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Extended Practice

Sam Lane




Wigan Little Theatre


Original Brandmark & Visit to the Theatre

Shakespearean / Wiganese Language

When I first proposed this brief to the owners of the Wigan Little Theatre, I visited the theatre and took a couple of photographs to see the heritage and history of the place. You can see the building in the bottom left and this is what the original logo (too right) is influence from. As the owner wanted me to ‘handle the rebrand with care’, I felt that this kind of primary research was really helpful for me to get an idea of the close knit family type feel of the theatre and it’s members.

I also researched quite a lot into both Shakespearean Language and Wiganese Language. As I wanted to focus on copy writing within this brief, I felt it would be necessary to use a hybrid of these to help showcase the idea of traditional meeting contemporary. (displayed in the two middle images) History of the Theatre After speaking to the owner of the Theatre, I realised that it had a lot more Hisotry and Heritage then I first thought, I managed to get hold of a lot of old photography of the theatre which could help me re-vamp the brand in possibly creating a vintage-modern look. (the top image is a cue outside Wigan Little Theatre in 1943)

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards  

Brief 01 _ WLT _ Boards

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