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Sam Lane


Extended Practice

External Promotion


Wigan Little Theatre


The Shape System

Shakepearean Quotes

I created the Brand System to be versatile in order to be used for internal and external promotional campaigns. When paired with the colour scheme, the shapes make up the new Brand. I used the shapes decoratively in this particular example (bottom left) with the shapes being manipulated to create the skull of Shakpeare’s ‘Hamlet’, but I hoped that the way of usin ghte shapes could evolve as the brand evolves.

From my initial research, my concept focussed on using a mixture of classical shakespearean quotes along side, more up to date northern slang that relates directly to the region of Wigan and the North West surrounding areas. Here are some examples of the printed postcards using Shakespearean Quotes to sell particular events at the theatre. For example, the ‘Listen to many, Speak to a Few’ Quote is used to promote Lectures and Talks at the Theatre.

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards