuring three competitions combined to make one action-packed familyoriented act! Watch as they compete to see who can jump the highest, dive the farthest distance, and swim the fastest to get out of the water. With non-stop action, you’ll love cheering for your favourite DockDog canines as they compete at the Show! Looking for other fun things to do together with your pet? Bring your well-behaved pets and try out the Paws On Activities, and check out specialties like massage, reiki and animal chiropractic and bring your training questions for expert advice from our certified trainers. With continuous shows on six stages hosted by top animal specialists, the Pet Lover Show is the best place to learn from behavioural and health experts, as well as a chance to explore the latest in animal-related products. In addition, returning favourites like the dancing and skateboarding dogs, rabbit agility shows and the Can-Am/TICA Cat Show make this year’s Show the place to be. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased in advance online at a discounted price. For more information visit www.petlovershow.ca.

BC SPCA – Happy Tails! Courtesy of www.spca.bc.ca


ricket was rescued by BC SPCA humane officers in one of the largest puppy mill seizures in BC history in February 2016. Cricket was just one of 66 sick and neglected dogs and puppies that were rescued; collectively known as the Langley 66. He was just one month old at the time. Cricket spent some time at the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch being treated for medical and psychological issues before being ready for adoption. Once Cricket was ready, it didn’t take long before he was adopted by his new guardians and taken to his first loving home. Cricket is now known as Cooper, and has had nine months to settle into his new home. His new guardians have sent us this update to let us know how Cooper is progressing: “We wanted to give you an update on Cricket from the Langley 66. My parents adopted him, and he is now called Cooper. He is such a loving dog and is full of life and kisses. Cooper has flourished in the company of our two other dogs, and they've all become fast friends. In fact, Cooper and Roscoe (our 11-month-old rescue) are quite a bonded pair. Cooper loves to sneak into bed for a snuggle, enjoys his time on 24 • February 2017


trails when out for walks, and he loves the water. The dirtier the better! Cooper has brought so much joy and love into our big family, and we couldn't be happier that we were chosen to be his furever home. We are so thankful he joined our family.” It’s fantastic to hear that Cooper is doing great and has bonded so well with all the human and canine members of his new family. We are thrilled that Cooper’s story has turned out to be so happy after the shaky start he received as one of the Langley 66. Thank you so much for making adoption your first choice and giving Cooper the second chance he so deserved.

TOP DOG! Pet Central EVERYTHING PETS (Princeton BC) 250-295-7381 Quality Foods & Supplies for all your Pets! See us on Facebook. 5/17

Do you offer a dog service or training business? Sell pet feeds and supplies? You can advertise here! Prices start at only $250 per year (12 issues). Call 1-866-546-9922 or e-mail nancyroman@saddleup.ca

Canine Capers Sponsored by

Top Dog! of the Month february

3-5 11 12 18 18-19 23-26 25 25-26 26

AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Abbotsford BC, www.canuckdogs.com CKC RALLY OBEDIENCE, Fun Runs, Kelowna BC, www.codac.ca UKI AGILITY TRIAL, Kelowna BC, www.codac.ca OVER THE TOP AGILITY SEMINAR, Kelowna BC, www.codac.ca AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Pitt Meadows BC, www.canuckdogs.com ALL BREED SHOWS, Obedience & Rally, Chilliwack BC, www.canuckdogs.com WCOBC CKC RALLY OBEDIENCE, Kelowna BC, www.codac.ca NADAC AGILITY TRIAL, Calgary AB, www.canuckdogs.com CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOUR TEST, Chilliwack BC, www.canuckdogs.com


“Luca” is a 2-year-old Rottie Shepherd cross that loves to plant himself under the sliding glass door curtain. Luca lives at the Brombal residence in Guelph, Ontario. Kathy took this photo while back east visiting her sister. - Kathy and Mark McMillan, 70 Mile House BC

Where is YOUR Top Dog? Send us a photo of your favourite pooch! Tell us the dog’s name, breed, and up to 50 words about him/her. We will print your first name (or initials) and your city/province. E-mail to nancyroman@saddleup.ca and put in subject line: TOP DOG OF THE MONTH. Photos will be printed on a first come first serve basis.

4 UKI SPRING CUP, Kelowna BC< www.codac.ca 4-5 INTRO TO CARTING, Priddis AB, www.canuckdogs.com 10-12 AAC AGILITY TRIAL, Abbotsford BC, www.canuckdogs.com 11-12 AAC FUNDRAISING AGILITY TRIAL, Sturgeon County AB, www.canuckdogs.com 12 CKC URBAN TRACKING TEST, Victoria BC, www.canuckdogs.com 17-19 CKC AGILITY & SCENT HURDLING TRIALS, Cardiff AB, www.canuckdogs.com 18 STIRLING ACRES WINTER SERIES, Coldstream BC, Lee 250-545-6730, llumb@me.com 18-19 CKC OBEDIENCE & RALLY, Abbotsford BC, www.canuckdogs.com 19 CKC FIELD TRACKING TEST, Courtenay BC, www.canuckdogs.com 24-26 BREED/OBEDIENCE/RALLY/SCENT HURDLING, Camrose AB, www.canuckdogs.com 25 HERDING INSTINCT TEST & Fun Match, Cobble Hill BC, www.canuckdogs.com 26 DOG O POGO FUN MATCH, Hidden Hills,Vernon BC, www.members.shaw.ca/dogopogo 31-Apr 2 BREED/OBEDIENCE/RALLY/SCENT HURDLING, Red Deer AB, www.canuckdogs.com 31-Apr 2 CKC OBEDIENCE & RALLY, Chilliwack BC, www.canuckdogs.com

Do you have a WORKING DOG event coming up? Let us know! Call 1-866-546-9922 or email nancyroman@saddleup.ca February 2017


Tails to be Told

. . .A treasure chest of memories .

We want you to look back, reflect, recollect, and share your photos and memories with us. This is not a contest - it is your moment to share with our readers anything from days gone by. The older the story (and photo), the more fascinating. Could be from 20 years ago, 50 years, or a story your grandfather shared with you.

Nancy Roman

Send Saddle up one or two photos and your memoirs (up to 250 words maximum please). Memoirs will be printed as space allows each month. Please include your phone number and location for our files and verification if needed. We would like to print your name (or initials) and location with your submission. You are welcome to send one or more in the months ahead as well. This will be a regular monthly feature... So start looking through those photo albums and share your stories with us. Photos will only be returned if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope. See page 4 for contact information.

KIDS! – the next e h t t gene bou A rati L L on A s ’ It Hi, I am Saylor and this is my four legged friend Legacy, he is 18, and a liver chestnut Morgan. This was our first Pole Bending Event! We are starting 4-H and can't wait to do more events together in the New Year! - Saylor (age 9), Summerland BC

Kids... where are you?

ut YOU! se? It’s YOUR turn to tell us abo What are you doing with you r hor


Send in ONE photo with a caption (no more than 40 words). Include your first name, age, city/province. Photos will be printed on a space availability basis. E-mail to nancyroman@saddleup.ca. Put in the subject line “KIDS.” 26 • February 2017


Horse Council BC - Notes from the Office Over $156,000 of Happy Trails!


ince 2011, the BC Equestrian Trails Fund has provided over $156,000 to member clubs and affiliates in support of construction and/or improvements to trails, trailheads and horse camping areas all over


The fund is made up of membership dollars, plus individual and corporate donations. We thought you’d like to see where and how your donations were used this year. In 2016, the BC Equestrian Trails Fund provided a total of $30,000 in funding to the following successful applicants around BC: • BCHBC – Okanagan Chapter – $2,000 for a camp extension to Trapping Creek/Little Trapping • BCHBC – Shuswap Chapter – $2,000 for continuing work on South Canoe SW EQ Trail and Camp • BCHBC – Yarrow Chapter – $3,500 for further rehabilitation to Monument 78 Trail (BC Parks) • BCHBC – Alberni Valley Chapter – $5,371 for upgrades to the Alberni Valley Log Train Trail (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) • BCHBC – Central Vancouver Island Chapter – $3,000 to construct the Spruston Road Horse Trailer Parking and camp site • BCHBC – Skeena-Stikine Chapter – $5,129 for work on Deception Lake Trail and Camp plus work on the Snowflake Trails and Trailhead • BCHBC – Robson Valley Chapter – $4,000 for Phase 2 of the McBride Peak/Teare Mountain multi-use trail • Tabor Mountain Recreation Society – $5,000 for improvements to Tabor Mountain Trails These geographical areas are, for the most part, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Operations via BC Recreation Sites and Trails, unless otherwise noted. It’s our great pleasure to pass on a sample of thank-you notes for your support of the Fund! “On behalf of all equestrians in the Shuswap and North Okanagan area, we would like to thank all the donors to the BC Equestrian Trails Fund. The South Canoe Trail System is an expansive network of trails for multi-users. We are always looking to make the trails as safe as possible for the full enjoyment of everyone. Your contribution this year went towards a new Equestrian/ Hikers-only trail, the SW EQ Loop; there’s a viewpoint, a place to canter, some technical and most of all it’s a FUN trail to ride. Hope to see you out on our trails soon.” - BCHBC Shuswap Chapter “The Hickory Wing Ski Touring Club, a member of the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society was very pleased to receive a grant from HCBC. We used the money from this grant to hire an excavator and improve approximately 15 km of trails through ditching and water stabilization to encourage more horse traffic on our trails. We also installed three new culverts on our trail system to facilitate better water drainage. We are very happy with the outcome and look forward to future dealings with HCBC.” – Tabor Mountain Recreation Society “Many thanks for supporting our Back Country Horsemen Yarrow Chapter efforts to open horse trails in EC Manning Provincial Park! With the

financial help of HCBC (and others) as well as our “Valuable Volunteers,” in 2016 we were able to re-open a portion of the East Similkameen Trail. Our goal next year will be to connect this to the Monument 78 trail, the Canada/ US border and the Pacific Crest Trail to Mexico! We are so excited to once again provide the opportunity for equestrians to ride this historic and high profile trail.” – BCHBC Yarrow Chapter

Back Country Horsemen Yarrow Chapter “Thank you for funding this beautiful equestrian horse trailer parking and camping site.” – BCHBC Central Vancouver Island “The Okanagan Chapter of BCHBC is grateful to the Equestrian Trails Fund for supporting our project and turning the Little Trapping Horse Camp into a reality. This horse camp is first class in every way thanks to your contributions.” - BCHBC Okanagan Chapter Did you know? You can donate to the BC Equestrian Trails Fund when you renew your membership – on the phone, online or on page 2 of the renewal you received in the mail. Apply for funding in 2017 from the BC Equestrian Trails Fund starting January 1, 2017. Application deadline is April 15, 2017. Get more information and application forms at: www.hcbc.ca/index.php/ membership/funding-for-hcbc-members/bc-equestrian-trails-fund/.

Members of the Back Country Horsemen Okanagan’s camp expansion

Horse Council BC • How to Reach Us Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • Address: 27336 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3N5 604-856-4304 or Toll Free 1-800-345-8055 • Fax: 604-856-4302 • www.hcbc.ca

February 2017


Tennessee Walking Horse News

By Marjorie Lacy, CRTWH Director

A Horse to Remember Horses change lives. Horses start us on a journey. And horses provide a deep connection to nature.


he horse/human bond can be magical and have great power. All horses are special and deserving of our understanding. Each one deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Yet, in every horse person's life, there remain one or two special horses who stay forever in our hearts and minds. Was it a patient school horse that you never owned but now realize had a profound influence on the direction of your life? Was it that first horse with whom you shared a bond? Was it that first pony ride, the horse you saw in a movie or on TV, a horse in a novel, or a model horse? Maybe it was that first Walking Horse that surprised you with the glide ride, so much so that no other breed would ever again take the place of a Walking Horse in your life? Is it your current horse, with whom you’ve shared many adventures and challenges, and who now deserves your recognition? A Horse to Remember provides a place on the CRTWH website where you can pay tribute to these special horses. It may be your current partner, running in the fields or one long gone on to greener pastures. If possible, have your story relate how your special horse led you to the Canadian Registered Tennessee Walking Horse. You may tell that story in photos or words or any combination thereof! Honour your special horse by sharing your story; the horse that lives in your heart deserves your tribute. The very first story, Dianne Little’s reminiscences about her special horse, Tiffany (aka Northfork Redwing), is already published and up on

28 • February 2017


the site. Below is an excerpt from it: “My relationship with Tiffany started me on a journey -- a journey that continues beyond her life. I was a timid rider lacking in confidence, but I was an owner who knew what I wanted. I wanted to ride, but I wanted a connection and relationship with a horse. With the guidance of Diane Sept and Helen Williamson, I was privy to discussion and lessons regarding “training” that respected the nature of the horse. They were patient with me and through their generosity helped me develop a base upon which I could build. From them, I learned the attributes that made the Tennessee Walking Horse an exceptional pleasure horse. I was exposed to the sound and natural TWH. Tiffany and I accepted each other and worked well together. Her nature was one of patience, while my nature was one of determination as I strove toward what I hoped was a mutual goal. I became a student of the equine. I studied the horse and riding and tried to incorporate the philosophy of others in my progression. Books by Sally Swift, lessons from Diane Sept and later books by Peggy Cummings provided the basis for me to allow Tiffany to teach me as well. I was determined that I would not allow my fear or nervousness to ruin Tiffany. I would not deaden her mouth or her sides. I would find a saddle that fit both of us and would allow me to “feel” her movement.” Go to www.crtwh.ca and click on the photo entitled, “A Horse to Remember” to read the rest of Dianne’s story.

Langley Riders Society Update

By Bethany Gildemeister

Photos by Ron McCarthy


ur year-end banquet was held November 19 at the Fraser Downs Racetrack in Cloverdale. We would like to congratulate all the Langley Riders 2016 year-end award winners on all their

GAMES DIVISION George Burns 1. Vicky Mason 2. Zale Hammren 3. Bonnie Proctor 4. Pam Phillips Jack Benny 1. Stacy Northey Senior 1. Bethany Hill Intermediate 1. Trisha Minet 2. Jazmine Langset Junior 1. Cheyenne Grindrod 2. Brooklyn Gildemeister 3. Emma Gildemeister 4. Alex Harvey 5. Jordan Hamilton 6. Lexi Langset Tiny Mite 1. Grace Hilderman

(L-R) John Scotton, Don and Donna Morrison, Paul Ritchot

hard work. We would also like to thank all our wonderful sponsors who help make it possible to give out so many wonderful prizes and awards.

JUMPING DIVISION Intermediate 1. Lucia Bot (73 points) Junior 1. Ava Vansanten (133 points) 2. Nicole LaRoque (76 points) 3. Annabel Bot (58 points) 4. Paige Gibson (41 points) ENGLISH/WESTERN DIVISIONS (Results not available by deadline) DRILL TEAM TROPHY WINNERS Most Dedicated: Marina Zimmerman Most Improved horse: Ginger Selig Most Improved Rider: Shirley Locke Most Valuable: Colleen Vail CLUB AWARDS "Good on Ya" Award: Ron McCarthy Most Valuable Member: Paul Ritchot Joan Luttmer Memorial ("Rodeo Boss"): Brooke Wharry Most Improved Horse and Rider: Cheyenne Grindrod

Sportsmanship: Pam Phillips Overall Western High Point: Brooklyn Gildemeister Overall English High Point: Kestrel Zalesky Overall Games: Vicky Mason Overall Barrels: Vicky Mason Fastest Barrels: Stacey Northey Fastest Poles: Stacey Northey Overall High Point: Bethany Hill

Colleen Vail, Delerae Heon, Megan Johns, Mirina Zimmerman, Kassi Selig, Shirley Goodbrant, Bryn McAtasney, Stacey Northey, Sarah Vail

Kestrel Zalesky Jordan Hamilton

Stacey Northey (L-R) Emma Gildemeister, Becky Herford

(L-R) Scott Phillips, Paul Ritchot

(L-R) Vicky Mason, Ngaire Smart

(L-R) Brooke Wharry, Pierre Fortier

Ava Vansanten February 2017

SADDLEUP.CA â&#x20AC;˘ 29

Peachland Riding Club

By Isabelle Larocque

n November 26, 2016, Peachland Riding Club held its Year End Awards Banquet with over 90 members attending the ceremony. The top 6 participants of each category were awarded prizes for their efforts during the year and each of the first-place winners received


a wonderful buckle. Other special recognitions were also presented. Thank you to our 2016 sponsors for making this night possible, as well as our Board of Directors, and volunteers who worked all year to make each event a success!

Novice Winners (buckle sponsored by Peachland Wildfires Drill Team): 1. Linda Brooks 2. Danielle Hall 3. Jordyn Birakowski 4. Melanie Gauthier 5. Chloe Wheeler 6. Mya Tarr Pee Wee Winners (buckle sponsored by Sunshine Pet Supplies): 1. Sidney Renaud 2. Kadence McCafferty Junior Winners (buckle sponsored by Greyback Construction): 1. Aryane Larocque 2. Kendal Brooks 3. Penny Hinton 4. Payton Ramage 5. Jordan Lepine 6. Adele Ingram-Ewing

Youth Winners (buckle sponsored by GRM Inc.): 1. Emily Jones 2. Madison St. Pierre Senior Winners (buckle sponsored by TNI The Network Inc.): 1. Candice Cook 2. Kalin Keller 3. Loree Currie 4. Calista Collins 5. Jessie Tarr 6. Diana Shore PRC 2016 sponsors: Diamond H Tack, Boston Pizza, Greyback Construction, Sunshine Pet Supplies, GRM Inc., TNI The Network Inc., Dunamis Projects Ltd., Peachland Wildfires Drill Team, The Brooks Family, Classic Cuts Dog Grooming, 1st Class Auto Glass, Mary Kay Darlene Pappas, Chevallier’s Arena, Sweetgrass Feed and Tack, Inland Equipment Sales, Stutters, BC Fasteners, Rona, Save on Foods, Costco, T-Bones, Moo-Lix Ice Cream Shop, Telus.

First-place winners’ buckles

Peachland Wildfires Drill Team

Junior Winners

Pee Wee Winner

Most Improved Rider: Nia Mitchell

Volunteer of the Year: Christine Filipczyk

30 • February 2017


Youth Winners

2016 Board of Directors (in order from left to right): Isabelle Larocque, Katie Mitchell, Tera-Lee Caverly, Loree Currie, Liz Hinton, Kristy Capp, Kristy Forsyth, Darlene Pappas, Sandy Chevallier

Sportsmanship Award: Candace Chevallier

Novice Winners

Senior Winners

1st Class Auto Glass & PRC Gymkhana Scholarships: Danika Caverly

Kelowna Riding Club

By Sarah Hayes


he Kelowna Riding Club held its Annual General Meeting and social on November 19, 2016. As a quorum was not met to vote in new directors, a Special Meeting was called for election of directors on December 7, 2016. We have had several people step forward and express interest in becoming a director and we are grateful and excited to have new people joining our team of directors. A full listing of all directors and officers will be published in the next issue. We wish to say congratulations to our 2016 award recipient winners: 2016 Volunteer of the Year – Monica Walker 2016 Sportsmanship Award – Twyla Boray 2017 Membership Draw winner – Julie Loverin

It was decided to introduce for 2017 a new Horsemanship Award in memory of Rick Pohl, who was an inspirational horseman who passed away earlier in 2016. The Kelowna Riding Club will be forever indebted to Rick and his wife Shannon who both gave so much of themselves to our club. Don’t forget your 2017 Memberships are now due. This year we have added GST to our membership fees but the actual fees have not increased. Please check our website for the updated membership forms and you can now submit and pay online. Event dates are being firmed up for 2017. Check our Facebook page and website at www.kelownaridingclub.com for all events. Monica Walker sporting the KRC logo ball cap helping to set up for the Spring Classic Hunter Spectacular.

Twyla Boray receiving her Sportsmanship Award from Emma Bosma who is a former recipient of that award.

Armstrong Enderby Riding Club


ERC ended the 2016 Season with our annual year end Awards Banquet on December 3rd at Oddfellows Hall in Armstrong. Congratulations to our Award recipients. Senior English - Vanessa Schikowski; reserve - Kay Evans Intermediate English - Vienna Meyers Senior Western - Christine Fisher; reserve - Kay Evans Intermediate Western - Vienna Meyers Junior Western - Abby McLuskey Pee Wee Western - Azera Murdoch Senior Overall - Christine Fisher; reserve - Vanessa Schikowski Intermediate Overall - Vienna Meyers Junior Overall - Abby McLuskey Pee Wee Overall - Azera Murdoch Walk Trot Overall - Donna Ruth Trail - Christine Fisher; reserve - Abby McLuskey Barrels and Gymkhana - Lynn Higginbotham Barrels (fastest time) - Tessa Gildemister Members Choice Awards: Grooming - Joni Miskovich

By Lauri Meyers Sportsmanship Youth - Vienna Meyers Citizenship - Nancy Roman All Around Participating - Carmen Letawski Hard Luck Senior - Vanessa Schikowski Hard Luck Youth - Lexi McGeachy Most Improved Youth - Mary Halvorson Peanut Participation - Macey Steinkrug, Hudson and Shaelyn Lacheur Volunteer (senior) - Barb Dimion Banquet Door Prize winners were Christine Fisher for a free membership; and Cari McLuskey for a free show entry. Special thanks to Alissa Körberg Schultz and her decorating committee for fabulous decorations (who can forget a gold saddle?). Armstrong Enderby Riding Club has meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm at the Armstrong Chamber of Commerce building across from the Oddfellows Hall.  Come meet the new Board of Directors and bring your ideas too! Everyone welcome! You can find us on Facebook, or our website, www.armstrongenderbyridingclub. com

February 2017


Western Stars Are Rising

By Bruce A. Roy, www.wrdha.com


performance classes in the Saddledome. Halter ow often has it been said, what has gone classes show in the mornings in the Agrium around will come around once again. Western Event Centre. While long coming, today's heavy horse A ‘star’ is rising in the West. David Anderson, market is explosive, for pedigreed Belgians, Anderson Farms of St. Thomas, Ontario, sold Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires, in particular. Anderson's Ethan, to Monty Thomson, Hatfield Two British Columbian horsemen are Clydesdales at Gladstone, Manitoba, days after building Percheron six horse hitches. They his birth. The weanling was delivered before are scheduled to appear this summer. Zane Christmas. Sired by Cawood Commodore, the Pickering of Prince George has scoured the Irish-bred colt, that was Reserve Champion continent for top geldings; while Bill Newton of Stallion and Cawdor Cup winner at Scotland's Dawson Creek, is building a hitch of mares. The 2012 National Stallion Show; his dam, 2S Shea's Percherons in each turnout will be matched for Exclusive Etta, was purchased from the 2S colour, height and stride. Clydesdale Stable of Schulenburg, Texas, for Judges for Calgary Stampede's 2017 Heavy Anderson’s Ethan $25,000, at their historic Dispersal Sale, held Horse Show are finalized. Mark Barie of East October 27th, 2012. Exclusive Etta, the Reserve Bethany, New York; Ron Brewster of Perthshire, Grand Champion Mare at America's 2012 National Clydesdale Show, Scotland; and Donald Walker of Kincardine, Ontario, will judge the is out of Cocklaw Valetta, the Texas stable's honour laden Scottish Belgians, Clydesdales and Shires, and the Percherons, respectively. All import. three are cosmopolitan horsemen, well-known in international breed Bill Prins, Prins View Belgians of Fort Saskatchewan, has leased his circles. popular breeding horse to Joseph Yoder, Bankbarn Belgians at Arcola, Once again members of Calgary's Philharmonic Orchestra will Illinois; who is offering Orndorff's Master Jacob for public service. offer rousing music for the World Six Horse Hitch Championship, More than a breeding horse, this Belgian sire is a whirlwind when in scheduled for 11:00 a.m., Sunday, July 11th, in the Saddledome. harness. Sired by Orndorff's Master Encore, Pennsylvania's genetic Considered one of North America's leading equine competitions, giant; Orndorff's Master Jacob commands a $600 service fee. Mares the event is free to everyone at Stampede Park. Friday and Saturday, can be bred at Bankbarn farm or inseminated with his shipped semen. afternoon and evening, the musicians will also background other

Chilliwack Riding Club


By Riesa Kyne

e at the Chilliwack Riding Club hope you all had happy holidays (and warm feet!). We’re looking forward to a fun and busy 2017. We wrapped up 2016 with our Annual General Meeting and Awards and Banquet night on November 26th. Our many thanks go out to all the volunteers who brought food, set up, and attended. Thank you also to Barb Bodholdt for your fantastic work obtaining and organizing the prizes for our dedicated riders.  High Point Leadline:  Hanna Lewis High Point Junior:  Layla Thomson High Point Youth:  Selina Hartskamp High Point Novice:  Chelsey Folk

32 • February 2017


High Point Senior: Erin Cyrankiewics Fastest Barrels:  Erin Cyrankiewics Fastest Poles:  Monica Lowe Fastest Stakes:  Susan McAndrews Fastest Keyhole:  Monica Lowe Great job to everyone! We look forward to the competitions ahead and to cheering on our little leadliners! For anyone interested in becoming a member of the Chilliwack Riding Club, we've posted an online submission form on our website at www.crchorse.ca. Check out the site or join us on Facebook for details on upcoming, shows, gymkhanas and club events.

BC Interior Morgan Horse Club By Nancy Roman


ext up we have our Annual General Meeting on February 18 at the Anchor Inn Pub (upstairs) in Armstrong starting at 11:30 am. Joining us will be guest speaker Rob Reimer from Trans National Trailer (TNT) of Vernon to discuss trailering horses, safety, etc. and answering any questions you might have. New members are welcome as well. So if you have, or someone you know has a Morgan (pure or partbred)… do join us! We can be fun you know! Lunch or snack items can be ordered off the menu. We have moved our Tack Sale to the Enderby Drill Hall for Saturday

Alberta Donkey & Mule Club

March 4th from 10 am to 2 pm. Tables are available for rent at $25 for a person/private sale and $50 for a business. We are limited to about 30 tables again – but we hope everyone has more space per booth this year. Free admission. For more info contact me at 250-546-9922 or nancyroman@telus.net. Our Christmas party at the Funk’s house was great! Lots of good food, games and the ever-popular gift exchange. Thank you to Dagmar and Gunther for hosting our ‘turkey’ dinner! Check our Facebook page for updates and photos.

By Russ Shandro I asked Bob, if he was going to take things a little easier, considering his age and creaky knees? His reply, “Heck No! A fella still has to do some things, while he’s young!” Congratulations Bob! With other club business: Our biggest fundraiser is on March 2 & 3 at The Edmonton Casino. Only 5 evening shifts remain open. All you good volunteers… send me an e-mail with questions and I will provide the details. The Executive members are preparing the Operational Budgets for 2017 and 2018. Please submit your suggestions and requests, with supplemental information, by February 25. At this year’s AGM, 2 Director Positions, the Presidency and the Secretary Position will be up for election. E-mail: mules@telus.net. The AGM is Sunday, March 26, at 1:30 pm in Ponoka. See you there!


lub members, friends and family gathered at the Innisfail Library, the third weekend of November, to celebrate Gentleman Bob Leggette’s 80th birthday. If you have ever witnessed a club demonstration, then you have seen Bob and his 25-year-old molly mule, Jessie. Whether driving or riding, the pair are “regulars” representing the Alberta Donkey and Mule Club. Bob joined the club shortly after its inaugural year and has had 3 mules. In 2007 when I first met Bob, at the Annual Long Ears Days, it was a 2-day show with 80+ classes. He and Jessie entered every class that they qualified for… the various disciplines in Driving, Riding, Trail, Log Snigging, Coon Jumping, Gymkhana events, Pancake Race… even the Dolly Pardon Race! It totaled about 38 classes. Nobody else has achieved that. I would think that would put Bob into the All Round Mule Skinner category! Over the years he has taken on roles within the club, serving as a Director, President and is currently the Vice President. His knees are a little creaky, but Bob is still active as a Farrier. It was back in the 70’s, he was ‘shoein’ horses for a young fellow that was taking a crack at calf roping. Well… the two of them must have known what they were doing! Forty one years later, the 1975 CPRA Calf Roping Champion, Gerald Reber, attended with two generations of his offspring. The family provided a beautiful portrait, as an acknowledgement of respect, friendship and providing farrier service for three generations of the Reber family.

Casey Reber and Bob Leggette, with portrait in the background.

February 2017


NEW BOOK - The Humans of Horse Racing

Authored by Linda Finstad

Launching February 11, 2017


f you love horse racing — you will love this book. Linda Finstad takes you on an extraordinary photographic journey into the “back stretch” which is the inner sanctum of racing and strictly off limits to the general public. She will introduce you to the horsemen and women that make horse racing possible and share with you their stories. Perhaps you have always dreamed of working in the race industry, or maybe owning your own race horse. If that is the case you really need to read this book. Learn the how to’s, what not to do’s, and the hard reality of horse racing — straight from the people who live this life every single day. Discover why they work long hours in often harsh conditions, and how much money these people really make. Who is getting rich and who is just scraping by. More details and to order, visit www.TheHorseWatcher.com

Oliver Riding Club By Max Alexander


e are off to a good start at the club for 2017, as the new committee has taken over and we now have joint presidents in place. They are Paddy Head and Margie Fisher. They have already had a planning meeting with some of the members and will soon be putting out our programme for the year. Keep an eye on our club website (www.oliverridingclub.com). The weather outside is frightful, but our horses are still delightful with glorious winter coats! We are all looking forward to the warmer weather so we can get going with some serious riding. We finished last year with something different for the club as we had a Christmas Dinner rather than a party. We had door prizes and tickets on sale for more gifts with the money raised going to Therapeutic Riding. Annette and I had a lot of fun at the Mane Event as we were tasked with purchasing the gifts for the evening. We were also supported by trainers giving us certificates for free lessons in 2017, a free club membership and donated prizes from club members. The evening was held at Geckoes in Oliver and they provided a good

buffet dinner for all to enjoy. We had a good turnout, too, with 45 people in attendance. It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all. Despite all the planning that went into the evening, the one oversight was that nobody had got hold of a club cheque to pay for the evening! OOPS! Anyway, our new President stepped into the breach and saved the day with her own credit card, duly reimbursed, of course, soon afterwards! Thank you, Paddy! As we now start a new year, we wish all the readers of Saddle Up and all our club members and friends a very enjoyable and successful year and especially success to our new committee: President (joint): Paddy Head and Margie Fisher Vice-President: Trish Anderson Secretary: Carol Lydiatt Treasurer: Trish Osland Membership: Debbie House You will be able to find their contact details on our website (www. oliverridingclub.com) or contact Paddy Head at padhea@gmail.com.

See you in the saddle and remember to always stay inspired by horses. - Max

34 • February 2017


What is the Canadian Pony Club?


e are an organization that focuses on providing an exceptional education in all things equine-related for members age 6-25. We offer a structured program featuring not only opportunities to gain riding skills, but also an entire Stable Management program that advances members from entry beginners all the way through to graduate level. We are also piloting a Horsemasters program for adults, which has been met with great enthusiasm. The BC Lower Mainland has twelve individual branches of CPC, located throughout the region from Vancouver all the way out to Chilliwack. Each club is diverse and seeks to meet the needs of its membership, some with lesson barns, others logging lessons, and still others that are riding clubs with all members owning their mounts and riding in their lessons together in a group setting. What is uniform throughout all branches is the CPC Stable Management program that is offered to our members. Structured similarly to grades in the school system, our members enter the CPC program at an “E” level (entry) and attend lessons focusing both on textbooks and study guides as well as hands-on practical experience. Testing is an optional part of our program, with the majority of members choosing to challenge themselves by participating in branch testing to measure the skills and knowledge that they have acquired throughout their pony club year. Those who meet the CPC standard for that level are advanced upward to the next, with most testing one level per year. We begin with E, then advance through the D levels (D, D1, D2) and C levels (C, C1, C2). Successfully passing the C2 level can be likened to achieving a high school diploma in the CPC program. Next are the upper levels – B, B2, A – “university level” education for our

By Tracy Carver

organization, and “A” graduates of our program are not only granted their English Competition Coach certificate and certified to teach, but an A level education is recognized worldwide and provides numerous opportunities for employment in the equine world. What do we teach our members in our Stable Management program? Everything they need to know to successfully look after their mounts. From grooming to nutrition to vet care and emergency first aid, to professionally managing a horse barn, we cover tack care and maintenance, conditioning your horse, conformation and soundness, pasture maintenance, teeth, foot care, and proper horse shoeing. Beginning with the basics, each year builds upon knowledge gained from the previous levels, providing a solid foundation and a wellrounded education to all of our members. Beyond Stable Management, our BCLM region actively promotes safe riding and competition skills, and regionally provides opportunities for our members to try many varied disciplines: dressage, show jump, PPG, and even three phase eventing. Outside of our BCLM regional competitions, there are social rides, clinics, and several schooling shows held by our many branches, all open to our BCLM membership. In addition, for those members who qualify, our region sends numerous competitors to represent us nationally in CPC events held annually across the country every summer. Our members are all ages, all levels, and all seeking fun and friendships with other like-minded horse enthusiasts. Want to find out more about this fantastic organization and how to become involved? Contact Tracy at 778-999-7400 for more information on this exciting organization.

Many of our regional members attending a clinic with Dave Freeze

february 2017


Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association By Mellissa Buckley BAZAAR The Bazaar Team is working hard on our biggest annual fundraiser and community event, March 12th at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley. We have clinicians and demos, kids’ zone, and of course our used tack sale and trade fair! We will once again have JR FM on board for swag and free BBQ! We are always looking for volunteers, and the Bazaar is a huge undertaking, so we would love for you to contact us to pitch in on set up day and/or the day of the event. We have great volunteer draws including Canucks tickets! Contact Melissa Johnson at melissa_44@yahoo.com or Pia Petersen at pia.d.petersen@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer! SHOWS No Bling Spring Fling: Our very successful AQHA/APHA show will once again be held at Thunderbird Show Park, this time April 1st and 2nd. It is 4 judges, so you get more bang for your buck and don’t have to take as many days off work. We will be offering awesome high points and reserves as well as hosting an Open Ranch Pleasure Stake (open to all breeds) again with a minimum of $850 added! So plan on coming out and enjoying a laid back show to start your season and warm up to Vegas! West Coast Summer Classic: We will be having our AQHA 4 judge circuit July 21-23, traditionally

our largest circuit and with the biggest PRIZES. We are also very excited about it being the first year for our LMQHA Stallion Incentive TriChallenge Futurity. Those babies who resulted from our inaugural 2015 auction will have a free entry and those who are by stallions who were nominated in 2015 are eligible! All Novice Show: We don’t have all the details ironed out for this 1-day show with free clinic, but stay tuned to the LMQHA Facebook page and the LMQHA page of BCQHA.com for details to come. LMQHA STALLION INCENTIVE AUCTION Please check on the LMQHA Stallion Incentive Auction Facebook page for 2017 nominated stallions and to bid! If you win the breeding, your baby gets a free entry into the closed futurity! Details and end date to be posted on the LMQHA page of BCQHA.com and also on the Facebook bidding page. VOLUNTEERS We need volunteers to make things run smoothly, please contact Mellissa at mellissa1@hotmail.com if you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association President: Mellissa Buckley, mellissa1@hotmail.com, 604-729-6616 Website: http://bcqha.com/index.php/lmqha Visit our Facebook page

Happy 2017 from Hoof ‘N Boots

By Lauri Meyers

Hoof ‘N Boots is re-branding; we are now Hoof ‘N Boots Young Riders.


oof 'N Boots Young Riders is a child and youth riding club serving Armstrong, Enderby, Sicamous and Salmon Arm. The club’s main focus being on fun and horses. Our emphasis is on becoming better riders in a friendly and relaxed environment. In addition to the educational portion, we are planning riding lessons, trail rides, horse shows and fun days, just to name a few of what is in the works for 2017.  Giving back to our communities and fundraising are very important to the club. Funds raised help to offset costs of the activities for members.  Hoof ‘N Boots is geared to all levels and

36 • February 2017


disciplines of riding, with an age range up to 18 years old. You do not have to have your own horse, but some of the activities would be restricted. Most members are willing to share for some of these events.  Meetings are every month with alternating locations, Facebook will have details. For current information, contacts and event dates, like us on our Facebook page, Hoof ‘N Boots Young Riders. Come join the newest North Okanagan Child/Youth Riding Club.  Coming up we have riding on February 12 and March 5 from 1-3 pm. Hope you’ll join us!

BC Paint Horse Club – Colour Your World – Ride a Paint! By Cathy Glover

A sense of belonging Why join a horse club? This club or any club for that matter? In this day and age, when social media, email and publications like this have displaced once-coveted newsletters that kept members connected, really, why pay for what you now get for free? A google search tells us belonging to a club provides us with a “sense of meaningful existence.” How many horse people do you know say they can’t imagine their lives without their horses? Who can’t relate to that? It’s human nature for people with similar interests to congregate in groups. (Think church, hockey, Facebook …) Breed clubs like ours are often accused of being strictly a show club and in many respects, that’s true. But we shouldn’t apologize for that, and those that don’t show shouldn’t hold that against us. Shows are where horse owners come together to compare their breeding and training programs with each other, and with breed standards. Shows are an important promotional tool for breed clubs and their members! They attract an audience and potential new club Avery Murray and SL Spot Alito Magic members and horse owners, are getting ready for show season. and it’s where members can foster relationships with people who often become friends in and out of the show ring -- arguably the best membership benefit of all! Shows are not only the primary revenue stream for clubs like ours, they also generate financial opportunities for our members and sponsors: trainers, coaches, stallion owners, buyers and sellers all benefit – directly or indirectly – when we promote Paint Horses at our horse shows. Shows are good. They bring members together to organize them and the more you are involved – whether organizing or competing -- the more “fringe” benefits you are going to receive. (A google search says group participation increases self-esteem! They must have been talking about horse people!) Membership has its perks! Pay your dues! But … BC Paint does more than just promote breed shows. As unique as our horses Several years ago, we created a couple of unique programs to provide membership benefits to Paint Horse owners and competitors that can’t or choose not to attend APHA shows. The Open Show and Competition Program provides awesome year end awards to members who compete at their local all breed or discipline specific shows, and the Otter Co-op Free Trophy Program reaches out to clubs and provides them with an award sponsorship for the Paint Horses competing at their events. As a member, you can participate in these programs – or help us

promote them in your communities. That’s an interest we can share. And the information is all available to download from our website. Calling on youth There are so many opportunities out there for young people now. Fewer people living in rural areas means less exposure and access to horses. Dance, hockey, school … all of these things compete with our industry for youth participation and we’ve seen their decline in the show ring. That’s truly a concern for horse clubs like ours – and even the community clubs. We need to support and encourage youth participation in our industry – in and out of the show ring -- so we created a new $500 youth scholarship to be awarded annually. There were no applicants in 2016! If you are finishing high school and are looking at post-secondary education, invest $25 in a youth membership now so you can apply next fall for the 2017 award. The odds are in your favour! Spring Fling We are very excited to announce the very first APHA-approved Paint show in the Pacific Northwest will be in Langley, April 1-2. Once again, we are teaming up with the Lower Mainland QH Association to host the No Bling Spring Fling. It’s a four judge/two day show (NWCC and BC Paint approved) at Thunderbird Show Park. Judges are Todd Bailey, Tanya Green, Jane Bagley and Andrea Simons. Follow “BC Paint Horse Club” on Facebook for updates (we already know there’s an $850 added Ranch Horse Pleasure class) or our website to download the show bill. And if you haven’t been to www.bcphc.com lately, you should take a peek. The website has been updated and all the information and forms you need to reap the most from your BC Paint membership is easy to find and download. Our 2017 membership application is there, and our calendar includes APHA-approved shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alberta. You’ll also find the list of 2016 year end award winners. Before the days get longer and the snow melts, take a personal tour through the website – then support our efforts to promote Paint Horses in BC, pay your dues and be “guilty by association.” We promise: you’ll be in good company!

Chandelier Swingin (RiRi), owned by Dianne Rouse, was the reserve champion Triple Crown Futurity Yearling in Albany in 2016.

BC Paint Horse Club • www.bcphc.com

President & APHA Director: Cathy Glover, cathyglover@telus.net • Past President: Colleen Schellenberg, colleen_doug@shaw.ca

february 2017


The Back Country Horsemen of BC Story By Birgit Stutz, Robson Valley Chapter Photos by Eileen MacDonald

Moose River Project


very year, horseback riders and hikers from around the world travel through the mountains on the Great Divide Trail (GDT). The GDT is a wilderness trail in the Canadian Rockies, which closely follows the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia, crossing the divide no fewer than 30 times. It begins in Waterton Lakes National Park at the Canada-USA border and ends 1,200 kilometres to the north in Kakwa Provincial Park near McBride. The GDT passes through five national parks, seven provincial parks, four wilderness areas, and five forest districts. “Fires made travel very difficult through a large section of the trail within Robson Park, so travellers were challenged, navigating their way with downed burned timber, boggy muskeg, and river crossings,” said Eileen MacDonald, Chair of the Robson Valley Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of BC.

Where is the trail? “Members of the Robson Valley Chapter have been clearing sections of the trail annually and, last year, we put in a bridge and some corduroy. Due to the magnitude of the blow-down though, the work done had only been minimal as needed to allow travel and not a thorough planned effort to open up the old trail.” “The Moose River section in question was subject to a wildfire in 2004,” said Hugo Mulyk, Area Supervisor, Mount Robson Area, BC Parks, Northern Region. “There had been many discussions on how to best tackle the windfall and regeneration issues that developed on the section which was very difficult to access to perform the type of brushing and clearing that it really needed, mainly due to its remote location, about a two-day hike from the access at the Moose River trailhead.” Work had been performed as opportunities occurred, which were infrequent, and so the trail was becoming more overgrown and harder to find in places. This past summer, the Robson Valley Chapter, Mount Robson Provincial Park staff, as well as the Great Divide Trail Association pooled resources and manpower to work on the GDT from August 12 to 20. MacDonald, Brian Wallace, Lester and Jane Blouin, and Ed and Carolyn Duchoslav, all members of the Robson Valley Chapter, eleven

horses and two rangers from Mount Robson Park travelled ahead to set up camp and ferry supplies; three days later, helicopters brought in the remaining crew of volunteers and equipment. “Fourteen kilometres of the trail between the Jasper National Park boundary at Colonel Pass through to the Upright Creek section on the Moose River were brushed, cleared and marked, and the old trail was found and opened up on the east side of the Moose River, thus eliminating two river crossings,” said MacDonald. “Each of the volunteer groups provided skills, tools and equipment that were crucial to the success of the project,” said Mulyk. “The advantage of having horses to be able to pack gear and equipment helped us to achieve far more than we would have been able to otherwise if we would have had to carry everything on our backs. Yellowhead Helicopters was also used to move a few of the volunteers who were not part of the BCHBC, equipment and supplies to and from the project location.” Dave Hockey, president of the GDTA, who worked on the trail along with two other members of the GDTA, said the tri-lateral partnership was a big win-win for everybody. “We always try to work with partners as much as possible,” he said. “We are custodians of the Great Divide Trail. We take care of the trail, building, maintaining and improving it. Our long-term goal is to get eventual protection of the trail.” Hockey said he thoroughly enjoyed working with the horse group. According to Mulyk, not counting the participation of park rangers, there were well over 500 hours committed to this project by the volunteers of the two organizations. “The outcome of this project showed clearly the success possible with these types of collaborations,” said Mulyk. “What was particularly nice was the number of positive comments we received from hikers and horse parties using the trail while we were there. I am constantly amazed by the camaraderie that develops and the accomplishments of these groups of keen, dedicated individuals.” (Article courtesy of The Valley Sentinel, Valemount, BC. Edited for length. Full article can be found on the BCHBC website.)

Volunteers waiting for the helicopter

Back Country Horsemen Provincial Executive • http://bchorsemen.org

President: Brian Wallace, president@bchorsemen.org, 250-569-2324 • Vice President: Mary Huntington, rivergals@telus.net, 250-577-3555 Vice President: Lisa Galanov, lisa@owspower.ca, 250-672-0099 • Vice President: Catherine Davidson, catherinedavidson@telus.net, 250-337-4085 Secretary: Rose Schroeder, milkmaid@shaw.ca, 604-854-1245 • Treasurer: Karen Tanchak, klldt13@hotmail.com - 250-832-1596 Past President: Ybo Plante, farmgirlbc@gmail.com, 250-361-6290

38 • February 2017


BC Rodeo Association

2017 TENTATIVE BCRA SCHEDULE Apr 21-23: Apr 29-30: May 21-22: May 27-28: June 3-4: June 10-11: July 1-2: July 8-9: July 8-9: July 14-16: July 22-23: Aug 5-6: Aug 11-13: Aug 19-20: Aug 19-20: Aug 26-27: Sept 2-4: TBA TBA

27th Annual Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo Vanderhoof Indoor Rodeo Keremeos Elks Rodeo, Keremeos Clinton May Ball Rodeo, Clinton 69th Kispiox Valley Rodeo, Kispiox Princeton Rodeo, Princeton Annual Bella Coola V.R.R. Rodeo Anahim Lake Stampede, Anahim Lake Pritchard Rodeo Quesnel Rodeo Alkali Lake Rodeo Interlakes Rodeo, Roe Lake Chilliwack Fall Fair & Rodeo Redstone Rodeo Prince George Rodeo Smithers Fall Fair & Rodeo North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo, Barriere BCRA Championship Finals Falkland Rodeo

2017 RODEO GUIDE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY The 2017 Rodeo Guide ad contract is on the BCRA website or contact the office at bcrodeoassn@gmail.com if you would like to advertise in this year’s Rodeo Guide.

Check out our website www.rodeobc.com to view our 2017 Sponsor Package for partnership options or contact the BCRA office at 250.457.9997.

Quesnel Rodeo Club presents THE MATT O’FLYNN ROUGH STOCK SCHOOL April 7-9, 2017 at Alex Fraser Park, Quesnel BC Sponsored by MacDonald’s Restaurants & the BCRA Tuition $350.00. Limited space. Register by email lori.joaquin@bcgeu.ca For more information go to rodeobc.com

Chilcotin Award Winners 2016

BC Rodeo Association, Box 71, 2393 Back Valley Road, Cache Creek BC, V0K 1H0 Phone: 250-457-9997 * Fax: 250-457-6265 * bcrodeoassn@gmail.com * www.rodeobc.com Winter Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 2016/2017 BCRA Board of Directors: President: Gord Puhallo 250.394.4034, gdpuhallo@xplornet.com Vice President: Trish Kohorst 250.613.2633, trishkohorst@gmail.com

Directors: Ty Lytton 250.396.7710, tylytton@hotmail.com Aaron Palmer 250.851.6725, showtime_ap@hotmail.com Allison Everett 250.296.4778, allison.everett@sd27.bc.ca Jay Savage 250.421.3712, jay.savage@shaw.ca Matt O’Flynn 250.255.7678, mattoflynnrds@gmail.com

Wade McNolty 250.398.0429, wademcnolty@gmail.com Carl Hyde 250.963.9381, c.rhyde@hotmail.com Ray Jasper 250.991.8391, rjasper@goldcity.net Tom Danyk 250.540.2030, tom.danyk@visionquest.ca Ryan Hume 250.267.1642, ryandh1@icloud.com

february 2017


Clubs & Associations 28 Years of Celebrating Long Ears www.AlbertaDonkeyandMule.com members from across Canada and the US




CanTRA promotes the benefits of Therapeutic Riding across Canada by raising awareness, provided education, and setting national standards for the instructor certification, centre accreditation, and other programs.

ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC. (Region 17) Arabian Clubs in Western Canada, Terry Johnson, terry@weststar.ca. Youth activities/Shows/Stallion Auction/Clinics, www.region17.com 2/18 armstrong enderby riding club  Schooling Shows (Eng/West/Games), Armstrong Fairgrounds, April to Sept. www.armstrongenderbyridingclub.com 5/17 BC CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY, Pres: Tina Knott 250-743-9114, Pleasure, Combined, Recreation from Minis to Drafts, www.bccarriagedriving.com 2/18


Contact: ctra@golden.net • Website: www.cantra.ca

CHILLIWACK RIDING CLUB, Drill Team, Horse Shows (Heritage Qualifiers), Gymkhana, Trail Rides, Clinics, Open Ride, Socials, www.chilliwackridingclub.ca 8/17 Want to enjoy miles of beautiful new trails with your equine partner in BC? Try Endurance Riding! We welcome all levels of riders and all breeds of equines.

Info on clinics and events at www.erabc.com

7/17 6/16

The Equine Foundation of Canada 6/17

BC COMPETITIVE TRAIL RIDERS ASSOC. www.bcctra.ca Pres: Tammy Mercer 250-335-3390, ridingforfreedomranch@shaw.ca 7/17 BC INTERIOR ARABIAN HORSE ASSOC.  Pres: Wally Goertz 250-546-6004 6/17 asmarawg@telus.net, clinics, Recreational riding programs, Awards/Social Activ. BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB Sect’y: Debbie Miyashita 250-804-2928, miyashitadebbie@gmail.com, Meetings, Clinics, Trail Rides, Socials, www.bcimhc.com 12/17 BC LOWER MAINLAND PONY CLUB For horse lovers ages 6-25; Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, PPG & more! Tracy 778-999-7400, bclmponyclub@gmail.com 3/18 BC MINIATURE HORSE CLUB. All mini lovers welcome. President: Vicki Schulz 604-240-3250, www.miniaturehorsesbc.com, Facebook BCMHC. Clinics & Fun Days 3/17 BC PAINT HORSE CLUB www.bcphc.com, APHA & All Breed Show Programs, Scholarship, Trail Riding & Free Award opportunities, cathyglover@telus.net 10/17

BC ranch cutting horse assoc. (Fraser Valley) Janice Reiter 604-381-2245 or Penelope Broad 604-513-5985, www.bcrcha.com 9/17 BC RODEO ASSOC., #5-150B Oliver St, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1L8 250-398-4104 Office, bcrodeoassn@shaw.ca, www.rodeobc.com 8/17 BC SPORTHORSE-SPORTPONY BREEDERS GROUP, Shelley Fraser 604-8578882, Show Secretary: Ulli Dargel 604-421-6681, www.bcsporthorse.com 2/17 Team Cattle Penning is a race against the clock to have 3 riders pen 3 of 30 numbered head of cattle. Each rider is rated to their current abilities and the three riders on a team make up the maximum allowed number for the division they are riding. Example: a 10 Class is made of a 4-rated rider and two 3-rated riders. The herd is on one end of the arena and the foul line is usually 1/3. DON’T BLOW OUT!! YEE HAW!! www.bctpca.net

We are the first charitable organization devoted to equines to be registered by Revenue Canada. Providing funds to veterinary students, veterinary colleges, rescue units and other worthwhile equine causes.

Contact us at www.equinefoundation.ca or call Bob Watson, President 403-378-4323

10/16 11/17 5/16 6/17


Interior cutting horse association www.ichacutting.com New cutters always welcome. Lee Poncelet 250-938-2034 4/17 KELOWNA RIDING CLUB, www.kelownaridingclub.com contact and event info. Daily drop-in rates & facility rentals open to all. 3745 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC. 11/17 LANGLEY RIDERS SOCIETY, www.langleyriders.com. English/Western, Games, Jumping, Drill Team, Rodeo. 604-530-5981 6/17 LOWER MAINLAND QUARTER HORSE ASSOC. Pres: Mellissa Buckley, mellissa1@hotmail.com, http://bcqha.com/index.php/LMQHA 8/17



BC WELSH PONY & COB ASSOC., www.facebook.com/bcwelshponyandcob, Newsletter & website to market Ponies/Cobs! Kathy 250-456-7462 5/17 BURNABY HORSEMEN’S ASSOCIATION, (Burnaby BC), Self-Boarding Barns, Riding Rings, Trails, Clinics, Lessons, Open Houses, www.burnabyhorsemensassociation.com 3/17

North OK therapeutic riding assoc. 250-549-0105 www.notra.info Providing therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with disabilities 4/17 OKANAGAN MINIATURE HORSE CLUB (Vernon) Shows, Clinics, Fun Days, Inhand/Driving. Ally 250-542-6739, Allylebel@hotmail.com. Join us on Facebook 5/17 OLIVER RIDING CLUB Pres: Paddy Head, padhea@gmail.com, 250-495-4334, Eng & West Shows/Events & Social Riding, www.oliverridingclub.com 2/18

100 Mile & District Outriders

6/17 5/16

Promoting equine activities and knowledge in the south Cariboo with Shows, Clinics, Gymkhanas and more. 12/17

40 • February 2017


President: Denise Little E-mail: littlecountry@bcinternet.net www.100mileoutriders.com

Clubs & Associations PACIFIC ASSOC. OF THE ANDALUSIAN & LUSITANO HORSE (PAALH) www.paalh.com; paalhinfo@gmail.com; 250-992-1168 4/17 PEACHLAND RIDING CLUB, Pres: Kristy Forsyth. Visit www.peachlandridingclub. com for information about our Gymkhanas dates and other fun events! 2/18


Peruvian Horse Club of BC

Visit our website www.phcbc.ca for upcoming events, trail rides, clinics & additional contact information. We welcome everyone from the recreational rider to the serious show rider. 4/17 President: Rob Sjodin 250-833-1188 • 4beat@telus.net

Overnight it or Stay in Revelstoke BC



SOUTH CENTRAL QUARTER HORSE ASSOC., Host of April Fuzzy Horse Show and September AQHA Circuit Show, http://bcqha.com/index.php/scqha 7/17 VERNON DISTRICT RIDING CLUB, www.vernonridingclub.com, 250-540-7344 Shows, Clinics, Pony Club, Facility Rental. “Come Ride With Us!” 7/17 WESTERN CANADIAN REINING ASSOC. Amber 250-392-6402 wcrareining@gmail.com, www.wcra.info 6/17

What’s Happening? Let’s Go! 2017 Events?? Let us know – this is a FREE service for non-profit events. REQUIRED FORMAT FOR EACH DATE: Jan 1-3 OPEN HORSE SHOW, Smith Arena, Smithsville, BC, John 604-123-4567 johnsmith@smith.net, www.smithshow.com


(Saturdays) CATTLE SORTING CLINIC (1 pm), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320 7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (Sundays) CATTLE SORTING (12 noon), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320-7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (ongoing) CAVALIA – ODYSSEO runs almost daily in Vancouver BC, dates and tickets at www.cavalia.net 18 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB AGM, Anchor Inn Pub 11:30 am, Armstrong BC, See more on FB page or e-mail bcinteriormorganclub@gmail.com 15-21 SADDLE FITTING SESSIONS w/Karen Jackson & Jenelle Motz, Vancouver area & Vancouver Island, Colleen 800-225-2242 x 31, Colleen@schleese.com 17 ANIMAL OWNERS RIGHTS TO HEALTH CARE IN BC, 6:30 pm, Reg’l Library Rutland, #20–310 Hwy 33 West, Kelowna BC, westkootpetowners@gmail.com 18 ANIMAL OWNERS RIGHTS TO HEALTH CARE IN BC, 1-3 pm, Vernon Museum, 3009-32 Ave, Vernon BC, westkootpetowners@gmail.com 18 ANIMAL OWNERS RIGHTS TO HEALTH CARE IN BC, 6:30 pm, The Desert Garden, 540 Seymour St, Kamloops BC, westkootpetowners@gmail.com 18 BC INTERIOR MORGAN HORSE CLUB AGM, Anchor Inn Pub 11:30 am, Armstrong BC, more on club FB page or e-mail bcinteriormorganclub@gmail.com 25-26 5TH ANNUAL PET LOVER SHOW, Tradex, Abbotsford BC, www.petlovershow.ca


(Saturdays) CATTLE SORTING CLINIC (1 pm), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320 7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (Sundays) CATTLE SORTING (12 noon), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320-7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (ongoing) CAVALIA – ODYSSEO runs almost daily in Vancouver BC, dates and tickets at www.cavalia.net 4 TACK SALE (10am-2pm), hosted by BC Interior Morgan Horse Club, Enderby Drill Hall, Enderby BC, info Nancy 250-546-9922 10-12 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE CLINIC w/Isla Adderson, (private clinic) Calgary AB, www.forthehorse.com 17-19 STEVE ROTHER HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC, Blackstock’s arena, Chilliwack BC, Karin 604-793-8147, karinsmith@shaw.ca, EDMONTON AB, Learn equine massage therapy – Certification Course, Sidonia 25-31 McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca


(Saturdays) CATTLE SORTING CLINIC (1 pm), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320- 7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (Sundays) CATTLE SORTING (12 noon), Brandt Ranch, Pritchard BC, Stan 250-320-7784 or Jeanette 250-319-6367 (tba) SCHOOL OF LEGERETE CLINIC w/Isla Adderson, Whitehorse YK, Angela angelajre@gmail.com, www.forthehorse.com (tba) WESTERN DRESSAGE/CLASSICAL DRESSAGE w/Paul Dufresne, Training For Courage Center, Kelowna BC, tfcpauldufresne@gmail.com, Paul 250-317-7725 3-May 12 KAMLOOPS BC, Advanced 6 week Advanced Equine Massage Therapy Certification Course, Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT, www.equinerehab.ca 8 LANGLEY RIDERS GAMES DAY, LRS Arena, 4303-208th Street, Langley BC, Ngaire 778-277-0015, www.langleyriders.com 19-21 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE w/Melanie Bulmahn, Open Clinic, Chase BC, www.forthehorse.com 21-23 THE MANE EVENT, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB, 1-844-578-7518, www.maneeventexpo.com 21-23 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE CLINIC w/Isla Adderson, (private clinic) Calgary AB, www.forthehorse.com 22-25 SCHOOL OF LEGERETE w/Melanie Bulmahn, Teacher’s Course, Chase BC, www.forthehorse.com 27-28 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Stage 1 Clinic), Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494, anika.gattiker@outlook.com 29 POKER RIDE FOR PROSTATES, Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer, Christian Valley, Westbridge BC, Ashley: 250-446-2552, ashleyspring@live.com 29-30 NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP w/Glenn Stewart (Workshop Clinic), Smithers BC, Anika 250-846-5494, anika.gattiker@outlook.com 30 LANGLEY RIDERS OPEN ENGLISH & WESTERN SHOW, LRS Arena, 4303- 208th Street, Langley BC, Becky 778-989-4624, www.langleyriders.com

Do you have your 2017 dates booked yet?

Send them in (required format only, as above) – our readers want to know! february 2017


Business Services ACCOMMODATIONS

EQUINE HEALTH EQUINE WELLNESS & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT (Interior BC & online) 250.368.2002 www.littleoasisequine.com Products and support for equine digestive health. 4/17

Ask for Chilliwack Heritage Park rate LSPECI East of Heritage Park at mall & restaurants

FREE Comfort Sunshine Breakfast 604-858-0636 or 1-800-228-5150 www.choicehotels.ca/cn235 • Chilliwack, BC 6/17 4/15 FREE Breakfast Buffet

1.800.661.1657 | 403.346.8841 fd@baymont.ca

4311 - 49th Ave., Red Deer, AB

4/17 3/16


arena maintenance



BEDDING, HOG FUEL, SHAVINGS David Beerstra Trucking, (Okanagan) 250-549-0324 12/17 Horse Shavings, Hog Fuel & Bark Mulch ED BASTAC (South Okanagan/Similkameen) 250-770-0214, Animal Bedding, Dry sterile Pine shavings, 55-120 cu. yd. loads delivered. 12/17 WWW.REIMERSFARMSERVICE.COM (BC Interior) 1-855-737-0110 or 250-260-0110. Bulk & Bagged Shavings, 4x4x4 Totes, Sawdust, Bark Mulch 8/17

Stiffness? Joint Issues? New to Canada science-based nutraceutical amazing for horses & dogs. Jackie 250-938-3868, jacevnz@gmail.com 5/17



DREAMSCAPE RANCH (Kamloops) 250-372-2928 and Bed & Bales. Horse Heaven for final years. Rehab available. www.dreamscaperanch.com 12/17

www.dynamicbalanceequestrian.ca     Certified Equine Therapist: Structural Alignment and Massage Certified Equine Thermographer: Interpreted Imaging Certified Coaching: CHA English and Western All Breed - All Discipline

Chiropractic DR. DANA BLOOMQUIST, D.C., B.Kin (Surrey/South Surrey), www.legacieshealthcentre.ca, dana@legacieshealthcentre.ca, 604-591-5569


Travels BC and AB – Call 604-992-7945  


DEAD STOCK REMOVAL THE BLUE GOOSE CATTLE CO. (Okanagan/Shuswap) 250-838-2250, Providing prompt dead stock removal service when the decision has to be made. 11/17




 Trail Riding/Packing/Training Clinic & Complete Guides Program    Great Horses - Excellent Price - Certificate - Employment Opportunity

              www.bcoutfitter.com              1-250-569-7575



Ph: 250.238.2274 • Fx: 250.238.2241 • www.chilcotinholidays.com

SHUKANAGAN EQUINE DENTISTRY SERVICE (Interior of BC) since 2003. Owned/Operated by Lennie Thurgood, DVM, 250-832-2084 9/17






CHILLIWACK 1-877-847-3735

farm & ranch supplies | pet food | bagged feed | tack & clothing 12/17

42 • February 2017




Business Services FARRIERS & SUPPLIES





Bayco : Complete Electric Systems : HorseRail products No-Climb & Diamond Mesh 30 years Serving the Horse Industry

www.ferrisfencing.com / info@ferrisfencing.com / 1-800-665-3307




GUEST RANCHES WWW.GRAHAMDUNDENRANCH.COM (Green Lake BC) 250-395-0756 Recreation in the Saddle (your horse or ours). Miles of trails. 6/17 wWW.MEADOWSPRINGS.COM (70 Mile House near Green Lake) 250-4562425 Rental cabins, working ranch, BYO horse - endless riding. 6/17


Proudly serving the Farrier & Equine Industry since 1982. Ph: 1-877-585-5152 • email: hoofnail@hoofnail.com #3, 343 Forge Rd. SE, Calgary, AB • www.hoofnail.com

We protect what we love.


Your partner for Equine, Farm & Liability Insurance


Get coverage today l 1-800-670-1877 l agri@capri.ca l www.capri.ca


PROFARRIERSUPPLY.COM FOR ALL YOUR HORSESHOEING NEEDS. 1.800.563.7862 • info@profarriersupply.com






Get the


Alfalfa Cubes & Timothy-Alfalfa Cubes LOW IN STARCH & SUGAR! For a Distributor near you call 1-877-253-2832 www.alfatec.ca email: info@alfatec.ca


ASHCROFT IRLY BLDG CENTRE (Ashcroft) 250-453-2281 Otter Coop Dealer and Pet Foods, www.ashcroftirly.com 6/17 31852 Marshall Place NEW LOCATION 5410 Trans Canada Hwy. 103-1889 Springfield Road. 1-1227 Island Hwy. S. 587 Alberni Hwy. 1970 Keating Cross Rd. 1771 10th Ave. SW 2565 Main Street


Sandy Chevallier

556-7477 748-8171 860-2346 753-4221 248-3243 652-9188 832-8424 768-8870

Listing & Selling Equine and Residential Properties in the Central Okanagan Cell: 250-718-2761 or Chevy@royallepage.ca


COUNTRY CORNER SUPPLIES (Summerland BC) 250-494-3063 Proform Dealer, Farm & Pet Food Supplies, Farm Gates & Fencing 7.17

FEncing Gates, Panels, Feeders, Continuous FenCe deer & Farm FenCe installations

Custom built and installed to your needs

GRK Fasteners Dealer * Customized Bale Spikes * Custom Welding * Horse Trailer Repairs *Serving BC/AB/WA for over 10 years

Alan Cossentine, Oliver, BC • 250-490-5662 alc@cffence.com • www.cffence.com


5th of each month



RIBBONS & ROSETTES OKANAGAN RIBBONS, 1-888-545-7647 The best source for all your event and award ribbons! www.ribbonsonline.net, ribbons@xplornet.com 7/17

SADDLEMAKERS & REPAIRS CARIBOO SADDLERY (Williams Lake) Mark Denny 250-392-3735 Over 30 years of Custom Saddles and Leather Repairs 11/17 GARRY’S SADDLE SHOP (Grand Forks BC) 250-584-4654 Custom Saddles, Tack, Chaps, Scabbards, Holsters. 6/17 R&E SADDLE & TACK REPAIR LTD. (Aldergrove) 604-856-2350 3/17 Horse Blanket, Eng/West Tack Repairs, Custom Work, randesaddle@telus.net february 2017




Book your personal 80-point saddle fit evaluation. A MA AD






ALICIA HARPER of Hylee Training, EC Comp. Coach/Trainer. Specializing in Hunters available for training, lessons/clinics, www.hyleetraining.com 9/17 BIRGIT STUTZ, Irwin Insights Master Level 4 Cert. Trainer, www.fallingstarranch. ca, Training/lessons/clinics/student programs, Dunster BC, 250-968-6801 5/17 CARLWOODSPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM (Kelowna) 250-808-1486, Pleasure, Reining, Roping, Cowhorse, Colts Started, Farrier Service, 10/17 CHRISTA MIREMADI HORSEMANSHIP (Aldergrove) 604-856-2967 Training. 2/18 Problem Solving, Starting, Lessons, Clinics. www.horsemanshipfromtheheart.com CINDY KIRSCHMAN (Okanagan) 250-547-9277, Cert. Chris Irwin Coach/Trainer, CHA Instructor, Clinics/Lessons/Boarding, quarterspotranch@shaw.ca 4/17

TACK/CLOTHING SHOPS ALL ‘Round Outfitters for Horse & Hunter, (Oliver, BC) 250-498-4324 Located in Sears in the Oliver Place Mall 5/17 DIAMOND H TACK INC. (Kelowna BC) 877-762-5631 English & Western Saddlery, Clothes, Farrier, Feed, Blanket & Leather Repairs 5/17

EC Ventures


778-257-5207 • ecballventures@gmail.com

Building Trust, Respect & Confidence


Used for training purposes to encourage a horse’s curiosity & play-drive


Equi-Orb 100 cm Diameter

High Quality Burst Proof

WWW.THETRADINGPOSTFEEDANDTACK.COM (Nanaimo) 250-245-2115 English/Western Tack & Apparel, Feeds & Hay, Portable Fencing 12/17

TRAILER REPairs PETERSEN TRAILERS LTD. (Langley) 604-533-4209 Service and Repairs. All makes. www.petersentrailers.ca 2/17 TRANS NATIONAL TRAILER INC. (Vernon) 250-308-8980 Fax: 250-542-5373 RV’s to Horse Trailers. Your Trailer Parts Superstore! 4/17 ALUMINUM • STEEL • STAINLESS Jump Standards • Tack Boxes Repairs & Modifications Custom Stalls • Gates 5/17

TRAILER SAles CUMMINGS TRAILER SALES & RENTALS (Abbotsford) 1-877-856-1988 Horse, Stock, Flatdeck, Utility, Dump, Cargo and Pre-owned, www.cummings.ca 7/17 Bassano, alBerta

Wilson, sundoWner, norbert and Maverick trailer dealer large selection of horse and stock trailers

1-888-641-4508 • www.desertsales.ca

12/17 11/16

KITT EQUIPMENT TRAILER SALES, (Chilliwack & Aldergrove), 1-877-823-7199, Horse ~ Stock ~ Utility ~ Dump ~ Flatdecks, Kittequipment.com 11/17 REIMER RANCHING SUPPLIES (Vanderhoof BC) 250-567-8590 Dealers for Exiss/Sooner, Maverick, Royal T, Charmac Trailers, wwwreimerranching.com 6/17 11/17

44 • February 2017




Where Your Equine Adventure Begins

250-808-0738 (Kelowna BC) See Damarhe Training on FB


DRESSAGE WITH LIGHTNESS (Clinton BC), www.frenchclassicaldressage.ca Lessons, Clinics, Horse Training, Catherine Clinckemaillie 250-459-7772 6/17 5/17

International Clinician and Horseman 1-877-728-8987 www.thehorseranch.com

7/17 6/16


250-540-4527 • VERNON BC


Western & Dressage Coach, Mountain Trail Course Designer. Clinics/private sessions in mountain & standard trail, ground work, round corral, ponying, desensitizing, balanced riding on/off site. Confidence building through patience & respect. RSTER FEcoaching Join us at our indoor/outdoor trail course.

JONATHAN FIELD HORSEMANSHIP - Inspired by Horses® www.JonathanField.net, 1-888-533-4353 6/17 LEE PONCELET TRAINING STABLEs (Vernon, BC) 250-938-2034 Starting Colts. Training all levels. Specializing in Cutting/Cowhorse. www.lpperformancehorses.com 3/17 LISA WIEBEN (Bowden AB) www.mountainviewtrainingstables.com, Clinics, Training, Lessons, Centered Riding/Western & English Dressage 2/17 MARION WEISSKOPFF (Princeton BC) 250-295-4329, Clinics throughout BC, Classical & Cowboy Dressage, Mountain Trail & Driving, www.mwsporthorses.com 4/17 ROPERFORMANCEHORSES.CA (Vanderhoof BC) 250-567-8685 Training Performance & All Around Horses, Clinics & Lessons 2/17 SANDY LANG HORSEMANSHIP (Abbotsford BC) 604-850-1243 Foundation Specialist, Natural Horsemanship, www.sandylang.ca 4/17 TRANQUILLEFARMS.COM (Okanagan) Lorraine Andres. Rehabilitation Centre, Liveblood.org, Blood Analysis (people/horses). All disciplines 250-999-5090 3/17

your listing should be here Call Nancy 1-866-546-9922

Business Services VETERINARIANS ACCORD VETERINARY SERVICES ACCORD VETERINARY SERVICES (Kamloops & area) 250-314-6566. Dr. Marlin Mason, Mobile Equine/Bovine Vet Services, 6/17 ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL (Williams Lake 250-392-5510) (Quesnel 250-747-3053) Drs. Magnowski, Scheidt, Thompson, Jordan 11/17 DAWSON CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC 250-782-1080. Equine Reproduction, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and more. www.dcvet.ca 8/17 HERMEN GEERTSEMA EQUINE SERVICES “Striving for excellence in Veterinary care.” 604-857-5432 or 1-888-858-5432, www.geertsema.ca 6/17 interior veterinary health services (S & Central OK) 250-769-4217, Mobile Equine, Brytann Youngberg DVM, COAC Cert. Vet. Chiropractor 4/17 KAMLOOPS LARGE ANIMAL VET Clinic 250-374-1486 Drs Jennifer Jackson, Jason McGillivray, Colin Mikkelsen, Robert Mulligan, Heather Pedersen 2/18 OKANAGAN EQUINE VET, (Kelowna) 250-764-9888 Sheila McDonald DVM & Grant Scott DVM, Dipl., ACVS, Board Cert. Equine Surgeon. 8/17 PANORAMA VETERINARY, (Kelowna/Winfield) 250-861-1099 Drs. Alex Wales, Susan Wales and Jessica Wales 4/17 SHUSWAP VETERINARY CLINIC, (Salmon Arm) 250-832-6069, Large and small animal vets, on-call 24/7 for emergencies, www.shuswapvet.com 7/17 THREE VALLEYS VET SERVICES (BC’s Southern Interior) Dr. David Ward Full equipped equine/bovine mobile, 250-497-6127 or 250-809-8807 3/17

year-round listings starting at $ 250 per year! Stallions & Breeders

Appaloosacentre.com 250-963-9779 Real Appaloosas for Today and the Future! 5/17 DOUBLE DIAMOND CANADIANS (Enderby BC) 250-838-0908 12/17 SS: DD Pacha Ulixes, Bay, 15HH, Henryville/Viger lines, www.canadianhorse.info FAIRVIEW ARABIAN STUD (Okanagan Falls) 250-497-6127 SS: World Class Crabbet Bloodlines, www.fairviewarabianstud.com 3/17 Old Baldy Ranch (Dawson Creek) 250-843-7337 12/17 SS: Breeding AQHA/NFQH Grullo & Blue Roan, www.northernhorse.com/oldbaldy ROPERFORMANCEHORSES.CA (Vanderhoof BC) 250-567-8685 SS: Breeding Quality AQHA & APHA Performance Horses 2/17

SKYLINE STABLES (Williams Lake BC) 250-392-3649, hannahgarden@hotmail.com SS: Home of the Leopard Stallions, Sign Of Freckles & Im’a Cool Kisser 2/17 SUNSET VIEW RANCH (West Kelowna BC) 250-707-7271. Top Performance AQHA/APHA bloodlines, Breeding & Sales. SS: Dunit Canadian Style. 10/17 TURNING POINT RANCH (Pritchard BC) 250-577-3526, see us on FB SS: Arabians & APHA, Breeding, Sales, Boarding, horses@turningpointranch.ca 2/17 TWIN ACRES FARM (70 Mile House BC) 250 456 7462. Welsh Ponies, Welsh Pembroke & Welsh Cardigan Corgis, twinacresfarm@xplornet.ca, www.twinacresfarm.net 2/17 WILDWOOD RANCHES Reg’d Quarter Horses (OK Falls, BC) 250-497-8452 SS: Standing an own son of Frenchmans Guy. www.wildwoodranches.org 2/18

Breeders, g your listin should be here!

february 2017


On The Market (Private Sale)

Breeding old style Foundation Quarter Horses with:

JAZ POCO SILVERADO AQHA Silver Grullo NFQH 100% AQHA ROM REINING and LBJ SIERRAS BLUE TE AQHA Blue Roan Limited Prospects available



The Peruvian Horse

Private sale photo ads Only $60

The smoothest riding horse in the world! For Pleasure, Trail, Show, Work... Discover the versatile Peruvian Horse at PHAC.ca!

Visit PHAC.ca for more Information on this Incredible Breed! 3/17



Rural Roots


Situated in a community of horse farms. The property backs onto crown land and is close to lots of riding trails. It has a newer barn with 6 stalls, plenty of hay storage, and heated automatic waterers. About half the property contains several fenced flat pastures. The 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home was built in 2000. Access is located just off the Falkland Chase Road. Only 40 min to Vernon and 40 min to Kamloops. You will not be disappointed! 3919 Maddox Road, Falkland BC $500,000 MLS® 10116177

MARK KAYBAN 250-826-4920 MARKMOVES@SHAW.CA Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty www.markmoves.ca

46 • February 2017



your ad could be here

Only $85

Shop & Swap !


604 856 1988 • 1 877 856 1988 www.cummings.ca


Leather & Stitches

Custom Made Chaps Any Style Saddle, Tack & Blanket Repairs Top Quality Australian Saddles The Leather Lady Sherri DeBoer • 250-838-0778 email: deboersherri2@gmail.com Hwy 97, Grindrod, BC Open Mon - Sat 9-6 pm 6/17

29571 Fraser Hwy., Abbotsford, BC 12/17

3455 Pleasant Valley Rd., Armstrong www.deepcreekgeneralstore.com

free If it’s FREE, we print for FREE FREE TO A GOOD HOME – 4 yr old registered black & white Paint gelding, 15.1HH. Loves liberty work, agility, and in-hand trail. Not rideable due to stifle problems. Can haul to the mainland. 250-951-5443, dorothydeets2004@gmail.com (Nanoose Bay/Vanc. Island)

HORSE BLANKET LAUNDRY & REPAIRS HORSE BLANKET & SADDLE PAD WASHING & Repairs. Clean used Blankets for sale. Town Centre Dry Cleaners, Town Centre Mall. 250-546-0104 (Armstrong BC) 2/17

75-80 lb Tight Square Bales No Rain, No Mold, No Waste, No Disappointment Grapple available to load

Clapperton Ranch

7620 Hwy 8 Off Hwy 1 near Spences Bridge, BC 250-315-2447





Quality Interior Low Sugar - Always Lab Tested

Pleasant Valley Trailer Sales Ltd

NEW & USED TACK ~ Harness ~ Farrier Supplies ~ Horse/Pet Supplies & Feeds ~ Sure Crop Feed Dealer Deep Creek General Store




7 3,


www.pvtrailers.ca 7885 Highway 97, Vernon, BC

1-250-545-2000 100% Natural Organic 60 Minerals ~ 12 Vitamins ~ 21 Amino Acids Premium Quality Pure Kelp Supplements For All Your Farm Animals & Pets

info@pleasantvalleytrailers.com 2/17

WWW.ULTRA-KELP .COM • TOLL FREE 1-888-357-0011

Your ad could be here Starting at $60 per month (discounts on multiple Issues)

wanted WANTED: 2-3 year old horses/ponies. Unstarted colts or geldings. Reasonable prices paid for reasonable mind and conformation. Contact Geoff Kidd at luckylizzylk@gmail.com or 250-652-0153 (Saanichton BC)

Ad deadline 5th of each month

Photo by Rein - Beau Images february 2017


48 â&#x20AC;¢ February 2017


Profile for Saddle Up magazine



Profile for saddleup

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