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Wigan Little Theatre

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Brand System (Photography)

A simple fold out listings leaflet come poster will be used for upcoming listings. This could be easily picked up and taken away from the theatre. The leaflet is folded down to A6, meaning it could be carried away as a leaflet. It folds out so that the information is in an easy to digest grid to see what’s going on, and this can turn into a poster which could be pinned to a wall or notice board for easy reference. A small Listings brocuhure has also been created.

Sometimes, the shapes cannot be used as part of the brand system, and photographic imagery takes its place. Here are some examples of this promoting Comedians at the Theatre. You can see how the brand is still consistent. The logo sit’s in the top bar and the image fills the section below. This creates an easily usable template for future events.


Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards