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Cover Art by Addison Farris

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This issue is dedicated to

Steve Liscovitz. in recognition for his years of service to our middle school community, the minds he’s broadened, and the lives he’s touched. Thank you, Mr. L, for everything.



Dear Reader,

June 2019

Recently another teacher told me they had never taken an art class. “Never?” I said. “I almost did,” they said, “but I dropped it because I was scared.” Fear. Even adults who have dedicated their careers to fostering a growth mindset in their students run up against their own fixed mindset: fear of the arts. Young children have no such anxieties. They gleefully dash off a few marker lines on a paper, declare it a masterpiece, and blithely move on to the next activity. There is no fear of judgement, either self-imposed or external. As we age, we naturally categorize every activity into that which we can or cannot do, and for many, art is quickly cast into the can’t column. What a shame this is, as artistic creation is a fundamental part of the identity of our species. Studies have shown that art-making reduces cortisol levels after only forty-five minutes. In other aspects of life, it’s clear to us that skill is honed through practice. But for most of us, we see art as a sort of mystical gift bestowed upon some and not others. What stops us? Fear. Fear of not being good enough. This issue of Motley asks you not to be afraid. It is a call to the artist in all of us, even ones that we silenced after kindergarten. In these pages, I hope you find the strength to be the fearless child that makes art for art’s own sake, quietly knowing it is a masterpiece because it was made honestly and stands against all judgment. Enjoy this issue of Motley and then go make some art, Simon Adams FMS Art


 The house was hollow the memories would no longer be there the warm embrace of what use to be a home is now just a house no more memories no more music of what the house sung just dead silent crying.

Haley Talbert

 The bumpy road was hard. the scar you left will never be filled. the shaking of the car, the  pounding of the rain could only be seen by how he was there. there for me, there for you. there is no way to go back we will only stay on this bumpy road. The bumpy road that you will not be on anymore.
 Poems by Hannah Josephs

Ode to Teachers Anabelle Teng

Teachers really are, I sit down,

The perfect key,

Ready to learn.

To help us be the light,

Open my book,

When we can’t see.

And pages turn. No good teacher, “Listen to teacher.”

Would just stand there and teach.

Or so I was told,

You warm the hearts,

For your lessons,

Of every student each.

Are rich as gold. You turn a normal classroom,

That’s one more generation,

To a learning wonderland.

Of good human beings.

You teach students kindness,

If you could see in the future,

They smile hand in hand.

You would like what you are seeing.

You show us all,

Teacher reading this now,

How to reach for the stars.

I want to just thank you.

You help us choose,

I’ll be leaving sixth grade wiser,

A path to be ours.

And a better person too.

Photos by Eliot Reany

A Small Essay About Power Ruby Prentiss

On the other hand, many people could have the answer to world problems, but

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly

because they don't have access to power,

all men can stand adversity, but if you

they never have the chance to share it. As

want to test a man's character, give him

I said before, when a person with a good


heart and strong character is granted power, they strive to make wonderful

This means a heart and mind will stand

changes to things around them, they use

strong against a challenge or difficult

their power to give voices to those who

times; however, character is tested when a

have not been able to be heard before. Â

person with power has a choice between good or evil. A person with good

Power has the capacity to make the world

character will choose a good act, or make

better or to destroy it. An Idea is just an

the right decision, even if it doesn’t benefit

idea, but when you add power it can

them directly, but a person with a selfish

become action.

character will make the choice that will result in the best thing for them, not

What kind of character do you have, and


what will you do with your power?

On one hand, it could be expected to make irrational decisions when they are given power. Their view of the world changes, and often feel as can do anything they wish. World War II might not have happened if Adolf Hitler had never been granted the use of power.

Karl Chamberlain

though they are unstoppable and

We Are The Universe Jenna Rice   We are the universe Galaxies keep close But still are forever expanding. And although it may take years Light can always reach you I am the earth Appearing bright and achieving on the crust But underneath my thin skin, I am a molten mess With a stiff balled-up core Society is the sun But although unlikely A photon can escape And reach you And change everything

Madalina Stoicov

With flares and fits


slowly followed Thomas’s leaking eyes and to my horror I saw his big, black cat

Susie Walsh

lifeless on the warm tar like a stuffed animal that somebody forgot about. And he was laying there just laying there. Then it hit me: HE. WAS. HIT. BY. A. CAR. I felt like I was punched in the gut.

  “Coming!” I said thrilled the school day

        “Luke!” Thomas yelled and ran to

was over. It was a normal day at school

him his eyes waterfalls now. Later when

and Mama was waiting for me and my

my dad came home from work he dug a

siblings at the pick up door. At the time I

hole and gently laid Luke in the cold

lived across the street from Waynfleet. I

ground, covered him up with dirt and

was walking home with Mama, my

placed purple and blue slabs of rock on

brother Thomas, my sister Isa, and my

top of the dirt. We all stood back and

other brother Joseph. We were talking,

Mama said,

laughing. I was talking to Thomas my

        “ Half of him is in heaven and the

oldest sibling.

other right there with us.” At the time I

       “ … And Sophia stomped on my

thought she meant that his top half was in

foot on purpose but then she gave me

heaven and his bottom half was in the

animal crackers so we're best friends now.”

grave. Now I know that she meant that his

I looked at Thomas waiting for his

spirit is up in heaven and his body is down

approval and all I saw was his eyes turn in

here on earth with us. My siblings and I all

to wells, dark and full of water. I saw so

said “goodbye” with tears streaming down

many emotions anger, hate but mostly

our faces.

sadness. I saw Mama, Isa and, Joseph all

   “Bye bye Luke. I love you.” I

followed his eyes and they all just stared

whispered. Now I realize that death is a

with their jaws unhinged like a hungry

part of life, it is not my choice, it’s fate’s,

snake. I didn’t want to look because I

and I have to let go.

knew it was bad but I just had to. I ever so

Photos by Forest Stone

Jack Jette

Bubbly Wishes Anna Jane Miller Wishes are like bubbles Some float away, out of reach Others get popped and are lost forever But, occasionally, a wish can be caught on a bubble wand. You can keep it, and when you are done with it, blow it away for someone else to catch But wishes never are gone, they just get passed on to another. 

Norah Edwards


Meghan Curran

Anger Maggie Young

Anger fuels through my body Like blood, Giving me energy to thrive, Words, Words hurt like knives, Sharp and quick, And leaves the deepest cuts, A never vanishing Scar.  

Isabel Shapiro

Photos by Forest Stone

Vermillion Sun Anna Jane Miller At the time of day


When the sun sets The Vermillion Sun blankets the sky into night The colors of the sky follow its example And when twilight turns a deep purple The Vermillion Sun is gone Taking with it the cotton candy clouds And fading into memory Letting the night take over.

Viviana Belanger

Origami by Aaron Sabu

Racism Happens In Our School

where racism is normal. The bully or the

and It Needs to Stop

person being racist can be unsure of how they are, so they decide to make

Nick Roediger, Sam Hart,

themselves feel better by being negative to

Marcux Richard-Cote, & Aden Levey.

someone else. Racism can and should be eliminated from our school.

Racism is a huge problem in our

everyday life whether or not you notice it.

There are many forms of racism.

Racism needs to stop, now. We humans

One example of racism is whites think

are the most advanced species on the

that they are superior to all other races.

planet Earth and we still have not learned

Another example is thinking that people

to not discriminate against our own

of other races are people that we should

species because of someone’s appearance

look down on, and thinking that whites

and not because of their personality.

have the most power. This is not all of

Many people still experience racism today,

racism, there are many types of racism,

even though people think racism is gone.

but in America it’s mostly whites

Racism can leave an imprint on someone’s

discriminating against refugees, such as

life. If we work together, we can stop

muslims and other Middle-Eastern races


that flee their war-torn countries to seek shelter and peace in America. This is Although you may not notice it,

called white supremacy, where white

racism does happen in our school! There

people think and act as if they are

are many reasons why people are racist,

superior to all others. Did you know that

but there are very few causes why those

racism doesn’t only make people

people are racist. The reasons why people

depressed it can also have effects on their

are racist are, they think they are superior

health, salary, and employment. Racism

to people of another race, they are unsure

can be serious, 46% of African-American

of themselves, just like bullying, and

maternal deaths are preventable, while

sometimes people are raised in a families

only 32% of American maternal deaths

are preventable. Is this unlucky or is it on

Racism is not right and it needs to end.

purpose. Many people think that this is


because the doctors don’t try to save the

African-American women from dying

racism is not good, but for some bizarre

because they are too busy trying to save

reason people are still racist. Racism needs

the white people first. Racism is a problem

to stop, now. It can hurt people and make

that can be stopped and needs to be

them want to change themselves. This is

stopped. Now.

not right, everyone is different and there is

Deep down, everybody knows that

no reason to be mean to someone if they Racism is a big problem in our

look, act, or speak differently. If we spread

school. People can be very racist to others.

awareness about racism and the effects it

But there are many ways that we can put a

has then we might be able to end racism.

stop to racism. For example when you

YOU can eliminate racism from our

hear a racist joke, you should speak up

school. WE can do it, together.

and stop the joke from being passed on. We will make a difference if you stop the joke from being passed on. Racism can be stopped; we need to act. If everyone says one less racist comment everyday, then everyday there are 7.8 billion less racist things happening. In one year there would be 2,847,000,000,000 less racist comments in a year. That would make so many people not change their appearance, the way the talk, or even the way they act. 


Dennis Pogrebitskiy

Aaron Sabu

  Anna Greene

Madalina Stoicov

Frosted Forest Anna Jane Miller Forests are transformed in the winter The once brightly colored crimson leaves Are now covered in snow                                                                                     Ice crystals are frozen on branches Snow sparkles like diamonds Snowflakes can be caught on the tongue The forest that once rang with the chirp of birds, is silent The few animals that haven’t migrated or hibernated, are nowhere to be found It’s as if any life had vanished, only to come out at spring’s first light

The Story of the Jeanette By Jenna Rice

supplies from the sinking ship. They were singing songs, distracting themselves, knowing that they soon would have to

In the nineteenth century, everyone was curious about what was in the north. They thought it could be a tropical land mass. Many boats tried and failed to go to the arctic. One of those failed expeditions was the Jeanette. In 1879, the Jeanette left the shore of San Francisco. It was captioned by George Washington De Long, and George Melville was the head engineer. There were thirty-three men on the ship, all in good health and spirits. The Jeanette’s first stop was Alaska, where two native crew members joined them; Alexey and Aneguin. On its way to the next stop, the Jeanette got frozen in by ice. The months were passing by and the ship was running out of supplies. De Long started planning for the ships demise, knowing that was most likely what would happen. They were already further north than anyone had gone before. Suddenly, the ice encasing the Jeanette cracked, and cracked the ship with it. The crew quickly gathered

struggle for survival. The crew started to walk across the ice to Siberia. They walked at night because there was less glare from the sun. De Long realized that the ice was drifting away from land faster than they could walk across it. This was a problem so they changed course. Finally, on July eleventh, they saw an island. They redirected toward it, but it took two weeks to reach. They were relieved when they reached the island. The crew separated into three boats to cross the stretch of water. A storm started while the crew were on the water. A wave crashed down and took one of the boats with it. Melville’s boat made it to land after ninety-six hours at sea. Three men in canoes were rowing toward the crew. The men took the crew to a village where they spent the next few months. Meanwhile, De Long’s boat wasn’t doing so well. He and his crew washed ashore in the Lena river delta, one-hundred twenty miles from where Melville’s crew washed ashore. De Long

sent Nindemann and Noros, the two crew members who were in the best condition,

Finally, a ship picked up the surviving crew and brought them back to

one, but had to recover in huts from the

America. When he arrived home, Melville

brutal conditions. Many people were

became a hero, who still helped others

dying of foot infection, illness, or

when he was in danger as well. De Long’s

exhaustion. The dead included Ericksen,

funeral was on February 22, 1884. It was

Alexey, Kaack, Lee, Iversen, Boyd, and

so crowded that you had to have a ticket

Gortz. This left De Long, Ambler, Collins,

to get in. Out of thirty-three men, twelve

and Ah Sam. Melville eventually found

survived. The story of Jeanette was truly a

De Long and his crew, but it was too late,

story of what people would do to survive

they were all half buried in snow, dead.

under nature's extremes.  

Madison Addario

ahead to scout out a village. They found

Neil Wallace, Sandra, and Rich Wallace. Bound by Ice. Honesdale Pennsylvania, Calkins Creek, 2017.

Photos by Rhys Cadigan

Haley Talbert

Unique Flower Anna Jane Miller Roses priss up their petals Daisies beam Poppies giggle Violets dance and sway in the wind; But what is left for the primrose? Sure, they have pretty colors, but how are they defined from regular roses? They don’t priss their petals like roses, For roses are too bratty They don’t beam like daisies do, Daises may seem nice, but they swallow sunlight away from others They don’t giggle like poppies, Primroses aren’t the kind of flower that would gossip They don’t dance and sway in the wind like violets, Primroses don’t let winds sway them They are special, they have a different personality than all those fake flowers They don’t need to pretend to be popular when they really are hurting inside No two primroses are exactly the same And that’s how it should be.

Flames Anna Jane Miller Fires ablaze Licking up wood A light showing the way Mesmerizing Everlasting memories Shhh, its time…

Ivy Buxton

Car Stereo Store

And that’s why, thirty years ago, I opened my Car Stereo store. I needed

Madalina Stoicov

everyone to have noise, for I thought there could be no person without it.

Business was amazing! I sold out of stereos almost every week. As they Thirty years ago, noises were

browse the tall rows of mechanical noise-

different. They were music, art, pleasant

makers, I guide them. And when ringing

news; all good things in short. Growing

them up I always ask: why did you come

up, it was like this too. Hating silence, I

looking for noise? I simply had to know if

played a plethora of instruments, sang in

anyone was left in silence and if so, then I

choirs, socialized, and whatever else I

would expand and sell more.

could do to make noise. And as far as I

Costumers’ answers are varying.

knew, everyone else did this too. We all

Some needed a new stereo, some got their

just felt better with these noises; and for

stereo for the first time. Some said they

those who’ve heard it, nobody could stand

had heard the silence and was petrified

the silence.

such as I. But all in all these people had

One day I set out into the world to begin my life. Fresh out of school and

one opinion the same: they just needed noise.

no home to return to, I thought nothing

And I had never met a person

could’ve gone wrong. At first, my busy

disliked the noise and craved the silence.

thoughts made the noise for me, but it was

Because who in their right mind would

not until I reached my destination that I

come into my store of noises with that

heard it: nothing. Not even a white noise


rolled through this new place. My reaction

It’s been thirty years. Three

was nothing but fear for I had never heard

decades of selling noises, the beautiful

such a thing before. It frightened me that


someplace there was no noise and that someone, perhaps, had never heard noise.

But lately, they have not been so beautiful. And so as you can assume,

business has been down. Nobody comes in anymore. My chair squeaks as I set back into it and observe my store. Three high rows of noise-making machines have gathered dust and cobwebs. Lightbulbs flicker and a single candle is placed upon my desk. A wall of windows have fashioned blinds, and small creatures have claimed their home. One stereo is set on the back wall and the volume is low. Music has become a sorrowful groan, news of peace has been replaced with statistics of the most horrifying events, and talk shows of peppy young men has become the place of mourning noises have been beaten and buried under piles of negativity and cries for help. And it is only now as I think of the dark things, that I even begin to think of silence. The radio crackles and I stare at it. The lights flicker above me and my candle has nearly burned out. Then just like that. Silence. The silence consumes me.

Dennis Pogrebitskiy

those who have died unfaithfully. My

Illustrations by Grace Fletcher

Cold Maybelline never liked winter. It was no wonder that she was not pleased when it went over its time. Now its May and it still snows once or twice a week. The town has learned to put up with it, but Maybelline is suspicious after she begins seeing figures in the snow late at night. The storms soon grow more frequent and more destructive. People who were there the day before may not be there tomorrow. The cold will grow. Grow stronger. Grow more powerful. And always colder, and colder. Every decision counts, make the right one.

The Lost Dimension Gray is a 13-year-old boy who wants nothing more than to be left alone in his own “bubble� but one day he goes over and above, revealing a hidden dimension, the Vunejs Dimension. A place where you can truly be forgotten and forever on your own. As Gray goes on he starts to question whether he really wants to leave his world behind, his parents his friends his crush? What will he do? Will his desition change his life, forever? Will everyone forget his presence? Will this dimension really live up to his standards? Original Book Summaries by Natalia Johnson

Aaron Sabu

What e’re men do, or say, or think, or dream, our motley paper seizes for its theme. -byline from The Tatler (Eng 18th c.) -from Juvenal (Roman satirist 2nd c. AD)

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