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L to R: Vern Kimball, Chief Executive Oficer, Michael Casey, President and Chairman of the Board

The Calgary Stampede brings Canadians and the world together to showcase the best of what our country can be. This year marked the 99th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede; as we approach our Centennial and look forward to the next 100 years, the excitement among shareholders, volunteers, employees, community members and other members of the Stampede family is palpable. The successes of 2011 have prepared us to deliver in the Centennial year and beyond. We should all be proud of what we accomplished in 2011.

The volunteers and employees of the Calgary Stampede once again came together to put on The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This year was truly our best year yet. We kicked it off in grand style with the help of Will and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who oficially started our 2011 Parade. We had a record number of people lining the Parade route. Also joining in were throngs of international media – all with their cameras pointed squarely at us! We did not disappoint. The feedback we received and the media coverage we generated was outstanding, reaching audiences in Australia, China and Europe to mention a few. We were honoured to have respected humanitarian and Canadian icon Rick Hansen as our 2011 Calgary Stampede Parade Marshal. Rick has dedicated his life to helping others and inspiring Canadians to come together to do the same. He is one of Canada’s most recognized and respected ambassadors, admired worldwide as a symbol of perseverance and hard work. We also introduced Cattle Trail this year - the irst program of its kind in the world. Stampede guests followed the path of beef cattle from “pasture to plate” to learn the latest in breeding, feeding technology, transportation and beef production.



We found new ways to come together with technology this year. Visitors to the Stampede could send a text message to receive Stampede suggestions, announcements and recommendations. The Calgary Stampede iPhone app linked to the online planner this year and included a feature to buy tickets directly.

We continue to develop Stampede Park as a year-round gathering place for Calgarians to be entertained, educated and engaged. We made great strides with our Park redevelopment plans, which include the construction of Riverfront Park, Youth Campus and new and improved agriculture facilities. Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and our sponsors, we’ve begun giving the Agriculture Building a facelift and renovating its interior. For 100 years, the Agriculture Building location has served to connect rural and urban communities. This project ensures agriculture remains at the heart of Calgary and Southern Alberta for the next 100 years. As part of our Riverfront Park development, we moved our Park and Facilities Services operation to a new building in Manchester. Moving these services was the irst step in the development of Riverfront Park. Additional construction activities that were completed in 2011 include: • Widening the public walkway between the Scotiabank Saddledome and the Agriculture Building; • Creating more exhibit space behind the Agriculture Building by eliminating the seven furlong chute from the racetrack; • Creating a runway for the TransAlta stage at the south end of the Grandstand; • Creating a new entry to the Park at McDonald Bridge. The Stampede also acquired 20 acres in Ramsay that will provide vital support space for future operations. Thanks to the popularity of BMO Centre, Stampede Park hosts nearly 1,000 events every year, and the year-round activities of the Calgary Stampede generate more than $350 million in economic beneit for Albertans. We announced a new management contract with Penny Lane Entertainment Group to re-brand Stampede Casino as “Cowboys Casino.” This a terriic opportunity to strengthen an emerging and exciting entertainment area in the Beltline and spark additional growth of the entertainment options adjacent to our planned Stampede Trail project.

Animals are a big part of our culture. This year marked an important milestone for our Rodeo and bucking stock – the 50th anniversary of the Stampede Ranch. We are justiiably proud of our “Born to Buck” breeding program that has, over the years, developed many Canadian and world champions. The Stampede Ranch, located just outside Hanna, Alberta, started in 1961 with just 50 mares. Initially developed to guarantee a high standard of quality bucking stock for the Stampede Rodeo, today the Ranch is one of the leading bucking stock producers in the world.


We introduced seven major animal care initiatives this year in one of the most comprehensive programs in North America. Temple Grandin, a recognized authority on animal behavior, visited us during the 10-day Stampede. We gave her unlimited access to observe our animal handling practices and she provided us with positive feedback about what we are doing.

Our educational programs bring out the greatest in our youth. The Calgary Stampede, along with the Calgary Stampede Foundation, invests more than $2 million into 12 youth programs each year. We are extremely proud of our programs such as Stampede School where students from grades three to 12 learn from a variety of experts like a professional horse trainer, members of the Treaty 7 First Nations, cowboys and western artists. Stampede School books up months in advance and over 6,000 students have learned western heritage and values through our programs. Portions of the Calgary Stampede Showband, our world-renowned marching band, concert band and choir, competed in Winter Guard International’s regional competition in Phoenix. They did extremely well, capturing a irst and third place inish. The Showband program is designed to develop youth within the performance arts to achieve musical, performance and personal excellence. In May, we were proud to once again host 4-H on Parade, Canada’s largest 4-H event. 4-H on Parade is the culmination of a year’s worth of time and effort put into a variety of projects by Calgary-area youth. More than 500 4-H members participated in this year’s event representing more than 40 clubs.

We preserve and promote western heritage and values. We strengthened our efforts to help new Calgarians embrace and celebrate our values with an extensive community engagement program. We also shared our love of horses with Calgarians by placing the “Do Re Me Fa Sol La Si Do” sculpture in front of the Calgary Courthouse. 2011 has been a good year inancially. More importantly, we have delivered on our promise of keeping western heritage and values alive and have created a great platform for our Centennial and future years. We want to offer our sincere thank you to the 2,200 volunteers and 1,200 year-round employees for your commitment and hard work in 2011. Together, your efforts make Calgary a better city. Thank you for making a difference. We have a remarkable future ahead.

Vern Kimball, Chief Executive Oficer

Michael Casey, President and Chairman of the Board



Abbott, Andrew SA, SH Abbott, Fred ALM, SH Abercrombie, Hart ALM, SH Abercrombie, Linda HLD, SH Aberdeen, Linda V Aberle, Floyd SA, SH Aberle, Phyllis A, SH Abrams, Brian SA, SH Abrams, Edie ALM, SH Abrams, Karen V Acteson, Henry ALM Adam, Craig V Adams, Carolyn ALM, SH Adams, David A Adams, Don ALM, SH Adams, Rosanne ALM, SH Adamson, Marian ALM Adams-Wood, Alice SA, SH Addley, Cy SA Adolf, Elizabeth SA, SH Agar, Gordon SA, SH Ahloy, James SA, SH Aiello, Vince A, SH Aiken, Darren V Airth, Bob ALM Aker, Audrey SA, SH Aker, Eric SA, SH Albi, Frank A Albright, Robin V Aldred, Glen ALM, SH Aldred, Ross ALM Alexander, Greg SA, SH Alexander, Jean ALM, SH Alexander, June ALM, SH Alexander, Percy ALM Alexander, Wes ALM, SH Algate, Betty SA, SH


Associate Alumnus President and Chairman Director Honorary Life Director Immediate Past President Life Member Past President Senior Associate Shareholder Vice-Chair Volunteer

Allan, Steve PP, SH Allan, Toby A Allen, Fred HLD, PP Allen, Graham V Allen, Ray ALM Allery, Dan A Allery, Dave SA, SH Allison, Cathy SA, SH Allison, Glenn SA, SH Ambrose, Ashley SA, SH Ambrose, Mark SA, SH Amery, Hiesem SA, SH Amthor, Carla SA, SH Amthor, Joan SA, SH Andersen, Donna SA, SH Anderson, Ardith A Anderson, Bill ALM Anderson, Blake ALM, SH Anderson, Bob V Anderson, Fran ALM Anderson, Frances SA, SH Anderson, Frank SA, SH Anderson, Guy SA, SH Anderson, John SA, SH Anderson, Julie ALM Anderson, Kristy V Anderson, Leigh SA, SH Anderson, Marilyn SA, SH Anderson, Matthew V Anderson, Maurey SA Anderson, Raelyn V Anderson, Ron SA, SH Andrews, Brad V Andrews, Marci V Andrews, Tonalee V Angus, Ian LM, SH Ansloos, Norma SA, SH Appleton, Stanley LM, SH Archer, Fred ALM Archibald, Alan SA, SH Archibald, Catharine SA, SH Armstrong, Art ALM, SH Armstrong, Cathy ALM, SH Armstrong, Doug SA, SH Armstrong, Fletcher SA, SH Armstrong, Jack SA, SH Armstrong, Melinda SA, SH Armstrong, Tanya ALM, SH Arnold, Bob LM, SH Arnold, John SA, SH Arthurs, Derek SA, SH Arthurs, Ric SA, SH Arthurs, Robin LM, SH Artus, Joanne A Ashbacher, Erin A Ashbacher, Wendy SA, SH Atchison, Bill ALM, SH Atkins, Gordon SA, SH

Austen, Keath SA, SH Austin, Cynthia SA, SH Austin, Kimberly SA Avey, Noreen SA, SH Ayer, Andrea ALM Aylesworth, Ken ALM, SH Aylesworth, Tracy SA, SH Ayoungman, Angeline SA, SH Ayre, Gary SA, SH Ayre, Nate SA, SH Babanin, Paul V Bacon, Keith SA, SH Bacon, Stephen ALM, SH Bacon, Terry ALM, SH Bader, M.L. A, SH Badzgon, Jessica SA Baerg, Wendell V Bagby, Robyn SA, SH Bagg, Peter V Bailey, David A Bailey, Diane SA Bailey, Eleanor HLD, SH Bailey, Jim SA Bailey, Linda SA, SH Bailey, Terry SA, SH Baillie, Brooke SA Baillod, Brad SA, SH Bain, Jennifer A Baker, Fred LM, SH Baker, Owen ALM, SH Baker Jr., Barry A, SH Bakken, Linda SA, SH Baldick, Karon SA, SH Baldick, Stephen ALM, SH Ball, Bev LM, SH Ball, Clara V Ballantine, Jane SA, SH Bamford, Bruce SA, SH Bamford, Kate SA, SH Bannatyne, David A, SH Baranieski, Hugh SA, SH Baranieski, Linda SA, SH Barby, Jim ALM, SH Barfuss, Milo ALM Barge, Ron SA, SH Barker, Jay SA, SH Barker, Pam SA, SH Barkley, Blair V Barlass, Lesley ALM, SH Barlow, Happy ALM Barnes, Leigh-Anna SA, SH Barrett, Lana A Barrett, Marion SA, SH Barrington, Gordon SA, SH Barritt, Angela ALM, SH Barrow, Tom V Bartelen, Clarence ALM Bartlett, Grant A



Basarsky, Don SA, SH Bates, Rick ALM Batke, Alfred ALM Batycky, Alexandra ALM, SH Batycky, Bill SA, SH Baxter, Allan SA, SH Beaton, Louise ALM Beaver, Lori V Beck-Edwards, Brenda SA, SH Bedford, Judy SA, SH Bednarik, John A Bednarik, Lisa V Beermann, Kari SA, SH Befus, Dale SA, SH Bek, Travis V Belan, Chris V Belecki, Gary V Bell, Andrew SA, SH Bell, Don A Bell, Herman SA, SH Bell, Kelly SA, SH Bellamy, Rick A Belot, Dan ALM, SH Benedictson, Richard SA, SH Benjamin, Karin SA, SH Benner, Beryl SA, SH Bennett, Barry SA, SH Bennett, Hazel V Bennett, Kerrie SA, SH Benning, Bernie SA, SH Benning, Maureen ALM, SH Bentley, Kendrith V Bentley, Wally SA, SH Berbekar, Ilona A Beres, Garry SA, SH Berg, Susanne A Bergeson, Judy SA, SH Berglund, Donald SA Bergos, Barry A, SH Berini, Stephen A Bertels, Frank ALM, SH Bertram, Darlene ALM, SH Best, Kay SA, SH Besuijen, Ed V Beswick, Curtis V Beveridge, Andrew A Beverley, Gareth ALM Bewley, John SA, SH Bews, Jim ALM, SH Bews, Joy LM, SH Bezak, Erin SA, SH Biggelaar, Mike SA, SH Biggelaar, Ray ALM, SH Bill, Tara SA, SH Billington, Rick ALM, SH Bischoff, Russ A Bishop, Leanne SA, SH Bissell, Judy SA, SH


Black, Cliff ALM, SH Black, Michael ALM, SH Blackburn, Jim ALM Blair, Douglas A Blakley, Lorne ALM Blood, Kathy SA, SH Blue, Bev SA, SH Boake, Bill LM, SH Boake, Bud LM, SH Bobenic, Jodi SA, SH Bock, Andre A Bodnar, Marilyn SA, SH Boisjoli, Kerri A Boisjoli, Sherry ALM Boisjolie, Dave SA, SH Bondarchuk, Alex SA, SH Bonk, Shari A Bonke, Les SA, SH Bonnycastle, Dick A, SH Boomer, Barbara ALM Borland, Bob ALM Borrow, Patricia SA, SH Boskers, Harm SA, SH Boswell, Bob SA, SH Botkin, Dave A Botsford, Tammy SA, SH Bouckhout, David A Boughton, Angie V Bourassa, Trevor A Bourne, Christopher SA, SH Boutestein, Jarrett SA Boutette, Daniel V Boutette, David A Bowlen, Maureen LM, SH Bowman, Mark A Bowman, Murray SA, SH Boyce, Carol ALM, SH Boyce, Don ALM, SH Boyce, Gwen SA, SH Boyce, Jane A, SH Boyer, Colleen ALM, SH Boyko, Cheryl V Boyle, Jeff V Boyle, Randy A Boyle, Rick SA, SH Boyne, Judy V Brachman, Kirk ALM, SH Bradley, Stu SA, SH Bradley, Tom ALM, SH Brasso, Donna SA, SH Brasso, Einar LM, SH Braun, Ed SA, SH Braun, Ilona SA, SH Braun, Luanne ALM, SH Braunwarth, Garry ALM, SH Braunwarth, Leta ALM, SH Brayton, Joyce SA, SH Breakey, Alan SA, SH

Brenda, Doug SA Brennan, Mark V Brewster, Amy A, SH Brewster, Jim SA, SH Brewster, Jolene A Brewster, Robert SA, SH Bridgewater, Lauren A Brimacombe, Peter SA, SH Broad, Judy SA, SH Broadhurst, Michael SA, SH Brock, Bruce SA Bromley, Bill SA, SH Brookes, Mike LM Brookman, George PP, SH Brookwell, Mason A Browarny, Allan A Brown, Carla V Brown, Diana ALM Brown, Garth ALM, SH Brown, Gordon ALM Brown, Jack LM, SH Brown, Jason A, SH Brown, John ALM, SH Brown, Trudy SA, SH Brown, Wayne A Browne, Al SA, SH Bryant, Leigh-Anne A Bryant, Linda SA, SH Bryant, Victor ALM, SH Buchanan, Deborah SA, SH Buchanan, Gary SA, SH Buchanan, Guy HLD, SH Bucsis, Anita SA, SH Buhler-Low, Jo-Ann SA, SH Builder, Brenda SA, SH Bukowski, Janet ALM Bunka, Andrew SA Burak, Doris SA, SH Burgess, Sandra SA, SH Burgess, Wayne SA, SH Burke-Gaffney, Elizabeth SA, SH Burke-Gaffney, Kevin SA, SH Burkinshaw, Killasandra A Burns, Angela A Burns, Greg SA, SH Burns, John SA, SH Burns, Larry SA, SH Burns, Shelly SA, SH Burrell, Gord HLD, SH Burrell, Mary SA, SH Burritt, Joe ALM, SH Burwash, Les SA, SH Burwash, Mary ALM Burwash, Sue ALM, SH Bury, Ben A Busby, Greg A Bushell, Beverley ALM, SH Busse, Lynda SA, SH

Bussey, Gordon HLD, SH Busst, Bill SA, SH Busst, Jack SA, SH Butler, Dale ALM Butterield, Michelle V Button, Jim A Byrnes, Tony V Bzeta, George ALM, SH Bzeta, Judy LM, SH Cadre, Rhonda ALM Cain, Geoff A Caines, Richard SA, SH Cairns, Bob HLD, SH Cairns, Gordon SA, SH Cairns, Ken LM, SH Calf Robe, Ed ALM, SH Calf Robe/Ayoungman, Natasha A Callan, Lyne ALM, SH Callihoo, Sean A Cammaert, Pat ALM, SH Campbell, Brent A Campbell, Doris SA, SH Campbell, John SA, SH Campbell, John C. SA, SH Campbell, Kurt SA Campbell, Laura ALM Campbell, Linda ALM, SH Campbell, Shannan SA Campion, Lori SA, SH Cannon, Dennis SA, SH Cantaio, Dean SA Cantalope, Annette ALM Cardiff, John SA Carey, Frank LM, SH Carey, Hugh SA, SH Carey, Neil SA Carey, Patrick A Carpenter, Craig V Carpenter, Marcel ALM Carr, Mitchell A Carr, Nicole A Carter, Kay ALM, SH Cartwright, Fred SA, SH Carver, Debbie SA, SH Carver, Stan SA, SH Casey, Michael PCM, SH Cashman, Larry ALM, SH Caskey, Christie SA, SH Cassels, John ALM, SH Cassie, Deanne ALM, SH Catellier, Shannon ALM, SH Catherwood, Andy SA, SH Cavanaugh, Buzz SA, SH Caywood, Sandie V Celmainis, Sheryll ALM Ceri, Patricia A Chabot, Andre D Chadwick-Lynch, Connie SA, SH

Chalack, David IPP, SH Chalack, Tim V Chan, David A Charlton, Murton ALM Charron, Heather V Chartrand, Allan ALM, SH Chartrand, J. Aime ALM, SH Cheetham, Rick SA, SH Cherniwchan, Nancy A Chisholm, Bill LM Chisholm, Wynne D, SH Chitrenky, Evelyn ALM Chitrenky, Walter ALM Chorney, Alan ALM Chorney, George SA, SH Chow, Catherine A Chow, Tina A Christensen, Dennis SA, SH Christensen, Lynn SA, SH Christie, Nat SA, SH Chrunyk, Cindy A Chu, Allan SA, SH Church, Andrea SA, SH Church, Bob PP, SH Church, Lanny SA, SH Church, Matthew A Churchill, Ron V Clapham, Bill SA, SH Clapham, Kyle SA, SH Clark, Blake A Clark, Cam D, SH Clark, Lloyd SA, SH Clarke, Bonny SA, SH Clarke, Jr., Eric SA, SH Clarkson, Fran A Clarkson, Linda SA, SH Clarkson, Sandra V Clary, Christine A Claughton, Donald ALM, SH Claughton, Mindy SA, SH Clay, Cam SA, SH Clayton, Cody ALM, SH Clease, Helen V Cleeve, Gail SA, SH Clipperton, Troy A Cloutier, Heather SA, SH Clysdale, Gordon A Coates, Joe ALM, SH Coates, Warren SA, SH Colborne, Barb SA, SH Coleman, Brian SA Coleman, Karalee ALM, SH Colley-Urquhart, Diane D Collins, Alison SA, SH Collins, Bill LM, SH Collins, David SA, SH Collins, Karen SA, SH Collins, Pat SA, SH

Collison, Jack A, SH Collyer, Steacy A Colpitts, Garth ALM Comeau, Guy SA, SH Comeau, Val ALM Condie, Amanda V Condon, Jim A Conley, Jennifer V Connelly, Marnie V Connelly, Sharleen SA, SH Connors, Earl SA, SH Constable, Bob SA, SH Constable, Loraine ALM, SH Cook, Lorna SA, SH Cook, Michael A Cook, Michael V Cooke, Darrell SA, SH Cooke, Grant SA Cooke, Sharon SA Cool, Joan A, SH Cooper, Jocelyn SA, SH Cooper, Megan V Copeland, John ALM Copithorne, Jim ALM, SH Copithorne, John HLD, SH Copithorne, Marshall HLD, SH Copithorne, Melba ALM, SH Copithorne-Barnes, Cherie V Corbett, Stewart SA, SH Corby, Christina A Corraini, Debbie SA, SH Corraini, Vallentina ALM Correia, Stacy SA Cortis, Anthony A Cortis, Heather SA, SH Costello, Barry SA, SH Costoulas, Harriet A Courtland, Christopher ALM, SH Courtman, Ray SA, SH Coutney, Bunny ALM Coutu, Marcel SA, SH Cowan, Trudy V Cowle, Jason A Cowley, Kateri A Cowling, Lloyd SA, SH Crabb, Deborah V Craig, Heather SA, SH Cranston, John ALM Cranston, Mary ALM Crawford, Ashley V Cremers, Devon SA Cremers, Hans ALM Cremers, Maureen SA, SH Cridland, Kelly ALM Cripps, Bruce ALM, SH Crook, Rhea ALM Crosbie, Wayne SA, SH Cross, Donald PP, SH



Cross, Eddie ALM Cross, Jill SA, SH Cross-Moulton, Sara SA, SH Crowe, Leslie LM, SH Crowshoe, Amelia V Crowshoe, Reggie SA Crowshoe, Rose SA, SH Crowther, Thelma ALM Crysdale, Andy V Culic, Monica A, SH Cumming, Jason V Cumming, John A Cumming, Yvonne SA, SH Cummings, Rhonda V Cunningham, Bill SA, SH Cunningham, Debbie SA, SH Cunningham, Ken A Cunningham, Lori ALM Cunnington, Mike ALM, SH Cupit, Jackie SA, SH Cupples, Jacqueline V Curran, Jennifer SA, SH Curran, Mike SA Curran, Jr., Stephen SA, SH Curran, Sr., Stephen SA, SH Cushing, Don LM, SH Cushing, Pat ALM Cutting, Ann V Cutting, Carolyn V Dacen, Sharon V Dahl, Brad V Dahlgren, Nelson SA, SH Daines, Grant SA, SH Dalgetty, David ALM, SH Dalgleish, Dianne ALM, SH Dalgleish, William ALM Dalgliesh, Judy ALM, SH Dalik, Dalton SA, SH Dalik, Dorothy ALM Dalton, Rick SA, SH Damm, Mark SA, SH Danard, Bryan SA, SH Danchuk, Jim SA, SH Dansie, Lynn SA, SH Danyleyko, Erin SA, SH Davey, Tammy A Davidson, Debbie SA, SH Davidson, Doug SA, SH Davidson, Lori ALM, SH Davies, Anne-Marie SA, SH Davies, Arleigh SA, SH Davies, Bob SA, SH Davies, Don SA, SH Davies, Ivan SA, SH Davies, Lynne SA, SH Davies, Rowland SA, SH Davis, Arthur ALM, SH Davis, Julie A


Davis, Karen ALM, SH Davis, Keith SA, SH Davis, Ken A Davis, Melanie A Davis, Wendy V Davison, Jeff A Davison, John SA, SH Davison, Mike SA, SH Dawes, Lee V De Looze, Hennie SA, SH Deakin, David A Dean, Genevie SA, SH Dean, Jim ALM, SH Dear, Don ALM, SH Debnam, Jess SA, SH DeCaria, Angela SA, SH DeCoste, Norm A Decoux-Cozzi, Mark SA Deeg, Roger ALM Deeks, Kevin SA, SH Degenstein, Peter LM, SH Degenstein, Shirley ALM, SH deHaan, Brian SA, SH deHaan, Nick SA, SH DeHekker, Diane A DeJong, April V DeLong, Bob A, SH Delsnider, Sean A DeMaere, Shauna SA, SH Demmers, Ed ALM, SH Dempsey, Hugh LM Dempsey, Pauline ALM Dempson, Don SA, SH Denis, Justin A Denison, Robert ALM, SH Dennis, Sue SA, SH Denoon, Barb SA, SH Denoon, Norm ALM, SH Derwent, Lorelei A Deschamps, Wayne ALM, SH Desmarais, Georgia SA, SH Desmarais, Rene SA, SH Desmarais, Tom SA, SH Desmeules, Dave A DesRochers, Johnnie SA, SH Dessario, Alyssa A Dessario, Donald SA, SH DeWit, Jamee V, SH Dickie, Bryon ALM, SH Dickinson, Dave SA, SH Dickson, Myrna ALM, SH Dickson, Scott V Dickson, Sharyn A Didyk, Wayne ALM Diley, Brent V Diggens, Marlaine SA, SH Dinning, Alexandra SA, SH Dinning, Bob PP, SH

Dinning, Jim SA, SH Dinning Hughes, Heidi SA, SH Dixey, Denise SA, SH Dixon, Dena SA, SH Dixon, Howie ALM, SH Dixon, Nicole SA, SH Dixon, Toni D, SH Dizep, Magda A Dockery, Maureen A Dodd, Arthur ALM, SH Doepker, Jennifer A Doerffer, Erin V Dofka, Al A Doherty, Brian SA, SH Doherty, Louise A Doiron, Jan SA, SH Doiron, Lou SA, SH Dokken, Carolyn ALM, SH Dokken, Jim ALM, SH Dola, Dale SA Dolan, Regan SA, SH Dominick, George SA, SH Domshy, Dennis ALM, SH Donaher, Len LM, SH Donahue, Nimrodel SA Donaldson, Lynn V Donnelly, Rick SA, SH Doran, Jean ALM Dorran, Steve ALM Dorsey, Dan A Dorsey, Mary Lynn SA Doten, Vern ALM, SH Dougall, Carol SA, SH Douglas, Anne ALM Douglas, Ian SA, SH Douglas, Joel A Douglas, Lisa A Douthwaite, Brian SA, SH Dowhaniuk, Wayne A Downey, Cynthia SA Downey, Deb SA, SH Downs, Kristi SA, SH Dowson, Wayne SA, SH Doyle, Joan ALM, SH Doyle, Joanne ALM, SH Doyle, Kevin ALM, SH Doyle, Marylou V Dragani, Joe SA, SH Drage, Heather SA, SH Drake, Barb A Drake, Karyn SA, SH Drake, Kevin SA, SH Draper, Beth SA, SH Drefko, Tracey A Drefko, Troy A Drever, Harry SA, SH Drever, Jim ALM Drinnan, Faye A

Drinnan, Sandy SA, SH Driver, Jean ALM, SH Drysdale, John A du Berger, Brock SA, SH du Toit, Che A Duby, Clarende ALM, SH Dufin, Charlie SA, SH Dufin, Frank SA, SH Duffy, Gail LM, SH Duhamel, Suzanne A, SH Duke, Ed SA, SH Duke, Sonja SA, SH Duncan, Allen ALM Duncan, Les ALM Duncan, Randee SA Duncan, Richard ALM Dundas, Lawrence V Dunford, Anne ALM Dunn, Andy A Dunn, Holly SA, SH Dunn, Jack ALM Dunn, Laura A Dunn, Maureen ALM Dunn, Norma SA, SH Dunne, Hugh ALM, SH Dunnigan, Sean ALM, SH Dunsmuir, Scotty SA, SH DuPont, Bonnie A Durant, Art SA, SH Duret, Colain V Durksen, Janet A Durrant, Sandy LM, SH Duszynski, Kyle A Dutton, Joe ALM, SH Dvorak, Darrell SA, SH Dvorkin, Harris ALM, SH Dwyer, Georgianne SA, SH Dyck, Bob HLD, SH Dyer, Steven ALM, SH Dygert, Edi ALM Dygert, Mike SA, SH Dyson, Dave SA, SH Dyson, Lynn SA, SH Eades, Ken ALM, SH Eagleson, C.J. A Earl, Carl SA, SH Earle, Thomas ALM Eastcott, Florence ALM Eastman, Lisa SA, SH Eastman, Tamie SA, SH Eby, Fran A Eby, Orville SA, SH Edge, Amanda A, SH Edge, Brian SA, SH Edge, Edith ALM, SH Edge, Judy SA, SH Edwards, Eddy SA, SH Edwards, Len A, SH

Edwards, M’Liss ALM, SH Edwards, Steve HLD Edworthy, Gene SA, SH Edworthy, Marion ALM Eggerer, Edwin SA, SH Elder, Mac SA, SH Elford, Clyde SA, SH Ell, Darlene SA, SH Ell, Derrick ALM Ellingson, Don SA, SH Elliot, Arley A Elliott, Lisa A Elliott, Susan ALM, SH Ellis, Helen SA, SH Ellis, Shane A, SH Elman, Bill A Elman, Harold SA, SH Elman, Laurence SA Emms, Karen ALM, SH Emond, Lee A Enderton, Lianne SA, SH Engler, Tanya A English, Charles ALM, SH Engstrom, Carol SA, SH Engstrom, Edward SA, SH Engstrom, Jackie D, SH Enns, Ernest ALM Eremenko, Ron ALM Erhardt, Darcie A, SH Erickson, Kathy ALM, SH Erickson, Milt ALM, SH Erion, Mark SA, SH Ernst, Breanna SA Erskine, Barry ALM, SH Erven, Rita SA, SH Esson, Lindsay SA, SH Estabrooks, Gary SA, SH Estill, Brenda A Ethier, Chantelle A Evans, Barbara ALM, SH Evans, Don SA, SH Evans, Judy SA, SH Evans, Karen V Evans, Kim SA, SH Evans, Kimberly SA, SH Evenson, Terry V Fairbairn, Shanan SA, SH Fairman, Rick ALM Falck, John SA, SH Fantin, Luigi A, SH Farley, Bob V Farran, David A Farrell, Dawn D Farries, Bob SA, SH Farries, Don ALM Farries, Nancy SA, SH Fasoli, Debbie ALM, SH Fasoli, Robert ALM, SH

All Stampede revenue is reinvested back into Stampede programming and facilities to create a year-round gathering place for Calgarians and visitors to our city.

Fawcett, Pam SA, SH Federucci, Alex SA Federucci, Mira SA Fee, Doug ALM, SH Feist, Tracey ALM Felesky, Brian SA, SH Fenton, Marjorie SA, SH Ferguson, Dwight SA Ferguson, Erin A Ferguson, Glenna SA Fesko, Paul ALM Ficner, Henryk ALM Filippetto, Dean ALM Finley, Gail SA, SH Finley, Michelle A Finn, Graeme SA, SH Finn, John SA, SH Finn, Nancy ALM, SH Finnman, Eileen ALM Fior, Michelle SA, SH Fioritti, Tanis A Fioritti, Teighan V Firby, Douglas V Firmston, Larry ALM Firmstone, Joy SA, SH Fisher, Patrick SA, SH Fitzgerald, Sean SA, SH Fitzsimmons, Al ALM Fitzsimmons, John V Fitzsimmons, Julie SA, SH Fitzsimmons, Kelly A Fitzsimmons, Terry SA, SH Flaman, Terry SA, SH Flanagan, Debbie SA, SH Fleck, Roxanne SA Fleischer, Clementine SA, SH Fleischer, Mike SA, SH Fleming, Jim LM, SH



Fleming, Kim SA Fleming, Melissa V Flewelling, Craig SA, SH Flexhaug, Derek A, SH Flexhaug, Kim A Flundra, Dennis SA, SH Foged, Dave ALM Foo, Richard ALM Fooks, Robert SA, SH Foote, Chris SA, SH Foote, Marv ALM, SH Forbes, Gordon SA, SH Foret, Robyn V Forfylow, Idella SA, SH Forigo, Dan V Forrest, Dave A Forseth, Liz SA, SH Forster, Alex LM Forsyth, Doug ALM, SH Forsyth, Gordon ALM Forsyth, Gregory ALM Fosado, Ramon SA Foss, Art ALM Fougere, Greg SA Fougere, Tina SA, SH Fowler, Alvin ALM Fowler, Carol SA, SH Fowler, Chuck ALM, SH Fowler, Harold SA, SH Fowlie, Doreen SA, SH Fox, Gwen SA, SH Fox, Wayne SA, SH Fraess, Bill ALM Fraleigh, Anne A Franco, Gabby A, SH Franco, Karen SA Frank, Laura A Fraser, Bruce A Fraser, Craig SA Fraser, Diane ALM, SH Fraser, Doug ALM, SH Fraser, Jordanna A Fraser, Karl A Fraser, Kevin SA, SH Fraser, Peter SA, SH Frederick, Al SA, SH Fredriksen, Nadine SA Freimark, Kristie SA, SH Fremont, Charlotte ALM, SH Frerichs, Earl ALM Friendly, David ALM Friesen, Cory SA, SH Friesen, Ivy SA, SH Frotten, Clay ALM, SH Fryers, Cliff A Fullerton, Joan V Fulton, Anita SA, SH Furlong, Eric A


Fyten, Ron SA, SH Gabbs, Carelynne SA, SH Gagne, Linda V Galatiuk, Elizabeth SA, SH Gale, Bruce ALM, SH Gale, Charlene SA, SH Gale, Kendra SA Gale, Ron SA, SH Gallais, Art ALM Gallelli, Harrison V Galvin, Donna SA, SH Galvin, Grady SA, SH Gamble, Rob SA, SH Garberg, Brett SA, SH Garberg, Wayne A Garden, James ALM, SH Gardener, Jodi A, SH Gardener, Trevor A, SH Gardner, Brody V Gardner, Kathryn A Gareau, Chad V Gariepy, Dani V Garnett, Anne A, SH Garnett, Ralph SA, SH Garwood, Douglas SA, SH Gathercole, Audrey ALM, SH Gathercole, Brad SA, SH Gathercole, Jim ALM, SH Gauley, Megan SA Gault, Kevin ALM Gearey, Dennis ALM, SH Gearey, Margaret ALM, SH Gee, Wing SA, SH George, Hazel ALM, SH Gerelus, Ken ALM Gernat, Kate SA, SH Gess, Bill SA, SH Getty, Ron V Gibbs, Timothy A Gibson, A.J. SA, SH Gibson, Ralph ALM Giese, Wil A Gifford, Peter ALM, SH Gilbert, Danielle A Giles, Dawn ALM, SH Giles, Merv SA, SH Gillard, Mary ALM, SH Gillespie, Wendy A, SH Gillies, Robyn V Gilliland, Kirsty A Gilliland, Rex SA, SH Gillis, Shona SA, SH Gillott, Bill LM, SH Gillott, Muriel ALM, SH Gilroy, Stewart ALM, SH Gimbel, Catharine SA, SH Gimbel, Murray ALM, SH Gimbel, Veronica ALM, SH

Gindl, Judy A Gingras, Art V Girling, Trevor ALM Gladstone, Terry ALM Glassford, Art SA, SH Glenn, Leslie SA Glover, Cathy ALM Goian, Robin ALM Goldstrom, Dodie SA, SH Gombai, Gabriella A Gooch, Cory SA Gooch, Linda A Good Eagle, Kelly A Goodfellow, Brad A Gordillo, Ruben A Gordon, Barry SA, SH Gordon, Ed A Gordon, John A Gordon, Kari A Gordon, Lynn V Gordon, Roger ALM, SH Gosling, David SA, SH Gottselig, Gerard ALM, SH Gough, John SA, SH Gough, Vance SA, SH Gowdy, Gordon SA, SH Grabatin, Dianne SA, SH Grabill, Chris A Gracie, Brenda SA, SH Graham, Bob SA, SH Graham, Breanne A Graham, Marlene SA, SH Graham, Nan LM, SH Grainger, Donna SA Grant, Aaron A Grant, Don SA, SH Grant, Judy SA, SH Grant, Kelly ALM Grant, Lance A, SH Grant, Lynn A Grant, Terry V Gray, Bill VC, SH Gray, Marcheta ALM Gray, Marilyn SA, SH Gray, Stephanie V Grayson, Kimberly A, SH Green, Bruce SA, SH Green, Ed ALM Green, Heather ALM, SH Green, Jack SA, SH Green, John ALM, SH Green, Sandy SA, SH Green, Susan SA, SH Greenslade, Joanne SA, SH Greensword, Douglas ALM Grifin, Sharon ALM Grifith, Art SA, SH Grifith, Kari SA, SH

Grifiths, Terry SA, SH Grimes, Kelly SA, SH Grimoldby, Trena A Grisdale, Ted ALM, SH Gristwood, Bernie A Groeneveld, Alana ALM Groeneveld, Charles SA, SH Groeneveld, Gaylene ALM, SH Gromoff, Brian SA, SH Grove, Debra SA, SH Grove, Ken ALM Grover, Colleen A Gruetzner, Sara-Jane SA, SH Gryckiewicz, Jan SA, SH Guay, Carol SA Gudmundson, Marge SA, SH Guebert, David SA, SH Guichon, Dave SA, SH Guillemaud, Pat SA, SH Guitton, Rick SA, SH Gulmick, Dawn SA, SH Gunn-Allard, Joan ALM Gurevitch, Lindsay V Gustafson, Patricia SA, SH Hack, Kristin SA Haeni, Adrian SA Hagan, Edward SA, SH Hagel, Tanya SA Hagerman, Allen D, SH Hajash, Lorelei ALM, SH Hale, Matthew V Hall, Doug SA, SH Hall, Gary ALM Halliday, Martin SA, SH Halliday, Sean V Halpen, Mary ALM, SH Halpen, Patty ALM Halpenny, Jay SA, SH Halper, Emily V Halseth, Gail ALM, SH Halseth, Ross SA, SH Hamaliuk, Alan ALM, SH Hambrook, Heather V Hames, Barb A Hamilton, Bob SA, SH Hamilton, Darol ALM, SH Hamilton, Diane SA Hamilton, Gavin ALM, SH Hamilton, Leslie SA, SH Hamilton, Sharon ALM, SH Hamm, Courtney ALM, SH Hamm, Len V Hammer, Hoss ALM, SH Hammer, Lorne SA Handy, Larry A Haney, Harry ALM, SH Haney, Shannon SA, SH Haney, Ted SA, SH

Hanley, Irene ALM Hanley, Stuart SA Hann, Gordon V Hannah, Bill V Hansell, Bob ALM, SH Hansen, Christie V Hansen, Joanne SA, SH Hansen, Ryan V Hansen, Shawn ALM, SH Hansen, Tim SA, SH Hanson, Brian A, SH Hanson, Wayne SA, SH Harbour, Donna SA, SH Harcott, Bill ALM, SH Harcus, Wilhelmina SA, SH Harding, Peter SA, SH Hardy, Lisa V Harper, Don LM, SH Harper, Mike A Harper-Pollitt, Debbie ALM Harrington, Lorna ALM, SH Harris, Brent A Harris, Laurie A Harris, Nikki SA, SH Harris, Stewart ALM, SH Harrison, Barry ALM, SH Harrop, Chris A Harrow, Verna SA, SH Hart, Lynn A Hartall, Bill ALM, SH Hartall, Wanda ALM, SH Hartl, Poona A Hartmann, Heather A Harvey, Ron V Hasnany, Mac SA, SH Hasselield, Vel SA, SH Hatton, Sandra ALM Hauer, Craig SA, SH Hauser, Ernie SA, SH Havens, Clint SA, SH Hawes, Wendy SA Hawkwood, Aurica SA, SH Hawkwood, Todd A Hayden, Bill SA, SH Hayden, Vickie ALM Haymour, Ramsey A Haynes, Gwen A Hays, Dan ALM, SH Hayward, Sylvia SA Haywood, Chris A Hazen, Elsie SA, SH Hazlett, Kim V Head, Jeannette SA, SH Head, Jennifer SA, SH Headley, Neville SA, SH Healy, Allison A Healy, Harold SA Heckbert, Michelle A

Heerema, Phil SA, SH Heibein, Troy V Heine, Charles ALM Heintz, Doris SA, SH Heintz, Maria SA, SH Hejduk, Beverley V Helm, Rosanna ALM Henderson, Doug SA, SH Henderson, Patti LM, SH Henderson, Scott SA Hendrickson, Kevin SA, SH Hendry, James V Henke, David SA, SH Henry, Marlys A Henson, Nicole A Hepburn, Bruce SA, SH Hepton, Zoe SA Herard, Rosalie SA, SH Hermann, Dorothy SA, SH Hernandez, Art SA, SH Heskes, Justin SA, SH Heskes, Reid SA, SH Hess, Archie ALM Hess, Marmie LM, SH Hess, Yvonne ALM Hewitt, Thomas ALM Hexham, Jeremy A Hickey, Barclay V Hickey, Phil SA, SH Hiebert, Kathy SA, SH Hiebert, Robin V Hildebrandt, Jack LM, SH Hilderman, Jill ALM Hill, Brian SA, SH Hill, Shirley SA, SH Hill, Terry LM, SH Hill, Wayne ALM Hills, June SA, SH Hind, John SA, SH Hind, Sonja V Hinds, Ken SA, SH Hinds, Marie-Anne A Hironaka, Art SA, SH Hironaka, Brent SA, SH Hironaka, Cynthia A Hirsche, Grant SA, SH Hitchner, Robert SA, SH Hobbs, Bill SA, SH Hobbs, Harry SA, SH Hockley, Dallas SA Hockley, Trudy SA, SH Hodge, Brad SA, SH Hodge, Curtis V Hodgson, Ryan A, SH Hoeght, Judy SA, SH Hoffman, Dennis ALM Hogg, Kevin SA, SH Holbrook, Garry D, SH



Holbrook-Prevost, Season SA, SH Holgate, Jayne ALM, SH Holland, Tannis SA, SH Hollinger, Pamela SA, SH Hollins, Michele A Holloway, Eddie ALM Holloway-Savoia, Pam SA, SH Holm, Art ALM, SH Holman, Len HLD, SH Holman, Sally HLD, SH Holmes, Paul SA Holmgren, Wayne ALM Holowaychuk, Robert ALM Holte, Trudy A Holub, David SA, SH Home, Sue V Hone, Allison SA, SH Hood, Noriene SA, SH Hooks, John SA, SH Hoover, Bruce SA, SH Hope-Johnston, Sarah V Hopfner, Chris SA, SH Hopwood, Valerie V Hornby, Ron ALM, SH Horne, Sharon A Horsley, Paul V Horton, Donna LM, SH Hoskin, Bert ALM Hourie, Bill ALM How, Barry SA, SH Howard, Ken ALM Howarth, Doreen ALM Howell, Ed SA, SH Howell, Kathy A Howes, Steve SA, SH Hoy, Nelson LM, SH Hoyme, Dan A Hubbard, Bruce ALM Hubbell, John ALM Hudon, Terrie V

The Calgary Stampede, along with the Calgary Stampede Foundation, invests over $2 million in 12 youth programs throughout the year.


Huffman, Kelly SA, SH Huggard, Susanne SA, SH Hughes, Fred ALM, SH Hughes, Jimmy ALM, SH Hughes, Laura SA, SH Hughes, Paul SA, SH Hughes, Rea SA, SH Hume, Brad SA, SH Hume, Nicole A Hume, Reagan SA, SH Hume, Shari A, SH Humphreys, Greg SA, SH Humphreys, Pamela A Hunt, Ron ALM Hunt, Scott SA, SH Hunter, Andrea V Hunter, Angie SA Hunter, Karin SA Huntley, Jim SA, SH Hurd, Greg A, SH Hurlburt, Brant SA, SH Hurlburt, Ken ALM, SH Hussey, Byron D, SH Hutchin, Paul SA, SH Hutchinson, Darlene SA, SH Hutchinson, Reid ALM Hutchison, Bev ALM Hutton, Hilary ALM, SH Hutton, Jim SA, SH Hutzal, Jerry ALM Huyghe, Ken SA, SH Hyde, Janet ALM Hykaway, Connie V Hylton, Chris SA, SH Hymas, Bob HLD, SH Hymas, Deen LM, SH Hymas, Rod ALM, SH Iantkow, Tyler A Iles, Marshall SA, SH Illingworth, Marie ALM, SH Ilsley, Heather A Ingram, Robin SA, SH Innes, June-Marie SA Iredale, Geoff ALM, SH Irvine, Katie A Irvine, Lee A Irvine, Will SA, SH Irving, Laurie A Irwin, Art SA, SH Irwin, Carol SA, SH Irwin, Ian HLD, SH Irwin, Ron ALM Isaacs, Bev SA, SH Isakeit, Jane A Isakeit, Matthew V Isakeit, Michael SA, SH Isotti, Jen A Israelson, Tara V

Iversen, John SA, SH Iversen, Rita SA, SH Jackson, Bill SA, SH Jackson, Dorothy ALM, SH Jackson, Jeff ALM, SH Jackson, John V Jackson, Judith A Jackson, Karen SA, SH Jackson, Pat SA, SH Jackson, Patrick V Jackson, Robert ALM Jackson, Ron SA Jackson, Sherry SA Jackson, Todd SA, SH Jacob-Toews, Laurie SA, SH Jacobson, Doran ALM, SH Jacques, Don HLD Jacques, Nell LM Jaffer, Shane A James, Cathie ALM James, Connie SA, SH James, Dave SA, SH James, Kathie SA, SH James, Kaye SA, SH James, Mike A James, Patti SA, SH James, Wes SA, SH Jamieson, Jeff ALM, SH Janko, William SA, SH Jansen, Ted ALM, SH Jaques, Diane SA, SH Jarvis, Roger PP, SH Javier, Jeff SA Jeal, Ted A Jenkins, Debbie A Jenkins, Jim SA, SH Jenkins, Lee ALM, SH Jenkins, Russ V Jennings, Roy ALM, SH Jensen, Bob ALM Jensen, David V Jensen, Jennifer A, SH Jensen, Merle A Jepson, Steve A Jessiman, Janet SA, SH Jewitt, Ann SA, SH Jinnah, Al-Noor SA, SH Johns, Jeff A Johnson, Cody V Johnson, Greg SA, SH Johnson, Gus ALM, SH Johnson, Gustin SA, SH Johnson, Keith LM, SH Johnson, Lisa SA, SH Johnson, Mary ALM Johnson, Stephanie V Johnston, Aaron V Johnston, Brian ALM, SH

Johnston, Brian SA, SH Johnston, David ALM, SH Johnston, Isobelle ALM Johnston, Katherine V Johnston, Murray SA, SH Johnston, Patricia SA, SH Johnston, Terry SA, SH Jonassen, Amund LM, SH Jonassen, Pam SA, SH Jones, Brian ALM, SH Jones, Clarence SA, SH Jones, Dayna V Jones, Joel V Jones, Karen SA, SH Jones, Keith SA, SH Jones, Keith B. SA, SH Jones, Lorraine SA, SH Jones, Marvin SA, SH Jones, Ray HLD, SH Jonsson, Sandra A Joorisity, Shirley SA, SH Jopp, Robert SA, SH Jorawsky, Jim SA, SH Jorgensen-Bell, Tanya SA, SH Joudrey, Rose V Journeay, Doug A, SH Joyce, Raymond SA, SH Jubb, Avery ALM, SH Judd, Glen SA, SH Judd, Reg SA, SH Juhasz, John ALM, SH Juul-Hansen, Ivan SA, SH Kaczkowski, Sharon V Kaiser, Marilyn SA, SH Kaiser, Wilf SA, SH Kalman, Kal A Kalynchuk, Cathy ALM, SH Kanderka, Colleen V Karch, Gordy SA, SH Karch-Sinclair, Kendra V Karr, Avril SA, SH Kaufmann, Bill ALM, SH Kavanagh, Paul A, SH Kavanaugh, Cory SA Kavanaugh, Ken ALM, SH Kavanaugh, Ken SA, SH Kay, Emily V Kearns, Sheila ALM, SH Keen, Douglas ALM Kell, Dan SA, SH Kelland, Susan A Keller, Corelie V Kellington, Sean A, SH Kelly, Bryan A Kelly, Marion SA, SH Kelly, Marise SA, SH Kemlo, Alison SA, SH Kemp, Gerry ALM, SH

Kemppainen, Leah SA, SH Kennedy, Dorothy ALM, SH Kennedy, John SA, SH Kennedy, Peter SA, SH Kennema, Jan V Kenworthy, Shauna ALM Kerby, George ALM, SH Kerr, Arlene SA, SH Kerr, Bob SA, SH Kerr, Dianne A Kerr, Sheila ALM Keshavjee, Sam SA, SH Kewley, Bill ALM Kewley, Maureen ALM Khoury, Andrea SA, SH Ki, Wai A Kidd, Alan SA, SH Kilroe, Ken SA, SH Kimmel, Brian SA, SH Kinas, Jenny SA, SH Kindrasky, Bev ALM King, David ALM King, Karin SA, SH King, Kate A King, Ken ALM, SH King, Michael V Kinloch, Ella V Kirk, Stacy SA, SH Kisilevich, Denise SA, SH Kittleson, Dean A, SH Kitz, Joan SA, SH Kitzul, Grant ALM Klasky, Bill SA, SH Klasky, Bud SA, SH Klein, Eva V Klein, Kevin A Klein, Michele A Klein, Ralph HLD Kluner, Corey V Klys, Jim ALM Knapp, Victoria SA, SH Knapton, Dave A Kneller, Tammy A Knight, Brenda SA, SH Knight, Bruce ALM Knight, John SA, SH Knorr, Maggie SA, SH Kochan, Amanda A Kollewyn, Hans SA, SH Kollewyn, Joan SA, SH Kolstad, Kate SA, SH Komitsch, Debbie SA, SH Konachowicz, Krysta A Konschuk, Larry A Konschuk, Shawn SA, SH Konschuk, Wendy SA, SH Koop, David SA, SH Koper, Lawrence SA, SH

Kormos, Ila V Kors, Sophy V Kortgaard, Joyce ALM, SH Kovitz, Jeff ALM, SH Kozak, Fredrick SA, SH Kozan, Jennifer V Krahn, Peter SA Kralka, Dan SA, SH Kranenburg, Lane SA, SH Kranenburg, Vicki V Krawec, Randy SA, SH Kraychy, Cameron SA Krebs, Darwin SA, SH Kristinson, Ray ALM, SH Krivak, Derek SA, SH Krivak, Lorette A Kroeker, Richard SA, SH Kruyssen, Glenn SA, SH Kryczka, Karen ALM, SH Kuipers, Joe V Kumar, Cynthia SA, SH Kung, Victoria A Kurtzweg, Vanessa ALM Kuzyk, Richard A, SH Kwan, Rita V Kwong, Greg V Kyle, Doug SA, SH Laatsch, Murray A, SH LaBrash, Paul ALM LaBrie, Holly SA, SH Lacerte, Chad V Lacey, Cari A Lacey, Lori SA, SH Lachman, Barbara ALM Laidlaw, Bob PP, SH Laidlaw, Joyce SA, SH Laidlaw, Rob D, SH Laird, Doug A Laird, Jo A Laird, Robert A Lambert, Jenna V Lamont, Lisa ALM Lamoureux, Paul ALM Lamport, Brad ALM, SH Lane, Tim SA, SH Lane Goodfellow, Cathy SA, SH Lang, Dan SA Lang, Pam HLD, SH Langford, Harry HLD, SH Langford, Joan LM, SH Langford, Klaske A, SH Langlois, Gaston SA, SH Lantz, David SA, SH Lantz, Kacey A Lapointe, Laurel V LaPointe, Tracy SA, SH Larsen, John SA, SH Larsen, Kevin A



Larson, David SA, SH Larson, Jim SA, SH Larson, Patricia SA, SH Larson, Terry SA, SH Larway, Helene SA, SH Latour, Dorothy ALM Latus, Richard ALM, SH Lauder, David SA, SH Lauder, Dianne ALM, SH Laursen, Linda A Laustsen, Ken SA, SH Laustsen, Loraine SA, SH LaValley, Gary SA, SH Lavender, Tara A Lawless, Maureen SA, SH Lawrence, Bruce SA, SH Lawrence, Kimberley V Lawson, Wayne ALM, SH Lawton, David A Leahy, Kevin A Leard, Scott ALM, SH LeBlanc, Donna V LeBlanc, Sandra SA, SH LeBlanc, Stella A LeBoeuf, Gary SA, SH LeBourveau, Linda SA Lee, Candice V Lee, Christopher A Lee, Danielle SA, SH Lee, Darren ALM, SH Lee, Debbie SA, SH Lee, Donald ALM Lee, Edmond SA, SH Lee, Gary A, SH Lee, Gary SA, SH Lee, John SA, SH Lee, Laura SA Lee, Ron ALM, SH Leley, Eileen ALM, SH Legault, Tony SA, SH LeGeyt, Chris HLD, SH Lehr, Les SA, SH Leigh, Ron ALM Leighton, Barry SA, SH Leitch, Ellizabeth V Leitch, Kenneth V Leitch, Robert ALM, SH Leivers, Karen V Lemire, Julie SA, SH Lengsfeld, Hans ALM Lennox, Al SA, SH Lennox, Terri Jo V Leroux, Carole SA, SH Leslie, D’Arcy A Leusink, Jennifer V Levangie, Nick SA Lever, Myra A, SH


Lewis, Earl SA, SH Leys, Alan SA, SH Libin, Al SA, SH Libin, Sean A Liegman, Ed ALM, SH Lightfoot, Ryan V Lilja-Wilson, Carla A Lindstein, Angie SA, SH Link, Allyson ALM Linklater, Suzanne ALM Liskowich, Trevor SA, SH Litke, Elaine ALM, SH Littke, Zen SA, SH Little, Dianne SA, SH Little, Norman SA Liukaitis, Ed A Lively, Allan SA Livingstone, Wendy SA, SH Lloyd, Bill ALM, SH Lloyd, Donald V Loach, Christopher A, SH Locke, Charlie SA, SH Locke, Louise SA, SH Lockwood, Garth SA, SH Lockwood, Stephen ALM, SH Loeppky, Syd A, SH Loewen, Katherine ALM Loney, Carol SA, SH Longeway, Dave ALM Longeway, Eric LM, SH Longman, Connor A, SH Longman, Gerry SA, SH Longman, Patricia SA, SH Longmoor, Val ALM, SH Loor, Karen SA Loree, Lori A Louden, Judy ALM Louden, Winn V Lougheed, Dave SA, SH Lougheed, Peter HLD, SH Love, Jean A, SH Love, Mike A Lovig, Rob ALM, SH Lovse, Marg SA, SH Low, Mike SA, SH Luchsinger, Brian SA, SH Lucyshyn, Murray A Luft, Richard SA, SH Luke, Tanya A Lukey, Orest LM, SH Lund, Joe ALM Lundago, Robert A Lundago, Tracy SA, SH Lundberg, Stacie SA, SH Lutz, Jackie ALM, SH Lutz, Jim ALM, SH Lutz, Katie A, SH

Lyle, Candace SA Lyle, Mark SA, SH Lyle, Rick SA, SH Lyndon, Charlene V Lyon, Wayne SA, SH Lyon, Wendy SA, SH Lyster, John V MacAdams, Laurie A MacDonald, Brian SA, SH MacDonald, Bruce SA, SH MacDonald, Dan SA, SH Macdonald, Howard HLD, SH MacDonald, Michelle V Macdonald, Stu LM, SH MacDonnell, Rhiannon V MacEachern, Nancy SA, SH MacFarlane, Craig SA, SH MacFarlane, Cynthia SA, SH MacFarlane, Jennifer V MacInnes, Dawn V MacInnis, Don ALM MacIntyre, Amanda SA Mackasey, Patrick V MacKay, Heather SA, SH MacKay, Murray SA, SH MacKellar, Lucille ALM MacKenzie, Amanda SA, SH Mackenzie, Judy SA, SH MacKenzie, Laurie V MacKenzie, Leanne SA, SH MacKenzie, Michelle SA, SH Mackie, Doug LM, SH Mackie, Karen SA, SH Mackin, Bill SA, SH MacKinnon, Grant SA Mackintosh, Lachlan ALM MacLaren, Suzanne A MacNeil, Jim A, SH MacRae, R. Gary ALM Madson, Arron SA, SH Maertens-Poole, Carole Anne SA, SH Magee, Neill SA, SH Magnon, Arlene ALM Magnuson, Tom ALM Mahadeo, Lisa SA Maier, Marietta A Maier, Stephanie A Mailman, John SA, SH Mailman, Maggie A, SH Main, Evelyn SA, SH Major, Steve SA, SH Maki, Claudia A Maki, Linda SA Makson, Sarah SA Malenica, Peter SA, SH Malette, Chantal V Malette, Scotty SA, SH

Malin, Gerry SA, SH Malin, Susan A Mallabone, Guy ALM Mallabone, Joan SA, SH Maller, Dave SA Maloney, Jack SA, SH Maloney, Kevin V Mamchur, Gary SA, SH Manarey, Bill ALM Mandeville, Bryan SA, SH Mannas, Walsh V Manning, Jessica V Many Guns, Doris ALM Marinoske, Steven V Markkanen, Brian SA, SH Markowsky, Sandy SA, SH Marshall, Bill ALM, SH Marshall, Ed ALM, SH Marston, Jan ALM Marston, Maureen SA, SH Martin, Alina A Martin, Chance A Martin, Dick ALM, SH Martin, Fraser SA, SH Martin, Greg SA, SH Martin, Moyra SA, SH Martindale, Shannan SA Martinson, Ryan SA Martyn, Ian A Martz, Warren ALM Marx, Doris ALM, SH Matas, Roger V Mate, Jorge ALM, SH Matheson, Tom ALM, SH Matthews, Chris ALM, SH Matthews, Geoff SA, SH Matthews, Kay ALM Matthews, Kim SA Matthews, Rob PP, SH Matthews, Tim ALM Matthews, Tom ALM Matticks, Geoff SA, SH Matuska, Ron SA, SH Mawer, Adam A May, Dan SA, SH May, Ron SA, SH Maynard, Tina ALM McAllister, Patrick SA, SH McArthur, Doreen SA, SH McBride, Jim ALM, SH McBride, Rod HLD, SH McCabe, Tom ALM, SH McCafferty, Brenda ALM McCallum, Joan SA, SH McCarthy, Larry SA, SH McCaughan, Glen SA, SH McCauley, Ted ALM

McClary, William V McClellan, Dale SA, SH McClellan, Grace SA, SH McClellan, Reg SA, SH McClellan, Shirley HLD McClelland, Craig SA, SH McClelland, Keith ALM, SH McCollister, Gus SA, SH McConnell, Kim SA, SH McCorquodale, Larry ALM, SH McCosh, Ron SA, SH McCosh, Ryan V McCrimmon, Graham V McCuaig, Bob SA, SH McCune, Pat SA, SH McDaniel, Rod HLD, SH McDermid, Dan A McDonald, Alan SA, SH McDonald, Bruce SA, SH McDonald, Carol SA, SH McDonald, Dawn A McDonald, Don LM, SH McDonald, Glenn ALM, SH McDonald, Scott A McDonough, Steve D, SH McDonough, Terry SA, SH McDougall, Mike ALM, SH McGannon, Patrick A McGill, Melinda V McGowan, Gil ALM, SH McGregor, Don SA, SH McGregor, Kim SA, SH McInnis, Ken ALM, SH McInnis, Ryan A McIntyre, William ALM, SH McIver, Ric SA, SH McIvor, Jack ALM McIvor, Mike SA, SH McKay, Carol ALM, SH McKay, Jack SA McKay, Lois A McKay, Melissa ALM McKay, Scott ALM McKendry, Roxanne SA, SH McKenna, Darilyn ALM McKenster, Kirsten V McKey, Michael SA, SH McKinnon, Allison ALM, SH McKinnon, Colin SA, SH McKinnon, Don SA, SH McKinnon, Jane SA, SH McKinnon, Scott A McKinnon, Teri D, SH McKinnon, Wayne SA, SH McLane, Herb SA, SH McLaren, Barbara ALM McLaren, Wayne LM, SH

McLean, Elie ALM, SH McLean, Janet ALM, SH McLean, Joan ALM McLellan, Neil ALM McLellan, Sheila SA, SH McLeod, Lynn SA, SH McLeod, Rod SA, SH McLeod, Troy A McMahon, Terry ALM McMann, Dwayne A McMann, Patrick V McMann, Sandy A McMaster, Cherie A McMillan, Ian SA, SH McMillan, Les SA, SH McMillin, Justin V McMorris, Rob A McMurray, Erin A McNair, Andrew V McNair, Thomas V McNamara, Carol ALM, SH McNear, Bev ALM McNeil, Kirk SA, SH McNeil, Ray SA, SH McNeill, Terry A McNichol, Jason V McPherson, Carol SA, SH McTaggart, Donna V McVean, Bruce LM, SH McVicar, Jeanine ALM, SH McWilliam, Melissa V Meadows, Patricia ALM, SH Meating, Bob SA, SH Melbourne, John SA, SH Melchior, Ron SA, SH Melenka, Gerry V Melnechuk, Alex ALM Melville, Joanne A Melville, Judi SA, SH Mercer, Debra A Mercer, Jeff V Merrick, Bernice ALM, SH Merrick, Bob ALM, SH Merrill, Derek ALM, SH Meyer, Vicki A Meyers-Foreman, Janice A Mezzarobba, Marilyn ALM, SH Michaels, David ALM, SH Mick, Lorne ALM, SH Middleton, Dave SA, SH Middleton, John SA, SH Millar, Roberta SA, SH Miller, Aaron A, SH Miller, Andrea A Miller, Bev SA, SH Miller, Dave A Miller, Don SA, SH



Miller, Jamie SA Miller, Jennifer V Miller, Lindsay SA, SH Miller, Pam ALM Miller, Tracey V Milligan, Jim SA, SH Million, Rodney A Millions, Tara A Mills, Bonny ALM Mills, Brett SA Mills, Paul SA, SH Milne, Marlie ALM Milner, Justine SA Milton, Helen SA, SH Milz, Lorne A Miner, Dorothy SA, SH Ming, Dennis SA, SH Minnes, Patsi HLD, SH Mirdoch, Julie SA, SH Mish, Bernie SA, SH Mitchell, Bill V Mitchell, Esther SA, SH Mitchell, George LM, SH Mitchell, John SA, SH Mitchell, Mike V Mitchell, Randy SA, SH Mitchell, Scott V Mitchell, Shirley A Mitchell, Stacey A, SH Mitchell, Wilson A Mix, Karen A Mjolsness, Kristel A, SH Mjolsness, Mary ALM, SH Moffatt, Greg SA, SH Moffatt, Peggy Sue A Mofitt, Barry SA, SH Mofitt, Cheri A Moir, Dianne SA, SH Molnar, Courtland A Molnar, Marnie SA, SH Monteith, Bill ALM, SH Moody, Bob SA, SH Moon, Graham SA, SH Moore, Bob ALM, SH Moore, Don LM, SH Moore, Fred ALM, SH Moore, Greg SA, SH Moore, Jim SA, SH Moore, Jody SA, SH Moore, Ken PP, SH Moore, Kirk SA, SH Moore, Tom A Moore, Wayne SA Morasch, Loyde SA, SH Morgan, David SA, SH Morgan, Elizabeth V Morgan, Robert ALM, SH Morin, Yves A


Morison, Rod SA Morison, Sheila SA, SH Morissette, Ron ALM Moroz Clarke, Janet SA, SH Morozoff, Lloyd SA, SH Morrill, Bill ALM, SH Morrill, Cherlyn SA, SH Morrill, Salena A Morris, Norm ALM Morrison, Alexander ALM, SH Morrison, Graydon ALM, SH Morrison, Kim ALM, SH Morrison, Murray SA, SH Morsky, Marsha SA, SH Morstad, Caia A, SH Morton, Ray ALM Mosher, Nicole SA, SH Moulton, Heather A Mouser, Ross LM, SH Mowat, Don A Mryglod, Glenn SA, SH Mryglod, Marlene SA, SH Muchka Dahl, Nancy V Mueller, Gladys SA, SH Muir, Austin A Muir, Leigh SA, SH Mulji, Imran A Mullan, April A Mullett, Roy ALM, SH Mundie, Drew SA, SH Munro, Al ALM, SH Munro, Alexander V Munro, Barry SA, SH Munro, Jim SA, SH Munro, Jim SA, SH Munro, Shannon SA, SH Munstermann, Chris SA Munstermann, Melvin SA, SH Muri, Welland SA, SH Murphy, Joanne ALM, SH Murphy, Kelly SA, SH Murphy, Maureen SA Murphy, Paul ALM, SH Murray, Bobbi A Murray, Brian ALM Murray, Chris SA, SH Murray, Diane A Murray, Russell SA, SH Musich, Rudy SA Musselwhite, Cherie SA, SH Musselwhite, John SA, SH Myers, Cheryl SA, SH Myketyn, J. Eric ALM, SH Myketyn, Kathy ALM, SH Naegeli, George ALM, SH Nahachewsky, Tammy SA, SH Nakama, Marilyn A Napke, Stephanie SA, SH

Neal, Deanna A Neal, Douglas A Neis, John SA, SH Neis, Joyce SA, SH Neis, Tim SA, SH Neis, Todd SA, SH Nelles, Frank SA, SH Nelson, Bill A Nelson, Doug SA, SH Nelson, Dustin V Nelson, Heather A Nelson, Kevin ALM Nelson, Patti V Nelson, Ralph ALM Nelson, Val SA, SH Nenshi, Naheed D Nesbitt, Tricia SA, SH Nesselbeck, Barbara ALM, SH Netherton, Lindsey A, SH Neufeld, Barbara A Neufeld, Jenny V Neuman, Pat ALM Newbold, Jane A Newby, Wayne ALM Newman, Gillian SA, SH Newman, Peggy SA, SH Newman, Peter ALM, SH Niblock, Leanne SA, SH Nicholls, Jon SA, SH Nicholls, Pepper ALM Nickel, Clarence SA, SH Nickel, Kathaleen ALM, SH Nicoll, Holly A Niederwieser, Harold ALM Nield, Bill SA, SH Nielsen, David SA, SH Nikiforuk, De’Ann A Nimmo, Bryce ALM, SH Nixon, Jay V Noble, Ric A Noble, Todd A Norcross, Don SA, SH Norrie, Jennifer A Northcott, Grant A Northcott, Maggie A Nott, Carla A Nouwen, Doug V Nuttall, Connie A, SH Nutter, Kristina A Oatway, Don SA, SH Oberg, Margaret ALM, SH Oberhoffner, Joseph V Oblak, Kathy SA, SH O’Connor, Ginny A O’Connor, Graham HLD, SH O’Connor, Judy ALM O’Connor, Larry HLD, SH O’Connor, Michael D, SH

O’Connor, Mike SA, SH O’Connor, Sandy SA, SH O’Connor, Sean V O’Connor, Stuart A, SH Oczkowski, Kent V Oelke, Ken SA, SH Olasker, Sonny SA, SH O’Leary, Thomas D, SH Olness, Don V Olson, Scott A Olver, Dick V Ondrik, John ALM Onerheim, Dan A Onerheim, Joan ALM Opsal, Cindy SA, SH Orchard, Peggy ALM Ornburn, Marilyn ALM, SH Orr, Brenda ALM, SH Orr, Lea ALM, SH Orr, Richard ALM, SH Orsulak, Robin A Orysiuk, Wendy A, SH Osborne, Barbara SA, SH Oseen, Shauna ALM Osler, Jock SA, SH Osler, Will SA, SH Ostashower, Shirley A Owad, Judy ALM Owen, Jeff SA, SH Owens, Tom ALM Paget-Turcotte, Twyla SA, SH Pallesen, Peter SA, SH Palmer, David SA, SH Palmer, Ella SA, SH Palmer, Jim ALM, SH Palmer, Rose ALM, SH Panes, Ann ALM, SH Pappas, K.C. SA, SH Pappas, Stephani A Pardo, Cindy SA, SH Park, Aaron A Park, Bob SA, SH Parker, Drew SA Parker, Flo V Parker, Karen SA, SH Parkhill, Don ALM, SH Parkin, Don A, SH Parkinson, Cheyne A, SH Parkinson, Helen V Parry, Liz ALM, SH Parsonage, Julie V Parsons, Don ALM Paterson, Kristin A Paton, Bert ALM, SH Patram, Sherry A Patterson, Amanda SA, SH Patterson, Tony ALM, SH Patterson, Wally A

Pattillo, Stuart A Pazdor, Philip ALM, SH Peace, Jim V Peacock, Jack LM Peake, Colleen ALM, SH Pearce, Gordon PP, SH Pearce, Toni V Pearson, A.J. SA, SH Pearson, Leah A Pearson, Pat SA, SH Pearson, Rob A Pearson, Robert ALM, SH Peckham, Travis SA, SH Pedden, Allan SA, SH Pedersen, Annemarie SA, SH Pedersen, Wendy ALM Pederson, Jean A Peers, Dana D, SH Peers, Rick ALM, SH Pelletier, Marylyn ALM Pendrel, Annice ALM Pendrel, John ALM, SH Peneycad, Fiona SA, SH Penner-Collins, Denise SA, SH Pennock, Meiko A Penny, J.C. SA, SH Peplinski, Jim ALM, SH Percival, Trina SA, SH Perizzolo, Rudy SA, SH Perreault, Al V Perry, Dale ALM, SH Pestun, Janice SA, SH Peters, Leigh SA, SH Peters, Nancy SA, SH Peters, Rob SA, SH Petersen, Karla V Peterson, Judy V Peterson, Rod SA Peterson, Susan SA, SH Petrie, Leslie ALM, SH Petropoulos, Maureen SA, SH Petryk, Pat ALM, SH Pezderic, Ray A Phibbs, Casey V Phillips, Coleen SA Phillips, Dave SA, SH Phillips, Janelle A Phillips, Ross HLD, SH Phoenix SA Pidde, Paul SA, SH Piercy, Lauren A Piers, Bill SA, SH Piers, Susanne ALM Pigeon, Ken V Pigott, Maryann SA, SH Pilarski, Peter V Pilling, Gary SA, SH Pilling, Jim SA, SH

Pilling, Merv SA, SH Pipe, Angela A Piper, Michael A, SH Pitt, Judy SA, SH Pittman, Mac SA, SH Planche, Don SA, SH Planche, Jeannie A, SH Plaskon, Lubo V Platt, Donna ALM, SH Platt, Gordon ALM, SH Platz, Anne SA, SH Plunz, Dave A Poffenroth, Bob HLD, SH Poffenroth, Donna ALM, SH Pogue, Bob SA, SH Pokrandt, Dave SA Polis, Gord A Polischuk, Debbie SA, SH Pollard, Sheri A Pollock, Bonnie ALM Polowick, Marlin ALM Polson, Paul D, SH Pon, Patti A Pope, David SA, SH Popik, Leon B. ALM Popik, Leon C. SA, SH Porter, Arlene ALM, SH Porter, Bill HLD, SH Porter, Ray ALM, SH Postlewaite, Don LM, SH Postlewaite, Scott SA, SH Pottinger, Leanne A Poulsen, David V Poulton, Patricia SA, SH Pound, Tracy A Powder, Kevin SA, SH Powers, Jim SA, SH

The Stampede’s unique agriculture showcase is unparalleled in the world. Our programs bring the best of the agriculture industry into the heart of Calgary.



Powless, Jessica V Poyen, Jock SA, SH Pratt, Shannon V Preece, Derek ALM Presley, Christel SA, SH Presley, John SA, SH Prettie, Andy SA, SH Price, Al SA, SH Price, Jennifer V Price, John SA, SH Price, Stacy SA, SH Pringle, Bertram SA, SH Pringle, Sandra ALM Pritchard, Collin SA, SH Pritchard, Janet V Proceviat, Ashley SA, SH Prodan, Dean ALM Prodan, Hugh ALM, SH Proskie, Joe SA, SH Proskow, Darrol SA, SH Proskow, Morris ALM, SH Provost, Careen V Provost, Cindy A Prudhomme, Tara V Puffer, Bruce A Purcell, Gordon SA, SH Purdy, Alexander A Purdy, Carl ALM, SH Purdy, Glen SA, SH Purdy, Kirk ALM, SH Purdy, Robert A, SH Purdy, Storm ALM Pyke, David SA, SH Pysyk, Jeff V Quance, Maggie V Quarrie, Ron ALM Quinn, Shauna V Quinney, Bill ALM, SH Quinton, Dianne A Quinton, Tracy A Raby, Stephen SA, SH Racher, Garth ALM, SH Ralston, Brenda SA, SH Ramsay, Graeme SA, SH Ramsay, Mark A Ramsay, Sarah A, SH Ramsden, Cathi A Rasmussen, Heather SA, SH Rasmussen, Jan V Rawlyck, Donna A, SH Rayner, Ruth Ann SA, SH Rea, Angela V Rebalkin, Darren ALM Rebeyka, Frank SA, SH Redmond, Bruce LM, SH Reeb, Fred SA, SH Reed, Jack A Reeves, Barry A


Regehr, Pamela SA, SH Reid, Jacqueline A Reid, Stuart SA, SH Reimer, Brian SA, SH Reimer, Terry A Rempal, Garrett SA, SH Repka-Willard, Shelley ALM, SH Rescanski, Fred A Reyes, Rizalyn V Reynolds, Clive SA Reynolds, Colleen SA, SH Reynolds, David SA, SH Reynolds, Ryan ALM Rhodes, Darryl ALM, SH Richards, Adele SA, SH Richards, Mick SA, SH Richards, Scott V Richardson, Jill A Richardson, Lee D Richardson, Shannon A, SH Rieberger, Michael SA, SH Rigel, Ken A Rimer, Barry SA, SH Rimer, Lacey V Rimer, Luke SA Ringstad, Dean V Risdon, Marlene SA, SH Ritchie, Randy ALM, SH Rivers, Joanne ALM Roach, Joanne SA, SH Roach, John SA, SH Roach, Matt SA, SH Robak, Brian SA, SH Robak, Liliana SA, SH Roberts, Donna SA, SH Roberts, Jason V Robertson, Carolyn A Robertson, Garry SA, SH Robertson, Jim SA, SH Robertson, Robert SA Robin, Alistair A Robinson, Carla ALM Robinson, Dave SA, SH Robinson, Gay SA, SH Robinson, Jean SA, SH Robinson, Matthew SA Robinson, Norma SA, SH Robinson, Tyler SA, SH Robinson, Val HLD, SH Robinson, Wayne ALM, SH Robinson, Wes SA, SH Robinson Ladiges, Cathy SA, SH Robson, Dave ALM, SH Roche, Barbara ALM Rochon, Katie A Rockafellow, Donna ALM Rodgers, Lonnie SA, SH Rodney, Dave D

Roe, Kerri SA, SH Rogers, Mike SA, SH Ronald, Brent SA, SH Rontynen, Christina V Rook, Gordon SA, SH Rooney, Jessica A Rooney, Len SA, SH Root, David V Root, Karen SA, SH Root, Mayne SA, SH Roscoe, Dick ALM, SH Ross, Bob SA, SH Ross, Carl SA, SH Ross, Gill A Ross, Jack ALM Ross, John SA, SH Ross, Marilyn ALM Ross, Mike SA, SH Ross, Shirley ALM, SH Ross-Albert, Alison SA Rothwell, Bonnie A Rougeau, Kirstie A Rourke, Mac ALM Routley, Don SA, SH Rowe, Ralph LM, SH Rowley, Roger A Roy, Bruce SA, SH Roy, Cathy A Royal, Cory A Royal, Jack A Royal, Ted ALM, SH Royle, Peggy A Rudd, Dave SA, SH Ruddell, Terry ALM Rude, Bailea V Rude, Kevin SA Rudolf, Jeffrey V Rule, John SA, SH Rule, Lynn ALM, SH Runcie, Garnet SA, SH Russell, Dan SA, SH Russell, Erin A Russell, Ken LM, SH Rusted, Brian SA, SH Rutherford, Cindy A Rutherford, Keith SA, SH Rutherford, Marty A Rutley, Alexandra V Rutley, Howard ALM Rutley, Kirk ALM Rutz, Barry A Ruzicka, Colleen A Ryan, Cami V Ryder, Larry SA, SH Sabo, Russ SA, SH Sadlowski, Michelle V Sadowski, Rob ALM, SH Saguez, Carole SA, SH

Sahs, Dennis SA, SH Sailor, Stan LM, SH Saklofske, Harold ALM Salloum, Dan V Salomons, Gordon ALM, SH Salomonson, Ron A Sampson, Tom SA, SH Samulak, Shaunna SA Sanden, Al ALM Sanders, Myra A Sanderson, Greg SA Sanger, Neil SA, SH Sargeant, Donna SA Sattin, Allan ALM, SH Sattin, Rachel V Saucier, Heather SA, SH Saunders, Alf SA, SH Saunders, Bill SA, SH Saunders, Fred SA, SH Saunders, Steven ALM, SH Sauter, Doug V Sautner, Linda ALM Savage, Garry SA, SH Savoia, Gino A Sawatzky, David V Sawchuk, Dianne ALM Sawchuk, Ron ALM Sawley, Jackie V Schaefler, Lynne V Scheirman, Brian ALM, SH Scheirman, Trevor A Scheurkogel, Ron V Schild, Laurie V Schild, Olive ALM Schlunzen, Jeff V Schmaltz, Doug SA, SH Schmeiler, Leslie SA Schmid, Karin V Schmiedchen, Gay SA, SH Schneider, Bradley V Schneider, Jack ALM, SH Schneider, Jessica SA, SH Schneider, Mark SA Schneider, Jr., Jack SA, SH Schoield, Maggie SA, SH Schreiner, Duane ALM, SH Schroeder, Brock A Schroeder Church, Marion A Schuelke, Lara SA Schuh, Rick SA, SH Schultz, Barb ALM Schultz, Tom ALM Schulz, Maureen SA, SH Schwarz, Bob ALM Schwieger, Ron ALM, SH Scobie, Shannon SA, SH Scott, Bob SA, SH Scott, Craig V

Scott, John SA Scott, Peter ALM, SH Scott-Brown, Diane ALM Scrivens, Adrian A Scrivens, Donna A Seabrook, Keith ALM, SH Seabrook, Spencer V Seamans, Donna V Searle, Sandy A Sears, Bev ALM, SH Sears, Larry V Sedgwick, Victoria A, SH Seifert, Opal LM, SH Seitz, Blaine SA, SH Selgensen, Eric ALM, SH Selgensen, June ALM, SH Sellar, Marilyn SA, SH Sembo, Brian A Sergerie, Cindy SA, SH Sergerie, Gilles A Sergerie, Tara A Seto, Fong ALM, SH Seto, Richard SA, SH Seupersad, Rachael A Sevcik, Russell SA Sewall, Brad SA, SH Sewall, Kim SA, SH Shacklady, Ted SA, SH Shalanski, Karen ALM Shandro, Douglas SA, SH Shandro, Tyler A, SH Shanley, John SA, SH Shannon, JoAnn A, SH Shannon, Miranda A Shannon, Shilo ALM Shannon, Todd SA, SH Shaver, Grant SA Shaver, Inez SA, SH Shaw, Bev SA, SH Shaw, Michael V Shearer, Jim ALM Sheka, Tenzin SA, SH Shields, Dave A Shipclark, Marnee V Shirley, Erin A Sholdice, Marnie SA, SH Short, Valdine ALM, SH Shute, Dennis SA, SH Shuttleworth, Wayne SA, SH Sibbald, David D, SH Sibbald, Wayne SA, SH Sicotte, Nicole ALM Sietzema, Hidzer SA Siewert, Mike SA Sigurdson, Derrick SA, SH Silliker, Frank SA, SH Sim, Darrel A, SH Simmering, Cris V

Simmons, Shane SA, SH Simoneau, Anne-Marie A, SH Simonton, Samantha A Simpson, Dave SA Simpson, Debbie A, SH Simpson, Dixie SA, SH Simpson, Joseph SA, SH Simundson, Shelby V Sinclair, Brian SA, SH Sinclair, Odell SA, SH Sinclair, Robert A Singleton, Ric A Sinton, Terry ALM Sitting Eagle, Gerald SA, SH Skaggs, Rick SA, SH Skeans, Paul SA, SH Skeels, Dan SA, SH Skupa, Tom SA, SH Slade, Don LM, SH Sledz, Jodi SA, SH Sledzinski, Brenda ALM, SH Sloan, Fred V Slocombe, Robert SA, SH Smith, Alison SA, SH Smith, Amy SA, SH Smith, Bunny ALM, SH Smith, Carole SA, SH Smith, Christine A, SH Smith, Craig SA, SH Smith, Debbie SA, SH Smith, Denette A Smith, Dennis A, SH Smith, Donna SA, SH Smith, Ernest ALM, SH Smith, Gregg ALM, SH Smith, Jean ALM Smith, Jim ALM, SH Smith, Jim SA, SH Smith, Kelly A Smith, Laura ALM, SH Smith, Lori SA Smith, Michael A Smith, Quincy HLD, SH Smith, Rick G. SA, SH Smith, Rick R. SA, SH Smith, Robert SA, SH Smith, Sean A, SH Smyth, Sean ALM Snider, Allan A Snow, Stacie SA Snyder, Steve HLD Soltys, Deanna ALM, SH Solvason, Lorne SA, SH Solverson, Larry SA, SH Somerset, Blake SA Sommerfeld, Wanda V Sorensen, Grethe ALM, SH Sorensen, Jette SA, SH



Southern, Ron ALM, SH Sowiak, Christine SA, SH Spady, Halley ALM Spear, Herb SA, SH Spence, Dwayne SA, SH Spence, Roc D, SH Spence, Shayne SA, SH Spencer, Jason A Spilker, Brenda A Spooner, Sharon SA, SH Sprague, Bob SA, SH Spratt, Jane ALM Spratt, Nancy SA, SH Spring-Gifford, Christine A Sproule, Mark SA, SH Spurr, Jocelyn A, SH Squires, Paul SA, SH Staddon, Sean SA, SH Stafford, Rod SA, SH Stainsby, Esther SA, SH Stainsby, Kim ALM, SH Stanton, Anna A Stanton, Dan ALM Stanton, Raymond A Starchuk, Richard ALM, SH Stark, Marguerite SA, SH Starlight, Bruce ALM Starlight, James V Starling, Louise ALM, SH Steblecki, Ben SA, SH Steedman, Cliff SA, SH Steel, Jim SA, SH Steel, Oscar V Steele, Barbara SA, SH Steele, Cara A Steele, Heather SA, SH Steele, Peter SA, SH Steen, Jack PP, SH Steen, Patsy SA, SH Steen-Bowles, Laurie ALM Stefanchuk, Peter ALM, SH Stefanchuk, Thora ALM, SH Steiner, Brian SA, SH Stella, Dean SA, SH Stephens, David SA, SH Stephens, Mary ALM, SH Stephenson, Barbara SA, SH Stephenson, Courtney A Stephenson, Dan ALM Stephenson, George ALM, SH Stevens, Jill A Stevens, Mark ALM Stevens, Marlene A Stewart, Carol ALM, SH Stewart, Don SA, SH Stewart, Doug ALM Stewart, Frank SA, SH Stewart, Hilary ALM


Stewart, Holly ALM Stewart, Spencer V Stiles, Sharon SA, SH Stillwell, Janet V Stilwell, Vic ALM Stirling, Rob SA, SH Stirling, Troy V Stitt, Jim SA, SH Stitt, Julie A Stock, Carol ALM, SH Stockwell, Robert ALM, SH Stoen, Dale A Stone, Becky A Stonehouse, Geoffrey A Stonehouse, Kathleen A Storwick, Karen V Stott, Kate ALM Stott, Ken LM, SH Stout, Bill SA, SH Stout, Don SA Stout, Shane SA Strange, Michael SA Street, David ALM, SH Street, Glenn D, SH Stricharuk, Jack SA, SH Stroman, Fred ALM Stuart, Al ALM Stuart, Chris SA, SH Stuart, Ken A, SH Stuart, Rosemary A Stuart, Sheri V Stunzi, Shirley SA Styles, Barry ALM Styner, Brad A Sucha, Donald V Suddaby, Darrel SA, SH Suddaby-Johnson, Tara SA, SH Sullivunn, Kaye ALM Sumner, Bill SA, SH Sumner, Bob HLD, SH Sunderland, Vyetta SA, SH Sutherland, Blaine A Sutton, Josh V Sveen, Joan SA, SH Sveinson, Keith LM, SH Swainger, Deb A, SH Swanby, Erik SA, SH Swanby, Riley V Swanson, Al SA, SH Swanson, David SA, SH Swanston, Don SA, SH Swanston, Donna ALM Swanston, Linda ALM, SH Sweet, Sandra A Swinton, Bill ALM, SH Switzer, Cathy ALM, SH Switzer, Clay ALM, SH Switzer, Sam SA, SH

Symons, Bill SA, SH Symons, Marilyn ALM Syvenky, Steve SA, SH Tainsh, Dave SA, SH Takken, Connie SA, SH Talbot, David HLD, SH Tanner, Dorothy ALM, SH Tanner, Lynn SA, SH Tanner, Monti ALM, SH Tarbox, Lori ALM, SH Targett, Bryan ALM, SH Taylor, Beth ALM Taylor, Bill ALM, SH Taylor, Bob D, SH Taylor, Ellie LM, SH Taylor, Eric SA, SH Taylor, Fred SA, SH Taylor, Freddy SA, SH Taylor, Ken ALM, SH Taylor, Kevin A Taylor, Lonnie V Taylor, Lyle ALM, SH Taylor, Morley ALM, SH Taylor, Paul ALM Taylor, Scott A Taylor, Simon A Taylor-Flexhaug, Myrna SA, SH Thacker-Bjarnason, Sis ALM Tharp, Bernard LM Thevenaz, Dave ALM, SH Third, John SA, SH Thomas, Ashlee A Thomas, David A Thomas, Ellen V Thomas, Jane SA, SH Thomas, Lance SA, SH Thomas, Robert SA, SH Thomas, Roger V Thompson, Bob VC, SH Thompson, Bonnie SA, SH Thompson, Christy SA Thompson, David ALM Thompson, Debbie SA, SH Thompson, Don LM, SH Thompson, Jack SA, SH Thompson, John ALM Thompson, Lee HLD, SH Thompson, Len ALM, SH Thon, Wendy SA, SH Thorbjornsen, Tracy SA, SH Thoreson, Julie ALM Thoreson, Roy ALM, SH Thorne, Bill ALM Thornton, Dolores ALM, SH Thornton, Harold HLD, SH Thornton, Lynne SA, SH Thorpe, John LM, SH Thrasher, Kate SA, SH

Three Sons, Stan A Tiangha, Reg SA, SH Tickles, Ed ALM, SH Tickles, Laurel SA Tidball, Bill LM, SH Tidsbury, Isabella SA, SH Tidswell, Kim SA, SH Tidswell, Sandy SA, SH Tillie, Della SA, SH Tillman, Sharon SA, SH Tittemore, Carol V Tittemore, Jim SA, SH Tobert, Owen SA, SH Todd, Bill SA, SH Toft, Gary LM, SH Tomilson, Susan SA, SH Tomlin, Denean SA, SH Tomlinson, Dale SA, SH Tomshak, Mike ALM Torfason, Catherine A, SH Torgerson, Gary ALM Tornberg, Carol ALM Tough, Allan ALM, SH Trafford, James V Trann, Brenna A, SH Trapp, Averil SA, SH Traptow, Josh V Traquair, Brad SA, SH Treacy, Bob ALM, SH Treacy, Donna ALM, SH Treacy, Linton ALM, SH Tremblay, Dana A TreWinnard, Patsy A, SH Trimble, Harvey ALM, SH Truch, Peter A Tuck, Philip ALM Tucker, Mike ALM Tucker, Ron ALM Tull, Don SA, SH Tupper, Dave SA, SH Turcotte, Joanne V Turcotte, Michael A, SH Turnbull, Glen LM, SH Turner, Don ALM, SH Turner, Henry SA, SH Turner, Jeanette SA, SH Turner, Maureen A Turri, Dale V Tveter, Orlo SA, SH Twittey, Herb SA, SH Twittey, Margaret SA, SH Tynan, Colleen SA, SH Tynan, Maureen SA, SH Tynan, Russ HLD, SH Tynan, Wendy SA, SH Tyrrell, John SA, SH Vaillancourt, Paul A Vajdik, Marcel SA

Valentine, Pat ALM Valentine, Paul A Valentine, Peter SA, SH Valliere, Lynda ALM Van Dyck, Peter SA, SH Van Erkel, Ben SA, SH van Gilst, Sarah SA, SH Van Haarlem, Rob V Van Ham, Jim SA Van Laar, Barry SA, SH Van Mierlo, Dianna SA, SH Van Olm, Ronald V Van Staden, Chris SA, SH Van Tighem, Peter ALM, SH Van Vliet, Kimberley A, SH Vande Walle, Leo ALM VanderGriend, Marlene V Vanderwiel, Art SA, SH Vanhoutte, Tom SA Vaughan, Laurie V Venini, David SA, SH Vennard, Gene ALM, SH Verbonac, Debbie SA Verna, Giuliana V Vesey, Bob ALM, SH Vesey, Meghan A, SH Vetere, Mario SA, SH Viccars, Bob SA, SH Vickery, Gary SA, SH Vincent, Christopher V Vincent, Kathryn V Vine, David SA, SH Vipond, Grant ALM Virostek, Blaine SA, SH Visser, Arlene SA, SH Vogel, Ron SA, SH Voisin, Tammie A Volk, Connie SA, SH Waddell, Linda ALM, SH Waddell, Shayne A Waddell, Wayne SA, SH Wagner, Erle SA, SH Wagner, Ryan V Wakeield, Maria V Waldner, Michelle SA Waldner, Robb SA Waldorf, Don SA, SH Waldron, Keith SA, SH Walker, Bob A, SH Walker, Bob ALM, SH Walker, Corey A Walker, Edward ALM Walker, John SA, SH Walker, Katherine V Walker, Lauren SA Walker, Lynn V Walker, Matthew V Walker, Patti SA, SH

Walker, Tasha V Wallace, Bob ALM Wallace, Chris ALM Wallace, Don ALM Wallace, Donna ALM Wallis, Laurie SA, SH Walsh, Bill LM, SH Walsh, Tom LM, SH Walters, April SA, SH Walters, Becca V Walters, Bret ALM, SH Ward, Deborah SA, SH Ward, Marty V Ward, Ron SA, SH Wardner, George ALM, SH Ware, Bob A, SH Warman, Melody A Warner, Shane V Warnock, Patricia A Warrack, Ian A Warren, Janice SA Warrier, Vivek A Warshawski, Frank A Warwaruk Rogers, Robyn V Waters, Mark SA, SH Watfa, Tony V Watmough, Rusty ALM Watson, Beth SA Watson, Colette SA, SH Watson, David ALM, SH Watson, William A Watt, Gerald ALM Watt, Ian ALM Watts, Bill ALM, SH Watts, Dawn SA Way, Bill ALM Wearmouth, Sue-Anne SA, SH Wearmouth, Vicki SA, SH Weasel Child, Donna A Weasel Child, Gaylene A Weaver, Harold SA Webb, Connie SA, SH Webb, Kathleen ALM, SH Webber, John ALM, SH Webster, Gordon ALM, SH Weerstra, Marjorie SA, SH Weidmann, Sonja SA Weidmann, Stephanie V Weidner, Arlene SA, SH Weiler, Gary SA, SH Weir, Meryl SA, SH Weir, Rob ALM, SH Weismose, Norm LM, SH Welch, Irene SA, SH Weldon, Owen SA Welsch, Jardi A Welsh, Larry ALM, SH Welter, Tim A, SH



Wendorff, Rod A Werbisky, Mike ALM Wesner, Tara SA, SH West, Christy V West, Fred LM, SH West, Gordie ALM West, Kim SA, SH Westenfelt, Jesse V Westerberg, Eric SA, SH Westerberg, Lyndon ALM Westlund, Jamie SA, SH Wetherup, Hal SA, SH Wetherup, Jackie SA, SH Wetherup, Michael SA Wettstein, Carl SA, SH Wettstein, Danelle A Whenham, Donn ALM Whenham, T.O. ALM White, Bob ALM White, Jim A White, Robert A White-Tucker, Kerry ALM Whitield, Jason ALM Whitworth, Jack ALM, SH Whitworth, Marion ALM, SH Wick, Ken V Wickerson, Mary Anne SA Wiebe, Horst ALM Wiebe, Vic ALM, SH Wiegman, Henry SA Wiens, Abbie A Wiens, Heather SA, SH Wiens, Kevin A, SH Wiersma, Annelies SA Wiese, Brian SA, SH Wight, Hunter SA, SH Wilcox, Chris V Wildman, Brett SA Wilkes, Perry SA, SH Wilkie, Whitney V Wilkinson, Corinne V Wilkinson, Jessica A Will, Marilyn SA, SH Williams, Bruce SA, SH Williams, Cherelyn A Williams, Gloria SA, SH Williams, Jack ALM, SH Williams, Judy ALM Williams, Lennie SA, SH Williams, Mark SA, SH Williamson, Paul A Willoughby, Scott V Willoughby, Teri ALM, SH Wilson, Bill SA, SH Wilson, Bob ALM, SH Wilson, David SA, SH Wilson, Deanna SA Wilson, Dick ALM


Wilson, Don PP, SH Wilson, Don SA, SH Wilson, Don SA, SH Wilson, Doug V Wilson, Ehren SA Wilson, Helena ALM Wilson, Jim A Wilson, Linda ALM Wilson, Penny SA, SH Wilson, Robert ALM Wilson, Roberta V Wilson, Sarah A, SH Wilson, Shawn ALM, SH Wilson, Steve SA, SH Wilton, Sheldon SA, SH Windolff, Gladys SA, SH Winkler, Daryl V Winkler, Evelyn SA, SH Winters, Natalie SA Witbeck, Bill ALM Wittmann, Diane SA, SH Wolach, Jo-Anne A Wollin, Chris V Wollin, Jeff V Woloshyn, Alyson A Wong, Sam ALM Woo, Harvey SA, SH Woo, Janice V Wood, Barry SA, SH Wood, Gerry SA, SH Wood, Jenna A Woodall, Stephen ALM, SH Woods, Alix A Woodward, Marian ALM Woolrich, Earl ALM, SH Woolstencroft, Dorothy SA, SH Wosnock, Ken ALM, SH Wozney, Mary V Wray, Doug ALM, SH Wright, Allen SA, SH Wright, Cam ALM Wright, Donald ALM Wright, Laura V Wright, Lexi SA, SH Wright, Lori SA, SH Wright, Murray SA, SH Wroe, Barry SA, SH Wyatt, Donna SA, SH Wylie, Dallas A Wylie, Justian SA, SH Wylie, Len LM, SH Wylie, Susan A Wylie, Tiffany SA Wyse, Donna SA, SH Wyton, Ginette ALM Wyton, Lise A Wyton, Steve V Yakunin, Alex ALM

Yamkowy, Tammy V Yeast, Bill SA, SH Yee, Wee HLD, SH Yeomans, Debbie A Young, Betty ALM Young, Beverley ALM, SH Young, Don SA, SH Young, Doug ALM, SH Young, Graham SA, SH Young, Jereme SA, SH Young, John ALM Young, Karen ALM Young, Laura V Young, Phil A Young, Robert PP, SH Younker, Tania SA Yuffe, Hartley ALM, SH Yule, Janet ALM Zakowsky, Tina A Zalasky, Andrea A Zarbatany, Taylor A Zaytsoff, Gloria SA Zboya, Donald SA, SH Zell, Ray ALM, SH Zeran, Peggy ALM, SH Zickefoose, Sherri SA, SH Ziegler, Earl ALM, SH Ziegler, Sandy SA, SH Zielke, Todd SA, SH Zipse, Dean ALM Zoback, Darryl V Zukerman, David ALM, SH Zwick, Dan ALM

We also remember the signiicant contributions of volunteers who passed away. We bid farewell to: DECEASED IN 2011 Copithorne, Danny PP, SH Pritchard, Vicky ALM, SH Stroick, Mike ALM, SH MacInnes, Richard HLD, SH Brookwell, Gerry ALM La Barre, Allan ALM Chapman, Ron ALM, SH Williamson, Keith SA Tegart, Happy ALM Browarny, Walt ALM, SH Luxford, Paul SA, SH Burke, Brian ALM James, James SA, SH Chushing, Patricia ALM Palmer, Cec SA, SH


Abdelhadi, Mohammad Abramenko, Edith Abugan, Dave Ager, Steve Ahearn, Heather Ahuja, Gurvinder Ambrosino, Umberto Anderson, Gordon Anger, Kimberly Anhorn, Allison Annear, Tom Austin, Victoria Babin, Laura Bachez Sr., Luis Bachez, Maria Ball, Kim Barker, Neil Bartel-Cox, Mitzi Beauchamp, Rita Beirnes, Susan Belanger, Donna Bellingham, James Benson, Laurel Bishop, Colleen Bitter, Deanne Biyik, Ayca Blizard, Kerrie Boddy, Christopher Boesch, Carrie Booth, Jennifer Bourque, Sandra Bowley, Doug Breton, Roger Brown, Edward Burchell, Rosemary Burge, Kim Burrows, Paul Cairns, Robert Cameron, Christie Carew, Ronald Caron, Colleen Carson, Deanne Chambers, Julie Chambers, Kelly Chau, Biar Cheng, Yu-Fen Cherwinski, Michael Chittick, Brian Church, William Connell, Warren Connellan, Karen Corkran, Clayton


Cowie, Derrick Coxford, Jason Crawford, Terrill Crowshoe, Anita Crumb, Cortland Dale, Derek Davadilla, Beatriz Davis, Cheryl Deans, Rand Delaney, Michael Dolmage, Liam Downes, Selina Ebbels, Tannis Ell, Lindsay Ens, Wendy Eriamiator, Jeff Faulkner, Peter Ferris, Nancy Finigan, Kenneth Finley, Danny Forsyth, Caroline Forsyth, Harold Foster, Lisa Foster, Steven Foster, Tracey Fraser, Doug Freiday, Lloyd Friedt, Darla Friesen, Mike Fritz, Max Galoc, Carmen Galvez, Virginia Gamracy, Cindy Garnett, Gordon Garnett, Sharon Garnett, Susan Genest, Darcy George, Randy Georgeson, Isabella Geres, Maureen Gleason, Timothy Goldade, Nadine Goodman, Raymond Goulet, Cheryl Greenhall, Cheryle Greenway, Jessica Hagkull, Stacey Hall, Lukas Hanrahan, John Harrison, Paul Hartford, Diana Hasper, Cristina

Hauser, Deborah Hayes, Sarah Haynes, Cherie-Lynn Henning, Robert Hess, Howard Hickman, David Hislop, Newton Hodgins, Jack Holder, Kari Horpinuk, Duane Howlett-Sexsmith, Mary Jane Infante, Carlo Ingelson, Scott Isakson, Aimee Iskra, Edward Iwanchuk, David Iwanylo, Orest Jardine, Lindsay Johns, Trevor Johnson, Bjorn Johnson, Steven Jones, Kelvin Jonsson, Amy Kelsey, Allen Kendrick, Greg Khunkhun, Melanie Kimball, Davis Kimball, Vernon Knight, Ken Kraft, Tyler Krahn, Jessi Kusinski, Joanna Kwong, William Lacombe, Sandra Ladha, Anar Laliberte, Paul Landry, Rejean Lau, Kelly Laurendeau, James Lawrence, Peter Lawson, Candace Laycraft, Catherine Leavitt, Brian Lees, Heather LeManne, Stephen Leung, Sally Littley, Shirley Litzenberger, Rhonda Livingstone, Jennifer Lochli, Hannah Logan, Kerri Lunder, Sandra

MacEachern, Tom Macmillan, Janette Maerz, Chantelle Mananquil, Edwin Mandondo, Faith Mape, Cheryl Marrington, Keith Mayhew, Julie Mayo, Kimberley Mayuga, Jenn Mcafee, Sandy Mcafee, Shane McBride, Shayne Mccabe, Sean McCarthy, Maureen McCullough, Kirk McGrath, Anita McGrath, Barry McHugh, Gerald McIntyre, Linda McKinnon, Megan McMullin, Jane Mcneil, Neil Meding, Vernon Mercer, Tyler Metz, Patricia Mills, Sharon Mlynek, Danielle Monaghan, Karen Moore, Gabriel Morrison, Kevin Morton, Tanya Mudry, Kevin Muench, Mark Mulligan, Kevin Murin, Terry Musgrave, Robert Musgrove, Jodi Nagra, Raj Newinger, Donald Nguyen, Andrew Nian, Bao Qiang Nicholson, Jayne Niebergall, Darren OBrien, Patrick O’Keefe, Alison Oliver, Garry O’Neil, John Pascoe, Gordon Patterson, Charles Pedersen, Mike Pennoyer, Kelley

Perrier, Dawn Phipps, Laura Poffenroth, Diana Poffenroth, Krista Pyne, Ann Racette, Gail Radke, James Ramage, Alan Rehill, Ken Reid, Mitchell Reid, Tracy Reynolds, Kristen Riach, Alex Robbins, Joanna Robertson, Bruce Robson, Kathryn Rogers, Linda Rosenberg, Paul Ross, Gayle Saarenoja, Jouni Sabourin, Todd Savic, Nada Sawatzky, Beth Sayeau, Brent Scheidt, Darlene Schnurr, Sharianne Sharp, Mike Sheets, Erin Sikorski, Michael Simpson, Hal Sitter, Valerie Skelly, Greg Slof, Jeff Smith, Darryl Smith, Stephanie Sobie, Gerry Sobuliak, Cathy Speckeen, Lonnie Stall, Sarah Stanger, Kevin Steele, Susan Stickley, Robin Sucha, Carolyn Suel, Cheryl Sugden, Jennifer Sweeney, Tara Tan, Isaac Tate, Roderick Teare, Don Thauberger, Taren Then, Tracy Tocheniuk, Shannon

Toy, Payne Ulrich, Karen Urban, Holly Vastag, Sandor Voth, Shirley Vuong, Anne Warder, Brett Webb, Krista Webb, Susan Webster, Dale Weidinger, Carrie Whitney, Amanda Whittingham, Marc Wiley, Christine Williams, Kristine Williston, James Wise, Robert Wright, Allison Wright, Bruce Wyn, Michelle Yang, Xuedong Yeadon, Sue Yeast, Sharon Young, Jim Young, Pearl Zabos, Barbara Zbytnuik, Jeri-lyn Full-time employee list as of December 31, 2011.

For 50 years the Calgary Stampede has been committed to improving the sport of rodeo by raising world-renowned bucking stock at our ranch.



SADDLE BRONC RIDING $100,000 Champion Chad Ferley BAREBACK RIDING $100,000 Champion Clint Cannon BULL RIDING $100,000 Champion Shane Proctor TIE-DOWN ROPING $100,000 Champion Tuf Cooper STEER WRESTLING $100,000 Champion Straws Milan BARREL RACING $100,000 Champion Sydni Blanchard NOVICE SADDLE BRONC RIDING Wyatt Thurston NOVICE BAREBACK RIDING Cole Goodine BOYS’ STEER RIDING Logan Goldsmith GUY WEADICK MEMORIAL AWARD Scott Schiffner CHAMPION SADDLE BRONC Harvey Northcott Rodeo’s N 242 Get Smart CHAMPION BAREBACK BRONC Calgary Stampede’s C S66 Stampede Warrior CHAMPION BULL Outlaw Rodeo Corp’s O 600 Japetto CHUCKWAGON Aggregate Champion Reg Johnstone $100,000 Champion

Kelly Sutherland – Ya Ya Calgary

Rookie Award

Layne Bremner

Safety Award

Reg Johnstone

Outstanding Outrider

Calgary Stampede’s C S66 Stampede Warrior


Chanse Vigen

2011 FINANCIAL REPORTING Management’s Responsibility for Financial Reporting The preparation and presentation of the consolidated inancial statements and the overall quality of inancial reporting are the responsibility of Management of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited. The consolidated inancial statements have been prepared in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles and necessarily include estimates that are based on Management’s best judgments. Information contained elsewhere in the Report to the Community is consistent, where applicable, with that contained in the consolidated inancial statements. Management is responsible for installing and maintaining a system of internal controls to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded and that reliable inancial information is produced for preparation of consolidated inancial statements. Management believes that the system of internal controls operated effectively in 2011.

Vern Kimball Chief Executive Oficer February 7, 2012


Paul Harrison Chief Financial Oficer

2011 FINANCIAL REPORTING Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing Management’s performance of its responsibilities for inancial reporting and internal control. The Board exercises this responsibility with the assistance of the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board. The Committee is composed of not fewer than seven (currently eight) members, the majority (currently ive) of whom are directors of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited. The Committee reviews the annual consolidated inancial statements, considers the appropriateness of accounting policies and assesses the overall quality of the inancial reporting. The Committee also reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding inancial matters and oversees the process that Management has in place to identify inancial reporting risks. The Committee recommends to the Board the auditors to be appointed by the shareholders and approves in advance fees for the auditor’s services. Deloitte & Touche LLP was appointed by the shareholders as the independent auditor in 2011 to conduct an examination and express their opinion on the consolidated inancial statements. The Auditor’s Report outlines the auditor’s opinion and the scope of their examination. The services provided by the independent auditor are restricted to the audit of the consolidated inancial statements, and audit-related and inancial risk services. The Committee reviews and approves the terms of engagement of the independent auditor, the scope and plan for the external audit and reviews with the auditor the results of the audit and the Auditor’s Report. The auditor reports to the Committee. The Committee also discusses with the auditor their independence from Management and Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited and receives written conirmation of their independence. Management and the auditor attend Committee meetings and each is provided with the opportunity to meet privately with the Committee. The Committee met nine times in 2011.

Allen Hagerman Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee February 7, 2012


CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION December 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars)

2011 ASSETS Current assets Cash and short-term deposits (Note 6) Accounts receivable Inventory (Note 3) Prepaid expenses



6,578 7,474 1,736 915

16,703 10,195 3,684 214,322

14,428 25,046 4,383 241,398

Restricted Cash (Note 9) Investments (Note 4) Employee future beneits (Note 5) Property and equipment (Note 6)

LIABILITIES Current liabilities Bank indebtedness (Note 7) Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Advances on future events Deferred grant revenue Current portion of long-term debt (Note 8)

5,256 6,384 1,711 1,077







2,455 9,768 12,243 5,612 2,668


4,097 8,869 2,349 2,605

Long-term debt (Note 8) Interest rate swaps (Note 8) Deferred contributions (Note 9)

32,746 67,409 15,293 91,324

17,920 70,015 8,422 66,304



SHARE CAPITAL Authorized: 20,000 shares of no par value Issued and outstanding: 1,779 (2010 – 1,723) COMMUNITY INVESTMENT Capital commitments (Note 6) Contingency (Note 16) $








See accompanying notes

On behalf of the Board:

Michael Casey, Director

Allen Hagerman, Director


CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS AND COMMUNITY INVESTMENT Year Ended December 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars)

Gross Revenue 2011

OPERATIONS Stampede Food and beverage Facilities Stampede Casino (Note 13) Agricultural activities Other activities (Note 13)


57,638 19,567 18,074 14,972 1,015 1,181

$ 112,447

Direct Expenses





52,440 19,006 18,819 7,472 1,043 2,600


43,937 14,577 12,168 14,508 2,657 2,129


42,388 14,569 13,102 7,689 2,623 2,146

$ 101,380







INDIRECT EXPENSES Administration, marketing and park services Interest on long-term debt Employee future beneits (Note 5) Amortization of property and equipment Amortization of deferred contributions (Note 9) Deiciency of revenue over expenses before Provincial Government grants Provincial Government grants (Note 10) Excess of revenue over expenses from continuing operations Excess of revenue over expenses from discontinued operation (Note 17) Excess of revenue over expenses Community investment, beginning of year Unrealized loss on interest rate swaps (Note 8) Community investment, end of year See accompanying notes




13,701 $ 4,990 5,906 464 (1,642) (948)

10,052 4,437 5,717 (217) (1,580) 454



14,963 3,847 2,774 10,108 (2,642) 29,050 (6,579) 9,690 3,111 3,111 82,234 (6,871) 78,474 $

14,409 3,783 2,466 9,444 (2,491) 27,611 (8,748) 9,895 1,147 529 1,676 83,179 (2,621) 82,234

CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Year Ended December 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars)

2011 OPERATING ACTIVITIES Excess of revenue over expenses from continuing operations Employee future beneits contributions Items not affecting cash Amortization of property and equipment and deferred contributions Loss (gain) on sale of property and equipment Employee future beneits expense


Net change in non-cash working capital Cash provided from operating activities of continuing operations Cash provided from operating activities of discontinued operation Cash provided from operating activities INVESTING ACTIVITIES Purchase of long-term investment Proceeds on sale of long-term investment Acquisition of Stampede Casino Acquisition of property and equipment Proceeds on sale of property and equipment Increase in restricted cash Receipt of deferred contributions Net change in non-cash working capital related to Park Development Projects Cash used in investing activities FINANCING ACTIVITIES Proceeds from bank indebtedness Repayment of long-term debt Proceeds from long-term debt Cash (used in) provided from inancing activities Change in cash and short-term deposits Cash and short-term deposits, beginning of year Cash and short-term deposits, end of year Comprised of: Cash Short-term deposits The Calgary Stampede had the following cash transactions: Interest paid Interest received

$ $

3,111 (3,473)

2010 $

1,147 (2,720)

7,466 125 2,774

6,953 (24) 2,466

10,003 11,107 21,110 – 21,110

7,822 (6,313) 1,509 549 2,058

– 10,195 – (37,329) 19 (25,046) 27,662 2,155 (22,344)

(10,000) – (6,746) (12,589) 37 – 3,007 – (26,291)

2,455 (2,543) – (88) (1,322) 6,578 5,256

– (2,308) 6,000 3,692 (20,541) 27,119 6,578



4,523 733 5,256

$ $

5,719 859 6,578

$ $

(3,813) 135

$ $

(3,831) 79

See accompanying notes



2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sitting, L to R: Bill Gray, Vice-Chairman; Michael Casey, President and Chairman of the Board; Bob Thompson, Vice-Chairman. Second row, L to R: Cam Clark, Toni Dixon, Bob Taylor, Roc Spence, Wynne Chisholm, Dr. David Chalack, Immediate Past President; Rob Laidlaw, Dawn Farrell, Steve McDonough, Teri McKinnon, Paul Polson Back row, L to R: MLA Dave Rodney, Tom O’Leary, Allen Hagerman, Mike O’Connor, Garry Holbrook, Jackie Engstrom, Alderman André Chabot, Dana Peers, Glenn Street, David Sibbald, Byron Hussey Missing: MP Lee Richardson, MLA Cindy Ady, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart


2011 ELECTED OFFICERS L to R: Bill Gray, Vice-Chairman, Michael Casey, President and Chairman of the Board, Bob Thompson, Vice-Chairman

2011 EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM Sitting: Vern Kimball, Chief Executive Oficer; Back Row L to R: Deanne Carson, Vice-President, Marketing and External Relations; Paul Rosenberg, Vice-President, Programming; Warren Connell, Vice-President, Park Development; Paul Harrison, Chief Financial Oficer and Vice-President, Support Services; Susan Garnett, Vice-President, People Services.



2011 OFFICERS Casey, Michael President and Chairman of the Board

Kimball, Vern Chief Executive Oficer

Chalack, Dr. David Immediate Past President

Connell, Warren Vice-President, Park Development

Gray, Bill Vice-Chairman Thompson, Bob Vice-Chairman

Garnett, Susan Vice-President, People Services

Harrison, Paul Chief Financial Oficer and Vice-President, Support Services Rosenberg, Paul Vice-President, Programming Carson, Deanne Vice-President, Marketing and External Relations

PAST PRESIDENTS Allan, J.S. (Steve) Brookman, G.H. (George) Church, R.B. (Bob) Cross, D.J.A. (Donald) Dinning, R.S. (Bob)

Jarvis, C.S. (Roger) Laidlaw, R.W.A. (Bob) Matthews, R.C. (Rob) Moore, W.K. (Ken)

Pearce, H.G. (Gordon) Steen, J.A. (Jack) Wilson, J.D. (Don) Young, R.A.M. (Bob)

The Honourable Alison Redford Premier of Alberta

The Honourable Evan Berger Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of Alberta

2011 PATRONS The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada His Honour, Col. (Ret’d) the Honourable Donald S. Ethell, O.C., O.M.M., A.O.E., M.S.C., C.D., L.L.D. Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

The Honourable Gerry Ritz Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board, Government of Canada

His Worship Naheed Nenshi Mayor of Calgary

HONORARY LIFE DIRECTORS Abercrombie, L.A. (Linda) Allen, F.G. (Fred) Bailey, E. (Eleanor) Buchanan, G.D. (Guy) Burrell, G.J. (Gord) Bussey, G.J. (Gordon) Cairns, R.M. (Bob) Copithorne, J.G. (John) Copithorne, M. (Marshall) Dyck, P.R. (Bob) Edwards, S.W. (Steve) Holman, J.L. (Len) Holman, S.J. (Sally) Hymas, R.F. (Bob)


Irwin, I.G.M. (Ian) Jacques, D.E. (Don) Jones, R. (Ray) Ald. Klein, R. (Ralph) Lang, M.P. (Pam) Langford, H.G. (Harry) LeGeyt, C. (Chris) Lougheed, E.P. (Peter) Honourable Macdonald, A.H. (Howard) McBride, R.B. (Rod) McClellan, S. (Shirley) McDaniel, R.R. (Rod) Minnes, P.D. (Patsi) O’Connor, G. (Graham)

O’Connor, D.L. (Larry) Phillips, R.F. (Ross) Poffenroth, R.W. (Bob) Porter, W.G. (Bill) Robinson, V. (Val) Smith, B.A.R. (Quincy) Snyder, S. (Steve) Sumner, R.J. (Bob) Talbot, D.W. (David) Thompson, L.S. (Lee) Thornton, H.P. (Harold) Tynan, R.E. (Russ) Yee, W. (Wee)


L to R: Eva Meguinis, Indian Princess; Whitney Wilkie, Stampede Princess; Jenna Lambert, Stampede Queen; Stephanie Gray, Stampede Princess







RANCHMAN Agro Calgary Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corp. Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce Cadbury Adams CCS Corporation Country 105/QR77/Q107 Eco Fuel Saver Frito Lay Canada Green Drop Ltd. Halliburton Hidden Valley Ranch Homes by Avi Calgary Matco Investments Ltd. Maxim Power Corp. MNP LLP New Food Classics Penn West Exploration Pizza Pizza Limited/Pizza 73 Presentation Services Audio Visual Canada Safeway Shell Canada Limited Smithbilt Hats SNC-Lavalin Inc. Southland Transportation Ltd. Spot On Entertainment Inc. Super 8 Worldwide Inc. Talisman Energy UFA Co-operative Limited Virgin Mobile Canada Waste Management of Canada Corporation WorleyParsons Canada

CATTLE BARON Abell Pest Control Inc. Alberta Milk Anderson Ranch Baker Hughes Bar T5 Agra Services Inc. BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc. Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP Burnbrae Farms Limited Caltrax Inc. Canadian Oil Sands Limited Canterra Energy Inc. Carriage House Inn Cavendish Investing Ltd. Inc. Couillard Family CTV Calgary Davis LLP Deloitte & Touche Inc.


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The City of Calgary The City of Calgary has been a long-time partner of the Calgary Stampede, providing our 100-year lease and support for our credit facilities.

The Government of Alberta The Government of Alberta, through the Alberta Lottery Fund, supported a number of the Stampede’s programs and facilities. We received a $9.3 million operating grant as well as $250,000 which was used to make improvements to facilities including the Grandstand, the Corral and BMO Centre. The Department of Tourism, Parks and Recreation provided a $5 million community development grant to expand our Centennial activities in the province along with $100,000 for product development and $50,000 to upgrade our mobile stage. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development provided a $100,000 annual operating grant for agriculture activities, $236,175 through Alberta Livestock and Meat Association towards educational initiatives including “The Cattle Trail” and a matching grant of $25 million to renovate our Agriculture Building and enable the construction of our new Agrium Western Event Centre to begin in July 2012.

The Government of Canada The Government of Canada, through the Canadian Tourism Commission of Industry Canada, invested $5 million towards collaborative initiatives to promote tourism internationally by featuring the Stampede’s Centennial in key markets. The Canadian AgriMarketing Program committed $34,034 towards proiling our international agriculture program. The completion of Riverfront Park phase one was made possible due to a $5 million grant from Western Economic Diversiication Canada. Renovation of our current Agriculture Building will inish in spring of 2012 with construction of the new Agrium Western Event Centre to commence following Stampede 2012 thanks to a $25 million investment from Infrastructure Canada.


INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT To the Shareholders of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited We have audited the accompanying consolidated inancial statements of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited, which comprise the consolidated statement of inancial position as at December 31, 2011, and the consolidated statements of operations and community investment and cash lows for the year then ended, and a summary of signiicant accounting policies and other explanatory information. Management’s Responsibility for the Consolidated Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these consolidated inancial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles, and for such internal control as management determines is necessary to enable the preparation of consolidated inancial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. Auditor’s Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these consolidated inancial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the consolidated inancial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the consolidated inancial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the consolidated inancial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the consolidated inancial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the consolidated inancial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is suficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion. Opinion In our opinion, the consolidated inancial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the inancial position of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited as at December 31, 2011, and the results of its operations and its cash lows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.

Calgary, Canada February 7, 2012


Chartered Accountants

NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION: The purpose of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited (“the Calgary Stampede”) is to preserve and promote western heritage and values. The Calgary Stampede is incorporated under the Companies Act of Alberta as a not-for-proit organization and is exempt from income taxes under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The directors of the Calgary Stampede are elected or appointed volunteers who cannot be paid in any form for their services under its by-laws. The shareholders of the Calgary Stampede, who are also volunteers, cannot receive any dividends, nor can the shares appreciate in value. Shares can neither be sold nor held by persons outside of the Province of Alberta nor in the estates of deceased shareholders.

1. Signiicant Accounting Policies: The consolidated inancial statements of the Calgary Stampede have been prepared by Management in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-proit organizations, Part V of the CICA Handbook. A precise determination of many assets and liabilities is dependent upon future events and consequently, the preparation of periodic inancial statements necessarily involves the use of estimates and approximations. Areas subject to estimation include accounts receivable, useful lives of property and equipment, impairment of long-lived assets, accrued liabilities, employee future beneits and potential contingencies. Those estimates also affect the disclosure of contingencies at the date of the inancial statements and the reported amounts of assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses. Actual results could differ from those estimates. The consolidated inancial statements have been prepared within the framework of the accounting policies summarized below.

(a) Basis of Presentation:

The consolidated inancial statements include the accounts of the Calgary Stampede, its wholly owned subsidiaries, Weadick Properties Limited (“Weadick”), Calgary Stampede (GP) Inc., Calgary Stampede Trust (the “Trust”), in which the Stampede controls the Trust as its sole beneiciary, and its 50% interest in Stampede Entertainment Inc. (“SEI”). The purpose of Weadick is to acquire lands for future Calgary Stampede expansion and development purposes. Weadick is incorporated under the Alberta Business Corporations Act as a not-for-proit organization and is exempt from income taxes under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The purpose of Calgary Stampede (GP) Inc. (0.01% general partner) and Calgary Stampede Trust (99.99% limited partner) is to own the Stampede (Casino) Limited Partnership which operates the Stampede Casino and its ancillary operations, including food, beverage and entertainment. Calgary Stampede (GP) Inc. is incorporated under the Alberta Business Corporations Act as a for-proit entity and is subject to income taxes under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The Trust was established through a trust agreement in which the Calgary Stampede is the sole beneiciary of the Trust and the Trust’s annual taxable income is distributed to it. The purpose of SEI is to present various western and Calgary Stampede related entertainment during the annual Stampede festival and throughout the year via television, movies and live performance. SEI is incorporated under the Alberta Business Corporations Act as a for-proit entity and is subject to income taxes under the Canadian Income Tax Act. The Calgary Stampede has joint control of SEI, and therefore proportionately consolidates SEI’s operations into the results of the Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede also controls the Calgary Stampede Foundation (“the Foundation”) due to its ability to appoint the majority of the board of directors of the Foundation. The Calgary Stampede has elected to disclose all pertinent inancial information of the Foundation in the notes to these consolidated inancial statements and accordingly, the Foundation’s inancial accounts have not been consolidated with those of the Calgary Stampede. The Foundation has the primary objective of establishing programs for the beneit of young residents of Southern Alberta to advance their knowledge and understanding of the history, heritage, traditions and culture of Alberta. The Foundation is incorporated under the Companies Act of Alberta as a not-for-proit organization and is a registered charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act and accordingly, is not subject to income taxes.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

(b) Cash and Short-term Deposits: Cash and short-term deposits comprise cash on hand, demand deposits and deposits held in trust, having a maturity of three months or less from the date of purchase, and are recorded at fair market value. Investment revenue is recognized when it is receivable.

(c) Inventory:

Inventory is recorded at the lower of cost and net realizable value. Cost is determined on a weighted average basis, and net realizable value is determined using estimated selling prices less corresponding costs. The estimated selling price takes into account Management’s best estimate of the most probable set of economic conditions.

(d) Employee Future Beneits:

The Calgary Stampede has a number of deined beneit pension plans as well as a deined contribution pension plan that provide pension beneits to most of its employees. The deined beneit pension plans are based on years of service and inal average salary. Pension beneit payments are not automatically increased for inlation. The cost of pension beneits earned by employees is actuarially determined using the projected beneit method prorated on service and Management’s best estimate of expected plan investment performance, salary escalation and retirement ages of employees. Plan obligations are discounted using current market interest rates and plan assets are presented at fair value.

Actuarial gains (losses) arise from the difference between the actual long-term rate of return and the expected rate of return on plan assets, the difference between actual experience and actuarial assumptions used to determine the accrued beneit obligation and from changes in actuarial assumptions. The excess of the accumulated net actuarial gains (losses) over 10 percent of the greater of the beneit obligation and the fair value of plan assets is amortized over the average remaining service period of active employees for the applicable pension plan. For the two pension plans where such amortization is occurring, the average remaining service period of the active employees is 13 years and 10 years. The Calgary Stampede is amortizing a transitional asset on a straight-line basis over 13 years for one of its plans and is amortizing a transitional obligation over 10 years for another of its plans, which represented the average remaining service period of the active employees for the respective plans at the 2001 transition date.

(e) Property and Equipment and Amortization:

Buildings and equipment are stated at cost less accumulated amortization. Major overhauls and improvements are capitalized, while normal repairs and maintenance are expensed as incurred. Park Development projects include the design and construction costs incurred on a number of projects related to the Calgary Stampede’s expansion plans. Interest incurred on debt speciically obtained to inance capital projects is capitalized during the construction period. Amortization is provided on a straight-line basis at rates designed to amortize the assets over their estimated useful lives. Title to the land on which certain portions of Stampede Park is located is vested in The City of Calgary and is used by the Calgary Stampede under a nominal long-term lease expiring in the year 2060, with an additional 50-year renewal term. Lands owned directly by the Calgary Stampede are recorded at cost and are held for Calgary Stampede expansion and development purposes.

(f) Impairment of Long-lived Assets: Long-lived assets are tested for recoverability whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that their carrying amount may not be fully recoverable. An impairment loss is recognized when and to the extent that the carrying value of an asset exceeds the total undiscounted cash lows expected from its use and eventual disposition.

(g) Advances on Future Events:

Advances on future events represent funds received in advance for events including the Stampede festival, conventions and trade shows and facilities, building and ice rentals. Revenue from such events is recognized as income in the period in which the events take place.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

(h) Financial Instruments: The Calgary Stampede follows the requirements of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (“CICA”) Handbook Section 3861 and has not adopted the provisions of Handbook Section 3862, Financial Instruments – Disclosures and Section 3863, Financial Instruments – Presentation. The Calgary Stampede has classiied cash, short-term deposits, and investments as held for trading. The Calgary Stampede has classiied accounts receivables as loans and receivables and all inancial liabilities as other inancial liabilities. Financial assets and inancial liabilities held for trading are measured at fair value and changes in those fair values are recognized in “Administration, marketing and park services” in the Consolidated Statement of Operations and Community Investment. Financial assets and liabilities designated as loans and receivables and other inancial liabilities are measured at amortized cost using the effective interest rate method of amortization. At each statement of inancial position date, the Calgary Stampede assesses whether a inancial asset carried at cost is impaired. If there is objective evidence that impairment exists, the amount of the loss is measured as the difference between the carrying amount of the asset and its fair value and the carrying amount of the asset is reduced with the loss being recognized in “Administration, marketing and park services” in the Consolidated Statement of Operations and Community Investment. Other than the interest rate swaps noted below, the Calgary Stampede does not engage in hedging activities.

(i) Interest Rate Swaps:

Interest rate swaps (“swaps”) are utilized to manage interest rate risk on the Calgary Stampede’s long-term debt. The Calgary Stampede does not enter into inancial instruments for trading or speculative purposes. The Calgary Stampede believes the swaps are effective hedges, both at inception and over the term of the instrument. The swap agreements provide for the periodic exchange of payments (without the exchange of the notional principal amount upon which the payments are based), which are recorded as an adjustment of interest expense on the hedged debt instrument. The related amount payable to or receivable from counterparties is included as an adjustment to accrued interest. The unrealized change in the fair value of the interest rate swaps is recognized as a component of “Community Investment” in the Statement of Operations and Community Investment and disclosed separately in the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position until the related hedged items settle.

(j) Grants and Contributions:

The Calgary Stampede follows the deferral method of accounting for grants and contributions. Unrestricted contributions are recognized as income when received or receivable. Amounts externally restricted for capital purposes are initially recorded as “Deferred contributions” when received or receivable and subsequently included in income in the same proportion as the amortization of the related assets for which the capital contributions were expended. Amounts that relate to operating expenditures of a future period are deferred until the related expenditures are incurred.

(k) Revenue Recognition: Revenue, with the exception of grants and contributions, is recognized when persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, delivery has occurred, the price is ixed or determinable and collection is reasonably assured. Rental revenue from the long-term ground lease agreement disclosed in Note 13 is recognized on a systematic and rational basis representative of the time pattern in which the beneit of the lease property is utilized. The Calgary Stampede has retained substantially all of the risks and beneits of ownership of the land being leased and therefore, accounts for this lease as an operating lease.

(l) Volunteer Services:

A substantial number of unpaid volunteers make signiicant contributions of their time in developing and delivering Calgary Stampede programs. The value of this contributed time is not relected in the inancial statements since objective measurement or valuation is indeterminable.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

(m) Supplies and Services in Kind: The Calgary Stampede received supplies and services from suppliers in exchange for various sponsorship beneits, such as advertising or promotion. These transactions are recorded when a fair value can be reasonably estimated and the supplies and services are used in the normal course of operations and would otherwise have been purchased. The contributions of supplies and services are reported in Gross Revenue, while the supplies and services being provided are reported in Direct Expenses. Included in Gross Revenue and Direct Expenses in the Consolidated Statement of Operations and Community Investments is $1,547 for supplies and services in kind received (2010 -$1,691).

2. Future Accounting Change: The CICA has issued a new accounting framework applicable to Canadian not-for-proit organizations. Effective for the annual reporting period that commences on or after January 1, 2012, not-for-proit organizations will have to choose between International Financial Reporting Standards and Canadian accounting standards for not-for-proit organizations, whichever accounting framework suits them best. Early adoption of these standards is permitted. The Calgary Stampede currently plans to adopt the new Canadian accounting standards for not-for-proit organizations for its iscal year beginning January 1, 2012 but has not yet determined the impact of adoption.

3. Inventory: 2011 Merchandise Food and beverage Other



749 945 17 1,711

2010 $


963 759 14 1,736

For the year ended December 31, 2011, the sale of inventory resulted in the recognition of expenses aggregating $7,415 (2010 - $6,614). There were $33 in write-downs of inventory to net realizable value recognized for the year ended December 31, 2011 (2010 - $25) and no inventory write-down reversals recorded for the years ended December 31, 2011 and 2010.

4. Investments: 2011 Canadian bankers’ acceptances Canadian guaranteed investment certiicates Canadian bonds




2010 $


309 813 9,073 10,195

The investments were realized during iscal 2011 to acquire property (Note 6).


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

5. Employee Future Beneits: The Calgary Stampede has a number of deined beneit pension plans as well as a deined contribution pension plan. In 2011, the Calgary Stampede made cash payments to its pension plans for employee future beneits amounting to $3.6 million (2010 - $2.8 million).

(a) Deined Beneit Pension Plans:

Actuarial valuations of the Calgary Stampede’s deined beneit pension plans were carried out as at September 30, 2010 and were then extrapolated to December 31, 2011. The next actuarial valuation of the Calgary Stampede’s deined beneit plans is required to be carried out as at September 30, 2013.

Information pertaining to the Calgary Stampede’s deined beneit pension plans, in aggregate, is as follows: 2011 Accrued beneit obligation Balance, beginning of year Current service cost Interest cost Beneits paid Actuarial loss Balance, end of year Plan assets Fair value, beginning of year Actual return on plan assets Employer contributions Beneits paid Fair value, end of year Funded status – plan deicit Unamortized past service cost Unamortized net actuarial loss Unamortized transitional asset Accrued beneit asset All individual deined beneit pension plans have accrued beneit assets.




39,788 2,514 2,022 (2,014) 882 43,192


34,596 163 3,473 (2,014) 36,218 (6,974) 149 11,694 (486) 4,383

2010 $


32,570 2,401 2,162 (2,126) 4,781 39,788


31,012 2,990 2,720 (2,126) 34,596 (5,192) 173 9,467 (764) 3,684

NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

(a) Deined Beneit Pension Plans (continued):

The Calgary Stampede’s deined beneit costs recognized in the year are as follows: 2011

Current service cost Interest cost Actual return on plan assets Actuarial loss on accrued beneits Difference between expected return and actual return on plan assets for year Difference between actuarial loss recognized for year and actual actuarial gain on accrued beneit obligation for year Amortization of past service cost Amortization of transitional asset Deined beneit costs


2,514 2,022 (163) 882 5,255

2010 $




(446) 24 (278) 2,774

2,401 2,162 (2,990) 4,781 6,354


(4,573) 24 (280) 2,466

The asset mix of plan assets at September 30 each year consist of: Asset category: Balanced mutual funds Equity securities Debt securities Other



13.00% 51.00% 29.00% 7.00%

12.00% 54.00% 30.00% 4.00%

The signiicant actuarial assumptions are as follows (weighted average assumptions): Accrued beneit obligations as at December 31: Discount rate Deined beneit costs for the year ended December 31: Discount rate Expected long-term rate of return on plan assets Rate of compensation increase





4.90% 5.62% 3.50%

6.30% 6.56% 4.50%

(b) Deined Contribution Pension Plan:

The Calgary Stampede’s deined contribution pension plan expense for 2011 was $87 (2010 - $109).


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

6. Property and Equipment and Capital Commitments: 2011 Amortization Rate (%) Land Buildings and leasehold improvements 2.5 to 20.0 Equipment 10.0 to 33.3 Park Development projects


Accumulated Net Book Cost Amortization Value $ 73,513 $ – $ 73,513 $

Cost 53,530

Accumulated Net Book Amortization Value $ – $ 53,530

151,800 6,615

251,414 29,515

110,776 22,463

140,638 7,052

9,470 – 9,470 $384,161 $142,763 $241,398

13,102 $ 347,561

– $ 133,239

13,102 $ 214,322

270,283 30,895

118,483 24,280

During 2011, a parcel of land, Ramsay Exchange, was purchased for $26.1 million; the land was valued at $19.9 million and the onsite buildings at $6.2 million. A majority of the buildings are occupied by 3rd parties and are generating rental income. Ramsay Exchange is strategically located providing additional storage for the Calgary Stampede in close vicinity to its main operations. As at December 31, 2011, the Calgary Stampede, through The City of Calgary, continues its efforts to expropriate the remaining 22 properties in Victoria Park required for the planned Calgary Stampede expansion. The inal purchase price of these properties will be determined at the conclusion of the expropriation compensation hearings. Included in “Cash and short-term deposits” in the Statement of Financial Position are deposits held in trust of $726 (2010 - $852) required by The City of Calgary for the full value of construction work being completed on City property. These deposits will be returned upon City veriication that the work has been completed to their satisfaction. The Calgary Stampede has initiated design and construction on a number of projects as part of its Park Development Plan. Information concerning these projects at December 31, 2011 is as follows: Approved Cost Agrium Western Event Centre and Supporting Infrastructure (a) By the Banks of the Bow Bronze (b) River Park (c)


9,065 2,000 2,374 $ 14,049

Accumulated Cost $


5,019 1,391 2,360 9,470

Outstanding Commitments $


1,400 609 2,009

(a) Management has completed its detailed costing of the construction of the Agrium Western Events Centre and Supporting Infrastructure, and will be seeking approval from the board for an overall project cost of $61.2 million, inclusive of the costs approved to date of $9.7 million. Construction is expected to be completed in June 2014. The Agrium Western Event Centre and Supporting Infrastructure are partially funded from the Government of Canada capital grant in the amount of $25.0 million and a Government of Alberta Grant in the amount of $25.0 million (Note 9). (b) By the Banks of the Bow Bronze is estimated to cost $2.0 million and is expected to be completed by June 2012. (c) Design costs and a portion of the River Park project have been completed; total project costs and timing of completion are currently unknown.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

7. Bank Indebtedness: A revolving demand operating loan facility has been authorized to a maximum of $20.0 million and bears interest at the bank’s prime interest rate per annum. $2.5 million is outstanding on the demand operating loan at December 31, 2011 (2010 - $Nil). As security, a Canadian chartered bank holds a ixed debenture in the amount of $50.0 million charging certain lands and leased fee interests owned by the Calgary Stampede.

8. Long-term Debt: The Calgary Stampede’s debt facilities with a Canadian chartered bank are comprised of the following:

Committed non-revolving credit facility - bearing interest at the bankers’ acceptance rate (1.12 % at December 31, 2011) plus 0.30% per annum, maturing in 2024 and guaranteed by The City of Calgary for an additional cost of 0.02%. The Calgary Stampede has entered into an interest rate swap agreement on this facility for ixed interest payments at 6.23% per annum with a maturity date of 2024.







Committed non-revolving credit facility - bearing interest at the

bankers’ acceptance rate (1.12 % at December 31, 2011) plus 0.30% per annum, maturing in 2019 and guaranteed by The City of Calgary for an additional cost of 0.02%. At the request of the Calgary Stampede and at the bank’s discretion, this facility can be extended until 2032. The Calgary Stampede has entered into an interest rate swap agreement on this facility for ixed interest payments at 5.74% per annum with a maturity date of 2032.



Committed non-revolving credit facility - bearing interest at the bankers’ acceptance rate (1.12 % at December 31, 2011) plus 0.80% per annum, maturing in 2021 and guaranteed by The City of Calgary for an additional cost of 0.02%. At the request of the Calgary Stampede and at the bank’s discretion, this facility can be extended until 2034. The Calgary Stampede has entered into an interest rate swap agreement on this facility for ixed interest payments at 4.72% per annum with a maturity date of 2034.



Committed non-revolving credit facility - bearing interest at the bankers’ acceptance rate (1.12 % at December 31, 2011) plus 0.80% per annum, maturing in 2022 and guaranteed by The City of Calgary for an additional cost of 0.02%. At the request of the Calgary Stampede and at the bank’s discretion, this facility can be extended until 2034.



70,077 (2,668)

72,620 (2,605)

Less: Current portion of long-term debt $




As security for the above facilities, The City of Calgary, as unconditional guarantor, holds a ixed debenture in the amount of $135.5 million charging certain lands owned by the Calgary Stampede. The fair market value of the interest rate swaps at December 31, 2011, which have been estimated using yearend market rates would, for the portion maturing in 2024, result in a loss of $5,003 (2010 - loss of $3,689), for the portion maturing in 2019, a loss of $7,959 (2010 – loss of $4,532), and for the portion maturing in 2021, a loss of $2,331 (2010 – loss of $201). The aggregate loss approximates the amounts the Calgary Stampede would pay if the swap agreements were closed out at December 31, 2011. In addition to the foregoing credit facilities, and subject to the above noted security, the Calgary Stampede has an undrawn $56.4 million committed non-revolving credit facility with a Canadian chartered bank available for future Calgary Stampede expansion and development.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

8. Long-term Debt (continued): The amount of principal repayable in each of the next ive years and thereafter is as follows: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Thereafter


2,668 2,798 2,935 3,080 3,232 55,364 $ 70,077

9. Deferred Contributions: The Calgary Stampede receives capital contributions from the Government of Alberta and other sources to assist in the inancing of capital asset acquisitions. Details of deferred contributions are as follows: 2011 Balance, beginning of year Additional contributions and interest earned Amortization Balance, end of year Consisting of: Unamortized contributions Unspent contributions


$ $ $


66,304 27,662 (2,642) 91,324


66,150 25,174 91,324




65,788 3,007 (2,491) 66,304 66,196 108 66,304

The Calgary Stampede received a $25.0 million capital grant from the Government of Alberta under the terms of an agreement entered into during 2011. The funds are restricted to construction of the Agrium Western Event Centre and Supporting Infrastructure, and are required to be maintained in a segregated bank account, with all interest earned accruing to the capital grant. All unspent funds related to the capital grant are reported as “Restricted cash” in the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position. If, for any reason, the capital grant, including interest earned, is not fully expended by December 31, 2014, the Calgary Stampede will be required to return the remaining funds to the Government of Alberta. At December 31, 2011, the total amount not yet expended is $25.0 million.

10. Provincial Government Grants: The Calgary Stampede receives funding from the Government of Alberta through the Alberta Lottery Fund as follows:

(a) Operating Grant:

The Calgary Stampede receives annual unencumbered funding subject to the availability of lottery funds in the annual Alberta Lottery Fund Estimates. The annual funding, which is received on a quarterly basis, was $10.0 million until April 1, 2010, $9.4 million from April 1, 2010 to April 1, 2011, and from April 1, 2011 to April 1, 2012 is $9.3 million.

(a) Stampede Grant: The Calgary Stampede receives annual funding of $250 (2010 - $250) in support of the Stampede festival. The grant, which expires in 2014, is required to be maintained in a segregated bank account together with all interest earned.

(c) Agriculture Grant:

As a “Class A” fair, the Calgary Stampede receives an annual operating grant of $100 (2010 - $100) to support agriculture programs.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

11. Financial Instruments: The Calgary Stampede’s inancial instruments include cash and short-term deposits, accounts receivable, restricted cash, investments, bank indebtedness, accounts payable and accrued liabilities, deferred grant revenue, long-term debt and interest rate swaps.

(a) Fair Values of Financial Assets and Liabilities:

The fair values of inancial instruments, excluding investments, long-term debt and interest rate swaps, approximate their carrying amount due to the short-term maturity of these instruments. Investments are recorded at fair value and the fair value of long-term debt approximates carrying value given its underlying loating interest rate. The fair value of the associated swaps is disclosed in Note 8.

(b) Credit Risk:

The Calgary Stampede’s accounts receivable are due from a diverse group of customers and are subject to normal credit risks.

(c) Interest Rate Risk: The Calgary Stampede has entered into swap transactions, as disclosed in Note 8, to manage exposure to interest rate increases on loating rate debt.

12. Stampede Entertainment Inc.: SEI’s inancial accounts have been proportionately consolidated in the Calgary Stampede’s consolidated inancial statements. Financial summaries of SEI as at December 31, 2011 and 2010 and for the years then ended are as follows: Financial Position 2011 Total assets Total liabilities Total deiciency

$ $ $

1,109 1,703 (594) 1,109

2010 $ $ $

1,565 2,320 (755) 1,565

Results of Operations 2011 Total revenue Total expenses Excess (deiciency) of revenue over expenses

$ $

3,890 3,729 161

2010 $ $

3,067 3,150 (83)

Statement of Cash Flows 2011 Cash low provided from (used in) operating activities Cash low (used in) provided from investing activities Cash low (used in) provided from inancing activities

$ $ $

192 (80) (20)

2010 $ $ $

(37) 60 81

The 50% proportionate share of SEI revenue and expenses relected in the line item “Stampede” in the Consolidated Statement of Operations and Community Investment are adjusted for the elimination of intercompany transactions pertaining to a $40 (2010 - $45) management fee and $115 (2010 - $52) in expense recoveries paid to the Calgary Stampede.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

13. Stampede Casino: Stampede (Casino) Limited Partnership (“the Partnership”) was formed under the laws of the Province of Alberta as a limited partnership on May 12, 2010. The Partnership’s objective is to operate the Stampede Casino and its ancillary operations including food, beverage and entertainment. On June 14, 2010, the Partnership purchased the net assets, constituting a business, from a third party for cash consideration of $9,068. The Partnership also paid $13 for working capital adjustments. The following table summarizes the assets acquired: $ Cash loats Inventories Property and equipment Building Furniture and ixtures Total assets acquired Deposits Capital leases* Net assets acquired


2,322 136


6,525 289 9,272


(15) (189) 9,068

* The capital leases were paid out by the Partnership prior to December 31, 2010. Ground Lease The Calgary Stampede had entered into a long-term ground lease agreement expiring in 2058, with an additional 10-year renewal period, for the Stampede-owned property upon which the casino building is located. The ground lease revenue recorded in “Other activities” in the Consolidated Statement of Operations and Community Investment in the year totaled $Nil (2010 - $1,312). The 2010 igure relects a partial year of revenue as the Partnership took ownership of the Casino on June 14, 2010.


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

14. Calgary Stampede Foundation: The Foundation’s inancial accounts have not been consolidated in the Calgary Stampede’s consolidated inancial statements. The Foundation uses restricted fund accounting and its funds include the General, Designated Youth, Designated, Undesignated and Capital funds. The Foundation’s investments are managed by a third party investment irm and are segregated into two accounts: the capital account, which is exclusively invested in ixed income bonds, and the other account, which is invested in bonds, debentures and both pooled and non-pooled equities. The investments are recorded at fair value and annual income includes dividends, interest and both realized and unrealized gains and losses. Financial summaries of the Foundation as at December 31, 2011 and 2010 and for the years then ended are as follows: Financial Position 2011 Total assets Total liabilities Total net assets

$ $ $

10,053 548 9,505 10,053

2010 $ $ $

9,159 331 8,828 9,159

In accordance with donor imposed restrictions: $248 (2010 - $171) of the Foundation’s net assets must be distributed to designated youth programs speciied by the donor; $179 (2010 - $295) of the Foundation’s net assets must be held for a period of not less than ten years, the income from which is to be used for the beneit of speciied activities; $31 (2010 - $48) of the Foundation’s net assets are subject to donor imposed restrictions that they be held for a period of not less than ten years with no direction respecting the speciic use of income earned or from the ultimate disposition of the invested capital; and $5,806 (2010 – $5,137) of the Foundation’s net assets are subject to donor imposed restrictions that they be used for the purpose of speciied capital projects. Results of Operations 2011 Total revenue Total expenses Excess of revenue over expenses

$ $

2,773 2,097 676

2010 $ $

2,435 2,106 329

Statement of Cash Flows 2011 Cash low provided from (used in) operating activities Cash low used in investing activities

$ $

626 (204)

2010 $ $

(92) (1)

The Calgary Stampede contributed $ 315 (2010 - $216) in donations to the Foundation. The Calgary Stampede conducted business transactions with the Foundation to assist the Foundation in delivering its programs and to host fundraising events. Revenue earned from these transactions totaled $443 (2010 - $351). These transactions are in the normal course of operations and have been measured at the exchange amount, which is the amount of consideration established and agreed to by the related parties. The total net receivable from the Foundation at December 31, 2011 is $89 (2010 - $149). The amount due is non-interest bearing and has no speciied terms of repayment. The Calgary Stampede has committed to a sponsorship agreement with the Foundation to provide funds for a ive year period beginning in 2009. The total sponsorship commitment is $550, with $110 contributed in 2011 (2010 - $105).


NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS DECEMBER 31, 2011, with comparative igures for 2010 (in thousands of dollars except as noted)

15. Management of Capital: The Calgary Stampede’s objective when managing capital is to ensure it has adequate cash low to maintain operations and fund capital projects that meet the Calgary Stampede’s short and long-term objectives. In the management of capital, the Calgary Stampede includes bank indebtedness, long-term debt and community investment in the deinition of capital. At December 31, 2011, the Calgary Stampede has $151,006 in capital (2010 - $154,854). The Calgary Stampede manages its capital structure and makes adjustments due to changes in economic conditions and the risk characteristics of the underlying assets. In order to maintain or adjust the capital structure, the Calgary Stampede may issue new debt and/or issue new debt to replace existing debt with different characteristics. The Calgary Stampede must maintain a debt service coverage ratio of 1.0:1. The Calgary Stampede is in compliance with all externally imposed capital requirements.

16. Contingency: In the normal course of operations, the Calgary Stampede is involved, from time to time, in various legal claims. Management believes the exposure to current claims would not have a material impact on the inancial position or operating results of the Calgary Stampede.

17. Discontinued Operation - Horse Racing: The Calgary Stampede exited its horse racing operation on December 31, 2008. The balance in 2010 pertained to the inal settlement of this operation.


Calgary Stampede Report  

Report to the Community 2011