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Sam Lane

Extended Practice


Wigan Little Theatre


Tagline & Typography

From my initial research, I really felt it was necessary to keep the tradition of the original logo. but update in a contemporary way. That is why the Primary Brandmark has been derived from the original logo of the Theatre, which the the shape of the Building. The shapes that make up the building are split up and moved around to make the three unique letterforms ‘WLT’, giving it a brand new image, from something old.

I also created a slogan which i felt would help the brand of the theatre gain more recognition. This plays on the fact that although the theatre is small, it still packs a punch. Minion Pro is the corporate typeface that will be used on all promotional material. I chose this again as a nod to the traditional elements and heritage of the theatre.

Little Theatre. Big Impact.


Brand Guidelines

Image Treatment Brandmark Adaptation I wanted the Brandmark to be adaptable and constantly changing. The logo physically moves from one shape to the other on screen and I wanted this to represent the forward thinking contemporary movement of the theatre, whilst also giving a nod to traditional.

A well as keeping with traditions to some extent, I wanted to help bring a playful, contemporary feel to something that is otherwise only seen as traditional. The colour Scheme is split into three groups of dark and light tones of a wide range of colours. These complimentary colours will be the basis of the brand and will work together and separately for branding and promotional material to bring that playful edge.


Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards