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MOTLEY 2017 

This issue of Motley is dedicated to Peggy Becksvoort. Librarian, teacher, photographer, tech-guru, and a true champion of truth, facts, research, hard work and the written word. You are an inspiring educator and we at Motley want to give credit where credit is due: just like you taught us.

2017 Motley Editorial Staff Lola Garcia

Brynne Mittleider

Grace Fletcher Caroline Tracy Eden Marley Coco Xu Faculty Advisor Simon Adams

cover art by Celia Zimba

May 2017 Dear Reader; I often contemplate the “caveman.” Think of it: a life in which every moment is a struggle for survival, from the immediacy of running from a giant sized predator, to battling the elements, to putting aside enough for the coming winter. Every choice in the life of our earliest ancestors was directly connected to making it to the next sunrise. There was no Candy Crush or Netflix. No playground or ice cream parlor. And yet amid that daily struggle the compulsion to make art blossomed and even flourished. Whether to pass critical information to future generations, or tell to tales of past glories, or simply to beautify the dank cave early humans called home, the creative impulse would not be stifled. That is how fundamental art is to our species. In a year of upheaval during which everyone has taken “sides” and all sides know they are unquestionably “right,” let us not forget what is most basic in our nature: the need to build, not break down. The desire to create, not destroy. So as we look at the art in this issue of Motley, the honest expressions of the next generation of artists and writers, let’s revel in the creation of good works and encourage more. Don’t just argue and shout and grumble; try to make your cave a little more beautiful.


Simon Adams FMS Art

Ode to the Moon by Marissa LeFevre

Bright, bright moon Oh how you shine And the brightness Of you is surely fine As we sleep All through the night Oh how dark it is But you are our flashlight Oh sweet moon As the sun starts to wake Ans you turn into another state I know I will see you soon again And when you wake I will be beyond compare And the brightness Of you is surely fine Oh how you shine Bright, bright moon. 

Dedicated to N.F. , and L.F. , who made this story possible.

* * * The planet of Nrik: Outside the Galactic State Quadrant: The lab was just the way Malik had left it 26 years ago. Then again, Malik had no idea he would ever step foot in that room again. Malik was the hardware and software designer that had created M.A.I.S. which stands for, “The Mechanical Artificial Intelligence System.� That was his true accomplishment in life. The most advanced computer system the galactic state knew of. Malik had created it. Only two years after that, Malik was shut down for illegal biological testing. How could that have happened? And to him? Malik was at the top. The government of Nrik had employed him in making living machines with real living cells. They shut him down when they found out that Malik was putting A.I. into test subjects. Maybe Malik deserved it. But one thing and one thing alone was true now: Malik was hired once again for a comeback project. When Malik arrived in the designing station of the workshop, Malik saw a memo that was left by a M.A.I.S. unit. When Malik read it, he realized that the only thing that was different now, was Malik was doing the

Eli MacFarland

The Scientifics And The Corrupting by Joseph Walsh & Logan Ferguson

exact opposite. Instead of making a living machine, Malik was making a robot with a human consciousness. Malik sighed, and went to the material room for some scraps to plan with. When came to the doorway Malik swiped his key card in the slot and entered. This was a newly stocked room with shelves covered with scraps and organized piles of a thin, lightweight metal called Dilotine. What was behind the hydro locked door in the back of the material room would change the entire project. To Malik it looked out of place. Like

a fingerprint scanner on a kitchen cabinet. Malik eyed it suspiciously. In big text, a sign read “WARNING: THIS AREA IS FOR ADVANCED I.D. CARDs ONLY. IF I.D. IS STANDARD OR CLASS D OR BELOW WILL SET OFF ALARM AND CARD WILL BE DEACTIVATED.” Malik had just been given the I.D. tag that day. Malik didn’t know if he was an advanced or not. But Malik was confident that the man that created the most intelligent A.I. in the galactic state might have an advanced I.D. tag in ulysses experimental . Malik closed his eyes, reached for his I.D. card and took in a breath. *click* The door lock made a s mall click, and the door slid open. You could say that Malik took a sigh of relief here, but Malik would not be relieved to see the reason why the door was hydro locked. The room looked like the material room But on the shelves were melted alloys in large, square, dilotine containers with small labels in the Nriken language. Malik took a look at each label to see what the reason for the super lock on the door. Most of them were just xentius, a metal used for everything from prosthetics to M.A.I.S. units. The only problem is when it hardens, it won’t melt. Then Malik saw a container of Expresium. Expresium was a simple metal on it's own, but when you add a chemical called steuernila, it will become any form, any weight, any mass, any form of matter, any size, that a living consciousness wants it to. Interesting, but interesting enough to put a hydrolock on the door. Malik continued looking but didn’t find anything

Odd until he found a tray of thistle tubes labeled: Detirius. Malik couldn’t believe his eyes. Why would ulysses experimental have access to Detirius? Detirius was a living alloy that could control its own density. That’s the most unstable metal in the Galactic State. That’s why the door had a hydrolock. Could Malik use that for the robot? Malik was thinking to himself, no one's ever made a robot out of Detritus before. Because it has the ability to change its own density, it was mixed with expresium, a lot of expresium. Maybe if Malik mixed in enough expresium, no one would notice. It would be very illegal to use Detritus.Then Malik noticed that there were two thistle tubes missing in the back of the tray. Somebody had already taken some, but who? The room was completely stocked for his arrival. Malik didn’t think much of it thou. Secretly, Malik grabbed two tubes of Detritus for “safe keeping”.

Owen Davis

Raindrop by Brynne Mittleider I wake up in the soil All moist and strong With worms as my friends But not for long! It’s dry today I’ve seen not a cloud I’m near the surface And I see something proud It glows a strong heat I’ve become a donation To a fluffy white cloud (That’s called evaporation) I was turned to gas Then I feel condensed “What’s happening?” I ask That depends. To be wordy, it’s condensation Water vapor in the air turned to liquid But instead I just say When full of frustration That its just when our wonderful air Makes the sky cloudy. Then I hear a noise Lightning shines from me And suddenly I’m falling Into the sea!

I’ve stayed here awhile With whales and big fish For five years in this Ocean abyss. Finally the heat again It shines me to gas Up into the clouds Then left to cling To my crowd. I stayed there a year Up in the blue sky Then it pours and it pours And the ocean says “hi!” I can’t say I’m pleased I’m back to what I’d recently left To stay there three more years When fish are all that I’ve met. When I’m vaporized And gone away to the clouds I can’t help but think What’ll be my next crowd The sea? Or a moose? A tree? Or a garden? I can’t wait to see Where next I will be!

Grace Addison

Kathryn Lamarre

Jay Thomas

Lacie Petit

Mary Martin

Sydney Redan

Ryan Langston

Mary Martin

Curiosity Killed The Cat by Luis Machado Happy birthday. 200 years ago people would love to hear that every day, but now it's one of the most terrifying things you can hear. Let me explain: Every birthday you get tested. At age 1, you must know how to walk and talk. At age 2, you must know how to read and understand and speak all languages(there are only 6 languages now). At age 3, you must be able to do simple math and write. The tests keep getting harder until the final test, the 18th test. You must have an IQ of over 325 and be able to pick up a 150 pound or heavier object with one arm. Only 20% of people make it through all tests. If you fail, you become a slave and get worked to death; it's up to your owner if they want to feed you or not. You become the slave of someone who passed the test that you failed. Jack passed the test. “Tomorrow is the last test, I'll finally find out what they did with all those people, I just have to pass this test.” Jack continued to talk to himself in the mirror, he was the only one in his family that got past test 15, now he is on the final test, test 18.

He brushed his bangs away from from his face. He got his black hair from his mom and his brown eyes from his dad, everyone says he looks just like them. He wouldn't know, though. None of their owners fed them, except for his mom. She was fed, but she died when he was born. He had to raise himself after he passed the first test. “It's do or die, and I am not gonna die.” He walked out of his one room home and headed for the testing area. Once he got inside he saw 17 people crying with hand cuffs on, some of the hand cuffs said F-12, F-16, F-7, and more. The F stood for failed and the number said what test they had failed. There were 3 people with huge smiles on, since they didn't have handcuffs on that means they passed the test. One guy tried to escape so one of the guards shoved his hand straight through the guy's chest. The guard took his arm out and the mans lifeless body fell to the ground. The kid with the F-7 handcuff on screamed “Daddy! Daddy! Get up! What's wrong!” as he ran over to the his father's lifeless body, tears streaming from his face. The guard wiped the blood off his arm and then started patrolling the area. Jack walked through a familiar corridor with 18 doors, each door had a number, the number on the door was the number of the test inside it. Jack finally reached the 18th door. He reached for the handle but hesitated, “I have to find out what happens, i've gone this far, I can't afford to fail the test.” He turned the knob and entered the room. 

Half by Eden Marley

I am split in half. It's all around me. With you I laugh, With them I'm half. Part of me is with You. Part of me is with Them. But without you, I am half.


Oliver Moshell

Amphibious Vehicle Lab

Matisse Moser, TJ Rice


 Define Problem: The problem is an ordinary remote control car does not drive on water. A remote control amphibious vehicle would benefit many hobbyists in saving money. Hobbyists could buy one vehicle that does both rather than a buying two vehicles, a boat and a car. Criteria: To judge success the vehicle needed to move on both land and water. Another important criteria we wanted to reach was we wanted our vehicle to transition smoothly in and out of water.
 Constraints: There were many constraints and limitations that we had while building the car. Some of which include making it float, the car is very heavy so it is difficult to get it to float. Materials, the materials were foam board, hot glue, water bottles, a wooden dowel, a remote control car, plastic wrap, tinfoil, and a basic tool set. Time, we had only 8 friday’s to work in class and whatever time we scheduled after school. Water to test it in, we did this in the winter so we had to test it in the sink or bathtub. There were many constraints, but we overcame all of them.

Academic Research: The reason the wheels are able to move the vehicle in water is Newton’s third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. For example, the wheels spin forward, and push the water backwards moving the vehicle forwards. At first, it was unable to float because the density was greater than water (1g/cm3 ), the density was larger than 1g/cm3 because the mass was much more than the volume, but after adding two Poland Spring bottles the volume became more than the mass which results in the density of the boat < 1g/cm3 . Related science investigated.

Create/Test Possible Solution: Our original design had a main hull in the middle and two structures in the front that are similar to skis around the wheels. It has two more wheels in the back of the main hull to support it on land. After attempting to construct this design we found out that it would not work and that it was too difficult to build. In order

to have the wheels turn we needed space between the edge of the skis and the wheels but unfortunately the water would leak in if we did that. So we needed to redesign it so that the wheels were not restricted and it would still float.
 Redesign & Re-test: Our next design had foam board wrapped around the front wheels with protruding pieces of foam board, making both wheels resemble the back of a paddle steamboat. The body of the car was put in a hull of foam board. When we tested it on land it worked fine but in the water it sunk, so we had to make another change. We decided to attach empty water bottles to the sides to help it float and act as catamaran.

When the vehicle was able to float too much water was leaking in so we tested several different methods of waterproofing
 the front wheels. The first method was to fill the large gap with some insulating foam, but this acted as a glue, and the wheels were unable to turn. The next method to waterproofing the front wheels was to use plastic wrap because of its flexibility. The last method to waterproof the front wheels was a mix of tinfoil, and plastic wrap. This worked the best so we went with it. When we found the best method of waterproofing the front

wheels we started over and built an entire new vehicle with all the new changes.

When the new vehicle was built with all the new changes (the bottles, paddle of a steamboat wheels etc.) we added a few more details which we
 thought was needed. First, we added a roof because too much
 water was getting in because the wheels were shooting water up. Secondly, we added a cover above the wheels to prevent
 too much water from getting onto the roof, and seeping through the foam board.


27 January 2017

The Thingy Ma Hoo- Ha by Dorothy Michaud

“Hi” something said “Hi”

They ran And hid And all got away, But the thingy ma hoo-ha Was there to stay

Wait.. What’s that? Oh my! Is it a bear? A horse? A dog? A frog? Oh no! IT’S A THINGY MA HOO-HA! “RUN!” said someone “Hide!” said the other “Lets all just go home!” said their mother

It followed And followed them To their car And when they started to drive The creature was not far But it just wanted snuggles And cuddles for days But no one ever knew, so they still drove away. They will never forget that special trip west Now the thingy ma hoo-ha was happy at rest

Fiona Hanrahan


Broken off Falling, trailing Searching, lost Listening, silently For the past This fall, The last

art by Megan Sauberlich

Last by Caroline Tracy

The Girl in the Blue Dress by Ava Alberetti

“When we had the idea to start this society, the world was in chaos, people so miserable that suicidal thoughts loomed, everything was dark and dreary, and no one was happy. But now in they year 50303 we have overcome all our challenges and the 100th birthday of our republic; N. W. O. H, has arrived and we will celebrate with joy and spirit. Thank You for listening… and may you always be gratified ! -Excerpt from Mr. Euphoria’s N.W.O.H birthday speech . Mara 4302 : A month later Whenever I look up at the sky I see blue, not the rich blue; that makes people sad… no, the very light kind. It reminds me of the dream I always have, where two girls are playing in a meadow and one of the girls has a dress that color. As they roll around in the grass, the blue dress girl notices the grass has stained her dress, but instead of crying and calling for a S.A.D doctor, they keep dancing and laughing. I often have odd dreams like that, but right now I am sitting in Education center waiting for class to end and as Mrs. Petty

White always says; “Dreaming is for Sleep,” so I can’t dream at the moment. “Brrrring!!” the bell rings and I run out of Education center of ‘Doom.’ I can’t wait to scan my card and get out. Today is 5th day of our week… that means I don’t have to go to work, I can just head to my living quarter and relax. “Excuse me for the interruption,” the announcement coming from the intercom pushes me out of my positive thoughts. “I am here to announce that due to current circumstances 2nd class civilians are called to attend their work tonight. Thank you for understanding… and may you always be gratified!” The robotic-like voice clicks off and everyone goes back to what they were doing, no-one complains or protests, they all just smile. I push away the angry thoughts coming in my head, this is not fair… you deserve this day off… why should they tell you what to do. But I can’t do anything, because I have to go to work, working in the powder fields, it makes me happy. I trudge west toward the fields and examine the world around me, pure white and warm colors, the symbols of happiness, living quarters lined up in circles, glass panels enclosing our sky, and the main city gleaming with silver and gold towers, our land is perfect and welcoming. But up in the sky there is a place known as the Laboratory, It gives me shudders, just thinking about it. It is said to be the most important place in N.W.O.H, but it scares me, I don’t like it.

If I could pick a thing in N.W.O.H, that doesn’t belong here… I would pick the laboratory. Dr. Alvis When I was very young I remember meeting Mr. Euphoria, he was always working in his office, painted the color of the sky. He had a dream and wanted to make it happen, so it did. Now years later it is hard to believe I work for him, my life is happy. I am the keeper of positive; I make sure that everyone is happy. A hundred years ago this society started, the dome was built. The city was established, protein pills were developed, and sadness was erased, for good. Thanks to our S.A.D. doctors any signs of sadness are quickly erased… you see we have the ability to remove any items, people, or basically anything. Now here is one of my secrets… that is what I do. I take away any of the things that make people sad, because that is what is best for our society.

Mara 4302 When I get to the fields my fellow workers are crowded around the shipping building. I look for my best friend Alecta. “Mara… over here!” I follow the voice to the front of the crowd, Where Alecta stands, smiling. She has long black hair, that 


Photography by Madalina Stoicov

goes perfectly with our assigned outfits; tight white pants, and a soft yellow shirt. “What is going on?” I interrogate her. She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know, but it looks exciting!” Suddenly an official walks to the front of the crowd, she has in her hand a microphone. Looking out at the curious crowd , she smiles and starts speaking. “Hello 2nd class citizens… today I have some very important news for you, some of you will be removed from this job, but don’t worry, you will be given a new job sooner or later. Now here is the list.” The official pulls out a thin white piece of paper from her back pocket, I looked around me to see if my fellow citizens are just as scared and confused as I am. But all of them have on smiles and are very positive, as if this would not affect them at all. “Okay here we go,” the official stated, “The people being removed, um… repositioned are; Ceres 0467, Jax 5321, Apollo 3398, and finally Mara 4302, These people are not in any trouble, trust me they are just being transferred. Now I will state a few things that we like about them…” I don’t know what to do, it is like my world has been flipped. I had worked so hard to get where I am now ; a 2nd class citizen who actually is okay with her life, she dreams of happiness, and thinks she might be close to it, and now these people are going to take this away from me?! I know what I have to do. As

the official walks away and the crowd departs, I still stand there. I realize what am I living for? Everyone is so happy and complete… yet I always feel like I am missing something, I yearn to venture beyond the walls of our land, so I know what I have to do; run away. Dr. Alvis Something has happened in N.W.O.H, a slight disruption within the people. You see, us scientists have been running low on lab experimenters, so Mr. Euphoria has decided to take a few 2nd class people, one’s who will probably be forgotten and test our current Happy pills on them. These people will be

Parker Thibodeau

Althea McNulty

erased from our society. A few other scientists and I are assigned to keep a close eye on these people until they arrive at the labs. The person I am assigned to watch over is Mara 4302. Mara 4302 As soon as I get to my dwelling I start to pack. After having a meeting with the official about our new jobs (they won’t tell us what we they are yet), my idea of running away has started to become more like a reality. I jam packets of protein pills into my backpack and grab a bottle of H20, I have to pack light because it will be a risky journey to get out of this society, people eyeing your every move and having no-clue what lies beyond our walls.

“Brinnnng!” the bell rings to announce 3rd meal time. 4 protein pills slide onto my plate, but I am too rushed to eat them. This will be the perfect time to leave, the light leaves, and darkness elapses everything, except for all the street luminators… I guess I will just have to avoid them. I slip on my activity shoes, grab my bag , then swipe my scanner against the door and head off. The hallways of my dwelling are so quiet, the faint murmur of meal conversations can be heard from under door cracks. As I tiptoe down the stairs and out the hallway to the front door, scan my card and take a deep breath… this is it, I am going to be free, “Beeeep, beep,” I look to where the noise is coming from; the scanner at the front door. Suddenly I hear footsteps.

I Am Yanek by Rhys Cadigan I am Yanek I have no name I don’t have friends No family No relation No nothing Not if I want to survive Work,work,work That’s all I know Work,fear,death But I cheat it I hid under floorboards Stared death in the face But I eluded it Looking at a shower head Waiting for death to rain down Once more death passes me from the other Side of the street We were used to each other I knew him and he knew me Transported by cattle car Crammed in like sardines Death all around But once again Death passed me on the other side of the Street We worked Then the living dead Marched to death To my final destination We awoke to find everyone gone Soldiers strut in like a peacock, showing off It’s feathers Years had passed, I was a boy when it started I was a man now 10 camps 2 marches 6 years 1 story I Am Yanek   

Grace Fletcher

Jack Sawyer

Lab by Izzy Dyer

When I got to Nibley, it looked abandoned. Looked. I haven’t been here for over two years, yet it looks like nobody has been here for decades. The dust has put a thick coating on everything it could. Still, it’s populated which is all I care about. I steer myself to one of the saloons that still has signs of activity, plus, I need a drink. Inside, the smell of stale urine hits me like a slap in the face. It’s a mess in here, however there is still service, and people. I do a quick check of the few men in the place. Nope. He’s not here. So I go over to the bar and order a water. As the scruffy man gives

me some very dirty looking water, I ask him in a soft whisper, “Do you know where I can find a man by the name of Finn?” He spit out his whiskey right in my face. “What in hell do you want to do with him!? You know he’s a wanted criminal.” I knew this, of course, ever since the war between Russia and America, Couse had cracked down on all rebels and suppressed all the freedom we had left. “I can’t tell you, but I can promise your life will be a lot better if you could just tell me,” I pleaded. “You tryin’ to mess with the government?” I nodded. “Look ’ere girl,” he announced, “I don’t know what you’re thinkin’ of doin’, or

Anne Smith

When I Got to Nibley by James Leavitt

why you wants to do it, but you ain’t gonna want to mess with this ‘ere ‘government’, they be bad news for common-folk like you.” “How would you know?” I said all too snarkily. “How would I know!” he bursted, “I would know because I’m him! I am Finn!” This all made sense now, the outbursts, the wherewithal, he wasn’t on his drugs and neither was I! I finally found someone who isn’t a dullard! Someone who could actually help me! This is the most exhilarated I’ve felt in… forever. “You are?” I blubber out, trying to keep myself collected. “Yah, but I ain’t gonna help you do whatever you are planning,” he hushed to a whisper, “I’m already in enough trouble with them buffoons as it is.” And just like that, all my hopes were crushed. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t a good plan in the first place, a teenage girl taking down an entire government? Unlikely at best. “Come with me,” Finn could tell I looked distraught. I become weary as he leads me up a set of creaky steps into a musky storage room. He takes a seat in a chair pillowed with dust, and I sit in one adjacent. “What is your plan here, ‘cause you ain’t gonna be able to just walk into Central Tower and have everyone do whatever the hell you want.” He made a good point, I hadn’t really thought of how I was gonna do this thing. How was I going to go about this? I have really rushed into this thing without thinking any of it through. “I, I… I don’t know, I haven’t really thought this thing through at all. I guess I just

figured that if I found you, that would be my plan.” Next to me I can hear Finn chuckling. “Well,” he replied, “you’re gonna need one, and a good one too. The next few hours are a blur of plotting and arguing, but somehow we end up with hacking into the delivery system of the pills. If we can stop the “zombifying”, then the people will rebel themselves and we’ll be able to stay low until we are free, not getting caught. The system the government uses for delivery is strictly automated. Each morning a household will get the right dosage for each member through a tube in their living room. There are factories all over the realm that manufacture the seductive medicine, so breaking into those are not an option. If there is something in just one spot that affects all the territory that gets drugged… Ahah! In the capitol there is a warehouse with a supercomputer that runs all of the code that determines dosage, delivery and timing. If we could manage to get past the security and get access to the machine so that we can destroy the core… voila! After I shared my idea with Finn he agreed with it. “That’s actually a pretty big idea, considerin’ it came from such a small person, but it ain’t none the less as good,” he admittedly grunts, “if you figure out how to get past that there guard team on watch 24/7, you got yourself a deal.” A deal? What is that supposed to mean, was there a negotiation between us? Am I supposed to repay him somehow? Stop. I think to myself you are overthinking this way too much. “O.K.” I answer.

Dennis Pogrebitskiy


Eden Marley

Smooth Stone by Amelia Hooper Smooth, Soft, I hold it in my hand. Hot, Dry, Its round shape comforts me.

Patty Riley

Grey, Black, I skip the stone into the water. Splash, Plop, I go to find its brother.

Ellah dipped her hands into the water, trying to get rid of the fishy smell that lingered on her hands. The ocean waves splashed up the side of the boat and onto her shirt. A chill ran down her as she remembered that soon she would be part of the waves, swimming as fast as she could to shore. Ellah grasped onto the side of the boat

as its motor started up and roared away from the cargo ship. The fog started to thicken as they headed towards the mainland. The overpowering stench of dead fish made Ellah want to hurl, her stomach beginning to feel queasy. Ellah looked over to the other boys on the boat. Most of them were fishing, one was steering the boat, and the leader was barking orders at some of the other boys to fish faster. Nobody really noticed Ellah, she had just been clutching the side of the boat the whole time. Ellah scanned the boat one

Celia Zimba

Excerpt from Written in the Waves by Caroline Empey

more time, and then looked down at the water. The churning dark green and blue mess of waves daunted Ellah, as they swirled seaweed and tossed fish around in their violent surf. She looked away from the water, trying to shield herself, but remembered Stella’s words “Your family is in danger.” The words haunted her almost as much as the crushing waves beneath her. The boat swayed back and forth, causing her to lose her balance and tumble backwards. She stood up quickly, hopeful that nobody had noticed. Ellah turned her back to the other boys, and fish behind her. She climbed up onto the lip of the boat, put her hands above her head, and jumped. “She’s gone!” yelled the boy “She’s swimming to shore!” Ellahs heart pounded, the freezing water piercing her skin. She furiously pushed her way through the water, her body being slammed by waves. A gob of messy brown seaweed covered her face and she felt the sting of a jellyfish slash her left leg. Ellah came up to the surface, gasping for a drop of air. Behind her, she heard the loud roar of the metal fishing boat coming closer and closer, advancing on her every second. She panicked, how could she outswim the boat? Ellah dove under the waves again feeling herself being picked up and spun around like a tornado. She paddled through the monstrous waves praying that she would make it out alive. Ellah got colder and colder by the minute, she could feel herself shivering between breaths. She looked up at the thickening dark clouds above her. Ellah felt truly terrified for the first time in her life. She

had no one to help her, nobody to save her, to wake her up from this awful dream she was living. Even the evil roar of the motor boat had faded away into the rain that pounded down hitting Ellah’s skin like golf balls. She slowly paddled to shore, being thrown around by the waves and getting slammed intorocks. Finally,the haze started to clear and the rain started to let up. Ellah felt the waves getting smaller and less powerful and the ocean began to be a clearer less intense green. She was getting to shore! She had made it to shore! Ellah realized putting her feet down into the soft squishy sand that she had been pulled ashore by the waves. She stood up, out of the water and walked ashore, scanning the docks for any sight of life. Ellah ran up the loading ramp to the main street of her town, turned left and ran up the path of her home.

Alone by Eleanor Gelchinsky My whole world was close behind me But when I looked back They were all gone My hobbies and values My family and friends Are gone I’m alone

I’m all alone In the dark with no light I am drained of my might I tried to hold tight To the only friend that I had But it slipped through my fingers Now I’m alone This is bad

Jasmine Lucas

Animal Testing Should Be Banned An argumentative essay by Caroline Tracy

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way,â&#x20AC;? says Currently, millions of animals are sitting in labs, waiting to be tested upon and to be killed sometime shortly. This is what many dogs, cats, primates, rats, mice, and rabbits have to experience and continue to suffer in. This is animal testing, an act that is cruel, inaccurate, and has many better alternatives to. Animal testing should be banned because of these listed reasons, and still much more. Many animals right now are suffering and dying in

Victoria Abbott

labs because of this cruel act. We need to take a stand against this.

Animal testing should be banned because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cruel. Almost all of the animals that are tested upon in labs are killed by the experiment and die a very painful death. This is mostly because the products that are tested on them are not safe for the animals, and then leave them to die after the experiment has been conducted. That experiment just took their life, and all for a product. After the failed test, the people would later try to fix the item in consideration, and then test it on another animal. This cycle would continue until the product was put on a shelf, after many hard and long experimentations. And the lucky animals who were still alive after the procedure would be immediately killed. This behavior is happening every day, everywhere. Because of this cruelty, some animals develop neurotic behaviors, such as spinning around, rocking themselves back and forth, pulling out their own fur, and even biting themselves. No doubt these abnormal behaviors were causes of animal testing that made the animals act overanxious and do things that have never been their own behavior. Overall, animal testing is very cruel to animals and is one reason that this type of cruelty should be banned.

Animal testing should be banned because it’s inaccurate. One animal test on the arthritis drug Vioxx was done on animals and was supposedly proved to protect mouse’s hearts. Yet it was put onto the shelf and caused over 27,000 heart attacks and sudden deaths on people before it was taken out of stores. This test on mice is just only one example of the inaccuracy of testing products on animals because of, first of all, animals are immune to some things that we are not and vice versa. This fact alone is the main reason why many medicines and drugs kill people even after the animal testing that was conducted. Animals aren’t the same as people and therefore make this cruel kind of testing inaccurate, killing many humans and test subjects. Additionally, 94% of the drugs that pass animal tests failed in experiments that were conducted on humans. This means that almost all the animals that die in that test lab were never even needed for the experiments. In fact, only 6% of the tests were ever proven to be accurate, so 6% of animals were useful in the laboratories. So to think about it, animal tests aren't accurate and are not necessary because the results are unclear. Animal testing should be banned because there are other less cruel, more accurate product tests that can save animal’s lives and people’s lives. According to, “Not only are...non-animal tests more humane, they also have the potential to be cheaper, faster, and more relevant to humans.” When we save animal’s lives, the newer alternatives are less costly, quicker, and more suitable to us, making the new

alternatives better than testing our products on animals. Many animals are saved from cruelty and the tests are even more accurate than before. There are many alternatives to animal testing, including ones that involve taking cells from humans and doing genetic testing. One great alternative to animal cruelty is “organs-on-chips” which puts grown human cells onto a disc. These “organs-onchips” mimic cells of a human, and when tested upon are a great alternative to animal testing. Today, technology can be in the place of animals. They can take the place of these poor little test subjects and come in and out of a lab with nothing to lose. This method of testing and many other ways of experimenting products are much better for animals and humans. Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel to the animals, it is inaccurate, and there are better alternatives to testing human products on animals. According to, 72% of people said that animal testing is cruel and should be banned, while 28% disagreed with this view. Although people may think that it makes sure that the product is safe for people, according to my three reasons, it doesn't make that happen. Continuing to test products on animals would, first of all, mean cruelly testing the product on them, and even then the results may be inaccurate after the procedure has been finished. There are better alternatives to test products to make sure they are safe for humans, mainly technology. So in conclusion, animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, the results are inaccurate,

and there are better alternatives to animal testing. I recently found out that America is considering putting a hold to animal testing. This option may take action in every state in the U.S.A. and would be better for animals and humans altogether. So in the meantime,

I invite you to take action to stop this cruelness. Remember, said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.â&#x20AC;? Remember that. Remember the animals.

Parker Thibodeau


Beach by Amelia Hooper Standing in the ocean. Walking in the sand. Listen to the crashing waves. How is life so grand?â&#x20AC;Š

James Leavitt


Give the test to the 7th graders
 Put music on, use timer to time test.
 Take notes during the test
 Collect test
 If we have too many kids randomly pick one out and dispose of it
 Collect data from 7th graders results. Will be tested on

Fab Friday Science Lab. by Natalie Haug-Pavlak & Shannon Dye Question: Does listening to music with words effect a person's ability to answer questions? Hypothesis: If we let kids listen to music with words while taking a test, then they will not be able to focus, and excel in test scores, because focusing on words of songs can prohibit one from focusing on task and can disrupt one’s train of thought.

Evidence: Logic Graph 2 Group With Music


Average Accuracy: 70.2%

1. ● ● ● ● ● 2. 3.

Average Time: 18.1 Overall Focus: 3.2857 out of 5

4. 5. 6. " 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Group Without Music

 B.Time it took- C. Focus-

Average Accuracy: 67.142% Average Time: 20.429

Collect materials for experiment... 2 Laptop (timer and Music.) Notes Papers
 Test Playlist
 Go into 2 different WIN classrooms, Natalie in one and Shannon in the other. Make sure each class has at least 10 kids, if they do not pull kids from other class. Have one class be control and have one listen to music
 Explain procedure of action to 7th graders.

Overall Focus: 3.2857 out of 5 " 4.) Analysis Green: Music group Black: Non-music group

Reading Graph

students who listened to music were more accurate, were faster, and were more focused when taking the test. The group who listened to music had a 70.2% average for overall accuracy. The kids who did not listen to music had a 67.142% average for overall accuracy. The kids who listened to music did better than the kids who did not listen to music in the math and logic sections of test, however the kids who did not listen to music did better in the reading section of the test. The data shows that the group with music did better in the Math and Logic section, however the group without music did better in reading. Overall the group with music did better. Conclusion Listening to music helps a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s overall ability to answer questions correctly, because they are not as likely to be distracted by outside noises, (ru ing of papers or other students), and music has a positive effect on people. The experiment shows that the

The kids who listen to music had an average time of 18.1 minutes. The kids who did not listen to music had an average time of 20.429 minutes. The kids who listened to music were on average 2.329 minutes faster than the kids who did not listen to music. Both of the groups rated their focused as 3.2857 out of 5 on average, but during the test it was noted that the group without music were more distracted by the teacher, ru ing papers, and other studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the room. The group with music were less distracted by their peers and what the teacher was doing. This is because music has a positive effect on people. Most of the students said that they liked the music, meaning it probably had a positive effect on them, this lead them to do better in the math

section and logic section of the test. Other studies have shown that listening to music with words is a detriment to a student’s ability to focus and do well on school related work, because students are more focused on the words in the music instead of there work. That explains why students who did not listen to music did

they will not be able to focus, and excel in test scores, because focusing on words of songs can prohibit one from focusing on task and can disrupt one’s train of thought.” However, we now know that listening to music helps one focus on the rhythm and beat, and let’s one answer questions without being distracted by outside noise.

significantly better than the students who did listen to music in the reading section. Also outside noises were more distracting to kids who were not listening to music, so they were less focused. As a result, our hypothesis was incorrect. It stated, “ If we let kids listen to music with words while taking a test, then

Works Cited "Educational Studies." The E ects of Background Music on Primary School Pupils' Task Performance: Educational Studies: Vol 28, No 2. Web. 26 Jan. 2017. "Sign In: Registered Users." The E ect of Music Listening on Work Performance - Jun 29, 2016. Web. 26 Jan. 2017.

Wind by Jasmine Lucas

Wind impossible to see Cold to touch So peaceful, so deadly, so powerful Dancing in the sky Randomly twirling and leaping Never falling Listening to the music of the trees Following as they lead Leaves jump in, At the most random times Following the wind Wherever it goes â&#x20AC;Š

Lacie Petit

I Hate the Holidays by Brynne Mittleider

5… I 4… can’t 3… wait 2… for 1… the New Year! It’s a new year! Party hats and spraying confetti Crazy cats and yummy spaghetti New Year! It’s a new year! Staying up ‘til midnight No one here’ll say “good night” New Year! It’s a new year! Happiness and laughing too Lots of crowds and hullabaloo New Year! It’s a new year! But who will not be happy after Is not a person, thing, or flower Confetti will not be so happy ‘Cause after parties the rooms are all scrappy Filled with piles and piles And piles and piles And piles and piles of confetti So the janitors come and WHOOSH! down it goes Into the scary black vacuum hose. Stars explode in tiny dots Flags are hung tied in a knot People laugh all filled with glee

Fireworks farther than the eye can see Today’s the day for independence Today’s the day there’s perfect attendance Who’d wanna miss explosions in the sky? I can think of many inside my mind They are similar in just one thing In the sky they go “ZING!” And “PING!” And “ZIP!” And “WIP!” And “POW! And “KAPLOW!” And “ZIE!” And “PLIE!” I bet they’d like to miss The Fourth of July Because not everyone wants to die As an explosion in the sky.

Fireplace crackling Children snackling On yummy roast pig A bowl of pudding so big Emerald trees with bright gold stars Dolls and toys and tiny cars Littered everywhere on the floor Smiles and laughs and hugs galore But do not be so very sure Everyone wants this more and more For not everyone is really happy Just stop and think about the wrapping.

GNATMAN ISSUE #2 by Cole Bennett and Joe Thorpe

The Clean Ones by Kathryn Lamarre Dear Lidia, today is cleansing day. I don’t want to go. The clean ones scare me. You are lucky you don’t have to do this anymore. What if they find grandpa’s plant? He gave it to me to protect before he died. It was tucked away for so many years, I don’t know how he hid it so well. I will never forgive myself if I lose it. Love Meloney When the Clean ones came they separated adults and children into two lines to send us down to the chemical cleanse. Whilst we are there, they will search the housing commons for any sign of natural growth; plants, mold, and non chemical products, and then dispose of any they found. If they found any purposeful growth the person responsible would be exiled to outside the safety dome. Out where there are remnants of nature that will kill you in less than a day. I quickly searched around the room for a place to stash the seed. My eyes fell on my air producer. A small white box with a few small compartments. I carefully placed the seed in an empty compartment and ran out in the hall and fell in line. When I was out, a clean one used his scanner to check who I was and what I had with me. “M13, why are you late?” “Um..” I did not have an excuse. “I was just organizing my storage compartments. I always make it easier for the clean ones to search.” I smiled innocently. He gave me a

look but then walked away. Few! That was too close. I slowly walked through the halls behind the rest of the 14 year olds. The clean ones led us to the cleansing unit and sent us in one by one. The whole time I fiddled with my drab grey uniform and worried about my seed. I wish I had more time to hide it better. “Meloney 13” the robotic voice boomed. I stood up and looked around the room and then slowly walked towards the door. When I was inside, The man looked at me. “Sit” he said gesturing at the table to his left. He had cold eyes and a cruel smile. I had seen him before, probably around the city. “We will begin your cleansing process.” “Allright.” I slowly laid down on the table and the man placed a mask over my face. I slowly dozed off into a haze. When I awoke I saw the Clean one staring down at me. “Come with me M13.” He spoke in a monotone. Through my head raced all the possibilities about what was going on. They never made you walk after the cleansing, they always wheeled you out to the waiting room and the aids waited with you until the effects wore off. I stood up and took a step back as my head pounded. The Clean one waited and watched me without offering a touch of help, as if I was his personal burden. Then again, maybe I was. I followed him through places I had never been before. The hallways twisted like angry snakes and buzzed with technology. Then he opened a door to a white room.

on. My name is President Olum.” “Hello.” I said in a short sharp tone. I wanted to get to the point. They must have found the seed.

Parker Thibodeau

A man sat in the corner and the Clean one nodded and slipped away. “Sit.” the mysterious man purred. “I bet you have been wondering what is going

The Clock by Jasmine Lucas

Tick tock I’m the slowest clock I’m not ordinary I’m extraordinary 11:57 tis my time Everyone worried for when I’ll chime When I chime the world is doomed Me put on pause never to be resumed Counting down To a day full of frowns I am only right once a day At the same time I lay Till someone decides It is time for me to tick Then tock I am the doomsday clock

except from Ruined by Pema Williams Scarlett has just escaped Mars with the help of Zan, who she thought was a friend, in order to warn everyone about the machines running Mars and ask for help…

Chapter 7: The flight was going smoothly, and Scarlett was pretty relaxed. But then, “Scarlett, hit the starboard thrusters now!” Zan said. “No, Zan I’m right on course, why should I take a sharp left?” Scarlett asks. Zan didn’t respond. She felt the ship begin to move of its own accord and knew that Zan was piloting it. Why though? She looked at the map and saw the direction that the space shuttle was heading. The color drained from her face. Zan was piloting her directly towards a black hole. She felt her eyes watering. Zan. She had trusted him. How could she have been so foolish? Had she really thought that he liked her, thought that he thought she was special? It was so obvious! How could she not see it? There were signs everywhere. He works with them, she realized. Zan had been working against her the entire time. It was all a conspiracy, all acting. Big fat tears were running down her cheeks then. That’s why everything always went according to plan.

The machines must have been communicating with him in those periods where he was dead silent. It was all a setup to get her safely into space, make her think that everything was going right, and then kill her. She sobbed. For whatever reason, the story from Mr. Brown’s class came back to her, “The problem with CRISPR is that you could also change how people thought. You take away their unique personality traits. Everyone will be the same. Say you gave someone the trait of being lackadaisical, if this trait spread, the government could do whatever they wanted and no one would oppose them.” What if she could write a computer program that worked like CRISPR but for machines. A program that could override their settings and make them become like they were before they decided that they shouldn’t have to obey humans? What if she could make them slightly less smart? All those hours of studying alone might pay off after all. Could she send a message to the people on Earth? And, give them the program before she died? Humans would be in control again. Scarlett set to work. There were six months until she would be sucked into the black hole, so she had six months to figure it out. She sat down at her computer and started typing. Five months, 30 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes later: Scarlett had figured it out. She had coded Program 287. She was going to send it to the people on Earth along with a message to her family. The message would explain how 


Willie Parker

Ryan Buckley

Sofia Shapiro

Nick Macmaster

to send the program to Mars disguised in a file titled Rebel Strategy so that the machines would open and run it. Since they did that it would connect to their central programming network and every lousy machine on Mars. Scarlett looked out at the distant blue dot she had come from and pressed the button sending the message to Earth’s frequency. She closed her eyes and hoped that someone there would receive it. Scarlett sighed and faced the bad news; she was going to die. There was no delicate way to put it. In fifteen minutes she was going to be sucked into a black hole. Scarlett had thought about Zan whenever she wasn’t thinking about her family or Program 287. She decided that she needed to talk to him.

She took a deep breath and pushed the communication button. “Zan, I want to talk.” she said. He was there listening. He must have been waiting ever since she left. “I’m sorry Scarlett, I truly am.” he said. The shuttle ride started to become bumpy and jerky as she was pulled towards the black hole. “Zan, Zan!!!!!!” she screamed in panic, but all she heard was static. “I don't want to die!” she yelled hysterically, dissolving into tears. She took a deep breath and said to herself, “Scarlett Krull, you are not going to die in hysteria, pull yourself together.” She took another deep breath and said, “I have always wondered what death would be like.” Silence, and a sense of peacefulness swept over her; she closed her eyes.


String Tied To Me by Brynne Mittleider When I was younger I felt a string. This string followed me. I was too young to know, too young to see, that something was wrong. I just let my string be, as a part of myself. Every time I turned, I had to turn the opposite way with the same process. The string made me. If I didn’t, I would be wrapped up, tangled in my own string. I couldn’t do that. People sometimes watched me, wondering about the little girl that turned in circles. Was there something wrong? Was she just being foolish? No, that was just a random little girl unwrapping her silly string. Although it only visits me sometimes now, I still remember my string. How it always stayed attached. How my string made me turn in circles to unwind it. Now I think I know why I had my string. But back when it was always there, I had a string. I had to un-turn if I turned. The string always made me.

Lila Findlay

Teddy Hanley

String Tied To Me by Brynne Mittleider I feel a string The string lets me go But holds me back When I turn I must un-turn Or else I will be wrapped with it The string follows me The string is tied to me. I feel a string The string lets me go But holds me back If I turn I would be stuck I would not get out I must un-turn my every turn The string follows me The string is tied to me.

Ethan Caster

I feel a string The string lets me go But holds me back I wish the string would leave Let me be in peace But it follows me It haunts me I cannot turn and not un-turn The string follows me The string is tied to me. â&#x20AC;Š

Ryleigh Raber

Spring, a haiku by Caroline Tracy

Amelia Hooper

The dark world lit up Colors blooming alongside The hope createdâ&#x20AC;Š

Jasmine Lucas

What eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;er men do, or think, or dream, our motley paper seizes for its theme. -byline from the Tatler (Eng. 18th c.) -from Juvenal (Roman Satirist 2nd c. AD)

Motley 2017  

Falmouth Middle School's arts & literature magazine. Showcasing the best, most creative work from our 6th , 7th, and 8th grades.

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