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Programme Title: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Level: 6

Module Title: Extended Practice

Module Code: OUGD603

Brief Title: Interactive Print

Module Leader/Tutors: Amber Smith,

Collab w / Joel Burden, Ross Francis

Andy Lodge, Simon Harrison, Phil M

Module Credits: 60

Weighting of Brief within Module: 100%

Context ‘Print Is Dead’ is a term that has been thrown around the Creative Industry a hell of lot over the last few years. Well, if that’s the case then how can we make Print become ‘Alive’ once again. What is the future of Print? And what is Interactive Print exactly?

Brief Interactive Print is an Experiment into the boundaries and restrictions of Print with a focus on a multi-sensory super-enhanced and brand new print experience. Traditionally, Print uses 2 of our 5 Senses; Sight and Touch. What happens if we enhance these senses? Can we make Print change when you touch it, or change with age or over a period of time? Can it change depending on what light hits it? And what about the other 3 unused Senses? Can we inject these Senses into Print. Can Print Smell? Can Print Taste Good? Can it make a Sound? The final outcome of this Brief will be a series of experimental prints which will be sold at the 2014 Leeds Print Fair. The Stall will be 6 x 4 Foot, So this will have to be considered along with the overall layout and design. Documentation of the Experimetal Process of this brief is Vital as well as Documentation of the final Outcome and Event.

Preparation/Research suggestions Research into Print Techniques. What has been done before and what hasn’t been achieved yet? Research into other techniques, which can be linked with our concept. Can this be used within Print? On-going Print Experimentation, which will be constantly documented. Research into Stock, Inks, Techniques. Etc .

Evidence – for this project students should submit th

A Series of Experimental Prints to be Sold at Leeds Print Fair 2014 (25 January 2014)

Briefing: Monday 30/09/2013

Deadline: Thursday 18/01/2014

Brief 05 _ Interactive Print  

Brief 05 _ Interactive Print

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