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___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt


____Interior / Exterior


I looked at Oat Creative as I feel they manage to create contemporary but that hits on parts of traditions within a company to create timeless branding.

I will bring the elements that are seen in the dishes and menu through to the interior and exterior of the restaraunt. I will achieve this through typography and antaomy.

I will create a working website and a mock-up Iphone app. this will bring the experience of the restaraunt outside and reach boraded audiences.

____Binding & Stamps I will also use stamps within my branding. I want to stamp the stationery related to the restaraunt as it would be if a cow had traditionally been branded. I will also look at handstitching methods.

___Visual Research

___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt




I used the strikethrough line moving through the ‘o’ to crate my logo. This represts the disecting of both the letterforms and the cuts of meat.

There are 2 colours of inks used. Red and Black. There are 2 colours of Stock used. White and Antique White.

Didot Bold

I thought that a serif typeface would work best for the element of luxury behind my brand and found that Didot seemed to work well for what I wanted. I also went on to create the ‘stamp’ idea. I kept this red to keep in with my colour scheme but also to represent the ‘branding’ element from traditions.

The Logo and Red Strip can be applied to various products as a vinyl sticker, an etching or embossed. -Menu -Letterhead -Reciept with Clipboard -Order Forms -Tin Can - Take-Out Bag & Wrapping - Table Water - House Wine

F U T U R A CON DEN SED MEDI U M ____Colour Scheme

Black : C75 M68 Y67 K90 Red : C01 M98 Y99 K00 Antique White : C04 M02 Y20 K00


___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt

____Stationary Pritned products onto the two different coloured stocks. White and Antique Off-White. The off white card is used for the thicker peices and covers where as the white is used for the thinner paper and the reciepts.

The clipboard introduces wood, a black bulldog clip and a red elastic band to the products. This makes the products more practical whilst also enhancing the design asthetic and sticking to the strict colour schene.

The menu is hand stitched used thick red thread and making even holes down the spine of the leaves. I decided to add a tassle to the end of the menu to add an extra touch. This ties in with the ‘red band’ theme.

A red pen would be used on the order forms again to keep in with the strong identity of the business. This is demonstrated in the images above.

___Product Imagery

___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt

____Vinyl Stickers

____Embossing & Foiling


Red Glossy Vinyl Stickers, Printed & Cut out using a Vinyl Cutter.

Embossing onto Antique White Stock

An extended range of packaged products:-

Foiling & Spot Varnishing onto White Paper Stock and Antique White Stock.

Table Water : Glossy Vinyl applied to Glasswear

Applied to a large range products and stocks. Surfaces include the Menu, Recipt Holder, Crockery, Glasswear, Furniture, Drink Bottles and Take-Out Pacakging.

Laser Cutting onto MDF and Plastic Acrylic.

House Wine : Label printed onto Antique White Stock, Glued onto Glass and sealed with Glossy Vinyl

___Further Product Range

Take-Bag : Brown Paper Stock folded into a Bag w/ cardboard insert. Sealed with Red Tab and Bulldog Clip. Inside the bag: Food Products wrapped in Printed GreaseProof Tracing Paper, Folded and sealed with Glossy Vinyl.

___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt

____Exterior & Interior

____Toilet Signage

Exterior Proposal. White Walls & Window Frames with Black and Red Decals applied to surfaces. White Decals applied to the Glass and Menu’s in the window.

To make the signage of the toilets match the brand, I encorperated the logo into these designs of male and female.

Interior Proposal. Rustic. Large prints on the wall. Bare Brick and old traditional objects.


___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt

____Furniture / Crockery

____Delivery Van


Red Glossy Vinyl applied to various surfaces. Crockery, Glass and White Plastic Chair.

Digital mock up of a delivery van decal wrap. The banner would wrap around the roof and fall onto both sides of the van to reveal the logo. There will also be the ‘stamp’ logo on the back of the van.

Digitally Mocked up polo shirt and apron. Polo Shirt would be white embroidered onto a red cotton polo. Apron would be vinyl printed Red and Black onto an ‘offwhite’ cotton apron.

___Further Product Range

___Sam Lane

___Anatømy Restaraunt

____Twitter & Google Maps


____Iphone App

Live Twitter account to give the brand an extended online presence and to put it more into context.

Simple Layout, Easy to navigate. Four Pages; Homepage, Story, Menu, Location & Contact.

Digitally mocked up Anatømy app. fits seamlessly into the Iphone interface.

The Google Maps mock up shows how the brand might translate into these areas of modern technology.

Central Container. Navigation Bar Centrally aligned at the top. One Column with Text, Image and Rollover Image.

Pages Include:- booking reservations, view, rate and order meals via online services, Free WiFi instore, in built Google Maps, a Gallery and a Tip Calculator.

Fixed Logo alligned above all sections of the website which follows as you scroll, keeping the brand visible at all times.

___Online Presence

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Design For Print & Web - Boards

Design For Print & Web - Boards  

Design For Print & Web - Boards